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with Joey Arias - 18/3/99

Session Start: Thu March 18th - 22:53:46 1999
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*** Topic is 'Chat with Bowie and Joey Arias'

Moderator: 1 minute to go

Moderator: Let's go

Moderator: LET'S DO IT! Any questions

Joey Arias: Salutations to all. I'm so excited to be here.

SpaceFace: how did you get into billie holiday, shes one of my all time faves?, which song of hers is your favourite?

Joey Arias: My parents listened to Billie HOliday and I listened to Billie HOliday and David Bowie records. And the HOliday colleciton is immense, so somehow I thought I was Billie HOliday. But my favorite song is "Everything I have is YOurs".

RaMOANa: Hallo Joey! Welcome to the chaos!

Joey Arias: Don't you just love chaos? That's what inspires me.

Tura: What makeup do you wear and whose clothes do you prefer most?

Joey Arias: I use lots of different companies make[up starting with Mac and Shishedo and I wear clothing wise I am a big Thierry Mugler muse and fan and otherwise I'd rather run around naked at home.

CazMaTaz: tell us more about your time with Andy Warhol... any good stories?

Joey Arias: Andy would pick me up at Fiorruci and we would have dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We would go to the movies. Andy would fall asleep and his wig would start to slip, popcorn spilling and light snoring. As soon as the movie was over Andy would say wow, wasn't that great.

Joey Arias: And then we would go for a walk, and I would tell him if he held his crystal up to the moon magical powers would come to him.

Bianca: How have you been involved in the "Saturday Night Live"?

Joey Arias: I was actually good friends with Lorraine Newman and I was in an imporvisational group called "The Groundlings".

Joey Arias: She would invite me to come see the show. Eventually, Klaus Nomi and I were invited by David to perform with him.

LdyofDarkness: if you and Ru Paul got into a cat fight, who would win?

Joey Arias: We would never fight. We would actually talk about shoes and hair and who's got the smaller waist.

RaMOANa: If I moon you, will u get magical powers? (_y_)

Joey Arias: If you moon I'll swoon 2 magical powers.

Tura: Do you have a favorite Bowie era?

Joey Arias: Aladdain Sane and I also liked his NY Duke. Thin White Duke

SpaceFace: is this your first time in internet chat?

Joey Arias: Yes it is and I'm very excited.

JillRenee: What was Pee Wee Herman like?

Joey Arias: Pee Weee is totally fun and cool, man. The most generous character I've ever met just like David, really fun but Paul Reubens is a different story.

CazMaTaz: What are you wearing for your chat debut?

Joey Arias: I'm wearing a bra, corset and panties, stocking with seams, eight inch heels kinda like Betty Page of the 21st century.

Bonster1: How do you feel when watching an exciting performance as opposed to "performing?"

Joey Arias: When I watch a great performance I'm really inspired then I get great ideas and I want to incorporate them somehow in my performance.

Rednik: So Joey you like a nice piece of meat inbetween your buns? ;)

Joey Arias: Well I hope it's been boiled. The buns are made of sesame and I hope it's a vegatarian dog.

Tura: Are you still performing Billie Holliday ?

Joey Arias: At this time of my performance life somehow I am Lady Day and Mugler has dubbed me as Lady Night.

SpaceFace: what other great singers influenced you?, Judy Garland?, Liza Minelli?

Joey Arias: I think a lot of great singers were and still are, but there's no one like Lady Day for me.

JillRenee: Are there any movies coming up that you appear in?

Joey Arias: Yes as a matter of fact I'll be in Joel Shulmacher new movie this fall entitled Flawless" this fall starring Robert DiNiro and I play a leader of a mean gang of queens out of drag.

Bianca: Tell us a bit about your future plans, please. When can we you next time performing live?

Joey Arias: I perform three days a week at Bard'O, 29 Bedford and Downing, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesdays. Then I'll be in Berlin for the month of April and touring through Germany in May.

Rednik: Joey: What was Klaus Nomi like to work with?

Joey Arias: Klaus Nomi was a perfectionist, very fun specific, difficult, it was just like red, white and black.

CazMaTaz: who was the better queen, Snipes or Swayze?

Joey Arias: I think they were all great. They did a great job. Swaayze and I got very close on the set. Close enough that he had his wife rush to the set to contain himself. Snipes, asked to call him by his drag name all the time on the set and treat him like one of the girls.

Bonster1: I vote for Priscilla of the Desert myself

Joey Arias: Hey Bonster are you a queen, too?

