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Live Conference with David Bowie on CompuServe - 11/8/96

The floor is now CLOSED

(6-14,Glenn) Good evening. I'm Glenn Smith, your lovely moderator. Joining us tonight we have three David Bowie's. Two in disguise. You be the judge: who's "Telling Lies"?

Question from WEB: Bob
When will the "Telling Lies" CD be available in the U.S.?

(6-11, David Number 1) Right now.
(6-12, David Number 2) Last week.
(6-19, David Number 3) December

Question from WEB: Christian
What are the contents of you wallet right now? Please describe them.
[from Indiana]

(6-11, David Number 1) Because I'm an Englishman I don't have a wallet. I just have a room key.
(6-12, David Number 2) American Express, platinum card, three condoms and two hundred dollars.
(6-19, David Number 3) Passport, a drivers license and no money.

Question from WEB: Anonymous
David, do you lie?

(6-11, David Number 1) Only if it can save the face of near and dear friends.
(6-12, David Number 2) Only if it serves my purposes.
(6-19, David Number 3) Yes but one must always pay the price.

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(6-27, Brett) It is one of them Suzette!!! and you will need to guess which one. In order to vote, just click the "VOTE" button, and then submit your vote....

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Question from WEB: Rob
David, your're often five to seven years ahead of the mainstream music industry. Why do so?

(6-12, David Number 2) It is not that I'm five to seven months ahead. The rest of the world is behind.
(6-19, David Number 3) Well it's certainly nothing quite that cerebral

Question from WEB: Jeff
What are you doing in New York?
[from Oregon]

(6-11, David Number 1) I've just an album with my band...On weekends I'm playing gigs.
(6-12, David Number 2) Going to a lot of galleries, museums and spending time with my wife.
(6-19, David Number 3) As well as my house overseas. I frequently like to take time to take in the environment. Its very stimulating.

Question from WEB: Daniel
Would you describe the album you are recording at the moment as Rock and Roll's answer to Duchamp or to Joseph Beuys?

(6-11, David Number 1) It's a little more in the area of the Surf Buttholes than in the area of Beuys or Duchamp
(6-12, David Number 2) I would say that it's more like duchamp which would make it more like....
(6-19, David Number 3) Acually a lot of it was inspired by a near and dear friend.

(6-27, Brett) Who is the REAL David Bowie???? Is it David Bowie number 1??? Or maybe it's David Bowie number 2???? It could be David Bowie number 3???? To vote, just click the "VOTE" button... you can change your vote at any time.

Question from WEB: Dara
Any truth in the rumour that one or more Tin Machine songs will be on the next album?
[from Ireland]

(6-11, David Number 1) There is some truth that one or more Tin Machine songs may be on the next album.
(6-12, David Number 2) Tin Machine? I don't really remember that band - Tin Machine.
(6-19, David Number 3) Actually, yes but Hunt and Tony will not be back with me.

Question from WEB: Lars
David, what are you most afraid of?
[from Sweden]

(6-11, David Number 1) Eleanor from Sweden.
(6-12, David Number 2) Failure.
(6-19, David Number 3) The past.

Question from WEB: Antoine
Since you have been painting for such a long time, do you plan to publish your works of art any time soon?

(6-11, David Number 1) Uh...no. I just do the odd show and some of them are very odd indeed.
(6-11, David Number 1) I'm doing a show in Florence, Italy at the moment.
(6-12, David Number 2) Yes, I'm currently working on a coffee table book.
(6-19, David Number 3) Actually im working currently on a presentataion with Mark Kastobi.

Question from CZJ: [106266,3230] Josie
Dear David, Welcome to Compuserve, they say your recording a new album, when do you expect to be finished? And to you intend to keep touring? Love Josie

(6-19, David Number 3) Call it a joint adventure.
(6-11, David Number 1) More joint than venture.
(6-11, David Number 1) We finish writing all the material in about 12 days.
(6-11, David Number 1) Yes, we intend to keep on touring.
(6-12, David Number 2) Um, I hope to have the album done by February, as for touring, it really doesn't hold much interest.
(6-19, David Number 3) The album will be out in December and well tour only if the moon is right.

