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BowieLive Chat Transcription - 30/1/99

Session Start: Sat Jan 30 19:00:47 1999
David and Ronan" (outside1@DPA) has joined the conversation.
Host "Electric Warrior": afternoon Mr. Bowie/Mr. Keating

David and Ronan: Hi everyone, just to let you know we are in the room but one of us having a cigarette.

Tybalt: sup Mr B, sup Ronan

"Electric Warrior": Lucky Strips again............

Ronan: Weather is cramp, life's good -

David - Hi Tybalt, sup back at you.

"Electric Warrior": yes I was!

Annette: Are you sharing a keyboard or something?

David: We are officially starting in 30 seconds, however we will answer this one!

David: We have been sharing a keyboard for the last 22 years, but we find we have got nowwhere to put the fridge.

Helen2: Ronan: Can you please tell me who some of your muscial influences are?

Ronan: David Bowie

David: Brendan Behan and his Ronans.

David: Seriously now Ronan, who are your musical influences?

Ronan: I'm a bit of an allrounder, I like music from all sides of the industry. Not too hot on dance music.

David: Any particular favourites from the music side.

Ronan: Counting Crows, Alanis Morrisette.

David: Anyone from the old R&B.

Ronan: Yeh

Ronan: Everyone from Ottis Reading to Marvin Gaye.

Tybalt: I'm supposed to be serious with this chat, so now fer some serious questions: Ronan, what do you say to all those who discount the talent that you've got, saying you're jest like all the other boy bands of the day?

Ronan: In the beginning we were a boy band, and we never denied that, but as time went by people realised that we more than just a boy band, we wrote our own songs we created our own destiny in the mmusic industry, especially after 13 Top 3 singles and 3 No. 1 Albums - thank you - good question.

David: I, on the other hand, started off as a Girl Band and slowly became who I was today. Does this help you Tybult?

Nathan: Ronan, why did you pick a Tracy Chapman song to cover on your last CD?

Ronan: It was timeless classic. It was a favourite of the bands. We enjoyed recording it.

David asks Ronan: What the fuck was I going to ask you?

David asks Ronan: How do you see yourself as a 52 year old? What kind of person do you think you'll be?

Ronan: Very similar to the person I am now - with less hair.

David: You mean 21?

Bowiefromholland: David what do u think on of boysbands??????? Was Tin Machine A boysband???

David: Boys bands is such a generality. It is like saying what to you think of Rock Bands. Well, which Rock Band do you mean? I always base my opinion entirely on the music, not on the genre. I immediately come forward with admiration for any artist that concerns himself enough to write his own material....

David: ... and I happen to be sitting next to one right now..... I also understand that Ronan writes his own material too!

David: We must explain...Ronan has spend the entire day shoulder to shoulder with alternative comedians. What were you doing there Ronan?

Ronan: Today we filmed a video for a new Comic Relief single, which will be released in 2 weeks. It's a Billy Ocean song "When the going gets going, the tough go shopping."

Bianca: Are you a BowieNet-member yourself, Ronan?

Ronan: yeh, I log on alot.

David: yeh, but is it ever Bowienet?

Ronan: Yeh I think I tripped up on it once.

David: So I asked him once, if he'd ever looked at my site? and he asked me, have you ever looked at our site? We looked steadily at each other - agreed to nod, and both said "Yes, this morning".

leighc: Have the two of you met before today?

Si: Ronan, do you believe your new TV show will spawn a new Boy/Girl band as successful as Boyzone?

Nathan: Ronan: what is your golf hanicap?? Ever played St. Andrews?? What type of clubs do you use? David: do you golf??

Ronan: My gold handicap is 18 and I have played St. Andrews, it's a beautiful course and I play with Calloway clubs.

Ronan: David do you golf?

David: I had one once but the door fell off.

leighc: What do you think of Stella Street? Honoured or insulted?

David: He does a good Bowie, script could do with some finessing.

Ronan to David: Being a Dublin boy, are you into Dublin writers? if so who are your favourites?

Ronan to David: My favourites would be more outside Dublin, Sligo which was Yeats country. Kavanagh, and also Behan. Are you a fan?

David to Ronan: Yeh, I suppose mine tend to be more Dublin oriented, Joyce, Beckett - major Beckett fan and Behan. Ronan have your ever seen Behan's brothers artwork - Dominc? I first saw him illustrate one of his brothers books many years ago, called Brendan Behan's New York. He was a wonderful pen and ink artist.

