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David Bowie and Boy George - 27/2/99

Session Start: Sat Feb 27 16:47:38 1999

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Mod2: let's do it

Moderator: ready to go?

David Bowie: Hi Everybody! And George a big welcome to you to the BowieNet Family!

Boy George: Boy George: Hello Back from me!

David Bowie: Gosh I see you're on form today, George!

David Bowie: George, as you're our guest, I give you first choice - you can pick the first question.

Rupert: Is your head ok george?

David Bowie: Again?

Boy George: I'm surprised Rupert knows about. My head is fine I got knocked down a set of stairs on Friday but I'm fine now. I've got a strong head - I was out of control, it was a scary session.

David Bowie: George, does that give you inspriation for songs, that kind of incident?

Gilly: did you guys meet up at the brits last week?

Boy George: The worst thing about it is I don't remember it happening and I've decided to stop drinking now. I don't remeber being there I don't remember being drunk. It's not very glamous.

Boy George: Yes we did very briefly.

David Bowie: George was floating on high when I saw him. Were you getting ready to go on stage at the time, George?

Boy George: I was yest, I was getting ready to going to present the dance award to Fatboy Slim.

David Bowie: That's a nice album, Fat Boy Slim

Boy George: He's amazing Fatboy Slim, he used to be in the House Martins - quite an amasing thing.

Boy George: Where have you been for the last 15 years? I don't do shit!

ramsey: Hi George, just wanted to say I saw your concert in Philly last year and it was great. Kick-ass rendition of Starman

David Bowie: I'll interupt there and say that I'm absolutely knocked out that George is doing Star Man and why did you pick that particular song?

Boy George: Well for about the last 10 years I have been doing different songs of yours in my set - Suffraget City, Queen Bitch and currently, Starman.

Boy George: No I'm not an early period person.

David Bowie: So you're an early period person, are you?

Boy George: I should say I got into David's music when I was 13. I saw him at Lewisham Odean on a Ziggy Tour and I still love the music he's making now.

Boy George: I think that answers that.

kizmee: George, your gonna be in my home town Hannover soon, Are you gonna play only old songs or new ones also?

Boy George: Yeh, whenever we tour we always do a selection of oldies and current stuff. You have to do the old ones otherwise people hate you. I think I'm as guilty as any other pop fan because when I go and see my favourite stars I want to hear something I know as well.

Bonster: wow, George is psychic! he answers the question before it's asked ;)

David Bowie: We have the strangest set up. As well as having our own personal limousines waiting in the room, George and I both have a bevy of typists who are competing against each other to see who can get the answre up first. In different cities. Some times, the replies are getting out before the questions. This should make for a very bizarre transcript.

David Bowie: I'm putting this up for you George.

Total Blam Blam: Your Express column gives me the horn, but do you actually write it yourself - Or is it all a big con like David's Mirrabelle column in the 70's?

David Bowie: I didn't

Boy George: I do write it myself. I didn't know David did a Mirabell column in the 70's.

David Bowie: I had a girl working for me called Cherry Vanilla and I just told her to go ahead and write my journal for me on a weekly basis. So she just wrote about what she did all week and put my name to it. so I was going to everything from underground movies in SoHo to fashion shows in Manhattan

David Bowie: and while I was toiling away in Oslo or something.

David Bowie: But George, do you find time to write your column every week or do you cram it in when you can?

Boy George: Sometimes it's a real panic and I'v missed a few deadlines but somehow or other I've always managed to get it there.

David Bowie: I've missed weeks at a time on my journal and I have no excuses.

David Bowie: I thought that I would fictionalize a journal at one point and write a months worth of days in advance.

David Bowie: But that never panned out either.

David Bowie: Your call

VernAphexWINDOWLICKER: Whats it like to be known as DJ Boy George now, and what do u get from being a DJ?

Boy George: Nice name Windowlicker, what does it mean? Yes I love DJ'ing - but lately its starting to get a little bit like doing pop concert. When I started it, it was during a lull in my career and people kind of let me get on with it but now they drive me insane!!!

hank: Would George like to be a judge in the speedo contest?

Boy George: Speedos are skimpy swimming trunks and I don't look very good in them.

