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BowieLive Chat Transcription
with Mike Garson - 6/2/99

Session Start: Sat Feb 6 1999

Host hj1: be good guys, or we are back to the MODERATED chats

Host "Electric Warrior": GO GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host "Electric Warrior": 3

Host "Electric Warrior": 2

Host "Electric Warrior": 1

Mike Garson: Good evening everyone...glad you could join us!

KelMarSupervixen: so Mike, can you *really* play piano, or are you really just making it all up?

Mike Garson: Kel: 90% is improvised

sQ: Mike when is your website going to be launched?

Mike Garson: sQ: by 3/1/99.....nowmusic.net

helden: are you going to be at the millennium with David

Mike Garson: I hope to be at the millenium

Rave: Mike, have you mor or less parted company with jazz?

Mike Garson: RAVE: I will always play jazz

Picadilly: Mike, do you ever go crazy, and play the beer barrel polka for hours on end?

Mike Garson: Picadilly I did when I was Liberace in the tv movie

Emilio: A fellow Brazilian and BowieNet member who couldn't participate tonight (Laszlo Varga) asked me to forward you the following question: "There is a great difference between your solo albums and your albums with Bowie. In your solo albums you play a more traditional sort of jazz, whereas in the Bowie albums your playing is more chaotic. Why is that?"

Mike Garson: Emilio: Thats a great question...I play whatever I feel at the moment with whoever I am with...as I try to operate "in the now"

Dodo: Mike did you enjoy the Ziggy period??

Mike Garson: Dodo: I loved the Ziggy period

Leeza: have you considered a "rock opera" or ant type of theatrical collaberation (outside of your tours) with mr bowie?...you genious, you!

Mike Garson: LEEZA: Rock Opera...yes I have

Bonster1: Mike: What was your tour with Smashing Pumpkins like??

Mike Garson: Bonster: I really enjoyed working with the Smashing Pumpkins

Skylerr: Mike, great to be chatting with you! What is the difference between working with David now compared to the early days

Mike Garson: Skylerr: David has always been ahead of his time and each period has been phenomenal

Dodo: Mike, where did you dream the Aladdin Sane solo???????????????????????????

Mike Garson: DODO: I dreamt the Aladdin Sane solo right at the moment I played it...it was based on earlier conversations with David regarding the avant garde movement

Host "Electric Warrior": DODO STOLE MY QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Bianca: Any more future plans together with the Smashing Pumpkins?

Mike Garson: BIANCA: I will be recording on their upcoming album

Mike Garson: BIANCA: And will be touring with them afterwards

Simone: Yes, right Mike, thanks for your autograph in Leipzig.

Mike Garson: SIMONE: My pleasure!

Bonster1: Mike: was it easy going back to work with David after nearly 20 years hiatus?

Mike Garson: BONSTER: It was like to time had passed

Spaceboy: MIKE: What was your fav. performance on a Bowie album?

Mike Garson: SPACEBOY: Lady Grinning Soul on Aladdin Sane

Simone: Who is your son in Law?

Mike Garson: SIMONE: My daughter Heather's husband...Matt

Host hj1: The fastest typest in the world!!

Host "Electric Warrior": OUR NEW BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!

Host "Electric Warrior": MATT RULES

Host hj1: we love Matt!!!!!!

Rave: MIke, what'd you think of David's portrait of you (that appeared in Bowieart, and was not suprisingly sold)?

Mike Garson: RAVE: David gave me a beautiful painting of myself that he gave to me as a X-MAS gift!


John: MIKE: Are you going to play on Bowie's next album???????????

Mike Garson: JOHN: I sure would love to play on David's next album

Spaceboy: MIKE: Who or what was you inspiration while playing during the Aladdin Sane and Outside album?

Mike Garson: SPACEBOY: My inspiration on Outside and Aladdin Sane....many musicians in the classical and jazz worlds

Gilly: Mike, please tell us of your experience with Scientology!

Mike Garson: GILLY: Scientology...another chat, another time. Thanks!

Bianca: How did you like the Drum and Bass on Earthling, Mike?

Mike Garson: BIANCA: It was refreshing...Zach is a great drummer

Rave: Mike, When you're on the bus with David and the gang, do you join in on David's philosophical tirades, or sleep like Smudger?

Mike Garson: RAVE: When on the bus David and I have some wonderful philosophical discussions.

Host "Electric Warrior": MIKE - ANY MARC BOLAN STORIES

RaMOANa: MIKE - Will you have your own ChatRoom and hang out with us on your new site?

