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BowieLive Chat Transcription
Roger O'Donnell - 21/5/99

Session Start: Fri May 21 06:00:00 1999

*** Now talking in #ChatGuest

*** Topic is 'Chat with Roger O'Donnell at 06:00 p.m. May 21st, 1999'

Mod: Roger is here, ready to go?

Roger: Hello.

SleepyBeauty: I know you're a good computer programmer and designer. What do you think of Bowie Net?

Roger: It's very professional. And completely different to The Cure site, which is a lot more home-spun.

Gilly: What do you think about David Bowie?

Roger: I've liked him on and off over the years, depending upon what kind of music he's into at the time.

LoveCat: DB has said on a number of occasions that there were no good bands in the '80s, would you like to blow an online raspberry at him for me?

Roger: What did he do between 1979 and 1989?

TheFourAnswerGURU: Did The Cure ever consider to cover a Bowie song? And if so which song. What song Bowie should have to cover?

Roger: We did.

Roger: Young Americans. It was for an XFM compilation CD.

Helen2: Who are some of your favourite artists and what do you think of Bowie's art (be honest ;-)

Roger: My favourite artists are: Smashing Pumpkins, Orbital, Underworld, Herbie Hancock, and I've never seen any of David's art, but I'm sure it's excellent.

SleepyBeauty: How was it like playing in Psychedelic Furs?

Roger: Hard work. But I did get to meet David because he was a big fan.

Helen2: What about painters?

Roger: David Hochney is my favorite artist.

LoveCat: Is Robert Smith as cuddly to work with as he comes across on video?

Roger: I cuddled him the other day.

Anna Sanchez: How did you come to meet the members of The Cure?

Roger: On a train... true!

TheFourAnswerGURU: Is Reeves still involved in The Cure or was it just a one off?

Roger: He hasn't played on the new album so far, but who knows.

TheFourAnswerGURU: Aren't you sad that only Robert was invited to play songs on the 50th birthday of Bowie, leaving The Cure as a band out.

Roger: No.

Chris: Why will The Cure not play any B-side or soundtrack singles live?

Roger: We have enough A side material to keep us going. It's difficult to narrow down a set list because we have so many songs. Usually we end up with a repetoire of about 75 songs while we're on tour, and they're all A sides or album tracks.

RaMOANa: Hallo Roger, I'm late ooops... dunno what questions I missed?

Roger: What do you suggest I do, repeat all of them??

SleepyBeauty: Did you see that concert?

Roger: No.

Gilly: What's your favourite Cure song?

Roger: I have a few... Like Cockatoos, Prayers For Rain, amongst others.

TheFourAnswerGURU: What is the biggest advantage of being famous and what is the worst thing of it?

Roger: I'm not famous.

TheFourAnswerGURU: What is your fav Bowie song?

Roger: I've got quite a few of those... Probably a classic one from each period. My first favorite is Letter to Hermione.

Roger: Heroes. Fame. Let's Dance. I really liked the period around The Man Who Fell To Earth.

RaMOANa: What do you think of a fellow keyboardist, Mike Garson?

Roger: I'm not aware of his work.

Raven: Are you listening to any new bands lately? If so, which ones do you like?

Roger: Tortoise. I really love Tortoise. They're not a new band, but they're new to me.

LoveCat: Are you at least rich?

Roger: Depends upon how you quantify rich... I'm rich in love.

SleepyBeauty: I red on your bio that you've also worked in Fashion industry? Can you tell us something more about?

Roger: I had a clothing store in Toronto. It was more "street wear" than high fashion. I became very good friends with Shawn Stussey, who was a designer.

TheFourAnswerGURU: Did The Cure really send in a text for that Bowie writing contest, and why was it not choosen as the best song?

Roger: Yes we did all enter the contest. We didn't win because obviously David has terrible taste.

Ty-Bone: Do you think Robert knows to play guitar?

Roger: I think Robert's one of the most under rated guitarist in R&R. 10 times as good as Reeves.

Ty-Bone: I wonder if Robert knows only the basics of guitar when I saw his concerts! What you think?

Roger: He plays basic guitar on stage because he's singing at the same time.

Helen2: That is fighting talk Roger

Roger: I can take Reeves any day!

Roger: Helen2, I did get pissed off when he started using synth guitars to play the piano.

Arafel: What do you think of Love and Rockets, and of their recent break up?

Roger: I cried for days.

Gilly: lol

Ty-Bone: Do you like new techno happening I mean good side of techno?

Roger: What do you mean by that?

