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31st January 2002

DAVID BOWIE has written in his exclusive journal on BOWIENET announcing the passing away of FREDDIE BURRETT.

DB: 'Frederick Burrett (also known as Freddie Burretti) died on May 11th 2001 in Paris. He passed away peacefully in his sleep aged 49. He had lived and worked in Paris since 1991. He is sadly missed by all of his family and friends.'

Rudi aka Freddie and David David first met Freddie in the late 60s, when he was a student clothes designer/tailor. In 1971 Arnold Corns the band that pre started the Ziggy Stardust character were created. The band consisted of: David Bowie on guitar and vocals, Freddie Burretti (stage name Rudi Valentino) (real name Frederick Burrett) as lead vocalist, Mick Ronson on lead guitar, Trevor Bolder on bass, Mick Woodmansey on drums and Mark Carr Pritchard (real name Mark Carr Pritchett) on guitar. This collaboration released three tracks: early versions of 'Moonage Daydream', 'Hang Onto Yourself' and 'Man In The Middle', whilst a fourth track 'Looking For A Friend' went unreleased. Although Burretti was credited as lead vocalist, his contribution is barely audible with Bowie's vocals dominating on all tracks.

An earlier version also had another two of Burretti's friends from Dulwich College who played in a college band called Runk, Polak De Somogyl (bass), Mark Carr Pritchett, (guitar) and St. Laurent Ralph Broadbent (drums).

The name Arnold Corns was inspired by Bowie's favourite Pink Floyd song 'Arnold Layne'. The band were formed primarily because David was under contract to Mercury Records during this period. At one stage there was an album planned entitled 'Looking For Rudi'.

The 'Man In The Middle' song was in fact actually written by Mark Carr Pritchett and not by David as previously credited and reported from numerous sources.

Freddie was responsible for the majority of the Ziggy Stardust and band on stage costumes, as well as most of the offstage clothing too. Freddie, assisted by his girlfriend Daniella Parma, along with Angela Bowie, created the outfits utilising materials mainly bought from Liberty of London.

Daniella and Freddie Freddie collects David's awards Freddie is picture here with Daniella at the 1973 Melody Maker awards ceremony in London. Bowie completely swept the polls that year, with Freddie accepting five awards on David's behalf, which included... Top Male Singer, Top Single (The Jean Genie), Top Songwriter, Second Best Album (Aladdin Sane).

Freddie designed clothes for David right through the Diamond Dogs period and through the Philly Soul period. Everything from the cut-off jacket suits to the green mohair coat. Freddie's legacy with "Bowie Couture" will live on forever. Sadly gone, but never forgotten. Rest in peace.

31st January 2002

SRT (Sound Recording Technology) in Cambridgeshire, UK have just recently completed a new project, namely the multi-track transfer and archival of David Bowie: 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' soundtrack. So I reckon you can look forward to a re-release of some sort in the near future.

Update: A reliable source has informed me that this is for the upcoming DVD release of The Man Who Fell To Earth. He thinks a special edition is planned with most of the features from the laserdisc if not more.

Trivia TMWFTE movie: The power-boat jump in this movie broke the world record for distance, previously set during the making of Live and Let Die (1973).

Leading lady Candy Clark, wearing a large white hat strategically pulled low over her face, played Thomas Jerome Newton in one scene while David was ill and unavailable to work the day it was shot.

At the end of the film, Dr. Bryce walks into a record store to buy Newton's album (The Visitor) and walks by a sign advertising Bowie's Young Americans album.

30th January 2002

The DAVID BOWIE tribute band LITTLE WONDER are playing live tonight at the Chicago Rock Cafe, in Aylesbury, Bucks. The venue is situated on Exchange Street in Aylesbury. Telephone: 01296 422488. Full details, maps and directions can be found at www.chicago-rock-cafe.co.uk.

Check out the band's website @ www.changesbowie.co.uk.

29th January 2002

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the first ever live performance by DAVID BOWIE as his alter ego 'Ziggy Stardust' at the Borough Assembly Hall, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire on 29th January 1972.

First Ziggy Stardust Tour 1972 This first live gig, after a week's rehearsal at the Royal Ballroom in Tottenham, was used a warm-up for the upcoming Lanchester Arts Festival performance in Coventry on the 3rd February 1972. With the "official" opening gig of the UK tour being on the 10th February at the Toby Jug in Tolworth.

David informs the music press a few days previously that: "Our new stage act will be outrageous, quite outrageous but very theatrical. It's going to be costumed and choreographed, quite different to anything anyone else has tried to do before... No-one has ever seen anything like this before."

The opening act were 'Grand Canyon', who warmed up for David and the as yet unnamed 'Spiders From Mars'. With newly cut and dyed Schwarzkopf red hair and matching red plastic boxing boots, David took the stage sporting a bomber jacket and rolled up trousers, complete with a bulging codpiece a la A Clockwork Orange style... and Ziggy Stardust "the cosmic yob" was born.

His three piece band - Mick Ronson (lead guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass) and Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (drums) were all togged up in gold outfits but obviously hadn't totally switched over into full on "Martian Spider" mode. Probably with all three feeling rather uncomfortable and not yet fully convinced about this adventure they were about to embark on.

David says: "The Ziggy hair came lock, stock and curler, from the cover of a magazine ('Honey' or the like) and was sported by a model doing a shoot for Kansai Yamamoto's first London show. I couldn't afford the clothes but I could get the hair. Suzi did a straight forward copy. The cut and colour were both Kansai's - Schwarzkopf red was the colour. I had her cut my hair short in early January 1972. No dye. Layed flatish. I believe that it went red and stood up between the 20th and 25th of January 1972, therefore that's when the Kansai show must have been given maximum press."

Originally back in 1969, the Friars Club was started in Aylesbury by a bunch of hippes lead by David Stopps. The very first ever concert they presented was in the New Friarage Hall on 2nd June 1969 and featured Mike Cooper and a band called Mandrake Paddle Steamer. Other acts followed that year including The Pretty Things, King Crimson, Mott The Hoople and a myriad of others. This club was closed down in August 1970 but reopened in April 1971 at a larger venue called the Borough Assembly Hall. Between 1971 and 1975, the Friars presented bands such as David Bowie, Roxy Music, The Velvet Underground, Can, MC5, Mott The Hoople and many more.

Promoter David R. Stopps recalling the Ziggy show said: "I remember him doing 'Rock N' Roll Suicide', maybe for the first time. He shouted at the audience, "Gimme your hands, 'cos you're wonderful" and nobody got up. In those days they used to sit on the floor, and the stage was reasonably high and somebody got up to give him their hands, but only half-heartedly... I remember thinking, 'Oh that's a strong song, but nobody had heard it.'".

In September 1975, Friars moved yet again to an even larger venue in Aylesbury... the new Aylesbury Civic Centre which was inside the Maxwell Hall, which lasted as a venue until December 1984.

Trivia: Pure coincidence or planned? Did David chose this venue as the first ever live performance of Ziggy Stardust because the famous 'subway attack' scene in 'A Clockwork Orange' movie was actually filmed in the old Friars Square shopping centre in Aylesbury?