David Bowie: You were asked to judge the contest not to wear them, George. However, George would have to battle it out

David Bowie: with Tybalt and Total Blam Blam who I believe are the current judges. Is this true?

Boy George: I think speedos have something to do with beaches, swimming pools and fit-bods - so leave me out.

Tybalt: We're gonna open up the judging to the ENTIRE bowienet community

David Bowie: Diplomatic discretion there Tybalt

Boy George: I don't understand all this speedo stuff actually. Whatever happened to the feather boa?

Genoa: Boy, in italy we have recently seen Velvet Goldmine. Did you see it? If so, what do you think of it?

Boy George: I saw Velvet Gold mine and I thought it was an insult to my youth. I sat in the cinema tutting throughout and thought they got it completely wrong. American's shouldn't make movies about British culture.

David Bowie: Definitely not enough shopping in it.

Picadilly: George..What are you wearing right now?

Boy George: I'm wearing very scruffy clothes. Nothing exotic unfortunately. Sweatpants, a dirty old T-shirt and a bobble hat.

David Bowie: Late '90's scruffy is equivalent to early '90's high fashion

Bonster: what's a bobble hat?

Picadilly: NO makeup?

Boy George: Yes Picadilly - no makeup.

Charlie: George, are you an avid internet user?

Boy George: This is my second time on the internet. I'm actually worried I would become obsessed and have no life. I understand you can make sexually conquests on the internet.

Boy George: I have friends that do it reguarly.

Bonster: sorry, I'm one of those Americans who should make movies about British culture ;)

David Bowie: Okay Bonster, how would you deal with it? In a nutshell, be succint.

David Bowie: We'll hear from Bonster later.

VernAphexWINDOWLICKER: Will u be recording as Culture Club ever again??

Boy George: At the moment I'm working on a new album with Culture Club so I guess the answer is "yes".

Emilio: Boy George, in your book you describe the first time David spoke to you. "I said hello and he told me I looked like Klaus Nomi, the freaky operatic singer from New York. I was insulted. I was an original. I decided Bowie was better as a concept than a reality, an ordinary bloke with crooked teeth and a funny eye who happened to change my life. Is that what you still think about him (apart from the teeth, which are different)?

Boy George: Yes, it's true - David was at a club called the Beetroot or the Embassy, I think so and he told me I looked like Klaus Nomi and I was very depressed cause I'd spent hours getting ready, but to be honest I was just thrilled he'd spoke to me.

kizmee: Have you seen the movie The Wedding Singer? What did you think of the "George" in there?

David Bowie: Is it interesting George that both of us to a certain extent have a persona for stage and

David Bowie: then we see our personas personad in a movie. So one is getting a third hand fabrication of who we are?

David Bowie: Does that not give you sleepless nights?

Boy George: The only thing that depresses me is when I'm portrayed as a mincing old fairy.

Boy George: When in actual fact I'm quite blokey.

David Bowie: When you should be a young mincing fairy.

Boy George: We're both south London boys.

Boy George: David do you know that I used to hang outside your house in Beckingham?

Boy George: Do you remember the Wimpy bar down the road?

David Bowie: No I read that but I never believed it. Is it true?

Boy George: She did I was outside Hadden Hall and Angie opened the window and said Why don't you all fuck-off. We were thrilled.

David Bowie: I think that's her wittiest line

Boy George: I can remember her looking very glamours.

straffer: Boy who is your favorite band at the moment?

Boy George: My favourite band at the moment is Bell and Sebastian. It's very Velvet Underground and quirky. But I also like Placebo, especially Pure Morning. and I like to see boys in make-up looking like girls.

LiLu: should i be calling you Boy? i'd like to name my kids Boy and Girl ...

Boy George: I was going to say be careful what you name your children, kids can be cruel.

David Bowie: Is that like be careful for what you wish for?

Boy George: Think about Paul Yates.

Bianca: Is there any truth that you are planning to make your life into a film, George? Is there any role for David planned in it?

David Bowie: Hasn't he done that already?

David Bowie: How far into the production process is that film, George.

Boy George: There is a film being made by the BBC and Fineline and there are references to David. At the moment we are grovelling around for extra millions but it should be happening this year.

David Bowie: Unfortunately, I just bought cigarettes this week for the summer.

