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Session Start: Fri Jan 08 19:47:47 1999
*** Now talking in #IMAN
*** Topic is 'Chat with Iman'

Moderator hi - we are running about 5 minutes late

Moderator test

Moderator Let's get started...any questions

Iman: Please everybody before we start anything...let's sing along

Iman: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Iman: Happy Birthday, dear darling,

Iman: Happy Birthday to you

LaughingGnome: Hi Iman and welcom to the wackiness! I was wandering how much you knew of David Bowie before you met him? Where you a fan?

Iman: Yes, I've always been a fan of David's music and actually been to all his concerts since I arrived in America in 1976

Iman: but I have never went backstage, I have been invited to go backstage

Iman: but we all know why girls like me are invited backstage!

Iman: So I never went

Valeria: when did you meet him first?

Iman: I met David in Los Angeles in 1990 as I was coming late to see his show

Iman: I believe it was Sound & Vision.

Iman: and he actually stopped and said hello and invited me again backstage!

Iman: But I didn't go

Total Blam Blam: Iman - Can you think of a particular CD that you might want to hear on occasion that would wind David up? - And what would he play for revenge?

Iman: "In My Solitude" by Anthony Newley and "In Revenge" Spice Girls

Iman: Pick any of the songs, any of them!

RaMOANa: Does DB cook for you and if so, what does he make?

Iman: Yes, David does cook occasionally. He boils water very well and sometimes burns it!

Iman: If he goes for a full meal, I have to spend the rest of the evening cleaning up the mess including the meal

Bianca: How was it to play in the Star Treck movie and are you a Star Treck fan yourself Iman?

Iman: It was lots of fun and outrageous. I have to admit kissing William Shatner was not fun.

Iman: But what he loved best was when I morphed into him and he loved kissing himself!

Miriamsbirthdaytoo: Iman who is the most funniest at home?

Iman: By far, David. But he's not really funny, he's just plain silly and that's the reason I married him. It's cabaret, cabaret, cabaret!

grazia: do you think you will not come to live in Europe anymore with David?

Iman: I'm sure this will happen some time. We both love Europe very much.

amalgam1: have you had any more tattoos, and if so where?

Iman: Yes, I have had one for his birthday, just yesterday, but it will be a surprise - photos will be up soon!

Nadsat: What is it like to be married to the man who shares the same birthday as Elvis?

Iman: Elvis who?

lydia: do you love italy?

Iman: Ciao Lydia. Mi piace e adoro Italia preferisco Firenze.

Isabel: how was it like to kiss Michael Jackson?

Iman: I don't remember kissing him. We barely touched lips, if you play the video very slowly, you will see that. I swear. LOL

squeakie: Iman do you have any dark secrets ?

Iman: I am a dark secret.

Dara: Who would really win in a fight between you and Rosie O'Donnell?

Iman: You don't even have to wonder. Rent "Exit to Eden" if you dare and have the stomach. In our fight scene, I beat the hell out of her!

Iman: I may be skinny, but I'm vicious and I fight dirty.

Dodo: Do you ever fight with your husband?

Iman: As often as we can. And very dirty, too!

Total Blam Blam: Do you have to nag David to stop leaving his paints, glue, scissors, glitter and sticky-back paper all over the lounge floor? That was PAINTS not PANTS by the way.

Iman: Yes, I nag, nag, nag, both paints and pants. But nobody listens!

Gilly: can you please explain the frog on your christmas card!

Iman: It seems that every time something important has happened in our lives, there's been a frog there. David says it's Total Blam Blam spying, but I don't believe that.

KelMar666: when was the last time you painted bowie's toenails? what colour? does he paint yours?

Iman: Last time I painted Bowie's nails, it was the 'Earthling' tour. I gave him an Iman nail polish called 'Jaguar'.

Iman: And he did paint my toenails, just this morning. I won't tell you with what

Skyler: Iman do you ever cook for David? If so, what is his favorite dish?

Iman: Yes, I cook everyday for David. And his favorite dish is osso bucco.

Valeria: (Valeria) Iman, is David having a party right now? ... without you?!!

Iman: David said he'd be coming along here soon. So do you call this a party?!

Iman: But with you guys out there, it will be.

Jung: What is osso bucco?

Iman: I haven't a clue, I just cook it!

Dara: Have you met Tony Blair, and if so, what did you think of him?