29th January 2002

The Region 1 DVD release of the Concert for New York Benefit Show is out today 29th January which features DAVID BOWIE performing 'America' and "Heroes".

Release details:
- Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
- Color
- Number of discs: 2
- Studio: Sony Music (Video)
- Our Price: $22.48 - You Save: $7.50 (25%)

The 2 DVD set released by Sony Music is available to purchase now. It will be shipped to you as soon as it is available; your credit card will not be charged until Amazon have shipped it.

Purchase the Concert for New York DVD here.

29th January 2002

BOWIENET are auctioning exclusive DAVID BOWIE items online - Find Bowie items on eBay - these items are part of a series of exclusive BowieNet auctions featuring clothing and other memorabilia directly from David's vaults and archives. Many rare and one-of-a-kind items will be made available. A portion of all BowieNet auction proceeds will be donated to Save the Children. The latest items currently up for grabs are:

Serious Moonlight 1983 Japan Tour Warm-Up Jacket - Zippers for removable sleeves. Colour: Red. Size: Medium. Printing on front and back. Item # 1507866975.

David Bowie Serious Moonlight Tour Tank Top - Serious Moonlight tour "glow-in-the-dark" tank top. Size: Small. 50/50 Cotton/Poly blend. Item # 1507867807.

David Bowie Special Edition Tour Jacket - Special Edition Serious Moonlight Philadelphia tour jacket commemorating four sold out nights at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA. Size: Medium; Colour: Yellow. Item # 1507869178.

All auctions that close with a final value (before shipping) of $64.99 or more will receive a FREE one-year BowieNet membership, including the exclusive LIVEANDWELL CD. Your members-only CD, and initial log-in instructions, will ship separately after they receive the auction payment.

(Ed. At least now if you purchase a signed David Bowie item that has originated from BowieNet you know you've got a 100% guaranteed GENUINE David Bowie autograph and not one of the numerous fake ones that appear on eBay all the time).

28th January 2002

Rumours are circulating surrounding the latest studio recordings from MADONNA, who is apparently recording in England at present. One particular rumour, which was also reported by MTV, is that she has recorded a cover version of DAVID BOWIE'S classic 'Ziggy Stardust' for inclusion on her new album.

The Madonna Information Report states that MTV2 announced this as news last Friday evening. An undisclosed source has also stated in the forum at www.madonnarama.com, that she has been known to perform the song whilst carrying out sound checks during her Drowned World Tour.

Info via BW Message Board posted by LeFluoLapin.

27th January 2002

Tonight (Sunday) sees the first of a definitive three part account about artist ANDY WARHOL - The Complete Picture on Channel 4 television at 7:30 pm. Before the second in the series (3rd Feb), there are several 5 minute midweek shorts all at 7:55pm on Channel 4, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

27th Jan - Channel 4 at 7:30 pm (part 1).
3rd Feb - Channel 4 at 7:30 pm (part 2).
10th Feb - Channel 4 at 7:30 pm (part 3).

Hopefully we'll get a few mentions of DAVID BOWIE either via the excellent Basquiat movie portrayal or when they first met at The Factory.

26th January 2002

DAVID BOWIE will be interviewed by Danny Baker today on BBC Radio London 8:00am-11:00am - talking about how Little Richard inspired him. Click here to listen now or tune into 94.9 FM.

On Danny Baker's Internet Treehouse website you can listen to Danny telling a story about 'David Bowie's Eyes' taken from the 'After All' TV show. Some of the facts are wrong but there's a funny ending. Listen here - I Love Telling This Story. If you look around the site there's also a sound file of Squeeze's Glenn Tillbrook 'doing David Bowie' from Danny's Radio One show. Listen here - Glen Tillbrook does David Bowie. Take a look over the Internet Treehouse - there's some great stuff on there.

From Stranger via the Message Board.

(Ed. Well I caught the last two hours of his show - no db - not a sausage).

26th January 2002

In the current issue of NOW magazine there's an interview with SIMON COWELL (aka Pop Idol's Mr Nasty). They ask Simon what his favourite pop group was as a teenager? His reply was: 'Well, that would have been over 20 years ago, in the '70s. I liked a lot of the glam rock stuff at the time, but David Bowie was probably my favourite artist. My favourite album of his is Aladdin Sane.' - (from Spidey)...

BOY GEORGE namedrops DAVID BOWIE several times in an interview published yesterday called 'Home Entertainment' by Will Hodgkinson in The Guardian newspaper. Read here...

GAIL ANN DORSEY plays a solo gig tonight at the Rosendale Cafe in Rosendale, New York (434 Main St Rosendale, NY 12472, (518) 822-8189) today January 26th and Hudson River Theater in Hudson, New York at 521 Warren Street, Hudson, New York 12534. Tel: (518) 822-8189 on February 15th and 16th. She will be performing, in addition to her usual setlist, some brand-spanking-new songs she wrote over the holidays. - (from Kiarrith)...

25th January 2002

A little "pink monkey" bird has just informed me that EMI have scheduled the release of the DAVID BOWIE 30th Anniversary package of Ziggy Stardust 2002 for APRIL.

No confirmation of any tracklisting yet, but David has already mentioned last year in GQ Magazine: "I've pulled out a good deal of scraps that were never used at the time. Some of them are only 30 seconds long, but I'm extending those. I thought, 'OK, is this crap and is that the reason why it never appeared on the first one or is it OK and should I try and do things with it?' So I've taken those six tracks and thrashed them out and made them into songs that will support the original. One's called the 'Black Hole Kids' which is fascinating."

When asked about the Ziggy resurrection David said: "At the time of Ziggy, there was so much more going on in my head than just the idea of a new synthetic rock star that I want to fully explore all the fragments that made up in my own mind the Ziggy world. And hopefully I'll be able to do quite a complex overview in 2002."

Photographer Mick Rock has re-acquired the rights to the promo films that he made of David in the early 70s, and holds onto a great deal of footage: "I didn't get paid for the films, I just received expenses. David in his infinite wisdom, since he acquired control over his career, has actually given me back the rights to those videos. He's turned me onto a few sales, but I actually have a ton of all this footage."

Also part of the "Ziggy 30th Anniversary package" will include previously unseen film footage filmed by Mick Rock which will be released on DVD/Video. Mick's very first promotional film was 'Moonage Daydream' shot on a Bowlex 16mm camera. It's was a collage of live footage from the first Ziggy Stardust UK Tour leg in April 1972. Expect this promotional film to be part of Ziggy 2002 DVD release.

Already on sale now is the two thousand and two numbered limited edition Ziggy 2002 print designed by David Bowie and Rex Ray. Signed and unsigned versions are available exclusively via the official David Bowie Store.

The limited edition book from Genesis Publications entitled: 'Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust' co-authored by David Bowie and Mick Rock, can be previewed here and if you fill in the online form there and supply your full street address, you'll receive a rather nice and snazzy 4-page advance Bowie brochure through your letterbox.

Genesis unveiled a preview of the provisional binding and box design which is a faithful recreation of the clothing pattern David Bowie wore on the cover of the Ziggy Stardust LP. The book will be bound in quarter blue leather with gold and silver tooling; the front and back boards are printed and foil-blocked; the page edges are silver.

