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BowieNet Chat Transcription
Cyber Song Competition Studio Recording - 24/5/99

Start: Mon May 24 23:59:08 1999

*** Now talking in #BowieNetChat

*** Topic is 'Join Your Bowie Friends and Chat'

#BowieNetChat Welcome To BowieNet Chat

Reeves Gabrels | Alex Grant | Mark Plati | Larry Tressler | David Bowie | Garry Velletri

Bonster1: Reeves is here.

Eileen: Hi Reeeevesy!

Aki: ok, no one else wants to go in on sending flowers to the studio?

DammitPam: hey Reeves

Bonster1: Just Reeves is here

RaMOANa: yes Aki, I said GO FOR IT

Bonster1: but not literally here ;)

Eileen: hi Just Reeves

DammitPam: Aki, we're all broke after Sat.

Bonster1: he's in the studio

TheFourAnswerGURU: only Reeves?????

Bonster1: CoCo just came back over for a moment, she thinks this is cool I think ;)

TheFourAnswerGURU: no Gail or Mike?

Bonster1: They are searching for Reeves now....

Bonster1: There he is down the hall, looking for his guitar

Aki: Someone get me the address of the studio.

DammitPam: where is Ron!

Bonster1: Reeves is standing in the hall now

Bonster1: He and Coco are talking about the meeting with Alex now...

Derek: Bons, is this your first time to meet db?

Aki: can someone get me the address of the studio?

Bonster1: Derek, yes, if you call it a meeting ;)

Ulysse99: Rednik how can I do for the remix???

Rednik: ROTFL pFuRs - I wish me legs were that long ;)

Britboy: hi Rick

TheFourAnswerGURU: Bonster there is a drum set as well

Derek: ::sigh::

Bonster1: The studio is not for publication :)

Eileen: poor Helen!

Rednik: Which remix Ulysse??

RaMOANa: Bons give Aki the studio addy on 1-1 so she can send some flowers

Derek: Bons, you are my hero, for real.

TheFourAnswerGURU: is Zach not around?

Bonster1: they blindfolded me before I got here

Bonster1: I'm sworn to secrecy

JanGenie: heh heh

Aki: oh come on

RaMOANa: well there goes that idea!

Bonster1: I think they just locked Reeves in a closet ;)

Ulysse99: "AmericaRap"

Eileen: LOL

Bonster1: Derek, you are MY hero!

Eileen: 'bout time ;-)

William: we were blindfolded before u came Bon

RaMOANa: bbiab....gonna finish my car

Helen: hello yourself faker Brit

Lori: hello

JanGenie: who are all those people in there?

Clara: look at all the people there

Derek: Awwww, Bons.

Rednik: Ahhh Ulysse right I know what you mean now!

Derek: I'm grinning big now.

Bonster1: Ron Roy, Howard and Bob from BowieNet are all around too... but not with me now

JanGenie: they should have little tags on them so we know who the heck they are

Bonster1: I'm in this little office far from the madding crowd.

Rednik: Hi Etzel - woof!!!

William: go to bed Bon

Zimmo: Hello Rednik:-)

pFuRs: which is the better view?

Bonster1: Veronica gave up her space for us ;)

Mechnic: HIYA :)

Rednik: hi Zim x

JanGenie: Even if they're just Guys With Viddy Cameras

pFuRs: real player or the lucent cam?

Bonster1: BED!!!! with who?

William: viddy - cute

Ulysse99: Red I think I am allowed if I don't sell it

pFuRs: hi jangen

JanGenie: William, ah - it's an old affectation

Bonster1: I gotta tell ya gals....

JanGenie: Hey, pFuRs! it was so cool meeting you....

Bonster1: David is really cute ;)

pFuRs: same here but it was too fast

Margot: you reckon

Pozie: lol Bon

Eileen: really?

Derek: Heh, Bons.

JanGenie: Bon, don't rub it in - grrrrrrrrr. -)

Margot: you reckon?

LdyofDarkness: gee Bon, we hadn't noticed

Bonster1: REALLY ;)

DammitPam: waaaaaaaaahhhh

pFuRs: Soho NY

JanGenie: pFuRs, yeah - it was too quick for me and EVERYONE

Eileen: hmph -

pFuRs: looking glass studios

Bonster1: I like the hair especially ;)

Eileen: (duh)

Mechnic: his hair! *sigh*

Eileen: I LOVE his hair..

Bonster1: it's getting really long

Bonster1: my husband is jealous

Eileen: first time in my LIFE I have actually LIKED the way he wears it

LdyofDarkness: if I could be anyone's hair in the world, it would be his

William: silly old man

pFuRs: Bonster how did you get chosen?

Ulysse99: my husband is sleeping...

Eileen: loverly silly old man...

JanGenie: silly old goat

Mechnic: yeah Bon, how?

Bonster1: pFuRs, dumb luck

Zimmo: Hmmmm....

Eileen: loverly old goat

DammitPam: it's all so perverted, don't ask

Britboy: damn

Britboy: omg

Margot: he needs to cur the back and keep the front long

Two_Cigar_Mertle: Do we get sound if we forego the Lucent-360 and do RealPlayer instead?

Britboy: I MUST be lagged

Derek: It's Bon's amazing newsletter that got get the nod!

pFuRs: wow Bon....

JanGenie: loverly old goat who shoulda been there on Saturday night. :-)

William: he always covers his neck now

Bonster1: he has it sort of hanging over his forehead now

JanGenie: Bon is there as a Serious Journalist. LOL

DammitPam: the Serious Journalist Tour

Derek: Hi Bianca, Lori.

Bonster1: not me, serious????

DammitPam: ek

Eileen: Bons/HJ - you are SUCH a tease...

Britboy: Bianca: hi

Britboy: Lori: hellooo

Margot: hi Bianca, Lori

Mechnic: this rox guys!! I love this!

Aki: where is the studio???

Lori: hi again

Aki: grrr

Bianca: hello

pFuRs: is that Yoko Ono?

Lydia: hello

Bonster1: the studio is here ;) ha ha

Aki: what neighborhood

JanGenie: does anyone know the name of the studio?

DammitPam: I see a geeeeetar

Bonster1: where I am

pFuRs: Looking Glass in Soho

Eileen: Jan - they won't give that out..

TheFourAnswerGURU: is this later be rebroadcasted

JanGenie: pFuRs, are you looking at Real Video?

pFuRs: Looking Glass in Soho

Aki: it's in the freaking yellow pages

pFuRs: yeah

pFuRs: why?

Margot: wish the guy with the video camera would move

Bonster1: LOL Aki

Valeria: # Appears as ANNA.

Derek: Vallllllllllllllllll

JanGenie: I'm on 360 cam thingee - just people with viddy cameras there

JanGenie: VAL!!!!!

Bonster1: let me tell you a bit about the cameras

Derek: Please do, Bons.

Bonster1: I met the designer a bit ago, Vic is his name

Mechnic: Bon, have them take a shot of you with the RA cam!

JanGenie: Hey, Cold Fire

Mechnic: oh..

pFuRs: hiya coldfire

Derek: Hi Coldfire!

Manipogo: Hi CF

A_Girl: duh, I'

pFuRs: sorry for the quick intro....

A_Girl: I'm using my daddy's comp

ColdFire: Hey Jan, Peef, Derek, Mani, etc

JanGenie: Coldfire of the really gorgeous dress. :-)

Bonster1: Vic is a cute ol guy who thunk this up in 1995

Margot: lol William - why are u here?

ColdFire: hee hee thanks :)

Bonster1: I think they just called David and Reeves into the studio

Aki: OK if I can't get the name of the studio I have to give up

William: and designs beards in a most extraordinary way

pFuRs: real player is better no?

ColdFire: btw, I spaced on who you were Sat night, Jan. Sorry. I figured it out later. *duh*

JanGenie: Aki, pFuRs says Looking Glass studios

A_Girl: real player IS better.

JanGenie: Cold, hee hee. Sokay. :-)

Aki: OK lemme look it up in Inet yellow pages

William: why are you here Margot?

Aki: thanks pFuRs

pFuRs: real player mentioned it Jan and Aki

Bonster1: is anyone watching this on fullview.com?

pFuRs: Aki it;s in soho

Eileen: I am

ColdFire: Jan was a wild night, wasn't it? hehe

Clara: I'm on both

Margot: William, to cyber with YOU

Eileen: and RA too

A_Girl: David David!

ColdFire: ummm.....

JanGenie: Cold, oh yeah. We left after 2 - Suff told me it went on all damned night.

Margot: I'm on both

Derek: I am, Bons.

pFuRs: am I the only one on RA?

Derek: On an old computer, too.

Bonster1: The fullview is where you get the 360 degree camera

William: I'll repeat once more Margie

JanGenie: what's the address on Real Player?

Clara: please what are they saying?

ColdFire: Jan it sure did. We (me, Caz, Joe, Spaceboy, etc) left at like 4

Rednik: http://play.rbn.com/?jamtv/jamtv/live/Bowie28.rm

William: getting the most of my subs

Derek: Is that David and Alex in black clothes there, Bons?

Margot: not much

JanGenie: ta, Paul

pFuRs: Coldfire sorry for the very quick introduction at the party?

Bonster1: yep

Aki: I see them!

Rednik: I want some Minotaur aftershave! LOL

Bonster1: David has one of those long coats on

Aki: he's drinking Zima

Derek: Right.

ColdFire: Peef hehe no worries. It was a weird night, huh?

Aki: hehe

JanGenie: Hedwig drinks Zima

Clara: :) he looks wonderful

Bonster1: and sort of tennis shoes

A_Girl: Bonster!! Get them to say hi to us!!

pFuRs: yeah, but I missed our dance

JanGenie: Cold, wow - it was definitely a surreal nite

Aki: Ok I got the address

ColdFire: ooh Zima. yummy

Bonster1: those kind that are inch thick heels

ColdFire: Peef I know! :(

Ulysse99: Rednik don't speak about aftershave!!!

Rednik: lol Ulysse

ColdFire: and I even wore BOOTS

pFuRs: :-) Coldfire

ColdFire: heh

pFuRs: me too Coldfire

Aki: I'll say FROM HANNAH AKI and CORA in the chat room to David Bowie AND Alex GRANT

ColdFire: hehehehe

*** Dunblebee (Duncan@DPA) has joined #BowieNetChat

JanGenie: Cold, and they were gorgeous boots too

Derek: Heya Dun

Eileen: hey Dunc

DunbleBee: Hullo folks

ColdFire: Jan thanks :)

Britboy: hi all

ColdFire: Hi Dunc

William: not bb again!

ColdFire: Hey Brit

DammitPam: hi Dunkin

DunbleBee: what did I stumble into?

Britboy: yes

A_Girl: heya Dun

ColdFire: hi real

Electric_Blue: hi Dunc

Britboy: its the REAL bb, not fakie bb

Rednik: Hi Dun

LdyofDarkness: hey Dun

DammitPam: uh, your dad?

Ulysse99: Red if you meet him one day tell him about remix not aftershave it's not good for my reputation

Britboy: Lydia: hi

DunbleBee: what's he doing then?

Margot: Dun was that you I saw in a grey t-shirt?

Rednik: lol Ulysse

pFuRs: RuPaul Rednik?

Rednik: yes pFuRs :sigh:

William: you are as false as false can be Britboy

pFuRs: ruPaul remix

Rednik: RudePaul

Ulysse99: Red don't laugh...

Derek: BRB folks. Gonna go get on the faster computer.

Britboy: bleh

pFuRs: lol

Aki: oh this is cool

ColdFire: 'kay Derek

Bonster1: The guy with the hat and red shirt is Mark Plati

ColdFire: Willian. hmm...who is William...someone I know?

Ulysse99: hello "Duncan the first"

Aki: well the flower company says its too far away

ColdFire: *hates not recognizing people*

Aki: lemme try another one

William: oh trust you Cold

DunbleBee: ooh! I like that Uly. ;)

pFuRs: Aki call Leeza's shop

ColdFire: William~ hmm?

Bonster1: we have to go do a check , back in a minute

Aki: would it be open?

William: hmmmm

Ulysse99: I know... Dun but it's very expensive if you wish I say twice!

LdyofDarkness: yes yes yes, I got my real player working!!!!!!

pFuRs: try it

DunbleBee: I hear I was being ranted at or something on a bboard.. anything good? :)

Margot: mm, I like the bass

Aki: what's it called

William: can I say Aki

Rednik: hi Fru x


DammitPam: hey Frootie

ColdFire: *is completely lost right now*

RaMOANa: hey they still just got the lalas

Eileen: I like dat bass toooo..

Britboy: FruJu: hellllo

ColdFire: Hey Fru

pFuRs: hi fru

JanGenie: hey, frujie

FruJu: hey people

William: I not only mistrust you

LdyofDarkness: hey fru

Margot: Duncan, ask Eileen

RaMOANa: hey Fruj

RaMOANa: HI Duncan

ColdFire: ack. I'm trying so hard to keep track of who was who..

TheFourAnswerGURU: who is recording this

ColdFire: hey Moana!

Rednik: hi Ram x

William: I don't like you

DunbleBee: Hiya Moana. ;)

RaMOANa: hi CF!

ColdFire: hehe how are ya?

FruJu: Are we finally off that mailing list, Dunblebee?? :)

JanGenie: Cold, LOL - me too. I know I missed a bunch of peoples

LdyofDarkness: coldfire: just for the record I was and still and me

DunbleBee: Eileen, you been giving me grief on the bboards again? ;)

Rednik: hi bart

RaMOANa: tired and sore

ColdFire: Jan~ I know, me too.

Margot: hey fru! hi :)

BartrockLtd: Hi all

ColdFire: why, Moana

Ulysse99: Zimmo are you here???

DunbleBee: I sure as hell hope so FruJu. ;)

Aki: well what's the name of Leeza's flower shop then?

Eileen: Dunc - youbetcha

RaMOANa: oh so you do read those, eh Dun????

ColdFire: Ldy~ gotcha.

William: Oh Red's here

JanGenie: Hopefully once the piccys start going up on the net, we'll have a better idea

FruJu: hey Margot... I forgot to answer your last email... sorry

William: The world is safe

Rednik: hi Bill x

RaMOANa: did you see my reply, Duncan?

pFuRs: Coldfire I was the cute one remember LOL

Zimmo: Yes I am looking for the webcast link at BNet ullie

ColdFire: Jan I know.

ColdFire: Peef of COURSE I remember. hehe

DunbleBee: I don't know where it is Ram..

Margot: that's ok, Fru - as long as you're alive ;)

pFuRs: lol

DunbleBee: I just heard about it second hand

DunbleBee: *burp*

FruJu: http://www.davidbowie.com/contest/ Zimmo

RaMOANa: bloody hell, it was classic!

Eileen: Dun - who told ya?

BartrockLtd: Anyone having fun with the Lucent camera?

Eileen: mememe

Zimmo: 03.9 Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected

Zimmo: This error can be caused if the Web server is busy and cannot process your request due to heavy traffic. Please try to connect again

William: I am

Zimmo: later.

Zimmo: Please contact the Web server's administrator if the problem persists.

LdyofDarkness: mind your manners Dun, *burp*

Zimmo: dammit

JanGenie: I can't see anything worthwhile on Lucent cam

Margot: wow - this is sounding a lot better, isn't it

Zimmo: I can't log to the 360 cam

pFuRs: real player rules better

pFuRs: especially on a T1

FruJu: Lucent Cam gives me much better pics than Real

DunbleBee: Ram, can ya give me a link to wherever the thing is?

ColdFire: there are certain people I remember really well

Britboy: pFuRs: GRRRRRRR

RaMOANa: I see the back of heads

Britboy: ;)

Realthing: lucent cam is useless

RaMOANa: it's on the newswerver for BowieNet, Duncan

Zimmo: well you can't connect

Clara: pic is clearer for me on lucent

DunbleBee: I need a decent chair at this computer

BartrockLtd: I don't have sound on the Lucent

Ulysse99: Zimmo you can ask to be paid back...Dun are you ok?

RaMOANa: server - u have to add it

JanGenie: Coldfire, me too. We had dinner with Suff and her honey last night

FruJu: Lucent Cam needs to be moved into the actual soundroom :)

Zimmo: too many connection at the moment Duncan

JanGenie: Plus we went to see Hedwig with them

Britboy: FruJu: hehe

pFuRs: there is no sound on lucent bart

ColdFire: awww did ya? cool

Zimmo: sn

RaMOANa: where do u go for the 360 deg. camera thingy?

Rednik: hi AG x

JanGenie: Yeah - I'm just shy so if I didn't talk to anyone there, SORRY

ColdFire: I was with Joe and Caz most of the time,


ColdFire: then Spacey

Britboy: for lucent

JanGenie: I was sort of overwhelmed

Margot: Dun, don't you ever look at the newsgroups? acksully you're not missing much - they don't get used much

Ulysse99: I joke... Zim don't ask that...they are going to censure me again

William: funny how u can speak good English Zim

ColdFire: Jan I know what you mean

ColdFire: Me too

ColdFire: I was like "cigarette break" every five minutes just to have a reason to talk to people

Aki: about 6 months ago for me

TheFourAnswerGURU: is anyone recording the audio?

ColdFire: hehe

Ulysse99: the dog left

LdyofDarkness: are we supposed to have sound on the real player?

Eileen: sposed to

A_Girl: yes Ldy

DunbleBee: oh! in the newsgroups... I can't seem to access those anyway

Britboy: LdyofDarkness: err we do

FruJu: Thefourans: you want 3 hours of the same thing?? ;)

BartrockLtd: Yes LoD

Eileen: hehehehehe

RaMOANa: I have sound....so far just the lalas

LdyofDarkness: dammit, my computer is a piece of crap!

DunbleBee: so what were ya bitching about, Eileen? ;)

Britboy: I hear, and I see 2 guys

Britboy: ehe

TheFourAnswerGURU: yes!

TheFourAnswerGURU: hehehe

JanGenie: I don't have sound - no sound card

Margot: Dun, I thought you're meant to be a computer geek

Britboy: wb, Derek

ColdFire: wb Derek

Clara: wish I could hear

Britboy: etzelvonsprieteufel: err wb

ColdFire: I remember Derek

ColdFire: heh

A_Girl: I'm going to close chat, bbl though

JanGenie: Derek is unforgettable. :-)

Eileen: Dunc - you wanna discuss this NOW??

pFuRs: I remember Coldfire

Ulysse99: oh the Berlin's dog???? lol

Derek: Uh oh, why do you remember me?

ColdFire: ok AG, Hi and bye

ColdFire: I remember peef

William: should ave been u Del!

A_Girl: :)

ColdFire: Derek cause I met you at the ball?

DunbleBee: I am Margot.. I just have my system so overly customized and filled with sub progs, that some stuff refuses to work. ;)

ColdFire: hehe

TheFourAnswerGURU: what is really happening

Derek: heh heh

DunbleBee: why not?

Eileen: 'cause I'm busy...

William: thank the f... it's gone

DunbleBee: I got nothing better to do right now. :)

ColdFire: Derek~ *sniffle* you don't remember me?

ColdFire: wah

William: nonono....

Margot: gawd that does sound impressive


Bonster1: I'm back

DunbleBee: busy my ass... lol

Derek: Of COURSE I do!

Bonster1: Alex is in the studio

TheFourAnswerGURU: must go to bed, DAMN!

Bonster1: in the back it looks like

Derek: Ms. Red Dress.

Rednik: night night Marcel

DammitPam: Bonster......can't get in, server overloaded

Rednik: hi Derek x

TheFourAnswerGURU: its too late here in Europe!

RaMOANa: nite marcel

ColdFire: Derek~ what kind of shoes? hehe


JanGenie: I remember Derek cuz we exchanged cds. :-)

Derek: RED!

ColdFire: Jan~cool hehe...

Rednik: Derek!

Bonster1: They're still setting up it looks like...


Derek: LOL Cold.

TheFourAnswerGURU: Poor Europeans

Britboy: hehe

Zimmo: try again PAM

JanGenie: No red shoes for Cold Fire!

Britboy: tall

Aki: OK I give up with the flowers

Rednik: hi Jung

TheFourAnswerGURU: Lucky Americans

JanGenie: Heh heh

Bonster1: Alex is a big overwhelmed by it all I think ;)

ColdFire: Derek~ hehe...I think he doesn't know

ColdFire: oops you

Aki: all the stores say they're closed

ColdFire: no red shoes. nope

Bonster1: can't say I blam him ;)


William: it gets worse namewise

Zimmo: the second time it worked for me

JanGenie: Cold, you couldn't miss them. :-)

Derek: I can send you one, Ram.

pFuRs: well it is Monday Aki

RaMOANa: ok Aki...just enjoy this for now...forget the flowers

Derek: Bons is the insider

DammitPam: Bonster

Britboy: TALLITER: gee, calm down

ColdFire: Jan hee hee that's what I was going for

Britboy: LOL!

Bonster1: hey, Tal, the only insider you get right now is moi ;)

Ulysse99: Please think about the poor Europeans who have a Renault and frogs in their plates...

Britboy: oh man, some people

JungTheForeman: is this the mike and the Mechanics chat room?

Aki: lol

pFuRs: Derek should be in there not Mark Plati

Clara: haha

Bonster1: We hope to have some people chatting here in a bit

Margot: lololol, jung

ColdFire: no it's the Kajagoogoo room

Rednik: yes Jung - can you service my Renault?

DunbleBee: wish it were an Abba chatroom. ;)

JanGenie: Spaceboy had cool shoes on too.

William: no jung f... off

Aki: it is, but we can't think of a thing to say about them

Rednik: abbatoir?

Margot: ah Reeves! shut up!

Clara: lol Dun

JanGenie: I love kajagoogoo

ColdFire: Jan Spaceboy was just STYING all over

Bonster1: I think Reeves will and **maybe** Bowie, but ....

RaMOANa: lol Margot

ColdFire: Jan hehe they're cool, huh?

Ahkros: Don't want a bug in my life!

ColdFire: err Styling

JanGenie: It's the Ann Murray chat room

Bonster1: the webcast is the important thing here ;)

Ulysse99: abbatoir????? Red you are too funny!

William: Reeves now theres a c...

JungTheForeman: hi Bonz, Paul Carrack sends his love

Eileen: oh HJ - you are just teasing...

JanGenie: Cold, I almost bought the same shoes!

Eileen: ;-)

Bonster1: hey Jung!! how was the show???


Aki: go to www.davidbowie.com

Bonster1: fullview.com

ColdFire: Jan~ for real? hehe... I LOVED his outfit. It was so awesome.


Aki: and click on the live thing

RaMOANa: I just have the RealAudio thing

RaMOANa: ok

ColdFire: He's a really cool kid. We hit it off really well

DammitPam: that's Alex on the sofa, right?

Ulysse99: ok... Red I have an idea..it's clowniechat today???

Aki: the 3D camera thing is not very exciting

Bonster1: yup

pFuRs: Derek why aren't you there giving Mark Plati pointers on mixing this song?

Aki: yer not missing anything

Bonster1: he has the fun hair ;)

Manipogo: Its kinda slow

Clara: I'm finding the picture quality better on the lucent cam

FruJu: The 3D camera needs to be moved

Rednik: no Ulyssee - It's check shirts are back in fashion

JanGenie: I can't get anything on real video either.