Iman: Yes, I have met both Cherie and Tony Blair. They're both wonderful, warm, intelligent, generous with their time.

Iman: Enough

Chrystelle: Iman, how is your makeup company going?

Iman: Thank you for asking. But Iman Cosmetics is doing very well. We are now international as you know. UK, France, Spain, soon in Brazil. But we're aiming big - New Jersey's next!

Isabel: what do you think about Ziggy Stardust and the spiders

Iman: They ALWAYS wore my make-up.

Tybalt: how are you typing? aren't yer nails like 14 feet long or somethign?

Iman: How did you know that? I have my own professional typist with me and I don't go anywhere without her.

Mattie: Iman, come to Australia. We need you down here. And while you're at it bring David along and convince him to play a few concerts down here.

Iman: Thanks for the invite. Are we coming to stay with you? I have never been to Australia and David has always promised to take me there. What should I see?

VernardsAphexx: Whats it like towering over little David????

Iman: We're the same height at night!

Arahael: in self defense, what would be your weapon of choice?

Iman: My fourteen foot long nails and a good publicist and lawyer!

amalgam1: can you name three famous Belgians?

Iman: Magritte, Jacques Brel and you.

KelMar666: No one else has the courage to answer this: does david go commando?

Iman: When he comes in, I'll check.

Valerius: So, do you still have your house in Ireland? What's it like?

Iman: We've never had a house in Ireland, but my mother thinks we do. Would somebody please tell her.

ziggy29: Iman quando vieni in italia

Iman: Subito amore.

Bianca: Where are you right now, Iman? New York?

Iman: On a chair, in a snowstorm in New York.

Valerius: LOL -- I'll tell the reporters as well that reported David bought you a 3.5 million mansion as a wedding gift.


Blay: Iman, is your husband an Internet addict? What do you do to make him go offline?

Iman: It's very easy.

Dodo: Do you always follow David on tour?

Iman: Yes, I go as often as I can on tour with him.

TwigTheWonderKid: What model can't you stand?

Iman: All of em

LaughingGnome: Can we hear your version of the "First Date"?

Iman: I'm embarrassed to report that it was a blind date set up by a hairdresser!

Iman: It was nerve wracking at the beginning, the first five minutes, but we got along very famously and we have been together since then. But not the first night.

Zardoz: Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Iman: No but David can. Anytime I want.

Valerius: so, Iman....do you shut David up in his own room when he smokes? Or do you make him stand outside? If so, even in a snowstorm?

Iman: Yes, I make him stand outside. But I take heart - not during a snowstorm. It might actually put his cigarette out.

jung: What is your earliest memory? What can you tell us about Somalia?

Iman: My earliest memories of Somalia was the beautiful beaches. Somalia is a peninsula. It is 3/4's on the Indian ocean and I remember those beautiful beaches.

Gilly: did you ever smoke yourself?

Iman: Only when I'm burning.

squeakie: Do you have any siblings?

Iman: Yes, two brothers and two sisters.

Mattie: Iman, do you ever listen to "The Laughing Gnome" and just sit there thinking "Oh why, David? Why?".

Iman: LOL

jung: What were your 1st impressions of New York, America, England, Paris, wherever?

Iman: I'll give you my first impression of New York. I arrived in October 1975 to what was supposed to be the Metropolis. And there was a garbage strike. There was garbage everywhere. And I thought this is New York? It looks worse than any village in Africa. At least we keep them clean!. But I got used to the dirt

amalgam1: Which is your least favourite of David's hairdos?

Iman: The ones that look like hairdos.

Nadsat: Does david ever punce about the room screaming--"I am Spartacus! I am Spartacus. Give me your little chicken bones as I have slayed the children of babylon!"

Iman: Yes, he actually just said it this morning. Were you in the room?

Bonster1: What did you think of the Mohawk?

Iman: Question really is, what did the Mohawk think of him?

Bianca: How was it to meet Nelson Mandela with David?

Iman: I was thrilled. Awe inspired. It was one of the great days of my life.

saturn: The first time I heard blk tie white niose my heart started to sing, it made me think about having love in my life.

Iman: That's very sweet.

Chrystelle: Iman, what do you think of the internet generation?

Iman: Very alive and very necessary.

LaughingGnome: I heard a rumor that you are gonna play Storm in an X-Man movie with Patrick Stewart! Is that true? That would be great!