Boy George: My mother is going to be played by Julie Walters, who I love. She is my mother.

straffer: Boy do you know the outside album?? If so what do you think of the story?

Boy George: I have every Bowie record, including lots of bootlegs and I shall carry on buying them.

David Bowie: I feel very loved and the sun's just come out here.

Gilly: do you smoke, George?

Boy George: yes I do smoke and so do my favourite singers - Bowie and Joanie Mitchell. The only problem is I have asthma.

David Bowie: David asks, how do you feel about MP3?

Boy George: I don't have any problem with people having access to my music, even illegally, I think we make so much money anyway - why worry!

Boy George: I think people always want tangible things, even if they get the music on the internet, they will still buy the record.

David Bowie: I'm completely in agreement with George on this.

Boy George: For a start, I always want to know what my favourite stars are wearing and who did the make-up. Even when I bought bootlegs I still bought the records.

Tybalt: WORD up, george.. especially since i've ripped all of your songs off of all of your albums and have distributed them on the 'net ;)

Boy George: So it was you.

David Bowie: Thank you Tybalt we only posed that answer to get the lowdown on who is doing it LOL

Dodo: Hi George,you once referred to David Bowie as "the father of rap"!!Were you kidding??

Boy George: I always thought young Americans was an early rap record.

David Bowie: I can't remember the name of the artist but an American group I think on the Quincy Jones

David Bowie: label will be putting out their own variation on 'Young Americans'. I just

David Bowie: heard it today and I think it's absolutely wonderful.

Bianca: What are you doing in your spare-time? Do you paint like David does?

Boy George: I look forward to hearing it.

Boy George: I was pretty good at art at school, but I don't think of myself as being capable anymore - my art teacher tried to encourage me to draw bowls of fruit, no very inspiring!

Valerius: Boy, I'm from Minneapolis, and I'd love to hear what you think of the Artist Formerly Known as Prince -- pretentious, genius, bad makeup, what?

David Bowie: As a fellow artist, my initial feeling is that he has come to a crossroad and probably going through a time that

David Bowie: maybe I went through in the '80's. This is a very circumspect answer.

David Bowie: And is struggling to find where his direction should be.

David Bowie: He's of such vast talent that he will definitely come out of this densely worrying period.

David Bowie: He's overall one of my favorite artists of the last 20 years.

Boy George: I think Prince needs to work on his sense of humour - like David, I think he is immensely talented and is capably of genius any moment - I wait with baited breath.

David Bowie: Thank goodness the answer wasn't cut down to I think Prince needs to work on his sense of humour like David..

Boy George: I didn't mean that David doesn't have a sense of humour.

David Bowie: Quickly moving on to your spiritual beliefs

David Bowie: What does this give you a sense of?

Boy George: I'm very wary of calling myself spiritual, I think spirituallity is a doing thing an ordinary every day thing.

Boy George: NOT a Madonna thing.

Tura: Do you still believe in Krishna

Boy George: I was drawn to the Hari Krishna sense of style, I like their sense of theatre, although I don't agree with all their principals.

David Bowie: Do you think a sense of theatre or ritual is necessary to bolster or affirm one's beliefs or knowledge, George?

Boy George: I think ritual is a good reminder and I think it's very healthy to have some kind of system that makes you focus on the finer things in life.

Total Blam Blam: Nice frocks you mean?

David Bowie: Leigh and (David says):

Leigh: George isn't it about time you dropped the 'Boy' from your name or will you be 'boy' when you're 50?

Boy George: I think its one of those things thats going to stick. I can be "Old Boy George".

David Bowie: And in America, Good Old Boy George

David Bowie: George and I have decided that as life has been so good to us both,

David Bowie: we are partially swapping names at 60.

David Bowie: He will become Bowie George and I will become David Boy.

Boy George: it's a deal.

Boy George: I only know offensive jokes.

Boy George: David, do you remember Marilyn attempting to sit on your lap at the Embassy club?

David Bowie: I remember all too well

David Bowie: In fact, I was also a little shaken.

Boy George: He really embarrassed us. We were trying to be really cool.

David Bowie: Coco remembers it very clearly

David Bowie: In fact, we remember that night because the two of you made a big impression at everyone at our table. And do you remember, George, Rupert Everett was there that night?