(6-27,Brett) You still have time to vote..... Who do you think the real David Bowie is??? Is it David number 1? David number 2? or David number 3? Remember, you can change your vote at any time by just clicking on the "VOTE" button, and registering your new vote.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [100630,3354] Fiona and Graeme
Hello David you've played a lot of festivals recently do you enjoy doing them?

(6-11, David Number 1) I found they were probably some of the most exhilirating gigs.
(6-12, David Number 2) If you like mud and bad food.
(6-19, David Number 3) It really depends on the venue and the circumstances.

Question from FAIRFAX, VA: [72662,3727] Charlotte Smith
Are you still painting? Has your art [2D] ever been influenced by or reflective of your music and visa versa? Would love to see an exhibition of your art - any thoughts towards that?

(6-11, David Number 1) Yes, I'm still painting and I'm making more installations than I have in many years. I find that music and visual arts work in tandem. They work very much hand in hand. I have my first major American show September.
(6-12, David Number 2) Can you repeat the question? Not while I'm in the studio. Only when I was in Berlin.
(6-19, David Number 3) Uh, I haven't painted in four month almost exactly and pertaining to the second part of the question I think art imitates life and life imitates art and being a multimedia fanatic I think that its the domino effect we practice one and it immediately transcends into the next so....

Question from ENCINITAS, CA: [74003,3266] CyberChrist
What drove you to narrate "Peter and the Wolf?"

(6-11, David Number 1) The devil told me to do it.
(6-12, David Number 2) What drove me? It was a town car because I really don't like limousines.
(6-19, David Number 3) Madness...it was absolute bollocks!

Question from ANAHEIM, CA: [73542,2252] Laura K
How did you prepare to play Any Warhol in Basquiat? GOOD movie, by the way Did you know him personally?

(6-11, David Number 1) I stopped thinking.
(6-12, David Number 2) Well, I don't dreally act. I just do impressions. I put the wig on and it was easy.
(6-19, David Number 3) Put a bad wig on and buried myself underground for three weeks and fermented

(6-27,Brett) This is tougher than you thought it would be , isn't it??? :-) You can change your vote for who you think the real David Bowie is at any time... Just click on the "VOTE" button, and change your vote as you change your mind!!!

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [105100,61] Jeff
Are you planning on doing any more work with NIN? And if so, when can we expect to hear some of it?

(6-11, David Number 1) We've been talking about working on some things around February of next year.
(6-12, David Number 2) Trent and I have been talking about a possible release.
(6-19, David Number 3) Trent and I have been discussing it but there's been no time set.

Question from CZL: [104676,544] William H. Sokolic
Tell us about this internet song scheduled for release, the one not available on radio or in the record stores?

(6-11, David Number 1) Um...there are three different mixes to be available that you can download. None of these will be available in the record shops. There's a fourth that will be available in a completely different mix on the album "Earthling." Due out sometime next year.
(6-12, David Number 2) What ws the question? The title of it is "Telling Lies." I don't think anything more needs to be said.
(6-19, David Number 3) The title of it is "Telling Lies" and its two songs that I've done with Brian Eno and also a live version that will be able to be viewed through RealAudio technology.

Question from EGG HARBOR TWP, NJ: [104167,1574] Thor
What actress would you most like to work with or singer to do duet with?

(6-11, David Number 1) I don't like acting very much it wouldn't occur to me who I might act with. I don't particularly like singing, either. I like to go and look at Susan Sarandon. I'd like to go and see Nina Simone.
(6-12, David Number 2) I've decided to put my acting career on hold.
(6-19, David Number 3) I quite like acting ihavent given muchthough as to who I would pair up with...but female singer wise.. I think I'd like to do something with Lena Lovich

Question from WEB: David
Is it true that a 13 minute studio version of "Scary Monsters" exists, with an extra verse?
[from Spain]

(6-11, David Number 1) I've got no knowledge of it but if you have one please send it through. I'll download it.
(6-12, David Number 2) It's actually serveral extra verses and also a very long guitar solo.
(6-19, David Number 3) Yes, there is one and um... it's not, um....yes the answer is yes.