25th January 2002

On sale from today in the UK and priced at a very reasonable £5.99 is 'The 100 Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Photographs', the latest publication from Q. This 212-page luxurious publication features rock's most memorable shots with the foreword written by DAVID BOWIE. Featured inside is the famous shot of David Bowie with the snarling dog by Terry O'Neill. The photograph was chosen as runner-up by music writers and photographers for this special Q publication. In first place was Pennie Smith's 'out of focus' ;) shot of The Clash's Paul Simonon which was used for the cover of their album 'London Calling' and n third place was Jim Marshall's shot of The Fab Four in Candlestick Park.

You can view some of the photographs via the This Is London website.

25th January 2002

The excellent DAVID BOWIE tribute band LITTLE WONDER have several gigs lined up for January and February. You can catch them playing live on the following dates:

Wed - 30th January - Chicago Rock Cafe, Aylesbury, Bucks.
Thu - 7th February - The Horn in St. Albans.
Sat - 9th February - The Torrington, Finchley, North London.

Full details at their website www.changesbowie.co.uk.

24th January 2002

JEAN GENIE the DAVID BOWIE tribute act play The Venue in London on Friday 1st March. Information and bookings tel: 0208 692 4077. Venue 2A Clifton Rise, New Cross, London SE14. (Travel) New Cross/New Cross Gate Tube and BR.

Admission £6.00, admission £3.00 with the ad from the NME before 9:30pm.

24th January 2002

BOWIENET are auctioning exclusive DAVID BOWIE items online - Find Bowie items on eBay - these items are part of a series of exclusive BowieNet auctions featuring clothing and other memorabilia directly from David's vaults and archives. Many rare and one-of-a-kind items will be made available. A portion of all BowieNet auction proceeds will be donated to Save the Children. The latest items currently up for grabs are:

David Bowie Sound+Vision Tour Crew Sweatshirt - Three logos: Bowie logo on sleeve; Crew logos on left breast; Sound+Vision logo on lower right. Large, black, Russel Athletic sweat shirt. Item # 1505867569.

David Bowie Serious Moonlight Satin Jacket - Tour logo on left breast, Yamaha logo on right. Medium in size. Beautiful condition. Item # 1505867954.

David Bowie Glass Spider Tour All Access Pass - Laminated Pass originally issued on the 1987 Glass Spider Tour. Excellent, as new condition. Item # 1505868195.

All auctions that close with a final value (before shipping) of $64.99 or more will receive a FREE one-year BowieNet membership, including the exclusive LIVEANDWELL CD. Your members-only CD, and initial log-in instructions, will ship separately after they receive the auction payment.

(Ed. At least now if you purchase a signed David Bowie item that has originated from BowieNet you've got a 100% guaranteed GENUINE David Bowie autograph and not one of the numerous fake ones that appear on eBay all the time). Find Bowie items on eBay

23rd January 2002

Several more artists have now been confirmed for the upcoming TIBET HOUSE BENEFIT CONCERT next month on February 22nd at the Isaac Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall in New York City, USA.

Performers: DAVID BOWIE, Bebel Gilberto, Philip Glass, Nawang Khechog, Kronos Quartet, Patti Smith, and Monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery.

Honorary Chairs for the event are Iman and David Bowie, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and Elizabeth and Adam Lindemann.

Carnegie Hall is located at 881 Seventh Avenue (at 57th Street). Concert tickets are priced at $30, $35, $45 and $75 and can be purchased by calling CarnegieCharge at (212) 247-7800 or at the Carnegie Hall box office. A fundraising reception with the event's Honorary Chairpersons and artists will be held following the performance.

For additional information, call Tibet House at (212) 807-0563 or visit Tibet House website.

22nd January 2002

Three DAVID BOWIE DVD related movies are scheduled for release in February and March.

COLUMBIA/TRI-STAR, 1986, 90 Minutes
Starring: David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Toby Froud, Brian Henson, Shelley Thompson. Director: Jim Henson.

Expected Release Date: February 5th, 2002.
Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only); Behind the Scenes; Bio-Filmographics; Widescreen; Spanish Subtitled; English Subtitled; Soundtrack in English; Color; CC

Jim Henson directed and George Lucas produced this Gothic fantasy which pits living and breathing actors Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie (who also provides the majority of the film score) against a motley collection of Muppet monsters. Labyrinth centres upon teenage Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), who lives in a fantasy world of myth and magic, evil spells and wondrous enchantment. She is babysitting her little brother when she cavalierly wishes that goblins would take him away. She gets her wish and a coterie of goblins abduct him. She then encounters Jareth (David Bowie), the ruler of a mystical world one step removed from reality. He tells Sarah that the only way to get her brother back is to find her way through a M. C. Escher-like labyrinth and find the castle at the centre. As she makes her way through the maze, she faces a number of horrific challenges (like The Bog of Eternal Stench) before she finds her way to the gravity-defying castle, where her brother is being held by the evil goblins. Pre order Labyrinth DVD here.

NEW LINE HOME VIDEO, 1992, 135 Minutes
Starring: Sheryl Lee, Chris Isaak, David Bowie, Ray Wise, Moira Kelly. Director: David Lynch.

Expected Release Date: February 26th, 2002.
Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only).

David Lynch's prequel to his cult television series Twin Peaks concerns the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), whose plastic-wrapped corpse, found floating in a river, was the fulcrum for the television series. During the day in the town of Twin Peaks, Laura is a top honours student at the local high school. By night, she is a sex-crazed coke-head, prostituting herself at a sleazy sex club to get money to feed her drug habit. Her race to oblivion is fueled by her father, Leland (Ray Wise), who, as his alter ego Bob (Frank Silva), has been sexually abusing Laura since she was a child. But Laura has an attack of conscience when she realises that she is leading her best friend Donna (Moira Kelly) down the same rocky road. Leland, however, discovers Laura's nocturnal debauchery when, during a business trip out-of-town, his mistress for a sexual tryst sets him up with his own daughter. In a fit of jealous rage, Leland follows Laura as she travels to a sex party in an abandoned railroad car. Consumed by insatiable longing, Leland transforms himself into Bob, with tragic results for Laura and her friends. David Bowie stars as Phillip Jeffries. Pre order Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me here.

(Two disc set)
Staring: Nicole Kidman, Ewan MacGregor. Director: Baz Luhrmann.

Expected Release Date: March 4th 2002.
Region 2 encoding (for use in Europe, Middle East & Japan only). PAL, Widescreen.