David Bowie: Well he definitely joined us

Boy George: I don't remember Rupert Everet being there, to be honest we were too fixated on getting your attention.

Boy George: David, do you remember your visit to the Blitz Club to find freaks for your video?

David Bowie: Yes I do I felt so underdressed.

David Bowie: It must have been the speedos LOL

David Bowie: But it was summer

Boy George: I was very depressed that Steve Strange made it into your video and I didn't.

Boy George: My hat was obviously too small.

David Bowie: I have to follow that with, Whatever happened to Steve Strange?

Boy George: I saw Steve in Wales about six months ago, he's shacked up with his mother, who's an adorable woman with a fantastic beehive.

David Bowie: Definitely what you need if you're living in Wales.

David Bowie: Is he working there, George

Boy George: I don't know whether he's working and to be honest I'm friendlier with his mother these days. I actually asked her how she spawned such a monster. Just joking...

kizmee: In which video is Steve Strange appearing?

David Bowie: Ashes to Ashes

bb: moderators - is it really busy out there with loads of questions stacked up?

David Bowie: Moderator tells me it's like a nightmare airport

David Bowie: endlessly circling and banking questions

Boy George: I can see lots of people, how've named themselves after David's songs.

Genoa: David and Boy, you both travel continually. Where do you feel at home?

David Bowie: Usually the most unlikely places. for me, Indonesia.

Boy George: I'm afraid, London and then New York. I like madness. I think I would go insane in Indonesia.

David Bowie: I think Indonesia would give you enough madness at the moment. They're having a very tough time.

Tura: The 'Wales on Sunday' newspaper featured an article on Steve this week

Tura: Mum and sister. He now working at Scott's nightclub in Cardiff, as their

Tura: own nightclub in Porthcawl and is about to become an uncle for the first time!

Boy George: That's Steve sorted.

Leigh: David and George, do you ever come back and visit Woolwich and Bromley for old times' sake?

David Bowie: Yes I do. Generally once a year I make a trip through Brixton Lewisham, Orpington and Bromley

David Bowie: What about you George?

Boy George: My mother still lives in Woolwich, but it's only birthdays, Christmas, weddings and furnerals - I send a car for her. The restaurants are better in Hampstead.

David Bowie: George, do you feel songwriting is a major part of who you are?

Boy George: I think song writing is like exorcism - especially when you are writing about old lovers. I have been trying over the years to get more happy but I'm afraid I'm a melancoly merchant.

David Bowie: That it? Do you feel that any artist whether he be a visual artist or a singer songwriter is

David Bowie: Tantamount to a dysfunctional personality? That he feels that more than one other person

Boy George: Absolutely.

David Bowie: Has to be the recipient of his tantrums or delights?

Boy George: I think fame is all about emotional needs, wanting people to like and love you.

David Bowie: Or are we completely off our branches?

David Bowie: James Joyce Lives

Boy George: In Wales with Steve Strange.

Kipsy: George, we love you...never stop singing! :)

LiLu: My cat's name is Pepper.

Boy George: We love you too. I won't.

David Bowie: My dog's got no nose

Boy George: My dogs are called Elvis and Trojan, and I used to have one called Morrissey.

Helen2: George what is your take on Tinky winky? is he a gay icon?

Boy George: I certainly hope so. Little children need to be enlightened at an early age. I discovered Bowie at 13 and did me the world of good. My grandmother was horrified.

kizmee: Is your dog a Boxer?

David Bowie: No but he can give you a nasty bite

Boy George: My dogs are mongrels - like their owner.

David Bowie: George, do you remember a song called Walking My Cat named Dog?

Boy George: Who was it by?

David Bowie: Anybody out there remember who sang that song?

Imi: George, do u have any plans 4 a millenium show like Mr. Jones over there?

Boy George: I'm going to Maritus for the millennium. Holiday, holiday holiday..

Picadilly: BOY AND BOWIE!! What should I wear to my photoshoot today?

David Bowie: Well apart from asking you Picadilly, what the photo shoot's for. Which would help

David Bowie: Boy and myself do our styling chore.

David Bowie: You can never go wrong with flaming red

David Bowie: George, what do you think?