Mike Garson: RAMONA: A chat on my website...Matt the "webmaster" is working on that now

DavysFirstPlasticSaxO: Where can i find all the albumtitles of albums you played on?

Mike Garson: DAVY: Coming soon on my website (www.nowmusic.net)

Dodo: MIKE, would you have enjoyed working on the LOW album??

Host Mike Garson: DODO: The Low Album...I would have loved to work on it, but I was working with Stanley Clarke at the time

Bianca: which are the latest records you bought, Mike?

Mike Garson: BIANCA: Recent records I've bought: The new SEAL album (on which I played)

Host "Electric Warrior": NO COMP COPIES MIKE!!!!!!!!!1

GarsonFurs: MR GArson we love you....

Mike Garson: GARSONFURS: I love you all too!

ronno: Mike did you ever work with mick ronson and what did you think of him as a musician.

Mike Garson: RONNO: Mick was the best guitar player I've ever worked with and a wonderful person

Emilio: You probably don't remember, but we shook hands in Rio in November 2, shorly before you and Alan Edwards left the hotel (probably heading for Metropolitan theater). How did you like Brazil? Was that your first time in my country?

Mike Garson: EMILIO: About Brazil....I loved it very much and have been there twice in the past two years (with David and the Pumpkins)

ArchanonSpaceboy: Mike, did you take piano lessons when you were a kid?

Mike Garson: ARCHANON: Piano lessons...from the age of seven until 22

Leeza: do you love playing with reeves? i find your style so similar and complimentary...what a duo!

Mike Garson: LEEZA: Reeves and I are on the same wavelength

Aki: Do you have any memorable impressions from the recording of The Buddha of Suburbia that you would like to share??

Mike Garson: AKI: The Buddha of Suburbia was a great album to play on. All my piano work was done in 3 hours!

Arafel: Have you experimented with computers and music, or is that only Mark P.'s domain? Somehow I see you right in there

Mike Garson: ARAFEL: I'm developing my chops with music and computers as we speak

Emilio: MIke, a lot of people here are asking what it was liking meeting David again in the 90's. What about humoring us with an answer?

Mike Garson: EMILIO: The reunion with David was amazing...spiritually we never lost touch because we think similarly

Spaceboy: Mike: Where do you see the role of the piano in music heading in to the next century?

Mike Garson: SPACEBOY: Piano in the future...the piano in the future will always be there. Nothing can ever replace it

Arafel: Did Reeves talk you into a kilt yet *hope hope

Mike Garson: ARAFEL: Kilt!? Never...my wife would kill me =)

Bonster1: Mike: do you feel like working with Bowie is more than a gig, compared to other bands you work with??

Mike Garson: BONSTER: Working with Bowie....it is an elevating experience, when recording, rehearsing and on stage

Cyggy: Mike will ya answer my question if I type in bold?

Mike Garson: CYGGY: Your question....try me

Gilly: Mike, how come almost all of you shaved your heads during the last tour?

Mike Garson: GILLY: Head Lice! Just kidding!

Dodo: Mike,why during live concerts are you so serious????????????????

Mike Garson: DODO: Why so serious in concert...that is just the facade...performing is my life

sQ: Mike, what were you staring at when you played with bowie at the Aragon Ballroom????

Mike Garson: SQ: At the Aragon Ballroom I was staring at the man who fell to earth!

Total Blam Blam: Mike - can you play John Cages' 3:54 or whatever it is called - I recorded a demo version that had some light sneezing on it

Mike Garson: TOTAL: Anyone can! John Cage's 3:54 can be played by anyone with patience!

Chroyst: MIKE:when is the NEW NIN album coming out??

Mike Garson: CHROYST: Call Trent...I'd like to know myself!

KelMarSupervixen: Mike, what is your impression of us now? hehehehe

Mike Garson: KEL: You guys...you're a great bunch. I'm getting lots of wonderful questions...you know what you're talking about

rexy: Mike have you had classical training or have you always been jazz-driven?

Mike Garson: REXY: My first ten years were classical training

Gilly: MIKE, what did you think of the gimmicks thrown on stage in London

Mike Garson: GILLLY: Re: gimmicks...I was glad I didn't get hit!

sQ: Mike do you know BRIAN ENO?

Mike Garson: SQ: Yes, I know Brian...we worked on Outside together and co-wrote several songs with David

GarsonFurs: MIKE have you worked with Philip Glass?

Mike Garson: GARSONFURS: I haven't worked with Philip Glass...but I feel our paths will cross in the future

Total Blam Blam: Mike can I have the fur coat you wore on the Ziggy tour?