In a dazzling and yet frequently maddening bid to bring the movie-musical kicking and screaming into the 21st century, Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge bears no relation to the many previous films set in the famous Parisian nightclub. This may appear to be Paris in the 1890s with can-can dancers, bohemian denizens like Toulouse-Lautrec (John Leguizamo) and ribaldry at every turn, but it's really Luhrmann's pop-cultural wonderland, where everyone and everything is encouraged (in the third of Luhrmann's "red-curtain" extravaganzas, following Strictly Ballroom and William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet) to shatter boundaries of time and texture, colliding and careening in a fast-cutting frenzy that thinks nothing of casting Elton John's 'Your Song' 80 years before its time. Nothing is original in this kaleidoscopic, absinthe-inspired love tragedy - the words, the music, it's all been heard before. But when filtered through Luhrmann's love for pop songs and timeless showmanship, you're reminded of the cinema's power to renew itself while paying homage to its past. Luhrmann's overall success is wildly debatable: the scenario is simple to the point of silliness, and how can you appreciate choreography when it's been diced into hash by attention-deficit editing? Still, there's something genuine brewing between costars Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman (as, respectively, a poor writer and his unobtainable object of desire), and their vocal talents are impressive enough to match Luhrmann's orgy of extraordinary sets, costumes and digital wizardry. The movie's novelty may wear thin, along with its shallow indulgence of a marketable soundtrack, but Luhrmann's inventiveness yields moments that border on ecstasy, when sound and vision point the way to a moribund genre's joyously welcomed revival. Pre order Moulin Rouge -- two-disc set here.

You can pre order these titles from Amazon.co.uk (sale ends 25th January) on the links above.

21st January 2002

LINDSAY KEMP returns to London with his unmistakable blend of mime, movement and magic. 'Dreamdances' is a celebration of more than twenty five years of creativity, highlighting Kemp's hugely influential style and sensibilities. Previously unseen in the UK, Dreamdances is a selection of some of Kemp's most magical and best loved moments, including sequences from Onnagata, Salome and Nijinski.

The Company, including long-time collaborators Nuria Moreno and Marco Berriel also performs a selection of new pieces, including inimitable takes on Isadora Duncan, Antonio Salieri and Federico Garcia Lorca. A regular presence at Sadler's Wells over the years, Kemp's work was most recently seen there in 1998, when Rambert Dance Company revived his seminal collaboration with Christopher Bruce on Cruel Garden, also based on the life of Lorca.

Dreamdances takes us on a rollercoaster ride along a dazzling rainbow of wit, pathos and theatricality: a ravishing tribute to the very eccentric world of Lindsay Kemp.

Peacock Theatre, Kingsway, London WC2A 2HT. (Nearest Tube: Holborn).

Performances: 29th January to 9th February 2002.
Evenings at 7.30pm. Saturday matinees at 3.00pm. (No performance Sunday 3 February).

For online booking, seating plan and further information visit here.

From AlexA via the BW Message Board.

20th January 2002

The brand new BowieWonderworld Chat Room is now online, fully registered and up and running. There are several options on how to use the room.

For those of you who are already using a standard Internet Relay Client (IRC) such as iMRC, Pirch, MSChat or Ircle etc you can find the BW chatroom on:

Server:     DALnet
Channel:  #BowieWorld

Alternatively, if you don't what IRC is, you can use the Java based chat room. The the first time you start up the java applet - a permission box will appear - and you will be asked to 'accept' a certificate. You MUST accept the request to get into the room. If you don't accept then you won't be able to chat using the Java applet.

Check out the BowieWonderworld Chat Room - there will be several help files added shortly which should help out any newbies with any problems they might encounter.

There are still a few extra tweeks and extras I'm working on the java applet over the next few days to make it slightly more 'Bowie-esque' and hopefully make it even more fun.

Any suggestions, comments, ideas and so on, feel free to email or post up on the message board.

19th January 2002

The Beckenham Arts Lab Exclusive Photo Pack is now ready for purchase. This is your opportunity to purchase 10 exclusive and 'never before seen' full colour photographs taken inside The Beckenham Arts Lab by performer Stephen Roberts back in 1969. Featuring DAVID BOWIE and Tony Visconti, along with other original Arts Lab performers.

This special pack also includes 16 pages of EXCLUSIVELY written contributions from: David Bowie, Mary Finnigan, Stephen Roberts, Ken 'Wild Man' Simmons, Mark Carr Pritchett, David Bebbington and others. Plus a background history including articles and information published over the years.

When David saw these newly discovered photographs recently he commented: "I love these photos and I'm happy that we all did such a cool thing with that Folk/Arts venture."

Exclusive David Bowie Photographs

A contribution from each set sold will go directly to the Chernobyl Childrens Life Line Charity, to add to the money already raised on the David Bowie tribute evening on 6th December 2001.

The photographs are printed directly from the original negatives and are not digital re-prints. These and the written contributions are supplied unmounted. The photographs all measure 6" x 9", with frames 11 and 14 being cropped enlargements, along with sixteen A4 pages of written literature.

100% secure purchases are available online, simply type in the number of packs required and fill in the secure online form. Alternatively you can order by post.

Customer Orders and Enquiries: 01326 569444. Fax: 01326 569555.
Email: bowiephotos@efulfill.co.uk
for any enquiries.

See them for yourself in the BowieWonderworld Shop @ www.bowiewonderworld.com/shop/3tuns.htm

19th January 2002

One of my DAVID BOWIE fan friends from further back then we both care to remember has just got his new Bowie website off the ground.

THE YOUNG AMERICAN concentrates and documents David Bowie's 1974 activities, the Year of The Diamond Dog and on through to the Philly Soul period.

Although Chris Carter has still has got "bucket loads" to add to his new website - he is aiming to document Bowie's 1974 period using actual references such as newspaper and magazine articles, ticket scans and personal accounts. A lot of the available information recorded appears to be sketchy and contradictory throughout this period - such as tour dates, for example, as shows were cancelled or moved. Even different pressings of 'David Live' are inconsistent in quoting dates for the album's recording.

If you would like to contribute and supply photographs and memorabilia from this period please feel free to do so. if you have 100% definite proof with documentation of a David Bowie concert played during this era or one that is wrongly listed wrongly please contact Chris so we can all benefit from the information.

Go check out The Young American website.

18th January 2002

Every year CDNOW put together a sale that is almost impossible to resist. This year is no different. They are offering CDs, DVDs and VHS movies, all at huge discounts. They've got CDs priced at $7.99, DVDs for $15.99 and VHS movies for as low as $11.99. That's up to $4 off! Come over to CDNOW and find the hottest titles at ridiculously reduced prices!

Offer Starts: Monday, January 14, 2002 at 9:00 a.m., EST.
Offer Ends: Monday, February 4, 2002 at 9:00 a.m, EST.

Check out their David Bowie section.

17th January 2002

A reminder that CARLOS ALOMAR is to play a rare one off performance TONIGHT in New York at THE BOTTOM LINE. In Association With The NY Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences: 'Nothin' But... Guitars' featuring: Carlos Alomar, Sharon Isbin and Steve Vai.

The Bottom Line is located at 15 West 4th Street, on the corner of West 4th and Mercer. Box office at (212) 228-6300, open 7 days a week from 10 am to 11 pm. All seats $20. No E-mail reservations for this show - Mail Order or Box Office Only.

Doors open at 6:00 pm for 7:30 show/10:00 pm for 10:30 pm show.

16th January 2002

BOWIENET are auctioning exclusive DAVID BOWIE items online - Find Bowie items on eBay - these items are part of a series of exclusive BowieNet auctions featuring clothing and other memorabilia directly from David's vaults and archives. Many rare and one-of-a-kind items will be made available. To be alerted when new auctions go live, join the BowieNet mailing list. A portion of all BowieNet auction proceeds will be donated to Save the Children. The items currently up for grabs are:

David Bowie Sound + Vision Tour Umbro Athletic Shirt - A promotional football shirt featuring the logo for the Sound + Vision tour, issued for the August 7, 1990 Maine Road show. Includes Manchester City Football Club and sponsor logos. Size: 107 cms/42 inch. Item # 1502333774.