Ronan to David: I have seen it but I wouldn't be very familiar with it, but I'd love to lie - in the hills of Sligo, but I can't.

David to Ronan: Talking of the hills of Sligo, one of the painting that I've got is by Jack Yeats - it shows two tramps, lying down on a small hill and is reputidly one of the inspirations for Becketts "Waiting for Goda".

Ronan to David: Fantatics.

Total Blam Blam: Hallo David ya dizzy cow!#

David: F off Total, you old fart.

Helen2: Ronan do you paint too?

Ronan: Yes, I try.

Ronan: Just for my own use at home, I won't tell you what that use is!

David to Ronan: Can you describe the style that you work in?

Ronan to David: Kind of abstract, I have one collection that's 4 paintings and each painting is a strong colour with a letter and each letter spells LOVE. It's a yellow background with a blue L - a red background with a white O and so on, and if you were to buy the four it would obviously spell LOVE, if I was to sell them.

David to Ronan: Could we show any of them on Bowienet?

Ronan to David: Yes, for a NICE price!

David to Ronan: You DO come from Ireland don't you!

Ronan to David: Where ever there's a drink!

David to Ronan: You must get so tired of being asked, What's the Guinnes like in Ireland? So let me ask you, "What's the Guinness like in England?"

Ronan to David: Shit!!!"

David to Ronan: Sorted.

Ronan to David: You know, God gave Irish the drink - so we wouldn't take over the world.

Rednik: Hey! Tell us a joke

Zardoz: A question for D & R. In TV appearances what % of time do you mime?

Ronan: None, the music is on tape, but the vocals are always live.

David: Same here.

David to Ronan: Is your priority to sell records or to make a contribution to the musical culture, or are they equal?

Ronan to David: My priority is to make a contribution to musical culture but I have to live, so money is important.

David to Ronan: How do you feel about MP3?

Ronan to David: I think it's a fantastic achievement for our generation but I think there will always be the need for record stores (and record companies).

David to Ronan: Why are you such a bearer of bad news?

David to Ronan: So how to you feel, and this is a very touchy one, if some kid buys one of your albums, up-loads it and makes it available for free in super high quality?

Ronan to David: Well he'd be a fool for not making MORE money!

David to Ronan: That's the best answer I've heard yet!!

Ronan: NO.

Earthling: Good evening David and Ronan would I be correct in assuming your first meeting took place in Ireland during the recording of earthling hence the reference to "BOYZONE" on the track "LOOKING FOR SATELLITES" is there a story connected to this

David: I have to come clean, when I was very very young, there was a comic I used to buy called Boys Own Paper, lovingly called BOP and it was one of a fragments that I threw into satellite. I was immediately buried under letters telling me that it was one of the hottest new bands in England as well, which I must say I was quite delighted with..

David: ...it's always pleasant to be unwittingly topical. AND it's a great way to make new friends.

leighc: D - why not do a cover of a Boyzone song???

David: yeh, which one should I do? I presume, you're talking to me!!??

squeakie: Ronan, how old were you when you first got into music?

Ronan: I was in my first band when I was 13 but I have loved music from a much younger age. From a time when I can't remember.

Ronan: I got a joke ... Where does Saddam keep his CD's?

David: I don't know Ronan, where does Saddam keep his CD's?

Ronan: In a rack.

David: That is sooooo cute.

Tybalt: *giggles*

Ronan: Thanks for you seal of approval Tybalt.

ArchanonSpaceboy: "I dont get it"

Dara: Ronan - Which Bowie song would you most like to cover?

Ronan: Where do I start?

Ronan: Anywhere from Let's Dance to Rocket Man.

Total Blam Blam: I went to the doctors this morning with a strawberry stuck up my arse - he said i've got some cream for that!

Helen2: Ronan did you see any of the Earthling tour? and what are your thoughts on it, David have you ever seen Boyzone perform live?

David: I'll answer first, no I've only seen them on the telly and the video, so I'll immediately ask - when are your next shows?

Ronan: We go on tour in the UK in May, there's not many tickets left. Then Europe in June and Asia in July.

Rednik: Ronan: So what's it like to be in a car driven by Shaun? Is he a mad bastard around Dublin?

Ronan: Mad bastard is a mild word - but accurate!

Midge: ronan will you ever do a duet with our david!???

