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BowieLive Chat Transcription
Mark Plati - 24/6/99

Session Start: Fri Jun 25 00:43:17 1999

*** Now talking in #ChatGuest

*** Topic is 'Chat with Mark Plati TONIGHT at 8:00 p.m. EST'

Moderator: Alright everyone, Let's do it!

Moderator: Any questions

Mark Plati: Hi everyone, I'm glad to be here tonight.

ZeroGirl: Mark do you play golf?

Mark Plati: No, golf is the anti-christ.

Mark Plati: I was a caddy in high school, and golfers are the worst people I've ever met. I'll never be on a golf course. They should buy a Trek mountain bike.

Electric_Blue: Mark: what is your favourite track off the new album?

Mark Plati: I haven't decided on my favorite. I have it down to two different ones, which I'm not telling anyone.

Coldfyr: Mark.. serious biker?

Mark Plati: Yes, I just did the California A drive, it was 570 miles.

Mark Plati: in seven days.

ZeroGirl: Do you participate in pro-biking?

Mark Plati: No, no pro stuff. Just charity events

FruJu: Mark: what music did you listen to when you were growing up??

Mark Plati: I listened to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, then I got into New Wave and Punk in the late 70's. And David, of course.

Electric_Blue: you ever tried to get David to go out cycling with you?

Mark Plati: I've tried, but he says no. But he likes my cycling legs.

Rednik: So what was it like to work with Prince aka The Artist Formerly aka Squiggle?

Mark Plati: He was great, but very quiet. He was like David in that he knew what he wanted and he was very direct in how to get it, but I don't think he trusted other people and musicians as much as David does.

Rednik: The Dublin Factory secret gig rocked. Which was your favourite show from the Earthling tour? And why?

Mark Plati: Umm, let's see.. I liked the ... MTV 10 spot gig.

sQ: dude, are you in a band?

Mark Plati: No, I never found the right people to be in a band with. I just like playing on other peoples records now.

Jet: Is David difficult to work with?

Mark Plati: No, he's one of the easiest artists I've ever worked with. And the easiest vocalist I've ever recorded.

sQ: do you like PLACEBO as much as Bowie does?

Mark Plati: Placebo who?

Electric_Blue: Who would you most like to work with (i.e. who you haven't already)?

Mark Plati: Tough question. Everyone and no-one. I don't really know... I'll think about that though.

FruJu: Can you tell us how you first met Bowie, and how you got to work on his albums?

Mark Plati: I met David at the Looking Glass studios, right before the recording of Earthling, and we were only going to do a single, but it turned into an entire album. Much to my surprise.

ZeroGirl: Do you paint? (or other?) :)

Mark Plati: Yes, I just painted my apartment.

Coldfyr: is this your first net chat?

Mark Plati: Yes, first and last.

Moderator: lol

Coldfyr: what to you think of BowieNet so far?

Mark Plati: I think it's fantastic. It's a really well layed out site, and you all seem to be very devoted users.

Rednik: Mark if you had a spray can in your hand - what would you write on the studio wall?

Mark Plati: I would write, "Go away and leave me alone so I can finish this mess."

Electric_Blue: You forgotten about your little net chat during the WRH recording already???

Mark Plati: Oh, that's right, I forgot. That was a fun location.

Coldfyr: Mark ever do any triatholons?

Mark Plati: No, I don't like running. It's too hard on my knees.

FruJu: Are you a traditionalist when it comes to mixing, or do you play around with the newfangled computer thangs?

Mark Plati: It depends upon the music, but generally I'll try anything out.

sQ: do you TAE BO??

Mark Plati: No, it's way too fadish.

Electric_Blue: Do you think self producing is a mistake?

Mark Plati: It depends upon the artist. An artist like David has a lot more objectivity than some other folks I've worked with.

ZeroGirl: Mark, so what do ya think about '2000?'

Mark Plati: 2000 what?

sQ: Are you Y2K compliant

Mark Plati: Yes, I'm all sorted out for Y2K. Extremely sorted out.

Jet: Do you have a family - wife, kids, dog, etc?

Mark Plati: I have a six year old daughter named Alice. She's my other hobby.