TheFourAnswerGURU: Have u ever heard the first songs of Suede, before the first album, Art, Be My God and Wonderful sometimes, They sound like The Cure, don't u think so?

Roger: I detest Suede.

Helen2: We are having a party tomorrow night Roger, what music should be play?

Roger: Not Suede. Or the Smiths.

Roger: I don't get anywhere near the Stereo when I have a party. My girlfriend takes over.

RaMOANa: boxers or briefs, or do you go commando? Sorry, this is sort of a standard query.

Roger: The ones I wear are called Boxer-Briefs (CK).

SleepyBeauty: Why don't you like them?

Roger: I don't know why I don't like them. I hate him. He just wants to be... Doesn't he want to be David Bowie? There's only room for one "Duke".

Arafel: Well what would SHE play?

Roger: She's got 300 CD's and you get to hear about 2 seconds of each one. Just when you're getting into a song, she changes it.

Roger: Gus Gus. Smashing Pumpkins. Bjork.

Ty-Bone: What music you like to listen most when you really have some time?

Roger: Mostly Jazz.

Mertle: So do you ever shop for dustbin liners at Wal-Mart? Or for anything at Wal-Mart?

Roger: When we're on tour, we always stop the tour bus at Wal-Marts, and Robert buys a complete new wardrobe for $25. It's true! We'll fill up at least one trolly bus with shit.

SleepyBeauty: How did you learn to play keyboard?

Roger: I haven't learned yet... I'm still trying *lol*

A_Girl: How was it to be the opening act for a David Bowie concert?

Roger: I was in the Thompson Twins. We opened for David in 1983. It was cool because we only had to play for 1/2 hour, and we got to see David Bowie.

Margot: Where do you plan to be on New Years' Eve? Please be on stage in Gisborne, NZ with David and co.

Roger: In Reykjavik.

Helen2: What is your favourite restaurant in NY I am looking for suggestions.

Roger: Robert DeNiro's restaurant, the Tribeca Grill.

Margot: With Bjork?

Roger: Yea, she'll probably be there.

Helen2: How about the best place to eat in London as I will be back there soon.

Roger: Coast. That's my favorite.

Andrze: Which bookwriters do you like and which books exactly?

Roger: I don't really read much fiction. I'm usually reading tech manuals. I've read two books in the last couple of months by Louis DeBernieres.

Roger: I didn't know they were best sellers because my sister gave them to me. The first one is called Captain Carellies Mandolin.

SleepyBeauty: Do you like cooking?

Roger: I hate cooking. My girlfriend loves it and we argue about it all the time.

PrincessRamsey: Roger, do you cruise the net much, or is this your first encounter with us hardcore nutballs?

Roger: Yea, all the time. I do a lot of, at least 3 hours a day.

Ty-Bone: Do you think it be a great idea if UltraStar sets up a music label for BNet members?

Roger: A very good idea.

Roger: In fact, my website is going in the direction of a pre-publishing situation.

Mod: I'd like to know more about your 'prizmatic' site. I'm wondering if more artists will be featured there soon...and a bit more about what your goals are in having the site. is it intended only to be a gallery, or to you expect to go beyond that?

Roger: I'd really like to use the site as a gallery. It's really only a show of what I'd like it to become. We've been so busy, I haven't had a lot of time to find people.

Roger: When I originally thought of the idea, it was before the internet became really wide spread, and I had no idea how I was going to do it. I though a bit at first it was good to bring peoples art to the attention of people and record companies, but now I see it as an end result..... But I really need input.

SleepyBeauty: What are your favourite sites?

Roger: The place where I buy the parts for my jeep from. Apple.com.

SleepyBeauty: Can you give us the address of your web site?

Roger: www.prizmatic.com

Ty-Bone: I remember Robert said "If I was French I will hang myself by a rope." Do you still today support a such idea ?

Roger: I say, actually the other day how lucky we all are to be English, and how little we would like to be any other nationality.

Roger: *joke*

Margot: Roger, have you any thoughts on the future of music? Retailing? MP3 files, etc? How do you think that is going to go and affect artists?

Roger: I think it's good, yea. Anything that removes the record companies from the chain of creativity and the listener is a good thing.

SleepyBeauty: It's a gallery only for your work or is open also to other artist?

Roger: I really need people to submit work, but it better be good. No timewasters, and no metal-heads! *joke*

Ty-Bone: Hey Roger is a good guy !

Roger: I hate record companies. All of them.

Mod; Is being in the cure really as much fun as i imagine it must be? You always seem to have a smile on your face...

Roger: It's the stuff that Robert puts in our drinks that makes us smile.