Bonster1: his friend Larry is around too...blond guy with a goatee

William: u would Clara

FruJu: The picture quality is about 10x better on Lucent, but it doesn't move into the studio :)

Clara: it's not moving as fast

JungTheForeman: the show was aok. Paul C was great but the other singer, a guy called Paul Young but not that one is like someone's dad at the senior prom with too much hooch...he can sing tho

Derek: pF, thanks.

JanGenie: Just a shot of the board.

Aki: who's that Asian dude

Bonster1: Alex was staying at the Plaza this weekend...

JanGenie: pFuRs is there??

pFuRs: I thought it was you Aki

Bonster1: technician

LdyofDarkness: my idiot brother fraggin' turned the speakers off!!!!!! that's why I couldn't hear anything!!!!

Aki: lol pFuRs

pFuRs: NO

pFuRs: lol

JungTheForeman: so Bons, which one is Howard?

pFuRs: Jan it's not moi lol

JanGenie: pFuRs, LOL

Bonster1: I don't think Howard is in there

Aki: he's gonna start breakdancing soon

Margot: lol lady!

Bonster1: hang on let me look right quick ;)

Zimmo: Bonster were are you on the 3 d view?

BartrockLtd: What a boring song

JanGenie: Howard's a kind of big guy. Teddy bear like

* Dunblebee is going to a Chieftains concert this week... can't decide if I should wear the leather thong and heels or the angora sweater and pumps...

Aki: "bear"?

FruJu: hehehe Bart

RaMOANa: yeah tell HJ to get on the camera for RealPlayer

Ahkros: is that a SSL?

pFuRs: tell that guy to stop messin with his HAIR

William: if Howie babe was here he'd have a dingley

FruJu: thong and heels, Dun


Rednik: Dun: Fuck me pumps and a jumper... perfect!

RaMOANa: and no knickers!

ColdFire: hehe

William: lol

Bonster1: nope, Howard isn't in the studio

DunbleBee: pumps it is

William: Bon

* Bonster1 is tired from running back and forth ;)

William: go to bed!!

Ulysse99: Pump up the volume....yeh! I like this song!

William: go

Bonster1: William, it's NOT my bedtime

JanGenie: Bugger, I've lost everything

ColdFire: wb Pam

RaMOANa: maybe you can borrow a feather boa from the old man, Dun

LdyofDarkness: i'll take over for ya bon

William: well just go to bed will ya

TheFourAnswerGURU: Bonster tell Dave that its not nice so late for us Europeans

Aki: ooh

Rednik: this lucy cam is great - D has got a packet of cigs in his back pocket and a Mexican key ring in there! ;)

Clara: it's him

*** Bonster1 is now known as HJ

Margot: lucy cam

Aki: lalalalala

TheFourAnswerGURU: My boss will be angry!

Zimmo: LOL Red

Rednik: lol Margot

JanGenie: Hey Ramsey!

HJ: hi guys it's Howard

Rednik: lucient

TheFourAnswerGURU: if I stay longer here

FruJu: And don't forget the packet of condoms, Red

Undefined: Heya Howard.

PrincessRamsey: Hallo, is there some trick to getting the 3D cam,?

Zimmo: hello Howard

FruJu: Finally, they're going to do some recording :)

Two_Cigar_Mertle: hey Howard!

JungTheForeman: oh my god it is him, Bons have you kissed him yet?

Rednik: LOL Fru you looking in the front ones?

HJ: how are we doing

LdyofDarkness: hey Howard

DunbleBee: sorry Ram, he doesn't have them.. you see, I hate to break it to ya, he's straight and dresses in suits most of the time.. or occasionally, when he is feeling a bit wild, a cardigan.

Margot: hi Howard :)

RaMOANa: HALLO HJ! can u get on the RealPlayer camera????

Clara: oh god if only I could hear

Rednik: hi HJ


Aki: ReevesEY

pFuRs: hello HowardJ

Aki: that's so cute

Ulysse99: Hello HJ

HJ: no, I'm a behind the sceens guy

ColdFire: Hi Howard!!

RaMOANa: Dun - the sorry ole sod!

Margot: oh my god! Dave can really sing!

Margot: who would have thought?

HJ: yeah he can

Ulysse99: oh the Berlin's dog again again???

Clara: what's he singing?

Margot: hehe

RaMOANa: aw HJ, and I didn't even get to dance with ya on Sat.

Two_Cigar_Mertle: la la la

Rednik: He's miming - their dubbing that sound on ;) ROTFL

HJ: How's it look out there?

ColdFire: ugh, I have to go. Study hours and shit. bleh

Ulysse99: oh no the dog disappeared

JanGenie: Oh damn it, I want a sound card NOW

Margot: not great, HJ

pFuRs: Reeves is a teletubbie

ColdFire: I'll prolly be back for a lil bit at 9:30 EST hehe

Eileen: lucy is kinda slow - but working...

DunbleBee: lol

Clara: jangenie I know how you feel

Clara: this is killing me

* FruJu wouldn't mind a nice pair of cans

Margot: very slow here

Eileen: RA / RV is faster...

pFuRs: Reeves = tinky winky

JanGenie: teletubbies rule

Aki: lol

William: Reeves is a w..

Margot: to me the studio looks empty still

JungTheForeman: Bonnie has gone dead quiet, did she faint?

Britboy: shut up bill budd

LdyofDarkness: teletubbies scare me

Britboy: lol

Contessa: Hi everyone!

RaMOANa: always room for extra cans, eh fruj?

ColdFire: going...

ColdFire: bye everyone

FruJu: You can never have too many cans, MOANa

Rednik: hi contessa

LdyofDarkness: hi contessa

Undefined: Bye CF

RaMOANa: aww bye CF

Aki: I can't see Bowie at all on the Lucent 3D view

ColdFire: bye Undefined person

Margot: me either

pFuRs: bye cold fire baby

Ulysse99: it's hard to find a dog on the net....I found the dog in Faust...the black dog...but not here

ColdFire: bye bye Moana :)

Aki: they need to put the camera somewhere else

ColdFire: bye Peefie

ColdFire: hehe

PrincessRamsey: My Lucy isn't working :-(

Undefined: Undefined is Derek. Java chat sucks.

JanGenie: Aki, you can't see anything on 360 cam

pFuRs: :-)

Contessa: By Coldie!

JanGenie: it sucks

William: try Led Zep

JanGenie: bye, Cold

PrincessRamsey: Keeps saying loading images incessantly

RaMOANa: I have not seen, Reeves yet

HJ: I'm back

ColdFire: oh, I get it. bye bye Derek

ColdFire: Jan,

Margot: I can see him on real audio - does he have a beard!?

FruJu: I'm amazed he can remember the words

Aki: nope

ColdFire: Contessa (?who that?)

ColdFire: bye

Rednik: Alex's arse is quivering

Aki: no beard

William: you lucky thing you

DammitPam: what's the addy on RA again?

JungTheForeman: Bonnie, what kind of insider are you proving to be?

pFuRs: I'm amazed the Fru is amazed

Rednik: http://play.rbn.com/?jamtv/jamtv/live/Bowie28.rm

LdyofDarkness: which one's Alex?

RobHall: looks like a clean shave

Contessa: I've seen Reeves and the whole lot, but why can't I hear anything?

* FruJu gives Bonster a good spanking

ColdFire: *still wondering who Contessa is*

ColdFire: I suck hehe

FruJu: Smoking between verses!

William: no

ColdFire: gotta gooo...


JanGenie: the RA keeps crashing on me

Contessa: I have realplayer, but the computer keeps asking me to install it.

JanGenie: bye Cold!

Contessa: Coldy, don't you remember me? Contessa?

pFuRs: whatta ya say guys is this song a Hit or a Miss?

RaMOANa: he stopped em

Aki: that is bad but not as bad as Nick Cave , I saw him SMOKING A CIG WHILE PLAYING A HARMONICA once in concert

Undefined: What do you think, pF?



Aki: I couldn't believe it

pFuRs: MISS lol

LdyofDarkness: that's pretty talented Aki

PrincessRamsey: I can't believe he's smoking WHILE he's singing!!

JanGenie: I give it an 85 cuz it's got a good beat and you can dance to it

ColdFire: Contessa~ uck, sorry I'm tired...did I talk to you under that name?

ColdFire: Ramsey!

ColdFire: Hiya

RaMOANa: I'm smoking while I'm watching! lol

Contessa: nanstev

* Aki wishes she was smoking

LdyofDarkness: lol ram

PrincessRamsey: Howdy there CF (with an I)

Margot: this is actually very very interesting isn't it

ColdFire: hm

ColdFire: that's me Ramsey hehe

ColdFire: :)

Contessa: You hurt me Coldy!

* RaMOANa smokes one with DB

JanGenie: shit - it keeps jamming

ColdFire: I have to run now though

ColdFire: I'm sorry Contessa :(

Undefined: So, I don't have sound here. Is it the same version of the song?

Margot: Reeves is ashing on the floor

Britboy: I'm closing this

ColdFire: gotta run I'm late....be back later guys

pFuRs: Derek but if you lay the golden touch it's a HIT

Ulysse99: well Rednik it's time to say...aufwiedersehen

Contessa: I forgive you bye!

RaMOANa: yes Undefined

Undefined: pF, I hope Bowie will think so too.

pFuRs: me too

Undefined: But I doubt it.

Zimmo: Is Squeakie there too?

Margot: how very professional Dave is - don't know what I expected

Undefined: I'd expect nothing less, Margot! : )

FruJu: You expected him to have girls hanging all over him, Margot?

TheFourAnswerGURU: who likes the song?

Contessa: Can anybody tell me what's wrong with my realplayer?

pFuRs: hello Ramsey

Eileen: workaholic he is

RaMOANa: ooh the kicked in some bass

RaMOANa: sounds better

Eileen: I like it

JanGenie: Derek, we're keeping our fingers x'd for you

Zimmo: I hear nothing!

Contessa: I like the lalala version

LdyofDarkness: I rather like it guru

Undefined: Awww, thanks Jan.

Rednik: Marcel: I bet Suede's next single sounds similar ;)

TheFourAnswerGURU: its not his best song I think

RaMOANa: noooooo leave it low

Clara: does he sound as good as he looks??

Aki: how do you take a screen snapshot in Windows 98????

PrincessRamsey: You are now going to all learn how boring it is recording a song. Just the same damn thing over and over.

HJ: have you all checked the broadcast out from several sites? anyone having trouble getting on?

Undefined: How is he making up for the missing verse?

BartrockLtd: It's boring as hell

TheFourAnswerGURU: You are right Paul

LdyofDarkness: oh yeah Clara

JanGenie: this sucks so badly -

Zimmo: hey it is unfinished as lalala guru

HJ: LOL Ramsey

JanGenie: HJ, I am. It keeps crashing on me

Zimmo: unfinished

TheFourAnswerGURU: its sounds like the new Suede single He's in Fashin

William: Del Boy if there is an alien lurking .......

TheFourAnswerGURU: Fashion

Undefined: Aki, you hit control-prnt scrn and paste it into a Microsoft app.

DammitPam: this camera position sucks the big one

JanGenie: keeps timing out and freezing up.

*** HJ is now known as Bonster

Undefined: Bonnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssss

DammitPam: HJ, can't get RA to work

PrincessRamsey: Howie, I can't get Lucy :-(

Bonster: sorry, HJ is gone now

Undefined: It's me, Derek, btw

FruJu: wb Bons

RaMOANa: I think he's got the WHAT's Really Happening bit down

pFuRs: la la isn't that from the teletubbies?

Bonster: Howard has left the room ;)

William: hi HJ...crawl crawl

RaMOANa: wb Bons

Margot: I recommend using real audio, guys

DunbleBee: I'm guessing no one wants to chat about Man U getting so close to doing the treble, eh? ;)

Electric_Blue: hi again

Undefined: What room are you in, Bons? I don't think I see you.

Lori: lol

Bonster: Howard is heading for the studio

RaMOANa: wb EB

Margot: close up on Dave

Bonster: I'm hidden

Bonster: too ugly for the camera ;)

RaMOANa: lol

Clara: omg he looks 30 yrs old with that hair

Undefined: Shaddup!

Rednik: Ahhh that's sweet

Contessa: I wanna hear them play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!

Undefined: LOLOL

JungTheForeman: well if a team is gonna stop Man U it's Bayern Munich

Rednik: no way Jung

Undefined: Yer loverly, Bons.

JanGenie: pFuRs, Lala is my fave Teletubbie. The yellow one

Manipogo: lol

Contessa: lol

Undefined: I'm partial to Po, Jan.

pFuRs: my son loves them all Jan

Clara: tinky winky has a favourite red bag

Clara: tinky winky likes to fall down

RaMOANa: oy they are blowing out me speakers

Bonster: OK, I'm not too ugly

Rednik: Yeah me Clara

JanGenie: Clara, yup

Aki: its not working

JanGenie: pFuRs, so does my niece. :-)

Contessa: mmmm, teletubie cakes

pFuRs: I have a tele chubby

Aki: control and "print screen"

Aki: anything else?

Bonster: but they are afraid I might tackle David ;)

JanGenie: Derek, po is my 2nd fave.

LdyofDarkness: I have a tele clubby

William: I haven't got a fav teletub there all made out of sponge

pFuRs: lol

Undefined: LOL Bons

PrincessRamsey: Do you get to see him at some point Bons?

pFuRs: I prefer Ho

JanGenie: okay, it's a tossup between po and tinky

JungTheForeman: why were you so quiet for such a long time, Bons?

DunbleBee: Maybe so Jung, but it would be good for Brit footy if Man U won... I have a good feeling about it.

JungTheForeman: not like you

PrincessRamsey: I think I prefer Ron now :-)

JanGenie: RV claims it's running but all I have is a static shot of db

RaMOANa: I could sing backup!


RaMOANa: dammit

Bonster: I think that was Howard in the plaidish shirt ;)

pFuRs: brb

DunbleBee: Would have preferred if they had beaten an Italian team in the final though

JanGenie: Ramsey. LOL

Manipogo: I just push print screen

BartrockLtd: Net Congestion

Zimmo: Ulysse please answer me dear

Eileen: guess I'm looking at Howard's back

Undefined: Yes Aki, but you have to paste it into a Microsoft app.

Margot: I wanna see Howard!

Bonster: one thing about the camera...the colors don't match ;)

JungTheForeman: Dunblebee, I hope to God you are right. I am a Man U fan and guess who feels like a right prick that he booked concert tickets for Wednesday five months ago?

Undefined: That is Howard in plaid.

Undefined: Nope, Bons, it doesn't. You can see where the cameras are stitched together.

Zimmo: Is it normal I HAVE NO SOUND YET?

LdyofDarkness: which one's Alex?

William: you

Aki: it doesn't work

Margot: plaid, plaid....

William: Jung

Aki: son of a bitch, I hate PCs

FruJu: Who doesn't, Aki?

Aki: man I wish my Mac had a T3

LdyofDarkness: no Zimmo, that isn't normal

Undefined: Alex is in black with a black curly pageboy haircut, LoD.

Bonster: are you guys watching from fullview or rollingstone?

RaMOANa: awww break time already!

Eileen: fullview

Aki: FruJu you are taking a lot of screen captures, right?

William: I hate u but you're still here Aki

RaMOANa: I'm watching rollingstone

Undefined: wb Hel!

LdyofDarkness: thanks Undefined

Rednik: hi Helen x

FruJu: Yup Aki

RaMOANa: wb Hel

FruJu: But RealPlayer quality is crap

Aki: cool

Aki: yeah

Bonster: Undefined ;) what's LOD

Margot: rollingstone actually lets you see Dave recording

Aki: but he looks pretty good and they have him full frame mostly

LdyofDarkness: that's me Bon

DunbleBee: lol. you got your priorities all screwed up man.. it goes, footy, sex, food, cleanliness, reading junk mail, cleaning out old food from the fridge, going to concerts in that order. ;)

Bonster: right, try the rollingstone.com

Bonster: fullview is really more the boards

Ahkros: hum

Aki: there's nothing in fullview :(

FruJu: What the hell is he doing now?

William: what about his neck Aki?

Margot: what sort of footy, though

Aki: he is gonna start singing Free Bird next

Margot: what sort of sex...

Tybalt: sup sup

Rednik: TBB: Sorry about my team winning everything by the way! LOLOL

Undefined: Fru, I didn't even say hi. Hey there.

Rednik: hi Ty x

Undefined: Hey Ty!

Eileen: tylbat!

Ahkros: sup

FruJu: Footy and sex... that's the same thing isn't it?

LdyofDarkness: sup Ty!

Lori: hi Ty

Margot: Tyb!

William: piss off Ty

Tybalt: sup all!!

DunbleBee: soccer footy, and sex with a woman you don't have to pay

JanGenie: TYTYTY

TotalBlamBlam: twat!!!!!

Bonster: hey Ty, sorry I missed you the other night!

Tybalt: hehehehehe

BartrockLtd: Ty, you survived!

TheFourAnswerGURU: I don't like the song, its a very week one

Margot: in rugby, yes

Undefined: Good luck on getting that last one, Dun.

TheFourAnswerGURU: weak

LdyofDarkness: well where does sex with a woman you do have to pay fit in?

JungTheForeman: Dunblebee, I think music has to be higher than junk mail

FruJu: Margot: ever been in a good scrum?

Tybalt: Bonster: yeh, someone mentioned you at the party, and I searched fer a while, but didn't see ya.. heh

Tybalt: sup Brit!

TheFourAnswerGURU: he can do so much better

FruJu: How about sex with a sheep?

Aki: where is it at Rolling Stone

Margot: woohoo, fru

Bonster: Ty, I went to dinner at the wrong time I guess ;_(

TotalBlamBlam: I went to the wrong place - missed you all

Tybalt: awwwwwwr Bonster :( we'll meet at the next ball ;)

FruJu: Why are all you people going to rolling stone? What's wrong with www.davidbowie.com/contest/

Undefined: You did indeed, Bons.

Rednik: Ty: How much do you want for that digital camera you found? ;)

Tybalt: heheh Blammo

Tybalt: sup PIC

Rednik: hi Pic

Picadilly: YIKES!?!!?!?

Undefined: Pic!

DunbleBee: I will just have to keep trying Undefined... guess I just need to stop hanging out in Soho strip clubs... all the women there seem to assume you will pay them

Tybalt: Rednik: feh

Bonster: Aki, last I looked it was a click in the lower left corner

PrincessRamsey: Has anyone gotten the Lucent cam to work?

LdyofDarkness: hey pic!

FruJu: Works fine for me Ramsey

RaMOANa: I wanna see Reeves dammit

Undefined: Heh heh

FruJu: But they're all in the recording studio now

Rednik: lucy works great

Undefined: I'm on in Ramsey

Bonster: David is by the sofa right now

Aki: oh never mind

Bonster: if you are in full view

Tybalt: has anybody gotten the stuff up???? stuff being pictures

Tybalt: heh

Aki: I'm already on the realAudio feed

JungTheForeman: what is better about rolling stone than the BowieNet version?

PrincessRamsey: How did you get it working?

JungTheForeman: I'd like to know too

Aki: the RealAudio link is really Rolling Stone, huh?

RaMOANa: me too Aki

JanGenie: damn - we just lost all our power.

Margot: on my screen he has disappeared

Undefined: It just worked first time, Ramsey.

RaMOANa: yah

JungTheForeman: Bonster, how far are you from Bowie and how many plate glass walls between you?

FruJu: Worked first time for me Rams..

William: good

Tybalt: heheh

Helen2: well I totally give up

FruJu: Have they put you in a straitjacket just to make sure, Bons?

Helen2: can't get RP to connect

Bonster: Alex and his buddy Larry on the sofa next to the Bug sign ;)

JanGenie: I'd better go - before my laptop battery dies. THIS SUCKS

Helen2: and the camera is not working right for me either

Margot: Fru, I've never been in a scrum - but I like to watch

PrincessRamsey: Just by clicking on the spot at the L and W page?

Undefined: Poor Helen.

Tybalt: fullview didn't work for me.. then I realized I wasn't using my java browser :P

FruJu: Nothing like having your head up someone's arse in a good ruck

RaMOANa: awwww, can u take pics, Bons?

William: yes do jan

Bonster: I'm about 20 yards from Bowie, and three strait jackets ;)

Undefined: No, from www.davidbowie.com/contest, Rams.

Tybalt: hehehehe

FruJu: I went from www.davidbowie.com/contest too

Margot: lol Bons

William: bon ... just go

Bonster: but I'm in an office and can't see it right now... have to run to look at anything ;)

JungTheForeman: Bons, did you meet him yet?

Bonster: I met the man

BartrockLtd: What's the address for the Lucent again?


RaMOANa: what did he say, Bons?

PrincessRamsey: That's where I am

Bonster: He flashed a big smile and said Hello and shook my hand

LdyofDarkness: do you have to keep rubbing it in bon?

RaMOANa: did u like FREEZE up?

BartrockLtd: Thanx Ty

JungTheForeman: woo! did you ask him THE question?

Tybalt: shore thang

Bonster: he was adorable ;)

JanGenie: see ya later if/when we have electricity again. This is just the suckiest thing in the world!

Eileen: Reeeevesy looks SO cool - as usual

RaMOANa: aww

FruJu: Did he say "so you're the crazy, obsessed fan then?"

Tybalt: didja ask him about underwear?

Tybalt: heh

Bonster: Ty, no underwear questions ;)

Helen2: this is really frustrating

William: love him Eileen

FruJu: Are they ordering out now, or something?

Tybalt: Bonster: feh... that's the question I asked when I was interviewed fer zdtv

Tybalt: he betta answer that one

JungTheForeman: Bonster, did you ask him THE burning question?

Margot: THE crazy, obsessed fan?

William: you could change revs life u know

DunbleBee: Nope Ram

Bonster: OK guys we have a guest....

PrincessRamsey: Nope, still not working!!!!!

DunbleBee: just working

RaMOANa: aww Dun

FruJu: Hi TonyC

Bonster: Garry from Bug Music who just presented Alex with his contract ;)

Margot: Burning question? "Dave, did you have Mexican last night?"

JungTheForeman: and the guest is?

DunbleBee: lol

Bonster: Anyone have any questions??

RaMOANa: who can we ask, Bons?

Tybalt: Bonster: yeh, what kinda underwear does he wear

FruJu: What exactly does the contract mean?

Bonster: Garry says Hi all

William: who for

JungTheForeman: Bonnie knows which question I mean, don't you Bonnie

Picadilly: Bon - Ask him where my speedos are!

TonyC: Hi FruJu

DunbleBee: what's a wild birthday greeting?

Margot: hi Garry

Eileen: hi Gary...

Tybalt: who's Garry?

Bonster: Garry wears Calvin Klein Boxers

Eileen: LOL

Bonster: he's got class

LdyofDarkness: what color?

Tybalt: yeh, what color?

Bonster: Garry says all color but gray today

Manipogo: With polka-dots?

Tybalt: ooh, wild


Tybalt: btw, who's Garry?

Bonster: normal fly ;)

FruJu: I want to know if Alex is bound to BugMusic for the next 20 years

William: I'm coming

RaMOANa: yah

Aki: now that looks really nice

Bonster: Garry is the guy from Bug Records, recording

Tybalt: Aki: BowieNet should use anything but a stupid slow realserver

Margot: I sent Dave Calvin Klein boxers once - I AIN'T got class

Tybalt: Evan: feh.. I didn't... so tell me

Bonster: Garry wants to know what with his underwear???