Bonster1: in some respects ;)

SpaceFace: oh, what was de niro like? you lucky person!

Joey Arias: DiNiro was fantastic, very professional, kind of shocked how shy he was. And very respectful to my royal gayness.

JillRenee: Is there anybody that you want to work with, but haven't had the chance yet?

Joey Arias: Yes, the Pope.

SpaceFace: Eddie Izzard said that he was 'a lesbian trapped in a mans body', which made me understand exactly how he feels about himself. Do you have a definition of youself?

Joey Arias: Hey, Spaceface. Imagine being in a dark room with lots of toys and strange objects and you are holding the flashlight and turning around and looking at all those things in the dark. They seem different, don't they, as opposed to the lights on. That's what I'm all about.

SpaceFace: tell us some inside naughties about David in the old days

Joey Arias: I never saw anyone drink so much milk and smoke so many cigarettes in five minutes and sing like a bird afterwards.

Coldfyr: Do you have an opinion about the late Divine?

Joey Arias: She was a dear friend, an inspiration, larger than life and one hell of a shit eater.

SpaceFace: No, I mean REAL naughties

Joey Arias: Spaceface, I think we should talk about your real naughties? Tell me more about yourself. We're going to catch you, Spaceface. What galaxy do you live in?

Tura: Are there any drag performers you think are above par?

Joey Arias: Yeah, me!

CazMaTaz: Do you have a pre-show ritual? (can't believe, singing after milk!!)

Joey Arias: Do you have any pre-show rituals yourself, Caz? I think we all have rituals. I think life is a ritual in itself.

Tyswank: Are there any drag perforners without a huge ego?

Joey Arias: Sorry, but if you're a drag performer, you'd better have a huge ego. Just like their wigs and just like their shoes, it's a lot of shit to carry.

Bonster1: Joey, do you like to ask questions in response to questions? ;)

Joey Arias: Why do you ask?

CazMaTaz: Are you a Freudian, Joey? Turning our questions on ourselves

Joey Arias: But don't people usually do that if they're curious?

Rexee: Joey, I once heard a version of Gene Pitney's 'Town Without Pity' done in the style of Billy Holiday...was it you? If not, do you perform material other than Billy's - in her style?

Joey Arias: Yes, I have. I've done the Beetles, "Hard Day's Night, Madonna's Holiday, and David Bowie's "Changes".

Rednik: Joey: What would you use for a nickname if you came in here regularly?

Joey Arias: Lady Night.

Tura: there are a few great drag movies, Vegas in Space, Priscilla, To Wong Foo, etc... what do you think the key element to making movies about or with drag queens?

Joey Arias: Well, drag queens were the last taboo but it seems as though it's becoming mainstream now. A matter of fact, I might be doing something with Madonna. I don't want to say too much about this yet. It's more about real life than just fantasy.

Bonster1: Who has a bigger ego, you or David ;) ???

Joey Arias: I do. I wear higher heels, these days. lol

JillRenee: Who do you think was the first drag queen?

Joey Arias: Jesus Christ.

LdyofDarkness: what did you think of Diana Ross's Billie Holliday in "Lady Sings The Blues"?

Joey Arias: I think Diana Ross did a great job but it had nothing to do with the real Billie Holiday's life. If you want the real thing, come and hear me sing.

Tura: What do you think about the whole fiasco with Michael Alig and his cohorts?

Joey Arias: Tura, Michael Alig was a troubled boy. When you party 24/7 somehow you start to lose bits of your mind like an aspirin in water, verything becomes diluted, nothing becomes real, fantasy become reality. Now his reality is caged man, and I never supported his madcap antics. He was really nasty.

Picadilly: Is David Bowie a spring, fall, winter or summer (makeup wise)

Joey Arias: I would say David is a summer make-up man. Always full of sunshine, always clear blue and brown-eyes, and rosy cheeked, ala natural.

Bianca: What do you think of the Glam Rock revival in these days and have you seen "Velvet Goldmine"?

Joey Arias: Unfortunately I never saw Velvet Goldmine. But I think GlamRock does deserve a revival for the next generation that are coming into their own. This is what we call rock and roll history. And David is our Glamrock God and more.

LdyofDarkness: Andy Warhol: spacey, genius, or spacey-genius?

Joey Arias: Andy Warhol was always in control playing the game of spacy genius. Letting things happen and finding his way like a baby through a bunch of toys and turning it into something was the magic of Andy Warhol. And we were all his toys.