ZeroGirl: Mark, do you have anything special planned for the milenium?

Mark Plati: Yes, I plan to live through it.

Bonster1: Have I missed any exciting revelations???

Mark Plati: We figured out how to acheive world peace in your absence.

DammikaPammika: I'm going for dinner, what do you suggest?

Mark Plati: Go to Las Angeles and find a good taco stand.

ZeroGirl: Are you gonna go see David at Gisborne? *lol*

Mark Plati: Depends if I can fit in a road-case and sneak on the plane.

Electric_Blue: Would you participate in a 'live in the net' recording again?

Mark Plati: Absolutely. It was a lot of fun and it gave people a chance to see what we do.

Bonster1: I'd like to get my share of world piece ;)

Mark Plati: You're as cheeky as I am.

Margot: Does Gail play bass on the new album?

Mark Plati: No she doesn't; she was away on tour with another artists and I ended up being the bass player on this album.

FruJu: Mark, I really enjoyed your remixes on the Earthling singles. Do you plan to do the same for the hours... album singles?

Mark Plati: I don't really know yet because they haven't told me which songs are going to be singles.

ZeroGirl: What's Really Happening is going to be one, I thought.

Mark Plati: I don't know, but it has a good chance to be one.

Mark Plati: What were your favorite tracks on Earthling?

Bonster1: Mark have you learned to type with all ten fingers yet?

Mark Plati: I'm not typing at all, I'm just lying on the couch.

Bonster1: My favorite track on Earthling is Dead Man Walking, but I take a lot of shit for that ;)

Mark Plati: I think that's my favorite track on the album.

Ilsa: Who's peeling the grapes?

Mark Plati: David's peeling the grapes.

Daraok: Hi Mark. How did you like your sojourn in Dublin for the Earthling rehearsals? What's your strongest liquid memory - the Guinness or the rain?

Mark Plati: Oh, the guinness of course. It was good to get it from the source.

Coldfyr: Mark... How did you feel about the studio cybercast with Alex Grant?

Mark Plati: It was great. He obviously enjoyed it so much. It was fantastic to be able to participate in that.

Rednik: Name one thing you've regreted doing whilst drunk?

Mark Plati: I can name 400, but I can't go into that right now...

Galliter: give us the lowdown on "hours" Mr. Plati

Mark Plati: There's a lot of good songs on it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Mark Plati: It was also a lot of fun to be able to play on the record with David, as well as engineer and mix it.

Galliter: What happend to Gail Dorsey on that?

Mark Plati: She was on tour with another artist.

Daraok: What's your biggest musical thrill these days - writing, playing bass or producing?

Mark Plati: I tend to bounce between them, but generally being in the studio no matter what I do is great.

Bonster1: did you co-write any songs?

Mark Plati: No. They were all written by the time I got involved with the project.

Coldfyr: What music do you listen to?

Mark Plati: I listen to a little bit of everything, from Sinatra to Slayer.

Electric_Blue: So you're not suffering from daylight deprivation yet then?

Mark Plati: No, I tend to work in studios that have windows so I can see daylight.

DammikaPammika: And your favorite Darveed Bowie tune?

Mark Plati: That's a very difficult question. It's between Space Oddity and Heroes, although I think my favorite album overall is Station to Station.

Daraok: You've done some great remixes for Bowie - your "I'm Deranged" is my favourite remix ever. If you could remix any track in Bowie's back catalogue, which would it be?

Mark Plati: Thank you, I think I'm Deranged re-mix is one of the best pieces of work I've ever done.

Arafel: I was impressed with the live shows use of some seemingly pre-recorded background... how involved in that were you?

Mark Plati: I was involved in trying to translate the record into live performance.

Electric_Blue: Is there any particular Bowie track that you aren't too impressed with?

Mark Plati: Anything off of Never Let Me Down.

ZeroGirl: Do you know anything about the Outside follow-up, "Contamination?" Maybe you should kick David's ass so he'll get started on it and then you could produce it and *trails off*

Mark Plati: I know absolutely nothing about it, and I've never heard it come up, so my guess is as good as yours.

Electric_Blue: Would you tell Bowie if you thought a song he was going to record was terrible?