Question from CZJ: [106266,3230] Josie
What is the reason you chose to do these 4 ballroom shows?

(6-11, David Number 1) Cause they're all within driving distance of New York so we can drive back and get into the studio.
(6-12, David Number 2) Well I've always liked ballrooms. I've always liked Fred Astaire. I figured this is one way to see those places I always wanted to see as a child.
(6-19, David Number 3) Well, I quite liked the intimacy of a small room as most artists do so occasionally its nice to go back into a small room and experience that kind of intimacy.

(6-27,Brett) Have you changed your mind about which one of the three David's are the real one???? You can change your vote at any time by clicking the "VOTE" button, and making a new selection.

Question from WEB: Sven
Is it true that you wrote "The Man Who Sold The World" in 1967? Or are you telling lies?
[from Sweden]

(6-11, David Number 1) That's true. It was all so long ago.
(6-12, David Number 2) Oddly enough it is true.

Question from CZO: [102376,2150] Funky Chicken
would you like to work with any certain established musicians in the near future? If so, whom?

(6-11, David Number 1) Skinny Turkey replying:
(6-12, David Number 2) Uh, yes I've actually, ever since I read about Sting's yoga practices.
(6-19, David Number 3) No Im quite happy doing what I'm doing. Its quite difficult to project into the future.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [104123,436] Mike
David, the early 80's saw you at your most successful and your most commercial. How do you view that period of your career now?

(6-11, David Number 1) I look at it like this: 'I'm making a face!' I'm not a particularly retrospective person. I live for today.
(6-12, David Number 2) I'm afraid you're going to have to repeat that.As my most successful and my most commercial.
(6-19, David Number 3) Albums and film and even artwork are much like taking a bubble bath...once its taken...you leave it behind and move on to the next thing...dont even think about it.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [76651,2663] Mollypalooza
What do you consider to be your greatest triumph? Is it your art, your music, or something more personal in nature? I enjoyed seeing all the different facets of your talent.

(6-11, David Number 1) Learning to shave without cutting myself.
(6-12, David Number 2) Hmm? Um, probably changing the pattern of my shaving. I find that if I shave up, I bleed a great deal more. And I'm only talking about my legs.
(6-19, David Number 3) Im sorry could you repeat the question? Um probably my marriage.

(6-27,Brett) Is the real David Bowie, number 1, number 2, or number 3??? You be the judge! To enter your vote, just click the "VOTE" button.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [103334,63] DEBBIE LOETZ
Do you have any other movies in the planning or working stages?

(6-11, David Number 1) Um...a biography of God. I only have a secondary role.
(6-12, David Number 2) No, I've put any involvement with film on hold... as I said earlier.

Question from WEB: Peter
Can you tell me exactly what happend to your right eye?
[from the Netherlands]

(6-11, David Number 1) Funnily enough, absolutely nothng.
(6-12, David Number 2) My best friend socked me at an early age.
(6-19, David Number 3) Uh...it was directly linked to a lack of oxygen...when I was in the hospital when I was born.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [105077,1175] phil -. swenson
Do you miss the Ziggy days?

(6-11, David Number 1) (g) Why did you kill Ziggy? No. Fond memories.
(6-12, David Number 2) I miss the outfits.
(6-19, David Number 3) Oh who knows, they could re-emerge at any time.

Question from WEB: Cynthia
You have been quiet since the end of your European tour. What are your current plans and will you use the same band?
[from Los Angeles]

(6-11, David Number 1) As a European tour... Since we finished the tour we did four gigs and I did the Andy Warhol movie and the show in Florence.
(6-12, David Number 2) Cynthia I'm very sorry I haven't written. I've been very busy in the studio.
(6-19, David Number 3) Being the workaholic that I am I have no immediate plans for touring.

Question from COMPUSERVE REROUTED: [75601,1320] Laurie
Are you online at all anonymously?

