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David Bowie - 27/4/99

Session Start: Wed Apr 28 02:44:02 1999

*** Now talking in #ChatGuest

*** Topic is 'Chat with David Bowie at 10:00 p.m. April 27th, 1999'

HJ: Let's do it, any questions

David Bowie: Good evening Earthlings!

David Bowie: Am I on the right night?

David Bowie: I've just got back from a party and I hung my coat up, unfortunately, I was still in it. Boom Boom.

David Bowie: It's the way I type them.

Total Blam Blam: How is your bad thing David?

David Bowie: Blam, not as bad as yours.

David Bowie: How's tricks?

Tenil: David Bowie - What is your favorite art media? ie. Oils, water color, mixed media , etc etc

David Bowie: On Sunday's I like a jolly good newspaper. I lie in bed and try and finish the fish and chips as fast as I can so that I can keep up with today's news.

Alys: Mr Bowie, what is the time period in art that fascinates you the most?

David Bowie: Between 7:15 and 10:00 at night. But seriously folks... I suppose the early 20th for the ripping apart of everything we have known what with the vortistists and the Dadaists and the futurists, what a bunch of ists...

NathanAdler: David, which band is recording the new album with you, and on which month.

David Bowie: This has been a very exciting recording period. Reeves and I started writing way early last year and unbelievably have produced well over three or four songs.

David Bowie: Actually over 100 songs.

David Bowie: We're recording most of the stuff ourselves and Reeves and I are playing most of the instruments and programming drums, etc.

David Bowie: But I think you'll be surprised at the actual intimacy of it all. I certainly was especially when it started taking my jacket off.

David Bowie: By the time it got to my shirt, I had to give it a damn good slapping. Into it is not the word.

PartialBlamBlam: David, I play tuba. Could you fit me on the new album?

David Bowie: I couldn't even get you in the hole in the middle!

David Bowie: I've just seen the most extraordinary thing. I went to a party at Julian Schnabels' earlier this evening as he is supporting the San Sebastian Film Festival and he threw a kind of a shindig for all the committee and what not. And there, all lined up in front of a blood red painting were Chris Walken, Bobby DeNiro and Al Pacino.

David Bowie: It was the most unreal thing. Very impressed I was.

David Bowie: I had to have another glass of sparkling water.

David Bowie: And then I shot over here.

Bianca: How far is the new film you did with Schulian Schnabel?

David Bowie: I don't know how that got about because I'm not actually in it. My contribution so far has been to read the script and very good it is too. Takes place in Cuba, but I suppose I shouldn't say anymore without Julian's permission.

DrBenway: I am honored that we stole you away from the Godfathers.

David Bowie: I really used to like the 'Godfathers'. They were a terrific British band and it's unfortunate they broke up.

Rednik: Hi David: Are gonna see something get released from PlaceboWIE then?

David Bowie: Yeah very definitely.

David Bowie: As you well know, we did some recording a few weeks ago and that should be released within the next few weeks.

AIRBOURNESIMIAN: birth, school, work, death eh?

David Bowie: Love that song. I even covered it on a couple of nights but I forgot to tell the band how to play it so it didn't sound too good.

David Bowie: This was years ago, mind...I talk to my band these days.

ElectricWarrior: good evening - nice small intimate crowd.

RaMOANa: "NEXT FEW WEEKS"??? - Like the webcast u and Reeves were gonna do???

David Bowie: Don't yell at me OR I'LL YELL BACK. Yes we are doing a webcast, na na na na na. Just got a bit delayed that's all. So phooey!

Sheila O'Shea: Re: Ziggy 2002 - if you're going to ask us how, I want to know this: WHY?

David Bowie: Well, Sheila, a dodgy but good question. At the time of Ziggy, there was so much more going on in my head than just the idea of a new synthetic rock star.

David Bowie: that I want to fully explore all the fragments that made up in my own mind the Ziggy world.