Mark Plati: Absolutely. It doesn't get us anywhere if I don't speak my mind.

FruJu: That's Bonster's favourite album!

Mark Plati: I'm sorry Bonster, it's just not my cup of tea.

Arafel: What's the last thing you bought at Walmart? (we ask everyone this and get some interesting answers!)

Mark Plati: Fuck Walmart.

Mark Plati: !

QueerByChoice: David told me he was using the name "potty" in the chatroom but now I think he's using "ppdance" instead. But by the time I realized this, ppdance was gone! When you're recording an album, does David often show up in disguise with a false name like Arnold Corns and record an entire album w/you and you don't realize it's him til you've finished it all?

Mark Plati: One time, he wanted to put on a Snow White costume.

Daraok: Are you going to be in the videos for the new album?

Mark Plati: I wish.

QueerByChoice: How old are you? Be honest now

Mark Plati: 37.

DammikaPammika: What color do you paint your toenails?

Mark Plati: I don't paint my toenails. In fact, I have no piercings or tatooes to speak of. However, I do paint Reeves toenails pink and gold.

Bonster1: you look pretty young for 37 I think

Mark Plati: It's all the biking and staying up late, and the cappuccino's

Coldfyr: Mark.. what do you see in the future for guitar music with the emphasis being on Electronica now?

Mark Plati: I didn't realize that the emphasis was on electronica... It seems to be getting burried. By what, I don't know. I don't think we'll ever lose guitar music.

sQ: the guitar is dead except for sampled guitar

Mark Plati: Blasphemy!

DammikaPammika: Electronica Shmelectronica, what the hell happened to good old Polka?

Mark Plati: It's alive and well in my house.

Rednik: What is your most treasured material possession?

Mark Plati: My 1963 Fender jazz bass.

FruJu: Did you grow up in New York? What school/college did you go to?

Mark Plati: I did grow up in NY, but I went to college in Indiana.

Arafel: Do you play acoustic guitar for fun and if so what kind?

Mark Plati: Well, I play it seriously as well, and I have a martin.

ColdFire: If a band of Rabid BowieBabes tackled you, tied you up, and insisted on painting your toenails, what color would you want them to be painted?

Mark Plati: Move.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: Guitar unless its Adrian Belew or someone like that is very boring and should taken away with, and its far too one dimensional

Mark Plati: I disagree. I think Pete Townsend kicks Adrian Belew's ass.

Daraok: What's the funniest thing Bowie did or said to you ever?

Mark Plati: He told me to raise the sound of his voice by a half a willy.

Daraok: Oh God, it's the electronica puritans!

Mark Plati: Get them out! Burn them at the stake!

ZeroGirl: Yo, where IS your fav place to 'shop?'

Mark Plati: The 24 hour deli around the corner from my apartment.

Bonster1: Do you appreciate dara and Rednick staying up til two in the morning for you? ;)

Mark Plati: I do, yes. I appreciate it, but I know they're off having a guiness.

QueerByChoice: i know why you said he only *wanted* to put on the Snow White costume - YOU stole it from him and put it on before he had a chance!

Coldfyr: Mark... red meat eater or vegetarian

Mark Plati: I was a vegetarian for about 8 years, but this year I started eating red meat again, and I really love it.

sQ: Have you seen Austin Powers

Mark Plati: Not yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Freecloud: How hands-on is Bowie in the studio?

Mark Plati: He's extremely hands on. He's there every day, and he has very definite ideas of what he wants.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: why do you like the Dave Matthews Band???

Mark Plati: I like some of their songs, but it gets a bit too jazzy for my taste.

Jet: Is bowie stubborn?

Mark Plati: Absolutely. We're all stubborn.

ZeroGirl: Do you like mountain oysters, Mark?

Mark Plati: I've never tried them, but if you cook them for me, I'll give them a go.

Bonster1: Have you heard Reeves new material yet and what do you think?

Mark Plati: I've worked on a lot of Reeves' new material, and I think a lot of it is excellent. I'm hoping that it's released soon for all of your enjoyment.

FruJu: Does Iman ever invite you round to have afternoon tea and a dash of osso buco?