(6-11, David Number 1) Yes.
(6-12, David Number 2) No.
(6-19, David Number 3) Constantly.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [105235,2715] Johnny R
The 1984 Floor Show with Amanda Lear is wonderful. Do you have any plans to work with her again.

(6-11, David Number 1) Um...no plans to work with her. I believe that she now lives in Italy and married several Counts.
(6-12, David Number 2) No, that was the 70's.
(6-19, David Number 3) It wasnt a particularly enjoyable period for me...so I have no immediate plans now.

Question from ENCINITAS, CA: [74003,3266] CyberChrist
My favorite sci-fi movie is the the "Man Who Fell To Earth." Tell me a story about the filming.

(6-11, David Number 1) We had one location based on an American Indian burial ground and I got very sick so we moved location.

(6-12, David Number 2) I didn't know it was science fiction.
(6-19, David Number 3) Well there is a particularly naughty story concerning Nancy Sponge and Mott the Hoople but I wont tell you about it
(6-11, David Number 1) You'll have to tell me about that afterwards, Number 3.

Question from CAMBRIDGE, MA: [71242,2661] Jonathan Wyner
Given your varied personae and periods, how difficult is it to design a set list?

(6-11, David Number 1) I find it invariably alters... sometimes inperceptably and sometimes quite dramatically. A club audience wants something different.
(6-12, David Number 2) Jonathan, once again. Good job on the Ryco disk remix.
(6-19, David Number 3) Well, I found that I can be frequently veryspontaneous.

Question from KALAMAZOO, MI: [105251,3430] Kate
What was the name of the artist who did the "Diamond Dogs" cover?

(6-11, David Number 1) Guy Pillar.
(6-12, David Number 2) Guy Pillar.
(6-19, David Number 3) Newt Smith.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [107406,500] anthony j
who does the voice for The Laughing Gnome?

(6-12, David Number 2) Tony Visconti.
(6-11, David Number 1) Gus.
(6-19, David Number 3) Tony Sales.

Question from WEB: Antoine
OUTSIDE focused on the ritualistic art murder of a young girl. You also said that OUTSIDE was meant to capture the feeling of what it was like to be alive in the year of 1995. Do you feel that the world is becoming more and more like Orwell's "1984" or Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange"?

(6-11, David Number 1) The two are entirely different premises. I think it's moving more and more away from anything Orwell had. I think Burgess was a little bit more on the money. But my conclusion is a little bit more positive than those two gentlemen.
(6-12, David Number 2) I would say it was more like "A Clockwork Orange."
(6-19, David Number 3) Well, with the fall of eastern Europe, and communism in general I'd definitely have to say its moving toward 1984...

Question from ORLANDO, FL: [75117,2721] Wart
You once guested on a Bing Crosby Christmas special. What do you remember about singing with him?

(6-11, David Number 1) That I wished we'd done the Laughing Gnome.
(6-12, David Number 2) His teeth were worse than mine.
(6-19, David Number 3) That he was really evil towards children.

Question from DJN: [104611,2554] aidan m. vickery
What are the plans, if any, for Tin Machine?

(6-11, David Number 1) I'd rather not answer on the grounds it may be libelous.
(6-12, David Number 2) Well we have probably two or three albums that were not released. Will be released in the year 2000. If the time is right, we'll open for the Sex Pistols.
(6-19, David Number 3) Tin Machine is over. Let it GO!

Question from EBG: [105054,507] Darwin
Will Eno be appearing on your new release?

(6-11, David Number 1) Darwin? I thought he had all the answers.
This album is integral within the band I'm working with. So no.
(6-12, David Number 2) This album is actually the second installment. So yes.
(6-19, David Number 3) Actually many of these are outtakes of the last album so...yes.

(6-14,Glenn)What music do you listen to?

(6-11, David Number 1) At the moment I'm listening to Scott Walker and the Earthling album.

(6-12, David Number 2) It's the Strauss Waltzes.
(6-19, David Number 3) Im listening to an eclectic mix of music right now...including the Orb...Mozart..and some Jazz.