David Bowie: And hopefully I'll be able to do quite a complex overview in 2002.

David Bowie: And it will have great shoes...

BebeBuell: Speaking of Ziggy will the 1980 Floor Show ever see the light of day again??

David Bowie: What a charming name, Bebe...

David Bowie: I'm very keen to try and get this released and I would like to combine it with outtakes from that night.

David Bowie: It should be this century...maybe next century, but we've all got patience haven't we?

Aki: I wanted to know if you had a name for your iMac, if so what is it, and do you have plans to collect all five colors?

David Bowie: I've got six colors. That's only cause I took a blue one and painted it gold and then varnished it. It looks really cool, but I think some of the enamel dripped into it cause the screen blushes alot.

David Bowie: That's what happens when you buy a monitor a nice coat.

HJ: Do you see yourself working behind the controls any time soon? Two of my favorite records are Transformer and Lust For Life. Are there any artist in particular you are interest in working with in that nature? George Carney

David Bowie: Well, George, if Gail ever gets back to this planet from her soiree in Italy, Reeves and I are keen to work on that album of hers. I hope she's been writing like crazy while she's been on the road.

David Bowie: Actually, nearly everybody has been on the road this year, Garson, Gail, Zach. It's just me and Reeves stuck in a room.

Picadilly: David you were very funny on comic relief, you think you will ever try stand up?

David Bowie: Me try sit down. Me try lie down. Me find fall down best. But stand up good idea.

David Bowie: I love the European accent. Please say something else.

Bonster1: He always does stand up

David Bowie: Watch it son or I'll take your initials off.

Tura: When is BowieNet going public??

David Bowie: Apparently it went public on April the 1st this year.

ElectricWarrior: lol

ElectricWarrior: lol

David Bowie: But I spent all my money on e-bay and now they won't buy it back. Joke, LOL

sQuacebo: David, do you know that many of us have the very same pair of speedos that you have?

David Bowie: I was beginning to wonder why they were stretched in the mornings...how many of you have been getting into them at the same time?

David Bowie: I really think that you should buy your own pairs...

Emilio: David, whatever happened to Hermione, the female singer of Feathers?

David Bowie: In late 1969, she ran off with another dance, male I might add, which didn't last very long apparently. And then she met an anthropologist and got married and they settled down in, of all places, Irian Jawa, and she spent her time making maps of the jungle rivers. Obviously thinking about me on the road.

David Bowie: I have absolutely no idea where she is now.

RaMOANa: Can we get Julian Lennon as a chat guest? That would be awesome!

David Bowie: Funnily enough, I've been thinking of asking the whole family at some point to come and do chat rooms. I know Sean would love to do one and I do hope that Julian would like to, too. And I will try and encourage Mom, yoko, to give us half an hour or so.

sQuacebo: and Brian Molko. i wanna tell him a thing or two.

David Bowie: What would you tell him SQuacebo?

DeSurd: Does Zachary have a girlfriend?

David Bowie: Zach, in fact, is a very happily married guy with a beautiful wife, a French girl called Beatrice. And an unbelievably daughter called Marley who must be around three years old now.

Gilly: did you ever meet your sister Imam again?

David Bowie: After I saw her photograph in the Daily Mirror or Sun or whatever it was, I sent a letter but I never got a reply.

David Bowie: So I guess it sort of ends there.

Fede: Will you come to Italy again?

David Bowie: What a silly question? I AM in Italy right now.

A_Girl: David, are you serious about another Ziggy?

David Bowie: No I'm still very much in love with my wife.

QueerByChoice: David, I've often wanted to ask you: what on earth do you see in James Joyce? The only people who admire James Joyce are people who haven't read Gertrude Stein. Read her book /Ida: A Novel/ - she was the REAL leader of the modernists.

David Bowie: What a super name. Was that your father's idea?

David Bowie: Rubbish. Gertrude Stein's wet.

David Bowie: We could talk about this endlessly so let's scare everybody away. On second thought...we'll deal with this in the chat room one night.