Ronan: I don't know, would you ever do a duet with Ronan?

David: We do a great Rocket Man.

David: WE thought that was very funny.

leighc: David do you wish you were Ronan's age again?

David: I wasn't too keen on the mid-forties, but seriously folks I have been his age several times.

Peanut: that damn Rednik stold my questions!

Ronan: Up the Rednick!

JoniVeSadd: David / Ronan what was last gig u were both at and not playing in

Ronan: Brian Kennedy played a charity War Child gig in Dublin last month and I was there.

David: I was at a gig by a band called Plum for about 10minutes six weeks ago. They really sucked. That's not a pun.

Helen2: Ronan: do you like to use chat rooms? and David when are you coming back to harrass us in

Ronan: Yes, Boyzone often do it, we have our own site you know, which is www.boyzone.co.uk

David: But do you ever just go into chatrooms for the fun of it, anonomously?

Ronan: Yes I do, but I can't tell you which ones! I'm a married man you know!!! ha haa haa

David to Ronan: By the way I believe congratulations are in order for your forthcoming release. 5 weeks away.

Ronan to David: Yes thank you very much.

David to Ronan: Did you want to know if it was a boy or girl already?

Ronan to David: No, we are going to wait.

David to Ronan: So, if you think it's a boy it'll be called Jack and if it's a girl?

Ronan to David: Marie, after my mother.

David to Ronan: Have you a supportive family in terms of what you want to do in music?

Ronan to David: Absolutely.

David to Ronan: Do you have brothers and sisters?

Ronan to David: 3 brothers and 1 sister, and my brother Ciaran is your biggest fan.

David to Ronan: How tall is he exactly?

David to Ronan: Are any of your brothers or your sister in music?

Ronan to David: Only when they drink too much!!

Ronan to David: So, do you have a big family?

David to Ronan: Unfortunately not, I tend to collect friends and make them family. Kind of surrogate.

Will: David: Have you considered guest-hosting for Rosie O'Donnell?

Straffer: David would you like to be in a boy group????

David: No I'm quite happy working with Reeves.

Hermione: My dad had a Boyzone comic book too. He was 72 when he died in 1992. But it's nice to know it was still around when David got hold of it.

Straffer: REEVES is a boy too...

David: Well done Straffer.

David to Ronan: Who makes creative decisions as a band, is it a band thing or is it a management thing?

Ronan to David: The 5 of us will usually make a lot of the decisions and decide what's in store for our future, someone in the record company usually changes it!

David to Ronan: As you yourself write so prolifically, are you thinking of syphoning some of those songs into an album of your own?

Ronan to David: I have a solo single being released in June which is from the new movie - Nottinghill, which is the second part of Four Weddings and a Funeral. The record is called "When You Say Nothing At All".

David to Ronan: Do you think Robbie Williams is Englands answer to David Lee Roth? Have you heard of David Lee Roth?

Ronan to David: I am yet to see David Lee Roth perform live.

Ronan to David: and I've yet to see Robbie Williams live, so I'll tell you when I see them both.

Annette: Where are your wives tonight?

Ronan: They're typing!

JoniVeSadd: David/ Ronan if you 2 were ghosts who would u like to haunt

Ronan: David Lee Roth and Robbie Williams.

Total Blam Blam: They are both round mine!

David and Ronan: You wish!!!!

Ronan: Hey Total, how's Pam Blam Blam man!

Helen2: david I got up early for this chat can you send me a cup of coffee and a ciggie please?

Ronan: Of course it's important for any band to break a territory as large as America. We have not been so lucky, so far, to do so - but we've got the rest of the world who want more - so that's good enough for us.

David: interestingly, over the last 10 years of so, Brit acts have had a really tough time in America. Verve, one of our largest acts only had moderate success and Oasis seem yet to make a dent at all. Ironically, it's the Spice Girls that they've welcome with open arms. Do you think the cultural differences are more nationalistic than ever before?

Ronan: Pop music is happening at the moment in America, more than it ever has been before and the Americans hate attitudes, which Oasis and Verve are full of.

Ronan:...but there music is fantastic.

squeakie: what do you mean?? Oasis is HUGE in America!!!!

Ronan: Are they, have you ever been to America Squeakie?

amalgam: stop asking intelligent questions, david - you're showing us up!

Bonster1: Isnt that becoming a trend now? I understand some other countries have significant markets - germany for example

Bonster1: Oasis is NOT huge in America

Ronan: Yes they are.