Mike Garson: TOTAL: The fur coat ran away after the tour....and I donated it to the zoo

Picadilly: Mike, what is the first song you ever wrote, and at what age?

Mike Garson: PICADILLY: My first song...for my amazing wife Susan!

Bianca: Which album do you personal prefer "Outside" or "Earthling", Mike?

Mike Garson: BIANCA: Outside is closer to my heart, but I love them both

BewlayBro: Mike, the Motel solo just slays me....time after time!

Mike Garson: BEWLAY: The Motel solo was very inspired and I was greatful to create it

AphexWiNdOwLiCkErVERN: Nah,I think Mikes Solo on A SMALL PLOT OF LAND is amazing

Mike Garson: APHEX: Small Plot of Land...another one of those "miracle solos" that come every ten years

rexy: Mike: How many hours of Thelonius Monk have you listened to in your lifetime?

Mike Garson: REXY: Monk...I loved Monk, saw him live and listened to him for 100's of hours. He even fell onto me from the stage when he was drunk at the Village Vanguard in NYC

Emilio: Was it your idea to include the intro to "Time" at the end of "Battle For Britain" in the "Earthling" tour?

Mike Garson: EMILIO: Yes, it was my idea to include Time in "Battle For Britain"

Bianca: How important is improvisation during your piano-playing, Mike?

Mike Garson: BIANCA: Improvisation is the essence of my approach to musical creation

Total Blam Blam: Mike: There are those that contend that you and Reeves just hit the wrong notes all the time - I don't hold any truck with this theory - but do you have a message for them? (It was Bonster who said it)

Bonster1: denies any involvement

Bonster1: does not operate as a rumour-monger

Mike Garson: TOTAL: Sometimes we do hit the wrong notes, but mostly they are calculated to cause tension (PS: Please no more red)

KelMarSupervixen: Mike, would you beat up Harry Connick for me?

Mike Garson: KEL: I'll meet him in "Celebrity Death Match" on MTV!

A_Girl: Mike- You and David are two of the best musicians of all time, I haven't gotten a chance to see ya yet though.........do u think that u will come to Utah in the near future???

Mike Garson: A_GIRL: Come and hear us in New Zealand!

Chroyst: MIKE:HAVE you ever heard of a classical bassist named "Gary Karr"?????

Mike Garson: CHROYST:: Yes...Gary Karr is an excellent classical bassist

Bonster1: Mike: we keep calling him that, but do you consider David a Musician???

Mike Garson: BONSTER: David as a musician...of course, he is a great musician...but many people cannot comprehend his originality because he is above the norm.

GarsonFurs: Mike ... big mac or whopper?

Mike Garson: GARSON FUR: Whopper or Big Mac....I prefer IN-N-OUT!

BewlayBro: is the outside trilogy dead?

Mike Garson: BEWLAY: Outside dead...definitely not...David just has alot on his plate now

Arafel: e = mc 2

Mike Garson: ARAFEL: Wherever you go...there you are

Bianca: What was the difference of working with David in the 70s than to the 90s?

Mike Garson: BIANCA: David 70s vs 90s....both cutting edge for their time

Clara: Mike what do you think of Bjork?

Mike Garson: CLARA: Bjork...I met her in Iceland when I performed with my jazz trio...she is very creative and talented!

BewlayBro: Mike, ever play with Stanley Clarke?

Mike Garson: BEWLAY: Stanley Clarke and I are old friends and I performed with him from 1978-1990 and contributed to many of his movie scores

Arafel: Did you ever meet Sun Ra? What did you think of him?

Mike Garson: ARAFEL: I never met SunRa...but he is very much on the "avante garde" side of things

A_Girl: MIKE; please the Girl Scout communitity wants to know, what's your FAVORITE Girl Scout cookie?????

Mike Garson: AGIRL: Favorite girl scout cookie....THIN MINT!

Gilly: MIKE, when was David sillier, now or in the 70s?

Mike Garson: GILLY: David is very silly these days. He's a happy chap!

GarsonFurs: Mike did you ever meet JACO PASTORIUS?

Mike Garson: FURS: I've played with Jaco in clubs but never recorded with him. He is sorely missed as a genius of the bass.

Screendoll: How do you keep your fingers limber?

Mike Garson: SCREENDOLL: I practice everyday

Chroyst: MIKE: Do you think that BEETHOVEN was the "father" of piano as many ppl I talked to seem to think??