David Bowie: I got by the name of Potty so that nobody will recognize me. Pssssst, don't tell anybody.

Gilly: Did you ride a bicycle recently?

David Bowie: No I have not been in Montreal riding a bike. The last time I rode a bicycle was in Berlin and it wasn't mine and it didn't have a basket on the front.

LighterShade: I am a great follower of Stevie Ray Vaughan, what was he like to work with?

David Bowie: Stevie was extremely enthusiastic about collaborating with others on music. He was going through a particularly rough time when he was working with me as you probably know. But I noticed a fundamental change in him whenever his godawful entourage was not around and it was such a thrill a few years later to see him sober and straight

David Bowie: and in such good spirits. He was a lovely man.

Penelope: Hey david.....name three songs you hate to admit that you like :)

David Bowie: Inchworm by Danny Kaye, In My Solitude by Anthony Newley, God rest his soul, and how many's that??

Tybalt: Two.

A_Girl: David, do you think that you will come to Utah for a concert one day??

David Bowie: Why?

SleepyBeauty: Do you like Hulio Iglesias?

David Bowie: When I was on holiday once, in Tahiti, in a simply dreadful hotel near the main airport, I was sitting out on the end of our promentary one morning watching the 747's trying to land when I suddenly heard Julio singing at the top of his voice and around the corner of the cove,this mind you at 6 in the morning, came Julio in a canoe with about 10 women.

David Bowie: He was dressed in evening dress and drinking a glass of champagne. He was being followed by another canoe with an entire film crew in it. I had unwittingly stumbled onto the Julio Igelsia's Summer Special!

David Bowie: He glances over to his left and says Ah my friend, David Bowie, let us sing a song together. I nearly fell off my pier!

David Bowie: I said I'm not David Bowie, but I wish I had his money.

David Bowie: He looked embarrassed and paddled on.

David Bowie: This is an absolutely true story folks!

JanGenie: Ah, and I thought you were pierless, David.

David Bowie: That's spelt peerless!

JillRenee: Are there any artists (dead or alive) that you wish you could (or could have) recorded with?

David Bowie: Yes. Francis Bacon.

Elm: Does anybody know where David Bowie is??

David Bowie: I certainly don't but I can do a damn good impression. Will that do?

Bonster1: I would like to record with Michaelangelo myself.

David Bowie: But he can't get those top notes, Bonster!

David Bowie: Mind you, he smokes like a chimney.

Helen2: David will we start having to address you as Dr Bowie soon?

David Bowie: As my name is David Robert Jones, I thought of myself as a doctor for year.

manicboy: David, where can I get one of your text scrambler programs?

David Bowie: Iman is shortly to produce them as part of her new cosmic range. I think that's tech joke. Iman? Get it?

Jennifer: Why does hj get to ask all the questions.

David Bowie: Jennifer, that's just not true. At least he can spell questions properly! I really do pick the questions myself. Honestly. Really. What was that next question, HJ?

Fede: David, how is it to chat at 4am in the morning?

David Bowie: As you know Italy never closes shop.

David Bowie: Eileen and I and HJ all have our little portables with us and we are walking along in Florence talking to Leonardo and Michael A.

David Bowie: It's so groovy here. I thought all these old painters were dead.

David Bowie: But with the profits they made with their paintings and postcards they bought themselves a project on the other side of the Ponte Vechio.

Ulysse99: Hello Mister Jones, David Did the inspiration for the Ashes To Ashes video come from the artwork on the album 'David Bowie' (latter released as 'Space Oddity'), as the pierrot and the old lady in the bottom left hand corner look rather familiar.

David Bowie: Absolutely correct. The original artwork was drawn by my old friend, George Underwood and already I had adopted the inner persona of clown as being part of the great lexicon of storytellers.

David Bowie: It was always very hard to conceive of a clown having a mother. I had empathy with this in those days.