Mark Plati: Not yet, but I'm waiting by the mail box for the invitation. I got to sit next to her at a dinner party once, and she sure is lovely.

Rednik: Mark: Boxers? Y-fronts? Cycling Shorts? Knickers? or just plain Commando?

Mark Plati: nothing.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: What do u think of that Bowie-clone Band Suede?And are you actually a Bowie fan??Dont lie now!

Mark Plati: I am actually a Bowie fan because I grew up with a lot of his music, and it had a lot of influence on my musical development. I can't say the same for Suede.

DammikaPammika: Will you come to the next BowieNet ball in NYC?

Mark Plati: I'll go to the BowieNet ball, sure. Where and when?

Electric_Blue: Cook your own or take out?

Mark Plati: I cook my own when I get the chance. In fact, last night I barbequed a whole heaping pile of pork chops.

Mark Plati: I'm one of the rare people in the city who has an outdoor deck.

ThinWhiteDiva: Mark Plati who do you think will be the next "David Bowie"?

Mark Plati: Bob Dole.

Bonster1: Bob Dole is too young....

Mark Plati: *lol*

FruJu: How long (in terms of weeks) did you work on the Earthling and hours... albums? How does it compare to other artists you've worked with in this regard?

Mark Plati: Earthling was amazing. It only took two months to do from start to finish. With Hours, it's hard to say because I was brought in toward the end of the process as I was busy doing Dave Navarro's album.

Daraok: Is Prince, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Squiggle or whatever he's called as weird in reality as he seems?

Mark Plati: I heard a lot of really weird things about him when I was at Paisley park, but I can't honestly say because when I worked with him, he didn't utter a single word.

Electric_Blue: If you could re-mix any track from anytime what would it be?

Mark Plati: Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles.

Bonster1: Is Dave Navarro more exciting than Dave Bowie? ;)

Mark Plati: No, he's just as exciting in a different way. Dave's in a whole different head space than Bowie.

LamFrogi: And you didn't find that weird?

Daraok: Not a single word? Wow. The small silent type!

Mark Plati: It was completely weird, but that was the biggest artist I'd worked with to date at that time, so I really didn't know what to do.

ZeroGirl: So, are you producing anyone now?

Mark Plati: I'm in the middle of doing Dave Navarro's album. I stopped so I could work on David's album.

Rednik: What's your favourite movie of all time?

Mark Plati: It's really hard to say, but I'd have to say The Godfather for right now.

Electric_Blue: are your family dead proud of you?

Mark Plati: They are now, but they advised me against going into this as a career. They thought I was out of my mind.

Coldfyr: Mark back the cycling again* avid cycler here* How many miles a day do you ride usually?

Mark Plati: Anywhere from 10 to 20 a day, and on the weekends, I try to do 50 on Saturday.

Rednik: Mark: Have you done any solo material?

Mark Plati: No, as I don't really sing. And when I'm not in the studio with other people, I'm usually hanging out with my daughter.

sQ: bicyclists annoy me

Mark Plati: Go fuck yourself.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: what do u think of Jane Siberry???

Mark Plati: I think she's amazing.

DammikaPammika: what kind of name is Plati anyway?

Mark Plati: It's Italian.

sQ: i'm just kidding, man!! geeez

Mark Plati: Don't get me started about motorists.... I bike in NYC and I have a near-death experience nearly every day!

Electric_Blue: Rugrats or Simpson's?

Mark Plati: What's the difference?

ThinWhiteDiva: What do you Think about the Tibetan conserts each year have they improved over the years?

Mark Plati: I only saw one where the Beasties did Pauls Boutique. I thought it was good, but I started to wonder what good these things really do.

ColdFire: Do you believe that Italians are the most superior beings ever created?

Mark Plati: That's a rhetorical question.

Mark Plati: It's the little old ladies you have to watch out for...

ZeroGirl: Are you on the net a lot/offen/whatever?

Mark Plati: I'm on a little bit. Dammit.

ADynomoose: I think that there should be bike only lanes. I drive in the French Quarter (New Orleans) daily, and the bikers are a real menace. They're always weaving in and out of traffic. I'm always afraid I'll hit one.