David Bowie Serious Moonlight Tour '83 Commemorative Scarf - Originally sold at the Serious Moonlight shows, this scarf is in excellent condition and features the "Let's Dance" dance-step pattern used throughout the tour. Item # 1502336824.

David Bowie Signed "Survive" 7" Picture Disc - UK 7" picture disc, Cat no.9648676. Side A: Survive (Marius de Vries Mix) 4:18, Side B: Seven (Live in Paris, Oct 14, 1999) 4:17. Item # 1502338803.

All auctions that close with a final value (before shipping) of $64.99 or more will receive a FREE one-year BowieNet membership, including the exclusive LIVEANDWELL CD. Your members-only CD, and initial log-in instructions, will ship separately after they receive the auction payment.

(Ed. At least now if you purchase a signed David Bowie item that has originated from BowieNet you've got a 100% guaranteed GENUINE David Bowie autograph and not one of the numerous fake ones that appear on eBay all the time). Find Bowie items on eBay

16th January 2002

A new book has been published which looks at the music of DAVID BOWIE, as well as such artists as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles, and explores the parallels between their lyrics and the mystical insights of the East as put forth in the sacred scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. It also examines the relevance of contemporary music in light of the findings of modern psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. The book is called: Mystic Chords: Mysticism and Psychology in Popular Music by Manish Soni.

This book is an attempt to give contemporary music its due recognition as a means of creative and artistic expression, and to discover within it the same symbolic forms of expression as those found in religious revelation and mythical imagery.

If you want to discover hidden depths of meaning in the lyrics of David Bowie, as well as your other favorite rock stars, order a copy of this book today.

You can order Mystic Chords via Amazon bookstore.

15th January 2002

Whilst staying in Florida over the Christmas and New Year holidays, DAVID BOWIE checked himself into hospital recently after suffering chest pains. David received six hours of treatment at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Palm Beach whilst there with wife Iman and daughter Alexandria. He is said to have experienced a tightening of the chest, which doctors blamed on a severe bout of flu.

A Bowie spokesman told The Sun newspaper: "He's been suffering from flu recently which got to his chest. He decided to get something for it so checked himself into hospital. He is fine now but still feeling a bit fluey."

You'll all be pleased to hear that David is fine and responded well to treatment, and is now returned back home to NYC. He has just started working on the artwork for the cover of his next album release.

David and family stayed in North Palm Beach, Florida at The Vicarage, which was the former home of famous Hollywood movie star and producer Douglas Fairbanks Jr. This small estate on the inland waterway was built in the 1920s by grateful parishioners for their local pastor.

14th January 2002

On behalf of the CHERNOBYL CHILDREN LIFELINE CHARITY I would like to pass on some heart felt thank you's on their behalf.

Firstly, a massive big thank you to STEPHEN ROBERTS for sharing and releasing these previously 'unseen' Arts Lab photographs to fans everywhere. As well as making them available at this very reasonable price.

A massive thank you to DAVID BOWIE for supporting and writing an exclusive piece about his Arts Lab days to go with photo pack. Even more massive thank you again to David and Tony Visconti for both signing several copies of one of photographs that are to be auctioned online shortly.

Massive thanks to Mary Finnigan, Stephen Roberts, Ken Simmons, Mark Carr Pritchett, Dave Bebbington, Steve G, for all writing about their experiences, thoughts and memories of their Arts Lab days. And last but not least - a huge big thank you from myself, Stephen and on behalf of the childrens charity to EVERYONE who has already purchased, ordered and sent off for their photo packs already. Thank you all tremendously.

In case some of you don't understand what the children's charity is all about, or you want to know exactly where your donation will be going to, here are some of the details...

- The people of Chernobyl were exposed to radiation 90 times greater than from the Hiroshima bomb.
- Only 5% of children in the Chernobyl region are left healthy.
- Only 1% of Belarussian land remains uncontaminated.
- Population dropped from 11 million to 9.5 million

The effect of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on children TODAY
Children are being born today with serious deformities and illnesses and here is just one example. I make no apology for any distress that this picture may cause. We must bring the true facts to the general public. Sasha did not ask to be born like this. View this photograph at your own discretion... it may easily upset some viewers.

More photographs of children inside the hospital.

On April 26, 1986 at 1:23 am technicians at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in the Ukraine allowed the power in the fourth reactor to fall as part of a controlled experiment. To carry out their tests, they deactivated several major safety systems that would have shut down the reactor in case of accident. But the experiment went wrong, two explosions blew the top off the reactor building, and a fire started in the core which burned for several days, blowing a cloud of deadly radio activity into the surrounding environment. The silent killer continued to pour from the damaged reactor for ten days.

Children are particularly susceptible to radiation induced illnesses and many have leukaemia, cancer of the thyroid and other cancers. Babies are born with serious deformities such as no arms, no eyes or tumours. Chernobyl Children Life Line looks after children who are ill, organising visits to Great Britain to give them a chance to live in a 'clean' environment and eat uncontaminated foods for a month. Some 11,200 children from Belarus have visited Britain since 1992. Many of the families keep in touch with the children and some invite them for return visits each summer. The children can have medical attention such as dental care and having their eyes tested. It costs GBP 250 (pounds sterling) to bring each child to the United Kingdom. The children's charity always pays for the travel costs of the first visit, from then on the family pays.

The Chernobyl nuclear accident was the biggest nuclear accident ever. The wind carried the radiation cloud north over Belarus where 70% of the radiation fell. The ground was heavily contaminated and will continue to be for thousands of years. It is 15 years since the accident, but it is not over, in fact it is getting worse. The people live with radiation all around them. They drink contaminated water and wash with it. There is very little food in Belarus and what there is, has a high chance of being contaminated. Many people are close to starvation with only boiled potatoes to eat.

Life is hard in Belarus and inflation is out of control. Doctors are paid the equivalent of USD20 (U.S. Dollars) per month. An airline pilot USD80 per month. A Christmas tree costs GBP100! The people of Belarus are charming and hospitable. The children are happy and well looked after. Many children are in orphanages where brothers and sisters in different age groups cannot be together. Foster homes are now being built to provide a home where all the children from one family can live together.

- To bring child victims of the Chernobyl disaster to the UK for recuperative breaks of 1 month. Over 21,000 have been brought over to stay with host families since 1992.
- To provide on-going supplies of multi-vitamins and basic healthcare products to the children on their return (thousands of tonnes in the last 5 years).
- To work with our Belarus partners in Minsk and Gomel, to locate children who are in need of recuperative care from villages.
- To help children too sick to travel by providing chemotherapy medicines to Children's Cancer Hospitals in Minsk, Gomel and other regions.
- Support with medicines and equipment: No. l Baby Home in Minsk, and many other orphanages.
- Bring over children to the UK for long term medical care and education.
- Support Kobrin children's village.
- Lapitchi village project.
- N 3 Children's hospital in Gomel.

