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BowieNet Live Chat Transcription - 4/6/01
with David Bowie

Session Start: Monday June 4 18:00:00 2001

*** Topic is 'Chat with David Bowie, Monday, June 4th 2001 at 6:00 p.m. EST'

SaintAlphonzo says: Hello, and welcome to the BowieNet chat with David Bowie! We're almost ready to begin, so please start with your questions!

bladerunner asks: "Is there some body there can tell me "were are all the people".

David Bowie answers: Thanks a lot, folks. That was a real fun evening. Sorry for you guys who just came into the room now, I decided to go on an hour earlier...so Bladerunner, I guess that's "where are all the people..."

noggy asks: "Oh my this is more private then I reckoned".

David Bowie answers: Just you and me, noggy...

carola asks: "Hello, is it beginning now ???".

David Bowie answers: Yes, it's really beginning now. No, actually...


brigitte asks: "What happened to the Rugrats song. Any chance of hearing it, maybe here on BNet_The video for The Hearts Filthy Lesson reminds me of a Spanish theatre group called La Fura dels Baus. Do you know them: were they an influence?".

David Bowie answers: The Rugrats song is really nice. It is called Skylife. I've definitely got it up for something. I'm not sure which album it will appear on, but it'll probably have a lyric change.

noggy asks: "Who is the guitar player with the afro in 1976 Swedish tour".

David Bowie answers: Probably Carlos Alomar.

jbw asks: "David. any chance of putting together an mp3 server as part of bowienet. (unreleased and rare tracks)?"

David Bowie answers: BowieNet Radio is going to be starting to put up some at least fairly hard to get a hold of tracks, and I'm hoping that I'll get record company permission to put up some totally unreleased tracks. I should know within the next few weeks whether this is possible.

beckybeusmans0 asks: "Hey David Welcome!...Please anserw as I really want to ask you... Do you like the Carry On Films? And if so whos your fave star in them? i love Ken Williams... Ooooooooh Matron!".

David Bowie answers: Ken Williams had a wonderful album out in the 60s, the name of which I can't remember. But it contained a delightful track called "Minnie Dyer" which went something like: "sheewer deeyoooweeee Minnie Dyer...and her dum dum dum dum dum...." so there you are! My memory never fails me!

kjgl asks: "hallo david, spud here, do you fancy playin in an Amphitheatre sometime? a toga party would be good for the bnetters."

David Bowie answers: Spud: A toga concert sounds good to me. No admission, just wear a toga. Mind you, I wouldn't be playing. WE could get Niro and the Gladiators. Uh...free autographed album for anyone who can name Niro's big hit in the 60s!

judith asks: "Would you like to name one of my cheeky monkeys, David? (www.rattlebeak.com)".

David Bowie answers: I used to call my monkeys Judith. What do you reckon?

carola asks: "Hello David, what is your fave music in the moment ?"

David Bowie answers: I've been playing the re-released three albums of Neu that were just put out by EMI. They sound terrific. Of course I do have the original vinyls. But I would, wouldn't I...

aleczandah asks: "What would you prefer sung at your funeral - "Ashes To Ashes" or "Underground"?"

David Bowie answers: Cheeky Monkey. Judith. I'll call you Judith.

dbfan1847 asks: "Did Alex start Talking yet"

David Bowie answers: Ga Ga Ga...Wa Wa...another Ga...mmmmmm

jake asks: "Who do think should win this years Turner Prize?"

David Bowie answers: Turner.

Bright asks: "so, you want us to ask questions now?"

David Bowie answers: Yeah.

kurtz asks: "Hi David: when will the "Toy" album be released?"

David Bowie answers: I'm finding EMI/Virgin seem to have a lot of scheduling conflicts this year, which has put an awful lot on the back burner. Toy is finished and ready to go, and I will make an announcement as soon as I get a very real date. Meantime, I'm alrady started writing and recording for another album (untitled at the moment). So far I have to say it's back to experimental. But knowing me, it doesn't mean that's how it'll turn out. I shall be writing and recording throughout the summer, but daddyfying is really my priority at the moment.

amitadar asks: "will you come to Israel again to preform"

David Bowie answers: I promise you, we all had such a wonderful time last time that whatever the World Tour would be, Israel would definitely be on it. It was where I first met 3D and Massive Attack. A lovely bunch of people. And boy did we eat well.

RuneKJ asks: "Are you still thinking of making the album "2nd Contamination"?"