Mark Plati: I agree with you whole-heartedly, only problem is the trucks usually park in the bike lanes and we go into traffic anyway. I don't think cyclists should be on the sidewalk, and I try not to be one of those.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: I often wonder why the peoploids like such silly bands such as the Beastie Boys??What do u think the attraction is Mark???

Mark Plati: I might have been born a little bit late for the Beasties. It's a little too cartoonish for me. Although I do like their new album.

Electric_Blue: have you got an honourary BNet membership?

Mark Plati: I don't, but if you all beg Howard, I'm sure he'll give me one.

LamFrogi: So where do you park your bike, inside or outside in NYC?

Mark Plati: I have too bikes. A good bike which I use when I go on little bike trips and things, and a shitty one that I use around town and can lock up outside (nobody wants it).

ColdFire: Sporks or Foons?

Mark Plati: Que Pasta.

DammikaPammika: Who is the Worst recording artist (in your humble opinion)?

Mark Plati: Don't get me started.

Bonster1: Has the commando question come up yet? ;)

Mark Plati: Yes, wake the fuck up. Commando Commando Commando!

Bonster1: Ok, the worst recording artist currently

Mark Plati: Ricky Martin.

sQ: do you think that Britney Spears is a bowl full of talent?

Mark Plati: I think she's a bown full of spew.

Daraok: Have you ever worked with anyone you really didn't like working with, and what would it take to get you to name names?

Mark Plati: De-Light. The woman in De-Light was a complete bitch.

Mark Plati: She made my life miserable for three months.

FruJu: Do you get a flat fee for engineering/mixing an album, or do you get some cut of the royalties based on sales?

Mark Plati: Mind your own business.

Mark Plati: Now you've got me all upset about De-Light. Give me some happy questions, please.

Raven: Do you like to read? Have a favourite author?

Mark Plati: I do like to read, but I don't have a favorite author. I do like John Steinbeck.

Electric Warrior: who wears more make-up in the studio - Reeves or Robert Smith??

Mark Plati: Neither. They both don't wear anything in the studio. Robert's actually quite beautiful in the studio.

Daraok: What do you think of Bowie as an actor? Ham or toast? What's your favourite film that Bowie's been in?

Mark Plati: David told me never to see any of his films, and I never have.

DammikaPammika: Is Reeves really Uncle Fester?

Mark Plati: Yes, and I'm cousin It. And David is Morticia.

Bonster1: should we delve into the "Roberts quite beautiful in the studio" comment??? ;)

Mark Plati: Sure, delve away!

LdyofDarkness: do you wear those hideous spandex bike shorts?

Mark Plati: yes, and they do wonders for my little ass.

ZeroGirl: Where's ya fav vacation spot? :) :) :)

Mark Plati: Anywhere quiet.

Daraok: Reeves is a postmodern bona fide 90s rock God cultural icon in a kilt with a twist of whatever you're having yourself

Mark Plati: Wow, what a mouthful.

Electric_Blue: with the padded arse patch or without?

Mark Plati: Pads are for wussy's

sQ: What is Robert Smith like to work with?

Mark Plati: Robert was great; he's really talented, and he's one of my favorite voices in rock. He bought me my own bottle of wine.

Electric Warrior: Mark - now that those bastards from Mercury have asked Ric Ocasek to step down from producing the next Hanson CD - would you consider taking over!!!

Mark Plati: Absolutely. As long as they share some little girls with me.

ADynomoose: Mark, you work with alot of successful musicians. Do you have any idea why most of them don't play New Orleans

Mark Plati: I have no idea, though I've not been to New Orleans, so I can't say. Why would anyone have anything against a town like that??

Daraok: I thought they were girls

Mark Plati: Isn't the drummer a girl?

ZeroGirl: Mark, you should come to the mountains of NC...actually, all of NC is pretty quiet anyway....the news stations would prolly do some big thing on you going on vacation here...*l* That's how quiet it is...

Mark Plati: Sure, when do we leave and what's for breakfast?

ThinWhiteDiva: Mark Plati do you know who James Bonn is (not the Movie guy)?