The hospitals they support are overflowing with newly reported cases of thyroid cancer and our help is needed more now than ever before. The parents of the Belarussian children, who most of the time live in despair, thank you and embrace you all for your kindness and generosity.

If you would like to purchase one of these exclusive DAVID BOWIE Arts Lab Photo Packs please click on the banner below. There is a 100% secure online payment option, as well as details of how to pay by cheque via snail mail, telephone or fax.

Exclusive David Bowie Photographs

A contribution from each set sold goes directly to the charity, to add to the money already raised on the David Bowie tribute evening on 6th December 2001 - please spread the word around and inform your friends and family about this special photo pack.

Thank you for your time reading this. If you would like to find out how you can help in other ways - please visit the Chernobyl Children Lifeline Charity website.

14th January 2002

A quick magazine round that feature DAVID BOWIE and IMAN currently on the news-stands...

David features in the current issue (February) of MOJO magazine here in the UK. There's a comment about the start of the Ziggy tour and nice colour Ziggy photo and a guide to buying Bowie's albums too. Also a feature on Cult Themes/Into The Bleach. The latter is pretty good; it misses out Station To Station (among others - but they are not trying to include everything).

The Cult Themes From the 80's CD (see last months news 18th Dec) - is a mixed bag (all covers), but I especially liked 'Pretty In Pink' (by 'Girl Called Max'; the punk-ish bravado of the original - by The Psychedelic Furs - always spoilt it for me; I appreciate this soft new-wave-ish version more, personally) and 'Absolute Beginners' by Once More Into The Bleach.

David and Iman feature in the February issue of Harpers Bazaar. There is an Iman interview along with four photographs of them together in their kitchen at home. The piece also features a drawing by David.

From Stranger via the BW Message Board.

12th January 2002

Which do you want first? OK let's be positive we'll start with the good. The Rat & Parrot public house on Beckenham High Street where DAVID BOWIE set up the Arts Lab in 1969 is changing its name again to... drum roll... THE THREE TUNS! Great and wonderful news.

The bad news... although the pub is 100% definitely reverting back to the original name, the owners of the pub Noble House are still debating whether or not it will remain as an actual pub. One of the options they are considering turning this historical Bowie place into a Thai Restaurant! in less than six months.

Noble House manager Mike Golding confirmed the pub would be renamed back to The Three Tuns but was unable to say when a decision might be made on its future. "We are looking at a number of different proposals" he said.

Journalist Kerry Lorimer at the Kentish Times has reported the name change news in yesterday's issue of the newspaper. The full page story also features a piece concerning the cheque presentation to the Chernobyl Childrens' charity.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and wrote to the Noble House Pub Company complaining. We've achieved the first step of getting the name reverted back. Please go and add your comments to the online petition now.

If the worst happens and it becomes.. God forbid.. a Thai restaurant, I know there will be at least ONE more DAVID BOWIE event to be held at The Three Tuns in 2002 (probably June).

To be honest from my point of view I'm disappointed at the number of David Bowie fans who HAVEN'T bothered to sign the petition. You know who you are. Get your fingers out and sign it now. It takes 30 seconds to click the link and add your name. Do it now. Thank you to the people who have already bothered to sign it. The owners of the pub ARE looking at the number of signatures and this WILL make an impact on their eventual decision.

For those of you who don't know or even realise - The Three Tuns pub is probably THE most famous landmark of David Bowie's musical history in England equivalent to The Beatles and The Cavern Club in Liverpool - after finally getting the David Bowie plaque erected and getting the name changed back - don't let them turn it into a bloody restaurant!

This building SOLELY BECAUSE of its David Bowie connection was voted 2nd in the BBC History Magazine Doomsday Project as an important piece of historical heritage. The project was a nationwide search for historic landmarks local people think should be saved for future generations, recorded in some way and given the recognition they deserve... let's make sure that happens.

11th January 2002

The latest issue of The International David Bowie Fanclub magazine THE VOYEUR is out now. Complete with a new layout and design - click here to see some sample pages from this latest issue. The main features of the December 2001 issue are:

- Watch out for 'The Voyeur'
- Welcome to 'The Voyeur'
- The David Bowie story part 2 (by Mary Finnigan)
- Ziggy Stardust
- New York concert (review by David Emerson)
- The Tibet House Benefit concert (review by Simone Metge)
- The Earl Slick interview part 1 (conducted by Faye Upton with questions from Marcel de Groot)
- CD Review
- Coco Chat
- The Fanclub meeting
- I Am Iman

You can contact The Voyeur via email and visit their website @ http://go.to/bowiefanclub for full details.

From Peter Smit.

10th January 2002

In the Brian Hill commissioned movie documentary on ROBBIE WILLIAMS, 'Nobody Someday' - best described as a confessional-cum-promo devoted to the singer that gives plenty of space to his trademark frankness and cheeky-chappie appeal.

Hill admits he had no special knowledge of Williams - beyond all the tabloid stories - when invited to accompany the singer on a European tour. He was promised no interference and that nothing would be off-limits. The result - edited from a four-hour initial cut and including half a dozen or so numbers showcasing Williams' stage act - still treads a fine line between a genuine documentary and a star promo.

Part of the problem is that Williams has long made self-deprecation a vital component of his whole persona, so there are no real revelations here or any mask to let slip. Right at the start, he claims not to be enjoying his present success, and that the only thing that's great about it is the money.

"I want to be DAVID BOWIE or Iggy Pop," he says, "and I'm more like Norman Wisdom."

10th January 2002

SPIN magazine's February issue takes a definitive look at the top 50 bands from the 1960s forward. The Beatles came out top of The 50 Greatest Bands, as chosen by the editors at Spin magazine. Placed at number 36 were... DAVID BOWIE AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS.

Obviously all from an American point of view... but it's interesting that they actually place a 'backing band' in with their list?

The full band placings are posted on the BW Message Board.

9th January 2002

The Region 1 DVD release of the Concert for New York Benefit Show is scheduled for 29th January which features DAVID BOWIE performing 'America' and "Heroes".

Release details:
- Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
- Color
- Number of discs: 2
- Studio: Sony Music (Video)
- Our Price: $22.48 - You Save: $7.50 (25%)

The 2 DVD set released by Sony Music is available to order now. It will be shipped to you as soon as it is available; your credit card will not be charged until Amazon have shipped it.

Pre order the Concert for New York DVD here.

9th January 2002

The rather excellent DAVID BOWIE tribute band LITTLE WONDER have two gigs lined up for this and next month. On 30th January they play the Chicago Rock Cafe, Aylesbury in Bucks and the following month (7th February) they play The Horn in St. Albans.

More details at their website at www.changesbowie.co.uk.

8th January 2002

Happy Birthday David To David
Wishing you many happy returns on this special day
Have a wonderful, wonderful time

Best wishes and lots of love from
Paul, Dawn, the kids and everyone here at Wonderworld xxxx

8th January 2002

To celebrate DAVID BOWIE'S birthday, today on the Performance Channel (part of The Arts Channel), in the UK and Europe is the Cable and Satellite Premiere of a one hour profile programme. Insightful interviews from throughout Bowie's career are brought together with live footage to form an in-depth profile - from glam rock, via Brian Eno and Berlin, through to the lucrative 'Let's Dance' years and the new technology expert of today.