Ulysse99: Bonster can you ask if a dog bark all the time? please it's important

Tybalt: Bonster: inquiring minds wanna know

Bonster: UL, yes the dog can bark all the time

Bonster: Garry thinks this is very educational NOT

FruJu: Who does Reevz want to take off his pants?

Picadilly: Bon - Ask him where my speedos are!

Ulysse99: Bonster my cats are wild they will protect me

FruJu: I asked a question Bons

Bonster: Reeves is not here YET and Garry doesn't know

Margot: lol Fru - they read you!

Tybalt: and who the hell is Garry?

Margot: I want them all to go commando for this

RaMOANa: Bons - ask DB why he is always wearing BLACK again lately? He went off it for a while

FruJu: Margot: you

Bonster: Reeves is a client of Bug though, but Garry doesn't know him that well

FruJu: you're just lagged

Undefined: Heh Margot

LdyofDarkness: Garry: can you confirm rumours that bug music is discriminatory towards ants?

Tybalt: hehehehe

Bonster: DB is not here...Garry says it's all in the stitching ;)

TheFourAnswerGURU: Reeves keep your pants on please!!!!!

Undefined: I just read "anus" there instead of "ants," LoD.

Undefined: With all this talk of no pants.

Bonster: Reeves is NOT here!!

Tybalt: yeh, sorry, no anus' in bug music.. thats just not allowed

Eileen: bah - I saw him

RaMOANa: ohhhh!

Tybalt: sorry to break yer heart, Derek

FruJu: Reevz is on RealVideo, Bons

Undefined: Oh well.....

Ulysse99: Reeves ouvre le chien

ArnoldKorns: no way!!1

TheFourAnswerGURU: tooooo late things like this for us in europe!

Bonster: Garry says the presentation went well, very flashy, but he went blank when it happened ;) lots of flashbulbs ;)

ArnoldKorns: hey!!

ArnoldKorns: is it over?!?!?!

Margot: sooo, they are moving the camera

RaMOANa: hi Valora!

Undefined: Are they moving the Lucy cam?

PrincessRamsey: Well, personally I'm very grateful for the RP at the moment, since I can't get the other damn thing!

Bonster: Alex got a dummy contract and a dummy check, real thing to follow

Aki: HI vAL

Margot: William - only my mother calls me that (Margie, not William)

Bonster: All for CNN

Eileen: they moved the lucy

FruJu: Yes, getting videoed and photographed must take years off your eyes' lives

Ulysse99: yes it's nearly 2 am!!!! I think I am crazy

LdyofDarkness: oooh, one of those big huge cardboard checks?

Picadilly: I have a couplea dummies

RaMOANa: cool, is any of this going to be on TV, Bons?

Bonster: oh yeah, CNN was here covering it so probably will show up on SHowbiz today (tomorrow)

Bonster: anyone want to know where Bug music came from ;)

Eileen: I do

ArnoldKorns: no..

William: no

PrincessRamsey: That was a lovely honker DB just coughed up :-p

Bonster: well, Bug music formed in 1975 by two brothers, Dan and Fred Bourgoise

Margot: Dave just brought up half his lines

Aki: LOL

Margot: not lines - lungs

JungTheForeman: oh Bonster, no one cares when bug music got started

Eileen: nasty cough, that

Bonster: lucent is the full view. go to rollingstone.com for the sound etc.

DunbleBee: *burp*

Tybalt: yep Eileen

DunbleBee: man.. I like burping. :)

Bonster: jung, I knew you would say that

Margot: zimm! such language!

RaMOANa: ROFL, he coughed up a lung

Bonster: ;) be nice, Garry is pouring his heart out here

DunbleBee: I had a carrot. :)

TotalBlamBlam: Parakeets are scared of piss smells

Bonster: actually he is downing a Bass ale...

RaMOANa: sorry, I missed it Bons, who is Garry?

Rednik: lol Total

Undefined: Bons, who is the guy in the red plaid shirt?

Ulysse99: Dun a rarrot is for rabbit no?

Zimmo: is your computer god?

William: your not wrong tbb

Ulysse99: carrot

Raven: why is the lucent cam so far back?

* Tybalt still doesn't understand how these lyrics won

JungTheForeman: Bonster, ask Garry why he didn't go to the Mick Ronson memorial show at Hammersmith

PrincessRamsey: David really dressed up for this didn't he?

Bonster: Garry is the guy from Bug records, the recording contract Alex won

FruJu: Raven: cause they haven't moved it

DunbleBee: lol.. a rarrot some Japanese vegetable, Uly? ;)

Clara: lol

Bonster: Jung, he was in another country ;)

RaMOANa: ah I see, is Garry having fun? HALLO Garry

Undefined: Ooooh, BAD ONE DUN!

Raven: hehe

Ulysse99: carrot are international....Dun!

Aki: tell me if they move the camera

Margot: God that's gross Dun - that's almost as gross as me. hmm - and like me you haven't been laid in years. obviously we are made for each other.

Rednik: I got car rot - need a new sill ;)

JungTheForeman: ok, now you're cooking, now just call across to David

Bonster: Garry says Alex actually won a publishing contract....mor to do with copyrights

RaMOANa: oh no I got net congestion

JungTheForeman: Zimmo, want to share them with the group?

Bonster: not the recording contract

Tybalt: dammit

FruJu: Does that mean Alex will get royalties?

Ulysse99: tomorrow I will tell to my hubby....it was smashing I told with Duncan the first about "carrot"

Bonster: Alex will get royalties

DunbleBee: bad one? there is no such thing as a bad anything online

Undefined: Only if the song is sold in some way, Fru.

Margot: so who else can I hit on in here?

FruJu: At what percentage?

Tybalt: who's molesting who with a carrot??

FruJu: You could always try Flossie, Margot

Zimmo: I always think of ... carrots jung

Bonster: right, if the song is sold...

Undefined: LOL I mean bad as in good, Dun.

RaMOANa: try a cuCUMber

Tybalt: Derek you need to change yer name dammit

Margot: hm

Tybalt: heh

William: aww

BartrockLtd: Did Alex write the lines for Shining Star as well?

William: disgusting

Aki: rotfl

LdyofDarkness: I don't know, but if there's some carrot molesting going on, count me in

FruJu: hehehe Bart

Undefined: It won't let me, Ty. I got bumped before, and it won't log on any nick for me now.

LdyofDarkness: lol bart

Tybalt: heheheh lady

Clara: omg

Tybalt: Derek: oh... well.. okay

Bonster: Alex is not an experienced songwriter ;) no he didn't write Shining Star

Tybalt: heh

Margot: vegetable sexfest in BNet chat

William: u can talk Tybalt!

Tybalt: be Undefined, then.. see if I care

Tybalt: heh

Tybalt: William: that I can! its magic, I'm tellin ya

BartrockLtd: He could have

RaMOANa: so what passes did they end up with, Bons?

FruJu: Whoever wrote Shinin' Star wasn't an experienced songwriter either :)

Tybalt: Ramsey: dunno dunno

William: thank the f..

Margot: but he DID write Too Dizzy

Undefined: What is Bowie doing about the missing verse? Is he just repeating one of the the others?

Eileen: lol fru

Tybalt: William: um?

Tybalt: Derek: good question!

* LdyofDarkness pulls out a few sticks of celery

BartrockLtd: That's what I mean, Fru

Bonster: The passes are really nice, but have to ask who's they are

Bonster: I got on around my neck now

Margot: or maybe it'll just be a shorter song

RaMOANa: what color is it, Bons?

Margot: I don't think he's noticed the verse is missing

FruJu: The song got downsized

Zimmo: No sound I rather have no vision damn

Tybalt: Bonster: what do they look like?

FruJu: Sound + Vision?

Bonster: the passes are different colors

The_carrot: color of carrot is red

Undefined: Very interesting, Fru.

JungTheForeman: so were you tongue tied when you met him (DB) Bonster?

RaMOANa: mostly what tho, black or a color?

William: good Bon

Tybalt: Bonster: what do they look like what do they look like what do they look like

Tybalt: what what what what what

Tybalt: do they look like

Tybalt: heh

William: it does you justice

Bonster: picture of Bowie that looks like it was done at the Placebo recording

The_carrot: ok I stop to joke

Tybalt: oh.. feh

FruJu: Are you going to harass him about that Placebo recording, Bons?

RaMOANa: oh not mine then

Zimmo: die verwandlung


Tybalt: not mine either

Tybalt: bleh

Zimmo: F kafka

RaMOANa: what a load of bollox

pFuRs: I'm really happening

JungTheForeman: are you going to ask him about Ian Hunter, Bons

RaMOANa: lol

Picadilly: Bon - IS it a drawing photo or what

Bonster: on the back is repeated all over David Bowie records "What's really Happening"" over and over

RaMOANa: It's happening in my pants!

Tybalt: oooh Derek.. yer halfway there

Bonster: jung, no

pFuRs: bagels and lox Ramoana

Tybalt: *LOL*

FruJu: Dave is looking bored now :)

Bonster: ;)

BartrockLtd: I just read that the song will only be released (as a B-side) in Irian Jaya. Royalties for Alex: $3

DunbleBee: Hey Eileen! Valora just showed me what you wrote! lol! What a grumpy old windbag you are! ;)

Clara: scratching his chin

Aki: lol

Tybalt: *LOL*

Derek: WOW! It worked finally!

Bonster: LOL Bart

RaMOANa: did u see mine then, Dun?


RaMOANa: lol

Tybalt: Dunc: good way to win people over ;)

Eileen: fuck off Dunc

Tybalt: ayayyayayay Derek!

Aki: ooh he's changing lyrics already

FruJu: hehe

DunbleBee: hehehe

JungTheForeman: so how much did the plastic surgery cost David, Bonster?

Derek: How so, Aki?

Tybalt: this could be interesting

Bonster: Garry says the song will be released worldwide making Alex multi millions

Aki: he's talking about it

DunbleBee: didn't see your reply, Ram

Tybalt: who's Garry?

Aki: something about the third line

Tybalt: opera

Ulysse99: if someone sees "etzelvonsprieteufel" tell him Mephisto was a dog too but he barked noone

RaMOANa: it was after Squeakie's, Duncan

Tybalt: oops

Tybalt: heh

* FruJu thinks Gary must be a marketing guy

LdyofDarkness: dammit Ty, you know who Garry is!!!!!!!!!

Bonster: and by the way, the release in Jaya would net $3.75

Ulysse99: thanks

Bonster: Ron wants to say...

BartrockLtd: Garry's been saying things before...

* Aki thinks Garry has a bridge to sell in Brooklyn

Ulysse99: this message was important

Bonster: he just arrived in the studio and say HIIIIIIII

Tybalt: I do?


Derek: HEY RON!

Tybalt: Garry who??

Ulysse99: very important

FruJu: Why is Ron late?

Tybalt: Ron is Garry?

Tybalt: what??

Bonster: Ron the stud you bet!

Tybalt: I'm so lost

Margot: cheers to Ron

Zimmo: Hey David this is nice that we can see into your studio!!!

DunbleBee: lol! wow Val.. Squeekie was harsh! lol

Zimmo: very nice of you

Bonster: Ron is not late, he's been working his ass off

Tybalt: hey Ron.. give Howard a pinch on the butt fer moaners

* Eileen thinks Dunc is no more than a juvenile, minor annoyance, albeit slight amusing.


* Valora rofl

Tybalt: Bonster: thas what he always sez

Tybalt: ooh Eileen

* FruJu reattaches Ron's ass

pFuRs: Jambalaya?

Bonster: Ron is the great glue that holds this shit together

LdyofDarkness: Garry is from Bug music, he isn't Ron

Valora: they wanna RIP YOU TO SHREDS

RaMOANa: lol Ty

Tybalt: oh

PrincessRamsey: Where's Ron?

Tybalt: heh

Tybalt: gotcha

Ulysse99: Zimmo don't say that he could believe it....lol

* FruJu wouldn't mind being ripped to shreds

Valora: I love you Evan :)

Tybalt: Evan: by who, Flossie?

Tybalt: DAMMIT

Tybalt: heh

LdyofDarkness: we all love Evan

William: pathetic

FruJu: Ldy: you enjoy your Tin Machine CD?

JungTheForeman: ask Ron why my lucent camera never seems to work and I just get diagrammatic drawing but no camera feeds?

pFuRs: WOW Ron Howard is there too?

Bonster: Ron has to go meet an important client now, he says he loves you and goodbye

Tybalt: bye Ron

FruJu: Love us and leave us, Ron

Margot: if I hear that Ron Howard joke one more time... lol

Bonster: anyone he didn't kiss Saturday, he will send money

DunbleBee: hey, what can I say. I feel like Socrates, the great gad fly that forces the State to continually reevaluate itself, even if it stings a bit. ;)

FruJu: You turkey!

JungTheForeman: is that his way of saying he doesn't know the answer?

Bonster: sigh, he really is cute ;)

Tybalt: you turkey

Tybalt: feh

Bonster: Garry is cute too ;)

JungTheForeman: who is?

Derek: heh heh Bons.

* PrincessRamsey thinks Bonster is making all of this up. She's really sitting in her living room :-)

Eileen: lol Dunc - what an arrogant know-all U R

Margot: that's very good, Dun. I like it. in fact I'm stealing it.

Valora: of course, everyone can tell your character with exact precision on the internet.

Derek: You wearing your embroidered shirt, Bonster?

RaMOANa: you've only caused me to re-evaluate my twat, Dun

William: oh gosh Dun well done

FruJu: Good on ya, Dunc

LdyofDarkness: what's Garry wearing, other than the grey boxers???

Ulysse99: it's 2.00 am.... Dun "your French people" is tired... Bye see you soon! God save the king! hahahaha don't believe me

Bonster: Garry says "Keep writing songs and you could be the millionaire that Alex is going to be" ;)

Zimmo: Woo this is cool P

Aki: wtf is everyone arguing about

DunbleBee: lol Eileen.. I don't care what you say.. I know you like me. ;)

RaMOANa: I like ya Dun! when u are asleep!

Eileen: actually, I don't

RaMOANa: lol

DunbleBee: lol Ram.. you just can't HANDLE the truth. ;)

PrincessRamsey: I have some songs Bons, ask Garry if I can send them to him!

Bonster: Garry will be back later

RaMOANa: u got that FIRM GRASP of that reality in your pants then, Duncan?

Tybalt: hehehehe

William: no gal doesn't

Raven: not yet!

Raven: soon

Valora: ah well, the great informant of the newsgroups is going to have dinner now!

LdyofDarkness: hey bon, can you see if someone'll streak in front of the cameras?

Derek: LOL RaM

FruJu: ciao Val

* Valora licks FruJu

Derek: Bye Val!

PrincessRamsey: Good idea LOD

Margot: lol Val

* Valora bops everyone on the head

Bonster: Princess: Garry says OK

Eileen: Moaners - all two of the brain cells

Margot: ew

* Aki orders twenty pizzas for David Bowie and Alex Grant

William: enjoy val

Ulysse99: bye etzelvonsprieteufel

* Valora calls Dun a big fat immature prat! (j/k)

RaMOANa: lol Aki

pFuRs: LOL Aki

Ulysse99: bye Rednik

William: save ya money!

Ulysse99: bye bye everyone!

Tybalt: oy vey

Bonster: Princess you ready!

Aki: oh I'm not paying

RaMOANa: send them some anchovies and garlic pizza

Tybalt: bye Ulysse99!

Derek: Bons, who are the 2 people on the couch under the Bug Music banner?

Electric_Blue: bye uly

PrincessRamsey: For what?

Valora: I might be back..if only to snog Helen2!

Aki: pineapple and ham

Bonster: send em to Garry Velletri

Margot: rivetting though this is I think I actually WILL go to work - deadlines and shit. don't want to have to stay back tonight.

William: bye UL

pFuRs: * sends over a bucket of the Colonels' Fried Chicken*

Tybalt: who the hell is Garry?

Tybalt: sup Aeroz

Derek: Hi Aeroz

RaMOANa: dammit I ran out of tequila

FruJu: Is everyone bored as hell yet?

William: go to work Margot!

Margot: mmm KFC - send it to me for breakfast

Bonster: at 1776 Broadway, Ste. 1708, NYNY 10019

* Tybalt is oh so lost

Aki: nope

Bonster: Bug Music is the name

DunbleBee: lol Val! Now THAT I take exception too! I mean fat and immature prat, ok.. but big?! My god.. I haven't even had a first public release yet!! how can I be big?!

* Aki is watching the Eileen/Dun fight

Bonster: and send a picture

* LdyofDarkness smacks tybalt with a frying pan

Bonster: ;)

William: Well Fru?

Aki: not bored at all

Tybalt: feh

Zimmo: Hey good ears hahaha

JungTheForeman: how on you rbest behaviour are you being, Bonster?:

* Margot goes to work...

RaMOANa: can u take pics, Bons?

Aki: bye Margot!

Bonster: jung, I am not behaving

Aeroz: What do you think of the song?

William: You're not exactly the life and soul....

PrincessRamsey: Gee, thanks Garry and Bons. Should I submit them as PrincessRamsey?

RaMOANa: sounds just as good with the lala's

Bonster: Ron Reagan was looking for a stool and I found him a trashcan to sit on ;)

PrincessRamsey: :-)

Bonster: Moana, ya think??

Eileen: Aki - I am not interested in anything that fuzzy little crotch-jockey has to say (Duncan, that is)

pFuRs: so does anyone know what the answer to David's question is already?

JungTheForeman: in what way are you misbehaving?

Tybalt: what question

RaMOANa: tell him to pull up a stool and shoot the shit

Tybalt: sup karen

Bonster: LOL moana

DunbleBee: Your not old anyway Eileen.... :)+) ...... at least not geologically. ;)

Bonster: Ron Reagan is REALLY cute and he was nice too

Bonster: I'm having a glass of wine now

Tybalt: Bonster: yer crezzy

pFuRs: bon I did not meet you at the party right?

Tybalt: yeh Ramsey, you shoulda

PrincessRamsey: I'de be set for life with all the blackmailing revenue

William: bon -go to bed!!!

Tybalt: *LOL*

JungTheForeman: what did Dunc do to upset people?

DunbleBee: lol jung

Bonster: I'm not crazzy, more like insane ;)

DunbleBee: you have no idea. :)+)

PrincessRamsey: But I was too busy dancing :-)

Tybalt: hehehe

Tybalt: close bloody enough

Tybalt: Dunc did something that NOBODY should EVER do - call Eileen the "O" word

RaMOANa: did u get some pics, Ramsey, of sat.?

PrincessRamsey: Some video

Bonster: pFuRs, I don't remember if I met you...I was busy going "what's your screen name"

RaMOANa: yah, will we see any of it on your site then, Ramsey?

Tybalt: yeh, Ramsey?

RaMOANa: wb bb

PrincessRamsey: Um, I will say yes, as soon as I digitize it

pFuRs: Bon, I guess we were all busy that nite


Tybalt: Ramsey: you are hereby ordered to DO IT NOW MUAHAHAHHAA

RaMOANa: geez

William: thank the f... for that

Lori: thanks

DunbleBee: I take a cruel, sadistic pleasure in coming in here and being a pain in the ass to our more... mature users. ;)

Tybalt: thank the f***?

Britboy: hehehe

FruJu: Rams: were you in your Xena costume?

PrincessRamsey: I have to go to the bf's office!

Eileen: Dunc is being a typical pissy little 20-something-year old arrogant, know-it-all

Britboy: DunbleBee: te he he

Tybalt: heheheheheh Dunc

Bonster: did I tell you David has a firm handshake ;)

BartrockLtd: Derek?

Mask: wow

Tybalt: sup EOS

Mask: hi

Tybalt: hehehehe Eileen

FruJu: Good on ya Dunc ;)

pFuRs: Dunblebee for President

EoS: hi Ty

Lori: hi eos

RaMOANa: anything else FIRM, Bons?

PrincessRamsey: Nope Fruj, I don't like mixing my metaphors too often

Tybalt: Bonster: he prolly has a firm.. well, we wont go there

DunbleBee: I love ya really Eileen. Wrinkley people are cute.. like the mole man in the Simpsons. ;)

Tybalt: *LOL*

Britboy: lol

PrincessRamsey: Hola EoS

EoS: wow t'anks Ram :)

Bonster: Coco is walking down the hall now....

RaMOANa: I heard u are hot stuff, eos!

RaMOANa: lol


William: your not wrong Dun

Bonster: she is looking over my shoulder so don't be smart asses

RaMOANa: Hi Coco

Aki: who is looking over your shoulder?

Tybalt: jest fer the hell of it

Coldfyr: wow... busy place tonight

Mask: Ty, how odd

Eileen: Oh Dunc - you are tiresome...

TotalBlamBlam: allo Coco

Bonster: hi ramoan says Coco

PrincessRamsey: Everybody was amazingly attractive and chic. Must just be the kind of folks who gravitate to David Bowie

Pozie: wb eos

RaMOANa: Ask Coco, why Bowie wears black again now?

FruJu: Allo Coco

Tybalt: William: bleh ;)

Bonster: Aki Coco is ;)

Aeroz: How Many subscribers does Dr. Bowie have on Bowienet? is there a rough estimate?

Eileen: dickhead - would have to be Dunc.

FruJu: Coco: how did you get the nickname Coco?

pFuRs: hi CoCo

Eileen: is the only part of him there is...

Zimmo: Coco Hey :))))

Aki: HI COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonster: Coco says from the cereal!!!!!!

FruJu: Cocoa Pops?

Zimmo: LOL

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: This stupid thing.

Tybalt: coco puffs?

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: Heya EoS.

Eileen: CoCoPuffs

Tybalt: or count chocula?


EoS: hi Derek!

Bonster: David and Geoffrey came up with the name

PrincessRamsey: Aeroz, Ron told me it was "a lot"

pFuRs: coco pFuRs?


LdyofDarkness: coco wheats

RaMOANa: Cocoa Puffs, or Count Chocula

Tybalt: yeeeeh

Aki: what's the address????

DunbleBee: well at least if you are gong to be abusive, Eileen, you could put your little grey cells to better use and be creative about it. ;)

Tybalt: Aki: hit stop then start again

RaMOANa: or Coco Krispie???

RaMOANa: lol

FruJu: LOL Dun

Coldfyr: ok... how come it's only showing 8 people here?

Bonster: It is about the cereal..

pFuRs: Coco Goya?

Zimmo: Coco bee

Bonster: there are about 31 here

BartrockLtd: Derek, it's about time we move down there to get things straight

Aeroz: well why do I see eight?

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: How so, Bartock?

Bonster: Coco says that's it for her


Aeroz: I don't understand

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: r

pFuRs: I have a lovely bunch of coconuts

Bonster: she went back to work

karen: there they are standing in a row?

Zimmo: yes coco keep it for you

FruJu: Coco: has there ever been a time when you've thought "I can't stand working with David any longer! I'm going to find myself a new job"?

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: Cold, first of all hi, and second of all, the javachat is a bit screwed up.

DunbleBee: and before you get upset about my making fun of your grey cells, its not because they are old and grey.. it's what Poirot would say. ;)

Aeroz: yes

RaMOANa: u mean a REAL job, Evan?