Mark Plati: I have no idea; tell me.

QueerByChoice: do you ever make fun of David's puny non-cycling legs?

Mark Plati: No, he won't let me see his legs. He just likes looking at mine.

Bonster1: You like to eat breakfast I've noted here ;) or is it just eat?

Mark Plati: I like to eat lots of things. That's all I have to say.

ZeroGirl: I'll cook ya some of tha good ol' NC BBQ, yeah we eat it all the time, breakfast lunch dinner snack time, gulosh...and other such viddles like that. :)

Mark Plati: BBQ - now we're talking. can you send me some?

Electric_Blue: Have you had to relax any no smoking rules for David?

Mark Plati: When David's working, there aren't any smoking rules.

CazAru: LOL oooh, what kind of bike do you ride? what's the best bike trip you've taken?

Mark Plati: I just did the California A drive from San Fran to lower CA, and it was some of the most amazing scenery I've every seen on a bike.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: are you suffering from 80's Acid flashbacks right now Mark, because you seem a little hasty

Mark Plati: Actually, I've never done any psychedellic drugs. I knew too many people who completely lost their minds on them and it completely scared me off.

FruJu: Mark: did you stop off to visit Hearst Castle on the way, or just cycle on by?

Mark Plati: No, we didn't take that way, but I knew we were close to it, and it made me rent Citizen Kane when I got home.

ArchanonSpaceboy: Hey Mark...do you do any arranging?

Mark Plati: Yea, I tend to do some kind of arranging on every album I do. I did some string arranging on Dave Navarro's album, and some on the Alisha's Attic album.

LamFrogi: What was the first instrument you learned to play, and at what age?

Mark Plati: I started playing drums at age 10, then started bass when I was 12 because a friend of mine had one and I thought it looked cool.

sQ: rexer wants to know: just what is that white thing in every can of pork and beans

Mark Plati: It's remnants of the big bang.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: what do u think of the new NIN album???

Mark Plati: Is it out? I had no idea it was done. I didn't think he'd ever write another record.

ZeroGirl: Wouldn't it be bichon to have David and Ru Paul on MTV Celebritty Death..that'd be some funny shit...hehe

Mark Plati: yea, let me see if I can arrange that.

FruJu: Were your parents musically inclined??

Mark Plati: No, but my grandfather made an opera record in Italy.

QueerByChoice: Hasn't David ever done anything really embarrassing? Tell us something that will make him ban you from his chatrooms for the rest of your life!!

Mark Plati: No, David acts with complete dignity at all times.

Bonster1: Northern or Southern Italian?

Mark Plati: Southern, from Calibria.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: are you ashamed of Marilyn Mansons music Plati??I mean ashamed for him

Mark Plati: I kind of like it musically, but I don't see the whole point in the visual presentation. It doesn' nothing for me, but then again, I'm not 16 years old.

sQ: Do you have a "New York" accent

Mark Plati: Only when I yell at the taxi drivers. Otherwise, I still have a Denver accent from when I lived there as a child.

Rednik: Why is Italy shaped like a boot?

Mark Plati: Why not?

Daraok: What's the best album you didn't work on you've heard this year?

Mark Plati: Neil Finn.

LamFrogi: Why Indiana U, and do you think you got a good education?

Mark Plati: They have a great music school, and I wanted to get as far away from NY and out in the country as I could.

Coldfyr: Mark ever spend time jamming out at Red Rocks in Denver as a youngster?

Mark Plati: No, by the time I was of concert-going age, I moved back to NY. In fact, the 1st concert I ever saw was YES at MSG.

FruJu: Does living in New York ever just make you go totally bonkers and want to ride over someone on your bike?

Mark Plati: No, I go bonkers when I'm out of NY now. No place is nearly as interesting to live.

Daraok: Were you disappointed that John Elway quit?

Mark Plati: I'm not really a sports fan. I don't have time to keep up those things. But he was there a long time, and I think it's about time he gave someone else a chance, don't you?

ColdFire: Italy is shaped like a boot to kick all the nonbelievers out of the country, wouldn't you agree Mark?

Mark Plati: Nonbelievers of what?

sQ: how do you tolerate the smell of all the garbage in New York City??