Check out their website @ www.performance-channel.com for more details.

Showing on 8th January at 9:00, 15:00 and 21:00. 9th January at 3:00. 11th January at 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00. 12th January at 04:00.

8th January 2002

Besides DAVID BOWIE, other famous and well known people born on the 8th January include...

Elvis Presley (singer), Ron Moody (actor), Larry Storch (actor/comedian), Soupy Sales (comedian and father of Tony and Hunt Sales of Tin Machine, Charles Osgood (CBS TV newsman/host), Shirley Bassey (singer), Cristy Lane (singer), Robby Krieger (musician), R. Kelly (singer), Paul King (musician), Jeff Abercrombie (musician), Terry Sylvester (musician), Stephen Hawking (professor, astrophysicist, author), Amanda Burton (actress), Gil Grand (musician), Ami Dolenz (actress), Amber Benson (actress), Sarah Polley (actress), Yvette Mimieux (actress), Thelma 'Butterfly' McQueen (actress), Little Anthony aka Anthony Gourdine (singer), Harriet Sansom Harris (actress), Jenny Lewis (actress), Richard Cromwell (actor), Jose Ferrer (actor/director), John McTiernan (director), Scott Whyte (actor), Sander Vanocur (broadcaster), Joan Rivers (comedian), Maria Pitillo (actress) and Gabby Hoffman (actress).

7th January 2002

The latest addition to the sounds section on the BowieWonderworld Arts Lab section is the quite brilliant PASCAL DALMASSO. Using guitars, programming, treatments and loops he has created a body of work entitled Voiture 34.

All 15 tracks are RealAudio live streaming as well as 4 tracks in MP3 format for you to download. Check them out - tell me what you think? I guarantee if you're a Bowie fan - you'll love these. I've been playing these non stop for the last 3 months.

Very Bowie inspired... I can hear all sorts in there. Just download and listen... see what you hear.

Check out the Arts Lab: Pascal Dalmasso section.

6th January 2002

David backstage at Roseland 19th Someone asked me a while back if I knew who was the designer of the maroon and black cross shirt that DAVID BOWIE is wearing on these photographs. They were taken backstage at the Roseland Ballroom, New York City on 19th June 2000.

Fashion designer KEANAN DUFFTY who's label is named... wait for it... SLINKY VAGABOND is the man in question. This particular shirt was part of his Winter 200 Collection Futuristic/Historic collection. The inspiration was drawn from a futuristic vision of Space Crusaders, Medieval Knights, Monks and the sc-fi epic 'Dune'. Each piece has "This clothing could save your life" on the label and the designs have been described as 'Street Couture'.

Keanan Duffty is a British-born designer based in New York and produces his sportswear collection in Italy. Duftty is from Yorkshire and graduated from St. Martins School of Art with First Class Honours. The Keanan Duffty collections are infused with innovative fabrics, rock and roll elements and British iconography. Through a unique arrangement with Reebok, the designer has also created a range of co-branded footwear that complements the clothes sold to stores such as Barneys New York, Louis Boston, Harrods London, Macy's West in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, as well as Baycrews and Seibu in Japan.

Iman and David backstage at Roseland 19th The collection debuted in Fall 2000 under the title 'Slinky Vagabond' a name borrowed from a line in David Bowie's 'Young Americans' song. Given that Duffty's other passion is music, it is not surprising that his clothes have attracted the likes of David Bowie, Bush and The Smashing Pumpkins.

On December 1st 2000, Keanan Duffty's wife, Nancy Garcia opened a store to showcase the designers work located at 50 Spring Street in New York's NoLiTa district.

(Update from EB)... Mark Plati was going to wear the red and black shirt (which belonged to him) on the Monday for the Roseland show but Earl Slick had been given a similar colour shirt for Father's Day and it was decided that Earl should wear his shirt. Mark went on stage in blue instead. After the show DB needed a clean shirt for the 'meet and greet' and thus Mark's shirt was the only one that was left. Mark then wore it at the Glastonbury Festival.

Check out the excellent slinkyvagabond.com website.

6th January 2002

Sir Paul McCartney has been named Britain's first ever pop billionaire, according to a new survey. The former Beatle has amassed a fortune of £1.1bn, the Sunday Express's 'Rich List' for 2002 says. McCartney has seen his bank balance increase thanks in part to the hugely successful Beatles compilation album One. His fortune lifts him to the 11th richest person in the country - motor racing tycoon Bernie Ecclestone is number one with a reported £3.2bn. McCartney has also been helped by a £200m inheritance from his late wife Linda. His company MPL Collections owes the copyright to more than 25,000 songs.

DAVID BOWIE is named as the second richest in showbusiness with a fortune of £510m. The singer has a huge back catalogue of songs which still remain popular.

Sir Elton John is reported to have lost £40m of his fortune, but he is still laughing all the way to the bank with £450m saved up.

Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber had a poor 2001, thanks in part to the downturn in theatre ticket sales after 11 September, but the musicals songwriter can still look forward to spending his £310m.

Singers round out the top 10 with Mick Jagger (£300m), Tom Jones (£270m), Keith Richards (£250m), George Michael (£210m), Sting (£190m) and Phil Collins (£180m) still keeping their bank managers happy.

From Sunday Express Rich List.

5th January 2002

Happy 2002 everyone. The year of the Palindrome. And speaking of Palindromes it is with great pleasure that I announce the first Spooky Ghost Gig of 2002 on January 11th. Here is the scoop...


The Living Room NYC
Corner of Stanton and Allen. Tel: 212 533 7235

The lovely Pamela Sue Mann will play an opening set from 8 till 8:30pm and the Ghost will take the stage about 8:45 pm joined by Paul Bryan (Bass) and Doug Yowell (Drums).

The other good news is the new Spooky Ghost long playing record is finally mixed. I hope to have finished copies in about a month. Maybe some advance copies at the gig... maybe...

And for those of you who go to the Namm show (Music Trade Show) in California, Mr Ghostly will be in residence at the Paul Reed Smith Guitar Booth January 17th thru' 20th January.

Best to you all, hope to see you soon - Mr Ghost

Check out the Spookyghost web site at www.spookyghost.com and get free Spookyghost mp3 files here.

In case you don't already know, Spooky Ghost is accomplished Irish guitar player GERRY LEONARD who has done session and tour work with a host of top artists that include: David Bowie, Sophie B. Hawkins, Paula Cole, Laurie Anderson, Donna Lewis, Jonatha Brooke, Chris Botti and Cyndi Lauper). Spookyghost is the name given to Gerry Leonard's solo recordings and compositions. The name derives from the nickname given by Donal Coghlan (the other half of the duo Hinterland) regarding the ambient nature of Leonard's guitar playing.

5th January 2002

CARLOS ALOMAR is to play a rare one off performance in New York at THE BOTTOM LINE on January 17th. In Association With The NY Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences: 'Nothin' But... Guitars' featuring: Carlos Alomar, Sharon Isbin and Steve Vai.