Iman: I haven't heard that, but I'd love to.

Zardoz: I heard that you and David are giuesting on 'Eastenders'

Iman: That's our favorite show. We watch it religiously. David a little more religiously than me. But we've not yet had the honor to be invited.

Iman: We both think Grant is guilty.

Dodo: Do you have an internet site on your own?

Iman: No I don't, do you think I should have one?

Iman: And plus, what kinds of things should I put on it?

Tybalt: What do you think about OJ Simpson? Guilty or not guilty?

Iman: Oh that is so 20th century.

NICO: I have to admit you are the only person David has been with where being a fan and all ...I am not jealouse and I think you make a wonderful couple and you seem to be very happy and I am glad..ohh that was scary! i didn't think I would ever say that *S*

Iman: Thank you ever so much. It's very sweet of you and I'm glad you said it.

WickedWench: You could sell make-up and proffer comments you might have regarding your favorite charities...

Iman: Big hello to Dungarees!

DBowiegyrL: How long did you and David date?

Iman: Nine years.

Iman: Oh! Look who's arrived! All disshelved and covered in snow!

squeakie: Iman, are you a fan of Placebo

Iman: I only got into them with this new album of theirs.

Iman: But the slow songs are really beautiful.

KelMar666: is he going commando?

Iman: Hold on. Let me check

Iman: oooooo Yes he's Commando!! And it's obviously really cold outside! LOL

Moderator: Happy Birthday David

Iman: David: Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Now get me a towel woman!

Iman: Get your own!

squeakie: would you ever go to a Bowie Convention

Iman: I live with one!

Iman: David: Hi Dungarees! Are you all nice and warm?

Iman: Twix.

WickedWench: Which do you prefer: Hershey's Milk Chocolate or Twix?

Iman: Twix

LaughingGnome: Maybe David could give you a piece of Bowie-Net to put up stuff! There's plenty of room, right Ron? Tee hee What do you think DB?

Iman: He might charge me!

JoniVeSadd: what do you think of the furby

Iman: David: I suggest you go to my site of the day for a whole new look of this Furby phenomenon.

Skyler: Iman, I like the photos you take of David, post them all on Bowienet.

Iman: Thank you. I will put some more up.

Iman: I have been using the Sony Digital camera recently. But as you all know, he's very difficult to photograph and impossible to sit still. But there are some new ones coming up.

eden7: Would you post a picture of you and David making snow angels?

Iman: David: Snow Angels. mmmmmm

Iman: Is it in the Karma Sutra?

Nadsat: I am a furbie.. I've learned english and nadsat is typing for me

Iman: David: All is forgiven. But do go home soon.


Iman: Come on honey...what do you want to ask?

Bonster1: oh my you people think of nothing but ssex, sex, sex

Iman: And more sex!

ziggy29: what is the best gift you have received today??

Iman: David saysRefer to Bonster


Iman: Happy Birthday Roose. Nothing misses my magic eyes, sorry eye

liset: David, do you speak Dutch?

Iman: David: Dutch is my second language.

Zygote: what do you think of mp3`s David?

Iman: David: I would never dream of ordering a Rio and if it comes in the post over the next couple of days, I certainly won't open it because downloading tracks from the internet is illegal and you'll get warts...

Shelric: Iman, any chance that you'll get a hair style like Gail Ann Dorsey?

Iman: What hairstyle?!

Iman: But love those horns...

Iman: She's a beautiful girl - she doesn't need hair

Chrystelle: Iman and David: What do you think of the Y2K problem?

Iman: David: It's 1999's answer to 1998's Clinton problem and 1997's OJ problem. I am already sick to death of it and it's only January the 8th!

DBowiegyrL: Would you accept the position of ambassador of your country would you accept it?

Iman: Unfortunately, there is no government in Somalia now so my interests would only be as a humanist.

Iman: Although I would like to be an Ambassador to Somalia if it would help.

Paoola: Is David a real Latin Lover?

Iman: A Dutch speaking, Latin lover, in reality.

KelMar666: Does David leave the seat up in the loo?

Iman: All men do

VernardsAphexx: do you and david ever go for a Down to Earth Hamburger and a Milkshake in some ol' diner in New York???? do you and david ever go for a Down to Earth Hamburger and a Milkshake in some ol' diner in New York????