Mark Plati: Pedal fast.

Mark Plati: *Mark is away, pager just went off* He'll be back shortly.

Mark Plati: 10 more minutes. Any good questions?

Bonster1: so what was the page? are you a doctor??

Mark Plati: No, I only play one on TV.

QueerByChoice: Would it be your style to wear boots shaped like Italy?

Mark Plati: No, I don't usually wear boots or shoes because I bike to sessions, I bike everywhere.

Daraok: How was Arthur Baker like to work with?

Mark Plati: Working with Arthur was like going to book camp. I learned an awful lot, but I got burned a lot too. Through him I met a lot of great people, but I don't think it's an experience I'd like to repeat.

ThinWhiteDiva: What do you think of Bowies contest winer and his song?

Mark Plati: I thought Alex was pretty cool, and I thought his lyrics were great.

ColdFire: you're a barefoot biker?

Mark Plati: yes, and I have nails in my pedals.

ArchanonSpaceboy: Mark, are you going to be part of the band on David's next tour?

Mark Plati: I'd really like to be, but I don't think they have space for me. I'd like to play with David, I think it would be a totally different experience.

ColdFire: What did you think of Alex's HAIR?

Mark Plati: no comment!

Daraok: Have you seen Star Wars The Fandom Menace yet?

Mark Plati: *lol*

BritBoy: lol sQ: lol

Galliter: Anything else you can tell us about the new album, Mark?

Mark Plati: It's a change of pace from Earthling. I think it's got a lot of great vocals from David.

ZeroGirl: What is your fav bike? :) (kind, etc) answer, answer, anwser...............dammit... ;)

Mark Plati: I think Trek is my favorite brand. I've had three of them, and they've all been great bikes. Unfortunately, I've had three because they keep getting stolen. Dammit.

ThinWhiteDiva: Do you think Bowie has improved his voice ofer the years?

Mark Plati: Absolutely, he's become a real master at working it. I just can't believe he can smoke and sing like that. It's not fair.

CazAru: so when you're relaxing, kicking back, who's on the stereo?

Mark Plati: Joni Mitchell.

CazAru: oh, sure, answer the cute teenager about your bike!

Electric Warrior: Mark - question - should I stay home and drink a 6-pack of microbrew beer (or as we call them here on BowieNet - Ice Cold Pops) - or should i head on down to the corner bar and listen to reggae music and smoke a big fatty with the 7 Rasta's who live in Connecticut???

Bonster1: Ron you shouldn't talk about your wife and kids that way though

Daraok: If you had been alive in the Glam era, would you have worn a feather boa?

Mark Plati: Well, I was alive during the Glam era, but I was only nine years old. I would have worn a feather boa, but my parent's would have sent me off to an institution if I had.

Mark Plati: One more good question.

BritBoy: Do you have a gnome-fettish... like me?

Mark Plati: That's not the question.

AphexMusicalWizardVern: Tell Reeves to slow down on his heavy guitar playing

Mark Plati: You tell him.. Here's his phone number. 343-910X

Daraok: What are you wearing? Wait, isn't this www.sexchat.com? I'm confused

Mark Plati: Commando!

ZeroGirl: Still want me to cook ya some mountain oysters or, otherwise known as pig nuts?

Mark Plati: Sure, and you can fedex them to me care of looking glass studios.

Electric_Blue: Bolan or Bay City Rollers?

Mark Plati: Bolan Bolan Bolan.

Mark Plati: OK everyone, I'd love to come back, and will do so after the album comes out.

LdyofDarkness: what is the airspeed velocity of a swallow?

Mark Plati: African or European?

ZeroGirl: wait--um....*thinking of a quick question* do you....uh...like ..uhh...coffee?

Mark Plati: Yes, if you're buying, I'm there.

Mark Plati: Thanks everybody, I had a great time. This was a lot of fun. I hope I answered your questions to your liking.

CazAru: Why do hotdogs come in packages of ten, but buns come in packages of eight?

Mark Plati: Go to www.straightdope.com for the answer.

Good night everyone.

Mark Plati: Goodnight.

Mark Plati has left the building.

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