David Bowie: But that imagery has been reoccuring all my life.

mugwump: Hey db, In your travels around Indonesia, ever come across an African gentleman who is some sort of prophet?

David Bowie: Okay mugwump, you've asked this question about a million times. What's the punch line? It better be good. I'll watch out for it.

Total Blam Blam: That is cool.

David Bowie: I couldn't agree more.

David Bowie: Whatever it is you're talking about.

SisteurWickedWench: Will you be making an anthem for The Sisteurs of Utter Destruction soon? You know, something we could play while we're busy stamping out mediocrity, spreading postmodernism throughout the world, and infusing creativity and intelligence into the brains of simple-minded rednecks everywhere? And where are those dancing disco.

HJ: Dancing disco boys anyways?

David Bowie: Blimey! Your question is so long we had to split it and fragment it in just the way that your site is attempting to split and fragment the very core nay, the very fabric of our society...what the F am I talking about! Do you want me to do a little ditty for you?

Picadilly: In the movie Labyrinth, were you wearing any knickers?

David Bowie: Picadilly, I'll have you know they weren't just any knickers. Jim Henson had to dig deeply into his wallet to get me those particular pair of knickers.

David Bowie: They were hand woven from the wings of a rare Dulwich butterfly that only flies by night.

David Bowie: So my knickers were, in fact, made up of over 2000 flies.

David Bowie: Which made going to the toilet very easy.

Picadilly: Do flies itch.

David Bowie: Only when they don't shave for three days.

SisteurWickedWench: Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

VickiLee: Everything changes.....except your big tales!

David Bowie: I bet you say that to all the boys!

Tura: So when's Brett Anderson coming on the chat? Have you heard the new Suede stuff?

David Bowie: Good idea Tura. I should give the tall skinny geezer a quick call.

David Bowie: Be great to have him on.

Arafel: please say hallo or something so I can go pass out happily

David Bowie: So you don't do stand up?

Simone: Are you going to invite Keith Flint from Prodigy for a chat sometime?

David Bowie: I think we're getting to a stage where we need to do a new list of people for the chat rooms. How about sending your ideas in? I do know that we have Floria Sigismondi for May 10th and I'm trying to fit in somebody quite exciting next week.

Fede: what do you think about Marilyn Manson's new stuff? It's defined "bowiesque".

David Bowie: Gosh, I hadn't thought about it that way before. But now you mention it...

imadj: Personally, I think you're quite exciting.

David Bowie: This is one of my favorite questions.

screendoll: David, I am trying to quit smoking. Any tips on what works best?

David Bowie: Filling your mouth with cement helps immeasurably.

Tybalt: I wouldn't ask david THAT question... mr two packs a day.

David Bowie: Oooh, get you Tybalt!!

David Bowie: Gone veggie have we?!

David Bowie: I know another German who was a vegetarian. When are you off and where in Germany are you going to live?

Earl_Elm: When are you releasing a new CD, and WHEN are you TOURING? Are you avoiding this question on PURPOSE?????? Please TOUR SOON!!!!!!!!!!

David Bowie: No I'm not avoiding your question. These questions are scrolling past me at about 10 trillion a minute so I've got to yours now.

David Bowie: And emphatic yes! There will definitely be a new album well before the end of this year.

David Bowie: And I got to say I really really like it!

David Bowie: Hope you're happy too.

David Bowie: The next person that mentions WalMart gets hacked while they're having a bath.

Yuri: This friday I will be doing a show in front of the school and I was wondering if you have any tips or tricks for someone with stage fright??

David Bowie: Yes, don't take him on with you!

David Bowie: Do it by yourself, it will be much better!

Alchemy5: will you be showing any artwork in the states this year?

David Bowie: I showed one of my older paintings around Greenwich Village last week. It was delighted and especially liked the sidewalk cafes. Then I took it to Calvin Kleins but it thought the look a little dull.

David Bowie: I should take some more of my artwork and show it New York in the near future.