David Bowie answers: This is hard to believe (heh heh heh), but nothing has gotten lost. Contamination will be one of the many pieces that I will release over time. It's just that my time has gone all elastic.

merzbau asks: "Hoy! Being English and all...you by any chance a heavy tea-drinker (like me)?"

David Bowie answers: When I was about 5, my parents took me on a boat trip up the Thames. The tea in the galley had been stewing for about 7 years. It was so ghastly. I've never drunk a cup of English tea since then, though I do have a passion for Japanese Green Tea.

martink58 asks: "Dave, where are you (Continent will do)?"

David Bowie answers: New York, New York. Like the song says.

johnnygleeson asks: "David , Im 45 Years old now , and have all of your records on vinyl. They are in the attic and are replaced with CDs. Does this qualify me as your best fan , or should I be sectioned ?"

David Bowie answers: Do you mean that the CDs are now in the attic and the vinyls have disappeared? It sounds very X-Files. Someone just sent me two - count them - two copies of Lisa Jane on Vocalian. Beat THAT with a stick...

aleczandah asks: "I loved you in Labyrinth!!"

David Bowie answers: Yeah. Loved you in Labyrinth. Or was it Manchester?

spacebo asks: "sailor... i have given birth to your kid! no, believe me it's true!!! and i'm even a boy!!! how far out is is THAT!!+++!! "

David Bowie answers: Not very. So there! Really. Not very.

windchime asks: "would you ever do another Broadway play?"

David Bowie answers: Which one should I do? How about Lion King?

d_q asks: "david, whats the most embarrising moment u have had on stage?"

David Bowie answers: Being in Lion King. Wrong theatre.

farawayeyes asks: " whats the hottest place you have ever been ?"

David Bowie answers: This room, of course.

RuneKJ asks: "what's the answeres to the Blood and Glitter contest ??? just email me! hehehe."

David Bowie answers: with MY memory, you expect me to know???

jamesfranco asks: "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

David Bowie answers: Probably Manchester. Yeah, that's a good bet. Probably Manchester. Ooooh, no! Somerset. Um...

deanwards asks: "do you plan to tour at all this year, I loved Glastonbury"

David Bowie answers: A quick tour through the Metropolitan Museum isn't out of the question. Or maybe MOMA...

luketaylor asks: "r u reading a book at the mo, if so what?"

David Bowie answers: I've been reading Peter Ackroyd, Biography of London and The Body Artist by Dan Dililo.

paola asks: "the new album is produced by visconti?"

David Bowie answers: Toy has been produced beautifully by Mark Plati. The next album will be produced by Tony Visconti but I'm sure Mark will be involved.

sirshannon asks: "Besides Placebo, are there any other current bands that you find interesting?"

David Bowie answers: Goldfrapp is pretty cool, and I love the new Missy album. Grandaddy as always, Neu. As for the rest, I still like the real oldies. Like Oasis.

jens asks: "Is it okay when we call you "Dave"?"

David Bowie answers: No. Don't ever call me Dave. Or look me in the eye when you pass me in the corridor on your way to the accountants. And I'm going to the cafeteria.

gregstl asks: "Are you recording at home for your newest sessions, or using a traditional studio?"

David Bowie answers: We are using a traditional studio. It's called Formality. And you have to wear evening dress. Did you know that in the early days of BBC Radio, the news announcers had to wear evening dress to read the evening news? I didn't know that!

joose0 asks: "David, what do you think of Kerouac's " On the Road " manuscript selling for over 2 million?"

David Bowie answers: It took me ages to type it out, but it was obviously worth all the effort. Whoops, I shouldn't have said that, should I...

bsctrumpet asks: "How come you dont like country music?"

David Bowie answers: Cause I still have a heartbeat...

wlrook asks: "Are you going to the Bahamas this year? When? And your address is?"

David Bowie answers: Why do you think I go to the Bahamas?

zardoz asks: "What's in your wallet?"

David Bowie answers: Another smaller really full wallet.

Faye asks: "Would you please tell Slick to get a computer? His Luddite tendencies are embarrassing me."

David Bowie answers: Most musicians are Luddites, including myself to a certain extent. I'm still only comfortable with low tech. And I purposely try to destroy anything high tech and bring it down to a human level. It's the factory owners, they're to blame.

changes10 asks: "Ought to put a spot of soy milk in - much better than it sounds."