* Tybalt wonders if jamtv protects their servers as well as does rsradio ;)

Bonster: LOL fru, she is gone now, down the hall

FruJu: Goblin: I think maybe on the Damn

FruJu: oops

FruJu: Damn

Tybalt: ooh, Dunc's a poet, and he don't even know it

Coldfyr: just a bit huh Derek?

pFuRs: Mcdonalds is hiring

RaMOANa: it's the grey matter, is it not?

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: Right, Cold.

Tybalt: oooh, he can rhyme without even tryin

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: EoS, are you there?

Bonster: But that was a good question

Aeroz: 'ELLO?

Britboy: hehe

Britboy: 'ello

DunbleBee: lol Ram.. exactly, my dear Hastings

EoS: I'm here Derek

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: Heya.

Derekkkkkkkkkkkkkk: What's up?

Aeroz: 'owzit goin'?

RaMOANa: lol

Tybalt: hehehehe Derek is experiencing "technical dificulties" *giggles*

Tybalt: sup Eileen

Zimmo: is the realaudio without sound and vision now by everyone?

Tybalt: argh

Tybalt: sup eri

Tybalt: nope Zimmo

Bonster: can everyone see Reeves in the booth now?

EoS: not much just got home, thought I'd piss off the wife by logging on for a while LOL


Aki: nothing's happening

Aeroz: I hear talking

Aki: they're talking outside the studio

pFuRs: bb I have one of your jackets

Bonster: looks like a break

LdyofDarkness: Reeves is in there??

Coldfyr: I can't get that stupid mirc to work either

Aeroz: bloody exciting

Derek: Good for you, EoS.

Derek: eh

Aeroz: someone should warn David about DEADAIR

Tybalt: dummm de dum dum dum

Bonster: Reeves might drop by later, but we don't know for sure...

Aki: Reeves is shaving a goat off in the corner

EoS: hehe

Tybalt: Aeroz: heh, word

DunbleBee: lol Aki

Coldfyr: lol

* Tybalt doesn't even have THIS MUCH dead air on his radio

pFuRs: David has gas?

Britboy: yay

Bonster: lol Aki

Coldfyr: hehe Ty

Tybalt: *LOL* pFuRs

EoS: lol

Bonster: well, you know, they don't record all the time ;)

Aeroz: There he is

FruJu: Having a fag break?

Clara: Dave must be eating carrots too

TotalBlamBlam: David has Arse Quack fumes

Tybalt: David puts out SBD's - silent but deadly farts

RaMOANa: yah think he has to pay for this dead air time?

Tybalt: heheheh exactly blammo

pFuRs: LOL tbb

Derek: And they have, what, 3 hours to fill?

pFuRs: LOL Ty

Aeroz: does he? does he ever let any real good rippers?

Coldfyr: ewww

Aki: stop yawning Mark!

FruJu: Coughing again... I'm surprised his lungs don't fall out of his chest

* Karen is away,

Tybalt: aeroz: Undie scorchers, I hear

Aeroz: lord

Bonster: ooo more action

Tybalt: iman has to run them thru the washer THREE TIMES to get out the skidmarks

Coldfyr: brb

Aeroz: What brand does he smoke?

Aeroz: haha

pFuRs: jeeez.....I'm really happening already

Aki: Marlboros

TotalBlamBlam: that's not possible FruJu

RaMOANa: rofl Ty

Zimmo: WB Ullie

Derek: I'm really shocked that the Lucy cam isn't crashing my computer.

Aki: oops

Aeroz: Gitanes...no that was lennon

FruJu: What do you mean not possible? I saw it in the movies, TB :)

FruJu: TBB

Aki: didn't mean to do that, sorry

Eileen: I've been watching Reeves fer a while now.

Zimmo: stream forgossakes

TotalBlamBlam: ;-)

Tybalt: Aeroz: "Lung-Black, LTD".. guaranteed to give you lung cancer, even if you smoke only 1 cig a day! smoke 2 packs a day, and you're doomed!

ULYSSE: hey hey zim it's hard to tell you goodbye

* Bonster Bonster falls wanking to the floor

RaMOANa: it's Marlboro Lights now, isn't it?

Aeroz: haha

RaMOANa: it was in 97 anyway

pFuRs: brb

Aeroz: The man needs to quit

Tybalt: yeh he does

Derek: brb-I need some water

Tybalt: kk Derek

Tybalt: all this chattin gives ya dry mouth

RaMOANa: Spaceeeeboyyyy

Britboy: hehe

Zimmo: Ulysse did you get the realaudio work?

Aeroz: Can he sing in his high register much anymore?

Tybalt: sup Spaceboy (how'dya make out with Melissa??)

Tybalt: sup PAM

Bonster: I'm just slugging David's wine and eatin his shrimp now ;)

TotalBlamBlam: and wet tail Tybalt

EoS: hey Pam

Spaceboy: Hello all you beautiful people

Tybalt: heheheheheheh blammo

DammitPam: hey hey

Zimmo: Hello Spaceboy

Aki: HALL Spaceboy

PrincessRamsey: Is it good wine Bons?

Tybalt: and wet.. ewll

DunbleBee: when he sits on a spike he can, Aeroz. :)

Tybalt: never mind

FruJu: David's wine... when did he start drinking again?? ;)

EoS: hi Spaceboy!!!

Bonster: good wine ;)

Zimmo: spaceboooye

Rednik: hi Spaceboy

TotalBlamBlam: Eating his shrimp!!!! So the rumours are true!

Bonster: not David's really,

RaMOANa: Bons, stop hogging his stuff!

Aeroz: ouch

Zimmo: great !!

Bonster: courtesy stuff ;)

RaMOANa: lol

Rednik: LOL TBB

Tybalt: where the HELL did you get shrimp, Blammo??

Coldfyr: yo SB

Tybalt: oy vey

Zimmo: Cheers LOL

Spaceboy: yo Fyr

Bonster: the food is artistically arranged however ;)


TotalBlamBlam: he he

RaMOANa: I'm having smoked salmon in a mo

FruJu: Alex has to sing

ULYSSE: Bonster please could I ask a question.

PrincessRamsey: Is Alex gonna get to sing?

Tybalt: sup FireGirl

Bonster: go UL

Britboy: Alex has to sing?

DammitPam: that AIN'T shrimp in that Speedo

Britboy: ouch

Eileen: hehehe - I wondered if he would do that...

RaMOANa: in the shape of???? Bons?

TotalBlamBlam: Thanx for being my audience of one Red

FruJu: Someone's balls have dropped?

Tybalt: LOLOL*pam

Manipogo: lol

Aki: lol

Bonster: Alex just gets to be here

FruJu: Where's the falsetto?

Rednik: My pleasure TBB

Aeroz: listen to him

Eileen: LOL

FruJu: We need a castrato

Aeroz: lord

Spaceboy: Hallo DuncanBoy

PrincessRamsey: Bons, get in there, maybe they'll let you sing!

Tybalt: hehehehehe

Aki: Alex gets to be castrated for his prize

RaMOANa: lol fruj


Spaceboy: lol

FruJu: What a reward

Tybalt: yeh Bons, start singing along

* Dunblebee can see the reflection of the camera off of Reeves head when he is sitting at the mixing desk. }:)+)

Aeroz: haha


Tybalt: oy vey

Bonster: LOL, if I sang, they would all jump out the winder

RaMOANa: rofl Aki

TotalBlamBlam: reminds me of the old days in that cubicle

Aeroz: David most certainly have

FruJu: Reeves should put some boot polish on his head

Coldfyr: jeez.......brutal aren't we?

PrincessRamsey: Hmmm, that might have ominous repercussions for future contests

Rednik: lololol

Derek: BAK

RaMOANa: I need too sing backup dammit!

DunbleBee: heh heh

Bonster: LOL fru

Zimmo: he still sings pretty high I think

Spaceboy: I was watching the CyberCast, but got disgusted and turned it off

* PrincessRamsey wants to sing :-(

RaMOANa: I knew I shoulda won...just for that

Coldfyr: yea that could be any one of us

Eileen: Dunc - if you paint a bullseye in the center of his head, and get some of those little suction cup darts...

Aeroz: not high like he used to

Derek: How come, Spaceboy?

ULYSSE: thanks Bonster.When could he answer to my question about minotaur and Francis Bacon? thanks

Eileen: ...they stick

EoS: BTW Did ANYONE find Caz's Camera????

Bonster: I'll tell Reeves if he comes in that we need boot polish ;)

Aeroz: the cigarettes have changed his voice

Coldfyr: getting laughed at hehe

Spaceboy: Derek should have one, his mix kicked ass!!

Bonster: Caz's camera still a no show

FruJu: OK Bons... tell him I mentioned it :)

Spaceboy: won

Tybalt: jest think, Aki.. if I hadn't I've told them I hacked the database, YOU mighta been in Alex's place right now.

Bonster: I will Fru

Derek: Aw, thanks Spaceboy.

TotalBlamBlam: well I didn't knick it.

RaMOANa: MAN TY! that's true!

Bonster: if he comes in, you can ask yerself though

Spaceboy: Even though I didn't get a CD on Saturday, Derek

Aki: umm I don't know if cause and effect works like that

FruJu: Who's the main mixing guy?

EoS: that's a comforting thought Ty

Derek: Uh oh, sorry, Space.

Bonster: Mark Plati

* Tybalt cries in the corner at his stupid mistake

Aeroz: So whats the deal with David's New CD?

PrincessRamsey: All I* got was a lousy mousepad!!

ULYSSE: Bonster he won't answer it's too long like question

Bonster: he's the guy who did Earthling

EoS: I got a rock

RaMOANa: it's ALL Ty's fault! as usual! lol

FruJu: Ah, so that's Mark?

Spaceboy: Somebody took my mousepad, so don't feel bad

Coldfyr: lice on a mousepad?

Bonster: long hair Mark ;)

Aki: well I got an honorable mention that was nice

* LdyofDarkness gives Ty a sympathy snog

Tybalt: Spaceboy: How'd you and Melissa make out? I mean, you two were really goin at it there... oy vey

Tybalt: awwww thanks lady :)

Spaceboy: lol

FruJu: Spaceboy: were you slipping poor Melissa the tongue?

Spaceboy: Fabulously Tybalt, just fab.

Derek: Yup, Aki.

Tybalt: Aki: feh, not nice enough... ya shoulda on.. you had 140,000 votes, if I remember correctly ;)

Spaceboy: lol

TotalBlamBlam: Tybalt - good of you to rub Aki's nose in it like that! ;-)

Tybalt: Evan: he was!!!!

RaMOANa: yah even I heard about the snogfest

PrincessRamsey: I'd like to say that Spaceboy was the MOST GLAM GUY at the party

BartrockLtd: Melissa Hurley?

Spaceboy: I am a God, I know

FruJu: I think Arafel's daughters are always hits at Bowie events

Coldfyr: bleh

ULYSSE: Bonster the question is in the section "ask to David" do you think it's stupid like question?????

Bonster: actually when Mark came in earlier he was wearing a bicycle outfit and looked like a messenger boy.


Tybalt: that outfit was AMAIIN

EoS: lol Spaceboy

FruJu: It's grasshopper, not goldfish

Bonster: UL, I don't have opinions

Coldfyr: Uly.. it's as good as any Q

DunbleBee: Eileen? can't we all just get along. :)

Spaceboy: brb

Aki: goldfish actually have very long attention spans

* Dunblebee hands Eileen an olive branch

Eileen: Dunc???

Bonster: Reeves says you can kiss their ass

PrincessRamsey: Which he has the memory like

Aeroz: haha it wasn't funny the first time

ULYSSE: Thanks Cold...

Tybalt: ooh

LdyofDarkness: whose ass kan we kiss?

FruJu: Hi Reeves

Raven: Tell Reeves to move the damn lucent cam up

* Tybalt lines up for Reevz

Bonster: he was just here and I told him what you said...

FruJu: Yeah, get Reeves to move the cam

Aki: HELLO ReevesEY

Aeroz: Does David's shit smell better than mine?

Eileen: lol

FruJu: Ouch, that's painful

Eileen: ew

ULYSSE: Aeroz you are censured

Derek: What is, Fru?

Aeroz: sorry y'all

Aki: ahh ahh ahh ahh

pFuRs: it just occurred to me that this the medley of this song reminds me of a Supremes song, 'You keep me hangin on '

FruJu: The ahhh ahhh ahhh ahh

Bonster: Reeves is gone

Aeroz: listen to him shreik

PrincessRamsey: What Fruj, the fact that we've now heard this 10 million times?

Aki: lol

RaMOANa: yes pFuRs, someone submitted that on the contest

* Aki listened to the song as much when she was writing lyrics

Aeroz: OUCH'

Aeroz: ahha ahh ahha

pFuRs: really Ram

Aki: someone submitted the lyrics to "Wind Beneath My Wings" in the contest

Aeroz: that's bloody awful

FruJu: hehehehe

PrincessRamsey: I didn't listen to it when I made mine up. Probably why I didn't win :-)

Bonster: Anyone have an opinion on the versions we're hearing?

RaMOANa: yah I saw it a couple of times on the contest site

Aeroz: They all sound the same

JungTheForeman: Has anyone mentioned yet that this song sounds like Quicksand?

pFuRs: She breaks the wind form Dirty Dancing?

Aeroz: the AHH's suck

FruJu: I think they need new instruments, not new vocals :)

Eileen: I don't like that aahhhh

Aeroz: not really

Eileen: thang

LdyofDarkness: I think they pretty much blow Bonster

Britboy: neither do i

Bonster: Ahhs suck, got it..

PrincessRamsey: Like, maybe, some guitar

Aki: I like Derek's version better!

DunbleBee: actually Aeroz, it does. Being the paranoid person he is, DB has his refuse bagged and couriered to a crack team of scientists at the John Hopkins University where numerous tests are performed and processes completed to insure that no genetic material could be stolen for future cloning. This process leaves the refuse smelling a bit like wet sawdust.

Eileen: Tell the Old Goat to quit all that ahhhhh stuff

pFuRs: Yes Derek Rules

Aki: make it more thrashy!

Tybalt: Derek RULES

Aeroz: wow

Tybalt: I think we should all boycott the single this comes out on

Bonster: Derek rules... got it

Aeroz: I didn't know that

FruJu: Wet sawdust does have a distinct odour

Tybalt: and buy Derek's instead

pFuRs: Derek Derek Derek

Aeroz: he really is god

Aeroz: wow

Raven: whose that hanging around with the camcorder?

FruJu: Derek, release your mix!

Zimmo: LOL

Derek: OMG

RaMOANa: he needs to sing the harmony

* Tybalt cheers with pFuRs.. "Derek Derek Derek

DunbleBee: It is then immediately mixed with chicken feed and used to feed livestock in Tenessee.

Bonster: Derek, have you got a big head yet???

JungTheForeman: Bonster, are you using their computer or your laptop?

pFuRs: haha he said release

Derek: LOL Bons. I hope not.

Zimmo: ratlol

LdyofDarkness: and to feed Dun's wife and kids in Arkansas

Tybalt: Dunc: thats EXACTLY how this song sounds

Tybalt: wow

Tybalt: how 'bout that

ULYSSE: ok now I go really to sleep....or I fell down

Tybalt: sup LOOOORIIIII wb

Tybalt: heh

Lori: hi again

Eileen: damn he looks good

DunbleBee: lol Ty


Aeroz: that's how I look when I sing high

Aki: Whore mode?

FruJu: Testicles in the roof of his mouth?

Tybalt: I think David should jest say, "screw this - Derek's version is better. I'll give him 3.4 million for it and call it a night."

ULYSSE: Zimmo it's hard to be an European fan no????

Derek: Bons, maybe you should go tell Bowie that. Heh heh.

FruJu: There's a lot of balls jokes in this studio

Aeroz: must be the fags

pFuRs: yeah Ty

BartrockLtd: I agree Ty

Tybalt: yeh

Tybalt: all in agreement say THIS SONG SUCKS

Eileen: Dunble for prez of the bronze age society

Tybalt: heh

EoS: lol Ty


ULYSSE: to stay all the night like a silly

pFuRs: Derek's version is finished, so just release it

Derek: Thanks, Bart.


LdyofDarkness: EARTHLING WAS COOL and

LdyofDarkness: THIS SONG SUCKS

Britboy: lol

Aeroz: don't tell David we don't like it, we don't want to hurt his feelings

Tybalt: yeeeh

DunbleBee: aww Eileen. Could you make that iron age though? Bronze goes green on me...

Tybalt: Aeroz: screw Derek

Tybalt: wait

Tybalt: no

Aeroz: Hunky Dory was cool Earthling SUCKED

Tybalt: hehe

PrincessRamsey: Excuse me!! Earthling was much better than this

LdyofDarkness: screw David's feelings

Tybalt: screw David

Derek: LOL

* Tybalt hides his face

Eileen: Dun - YOU said bronze, not me

pFuRs: screw me

Aki: Aeroz: I wash my socks with live gerbils every morning!

Eileen: matches your underwear

DunbleBee: Waterloo was cool, Super Trooper was ok too. :)

Tybalt: heheh pFuRs, okee doke

FruJu: Any song you hear 10,000 times sucks

Aeroz: screw Earthling, I also hate OUTSIDE

RaMOANa: ok bendover, pFuRs

Eileen: anyhoo

pFuRs: lol

pFuRs: LOL

Tybalt: Evan: okay, this song sucks EVEN WORSE

Derek: Screw everyone!

Raven: copper goes green


PrincessRamsey: LOL Fruj

pFuRs: got KY?

Aeroz: Gimme Guitar sounds, Gimme some SSSSSSSCRRRRREEEAMMS!!!!!!!!!!

DunbleBee: not bronze Raven?

Eileen: bronze TARNISHES

Spaceboy: I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eileen: ...bad

Tybalt: hey Bonster can ya get Alex in here?

Manipogo: Lots of screwing going on here

Tybalt: wb Spaceboy

Britboy: Bonster: WE WANT Alex

pFuRs: hallo Spaceboy

Raven: no, copper

DunbleBee: Damn! Someone sold me some fake bronze!

BartrockLtd: Get in there and show them how to do it properly, Derek

pFuRs: Great outfit dude

Tybalt: pFuRs: always keep some with me, in a handy Portable Jar(tm)

Raven: yep

Raven: hehe

RaMOANa: lol.....u just reminded me pFuRs.....did u see Marianne Faithful on VH1?

EoS: fool's bronze?

Derek: wb Spaceboy

pFuRs: lol

Spaceboy: Anyhow, any good rumours about me flying around while I was gone?

DunbleBee: lol EoS.. yup

FruJu: I saw that MOANa

Aeroz: Bonster what do you think of it?

EoS: hehe

TotalBlamBlam: It is a little too pedestrian perhaps - needs a little Va Va Voom

LdyofDarkness: just the usual goat-f**king rumours Spaceboy

RaMOANa: Keith Richards regarding the Mars Bar incident: - "it was made up by the media, I mean we were FRESH OUT of Mars Bars"

pFuRs: Spaceboy my wife loved your outfit :-)

TotalBlamBlam: needs speeding up 10%

FruJu: Yeouch - what did they do to the volume

Tybalt: Spaceboy: I heard you did Melissa over 14 times sat night and sun morning, and that she was virtually dead by the time you got thru with her.. is it true??

Manipogo: ahh

LdyofDarkness: Mars Bar incident??

Aki: it needs Dave Rave Ogilvie to put some weird noises in the background

Tybalt: yeh Blammo

Spaceboy: Tell her I said "Thank You" pFuRs

Tybalt: and it needs Derek's version

Tybalt: heh

Bonster: I think you lost your chance to chat with Reeves ;)

Spaceboy: lol Ty

FruJu: Ty: spreading rumours again?

pFuRs: :-) ok SB

EoS: lol Ty

Derek: = )

William: hi will

Aeroz: what's Derek's version?

JungTheForeman: Bonster, I'm going to go to bed...even the idea that you'd ask the Ian Hunter question (unlikely) can't keep me awake

Aeroz: I ain't heard it

Tybalt: Evan: HARDLY thats EXACTLY what happened

Aeroz: where is it?

FruJu: Bons: he didn't like the boot polish comment?

* Tybalt swears the truth

Bonster: LOL jung, I understand

DunbleBee: lol

FruJu: Ty: you have pictures?

EoS: asleep at the switch Bons?

Bonster: Fru: NO

Raven: I need tylenol, advil something

Tybalt: Aeroz: www.loveamongpuppets.com

Raven: both maybe

JungTheForeman: and real video is buffering all the time

Tybalt: Evan: I'm gonna develop them, yep ;)

Aeroz: lord

Derek: Here Aeroz: http://loveamongpuppets.com

Derek: Tanx, Ty.

Spaceboy: I think I left my camera in NY

Tybalt: Spaceboy: oy vey, so did caz

FruJu: Awww... Where's his sense of humour? ;)

EoS: Oh no Space! not you too!??!??

Tybalt: this is like Leave Yer Camera In NYC weekend

Bonster: well, we'll see

RaMOANa: Ty - u have not gone to Walmart or Target and got that film developed yet????/

Spaceboy: Gotta try to get a hold of Suff to see if I left it there

DunbleBee: look.. dads got his hands over his ears.. he can't stand it either. ;)

Tybalt: whatever


Aeroz: What's really happening?

William: let kids be kidz hey?

Tybalt: Moaners: not yet.. gonna do it tomorrow

Derek: Heh Dun.


RaMOANa: lol Dun

Tybalt: *LOL*


LdyofDarkness: lol Dun

EoS: lol Dun


Tybalt: yesss

Derek: Damned Real Player won't work here.

Tybalt: heh

Aeroz: Tell him to go do ANOTHER remix of FAME or something

Tybalt: *LOL* Aeroz

Aki: no!

Aki: no!

Manipogo: haha

Tybalt: HELL NO

Britboy: lol

Aeroz: haha

Aki: no more Fame remixes PLEASE

Spaceboy: LAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rednik: hi LamB

* Aki hates that song

Aeroz: he should have left the original alone, poor song

Tybalt: tell him to get his ass back in the studio and finish up Omikron.. screw this shit


RaMOANa: hi LamB

Tybalt: sup LAMB!!!!!!!

DammitPam: LamBoooooooogggggeeeeeeee

LamBugi: Spaceboy!!!

LamBugi: hi Aki

* Aki likes "New Angels of Promise"

LamBugi: Pammie

LdyofDarkness: hey lam

LamBugi: Pozie

EoS: I've writtens on good songs that I'd be glad to let David have... for a price hehe

Aeroz: What the hell DID john lennon do on that song?

LamBugi: lod

Tybalt: brb

Tybalt: james in on the phone

Tybalt: he

Aki: ask MAy PAng Aeroz

FruJu: Aeroz: try playing with the Fame Beatnik remix

Aki: she has some strong opinions on the subject

Aeroz: haha

Bonster: Bowie wants a cigarette?

FruJu: He's smoking again

Aeroz: that thing sucks

LdyofDarkness: that thing is fun

Lori: hi lamb

Raven: I need a cigarette like crazy man!

Eileen: yea, wants - not needs...

PrincessRamsey: He is sooooo addicted

EoS: wow he smokes? lol

Spaceboy: Oh, and Ty, I was a perfect gentleman to Melissa

William: it is obvious thatu will never know the sentiments of HEROES kids and nor should you have to

Eileen: jeeeze

* RaMOANa smokes with DB again

Raven: me two and a half packs today already

Aki: what is William blathering on about now

DunbleBee: I'm off to bed.. I think I have JUST about taken Eileen to that precarious brink of emotional extasy between anger and horniness.. this ought to do the trick... Eileen, you know, I hear that old women give good head.. specially after they start losing their teeth. :)+)

Eileen: Dunc - U don't you use that nasty persuasion of yours to make him quit?