David Bowie: What was the first one please?

Nadsat: May 1st is my birthday - how bout a concert?

David Bowie: That would be fab! Please tell me when it's going to happen and I'll come and watch you.

arnoldkorns: david, when will you get a cam feed, so we can see you whilst we "read" you???

David Bowie: Good question. I'm talking to HJ about it right now. Give me a mo.

David Bowie: Looks like we're going to go with the cam full time for chats in about six weeks.

Eileen: hehehehe - GoatCam

David Bowie: Watch it!

Bianca: You met Cher on the Brit Awards. Will you ever do a duet with her again? What do you think of her new album?

David Bowie: I only realized recently, stumbling across some old video footage, that I'd actually done a duet with Cher. It was quite thought provoking! It seems that neither of us could stay on the same song for longer than 30 seconds. I think we got away with calling it a medley!

HJ: Dave, First time poster, long time fan. Could you please tell me what became of the proposed set of your BBC recordings circa 1969 - 72? If they ever make any sort of official appearance PLEASE DO NOT RE-MIX THEM! Secondly, what's your favourite track off the first Walker Brothers album?

HJ: (Mine's "You're All Around Me" It's been a pleasure posting to you, and it would be a thrill to hear back from you. Jeremy Wall.

David Bowie: I actually had nothing to do with these apart from singing and playing on them, of course! So I don't know much about the background.

David Bowie: I should imagine they're all on the internet. My advice is go and have a look for them.

David Bowie: I'm not too big on the Walker Brothers albums except the very last one they did, Nite Flights.

David Bowie: Both Eno and I were quite flattered when Nite Flights came out as Scott had adopted the same typography that we had used on Heroes. We very nearly all worked together after that to produce Scott's next album.

David Bowie: But things didn't work out too well between Brian and Scott. I never even made it to the studio.

David Bowie: My personal Walker favorites are the Electrician and 21 from the last Tilt album.

"Noah Value": Do you know who Jonathan Richman is? Isn't he neat?

David Bowie: Ten out of ten.

David Bowie: I always had a secret wish to record Nobody called Pablo Picasso an asshole. One of my all time favorite cruising songs.

David Bowie: Modern Lovers. Great band.

penelope: *curtsy* it's been a pleasure david, but i must run off for my bath, then off to bed :) *smooch*

David Bowie: Smooch back! Make sure you don't get hacked!

Total Blam Blam: How about "Get down off of the gas stove granny, you're too old to ride the range"?

David Bowie: Where do you come up with them, Blam? My gosh! You weren't like that as a child!

Arafel: most hackers are online these days, David.

David Bowie: Most hackers run sites these days.

Earl_Elm: Have you had PLASTIC SURGERY, or are we too touchy to answer that???????

David Bowie: Don't get cute with the 'we' or are you just royal?!

David Bowie: I've only had linoleum surgery and that was to my upstairs bathroom when the sink fell through on top of the telly.

David Bowie: What little is left of my face is genetic.

David Bowie: Not cosmetic.

David Bowie: But thank you so much for asking.

Rednik: David have you seen your latest look-a-like character in GTA London 'puter game?

David Bowie: Only on one of the sites the other week.

David Bowie: What did you think of it?

Electric_Blue: David: can you move the time/date zones please as us Brits and other Euros aren't getting any sleep with all the extremely late night events?!!

David Bowie: I think I'm going to have to take the bull by the horns one day and do two chats at different times of the day.

David Bowie: One for North America and one for home, UK.

David Bowie: Then I can get in my super turbo jet, fly off to Tokyo and hopefully squeeze a third one in before bathtime!

jungtheforeman: US fans think they have it rough waiting up till bath time and here we are at 4 in the morning!

David Bowie: I couldn't agree more, Jung!

Alys: Ever consider typing while in the bath, eh?

David Bowie: That's not the first thing that comes to mind usually!

LiLu: have you read Jung For Beginners too? i love the pictures!