David Bowie answers: Soy now brings you cancer. I'm sorry, I saw it on television. Is nothing sacred?

st39hen asks: " Hey david what kind of watch were you sporting at the Beeb gig?"

David Bowie answers: A brilliant green-faced one by Paul Smith.

putzi0 asks: "a propos elastic! Do you like the music of Elastica?"

David Bowie answers: I'm not that old!

will asks: "what about Leon, I understand he cut a hole in the very fabric of time itself. How has this affected your recording?"

David Bowie answers: I must say that playing back and doing initial idea mixes on the Contamination material, I've been very pleasantly surprised at how completely nutty it sounds. I'm determined to get it out this millennium.

David Bowie asks: Did anyone get to see Closer to Heaven yet? Pet Shop Boys?

prettything asks: "why are we chatting so early?"

David Bowie answers: for the British and Europeans. Notice that I did not include the British as Europeans. I wonder if that's a good thing? Who knows... I'll ask an American.

judith asks: "You see, you never answer any of my serious questions, so I have to resort to monkey humour. This isn't fair."

David Bowie answers: This isn't even a question. Should I humor you?

andromache0 asks: "do you find that no one in America knows what cling film is?"

David Bowie answers: Do you know it never occurred to me to this minute to ever ask an American that question. Boy, you really hit it on the head! I'll just dash down to the sidewalk and see what response I get.

AngelaCalavicci asks: "am I in the right place?"

David Bowie answers: You are always in the right place.

sabine0 asks: "Hi David, been to any good gig recently?"

David Bowie answers: Unfortunately, having to go to the country over this last while for a short break, I missed the Placebo gig which I hear was tremendous. What gig should I watch out for in the near future?

ellenma13 asks: "i play the drums."

David Bowie answers: Wow.

tonyday asks: "Ever thought of releasing your stuff on your own label??"

David Bowie answers: Yes, I really really have.

carola asks: "do you have concrete plans for the tour ??"

David Bowie answers: Oh dear. They're not so much concrete\; more of a polystyrene nature. But once they've dried out, they should be quite hard with a consistency much like cement.

d_q asks: "hello david. are u doing glasto again this year?"

David Bowie answers: No. That was my last Glasto for the next 30 years! But I'll be back....

judith asks: "Experimental, yay! That I think would make your more bizarre and revolutionary fans very happy."

David Bowie answers: I'm hoping it'll get you all revolutionary and bizarre. We'd all like a little bit of that.

charly0 asks: "Doesn't it really piss you off when your bloody ISP disconnects you in mid conversation?!"

David Bowie answers: God, tell me about it. It's even worse when you lose your work drive. But that's another story...

gregstl asks: "How's the feedback on bowieradio from the folks using dial-up connections? I got my highspeed two days before it debuted."

David Bowie answers: I'll defer to Saint Alphonzo on that....

SaintAlphonzo answers: Pretty good - very few complaints, really (I'll check my inbox tomorrow...) =8-)

seriousmoonlit asks: "..5how much do ya like being a father again?:-)"

David Bowie answers: I really, really love it. To be honest, I really have to pull myself together weekly to focus on my music that sometimes it almost feels like a distraction. The music, I mean. But I think I'm beginning to find a sense of balance between daddyfying and workifying. Mind you, the next album might have lyrics like: "the wheels on the bus go round and round..."

deanwards asks: "David, do you think you can ever match albums like Scary Monsters again"

David Bowie answers: I wouldn't want to. I wouldn't even try. It exists in its own space as does, say, Ziggy or Outside.

bsctrumpet asks: "if you had 59 cents..what would you do with it?"

David Bowie answers: You deserve a prize. That is an hilarious question! We are on the floor laughing...Whoever heard of anyone accumulating 59 cents?

kisch0 asks: "David, I feel so lonely here, would you prolly answer one of my questions ?"

David Bowie answers:Sure, kisch. Go ahead.

kisch0 asks: "David, I feel so lonely here, would you prolly answer one of my questions ?".

David Bowie answers: Sure, kisch. Go ahead.

wsmedley asks: "My last Q daid go in right, it was : are there going to be any more channels added to Bowie radio"

David Bowie answers: Well, expect Kick Out the Jammies within the month. Then we'll work on another channel, and we'll be adding more rare stuff to Channel 1, and I'll try to add more of my favorites to Channel 2.

spaceboys asks: "Why do you live in NY?"

David Bowie answers: I live next to the Grim face on the Cathedral floor.

elvis asks: "so, what about mickey dolenz? Was he better than Keith Moon?"