Rednik: night night Dun

Britboy: LOL!

Bonster: night Dun

EoS: by Dunc

Eileen: bye Dunc...

LamBugi: bye Dun

Aki: err goodnight

Coldfyr: later Dun

TotalBlamBlam: ROTFL Dunc

LamBugi: and hi Dun

DunbleBee: night all. ;)

PrincessRamsey: Bye Dun

LamBugi: oh well

LdyofDarkness: bi bi Dun

Lori: bye Dunc

RaMOANa: nite Dun

Derek: Nite Dun

Electric_Blue: nite D

BartrockLtd: Night Dun

Eileen: f**k off, you little crotch jockey

Britboy: LO!L

RaMOANa: lol

Britboy: ei:rofl

FruJu: You don't have to be old - you can get your teeth taken out by a dentist anytime...

TotalBlamBlam: LOL Eileen

Britboy: Eileen: rofl

Coldfyr: LOL

Aeroz: who the bloody hell is talking

Lori: lol

RaMOANa: wb Hel

Britboy: hiya fake Brit

Aeroz: will I ever be as cool as David?

Coldfyr: yo HJel

PrincessRamsey: WB Hel2

BartrockLtd: Hi Hel

EoS: hi helen

Britboy: Aeroz: hell no

Bonster: Bowie is talking

Aeroz: damn

Spaceboy: I'm cooler than David

Bonster: talking

Coldfyr: Hel even

Spaceboy: hehehe

Derek: WB Hel

Rednik: Aeroz: David who?

Aeroz: I smoke marbs too!

Britboy: bleeh

* FruJu is sitting in the freezer

RaMOANa: what's Reeves doing now, Bons?

pFuRs: hello Lambugi :-)

PrincessRamsey: Spaceboy, you're like a young virile David

Helen2: thanks all

Bonster: Reeves is talking to Bowie

Britboy: hehehehe

Aki: lol

Aeroz: Bonster can you talk to Bowie right now?

Bonster: he isn't chatting with you lot ;)

Spaceboy: at least *I* mingle with my public ;)

EoS: lol

pFuRs: sterile David?

Bonster: nope, I can't, he is in the studio and I am in Veronica's office ';)

Coldfyr: LOL

Aeroz: how far apart?

Bonster: But I can hear them....

Coldfyr: yea.. details !!!

Aeroz: Is David an Elitist?

Ahkros: hum?

Bonster: David is David right?

pFuRs: I'm really happening dammit

Coldfyr: in what way?

FruJu: Who is Veronica?

RaMOANa: nah, he leaves that to the sods

Britboy: hehe

Derek: LOL pF. At least SOMEONE is.

Eileen: Dunc is an elitist

Bonster: they are talking about coming and chatting...

FruJu: Other than the codename for System 8.6?

pFuRs: LOL

Coldfyr: I don't know what's happening

Aki: no he's really Phil Collins in a clever disguise the real David is back in Bermuda

pFuRs: CF I am

Bonster: Bowie likes the polish comment I suspect...

EoS: where the hell is Suff, anyway?

LamBugi: Where are you Bonnie, can I see you there?

Spaceboy: FuRs, tell your wife (sorry that I forgot her name) that she's lovely

ULYSSE: Bye everyone

Eileen: I like the little suction cup darts idea better

Bonster: Reeves was not kidding about his comment

Derek: Bye Uly

PrincessRamsey: Au revoir, Ulysse

Aeroz: I missed the comment

RaMOANa: bye uly

Coldfyr: Dammit!! I wish my monitor was bigger

EoS: bye uly

Bonster: Alex is here.....

FruJu: Hello Alex

Aki: HELLO!!!!!!!!

pFuRs: aww thanks Spaceboy.... btw her name is Emma :-)

Aki: oops

Ahkros: who is Veronica?

Bonster: want to ask him some questions

Aki: I jumped the gun

LamBugi: hi Alex....you lucky dude you

Aeroz: yes

Bonster: he will be me from now on....

RaMOANa: what comment, Bons? I musta missed it

Spaceboy: Emma....I knew that! on Saturday, but I knew that

LdyofDarkness: hi Alex

Britboy: Ty

pFuRs: hello Lambugi

Britboy: wake up

Spaceboy: Melissa!!!

Lori: hi Melissa

Aki: HI David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek: Heya Alex.

Bonster: hey there

Aeroz: have David talk on camera next time there is a break, tell him to give me a shout out

Aeroz: haha

Coldfyr: :)

EoS: hi Alex

Britboy: lol ;)

FruJu: Oh no, I head someone mention America Online

pFuRs: lol Spaceboy

RaMOANa: HALLO Reeves!

Aki: HI David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eileen: hi Alex

Spaceboy: HI David!!!!!!!!!!! HI Alex, Derek STILL SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bonster: I realize that

EoS: glad to see you're no longer inaudible

LdyofDarkness: why are they talking about aohell?

Britboy: lol

Coldfyr: SB!!!!!

Britboy: who knows

Spaceboy: oop

Coldfyr: lol

FruJu: Has anyone ever considered that "AOL For Dummies" is an extremely redundant name for a book?

Spaceboy: Did I actually type that!?!

PrincessRamsey: They can't figure out how to get onto chat LOL!

pFuRs: congrats there Alex!!!!


Raven: not BNet.com LOL


Derek: Many congrats Alex.

pFuRs: Dummies for AOL is better

*** Bonster is now known as AlexGrant

Aeroz: I don't hear them

EoS: lol fru

Spaceboy: Derek, run and storm the studio!

PrincessRamsey: Hi Alex!!

Aki: Hi do you know what they call those books in Japan??

Britboy: hello Alex

Derek: Hope you're having a good time.

Raven: hey Alex!

LdyofDarkness: hey Alex, want an egg roll?

AlexGrant: anyways I'm back now

Britboy: hehe

Aeroz: Bonster=Alex?

RaMOANa: HALLO Alex! - you having fun?

PrincessRamsey: Having fun?

FruJu: They're such geeks...

AlexGrant: yeah sure

Aki: it's the "Even the Monkeys Can Comprehend" Series

William: can it not be consistent?

Spaceboy: Hi Melissa!!!!

Chaoz-Blue: Schoki?

Coldfyr: what William?


Eileen: NO - it's oldgoat.com

Britboy: lol

pFuRs: Congrats congrats Alex

Eileen: He has it all wrong

Ahkros: Hum,

RaMOANa: Is DB going to let you sing backup, Alex? ;)

Coldfyr: lol Eileen

Schoki: Hi Cgaoz Blue

FruJu: hehehe Eileen

Zimmo: Eileen lol

Eileen: www.oldgoat.com

LamBugi: damn, every time I "close up" somebody moves!

Aki: David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FruJu: Eileen: why don't you register that site?

Lori: lol

Melissa: Spaceboy!!

Britboy: err

Aeroz: stoppit

* RaMOANa sprinkles moandust on '.:"'~'*+,.'*''"~:,,~'"-;., AlexGrant '''*-:^:,.+*^*-,,.:" AlexGrant '~'*+,.'*`'"~:,,~'"-;.,'` AlexGrant `*-_+^:,.+*^*-,

Eileen: Fru - it already IS

PrincessRamsey: Alex, do try to muster a huge amount of enthusiasm for those of us who aren't there

Eileen: try it...

pFuRs: Hi lam for the last time

Schoki: Sorry the misspelling its half past 2 here

Zimmo: you are an oat

Two_Cigar_Mertle: I smoked your cigar, Alex. Tasty

AlexGrant: no he hasn't spat on me yet I have to get my bearings on this comp here because I'm not used to laptops

Aeroz: listen to David try and be a computer expert

Coldfyr: Alex.........yo... ( lucky bastid!)

Zimmo: Eileen

Aki: HI David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aeroz: lord

AlexGrant: so you're the one Two

LamBugi: OH, Hiya there papafurs!!!!

AlexGrant: I could

pFuRs: LOL lam

Eileen: Zim - WHAT?

FruJu: Hmmm - I don't think they have a valid claim to that :)

Britboy: Ty

Britboy: Tybalt

Ahkros: Hum?

AlexGrant: I could have sworn we left them in the limo

Britboy: beep beep

Zimmo: P

Spaceboy: Alex, pretty unchatty on Saturday, eh?

Melissa: Spaceboy!! How are you???


Aki: oops Alex is in here already

Two_Cigar_Mertle: he hee

* Aki is confused

AlexGrant: sorry I'm still trying to get my bearings on this thing

FruJu: Alex: what was db saying about your testicles??

Britboy: lap dancers?

pFuRs: hi Melisa

Britboy: where?

Eileen: lol

* FruJu gives Aki a good spanking

LamBugi: David... you have to be more talented than me to keep up with a camera and chat

BartrockLtd: Alex, can't you talk him out of recording this song and STILL get the money?

Melissa: hey pFuRs

Britboy: FruJu: hehehe

William: zim..

Zimmo: Melissa daughter of Ara

AlexGrant: so what do you guys think of how things are going so far?

Schoki: Hi Rednik

Coldfyr: and tyhey all ran away

Melissa: yes, that is i

Spaceboy: Oh, I'm okay, Melissa, got back to PA about 9 am this morning

Zimmo: yes William

Coldfyr: they even

William: never eard ya talk so much!

Manipogo: Whats with the ahhh ahhhh's?

Aeroz: Hey Alex, do you LIKE the song?

FruJu: Lapdancers are a necessity when recording, I've always found

Melissa: yeah? I hate being back

Eileen: I still don't like those ahhhhh thangs.


RaMOANa: the AHHHHH bit was kinda wonky, Alex...he needs to sing in the harmony


Spaceboy: I liked Derek's lyrics better :-p

Coldfyr: typo typo

Britboy: Alex Grant: tell him to quit 'da smoking

Derek: It seems a little slow from here, Alex. It's hard to tell what is going on.

Coldfyr: yes.. we know SB lol

AlexGrant: Aeroz... do you not like the song?

Aki: oh shut up Britboy

Zimmo: William I mostly talk one to one with people

Rednik: hi Brigitte x

Britboy: hehe

Britboy: no

LamBugi: poopy, I have to re-set up this thing

Aki: as a smoker I find that very obnoxious

Aeroz: he needs some one else to sing the La's

LdyofDarkness: think you could streak in front of the cameras for us Alex???

Raven: Tell Dave we want him to look in the lucent cam!

Britboy: Aki: blaaah

Zimmo: I am just that sort of person


Britboy: you should quit too

FruJu: hehehehe

TotalBlamBlam: hi Paul x

Coldfyr: YEA!!!!

AlexGrant: NO BUT RIGHT NOW I'm kinda wondering if my fly was open while I was on camera

Coldfyr: nudity rox!


Aeroz: Alex ask David to quickly get someone to sing the LAAA's so we don't have to be subjected to his LA's again

pFuRs: maybe Mariah can do the La's LOL

Rednik: ROTFL Total x

Britboy: errrm ummm

Eileen: Alex - yes it was..

* Aki Britslaps BitchBoy

Clara: lol

Derek: LOL Alex.

TotalBlamBlam: no prob Red xx

William: the mouth of the south tbb is very quiet

pFuRs: we prefer LAP version

FruJu: Was it "snowing down south" Alex?

Derek: We don't care about open flies.


* Britboy hugs Aki 'please don't 'urt me'

LdyofDarkness: we like open flies

FruJu: Open files are another problem

Derek: Heh, pF.

Aeroz: Does David's bulge look as big in person?

Aki: oh all right

Two_Cigar_Mertle: unless its David's open fly

LdyofDarkness: we prefer open flies

Coldfyr: lol

Aki: :-)

TotalBlamBlam: hallo William - how the devil are ya?

PrincessRamsey: Ask David to streak in front of the camera, please!

* Britboy checks his fly

AlexGrant: open flies are sort of liberating

William: Me thinks he can't speak without insulting people!

Britboy: hiya fake Brit


Rednik: hi Helen



* Aki opens her fly, just for the hell of it



TotalBlamBlam: William - it was really nothing

Britboy: err rupert

Spaceboy: Open flys? hell, on Sat. everyone wanted in/and my pants


Britboy: hehe

Lori: wb hel

Derek: That's the spirit Aki!

* LdyofDarkness doesn't have a fly :-(

Britboy: hehe

Rednik: hi ManicBoy

Aeroz: What was on SATURDAY?


PrincessRamsey: Spaceboy, you are so humble

Spaceboy: lol

Two_Cigar_Mertle: but they were damn fine pants

Coldfyr: * a fly free zone*

Spaceboy: I try to be, Ramsey

PrincessRamsey: But a damn good dancer

Aeroz: Spaceboy, what was Saturday?

FruJu: Rams: were you in Spaceboy's pants?

Spaceboy: Thanks!

manicboy: so who's the insider here?


Derek: Alex, when do you go home?

Aeroz: I believe that would be Alex

FruJu: I twas Bons, but now it's Alex

EoS: Bonster is, manic

Derek: Bons is the insider, manic. She's there.

pFuRs: Spaceboy looked like he was in a band from the UK

PrincessRamsey: Nobody could get inside those pants, they were freaking tight!

Aeroz: Alex what is your favorite Bowie song?

AlexGrant: I go home tomorrow morning

RaMOANa: Alex, what ya gonna do with all that dosh, royalties, etc.?

TotalBlamBlam: William - the only offensive thing I've said tonight is "Parakeets are scared of piss smell" - And I typed that by accident too

AlexGrant: I'm afraid of Americans

FruJu: Alex: did you smash up your hotel room??

LamBugi: awwww, anticlimax

AlexGrant: I'm going to spend it on a psychiatrist

Coldfyr: as one should be Bons

EoS: lol blam

Coldfyr: I'm afraid of myself

pFuRs: Alex how old are you?

William: TBB-You have no grace!

Electric_Blue: Are you gonna come on here now?

AlexGrant: twenty years of age

Aeroz: does David's Breath smell

Rednik: TBB: How do you know about the Parakeets?

* Aki amuses herself by staring at the new tattoo on her arm

Britboy: el!

TotalBlamBlam: sorry

Derek: I'm afraid of you, Cold.

PrincessRamsey: Alex, you have excellent taste

pFuRs: cool Alex

LdyofDarkness: what's it of Aki?

Derek: ; )

TotalBlamBlam: I grew up with 'em Red


Coldfyr: LOl Derek... welcome to my world

Rednik: TBB: Oh I thought because you'd had a cock or two

Aki: A humongous dragon and a goddess with a flaming sword

Aeroz: Alex, Does he emit any odd odors?

Zimmo: William answer me please

TotalBlamBlam: ha ha ha ha ha

Spaceboy: brb

LdyofDarkness: cool

Electric_Blue: Alex why aren't you in the studio now?

William: No Zim

AlexGrant: David actuall y smells pretty good...I made a comment on that the first time I met him

pFuRs: does he fart you mean?

Zimmo: why not?

Rednik: **Kinder takes a bow

Aki: TBB was raised by wild budgies

LamBugi: first time?

Zimmo: then tell me in main

LamBugi: wow

Britboy: Kinder: shouldn't do that

Aki: wow

PrincessRamsey: Aki, is it one of those ones that becomes 3D if you stare it a lot?

pFuRs: Kinder bends over?

Eileen: shuddup Alex ;-)

TotalBlamBlam: Rednik: What do nuclear physicists have for lunch?

Britboy: people could kick yer in the face or anything

Coldfyr: lol

Aki: I wish it was Princess

Britboy: or do something from behind..

Zimmo: dammit

Aeroz: now they are talking about Robbie Kneivel

Rednik: TBB: I don't know

TotalBlamBlam: Fission chips

AlexGrant: Eileen do I know you at all?


Britboy: people these days, people these days

manicboy: how do you guys chat and look at the 3d at the same time?

Aki: I saw the Evel Knievel doc

FruJu: hehe TBB

Aki: it was something!

AlexGrant: who kick who in the face?

FruJu: That's like the old mathematician joke

Derek: Um, are they EVER doing to start up again?

Derek: going, I mean

Eileen: Alex - no one here knows me..

Rednik: whats that Fru?

Britboy: AlexGrant: 'someone' could kick someone bowing in the face

FruJu: They're having a fag break again

AlexGrant: who knows hehhe

Coldfyr: Evel Knievel is a complete nutjob

Zimmo: ohhh what the heck then...

Aki: yeah he is

FruJu: "How did the mathematician cure his constipation?"

Aeroz: Alex, has David ever given you a noogie and called you "kid"?

FruJu: "He worked it out with a pencil"

AlexGrant: sounds like a good idea Britboy are you coming along then?

Britboy: FruJu: hehehe ;)

EoS: must be gettin paid by the hour

Coldfyr: LOl fru

Rednik: lol

TotalBlamBlam: I bet the fag wishes he could have a break - must be very sore by now

Spaceboy: Yes, fellow chatters, the glamorous Spaceboy has returned for your viewing pleasure...or what have you

pFuRs: they must have imported those fag from the west village FRU


Derek: No wonder it costs so much to make an album. all those smokes.

Britboy: Alex: err hell I dunno

Britboy: Alex even

AlexGrant: no he hasn't done anything like that.....can I give someone a noogie here?

Britboy: ohhhh

EoS: hehe Derek

FruJu: hehehe Rupert

AlexGrant: cyber noogies mmmmm

Britboy: Alex Grant: what the hell is 'a noogie'?

pFuRs: lol TBB

Manipogo: Give David a noogie on the camera for us

PrincessRamsey: Who is that babbling on and on?

FruJu: It's a Yank thing, Brit

Aeroz: me

FruJu: I think it's Mark


AlexGrant: rock type slobs.,,.....

Britboy: ok, well.. care you explain?

Britboy: hehe

pFuRs: give Davis a WEDGIE for us

AlexGrant: what is "rock"

pFuRs: David

BartrockLtd: Have a hell of a time Alex. I'm off

Eileen: Alex Y U ask whether you know me?

Britboy: rock rules

FruJu: Rock is dead

Britboy: hehe

Manipogo: Pants David

PrincessRamsey: I bet he's commando

William: AS Always TBB..LOL and LOL again!

TotalBlamBlam: Davis who pFuRs?

AlexGrant: I was just wondering Eileen never mind

Britboy: Alex Grant: rock is tasty and they sell it here in blackpool


Britboy: lol

Eileen: ok

Britboy: oh my

Aki: man I need to go the bathroom

Britboy: Eileen!!

FruJu: Rocksalt is nice


Coldfyr: cm'on Dave..... !!!

TotalBlamBlam: thx William

Aki: I wonder if ill miss anything important

LdyofDarkness: Alex, what about that nudity we were asking for??????

AlexGrant: yeah I'm pretty sure it tastes sort of like granola

pFuRs: David sorry typo TBB

Eileen: Thanks BB!

Clara: hurry back Aki

Two_Cigar_Mertle: I'm backing the PANTS David sentiment

AlexGrant: I'll do it if you do it Ldyo

Aki: I could hold I tin for another hour

* Eileen feels a bit better now...

EoS: Time is Money dammit

FruJu: If I were there, I'd streak for the camera...

Rednik: What with Aki?

Coldfyr: bet we couldn't get a flash either

Clara: your kidneys might explode Aki

LdyofDarkness: ok, I'm up for it

Aeroz: Have you met Iman Alex?

Rupert: HOW BIG IS THAT FAG David?

TotalBlamBlam: oh Davis Bowie

Manipogo: Pantsing is a,ways good f


pFuRs: lol tbb jerk

pFuRs: lol

Derek: EoS, you nicotine feind, YOUR albums would cost a fortune at this rate!

AlexGrant: nope I haven't met Iman...I'm not quite sure she's here actually

FruJu: RealVideo is very exciting at the moment, don't you think?

Coldfyr: yea Alex pants Dave !!LOL

TotalBlamBlam: he he pFuRs

Raven: If I were there I'd be chasing Dave around with the camera and gee, maybe a light or summink

pFuRs: lol

PrincessRamsey: Yep, that sound board is pretty damn mazing

Aeroz: I bet IMAN smells GREAT!

Manipogo: I love watching all those chairs doing nothing

EoS: LOL that's why it was cheaper to build my own studio Derek!

Aki: lol

LdyofDarkness: oh yes fru, I do love those switchboards

pFuRs: tuna

Derek: Heh heh heh


Aki: ok thats it I'm taking a bathroom break

Aki: brb

Coldfyr: DAve prolly smells like ciggies and sandelwood

PrincessRamsey: Gp pee Aki

FruJu: Look, we're bored with the damned Knievel talk... get on with it!

Derek: Hurry, Aki.

Aeroz: Alex, go up to David while he's singing and give him a big snog, it'll be funny

TotalBlamBlam: David is eating Iman's prawn now that Bonster had his

pFuRs: David wears Old Spice

Aeroz: or tickle him

Eileen: he prolly smells yummy

PrincessRamsey: Anybody who smokes that much can't smell too good

TotalBlamBlam: or is that Davis?

Coldfyr: Ahoy!

EoS: what kind of board is it Alex?

FruJu: Like kissing an ashtray, I imagine

RaMOANa: is Iman there too?

Derek: Man, even on the T1 here at work, Real keeps cutting out.

NathanAdler: hi all

pFuRs: LOL TBB punk ass LOL

AlexGrant: what's a prawn?

Spaceboy: Hey, plenty of people have kissed my ashtray

Spaceboy: hehe

Aeroz: Mine on the 33.6 hasn't cut out yet

Britboy: BRB

LamBugi: Alex......big shrimp


RaMOANa: prawn is a shrimp

Britboy: BRB

LdyofDarkness: I thought you said I was the only one Spaceboy?

EoS: Uk for Shrimp (they can't spell shrimp)

AlexGrant: everythings flying by so fastl.....

LamBugi: hehe, oxymoron

PrincessRamsey: A prawn is a big shrimp

Derek: Man, I must suck Aeroz

Spaceboy: heheheeh

FruJu: hehe

Aeroz: why's taht?

Derek: My connection isn't keeping up at all.

pFuRs: a shrimp is a prawn

Derek: Hi bee

PrincessRamsey: LOD, he told everybody that!

LamBugi: including the weekend, huh Alex?

Derek: brb again

RaMOANa: still talking Kneivel shite!

TotalBlamBlam: Davis Bowie - I love it pFuRs

Aeroz: I wonder if David is Ticklish

pFuRs: LOL

AlexGrant: yes definately...

pFuRs: Mac Davis Bowie

Aeroz: 'e is?

Rednik: No TBB: He's Brixtonish

* LdyofDarkness smacks space with a frying pan and starts crying in the corner

Bee: Hi all....OK...who here was there? You know the ball?



TotalBlamBlam: ha ha

Spaceboy: Told everybody what?

RaMOANa: Alex - did u go to the BowieNet Ball?

Rednik: **Red gone fagging - brb

Spaceboy: Put that damn Pan down!!

AlexGrant: yeah I did go to the ball for a second

pFuRs: Red is into fags?


DizzyNailz: hello


LdyofDarkness: anybody know who the guy in the blue shirt is??