Picadilly: No joke Joey, I had a nightmare about you the other day, you were chasing me, telling me I was doing my makeup allll wrong, and you were trying to make my brother up.... I was mad!

Joey Arias: Picadilly, like circus, or flower? Were are you at? Why were you dreaming about me? I think we would have fun. It would not be a nightmare. There is no such thing as a bad nightmare. I think you were mad because your brother was being made up.

JillRenee: How was it like working with Madonna?

Joey Arias: Madonna I've known for quite a while, from the beginning. and I think she's very smart and very talented and understand the marketing process. She's one hell of a fun chick to hang out with. You would really get a kick out of her because she's curious just like you.

Tura: If you weren't a drag performer, what would you have done instead?

Joey Arias: I'd probably be selling hotdogs at /Riker's Island. lol

Rednik: Joey tell us a joke!

Joey Arias: There was a little girl who saw her mother and father engaging in sex. She was shocked, of course. She didn't know what was going on. Her mother came into the kitchen for a glass of water and the little girl asked her mother, Mommy, why is Daddy putting his pee-pee into your pee-pee? And the mommy said, Well honey, that's how we make babies. And the little girl asked again, but Mommy, why is Daddy putting his pee-pee in your mouth? And her mother said, that's how mommy gets jewelry.

SpaceFace: you HAVE chatted before, you know 'lol'

Joey Arias: No I haven't, but I really enjoy this. Thank you, David for giving me this opportunity.

Bonster1: Joey, are you doing your own typing??

Joey Arias: No, I'm not, Sony MaDa is doing it for me.

JillRenee: Do you have any pets?

Joey Arias: I use to have a goldfish and I used to have a black cat. The goldfish jumped out of the bowl and the black cat jumped out of the window, so now I only have stuffed animals at home.

Bonster1: Who the hell is Sony Mada?

Joey Arias: She's my highest guru from the world of Homeopathia.

Tura: Any beauty tips ?

Joey Arias: Yeah. Lots of hot water and a lot of Vaseline.

Picadilly: How do you feel about vinyl pants? practical or impractical?

Joey Arias: It all depends as to what's raging between your legs.

Tyswank-dinner: What should i have for dinner?

Joey Arias: I suggest a can of Sylvia's Black-Eyed Peas, half a fresh cabbage, one piece of fresh garlic, and ajalapeno pepper, let the magic begin. Let your stomach start the shows. In the morning you'll find the result.

Bianca: Have you met the Velvet Underground during your time with Andy Warhol? What is Lou Reed like?

Joey Arias: I'm not that old. I was still a little girl when they were around. lol I met Lou Reed just recently. He's very nice and a little older. John Cale, very nice. And I met Nico, very high and very large.

Joey Arias: But, this was much later after Velvet Underground.

Picadilly: Can I take you to school for show and tell?

Joey Arias: Picadilly, what do you want me to show, and what am I going to tell? Please tell me about yourself.

JillRenee: How do you feel having all these people asking you questions?

Joey Arias: Isn't that why we're on this site? We're curious about each other. I'm as curious about you as you are about me. I love it. I love people, I love talking. I'm also known as a social butterfly around many circles.

Picadilly: I am a 16 year old freak. aka: ventriloquist/stand up comic/ mick jagger lover/ musician/ artist/ female/

rexee: Joey, any plans to tour the Billie Holiday act? It's been a while since we've seen you in SF.

Joey Arias: Yes, I'm working on something right now. Maybe in the Fall. Thierry Mugler and myself are putting together a show to end the 20th century and I think the working title is, "Sci-FiJazz" It will be all acoustic, meaning baby grand piano, strings, and theromin.

LdyofDarkness: just how much has your ego enflated in the last 45 minutes?

Joey Arias: It's not called inflation, it's called depravation. My ego is always inflated. How 'bout yours?

Bonster1: Serious Question: what is the worst experience of prejudice you've encountered??

Joey Arias: I guess being who I am, people seem to want to hurt me some times. Some times I feel as though I wasn't quite, or belonging to this 20th century as a mystic once told me that I am really of the 21st century. So whether I'm in drag or not, really doesn't matter.

Bianca: Do you know Romy Haag?

Joey Arias: I know all the Haags. Yes, I will see Romy in Berlin in April, and she is really sweet and delicious, like candy with nuts.

JillRenee: What are your thoughts on Marilyn Manson?

Joey Arias: Come on, sugar, I think he's fun. You gotta have something crazy and out there, and he sure is doing it. Who else is going to wear those crazy clothes?