Roger: Seriously though, ask me when I'm six weeks into a winter tour in Germany if I'm having fun... I have fun doing whatever I do; I try to be a happy person *puke*

TheGuru: What is wrong with Suede?

Roger: It's probably be simpler if I told you what's right with them.

Arafel: You about killed me a few times with the smoke machines....does that get hard to take night after night?

Roger: I hate smoke machines. I usually turn them off. It really pisses of the LD. In fact, I remember having the LD radio'd. I said if he didn't stop using the smoke machine, I'd shove it up his ass. He stopped. They're so 80's.

Ty-Bone: How do you understand or analyse that so much artist on top supports young creativity; I met Malcolm Mac Laren and understood he just wanted to steal my ideas!

Roger: Can you explain that?

Roger: Ty-Bone, we're artists, we're not entrepreneurs.

Gilly: What do you think about the recent bombs in London?

Roger: I think it's frightening that a one-person minority can hold an entire city to ransom just based on hatred and racism.

Margot: Do you like South Park and did you see the episode with Robert in it? What did you think?

Roger: It's Sweeeeeeet.

Margot: lol

Ty-Bone: I think rather that Money spoils everything even Art; I met Bob Geldof he spoke about U2 and spoke only about * they will make next year.

Roger: I think that you've obviously got some sort of problem with creativity being rewarded financially. It costs a lot of money to do what we do.

Roger: Don't listen to anything that Bob Geldof says. He's a complete idiot.

Roger: How can you be in Rock and Roll and be Knighted? Luckily, David's still only a Duke.

SleepyBeauty: Have you ever act?

Roger: All the time.

RaMOANa: The Duke of Knobs.

Roger: That's not a very nice thing to say about David, is it?

SleepyBeauty: I mean in a movie.

Roger: Only home movies.

TheGuru: What is the song Killing Of An Arab about?

Roger: It's based upon a book called L'Etranger by Albert Cimus.

Sunshine: Um... so what is happening now with The Cure?

Roger: We're mixing a new album right now. As we speak.

Mod: Do you have plans to release your solo album on a broader basis? I can't seem to find it anywhere. How might I get a copy?

Roger: I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Roger: I've got 400 copies on the top of my wardrobe. It's easy for me to find. But seriously though, if you send 10.99 in....

Roger: Well of course I'd like to release my work on a broader basis to more than three people, but it's difficult to get record company interest. If I can do it though the internet, it'll be cheaper and more accessible.

TheGuru: In what direction is The Cure going now?

Roger: Probably sideways. It's 10 to 12 on a Friday night.

Margot: What do you think of honorary doctorates? Dave got one the other day.

Roger: I want one; where do you get one?

TheGuru: What about mp3's and the music business?

Roger: I think MP3's are good because they're going to shake up the music business. Maybe leverage some of the power away from the record companies.

TheGuru: What about bootlegging?

Roger: Bootlegging is theft.

Arafel: Well what do you want to be a doctor OF? Maybe I can help out here....

Roger: Philosophy. Definitely.

Arafel: How do you propose to commercially control music released on the Internet then??

Roger: Digital Watermarks.

Roger: My lawyers inform me, that is.

PrincessRamsey: I think it's interesting that The Cure have done such incredibly romantic songs, because you guys don't look very romantic :-)

Roger: We are romantic. We're very romantic. Give us a kiss.

TheGuru: I think bootlegs are okay as long the band is not releasing all kind of live shows, the fans what to have a recording of many live shows. Only die hards buy bootlegs. Ever thought of that?

Roger: Our official stance on bootlegs is that it's alright to exchange tapes of live shows and material that's not commercially available, but we don't really like people making money of it.

Roger: I've got a friend who has a DAT of every show The Cure's ever played.

Roger: He's got a baseball cap with two microphones in it.

Arafel: I would think the trick is to have it available online but ONLY if someone pays first...how can a watermark do that?

Roger: It's similar to the cloning chip from the old DAT machines.

TheGuru: Why not make all the shows available for fans on the net when on tour in mp3 form.

Roger: That's a good idea. In fact, we streamed every Saturday night from our last tour.

Roger: (in stunning 1 frame per minute).

Sunshine: where did you stream it?

Roger: On our web site, of course. www.thecure.com.

Margot: What's your opinion of a) The Pixies b) Placebo?

Roger: I hate them both.

Roger: With a passion.

Ty-Bone: Do you like Band "The Tea Party"; they refused the mastering I wanted to offer for them at my Studios!

Roger: Studio, I thought it was a hacking compound.