Coldfyr: think it's the other way around furs LOL

Bee: Anyone here go to the ball in NYC on LAST SAT NIGHT?

pFuRs: lol

RaMOANa: did they behave themselves, Alex? ;)

AlexGrant: want me to go ask?:)

pFuRs: I went bee

TotalBlamBlam: yeah he has a whole bunch of young chickens in his garage pFuRs

EoS: yes Bee

PrincessRamsey: What guy, all I can see is an empty room

LdyofDarkness: sure

FruJu: There's somebody sittin gin the chair

FruJu: sitting in

AlexGrant: from what I saw everything was pretty tame but I was in and out pretty fast

LdyofDarkness: in the lucy

PrincessRamsey: Maoners, we most certainly did NOT

pFuRs: lol TBB DAVIS?

Coldfyr: we won't even tell 'em about the gerbils

pFuRs: lol

Spaceboy: I was there Bee

Derek_Again: Geesh, this is ridiculous.

FruJu: Bons: why don't you take them to your computer

AlexGrant: hey Derek I listened to your cd

TotalBlamBlam: ;-)

Derek_Again: Did you Alex? Thanks!

Aeroz: Ask them to turn the camera towards them Alex

EoS: It wasn't too tame later on

Derek_Again: Hope you enjoyed it.

AlexGrant: yeah it's really cool stuff who are you signed on with?

dizzynailz: HI

pFuRs: Derek how come I did not get a freebie?

Manipogo: Wow, I can see something move!

pFuRs: :-(

Eileen: where is David in the room?

Spaceboy: Tame?!? Alex, you didn't meet me, did you?

Derek_Again: I'm not signed Alex.

Derek_Again: I'm sending you one, pF.

Eileen: is, even

pFuRs: LOL

FruJu: Uhoh, not that music again :)

PrincessRamsey: All the neighbors complained, the police came, etc...

pFuRs: just kidding

AlexGrant: I guess not Spaceboy.....who were you?

Spaceboy: I was pretty hard to miss Alex

Spaceboy: lol

Bee: Spaceboy....tell me all about it please?

AlexGrant: what were you wearing?

EoS: It's really great Derek, thanks!

Aeroz: OH YAY

Aeroz: more GOOD MUSIC

Britboy: hehehe

dizzynailz: Fine!!!!!! Ignore me

Aeroz: and great LA LA's

Derek_Again: Thanks, EoS!

PrincessRamsey: The tall skinny guy in the silver lame shirt and silver sparkle pants! How did you miss him :-)

LdyofDarkness: Alex: boxers or briefs???

Manipogo: oh no, more AHHHHH AAHHH

manicboy: bot time for some tunes!!!

pFuRs: loll ldy

AlexGrant: both

EoS: did tehy complain Ramsey?

Spaceboy: And the red hair, Ramsey

AlexGrant: I own both at least

LdyofDarkness: really, what color?

PrincessRamsey: At the same time?

pFuRs: Lady I did not meet you either on Sat nite?

AlexGrant: pick one anything but pastels heh

Coldfyr: hey... what kind of beer do they have there?

AlexGrant: I don't know I'm not drinking actually

LdyofDarkness: I wasn't there pFuRs

Coldfyr: looks like Budweiser...

Britboy: wb ziiiiimmmo

Eileen: wb zimm

pFuRs: oh I tought you were

Aeroz: is David?

Zimmo: thanks

Spaceboy: I was sobber all night Sat.

AlexGrant: jesus this is so weird

Bee: I just colored MY hair with LIGHT GOLDEN BROWN!

Britboy: hehe

Britboy: AlexGrant: why is it weird?

Aeroz: Is David getting Sloshed?

TotalBlamBlam: hope you are taking note of this public broadcast Alex - Royalties my son - ask Mr. Deep freeze

LdyofDarkness: light golden brown what?

pFuRs: syrup Bee?

AlexGrant: nope don't think so actually

Aki: ok what did I miss?

PrincessRamsey: Spaceboy, you are such a liar

pFuRs: or mustard?

Spaceboy: I swear Ramsey, I had two sips of vodka and that was it!

Manipogo: Whats with the camera view?

PrincessRamsey: Xacto, are you done?

Bee: Hair dye...light golden brown....sorry ....thought I was 'jumping in'

William: thats an original name Xacto lol

AlexGrant: Britpop....I'm not used to being on the other end of the whole net world you people can see me and hear me now...it's a bit unnnerving

Coldfyr: my... he looks so thrilled by the soundboard lol

Derek_Again: Damn, Alex, I should have given you a Love Among Puppets t-shirt to wear tonight.

Coldfyr: looks

PrincessRamsey: But Alex, just remember, we all wish we were you right now!

Aki: where are you Alex?

EoS: lol Alex, ya got a little something stuck in your teeth there boy

Aeroz: Alex, where is your home?

pFuRs: hi Xacto

LdyofDarkness: yess, and we know where you live, (maniacal laughter)hahahahahahahahahah

Xacto: hi Ramsey, yes, I have returned from the living hell known as abpn

AlexGrant: I know Derek that would have been kind of cool I didn't have enough room in my hands and pokets to bring your cd with me either

Coldfyr: yea Alex....

Britboy: Britpop? BritPOP? BritPOP???? BritBOY BritBOY BritBOY(and its NOT BritBOY SPEARS EITHER!! grrr) ;)

Britboy: took me ages to do that

RaMOANa: I can't tell who is who on the RealPlayer or Lucy Camera

Derek_Again: Shit! At least make sure to plug my stuff to David!

Aki: BitchBoy

PrincessRamsey: WHOOPIE, for Xacto

Britboy: I need more cofffeee

Coldfyr: so cool to have a peek in here

AlexGrant: I don't have anything stuck in my teeth what are you talkingg about exactly?:)

Britboy: cock

Raven: ditto Ram

AlexGrant: oh wow....well Bowie is right behind me here

Britboy: bleeeh

Derek_Again: Hey David!

Britboy: hehe

Two_Cigar_Mertle: Hi David!

Bee: Bee is outta here

AlexGrant: Rupert do you deal in art?

Aki: err as long as we're on that subject, tell him I'll be in the front row at Gisborne with Evan from Teenage Wildlife!

Britboy: hallo David

pFuRs: Alex ask David to have Derek release his remix

EoS: lol just preying on yer nerves, not to worry

Aeroz: is he lookin right at the screen?

Britboy: hehehe

Coldfyr: hi David ...

FruJu: LOL Aki

FruJu: And don't forget Flossie

Derek_Again: Thanks, Pf!

Manipogo: David

PrincessRamsey: Alex, tell somebbody to pay attention to the damn camera!!!

LdyofDarkness: heyyyy Daviddddd!!!!!

Britboy: hhehe

FruJu: Tell them to move the camera

Britboy: yaeh.... moooooove the camera in a bit

RaMOANa: What ticket # did you get Aki, Evan?

Britboy: so we can see stuff

pFuRs: hi David

Aeroz: Hey Alex, yell really loud I wanna hear it

Coldfyr: yea.. it's not picking up well

Bee: David?

AlexGrant: Rupert are you there?

Coldfyr: :)

EoS: tell them to either move the camera or come over and record it at my studio so I can see better :D

FruJu: Red C, Row A, Seat 22

TotalBlamBlam: Hallo Mr. davis Bowie

LamBugi: back, what's really happening here?

Derek_Again: David, is that you?

pFuRs: LOL TBB (_i_)

FruJu: Language!

Aki: HELLO?!?!

TotalBlamBlam: Wow fruju - I have Red C, Row A, Seat 23

Aki: no shit

AlexGrant: David says hallo blam:)

FruJu: Not bad, TBB, considering I have that in my possession as well

PrincessRamsey: It seems as though it is especially hard to record a song when you don't do any actual recording!

Aki: you are kidding TBB

Britboy: lol

Rednik: TBB: Fuck! I guess I'm sat on your knee then!

LdyofDarkness: David: boxers or briefs?????

FruJu: Have you been going through my drawers, again TBB? ;)

Britboy: I need more coffee

Aeroz: Tell David I'm glad to know he smells good

Britboy: lol

EoS: lol Ramsey

Aki: no he's sitting on my lap

TotalBlamBlam: hallo you old tart

LamBugi: speedos, or trunks?

Britboy: hehe

Raven: I'm on TBB's other knee dammit


Rednik: lol Raven!

Britboy: LdyofDarkness: don't forget the 3rd option 'freeness'

Bee: bye all!

Rednik: hi Mask

LamBugi: hi Mask

* Aki feels like a complete wacko typing Hello David all the time

LamBugi: bye bee

LdyofDarkness: heheehehe, forgot that one Brit

Mask: hi

EoS: so this isn't a song? they're doing a spoken word piece? sheesh

Britboy: yes

Electric_Blue: hi Maskie

* FruJu puts Aki in a straitjacket

RaMOANa: David - what passes did ya end up with?

Britboy: well don't forget it

Mask: hello

Rednik: Hello Aki Hello Aki Hello Aki LOLOL

Britboy: hehe

AlexGrant: he says he'll be back in the room in about twenty minutes

Britboy: heeelllloo Aki

PrincessRamsey: We'd all agree Aki, you are a complete wacko

Britboy: we're set

Britboy: aww

pFuRs: he's taking a dump?

Aeroz: Are you using David's Laptop?

LamBugi: oh man.. life is on hold here already

Aki: :)

AlexGrant: anyways I'm gonna get going.....thanks for the comments and criticisms..

RaMOANa: he needs 2 cigs then

Xacto: HEY David! I know this is kinda gauche, but I gotta do it: I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN! I LOVE YA!! (ok, now I'm gonna regain my cool...sorry for that little lapse)

Britboy: AlexGrant: bye bye

Aki: OK Alex

RaMOANa: and then he can dump for 20 mins

LamBugi: he must have taken a book with him

Rednik: Good luck Alex


PrincessRamsey: Bye Alex have a great time!!!!

Mask: hey ag

Britboy: Xacto: lol

Rednik: hi AG

LamBugi: bye Alex

FruJu: ciao Alex


LdyofDarkness: bye Alex

EoS: bye Alex - ENJOY!

Manipogo: Bye Alex

A_Girl: HEY!

pFuRs: lol ram

AlexGrant: I'm trying....later.l...

RaMOANa: bye Alex, have fun!

Derek_Again: Bye Alex!

pFuRs: LOL

Aeroz: bye

Derek_Again: Thanks again Alex!!!

Spaceboy: A_Girl!!

Raven: hehe Tbb

Mask: chaos

TotalBlamBlam: good luck Alex

manicboy: everybody on realvideo or the 3d room?

*** AlexGrant is now known as Bonster

Spaceboy: I thought you were gonna be in NY on Sat?


Britboy: I'm on realvideo

FruJu: wb Bons

RaMOANa: pFuRs - I know from timing these things

Derek_Again: Both, manic.

RaMOANa: lol

Aki: lol

LdyofDarkness: I'm in both manic

Bonster: sorry it's just me now

Xacto: what? David was outta da room? damn

PrincessRamsey: Bonster what were you doing while Alex was on

Bonster: David gone ;)

Derek_Again: wb Bons

TotalBlamBlam: lol pFuRs

pFuRs: lol

Eileen: Bons - how did you get this gig?


EoS: got both on manicboy

LdyofDarkness: damn, Bonsters back

A_Girl: QUICK! Gimme the Real Audio link!!

A_Girl: QUICK!

pFuRs: hehe TBB

Bonster: I went to get a glass of wine

Rednik: http://play.rbn.com/?jamtv/jamtv/live/Bowie28.rm

Aeroz: Was David there?

manicboy: getting timed out on real!!!

Bonster: David was here, he is gone now...

Mask: lol

Aeroz: here watching us?

Bonster: Alex is gone, I think breaktime is over

Two_Cigar_Mertle: Gargh! I'm off to get some work done. Nice chatting all. The recording would have really sucked without you all.

LamBugi: I hat......LOVE you Bonnie :)

Rednik: Bons: Is Bob there? Security guy?

Coldfyr: prolly went out for more ciggies lol

Bonster: Lam thanks...

A_Girl: that was only break time?! :)

Bonster: Bobe the security guy is not here...

A_Girl: how is the broadcast going guys?

Mask: I'll be back in a bit, son is learning to use the toilet.....yeah!

TotalBlamBlam: Bonster - did you say Bobe?

Aeroz: Bonster, Does David smell nice?

pFuRs: RuPaul Kinder?

Coldfyr: lol Mask

Manipogo: Where's the camera guy?

Bonster: sorry Bob

RaMOANa: Hi Bob

RaMOANa: lol prfurs

PrincessRamsey: Yeah, you know you need an hour break after a whole hour of recording!

Rednik: yeah pFuRs! xxx

TotalBlamBlam: Is that Davis Bobe?

Bonster: couple of people are talking to me ...

LamBugi: heh

Carl_E: wb Brit

Carl_E: err

pFuRs: LOL Red

Carl_E: wtf

FruJu: Hey, we can eavesdrop on their phone conversations

EoS: I've got to run kids, wife's cranky when she's hungry

Bonster: I was trying to find something round and flat for Reeves, but couldn't :-( I failed

Britboy: EoS: bye bye

pFuRs: bye EOS

EoS: bye

Derek_Again: Bye EoS!

PrincessRamsey: Bye EoS

LamBugi: Hey, put in a good word for me Bonnie.... I deserve it ;)

Coldfyr: later EoS

EoS: :)

LdyofDarkness: bye EoS

William: And the shame fell on the other side

LamBugi: bye eos

PrincessRamsey: Why Bons?

Aeroz: PIZZA

TotalBlamBlam: I have a crd like piece of poo you can give him Bonster

Coldfyr: * happy dances around the room*

FruJu: Put in a bad word for me, Bons... I deserve it

LdyofDarkness: bon, tell reevz he can sit on my lap if he wants

TotalBlamBlam: card

William: seeya all Take care!

Leeza: # Appears as TIKI.


pFuRs: Hey Lam my wife said you have lovely kids

Rednik: hi Leeza

Derek_Again: Leeza!

Pozie: hi Leeza!

TotalBlamBlam: William

Coldfyr: bye wills

FruJu: Jenny McCarthy swimming around the pool? Sounds like a good job

Britboy: # Appears as BritBOY.

Bonster: ldy I will

LamBugi: hehe fruju......you DO don't you?

Lori: hi Leeza

TotalBlamBlam: come back

PrincessRamsey: Howdy Leeza!


LamBugi: hi Leeza!

Coldfyr: yo Leeza

Leeza: hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xacto: cool looking studio

Raven: lol listen to them pervs

Britboy: lol

TotalBlamBlam: hallo Leeza

RaMOANa: hi Leeza

FruJu: Aki, I'll send you a CC# generator ;)

Britboy: Raven: rofl

Spaceboy: Leeza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leeza: hi tbb

Rednik: Leeza: You cleaned up then?

Aeroz: whats the address of the studio so I can order food for them

* PrincessRamsey wonders if any of Leeza's neighbors are still speaking to her

Pozie: thanks Leeza for a great time sat!

Leeza: missed ya!

Britboy: FruJu: hehe, did you get that with Ao HeLL '96?

Zimmo: Hello Leeza:-)

Derek_Again: Leeza, yer a hero!

Bonster: They just ordered food ;)

TotalBlamBlam: hallo Zimmo

Bonster: in fact it just arrived ;)

FruJu: Britboy: it's all over if you know where to look :)

pFuRs: thank you Leeza XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOX

Bonster: Ron Reagan is gone, damn, missed saying goodbye

TotalBlamBlam: bloody hell taht was fast Bons

Britboy: FruJu: I know where to look :)

Zimmo: hull bLams

LdyofDarkness: what kinda food??

Coldfyr: and Bons? what did they get?

Bonster: we became close personal friends while he was here

LamBugi: Oso bucco Bonnie?

A_Girl: bbl, dinner :((

FruJu: heheh Lam

Coldfyr: chinese?

pFuRs: send them White Castles

Spaceboy: Leeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rick: Is David Gone?

Bonster: I think David had pizza, Marguerita pizza

FruJu: The good old Oso Bucco

Coldfyr: Pizza. Chicken?

Xacto: who is that chap in the purple t shirt?

Leeza: I wish I had more time to talk to everyone!

PrincessRamsey: Hip hooray to Leeza for having the kewlest party ever :-)!

Bonster: Tony says it was Marguerita pizza ;)

Leeza: I blinked me eyes and the nite was over!

Spaceboy: Leeza, I had the greatest time on Sat.....THANK YOU!

Bonster: Alex is wearing purple

FruJu: Tony is there too??

LdyofDarkness: wtf is marguerita pizza???

LamBugi: Tony? Hi to Tony!

Aeroz: I canna see colord

Rednik: Leeza: You enjoyed yourself then?

FruJu: Is he in a straitjacket as well, Bons?

Zimmo: froglegs blam

Aki: it has ham on it Lady of Darkness

Leeza: Spaceboy...i loved meeting you!

TotalBlamBlam: Is that David as in Davis Bowie?


Bonster: Fru, yeah Tony was relagated to the front office

Leeza: thanx

Aki: everyone eats it in Mexico

Rick: Has David Left the studio?

PrincessRamsey: Bons are they eating now??? Didn't they just take a break?

Bonster: but now he is with me...

LdyofDarkness: ah, eeww

FruJu: Mhmmm... nice, cooked pig

Aeroz: Davis Bobo?

pFuRs: F**k U TBB LOL


Bonster: they just finished eating...then David came back to chat

Xacto: Bonster where are u? I don't see you

Coldfyr: ewwww Fru

Aki: I am confused

Bonster: I'm in another part of the building...

FruJu: Nothing like pig on a spit

Aki: who is where?

Bonster: in an office where the computer is ;)

pFuRs: Davis Suieeeeeeeeeee

Coldfyr: tell him to at least wave at us!!!

Aeroz: What City this in?

Aeroz: NYC?

FruJu: Dark City?

LamBugi: Move the computer.....its a laptop

pFuRs: Fat City

Aki: Gotham

FruJu: Pig City

Xacto: awr, I wanna see ya Bons

Bonster: We're in NY

Aeroz: Sufragette

pFuRs: Bit Titty

FruJu: Tit Biggies

LamBugi: yea, we don't believe you're there.......thats right.....don't believe it :)

Bonster: Xacto, I know, I dressed up and everything ;)

FruJu: You put on your best sweats you mean Bons?

Derek_Again: Heh Bons

Britboy: WiggyCarrust: hiya!!

Bonster: I look like Liz Taylor only younger

Coldfyr: hi Wigs/QBC

Bonster: Fur, (you got it)

WiggyCarrust: Hiya peoplez!

PrincessRamsey: Wow, Bons, I'm trying to imagine that

Bonster: oops Fru

Xacto: who is that fellow in the flannelish shirt?

Bonster: LOL Ramsey

pFuRs: what Bon?

Britboy: damnit Reeves

FruJu: Uhoh - Reeves is making noise

RaMOANa: I can't tell what's really happening!

Derek_Again: Poor RaM

FruJu: Did he put boot polish on or not?

Bonster: Flannelish might be Howard

Coldfyr: LOL Ram

Bonster: the webmeister


Derek_Again: Yer not the only one of course.

Manipogo: Does Reeves have a beard type thing?


PrincessRamsey: That's because notjing is happening, Moans

PrincessRamsey: nothing

Xacto: oh Howard, hi

RaMOANa: HJ is on the mixing board?

FruJu: Reeves has a goatee thingy

Bonster: sounds liike Reeves is ready

Britboy: hehe


Britboy: go Reeves

PrincessRamsey: Thank God, they're adding the guitar!

RaMOANa: lol

LamBugi: I can't hear anything :(

Britboy: yayay


Bonster: The flannel shirt guys is Ryoji the assistant engineer for Mark Plati

Britboy: godamint

QueerByChoice: hi

Britboy: hehe

Bonster: I just got that from the man

Xacto: oh thanks Bons


Coldfyr: man.. I got a slow connect.....

Aeroz: ZIGgy PlAyeD GittaR

Xacto: yeah I have no audio

Derek_Again: Is anyone here recording this?

RaMOANa: ok Bons, he is the only one I can really see ever!

FruJu: Man, my desk is vibrating with Reeves guitar

Coldfyr: they're still eating LOL

Bonster: Aki, he is very cute!

FruJu: Not me Derek

PrincessRamsey: Why would anyone want to record it?

FruJu: Boredom, Rams

Spaceboy: Has Cazzola been in today?

Bonster: Reeves apparently found something round and flat ;)

LamBugi: braggart fruju

Derek_Again: For my typical evil plans, Rams.

PrincessRamsey: That would be a boot for the people that collect David's toenails and shit

Xacto: ew

FruJu: You mean like most of the people in this room, Rams?? ;)

PrincessRamsey: Clearly

Bonster: Reeves is jammin

Derek_Again: That damned studio monitor is right between us and Reevz.

WiggyCarrust: Hiya Girl

A_Girl: ok, I need the address again! QUICK!

Coldfyr: yea... can't see toom uch right now

Bonster: sorry about the monitor, probably can't be helped

Coldfyr: too much


PrincessRamsey: Good view on RP actually

Coldfyr: can hear it sort of ok

Xacto: ok, who is that guy with with the cap on and the red shirt

FruJu: Aki, you trying to pick up guys over the Internet again?

Aki: that is Ryoji

Aki: hehe

RaMOANa: I got both cams on

Aki: yep

manicboy: can't rp going!!

Alys: hi all :)

PrincessRamsey: Aki has already taken dibs onm Ryoji

FruJu: hey Alys

Bonster: Ryoji is busy now I think

PrincessRamsey: Hi Alys

Rednik: hi Alys x

* Alys supposes she's missed most everything by now

A_Girl: I need the address QUICKLY!

Alys: hi Rednik xx

Aeroz: Does David like being called Dave, or Davy?

Alys: hi Fru :)

* A_Girl is hyperventalating

Alys: hi Ramsey :)

Xacto: can someone put up the realplayer addy again?

FruJu: Not really Alys... just a lot of the same old thing over and over and over and over

Bonster: A good friend of Mark is here now....he is curious about chat

Alys: oh, good

RaMOANa: Hi ALYS! *snogs*

TotalBlamBlam: hi Paul again x

PrincessRamsey: Um no you haven't missed anything except David wailing the same line incessantly

Spaceboy: I gave Howard a big hug on Sat. :)

Alys: brb - parents just got home !!

FruJu: Hello good friend of Mark

Bonster: his name is Frank,

Xacto: CALL HIM "SILLY GIT" he likes that

TotalBlamBlam: frank!

LdyofDarkness: heeeyy frank!

Manipogo: Hi friend of Mark

TotalBlamBlam: how is it man?



Bonster: He's from Belfium

FruJu: Frank, are you frank?

Bonster: Begium

LdyofDarkness: Frank: boxers or briefs????

PrincessRamsey: Hi Frank, how's it hanging?

Britboy: Bonster: hehehehe

A_Girl: what;s the Real Audio address?!

Bonster: Briefs

Xacto: Frank, we love ya!

FruJu: Belfium Begium? Sounds like a place in Italy

* Xacto is a frank fan

Bonster: LOL

Bonster: you know I can't type for shit

Derek_Again: It's on www.davidbowie.com/contest, AG

Bonster: Frank is cool

LdyofDarkness: does Frank know who the guy in the blue shirt is?

Aki: look, is it possible to see the computer in Lucent View?

Bonster: hold on

Derek_Again: pF, did you hear me tell you I'm sending you another CD as well as the Starman one?