Bonster1: Was there a time in your life you tried to "fit in" and finally said "what the fuck?"

Joey Arias: I thought maybe the Calvin Klein look would be for me, but imagine a creature from the 21st century wearing khaki pants and Bierkenstocks, I don't think so!

SpaceFace: What do you think of new music in the nineties?, any faves?

Joey Arias: Yes, I love Lauyn Hill, I like a lot of dance music, and I must admit I love David Bowie's Earthling. I though Earthling was genius, genius, genius. I danced to that every day.

Bianca: I'm from Germany by the way and I love to see one of your shows! Any date yet for Berlin?

Joey Arias: April 13th at the BarJeder vernunft (I think that's how you spell it).

Joey Arias: You can check the Bowie news section for Joey's upcoming schedule.

Tura: Where do you think drag is going to go in the future?

Joey Arias: Drag has been around since the beginning of time and as they say it will end when time ends.

sQ: Do you have a website?

Joey Arias: No, should I have one?

Tyswank: okay, i'm back and i didnt have what you suggested for dinner (sorry... i've got to take the SAT's on saturday, and dont need to have constant diarrhea throughout the test).. any suggestions for dessert?

Joey Arias: Yeah, bananas and a cork.

KelMarSupervixen: did you want to kill the peeps who ruined La Cage Aux Folles with that dreadful Robin Williams remake?

Joey Arias: I didn't really think it was that bad. It was for an American audience. It made me laugh. But I still love the original French version.

sQ: Do you know a lot of "fag hags"?

Joey Arias: No, I just know lots of hags and haggers, and swankers and taggers. Are you one?

Rednik: Joey: Pants, knickers or commando?

Joey Arias: Oh, I wear panties with a little bow on the left leg, pink prefarably, pale.

Bianca: What do you think of the New Romantic Scene in the 80s with all the musicians who suddenly put make-up on their face? What do you think of Boy George?

Joey Arias: I think Boy George is so much fun. With his ups and down, large and small, he definetly put himself on the map of musical madness. By putting on make-up we were trying to hide, puberty, pimples and blackheads.

SpaceFace: joey, i bet howards eyes are popping out of his head at your clothes. He didnt know who db was when he first came to work for bowienet

Joey Arias: If you think his eyes are popping out... you should see what else is popping out. He's seems to be amused as I am and Sony MaDa is wearing golden pasties, and a sarong. I think she's a commando kind of bitch.

Moderator: it's a real party over here folks!

straffer: Joey what do you think of internet? Do you like to chat?

Joey Arias: Yes, I do. I would love to see pictures, also. Does that work somehow? Let's keep in touch, somehow. I love the internet. Chatting is my game. So let's play, baby. Don't you think Bowie's got it right?

Joey Arias: We've been going about an hour now. How 'bout five more questions.

Bianca: Have you become an internet-addict now ;)?

Joey Arias: You wouldn't believe it, but I don't even own a computer or laptop. I'm waiting for the 21st century. But why bother when you've got SonyMaDa and Howard and David Bowie.

KelMarSupervixen: who was your idol as a child?

Joey Arias: KelMarSpuervixen, come'on, give me a break. You mean you don't know? Billie Holiday and David Bowie.

Picadilly: Joey can I kidnap you? I need a makeover!

Joey Arias: It all depends on all you'll do it. We have to make it a game. You know where to find me. We need secret codes. You'll make and I'll do the over.

LdyofDarkness: so will you come and visit us again soon?

Joey Arias: I promise I'll come and visit you again after my tour in Germany. Maybe David will have me back on again with Howard and SonyMaDa. You've all been a lot of fun.

Joey Arias: And I could keep going on forever but I've got to rehearse for my new show.

LdyofDarkness: so will you come and visit us again soon?

Tura: Who's More fashionable: Bowie or Iman?

Joey Arias: Well, I think Bowie looks great in a dress and I think Iman wears pants handsomely. So I have to say they are pretty much a fantastic acouple. Can you imagine wearing each other's clothing?

Joey Arias: Thank you everybody. In this short time getting to speak to you all. I wish you all love, happiness and great health. You all have a great sense of humor, and remember you, too could be a commando bitch. All of my love and blubbler kisses, love and pastrami from your mommy of jazz, Lady Night, Joey Arias.

Moderator: Thanks everyone, Joey has left the building....goodnight

Session Close: Fri Mar 19 00:06:01 1999

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