Iman: David: To be quite honest, we live a compartively low profile life nearly everyday. We'll eat in a cute looking restaurant if we want to. We'll walk wherever we want to and we try to be part of the city we are living in. But we would never dream of eating in a down to earth hamburger.

Iman: Eating beef is not fun

Skyler: David, if you could have a pet what would it be and what would you name it? Rodney the rat does not count :)

Iman: I love dogs, especially Chocolate Labs.

squeakie: Iman have you learned a lot from David

Iman: A little too much, if you ask me...

Iman: and I still got a long way to go.

Raven: Iman, what is the most romantic thing David ever did for you?

Iman: When he proposed in Paris in October on the Sienne. He rented a boat and it was a total surprise, I had no idea and we had a chef, a piano player and every time we went under one of the bridges, the lights would come up and he got on his knees and proposed to me.

Iman: David: And then I got back down on my knees again..

Bianca: Are you into art yourself like David is and what are your favourite painters?

Iman: Basquiat, Bearden, Offili and I suppose I better throw a white one in! Auerbach.

Moderator: one moment please

Gilly: what was the last movie you saw, that you really enjoyed?

Iman: Life Is Beautiful. I cried...it was very touching and very beautiful.

WickedWench: What was your favorite part in Exit to Eden?

Iman: Finishing it

Iman: getting the hell out of there

squeakie: Do you and David ever get bothered by people because you are an interracial couple?

Iman: Yes, sometimes, we have had people we would pass in the street and be offensive. But I must admit, we are more protected because of who we are. I'm sure the average inter-racial couples have it much tougher.

Dara: David: My son Paddy wants you to stop telling people he's a transvestite

Iman: David: Then he should stop telling people his name's Paddy

Paoola: Did you like "Il mio west, Iman?

Iman: David: It's not come out yet over here. I understand it's only playing in Italy. What it's like Paola?

spaceface: did your family object because david was white?

Iman: No, my family did not object. But obviously, they would have preferred me to marry a Somalian but they're very happy for me and David as they are aware and see we are very much in love.

Bonster1: Its #2 in Italy, but the reviews are so so

Iman: David: Is it in Italian or English, Bonster?

Paoola: David is wonderful, but the movie is not my favourite, anyway I like the Jack Sikora gang!

Iman: David: I did not write this comment myself.

WiggyCarrust: Hey, Iman, what does David think of music censorship?

Iman: David: I'll answer for Iman on this one. I think it's absolutely necessary and I look forward to the day when there is no more music polluting our airwaves.....whoops! Wrong Answer!

Iman: Living in a Democracy, you must accept the premise of a Democracy, which is no censorship. This sometimes makes it very hard to live with negative opinions, but it's the system that we have decided to adopt. Where's that tell?

Total Blam Blam: "Me I hope that I'm crazy, I feel you driving - and you're only the wheel" - Can you name the song Iman?

Iman: David says it's called 'Win'.

Blay: Iman, do you think we're nuts?

Iman: What do you think? Delightfully so!

Arahael: David, what would you do if the 80's returned????

Iman: David: Embrace it with all my love, but burn the clothes!

KelMar666: which one of you drives the fastest?

Iman: Yes, I am definitely the fastest. David: She drives like a bat out of hell! I fear for my life everytime I get in the car. Iman: Mind you, not mine!

spaceface: do you and david have an 'our song'?

Iman: "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green

Earthling7: David, did you always know that you were going to be a rock star or did you have doubts?

Iman: Yes, either a rock star or a rock.

Iman: Sometimes the two are indistinguishable. Remember, I am an island...!

LaughingGnome: Scared of Getting on a Serious Note, But I really am so thankful to you both for allowing yourself to be so excessible. There are many people I know that don't understand the obsession with B-Net, but are at the same time envious, cause they can't access their favorite artist! So, thanks

Iman: You're welcome, dear.!

spaceface: what music turned you on as a teenager? and now?

Iman: Believe it or not, it has always been Al Green. I think I have been seduced with Al Green songs all my life. David: Only one successfully.

Skyler: David and Iman, what do you do to relax? Painting, needlepoint?

Iman: Both. Paint and needlepoint.

Dara: Do you still listen to much Harry Partch?

Iman: David: That's amazing, Dara, that you've even heard of Harry. I still have a lot of his albums which I play from time to time. I understand that he has his own followers now in California that have restored his old instruments and have assembled a Harry Parch Orchestra. I do recommend Harry's work to anyone who's never heard of him. He was way

Iman: before his time and created his own instruments.

saturn: When is Iman's b-day.