The Bottom Line is located at 15 West 4th Street, on the corner of West 4th and Mercer. Box office at (212) 228-6300, open 7 days a week from 10 am to 11 pm. All seats $20. No E-mail reservations for this show - Mail Order or Box Office Only. Doors Open 6PM for 7:30 Show/10PM for 10:30 Show.

From Bladz.

5th January 2002

German TV channel 3sat are to broadcast a DAVID BOWIE special on January 12th entitled 'Happy Birthday, David Bowie' the show kicks off at 1:00pm.

And for you German speaking fans...

Am 8. Januar 1947 als David Robert Jones in London geboren, änderte der als Chamäleon der Rock-Musik gepriesene Künstler 1966 seinen Familiennamen, um nicht mit dem gleichnamigen Sänger der US-Band 'The Monkees' verwechselt zu werden, und nannte sich - inspiriert von dem zweischneidigen Jagdmesser - Bowie. Er begann seine Karriere 1963 als Modern-Jazz-Saxofonist und landete 1969 mit 'Space Oddity' seinen ersten Hit. 'Clip' zeigt unter anderem das prämiierte Video 'Ashes To Ashes', die Songs "Heroes", 'The Jean Genie', 'The Man Who Sold The World', 'Blue Jean' sowie eine mehr als 7-minütige Version des Hits 'Absolute Beginners'.

Mit "Happy Birthday, David Bowie" erinnert 3sat an den 55. Geburtstag des Musikers. Videomusik - Musikvideos aus der ORF-Reihe 'Clip'.

Happy Birthday, David Bowie.

4th January 2002

KAMAAL born Jonathan Davies rose to fame in St. Albans, Queens, as Q-Tip, but now just call him Kamaal, talking about his second solo album release on the Arista label was asked...

Q: Tell me about the new album's title. Does it signify a return to the Tribe Called Quest days when you called yourself the Abstract?

A: No, Kamaal is my real name. And the Abstract, as you said, was always there. I just wanted the album to represent me, and that's who I am. To be honest, I don't really like Q-Tip. I want people to call me Kamaal.

Q: The album's sound is a pretty radical change, too, with rock elements and some soul that evokes Roy Ayers.

A: Yeah, the influences are very diverse: the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, DAVID BOWIE. There's less real songs, but at the same time there are a lot of solos - and singing, too.

4th January 2002

I Am Iman Book and CD Bundle Available now to the general public... the I AM IMAN Book and CD Bundle. This Limited Edition Book and CD Bundle brings together two unique items: an autographed copy of Iman's new book 'I AM IMAN' and the 'I AM IMAN' Promotional CD autographed by DAVID BOWIE.

The promotional CD includes 5 Bowie tracks compiled by David himself to celebrate the launch of Iman's new book. It is available to the public only as part of this special BowieNet offer.

This promotional CD is a limited edition compilation, unavailable in stores. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. The Wedding.
2. Wild Is The Wind.
3. Loving The Alien.
4. As The World Falls Down.
5. Adbulmajid.

There are very few of these Limited Edition Bundles available, so order now! Hardcover - 160 pages (autographed). Universe Pub; ISBN: 0789306336; Dimensions (in inches): 0.87 x 11.81 x 8.32 - Priced at only $45.00.

Click on the official BowieNet Store logo for details.

3rd January 2002

DAVID BOWIE tribute band Ch-ch-changes play live in Amsterdam on January 6th at Café Diep at the NieuwezijdsVoorburgwal. They start playing at 6:00pm in the afternoon/evening.

From Shtratman.

1st January 2002

Coming up soon on DAVID BOWIE'S birthday (8th January 2002) on the Performance (The Arts Channel) in the UK and Europe is the Cable and Satellite Premiere of a one hour profile programme. Insightful interviews from throughout Bowie's career are brought together with live footage to form an in-depth profile - from glam rock, via Brian Eno and Berlin, through to the lucrative 'Let's Dance' years and the new technology expert of today.

Check out their website @ www.performance-channel.com for more details.

Showing on 8th January at 9:00, 15:00 and 21:00. 9th January at 3:00. 11th January at 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00. 12th January at 04:00.

1st January 2002

Coming up real soon on Friday 4th January 2002 at The Basement in Sydney... following a handful of huge 'DAVID BOWIE' shows around town in the last couple of years the ZIGGY COLLECTIVE are back to present the music of the most influential performer of the twentieth century. The Bowie Show kicks the New Year off with a night of glam attitude. Hear classic Bowie songs, Heroes, China Girl, Changes, Rebel Rebel, Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust, Starman, Life On Mars, Lets Dance, Jean Genie, Suffragette City... the smash hits are endless.

Jeff Duff, Morgana from Nitocris and Steve Balbi will be joined by special guest vocalists and backed by a true all star band. Dave Leslie - guitar (Baby Animals); Rick Grosman - bass (Hoodoo Gurus); Warren Trout - drums (currently with Men at Work); Colin Courie - keyboards (Richard Clapton) and Joseph Calderazzo - guitar with (Jeff Duff Orchestra). Dust off the flares, dig out the platform heels and get ready for a heady serve of glam rock... Bowie style!

The Basement Nightclub, 29 Reiby Place, Circular Quay, NSW Australia. Phone: (02) 9251 2797. Fax: (02) 9252 3007 Email: crichards@tpg.com.au or visit the website www.thebasement.com.au for more details.

From 96dbfreak.

1st January 2002

The video shot at the unveiling of the DAVID BOWIE Plaque in Beckenham on 6th December 2001 is now available. The video includes:

Bowie 3 Tuns Video - The Unveiling of the Plaque
- Interview with Mary Finnigan and Christine Ostrom
- Interview with David Bebbington
- Interview with Ken Simmons
- Interview with Avril Barrymore
- Steve Harley's short live set
- Photographs of David Bowie in 1969 and the Beckenham Free Festival

Prices including VAT and postage: UK £14.95, Europe £15.95, Rest of the World £17.95. Price includes donation to the Chernobyl Children Life Line Charity.

Visit www.editpoint.co.uk/bowie/ and please email video@editpoint.co.uk with any enquiries.

1st January 2002

The current issue (#162) of the ALTERNATIVE PRESS (AP) magazine contains a special feature entitled 'Fast Forward: The Most Anticipated Records of 2002'. A.P. celebrates the new year a month early with words and pictures from DAVID BOWIE, Nine Inch Nails, AFI, Bouncing Souls, Disturbed Filter, The Chemical Brothers, Green Day, ICP, Marilyn Manson, Weezer and many others.

The rather gorgeous portrait of David by MYRIAM SANTOS-KAYDA, was recently shot in New York. In the feature David talks about his next album due for release, which gives the date of release as 12th March 2001.

Check out the Alternative Press website for more details.

1st January 2002

Well the new year 2002 has just come in. I can't make up my mind whether 2001 either flew by or was dragged along by its feet kicking and screaming. I've got a feeling 2002 is gonna be a db chock full kinda year.

So in the time honoured grand tradition of rounding up the past year here's a quick flick through what did and didn't happen during 2001...

Click here to look back on 2001: A Paced Commodity.

1st January 2002


I hope you all receive everything you ever wish for

Very Best Wishes from Paul aka Rednik


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