David Bowie: I never even finished Jung For Dummies and that didn't even have pictures.

BebeBuell: David do you prefer baths or showers?

David Bowie: I'm English, baths, of course, and a rubber duck!

Harlech: David, do you have any tattoos and what of?

David Bowie: Back of left calf, lots of Japanese script. Picture of Dolphin, strange bloke riding on his back. Left hand extended. Little frog on same.

manicboy: David, who's your favorite comic book character?

David Bowie: Jerry Falwell.

DrBenway: david, ever been in therapy?

David Bowie: Nope, fraid not. Never made it past Idaho.

David Bowie: Does it rain much there?

zerogirl: Crud, Dad's bitchin for me to get off the comp - Dave, are you gonna give us b-netters exclusive "shows" when you get the camera?

David Bowie: Yes, if you 'know' what I mean? Nudge nudge, wink, etc.

Helen2: David, Rex waves a big hello to you.

David Bowie: Now there's a talented man! A Big wave back to Rex and to you, too, Helen 2.

blue: What do you think of Beckarooskie?

David Bowie: Now that's the way I hoped you phrased the question. See how patience wins out? I think he's rather fabby! His last album particularly, I adored.

lambugi: David, can you say goodnight to Austin, Casey and Haley, so I can put them to bed now?

David Bowie: Good night Austin, Good night Casey, Good night Haley. Are they very very young or very old men? Do tell.

JillRenee: Can you say hi to my mom?

David Bowie: No. oh alright. Hi Mom!

PartialBlamBlam: Are you trying to make an old man very happy?

David Bowie: In your case, Blam, Just trying to make a happy man very old.

Tura: any up and coming artists to look out for?

David Bowie: A fantastic black painter called Michael Ray Charles. Definitely one of the more controversial artists around at the moment.

David Bowie: I;ll see if I can't get permission from him to put some of his work up. Iman first saw his stuff and then showed it to me.

David Bowie: And I in turn showed Goldie. Who's now super fan as is Spike Lee and so many others I now hear.

David Bowie: I guess I must have missed his work before.

David Bowie: with a contemporary confrontational spin to them. They are extremely provocative and unsettling.

David Bowie: He's great!

Gilly: do you wear shoes, slippers, socks or do you go barefoot at home?

David Bowie: I go all kinds of ways. Sometimes with both slippers, sometimes with just one. Tonight it'll just be the right slipper. But three socks!

Alchemy5: Where does Michael Ray Charles show?

David Bowie: Just get your favorite search engine and type in Michael Ray Charles. There's quite a bit of stuff on him.

David Bowie: He's had two major shows in New York and created a huge hooha. Some people very pro his work; others very anti it.

Picadilly: Can I make a puppet of you"""

David Bowie: Well, I imagine that would be alright after all Iman managed to make a husband out of me.

David Bowie: And you lot make a fuss of me!

David Bowie: Which is lovely. Big Kiss!

Rick: Are you really in the new 'StarWars' movie?

David Bowie: Okay. Who am I playing?

David Bowie: If you like, where's the money?!

lambugi: Do you do anything for free?

David Bowie: Yeah, heh, heh, heh...

Total Blam Blam: you are playing Smoke baccy

Total Blam Blam: Smokebaccy - chewbacca - get it?

David Bowie: uh, no, sorry. could you enlighten me?

Helen2: David, people in the other room want to know what books you are reading at the moment, please answer them as they are bitching up a storm.

David Bowie: I'm afraid I'm still plowing through the last quarter of Modern Times Modern Places by Peter Conrad (read my review on Barnes & Noble). It's an extraordinary book.

David Bowie: and I happen to love it very very much!

David Bowie: You should see what it's got between the covers!

Jenstrdust: David, ever read Diamond Nebula?

David Bowie: Is that the one where I've got a paragraph or two in? Should I read it? Is it any good?

Bonster1: You reviewed a book you didn't finish???

David Bowie: This is my second time!