Mike Garson: CHROYST: I'm not sure Beethoven was the father of the piano but he sure was a genius

RaMOANa: MIKE - Do you still perform with Free Flight?

Mike Garson: RAMOANA: Yes, I still perform with Free Flight...I just don't have as much time these days

Bianca: When can we see you next live perfoming on stage, Mike?

Mike Garson: BIANCA: I will be performing with my jazz trio on 2/11/99 at the BelAge in Los Angeles

Dodo: Mike I loved your tshirt BROO K LI NG

Mike Garson: DODO: The "Mattmeister" made it for me for my birthday and mailed it to me when I was on tour in Europe.

Chroyst: MIKE: How did David "Discover" you??

Mike Garson: CHROSYT: David found me through Annette Peacock in NY in 1971

Emilio: What's your opinion on bootlegs? Did you know that the Mike Garson Band has been bootlegged in a 1974 Bowie bootleg (as an opening act)?

Mike Garson: EMILIO: Wow! I would love a copy of any bootlegged "Garson Band" performances. As you remember David Sanborn and Luther Vandross were in the band

Mike Garson: EMILIO: Get in touch with Matt via my website (nowmusic.net) regarding the bootlegs

Rave: Mike, would you consider yourself an Aristotelian or a Platonist?

Mike Garson: RAVE: I favor Plato

Screendoll: MIKE: boxers or briefs?

Mike Garson: Screendoll: Neither!

Dodo: MIKE is it true that you hadn't ever heard of Bowie when they asked you to work with David???????

Mike Garson: DODO: True...David who? I was embarrassed!

Picadilly: MIke, Did you ever have any other hobbies besides music?

Mike Garson: PICADILLY: My seven month-old grandson, Jeremy....I've already given him seven piano lessons!

KelMarSupervixen: Mike, can you teach anyone how to play?

Mike Garson: KEL: I can teach anyone willing to learn and committ to the many hours of practice

Simone: How old are you??

Mike Garson: SIMONE: I'm old enough to have a grandson!

Pozie: MIKE, of all your works, which are u most proud of?

Mike Garson: POZIE: I'm most proud of my work on Aladdin Sane and my new classical compositions (entitled Now! Music)

RaMOANa: Mike - Are you the typist tonight or is Matt your keyboardist for the evening?

Mike Garson: RAMOANA: Matt's typing and it's a good thing!

Host hj1: MATT is the King

Mike Garson: HJ: Now, Howard, you are the KING!

sQ: Mike, can you teach me to play piano with my toes????

Mike Garson: SQ: But only with "my left foot"

GarsonFurs: Mike I have a six month old son should he take piano lessons yet?

Mike Garson: GARSONFURS: lessons for your child....only if he gravitates towards it (don't force him)

Helden: What other instruments do you play

Mike Garson: HELDEN: I also play drums (a little) and played french horn in high school and (sadly) the glockenspiel when in the Army

Pam: Mike: you admit to playing the goockenspiel???

Mike Garson: PAM: The Glockenspiel....it's a sad moment in my past!

A_Girl: Mike; what's your worst stage story? (ie, passing out on stage, puking on stage....)

Mike Garson: AGIRL: My worst story....my first performance with a classical group and my hands froze and I couldn't play for the first two minutes

GarsonFurs: Mike did you ever meet the BEATLES?

Mike Garson: FURS: I met Paul, Ringo and George.

Mike Garson: FURS: I met them in 1973 at the Cafe Royal in London after the Hamersmith concert

Gilly: Mike, did you wear gloves during the European Outside tour?

Mike Garson: GILLY: I wore gloves once when it was freezing in Europe....whoops you caught me!

Mike Garson: I have time for about five more questions...I need to go record in my studio

Picadilly: MIKE-----: have you ever played with Elton John?

Mike Garson: PICADILLY: Elton sat next to me during a recent Pumpkins concert in Atlanta

helden: mike you are a marvel and very kind to chat with us a great honor

Mike Garson: HELDEN: You have all been warm to me and I appreciate the opportunity to have my first chat with you...looking forward to more!

Mike Garson: Check my website at www.nowmusic.net www.mikegarson.com on 3/1/99 it will have samples, a timeline and lots of other great information

Mike Garson: Thanks again everyone...goodnight!

Host hj1: Mike and Matt, thank you guys so much for being our first "Open Chat" guests, what did you guys think of this REBEL style?

HJ: It is befitting my background in improvisation!

Mike Garson: Goodnight!

Host Mike Garson (outside1@DPA) has left the conversation.

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Session Close: Sat Feb 6 1999

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