Iman: July 25, 1955.

Iman: David: That's now what you told me? You said you were 18!

Paoola: Iman, detto tra noi donne, stasera "notte di fuoco" per festeggiare?

Iman: Si Paoola! Notte difuoco!

Iman: David says: The Iceman Cometh....LOL

liset: Iman, have you ever been to Holland? and do you like it?

Iman: Yes I have been to Holland many times and I like it very much. Actually, we both love Amsterdam. So romantic and hip.

Bianca: Who was your favourite designer with whom you worked, Iman?

Iman: My favorite designer has always been Azzedine Alaia.

Isabel: David do you know that Iman in Portuguese means magnet?

Iman: David: No, I don't. Tell me.

DBowiegyrL: do you ever get nervous when you have to wear revealing clothes on the catwalk? Does David mind?

Iman: David: I only get nervous when she wears revealing clothes in the bedroom. In fact, if she wears any clothes in the bedroom.

Valerius: Did you know that Iman in Webster's dictionary is translated as "Queen"?

Iman: David: So she's the Magnet Queen or Queen Magnet!

Bonster1: Iman, didnt you actually retire from modeling before you and David got together?

Iman: Yes, I retired from modeling way before I met David.

Iman: So he's never known me as a model

Iman: Only privately!

Zygote: Iman, what would you do to David if he was unfaithful?

Iman: I'll kill him!!

Gilly: Would you wear JP Gaultiers dresses?

Iman: Yes, any day. I love JP Gaultier's clothes and I adore him as a person. He's funny, witty, charming and very very on the edge. But also my other favorties are Thierry Mugler, Issaey Miyake, Donna Karan and anybody who would give me free clothes...!

DBowiegyrL: Does David still have those funky (but kewl) clothes from the 70's?

Iman: David: You'd be amazed at the amount of stuff I still have from the past. I've been talking with some people recently about where we could show it as I still have all the important clothes designed by Kansai Yamamoto and the mysterious Freddie Burretti. And of course those original stack boots.

grazia: What do you think of Reeves?

Iman: David: Personally, I like him, but I think you meant Iman to answer this question.

Iman: He's a teddy bear but he wouldn't want that to leak out.

KelMar666: Does david have any friends you don't let come over?

Iman: Yes, and they know who they are!

Nadsat: What do you think of the whole, Marilyn Manson - Ziggy Stardust appropriation???

Iman: David: Believe it or not, I'm bemused by it but I'm also quite flattered by it. It's amazing that what I was doing 25 years ago is still having some effect and I think he's getting away with it quite well, don't you?

Iman: We're off for our birthday rest of day, so we'll just take 5 more questions.

Dara: Do you sing about Boyzone in Looking For Satellites, David? Or is it Boys Own?

Iman: David: Actually, I was singing about Boy's Own Paper which was a comic that I used to read when I was around 13. I only found out later it was also the name of a group.

Rico: how well does David knows Bono and are you guys good friends?

Iman: David: I know Bono quite well. He's a very nice guy and always sends me rather lovely books. And I recommend paintings to him.

jung: how does Iman spend her time when David is holed up in the studio?

Iman: I have a real life, folks.!

Iman: I have a cosmetic company to run.

Iman: So we both work equally hard. But I do bring lunch!

Raven: Iman, will you come back to visit us again with David? You are a really fun guest :)

Iman: I would love to. Thank you for inviting me.

Iman: David: Why do men have nipples? Iman: Oh shut up!

Spaceface: where are you two off to now?, dinner? alone? with friends?

Iman: A nice quiet dinner with the closest of friends.

Iman: But I expect Reeves will be coming too.

Mattie: Can I go back to bed yet?

Iman: David: I should if I were you, Mattie. We're off any second now.

Iman: David: Alot of you also have birthdays today, so I want to wish a really, really Happy Birthday back at you all. Don't catch cold, and if you do, please read my Journal of January the 1st!

Iman: As my friend Coco turned me on to some sure fire remedies from China!

Iman: Bye Bye everyone! Chat with you next time!

Iman: David says: Bye bye everyone. Probably see you in a half hour! Love you all. Goodnight!

Moderator Thank you all. goodnight

Session Close: Fri Jan 08 21:46:27 1999

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