Coldfyr: yea Aki

pFuRs: what was Ramsey?

Bonster: where is the guy in the blue shirt?

PrincessRamsey: Didn't you just go eat?

Bonster: standing or sitting?

Aki: is it the desktop?

pFuRs: thanks Derek :-)

Aki: that's where people have been chatting?

Alys: back

Derek_Again: Sure!

Coldfyr: yea.. towards the back

Aki: ok

* Alys just had to update the 'rents on her weekend home alone

Britboy: hehe

Bonster: Alex is eating

Derek_Again: Coz I appreciate your support.

FruJu: Home Alone again, Alys?

Bonster: in the back

LdyofDarkness: he's standing, I think

FruJu: Did you knock off any burglars?

Derek_Again: Heya straff!

Aki: oh I like this guitar

Xacto: I have a 56 connection, but I think the 28 is better

pFuRs: Derek sign them ok

Bonster: standing is just a cameraman

Alys: no Fru - I was working most of the time

TotalBlamBlam: Straffer!

Rick: Bonster, will David be back?

Coldfyr: EB!!!

Pozie: hi Straff

PrincessRamsey: Really Xacto?

Coldfyr: :)

straffer: hello! :))

Alys: the only incident was my cat getting stung by a bee

pFuRs: Xacto I have a T1 connection

Bonster: David said he would be back

Derek_Again: Sure, if you'd like, pF.


Electric_Blue: bloody thing keeps crashing on me

Xacto: pFuRs, u rule!

Rick: Thanks!

pFuRs: :-) thanks Derek

Derek_Again: Poor cat, Alys!

A_Girl: this is very cool.

Bonster: While he was here I was freakin looking for a bottle opener for Larry ;)

Coldfyr: LOL Aki

FruJu: Speaking of getting stung by bees, I saw Election over the weekend

TotalBlamBlam: Aki - you are a funny one

LdyofDarkness: lol, yeah, go Reevz!!!!

Alys: yup Derek - her paw's all swollen up too :(

Bonster: so I missedmost of it ;)

pFuRs: :-) Xacto


Xacto: mebbe its just the net traffic

Derek_Again: Poor baby. How was it, Fru?

Aki: oops

Bonster: you guys like the fuzzy guitar?

Aki: I meant hi

Aki: not ho

Alys: lol

FruJu: I enjoyed it Derek... deliciously dark like I like

Derek_Again: Yes, Bons.


LdyofDarkness: yes, me likes

Derek_Again: I must see it, Fru.

Coldfyr: yes.... :)

* Alys saw the matrix again, and star wars

FruJu: Aki, you cyberpickup artist ;)

Aki: err it's not working

LdyofDarkness: oooohhhh, star wars is goooooood

Aeroz: Do you think the song blows Bonster?

Aki: he;s not even looking over here :(

Alys: definitely Ldy :)

LdyofDarkness: Ewan MacGregor has such a bangable voice

Derek_Again: LOL LoD

Bonster: Alex is here again..

FruJu: bangable voice? That's a new form of oral sex I guess

Alys: hehe

Xacto: wow that sounds good

LdyofDarkness: lol

PrincessRamsey: Hey Alex!

Alys: I thought Liam Neeson was the best of it tho :)

Derek_Again: Hey again Alex.

Clara: hi Alex

pFuRs: sorry Ramsey, just scripted back, no I had got kicked off

LdyofDarkness: hallo again Alex

A_Girl: hi Alex! DARLING :)

Bonster: David was in the hall a sec ago, now back in the studio

Aeroz: Hey Alex, been smelling David?

Xacto: Reeves make a squeal in there just for me!

PrincessRamsey: Oh, good, I was afraid you'd choke yourself :-)

Bonster: Alex is nodding his head yes Aeroz

Derek_Again: Peanut!


Aeroz: Lucky you!

Xacto: I bet David smells good

Aki: hi Peanut

Bonster: David is back in the hall now

Aeroz: he does

Aeroz: tell him to come to the computer

FruJu: David probably smells of pizza and stale cigarettes... if that floats your boat

Bonster: which is weird since he weird since we hear him singing

LamBugi: I haven't had sound yet, but I'm working on it

Coldfyr: there are worse things Fru

LdyofDarkness: mmmmm, pizza and ciggies

PrincessRamsey: It's the recording Bons

Derek_Again: Poor Lam.

Xacto: hehe

LamBugi: hey, be nice about the David smells!

FruJu: Only in hospitals, Coldfyr :)

Derek_Again: Heya Lodger

Peanut: hey lamb

lidia: hi all

Bonster: I'll relay the opinion about the fuzzy guitar

straffer: see you later!

Coldfyr: LOL

Aeroz: Alex said David smells Lovely

LamBugi: hey Peanut

Bonster: Davis is back here now

Bonster: say hi

Aki: tell them to put in a polka section

RaMOANa: tell him to make it SQUEAAAAAL

pFuRs: tangeable voice?

Eileen: Hi David

Xacto: Alex: YOU KISS UP

A_Girl: HI David!! *KISS!*]

Manipogo: Hi David!

Spaceboy: Lam, we need to do another sing-a-long

Pozie: hi David!

PrincessRamsey: Hi David!

LdyofDarkness: heeeeyyyyyyy David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Eileen: you old goat..

Derek_Again: Hi David.

FruJu: Yeah, no swearing on the net

Peanut: David?

LamBugi: any time Spaceboy!!

pFuRs: Hi Derek

Peanut: hi

Bonster: David mostly is smoking now

pFuRs: lol

Aki: no one is at the computer now

Britboy: blaeeeaha


Derek_Again: Heh

TotalBlamBlam: Davey Boy - How's it hanging?

Eileen: yech

LdyofDarkness: well tell him to blow some smoke my way

Xacto: say, how bout we all say "hi David!"

Aki: Ryoji is back now

LamBugi: quick, throw water on him!

pFuRs: hi Electric Blue

PrincessRamsey: Are you asphixiating Bons?

Peanut: hey Pozie!

Britboy: hehe

A_Girl: David........SAY ALLO for all of us to EVERYONE in the studio :)

RaMOANa: HI David stop dropping fag ash on Bons!

Spaceboy: David, where the hell were you on Sat. night!?!

Pozie: hello Peanut!

Xacto: hi David!

Bonster: (David Bowie) hi sailors

LamBugi: oh...ciggies.

Peanut: Pozie's husband is a hottie!

FruJu: Avoiding you lot, I imagine, Spaceboy :)

Aeroz: Hello

PrincessRamsey: Yeah, Bons tell David he missed a really good party

Aki: look, am I looking at the right computer?? NO I'M NOT

Bonster: (David Bowie) David is me right now

Aeroz: David do YOU smell GOOD?

Pozie: lol

Spaceboy: Avoid Me??

Derek_Again: David, we missed you Saturday.

Peanut: Pozie, you are so pretty

FruJu: Bonster = David... now there's a turn up for the books


Spaceboy: You must be joking

LamBugi: I HAT.......LOVE you Bon!

TotalBlamBlam: Is that Davis Bowie?

Bonster: (David Bowie) yes I smell great

Eileen: Hey Old goat!

Aki: lol

Aeroz: David Bobo

LdyofDarkness: David: boxers or brieffffssss???????

Eileen: Darveeeed Booowie

Aeroz: Thats what Alex said

Pozie: :)


Bonster: (David Bowie) hi all you trekkers

Britboy: LdyofDarkness: STOP FORGETING 'FREENESS'

FruJu: Have you finished singing for the night, db?

Derek_Again: Yes, thank you David!!!

Britboy: GRRRR

Aki: tell Ryoji he is cute!

PrincessRamsey: Thanks for sending Ron over though David, he's cute!

pFuRs: Peanut we did get to talk that nite

LdyofDarkness: sorry! or freenesss!

Britboy: hehe

Britboy: there we go!

Peanut: yeah barely pFurs, I was soooooo tanked!

RaMOANa: no more harmony bits, David?

Bonster: (David Bowie) I'm going back in when that idiot finishes fuggin with the axe crap

LdyofDarkness: tell the blue-shirted camera guy he is cute

LamBugi: Tell David, if it weren't for him......I'd have my priorities in order!

FruJu: So we all heard, Peanut :)

Eileen: lol

Manipogo: lol

Britboy: lol ;)

A_Girl: Hehehe


Peanut: lol Fru!

Aeroz: fuggin eh David?

Spaceboy: Was I the only one sobber on Saturday?

Rednik: hi Dr

Derek_Again: David, this is all great. Love the new melody.

Bonster: (David Bowie) the blue shirt?

Coldfyr: yo fuz

LdyofDarkness: NO, THE CAMERA GUY!

Bonster: (David Bowie) Oh

FruJu: You were slobbering, so I heard Space

TotalBlamBlam: yeah who the hell does he think he is? Burt weedon?

Aeroz: Turn the bloody camera

drbenway: David !!!!!!

* A_Girl gives David a BIG hug for doing this for all of us :)

RaMOANa: DB - Aki has the hots for the flannel shirt dude

Eileen: hey Dave, do away with those ahhhhh ahhhh things in the song

drbenway: HI

Bonster: (David Bowie) he's right here

Britboy: hehe

Spaceboy: Slobbering what, Fru?

Bonster: (David Bowie) his name is Kevin

Aki: no I thought his name was Ryoji

FruJu: On various people ;)

LdyofDarkness: the blue-shirted guy?

drbenway: no Eileen!! more things in the song!

Bonster: (David Bowie) yes he's very single

Britboy: hehe

Aeroz: David, when's the new album out?

Aeroz: eh?

Eileen: NO no more ahhhhh ahhhh things..

Aeroz: let us in on your secret

LdyofDarkness: HEY KEVIN, HOW ARE YA?????????

LamBugi: couldn't be singler

Aeroz: Title it yet?

TotalBlamBlam: arse quack fumes cover Reeves

LamBugi: looks like a Duncan donuts ad in here!

FruJu: Quick poll: Ahhhh AHhhh Ahhhs or not?

Manipogo: Not

Bonster: (David Bowie) Aki do you mean Japanese American or Bronx

Eileen: Duncan - argggghh!

RaMOANa: you still have to sing some harmony tracks, db?

Britboy: DB: How about 'The Laughing Gnome 2' - great stuff

Aki: did I say?

Schoki: New album is set for October.

Eileen: damn little brat

* drbenway swoons to the beauty of the things in the song

Bonster: (David Bowie) no Aki

Aki: Omikron is coming out November?

Aeroz: David are you embarrased by your OLD OLD songs?

Bonster: (David Bowie) album Sept

Aeroz: Laughing Gnome etc?

LdyofDarkness: I agree with Brit, remix the gnome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britboy: Aeroz: shut up

Britboy: the Laughing Gnome rules

pFuRs: Peanut tanked nah......:-)

Electric_Blue: is the Omikron music gonna be released separately?

Bonster: (David Bowie) Omikron Sept or Oct

Aki: ooh

Aki: cool

Aeroz: I like it

TotalBlamBlam: David we saw you doing the Bump with Reeves earlier - nice

A_Girl: woohoo!! :)

Peanut: lol pFurs, just slightly, was it really THAT obvious??

Coldfyr: * happy dancin again *

LamBugi: Marty is gonna kill me

pFuRs: TotalBlamBlam says: Davis we saw you doing the Bump with Reeves earlier - nice

* Aki likes New Angels of Promise

Britboy: db: the Laughing Gnome 2, yes or no??

RaMOANa: any hip bruises?

pFuRs: lol

Bonster: (David Bowie) don't know what the permutations for Omikron are yet

Aeroz: Who did the Gnome's voice David, we've been wondering for years?!?!!!!!

TotalBlamBlam: sorry pFuRs

FruJu: I think Pretty Things Are Going To Hell is a more interesting song title

Electric_Blue: is it all intiminidating knowing we're all listening to EVERYTHING??

* Xacto smacks Britboy for his silliness

A_Girl: Aeroz, it WAS David, am I correct?

Rednik: Aeroz: Ken Pitt and Gus Dudgeon

pFuRs: David you know that guy Derek's version of this song KICKS ASS

Bonster: (David Bowie) I'm still perfecting Laughing Gnome 1

LamBugi: Bonz, you can spell those big words David uses?

Aeroz: thats what I'm asking him

LdyofDarkness: how about The Laughing Gnomes Are Going To Hell????

TotalBlamBlam: Davis - was that a home perm you had in '69?

Britboy: well thankya

pFuRs: Is it Available I wonder

Britboy: awww

Aeroz: haha

Lodger: The Stooges had a song called Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell

Bonster: (David Bowie) rest home perm

Lori: hmm

pFuRs: hmm maybe a bonus track perhaps on the new cd

Aeroz: That was a nice perm

TotalBlamBlam: or proffesionally applied?

RaMOANa: lol

Bonster: (David Bowie) lodger gets a bisquit

Bianca: Will the concert in Gisborne be an accoustic concert?

Xacto: really lodger? interesting

Raven: and professionally too

FruJu: What, you mean db is borrowing again?? Who woulda thunk it?

Peanut: I want a perm like that

A_Girl: David, the music is sounding great!! How do you feel about it so far??

PrincessRamsey: Is that one of the ones Ron played for us?

Bonster: (David Bowie) it was a proper uptown quif blam

Aki: ME and Evan are going to be in the front row at Gisborne

TotalBlamBlam: ha ha ha

Aki: oops Evan and I

pFuRs: David, Derek rules man

Aeroz: uptown Queef, now there's an idea

Derek_Again: You are far too lucky, Aki.

Bonster: (David Bowie) Alex writes a mean lyric

Aki: Derek's remix is great

Britboy: DB: how about you do 'the Laughing Gnome' next time ya tour, maybe Reeves could sort out the voice of the gnome???

Xacto: I just remember "your pretty face is going to hell" on that Mask sculpture

Bonster: (David Bowie) he's good!!!

Derek_Again: I am, David?!?!

Aeroz: If only you could get a new bloody guitar player :-)

Bonster: (David Bowie) xqcto correct

Coldfyr: no Laughing Gnome pleeeeeze!!!!

pFuRs: Can we get Derek's version available on a Bowie CD?

LamBugi: Take your time on your break, my real audio needs 20 more minutes to download!

Britboy: Coldfyr: sshh

Britboy: hehe

Electric_Blue: David are you gonna check out the SOD lyric comp??

RaMOANa: I think ya need some more harmonizing tracks

Britboy: DB: how about another journal entry???

Xacto: where's me biscuit!

Coldfyr: BB... :PPPPPPPP

FruJu: Derek's version should be the B-side

Bonster: (David Bowie) I'll try and work something out with Derek

Aeroz: David what brand do you smoke?

pFuRs: I'd like to hear Derek's version blasting away in a club

* A_Girl agrees with Ramoana

TotalBlamBlam: Davis - Is Reeves seated because the glue on his mirkin is inefective?

Derek_Again: Wooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

PrincessRamsey: Aren't we demanding!

Britboy: TBB: rofl


Pozie: alright Derek!!!

LamBugi: Derek can be your voice stand-in

Electric_Blue: yayay Derek

RaMOANa: You still doing Marlboro Lights, DB?

Bonster: (David Bowie) RaMOANa we'll try and get Alex to sing right??


FruJu: Does Reeves make his own merkins... and is that why he lost all the hair on his head?


Derek_Again: I hope I don't wet myself! LOL


PrincessRamsey: Alex should sing

pFuRs: That Guy Derek is the next hottest act I believe

Eileen: put that boy to work...

FruJu: But first we have to castrate him Rams

Aki: rotfl

Xacto: David, I want you to know that I had my specialty board exams today, but I raced home early just to see you here!

Britboy: jrehehehe

Britboy: err

PrincessRamsey: David, Spaceboy is the spitting image of a young DB

RaMOANa: lol

Aeroz: My testicles dropped TOO!

Britboy: hehe

LdyofDarkness: is Reevz gonna come in here sometime???

Xacto: Ram, Spaceboy is too plump

* A_Girl had finals today but skipped those to be here

Aki: Is RYOJI drinking a Mickey's?

Spaceboy: plump! I don't have any fat on my body

PrincessRamsey: Fruj, you'd be castrated for David wouldn't you/

Britboy: A_Girl: hehe

LdyofDarkness: wise choice a_girl

pFuRs: hmmm, Derek should be signed fast before Tony Defries decides to sign him

TotalBlamBlam: when my testicles dropped - they broke both my feet!

Coldfyr: I think it's a Heinie..

Xacto: btw ram, I think I failed :(


FruJu: I've already been castrated many times

Derek_Again: pF, Aki, Fru, you're all too good to me.

Aeroz: HAH

A_Girl: VERY wise choice! :)

Coldfyr: St Paulies girl?

Peanut: lol TBB, yeah right

Aeroz: David, Does Alex smell nice?

Raven: copper or bronze TBB?

Bonster: (David Bowie) norty A-girl. skoolin is gud 4 u

Britboy: lol

Xacto: got the "deer in the headlights" attack a little

A_Girl: LOL! :)

Derek_Again: LOL Aeroz

Coldfyr: LOL

LamBugi: Fruju has regenerating balls

PrincessRamsey: Xacto, everybody thinks that! Don't worry

Aeroz: haha

pFuRs: whoa

LdyofDarkness: don't be filling her head with that nonsense David!

Alys: lol

Derek_Again: We all know about Reevz's smell of course...

A_Girl: Hey David......

Lori: lol

Britboy: DB: journal, journal.. don't forget the jourrrnal

Aeroz: I love Davids sense of humor, he sure is a fully bloke

TotalBlamBlam: tis true Peanut - if you hadn't ignored me at the ball - perhaps you would have understood

A_Girl: did you know that.........

Bonster: (David Bowie) you guys. Huh!

Xacto: I just hope everyone was a bigger moron than me

pFuRs: David thanks for the two tracks we heard on Saturday nite

RaMOANa: what you doing for Dunc's Bday, DB?

Britboy: do merkins have a scent?

Britboy: hehe

FruJu: What does Reeves smell like?

Aki: A_Girl taking finals is nothing... GRADING THEM IS THE HARD PART

Aeroz: 2. Contamination?!?!?!? huh huh David,... huh?

A_Girl: I am the OFFICIAL BNet virgin?

pFuRs: they were great David

Bonster: (David Bowie) how was the ball?

PrincessRamsey: Fruj, are you like the hydra of genitalia?

A_Girl: I could understand Aki :)

Derek_Again: Yes, David, THANKS for the new tracks!

Bonster: (David Bowie) sorry I missed it

Derek_Again: The ball was fantastic.

Coldfyr: LOl Ramsey!!!

pFuRs: it was GREAT

LdyofDarkness: no, you'll have to compete with me a_girl!

Peanut: Yeah Davie, I believe Caz and I did a special dance to one of your new songs!

Bonster: (David Bowie) like songs!!

pFuRs: the new tracks Rule David

Bonster: (David Bowie) ???

Pozie: it was great David! the tracks were wonderful!


PrincessRamsey: It's a fair bet they were Xacto. You can alwasy bet on people being morons

Spaceboy: The Ball was fab., I am Fab, everyone else was Fab.

A_Girl: nope, Ldy, I am. I have been declared!

Coldfyr: David Listen to Derek's stuff!!!!

Britboy: oh no, not ball chat again.. :(((((( if only I wasn't 'ere in blackpool :(

Aki: :( missed it too

Derek_Again: The second song especially-GREAT.

LdyofDarkness: David: is Kevin as cute in person as he is on the lucy?????

Britboy: eating my rock

Eileen: me too

Britboy: hehe

Britboy: rock

* Xacto likes that etherial "star trek" noise

FruJu: Multi-headed Rams... Actually I saw a picture recently of a guy with a bifurcated penis

pFuRs: David what do you think about a Gary Numan collaboration?

Aeroz: David if I was famous would you listen to MY stuff?

Bonster: (David Bowie) yea!!!

* Aki took out a student loan to go to Gisborn and so couldn't afford to catch The Ball

Coldfyr: Brit we had fun here on Sat ...

Spaceboy: brb

RaMOANa: that's ok, I will have a BNet POOL PARTY soon

TotalBlamBlam: I couldn't make it either David - I was giving your mrs.........eeeeekkkkkk

Aeroz: It sounds like elephants farts and pigs feet

Bonster: (David Bowie) kevin wants to meet you

Britboy: Coldfyr: did we?

Aki: Let's have the next one in Atlanta :)


LdyofDarkness: well I wants to meet kevin

Coldfyr: well... I did....

Erikast: Uhu

FruJu: hey QBC

Eileen: Atlanta would be great

A_Girl: THIS JULY!!!!

Derek_Again: Are we setting up a BNet dating service now David?

QueerByChoice: hi fru

Peanut: hi QBC

Raven: Blam - A FROG?


Britboy: Coldfyr: I guess you went then :((

PrincessRamsey: Fruj, where do you see all this stuff?

Britboy: I mean :))

Eileen: 1-900-Bowieho

Britboy: hehe

QueerByChoice: this picture is really not up to much

Bonster: (David Bowie) ok i'll arrange everything

Aki: Kevin wants to meet who?

FruJu: Rams: I have very interesting sources :)

QueerByChoice: at least on my computer

Xacto: say David, you gonna make a video for this song?

Aki: lol Eileen

pFuRs: David how about a NUMAN collaboration?

Clara: A_Girl, where's Utah?

Bonster: (David Bowie) whooops!! here comes his wife

Coldfyr: Brit you silly boy... I was here in chat Saturday...

Aeroz: he sounded like he was playing the Daria theme song

Britboy: hmm

A_Girl: in the US......

LdyofDarkness: lol

Britboy: ok

PrincessRamsey: Moaners, you are da bomb! Next BN party in Florida!!!!

Aeroz: David needs to write a book

FruJu: I think you should just use the camera coverage here for the video :)

Britboy: well, I thoooought, wtf was good in chat?

Bonster: (David Bowie) maybe vid

TotalBlamBlam: you'll arrange everything DB? That is a pretty tall order

Aeroz: a FUNNY book

A_Girl: next to Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming :)

Aeroz: haha

RaMOANa: Yah Ramsey!

Britboy: I can't even remember, I was kinda knackered

Electric_Blue: you got a director signed up for the video yet???

Coldfyr: * Brit mustv'e had too much coffee*

Britboy: hmm


Britboy: lol!

Manipogo: North of the border!!

Britboy: I need coffee now

Xacto: you out to throw in some of this chat in a weird font scrolling over the screen in the video

Britboy: methinks

Bonster: (David Bowie) camera coverage is great idea

Britboy: sleep, bleeh

pFuRs: What about a Derek and Gary Numan collaboration

Aki: overdone, Xacto

TotalBlamBlam: can you fix it for me and Jimmy Saville?

Coldfyr: Brit you don't remember?... well.. good :)

Britboy: hgehe

Aki: that Jennifer Lopez video has an iMac in the swimming pool

Britboy: was I broadcasting?

Aki: and its supercheesy

Britboy: I guess I was

Derek_Again: LOL pF

Coldfyr: let's me off the hook

Britboy: I really can't remember

FruJu: A waterproof iMac?

Aki: nope

Aki: it was tangerine

Britboy: TANGERINE!!!

Aeroz: David, Ever considered a Duet with Michael Bolton or Maybe Kenny G?

A_Girl: Ewwwww, macs! NO OFFENSE!