David: No they aren't.

Ronan: Are.

David: Na

Ronan: R

David: N

Dara: Hi Ronan - Is there any truth in recent newspaper reports here in Dublin that you have emigrated from Ireland and gone into tax exile?

Ronan: No I have not gone into tax exile - I'm going home tonight.

Annette: David - do you have a house in Ireland?

David: Both Ronan and Bono says for me to use there gaffs anytime I want.

David:...so I guess I do.

Ronan: As long as he pays the rent.

David: This boy has a serious business head on him.

Rednik: Ronan: Is it true that you want to be the Prime Minister of Ireland?

Ronan: No president.

David to Ronan: Do you knock around with Bono? or any of U2?

Ronan to David: I know Bono and Larry very well, but I'm a terrible name dropper!!

David to Ronan: Drop some famous ones then.

amalgam: Do you knock Bono around?

Ronan to David: Elvis, Roy Orbson.

David: Let me rephrase that, if you had a fight with Bono, who'd get drunk first?

Ronan to David: Me, as long as Bono stays away from the sambuca's.

Total Blam Blam: Can you outgig Michael 'Two Shoes' Flatly Ronan?

Ronan: As long as I'm full of Jack Daniels.

Bonster1: David what are you doing in the UK?

Annette: Have you ever set fire to your lip with a sambucca

Ronan: No but Bono did.

David: Primarily here to take part in this chat room with Ronan and of course in a couple of weeks I am working with my buddies Placebo at the Brits.

Ronan: So let's get drunk at the Brits then Dave.

David: I'm afraid I'd just have to watch now.

Ronan: Oh well I'll drink yours.

Salley: Ronan: I hear the BBC is making a British version of the Partridge Family, with you playing the David Cassidy role. Any truth to this??

Ronan: I know nothing about the Patridge Family, who are they?

Dara: David - Have you ever attended a Beckett play in Dublin?

David: yes I have, at the Gate Theatre, also in New York and also in London.

David: I know for sure I saw Happy Trousers in New York. I think most astonishly performance I've seen though was in NY with Steve Martin and Robin Williams in Waiting for Godah.

Ronan: I got drunk in the Gate once.

Ronan: Once!

Total Blam Blam: I fell drunk off a gate once

Ronan: Was that with Pam?

Rednik: What is the meaning of the name Ronan?

Ronan: Yeh, it's Irish for baby seal.

David to Ronan: Do you feel an Celtic connection or do you find that not part of your life?

Ronan to David: No, I'm very proud of where I come from and I'm very intersted in the history of Ireland.

Ronan to David: it's a wonderful, mystical country.

David to Ronan: I feel much the same about Bromley.

Five minutes to go folks

Rednik: Peanut wants to know a Limerick

Ronan: There was an old man from Nantucket, that kept all his cash in a bucket, but his daughter named Nan ran away with a man, and as for the bucket ahhh?????

Annette: doing any live shows across the internet?

Ronan: keep watching this space, we've got a surprise for you shortly.

princess: Will you let me ask any thing today??????

David: go for it princess, you've got 2 minutes, ask what you can.

princess: thanx!!!!!!!!!!!

Helen2: Ronan, given the chance would you like to try your hand at acting?

Ronan: I've been offered a few movies. I will do one, I'm just waiting for the right one.

Total Blam Blam: The quality press are talking of a Boyzone split Ronan - is this bollox?

Ronan: Yes this is bollix, as we say in Ireland.

2 minutes to go folks

Princess: Will you change music stile Ronan?

Ronan: I will change music style a little, but I won't go anywhere too far from what you are used to listening to Boyzone.

last two questions folks

David: Last two questions.

leighc: ronan are you a fan of Eastenders like David?

Ronan: I don't watch TV but I love the movies, so I don't know much about East Enders but David's going to fill me in.

David: I understand from the chat rooms that Phil Grant is going to fill me in! Shame, he's a good actor, anyway I'm going to wait for the Eastenders movie.

David: Ronan, you're a really good sport and thanks so much for coming to the chat room. I hope you come again. Ta ta folks.

Ronan: David it was a pleasure and an honour. I hope we meet again on the net or under it! Thanks folks - God Bless.

"Electric Warrior": thanks everybody - excellent questions ans answers

"Electric Warrior": and and and and

"Electric Warrior": of course I do......

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Session Close: Fri Jan 30 1999

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