David Bowie: But this time I've got my Oxford dictionary with me.

David Bowie: Don't you love the Oxford Dictionary? When I first read it, I thought it was a really really long poem about everything.

Margot: I went insane once and thought you were the author of Diamond Nebula - and that you produced Alanis Morrisette!?

David Bowie: Gosh.

sQuacebo: Websters has a similar storyline.

David Bowie: Yes I agree, but it doesn't have the cunning and insight of that old fable 'everything'.

David Bowie: i think the slightly sinister aspect of the Oxford came about because of the nutcase murderer who co-wrote it.

Ysengrin: The LArousse even got bits in LATIN!!

David Bowie: I would have thought it would have been French, wouldn't you? A bit decorative for my taste.

mugwump: hey db, what do you think of the author John Pilger?

David Bowie: Very insightful man.

David Bowie: I've always liked his correspondence.

David Bowie: Puts it all together in a very perceptive way.

Margot: i'll go insane again if you don't answer my question.

David Bowie: Sorry, Margot, but you seem to have forgotten to put your question in so I'll move on to somebody else.

JillRenee: Walmart is a great store....

David Bowie: Get into your bath at once!

Tybalt: glasses? you? now? wearing?

David Bowie: My sight as you probably know is 20/20. However, I often wear a pair of glasses to not embarrass my contemporaries into feelings of insecurity.

David Bowie: Gosh every one, isn't this a long one? No comments from you Blam Blam.

David Bowie: We'll now be taking five more for a quick ride round the block with a piece of my artwork to have a look at the windows of Gucci!

Alessandra: How do I obtain "Blam Blam" status?

David Bowie: You call that status? Hah!

Isabel: Are you buying anything?

David Bowie: I'm sorry love, I'd love to help. But I gave that up along with drinking many years ago. But thanks for the offer!

Rick: May I work for you for free?

David Bowie: Are there any others like you at home?!

Total Blam Blam: Don't make me come over there.

Skyler: May I work for you for money?

David Bowie: Don't push your luck!

actionboy: Poland Spring or Evian?

David Bowie: Pellegrino.

DeSurd: I will work for cheese.

David Bowie: That is very funny! LOL!

actionboy: Lemon or lime?

David Bowie: Lime, but no ice.

JanineGenie: I will work for chocolate.

Baal: I would work for cheese, but it would have to be Venezuelan Beever Cheese...

David Bowie: This is just getting all too silly! nobody need work at all. People Power!

Picadilly: Do you have any intentions of helping young artists get their start? (which painting do you want?!)

David Bowie: It's always a good idea to try and submit your work to BowieNet. At least it gives it a chance to be seen by nine or ten people. and you will get feedback, I promise you.

David Bowie: This is going to be my last answer as it is way past my bath time. You are a funny and fabby lot! Never lose your sense of humor. Always eat your crusts and take a clean hanky! Don't forget to grow up now and if it itches, see a doctor.

David Bowie: And with this advice, young man, you, too, can go into therapy!

David Bowie: So where's that last question?

Margot: Have you ever tried to disabuse anyone of their loopy Bowie beliefs?

David Bowie: Yes, but look at this site and see what happens!

corina-pia: So when will you answer some of the 'pre-sent' questions?

David Bowie: Actually, Corina, I've included quite a few in this chat. We got several hundred questions so it really is pretty hard to get through everything. But, hey, there's always next time and it won't be very long. I know, promises, promises.

David Bowie: But I will be back sooner than I was last time. I'm not sure that makes any sense. What have you done to me?!

David Bowie: Good night Earthlings!

HJ: Beautiful! That's it kids

HJ: Bowie has left the building!

ElectricWarrior: nite all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HJ: good night from HJ and Eileen

HJ: ta ta

*** HJ (hj1@DPA) has left #ChatGuest

*** David Bowie (ronroy@DPA) has left #ChatGuest

Session Close: Wed Apr 28 04:40:09 1999

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