David Bowie answers: Chalk and Cheese. Whatever that means.

gregstl asks: "When you are in the mood to write your more experimental music, what instrument do you pick up to get started writing?"

David Bowie answers: I usually pull the cushions off a sofa and get to work on the springs. I find prepared sofa springs are all that one needs to produce total cacophany. Did anyone see that National Spelling Bee Competition the other night? I watched the whole thing...I couldn't spell one word! And these guys were like 12 years old. Even Lexy did better than me! And she was asleep!!

redosyre0 asks: ".4Do you read to your daughter yet?"

David Bowie answers: Yes. We are struggling through Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure. The death scene at the end has been very hard to explain. To put it bluntly, she much prefers the wheels on the bus.

robertcasey asks: "when was the last time you met up with jagger"

David Bowie answers: I passed one in Central Park the other day. Very out of breath. I think these joggers should really take care of themselves. Especially in Central Park.

zardoz asks: "Is there Life on Mars?...Is there Life in Peckham?"

David Bowie answers: All research has shown that the answer has to be: VAGUELY.

julorama asks: "Will you be teaching Alex an instrument?"

David Bowie answers: Yes. The compass.

caroline asks: "Do you drink?"

David Bowie answers: No. I once had a glass of water, but I got sick and threw up. I prefer beets. Thank you.

martink58 asks: "Dave, mate, you could afford a trip into space. Ever thought about it?"

David Bowie answers: Is this a hint? We've done an hour and ten minutes so far. I might have another ten minutes in me...

squinty asks: "why cant i get anything from the bowiestore"

David Bowie answers: Because it's crap. I wouldn't buy shit from that place. Hold on folks, we will be launching a new one that we have some control over.

lunamagic asks: "I discovered Walker's The Electrician and some other great songs on bowieradio. Thanks"

David Bowie answers: I'm so pleased you like the Walker track. Just for the fun of it, I shall put up a couple of things that he did in the very early 60s that are, well...hysterically funny! I think almost Laughing Gnome value in there somewhere. hee heee

merzbau asks: "Where the hell did you come across the Legendary Stardust Cowboy?"

David Bowie answers: When I first joined Mercury Records in the late 60s, he was one of the only other artists they had. And they gave me his entire catalogue, which at the time was three singles. I immediately fell in love with his music. Well actually, the IDEA of his music. As the music itself wasn't too recognizable as being such.

David Bowie says: Just taking the last few questions now, folks...and I promise I won't stay away for so long next time!

sirshannon asks: "How, exactly, do Tigers move on Vaseline?"

David Bowie answers: fast!

laurent asks: "Who is singing "Go Now"

David Bowie answers: I can't hear! Do you hear? I know that Tony Sales sung it in Tin Machine

GiIIy asks: "did you see "pearl harbor"? if so, did you like it?"

David Bowie answers: Should I?

anthonya asks: "David wish me happy birthday"

David Bowie answers: Okay. Happy Birthday. And a wonderful new year!

zardoz asks: "Why do Bird suddenly appear?"

David Bowie answers: You mean Big Bird? Or Charlie Parker?

seriousmoonlit asks: ".7could you tell me please what time were you born? thanks"

David Bowie answers: Sorry, I wasn't wearing a watch...

aucourant asks: ".2where do you buy your smokes?"

David Bowie answers: at the corner shop. I go there on my Zappy!

merzbau asks: "What's going on over at your end...you seem distracted"

David Bowie answers: The battery on my Zappy's run out so I'll have to leg it back home!

aleczandah asks: "How does it feel to be 67 years old?"

David Bowie answers: It feels a bit grumpy, and sex is very slow. That's what I've read. I can't wait!

irulan74 asks: "have you ever shaved anything other than your face? lol"

David Bowie answers: carrots. lol back.

eriwilde0 asks: "Is it your policy that you never answer the questions asked by your fans whom you have met before at your official chat?"

David Bowie answers: Hi Eri! Should I be answering this? Oh well, let's break a rule.

jamesfranco asks: "if it's "crap," why do you link it to your site?"

David Bowie answers: We thought it was going to be much better. But I promise you, it's going to be better in the future.

seasun asks: "What kinda toothbrush do you use and what color is it?"

David Bowie answers: My last answer: and it's BLUE! Thank you. Speak to you soon....

SaintAlphonzo says: Thanks everyone for coming, and goodnight!

Session Close: Monday June 4 2001

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