Boy George: I think cullottes, sling-backs and a sou'wester. Very fetching.

sQueakie: George - BLONDES OR BRUNETTES??

Boy George: Either. At this stage I'm desperate.

Total Blam Blam: I think a serese winciette nightie and steel toe-caps

Aki: Better movie - VELVET GOLDMINE or LIQUID SKY?????

David Bowie: I adored Liquid Sky. Science Fiction film from I think, I'd say the early '80s. I may be way off

David Bowie: but I don't think too off. Low budget movie, but full of good ideas.

Boy George: I've not seen Liquid Sky but it must be better than Velvet Goldmine. I'll look out for it.

Bianca: Will you come in more often as a chat-guest, George?

Boy George: I'm never leaving - this is my new home.

David Bowie: Next time we'll definitely try to do it from the same city the two of us.

David Bowie: It's quite difficult doing it this way.

David Bowie: But it's great to have George on line with us all

Rednik: If you two had a paint spray can in your hands what would you write on the wall?

David Bowie: This is not a wall

Boy George: No the question about ventriliquests is confusing me to. Is it something about a hand up a man?

Boy George: I would write a message to Tony Blair telling him to stop messing with our vegetables. We can arrange our own menu thank you.

David Bowie: And what would that message be, George. Careful, careful

Alessandra: George, have you ever thought of having a line of hats for sale?

Boy George: I have thought about it, but where would I find the time?

David Bowie: These days though, don't you find everything from painting something to writing a song

David Bowie: or designing something all seems to be a huge part of a new profession that the lines between

David Bowie: the arts are disapeparing quickly. I found it markedly so since the prominence of black

David Bowie: culture has changed our way of thinking about expression. That the

David Bowie: emphasis on improvisation is not only turned all the arts on their heads,

David Bowie: but is learning how to combine one art form with another.

David Bowie: I was lucky enough to have a great conversation about this a little while ago

David Bowie: with a writer I respect, Greg Tate.

David Bowie: Who clued me into so much about how he feels culture has been effected over the last fifteen years especially.

David Bowie: By this mere act of improvisation.

David Bowie: What do you think anyone?

Boy George: I agree, I think it's great to be able to do a multitude of things, although people resent you. Like for instance being a DJ - but I enjoy the variety and it keeps me sane.

JanGenie: Do you read any Neil Gaiman? If not, you should.

David Bowie: Love Neil Gaiman. Think his work is fabulous

Valerius: I think it's a reflection of all culture.....if you get an office job you have to be computer installer, typist, writer, proofreader, artist, scanner, and print specialist

Boy George: I think one should never become their job.

Emilio: Will Helen Terry be involved in the new Culture Club?

Boy George: Unfortunately Helen and I are no longer speaking, so "No".

David Bowie: Which says alot about us as communicators

Boy George: I was going to say, "You can't make people love you". Think of Jane County - I've read the book and it's hilariously fictional.

Bianca: What do you think of this new way of online-community, David and George? I find it just amazing and brings really the work of artists nearer to someone! Are you also planning an internet-provider with Culture Club, George?

David Bowie: I totally awestruck by its possibilities and its potential. The most exciting part is really not having a clear idea of where it's going.

David Bowie: It just seems so full of promise.

David Bowie: George?

Boy George: I agree, but I'm worried that people won't leave the house.

David Bowie: Do you mean your house?

Boy George: No necessarily, but very soon I imagine everyone will be working from home and I'm worried about the effect on communication from a personal perspective.

Leigh: So George - are you an EastEnders fan like David? Isn't it weird that Martin Kemp's in it now?

David Bowie: I think it's great that Martin's got a place on a well written TV show. I always thought he was a good actor.

Boy George: Are you being sarcastic?

David Bowie: No I'm not being scarcastic I genuinely think he 's a good actor

David Bowie: I hear he's a murderer on the new show although I haven't seen his episodes.

Boy George: I think East Enders is the most miserable programme on TV.

David Bowie: Rubbish

Boy George: I'm sure people in the east-end are happy some of the time.

Total Blam Blam: fight

Boy George: You are encoragable Blam Blam.

Rednik: Here I'll hold your handbags!

David Bowie: I've just been told the storyline. I leave it to Leigh to answer it

Leigh: David, Martin Kemp killed his ex with an ashtray

Dodo: Boy what do you think of the Prodigy?