Margot: They only ever have nice things to say about you, Roger.

Roger: Yea, right.

Ty-Bone: Funny Roger

TheGuru: You can even make a lot of money with a pay fan site and putting concert files on it, dont u think so?

Roger: Unlike certain people, everything on our site is free.

RaMOANa: Hate the bands or the people themselves?

Roger: I'm being facitious.

Sunshine: I knew The Cure ruled....

Roger: Excelleng! We rule.

Roger: oops, excellent.

TheGuru: Do you think it is fair Bowie charges a lot of money from his die hard fans (we have already spend a fortune on the man)?

Roger: I think it's excellent value for the money. And these guys here have large families and dogs to feed.

Gilly: Do you type yourself, Roger?

Roger: Normally, but I've had a very severe gardening accident. I've lost the use of my one finger that I normally use.

TheGuru: Do you think it is fair Bowie charges a lot of money from his die hard fans (we have already spend a fortune on the man)?

Roger: On a serious note, I think that it's an interesting question; the commercialising of the internet. Do you think he gives you value for the money at this site?

SleepyBeauty: Do you play your keyboard yourself Roger?

Roger: No, I have a stand-in/body double.

RaMOANa: It is valuable but it is not as interactive as it could be, Roger.

Roger: So what is this??? Chopped Liver?

Roger: On a further serious note, I think obviously if you're going to charge for internet content, it's going to have to be good. That's one reason we've resisted going that route yet. It takes a lot of time and energy. I think David's very committed.

TheGuru: To me BowieNet is perfect!

Roger: Compared to what?

PrincessRamsey: The key to its worth is if it has unique content that is constantly updated and provides a good community. I personally think BN is doing pretty well, and continuing to improve.

Roger: You've just won yourself a month's free access!!

TheGuru: Roger do you get money for this chat??? Otherwise Bowie is getting richer and richer.

Roger: Today, I've received one diet coke and one regular.

Margot: Roger, you're a funny man. will you please do a show at my niece's birthday party? tie a couple of balloons, tell a few jokes...

Roger: Will I get paid more than BowieNet's paying me?

RaMOANa: No free BowieNet membership for you then, Roger?

Roger: They said I can get a 20% discount. That came from the Duke himself.

Sunshine: Hey... your payment lies in the chance to interact directly with fans on a "personal" level.

Roger: I spend a lot of time chatting with our fans. We try to make ourselves as accessible as the situation allows.

Gilly: Whose idea was this chat anyway?

Roger: Obviously, the Duke's. It came from the top. On a scroll. With his Royal Seal.

Sunshine: =] The Cure does rule!

Roger: We do rule. You're completely right.

Arafel: what does the royal seal LOOK like?

Roger: I ripped the scroll up so quickly that I destroyed the scroll.

Roger: oops, destroyed the seal.

TheGuru: Bowie must provide Bowie die hards a free access, I have calculated lately that I have spend some 10,000 dollars on Bowie!

Roger: We played a concert in London recently, that we weren't allowed to invite any of our fans. We got shit from people who had spend thousands of dollars over the years on our product. Just because you spend money on stuff doesn't mean you own the band.

Arafel: Yes, how can a man with almost a billion bucks charge us nearly $20 a month...wait, that is likely how he GOT a billion bucks.

Roger: If he's got that much, I'm going to ask for another Coke.

PrincessRamsey: I'm translating a question for Ulysse (who only speaks Francais): What do you think of the phenomenon of covers and remixes?

Roger: Tell Ulysee she can ask me in French.

TheGuru: I only spend 20 dollar on The Cure, sorry about that.

Roger: I get all my albums free.

Roger: A couple more questions folks.

PrincessRamsey: C'est bien, Roger, mais repondez a la question, s'il te plait!

Roger: I think that the cover albums and tribute albums are getting extremely tiring. Remixing too, unless it's done extremely well. It's used as a cop-out by many bands.

Gilly: Are you really interested in money, Roger?

Roger: Yes, give me some.

Sunshine: Who are your heroes?

Roger: I only have one hero, and sadly he's dead. Ayrton Senna.

Arafel: Could you explain who is was?

Roger: He was a Brazilian Formula-One racer. 3 time world champion. The greatest racing driver ever.

TheGuru: Roger why haven't you Bowie invited you with you here?

Roger: The Duke's busy. Being the Duke.

Roger: Thanks, it's been a laugh. You're almost as nice as Cure fans.

Mod: That's it kids, Roger has left the building...

Mod: Thanks.

Roger: Goodnight.

Roger has left #ChatGuest.

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