(6-14,Glenn) what are your feelings toward the late Mick Ronson?

(6-11, David Number 1) Virtually the engine of my first few albums. Someone that I remember with extreme fondness. A great talent.
(6-12, David Number 2) An icon of modern rock guitar.
(6-19, David Number 3) Im afraid I can't comment on that.

(6-27,Brett) Who is the real David Bowie.... number 1? number 2? or number 3? You still have time to change your vote! Just click the "VOTE" button and make a new choice if you change your mind!

(6-14,Glenn) Thanks...now we are going to reveal the panelists. Let's find out who's telling lies?

David Number 3 is Patrick Briggs the outrageous frontman for Psychotica, the New York based band whose debut album was released by American Recordings this month. He also co-stars in the Finelline movie "All Over Me." and is featured next to David Bowie in the current Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's fashion exhibit.

David Number 2 is Reeves Gabrels, a songwriter and lead guitar player/producer who is best known for his work with David Bowie and Tin Machine. His aggressive guitar style combines the visceral energy of rock, sophistication of jazz, the emotional honesty of blues and country, with an ear for the unusual.

(6-11, David Number 1) Hi, guys. That was really great. It was hard to tell the truth and be honest. You said everything I wanted to. So Patrick's going out on the road September 30. He's working with 3D footage. I really want to see that. What about you Reeves? What will you be doing now?

(6-12, David Number 2) As usual ... whatever you tell me. I'll be in some dark room with no windows.

The results of the issue:

Three David Bowies. Two in disguise. You be the judge: who's "Telling Lies"?
Who is the real David Bowie?

(145 votes cast)
1: David Number 1 53 36.55%
2: David Number 2 44 30.34%
3: David Number 3 48 33.10%

(6-14,Glenn) Let's go to the floor for questions to Dave and the others if you wish!.

(6-11, David Number 1) Anybody out there like to ask anything?

Question from WEB: Josephine
We want to know what your preference is. Is it boxers or briefs?
[from CompuServe]

(6-11, David Number 1) Well, as long as they're not lawyers' briefs. I like watching fights except for that ridiculous affair the other night. The one with Holyfield should be good. That's move right out of the lingerie department.

Question from CFM: [102443,137] Wolfie
In What part of London did you reside during the early 1970s?

(6-11, David Number 1) Let me see...that time I was living above a strip club in Soho, a funky...I guess it's a little bit like Times Square. But not as dangerous. Then I moved to Chelsea. Then I became a rock artist and moved to LA. That's where I went mad. Then I moved back to Europe and became sane.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [107215,1704] Zandi Kat
What's your all-time favorite song that is yours?

(6-11, David Number 1) Lord...I think probably Bewley Brothers for personal reasons, I suppose. A lot of them are quite ballady. I like a new song "Seven Years in Tibet." It's on the Earthling album.

Question from CFT: [105021,3166] Barbara Prisco
Seeing you in the Elephant Man on Broadway was a high point in my life. You said you're not wild about acting, but what could get you back on a Broadway stage (not counting Roseland's)?

(6-11, David Number 1) Thank you. Very little. I've been offered a lot of musical type things on Broadway, none of which I like. Any kind of acting thing I like to avoid. I like watching another man or woman working within their own vision. I like process rather than end result.

Question from EAT: [70003,7541] Drew Layman
Have you heard the Phish song "David Bowie," and if so what was your impression?

(6-11, David Number 1) I've heard at least bits of it. I think when I put all the bits together it should be very good.

Question from EBE: [105154,2372] Steven Sherman
I recently had the good fortune of Seeing the film GENTLE INTO THE NIGHT, which bore your name as Exec. Producer...what are the plans for this film?

(6-11, David Number 1) Um...well, I think it's like a limited art release.
I like being involved in little things like that. Small things. Quite personal.

Question from CZP: [107404,2322] SKI BOSS
Did you tour with NIN because of your thoughts and beleifs of what music should be like?