Boy George: I think the Prodigy are excellent. I'm quite good friends with Keith.

David Bowie: Are they staying together George or are they going to pursue solo work?

Boy George: I think Liam wants to get more song orientated and is going to start working with other vocalists, I'm available. I think a collaboration between David and the Prodigy would be exciting.

David Bowie: Are you a boxing fan, George?

Boy George: Not really.

David Bowie: So you won't be watching the Lennox fight then.

Boy George: My dad was a boxing trainer and we had it forced on us through childhood, as you can see I resisted rather skilfully.

Boy George: My brother was a professional boxer for a time.

David Bowie: But I bet you can still deliver a pretty lethal haymaker if pushed.

Boy George: When I drink, certainly - I become very Woolwich and that scares me.

Valerius: Boy, what do you think of Annie Lennox? Does it bother you that she seems like more of a man than you are? LOL

Boy George: I think Annie Lennox is extremely feminine.

Alessandra: Who is Anne Lennox fighting?

Boy George: If she's fighting anyone, it's probably Dave (Stewart).

David Bowie: Last five questions folks. Open house

Bianca: What do you think of Drum and Bass? Would you also consider this as style of music that you will try with Culture Club?

Boy George: David, do you know about the Ziggy concert at the ICA? I was there and it was fantastically camp. The singer had all the costumes down to perfection.

David Bowie: Yes I heard about it. I wasn't there. Was that weird or what? I saw the cosumes they sent

David Bowie: along to me to autograph for them.

Boy George: There were lots of old Bowie fans - moaning, but I thought it was extremelly good fun.

David Bowie: I thought it an incredibly bright idea.

Nadsat: Who are your favorite movie directors? Kubrick, Lynch, Gilliam???

David Bowie: George go for one...

Boy George: Hitchcock.

David Bowie: Early Lynch, early Kubrick

Picadilly: NO CHARLIE CHAPLIN!?!?!?

Gilly: george and david: did you meet stevie wonder?

David Bowie: Did you see him the other night? Did you get to meet him, George?

Boy George: I met Stevie Wonder back in the 80's and he grabbed me by the throat, I'm convinced he can see, his aim was too perfect. I was trying to get out of doing a certain song with him because I couldn't get the notes and he said "you're holding sheet music in your hand" - he can see alright.

David Bowie: I found myself in the most impossible situation at dinner with Stevie on one side

David Bowie: and Andy WIlliams on the other.

David Bowie: It was the most confusing dinner I'd ever been to..

Boy George: Was Andy Williams wearing one of his nice jumpers?

David Bowie: Andy Williams was indeed wearing one of his nice jumpers

David Bowie: But more about that another time

malford: George, are you going to release your live version of "Starman"? Also, to David, how about incorporating "Over The Rainbow" into Starman for the Ziggy 2000 release? :)

Boy George: Yes, Culture Club will be recording a version of Starman, I hope David likes it.

David Bowie: I love it already

Boy George: David, is it true Pete Burns asked if he could rewrite the lyrcis to Rebel Rebel, and you said you'd rather he didn't record it.

Boy George: Dead or alive.

David Bowie: I better get this right. Pete Burns is the guy in Dead or Alive. Right, I know

David Bowie: who you are talking about. And yes, that is true.

Boy George: I love it when gossip comes true.

Boy George: Was there any particular reason? Pete Burns is quite an interesting character in the grand scheme of freaks.

David Bowie: I think we're on to our last question now.

Total Blam Blam: George my mother made me a homosexual........

Boy George: What were the ingredients and did it rise in the oven?

David Bowie: So last question from me, George, What are your plans for the rest of the year, in brief.

Boy George: Recording with Culture Club, bit of DJ'inig and a lot of holidays.

David Bowie: But none in Indonesia I presume

Boy George: On your recommendation I may go to Indonesia - shall I tell them you sent me?

David Bowie: I'd like to thank everybody for coming on line and I'd like to thank Boy George especially for being our guest this week

David Bowie: and next time we'll try to do this in London.

Boy George: David, I'm just a space cadet and you're the commandor.

David Bowie: That's it folks. Thank you.

Special Thanks to Boy George!! That's it folks

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