(6-11, David Number 1) Not really. I just wanted to move away from the preconception of what an artist of what my so-called standing should be doing. I often plunge myself into the deep end of a situation just to see what happens. I find that the positive results of any experiment outweighs the negatives. Always put yourself in a situation where you're slightly out of your own depths.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [105163,2516] Renee
Who cowrote "China Girl", and do you plan on working with him again?

(6-11, David Number 1) That "him" was Iggy Pop. The Big Ig as they say. I see Iggy an awful lot. He's touring. I guess one day or another we'll do some work together. I think we're happy in the areas we're in right now. A lot of the work we did in the 70s and 80s was quite satisfying. We learned a lot about what we want to do.

Question from CZS: [105002,3651] dark knight
did you find working and touring with Trent Reznor to be an interesting experience?

(6-11, David Number 1) All tours are. I think what it gave me was a taste for working a lot more with all the bands. We felt we'd like to do festivals after that experience. It's going to be pretty hard to go back to doing one band shows. It will be hard. I'm a very competitive animal. I like the competition.

Question from DUBLIN, OH: [111111,246] ComaToast
How do you feel about others recording/playing you music?

(6-11, David Number 1) Well, I'm not that precious about my songs really once they've been written and I've done my version. Not many versions I've heard are as good as the ones I did. But I still enjoy listening.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [70003,7511] Hallo Spaceboy
What inspired the whole concept of Ramona A. Stone and the art-ritual murder on OUTSIDE? Was this your concept or Eno's?

(6-11, David Number 1) Well, I guess it's literary side was mine. The whole idea of people working with microcosmic ideas or using their selves or their bodies as an artform I found fascinating. It really came onto the art scene in the 60s. More people are finding it difficult to cope with the wide universe and they're coming back more to the physical containment of their own bodies. I guess it was an ironic conclusion.

Question from NEWPORT BEACH, CA: [105212,766] Neal Pospisil
Do you have plans to write a book a book in the future, and if yes, what type of book?

(6-11, David Number 1)Yes, I'm starting work on one next year. It's not finished, of course. It's a really boring, slow piece of whimsy.
There's absolutely no audience and probably not a publisher either. Not an ounce of scandal in it. Even I've gone off the idea since I've just spoken about it.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [107113,737] keith mallett
what was your favorite movie role?

(6-11, David Number 1) Gee...A role that I've done? Probably my favourite will always be the next one that Jeremy Irons is doing.

Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [75164,242] Chuck Fobes
Please tell us more about the release of Telling Lies on the WEB.

(6-11, David Number 1) Well, the 3 mixes are a mix by myself and Mark Plati. There's a wonderful mix by a guy out of London called Gerald.
And third mix out of Adam F. There's another version that will be CD quality that we'll squeeze out to be an hour. And this will be on www.davidbowie.com exclusively.

Question from CZT: [76123,3177] Zena
What made you fall for Iman? Besides the obvious...

(6-11, David Number 1) What is the obvious, I'd like to ask back? I don't want to go into all those things.

Question from EAS: [107173,302] KU Kid
To what do you attribute your longevity in a business that burns up talent so quickly, Major Tom?

(6-11, David Number 1) Strong willpower and a good pair of socks. Lots of curiousity, I think.

Question from NEW YORK, NY: [71572,1172] Scott Dare
What do you think of the David/Music Master cyber-ref in W. Gibson's new novel IDORU? You play an interface to an musical database system!

(6-11, David Number 1) It's about a manufactured synthetic rock idol.
Well?! Been there. Done that. I like Gibson's work a lot. He's much better on detail than he is on storyline. He probably gets a bit lost in techno-description. Possibly his earlier books were better.

(6-14, Glenn) thanks very much David and Reeves and Patrick! That's all the time we have now, Folks...Go on the WWW at www.davidbowie.com and get the exclusive download of the new Bowie single thanks for attending!!!!!!!

(6-4, Cindy) Great job.
(6-14, Glenn) Thanks again all! This concludes the chat.
(6-11, David Number 1) Give them a Cyberspace wave goodbye.
(6-14, Glenn) Now go get the single!

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