Coldfyr: If they can't remember they can't press charges right?

pFuRs: mmmm Jennifer

Aeroz: we'd love to hear it

Britboy: great colour, great team.. Blackpool FC ;)

Britboy: anyway

Aeroz: instant number 1

pFuRs: David please answer me

TotalBlamBlam: You've got a cute way of walking

Britboy: I need some coffee

LdyofDarkness: lol, yeah, and while he's at it, he can do a number with the Backstreet Boys

Britboy: brb

pFuRs: Numan?

TotalBlamBlam: Leo Sayer 1976

Derek_Again: David, how about a collaboration with you, Celine Dion and a chainsaw?

FruJu: Ah good old Leo Sayer

FruJu: There's a blast from the past

Manipogo: lol!

Aeroz: hahah

Britboy: LOL!

Electric_Blue: arrrrrrggg not Leo Sayer!!!

LamBugi: oh geez....Leo Sayer

PrincessRamsey: LOL Derek

Eileen: oh my, how Reeevseys head glows...

Alys: lol

FruJu: That's the boot polish, Eileen

Eileen: lOL

Bonster: (David Bowie) hey good news all camera stuff being archived

LamBugi: how bout a collaberation with you and Derek and Eos

pFuRs: David , Derek is really happening

Electric_Blue: good one!

Britboy: DB: yyayayayaay

LdyofDarkness: woohooo


Eileen: where's them little suction cup darts???

Britboy: DB: how will this be released?????

PrincessRamsey: Even that hour of the soundboard taking a break?

Coldfyr: YAY!!!!!

TotalBlamBlam: yipee

pFuRs: Gary Numan is really happening too

A_Girl: isn't it just so nice how we have lil nicknames for David and Reeves and Iman?! :) I think it's sweet :)

Aeroz: oh David, When is your back catalogue being released again, and by whom?

FruJu: That was the most exciting part, Rams!

Coldfyr: * is sOOOO Jazzed*

Eileen: old goat and reeeeevsey

RaMOANa: I think he went for another fag break

Xacto: "what's really fattening? what caused us to fart?"

pFuRs: lOL Xacto

FruJu: Beans, Xacto

Derek_Again: I have hired pF as a press agent! Heh heh heh.

Clara: lol x

Aki: oh god

Bonster: (David Bowie) I'm still thinking over the Kenny Geeeeeee thing

RaMOANa: lol Xacto

PrincessRamsey: Xacto, you ARE delirious! Have a beer

Electric_Blue: Hey David: Strange is dead keen to be a chat guest!! What do you think?

Coldfyr: lol Xacto


FruJu: We should get Weird Al to do a parody of this

pFuRs: * is now Tony Defries *

Electric_Blue: Steve Strange that is

Aeroz: hehe

Coldfyr: hey Drek don't forget me :(

Eileen: yea, move lucy pleeeeeeze

* A_Girl puts that in the book of mixed up lyric quotes

Aeroz: don't think too hard David

Derek_Again: YOU TOO COLD!!!

QueerByChoice: who is the person with the camera?

Aeroz: the answer is GOD NOW

Derek_Again: LOL

Aeroz: no not now

PrincessRamsey: David, I have a chat guest idea: Peter Murphy

Bonster: (David Bowie) Kevin

RaMOANa: yeh and Julian Lennon!!! I sent you that bit he said in his Feb chat! DID U GET IT DB?

Coldfyr: thanks :)

Eileen: I want Coco

pFuRs: David how about a Gary Numan Chat

FruJu: His connection from Turkey is a little slow, Rams

Xacto: I want a closeup of David's belly button

Derek_Again: Yes, Rams!!! Peter!

Aeroz: no, DENNIS MURPHY!!!!

Coldfyr: Thomas Wolfe!!!!!!

Coldfyr: PeeWee Herman

FruJu: And let me tell you, his typing on a Cyrillic keyboard leaves a lot to be desired :)

Derek_Again: Eddie Murphy!

Bonster: (David Bowie) Coco says a big hi

Eileen: Xacto - great idea!

LamBugi: ok, rephrase the question with a "Kevin" Ramsey

PrincessRamsey: Just not Dennis Miller!!

Derek_Again: Murphy's Oil Soap!

* Aki will be logging on from MEXICO this summer

FruJu: Hello Coco!

LdyofDarkness: PEEEWWEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

pFuRs: how 'bout a chat with Paul Rednik?

Eileen: Hi CoCo!!

Derek_Again: Heya Coco!

Aeroz: Coco?

ZeroGirl: erm, well, hey. :)

Coldfyr: PEEWEE!!!!!



Bonster: hi


Electric_Blue: Steve will deffo do a chat

Bianca: hello Coco

LdyofDarkness: hi Coco

pFuRs: hi Coco

Manipogo: Hi Coco

Coldfyr: LOL

Electric_Blue: hi Coco

Xacto: hey Coco

Lori: hi Coco

A_Girl: Hey, is Iman there too? :p

Coldfyr: hiya Coco

Xacto: hi Coco

Erikast: hI

RaMOANa: JAMOCHA COCO! hot stuff

Aki: RealAudio plus IRC Chat is a rather strange combination isnt it

PrincessRamsey: I'll be a chat guest, I'm very interesting :-)

Rednik: pFuRs: He couldn't afford me! ;)

PrincessRamsey: Except I'm already here all the time

Bonster: (David Bowie) Iman is watching at home between tv programs

pFuRs: LOL

TotalBlamBlam: Hallo Coco - How the devil?

Raven: and err hallo Coco

Derek_Again: I've got the Lucent, Real Vid AND this all going at once.

Derek_Again: It's total overload.

Bonster: (David Bowie) she knows just how exciting it is in the studio

PrincessRamsey: grrrrr, Lucent sux

Eileen: LOL

RaMOANa: aw tell her to come in here and chat with us!

pFuRs: hello Peanut

Coldfyr: :):):)

RaMOANa: we'll entertain Iman!

RaMOANa: lol

Britboy: DB: how will WRH be released?? RA, CD, MP3, what what what?

PrincessRamsey: Bonster who are you now?

Derek_Again: David, you recording to tape or digital tonight?

FruJu: That Iman's a smart girl

Xacto: I wish the realplayer would have a smaller frame around the video

LdyofDarkness: we promise we won't break her

Coldfyr: Iman can hang with us anytime :)

Bonster: (David Bowie) lucy blinks with too many users

Eileen: I noticed

Eileen: ;-)

PrincessRamsey: Lucy won't work at all!

RaMOANa: aw lucy can't dance

pFuRs: Lucy Ball?

pFuRs: Lucy can't dance

PrincessRamsey: She definitely can't dance

Derek_Again: Lucy in the Net with Diamonds.

FruJu: She can't even move!

Bonster: (David Bowie) digi 48

Raven: Kevin is all you see on lucent

Coldfyr: but she knows what the noise is for

TotalBlamBlam: Geez - Tune that thing for him David - his mirkin must be giving him right jip!

pFuRs: but Lucy let me explain

Rednik: E string out Reeves

Aeroz: David, what was your favorite point in your career/ and or favorite Persona

Clara: David, could you please say goodnight to my daughter so I can get her off to bed?

LdyofDarkness: that's the way we like it Raven

Electric_Blue: ooooo digi - very nice

Raven: lol Red

Clara: David, say goodnight to emily please

FruJu: Is Reevz playing with his G-string again?

Eileen: LOL

pFuRs: LOL

Coldfyr: lol Fru

Derek_Again: LOL Fru. Get that on the camera!

LdyofDarkness: lol

Spaceboy: BACK AGAIN

Bonster: (David Bowie) night night Claras daughter

* Xacto wonders why Reeves doesn't have little slaves to tune his axe for him

LamBugi: looks like I get no sound tonight

Britboy: ooh there's that tune again

Aki: lol

PrincessRamsey: He must be they just switched to the guy at the board

* Britboy dances

Clara: thanks David :)

pFuRs: David, Numan?

Raven: who's we LadyofDarkness?

pFuRs: cmon answer please

Derek_Again: Reeves don't need no stinkin' guitar techs!

Eileen: CoCo - is Dave a slavedriver?

LdyofDarkness: well...........me

PrincessRamsey: I'd some little slaves to "tune" things

PrincessRamsey: like

Coldfyr: Coco is Dave a slave?

FruJu: You need a tune-up Rams?

Eileen: LOL

LdyofDarkness: David: can you say hi to my sister Adriane???? pleasee?????

Derek_Again: LOL Rams.

Britboy: lol

Bonster: (David Bowie) get up off the floor Coco and answer the question

A_Girl: and TO ME!

Eileen: hehe

Bonster: (David Bowie) no. apparently not

FruJu: Stop putting your foot on her head, db!

Derek_Again: Peaches!

Rednik: hi Peaches

Pozie: hi peaches

PrincessRamsey: David, my cat would really like you to say hello! Can you say meeeoooowrrrr

Coldfyr: hi Peaches :)

Eileen: hi Peachy

FruJu: hey Peaches

Peaches: Hi all

LdyofDarkness: millions of peaches, peaches for me

RaMOANa: lol Rams

* Aki has no idea what is going on

TotalBlamBlam: David - can you whisper "suffer Blammo" in my ear so I can go fiddle

Xacto: Reeves looks like he needs a backrub

FruJu: Which one, Rams?

Bonster: (David Bowie) baa


Derek_Again: Peaches, that stuff you sent to the ball was amazing!

Eileen: Dave is pretending to be coco

RaMOANa: =^..^=

A_Girl: LOL!

PrincessRamsey: Schults, of course, he's in my lap

Rednik: *Round of applause - E string in tune at last

PrincessRamsey: z

Aki: who is typing now David or Coco?

pFuRs: David, Numan collaboration?

FruJu: Oooh, Flossie liked that

RaMOANa: Rams wants u to address her pussy!

pFuRs: lol

pFuRs: tuna

Bonster: (David Bowie) you've got nice color tonight Blam

FruJu: hey FireGirl

Coldfyr: lol

Raven: BLAM oh no you don't not with Red and I on your lap

* A_Girl has an e string on her VIOLIN :)

ZeroGirl: z?

Spaceboy: David, you missed my "Apparel Ode to Ziggy" get-up on Sat.!!

TotalBlamBlam: thanks cheeky


ZeroGirl: oh yeaaaa....how was the ball?

Derek_Again: Spaceboy looked very chic at the ball.

ZeroGirl: someone.

Rednik: Raven: Ok you go on his lap... I'll do the top

LamBugi: it was beautiful

Bonster: (David Bowie) you know I like color

Derek_Again: Great, zero. We missed ya!

Raven: LOL

Coldfyr: lol

PrincessRamsey: Spaceboy was tres glam

Spaceboy: Thanks, Derek....you studd you

A_Girl: :)

TotalBlamBlam: David - what does a nuclear physicist eat for lunch?

LdyofDarkness: do you like pinkkk?

Aki: oh my god

ZeroGirl: *s* *sniff* I was missed...*sigh* good nuff for me.. :)

TotalBlamBlam: fission chips

* Eileen is watching Reevzey's bald spot reflecting the lights...

Xacto: anyone interestin show up at the BNet ball?

Britboy: hehe

* Britboy claps

A_Girl: *kiss to David!*

Bonster: (David Bowie) fission chips

Aki: Three tampons are walking down the street....

Spaceboy: Me, Xacto

RaMOANa: Well I be blowed

TotalBlamBlam: that is sooo funny

Coldfyr: When are we going to see pics of the Ball?

Derek_Again: Ugh, TBB

ZeroGirl: Which is Dave tonite?

PrincessRamsey: Ron and Howie were there

Britboy: all these colours

LamBugi: shoot. I have to help with HOMEWORK!!!

Spaceboy: I hugged Howard

ZeroGirl: Howie...dammit.

PrincessRamsey: I guess they count as interesting :-)

Raven: How many lunatics does it take to do a blam top lap?

Aki: is Ryoji sleeping?

LamBugi: or should I throw it on the fire?

QueerByChoice: who ARE all these people in the picture?

Pozie: LOL lamb

Alys: well, I shall be off - need to return a couple of videos

Electric_Blue: and take the car downtown

Alys: bbl !

Bonster: (David Bowie) how can I tell

FruJu: ciao Alys

Lori: throw it on the fire lamb

Xacto: who is playing the base line?

A_Girl: bye bye Alys!

RaMOANa: What did you ever do with my RaMOANa sequinned panties, db?

PrincessRamsey: Damn kids bugi!

Alys: bye bye

LamBugi: If I take the car downtown, I can't chat@

Eileen: well they moved the lucy

LamBugi: !

TotalBlamBlam: David get Coco to say hello please - she always ignores me at special functions etc

LamBugi: I am in a quandry!@!

ZeroGirl: Which is Dave or the connection?

Eileen: wow - coupla mean lookin blokes there...

A_Girl: EW FLAT!

Xacto: I am sure she doesn't mean to ignore you Blam

Derek_Again: I hope someone here is logging this chat.

Coldfyr: need help out Lam?

Bonster: (David Bowie) hi Blam good to meet you at last

A_Girl: the tiniest bit, but still flat!

Spaceboy: David always ignores me.....*shiffle, sniffle*

RaMOANa: I think that is her job

TotalBlamBlam: aaawwwwwww - thanx Coco

Coldfyr: * throws a rope to lambugi*

TotalBlamBlam: likewise

pFuRs: hello David

LdyofDarkness: awww, it's ok Spaceboy

LamBugi: don't cry Spaceboy, your makeup will run!

Bonster: (David Bowie) stop that Spaceboy

Aki: I got the top of someone's bald head in the ZOOM I don't know how or whose head it is

A_Girl: yeah.....and David always ignore me *crying*

PrincessRamsey: bugi, bring the kids in here, we'll all help them!

ZeroGirl: heh, I always get ignored anyway.


LamBugi: SAVED....thanks Coldfyr!

Bonster: (David Bowie) no A-girl


ZeroGirl: yo dj. :)

Spaceboy: Stop what Bonster?

Xacto: that was nice, you happy now Blam?

pFuRs: David why won't you answer my question about Gary Numan?

RaMOANa: hi dj

PrincessRamsey: SB, David can't read fast enough, so he misses most of the posts

Spaceboy: FIRE!!!!!!!

Derek_Again: Pow, Brit.

Aki: hi dj!

Coldfyr: * throws a boiling hot pot of coffee at bb*

* LdyofDarkness splashes a pot of hot coffee on Britboy

LamBugi: Austin can pull an all nighter! He's 9 afterall...he must learn about them sometime!

Britboy: thankya

Britboy: ooh

ColdFire: SPACEY!!!

A_Girl: Ok then *kiss again to David, dearest*

Britboy: all this coffee

Eileen: Dave who is Eileen, really?

ColdFire: hey baby!

FruJu: wb H2

Electric_Blue: wb hel

FruJu: Eileen works at Isolar

RaMOANa: wb Hel!

Britboy: FAKE Brit ALERT

ZeroGirl: Hi Mom.

Eileen: :-O

* Britboy turns the siren on

* Spaceboy reappllies the makeup that ran

Coldfyr: lol

ColdFire: awww hehe

TotalBlamBlam: does my bum look big in this?

Spaceboy: yes'

LamBugi: hehe

Lori: lol

Rednik: yes TBB

Spaceboy: hehehe

Eileen: ROTFL

Britboy: yep

ColdFire: Hi Lam!

FruJu: There's no bum in "this"

TotalBlamBlam: thx Red

Helen2: boy I can't stay connected

Derek_Again: No bigger than usual, TBB.

Britboy: oh dear Fru

LamBugi: Total... stay AWAY from Horizontal Stripes!

TotalBlamBlam: Eno will like it then

LamBugi: hi COLD!

Derek_Again: Poor Hel the toe-tickler.

ColdFire: how are ya?

Spaceboy: David, my bum was silver clad at the Ball, you missed it!!

Rednik: vertical stripes surely LamB??

ColdFire: hey Derek

FruJu: All that glitters is not gold, Spaceboy

ColdFire: he looked FABULOUS

Eileen: damn someone has their eye on the camera!

Bonster: (David Bowie) no, it's just the right size monitor

ColdFire: hehe

Derek_Again: Hiya CF.

Xacto: coco, are you having fun?

pFuRs: hi Coldfire babyeeee

RaMOANa: will Reeves come yak with us when he is done?

LamBugi: oh yes... vertical will do nicely

ColdFire: PEEFIE

Spaceboy: I know Fru, it glittered and was silver

ColdFire: how are ya Derek?

PrincessRamsey: SB glittered in silver lame

Helen2: how is the damn thing going?

TotalBlamBlam: Brian likes a large arse - or was that a largesse?

Helen2: I can't see or hear anything

pFuRs: Fine David don't ANSWER ME

Bonster: (David Bowie) Coco it's too groovy

Spaceboy: I wasn't lame

Helen2: and Hello to every one

ColdFire: hiya Hel

A_Girl: David, do u think that you will ever come to Utah for a concert, honestly??

Bonster: (David Bowie) Blams on a roll

ZeroGirl: Hi Mom.

ColdFire: hehehe

Coldfyr: hiya Fire

TotalBlamBlam: he he

FruJu: H2: when are they getting cable modems and ADSL in that backward city you call New York?

Bonster: (David Bowie) love Utah

ColdFire: fyr!

PrincessRamsey: Sorry SB, don't know how to do the accent

Xacto: hehe I read that kinky sex interview with Eno

Bonster: (David Bowie) lol

Eileen: db - how about back to NC?

LamBugi: Zero, which mom are you talking about?

A_Girl: OOOOO!! :))

Eileen: Walnut Creek?

ZeroGirl: *still hasn't gotten her speedos*

Electric_Blue: any answer to the Steve Strange chat thing - he's bugging the hell out of me about it!! even a no will do just to get him off my case

Aki: how about streaming Quicktime

ZeroGirl: Why, H2, of course. :)

Derek_Again: Utah thinks it just wants to be friends with you, David. Sorry.

LdyofDarkness: what about Wisconsin? it's a hellhole but we need entertainment!

TotalBlamBlam: who wants to go out with me?


Raven: I'm out already

LdyofDarkness: I do!!!!!!!

Bonster: (David Bowie) I'm going back to look in the lucy

* Aki will go out with Ryoji!

Rednik: I wouldn't go in with you TBB

LamBugi: good question TBB!

RaMOANa: Hey DB, I have been trying to figure out why you started wearing BLACK a lot lately? Any particular reason?

ColdFire: I'm lost

pFuRs: David what about the next BNet Ball is held in your apartment in NYC?

Xacto: someday we will all have cable modems and these events will really kick ass

Eileen: c'mon db...

Derek_Again: Bye db!

TotalBlamBlam: ha ha ha ha ha

pFuRs: at least answer that one please

Helen2: someone clue me in as to what the hell is going on please

Rednik: ;) TBB

Aki: GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZeroGirl: Me too Cold.

A_Girl: The thing is, I am only 15, and I don't have the means to get anywhere......I WANT YOU TO COME TO UTAH AND DO A GREAT CONCERT FOR ALL OF US UTAHNS!

TotalBlamBlam: see ya later David

LamBugi: He's in New York.....it's their uniform there!

Aki: have a good night!

ZeroGirl: But oh well.

TotalBlamBlam: thx Coco

PrincessRamsey: H2, we are learning the fine art of mixing at the moment

ColdFire: nothing wrong with black

Pozie: bye db

RaMOANa: Hel - "Bonster" was DB for a mo

ColdFire: I wear quite a bit of it

FruJu: H2: What the hell is happening? We dunno

Electric_Blue: bye DB

Aki: have a good night!

Manipogo: Bye David...

Rednik: see ya D

FruJu: Bonster = DB = Coco

Bonster: (David Bowie) back later

ColdFire: where is he? I can't even see the guy. hm

A_Girl: tootles David :) *kiss*

PrincessRamsey: I don't know AG, do you have enough people in that state to fill a club?

ColdFire: oh well

Eileen: xoxox

Coldfyr: k....

pFuRs: BYE

ColdFire: *lost8

LdyofDarkness: bi bi David, get Kevin to come in here if you can

FruJu: Rams: you can talk!!

ColdFire: um, bye David? *waves*

A_Girl: Yes we do! MANY PPL!

* Aki waves her hands around

LamBugi: well, at least Bonnie will talk to me :)

Bonster: OK David is gone, it's just Bonster now

FruJu: wb Bonster

pFuRs: will the Osmonds be there too?

LamBugi: hi bonz

A_Girl: heya Bonster!

ColdFire: *sigh*

Bonster: Thaks Fru

Aki: was that really exciting?

LdyofDarkness: halllo Bon

ZeroGirl: yo Bonster.

Bonster: was that cool or what!!!

Manipogo: Hi Bonster

FruJu: Are you going to watch your notebook's keyboard to get the nicotine stains off??

FruJu: wash

Derek_Again: BONS!!

FruJu: even

Bonster: he's gone back to the studio now

Coldfyr: missed half of it :(

RaMOANa: I've got a good view of the DOOR on the lucy

PrincessRamsey: Hey, I live in a populous state!

LamBugi: Coolest for you !

Eileen: aaaaaaak!

Bonster: Dave's strangling the camera

ColdFire: dammit. I missed it ALL because I didn't know what was going on

FruJu: Rams: Kentucky?

Eileen: Dave's strangling us

ZeroGirl: Me too Cold.

ColdFire: *cries*

LdyofDarkness: is that what that is


Aki: a


ZeroGirl: and dammit, I wanted to tell him to get me my speedos.

Bonster: You DO realize that was really David right???

Aki: aww that was cute

Bonster: awesome

Aki: yes Bonster

Eileen: yea


A_Girl: yes yes YES


FruJu: It was just you having us on, Bons

Britboy: Bonster: err yes, we guessed

PrincessRamsey: I live in Pennsylvania, remember, you were here, several times!

RaMOANa: where did he go?


FruJu: You faked the whole thing

RaMOANa: mine seems to lag

Bonster: He was wearing my husbands glasses ;)

Derek_Again: Bons, I can't believe what I just heard!!!

Bonster: it was a riot

Britboy: well, I got my Laughing Gnome question answered

LdyofDarkness: lucky Bon

Britboy: so I'm happy

Britboy: no..

Bonster: the amazing thing is he was typing himself

Britboy: im HELLA happy

ColdFire: *sulks in the corner with a bottle of Southern Comfort*

A_Girl: and I got my Utah Q answered :)

FruJu: That is amazing

Xacto: gee I never hugged someone who put his thumbs in me eyes before

Bonster: I was impressed ;)

PrincessRamsey: Well, Bonster, never wipe them off again!

A_Girl: Bonster........

FruJu: Does he type with two fingers or one, Bons?

RaMOANa: what did he say, AG?

Bonster: Ton y si framing the glasses..

LdyofDarkness: lol Xacto

Bonster: two hands

A_Girl: PLEASE PLEASE........express my gratitude towards David with a hug :)

LdyofDarkness: ditto

A_Girl: he said he loved Utah (I think that's a good thing :) )

ZeroGirl: omi god.

PrincessRamsey: The one great BN mystery solved: DB does his own typing

LamBugi: tell him to QUIT MOVING!

ZeroGirl: jeez.

TotalBlamBlam: did Coco really say hi to me Bonster?

ColdFire: Ask him if he likes Italian food. hehe

Aki: of course he does his own typing

Xacto: he's a man of many talents, Ramsey

pFuRs: hi TBB

pFuRs: lol

Aki: he would type a lot faster if he didn't

ColdFire: My mother wants to have him over for dinner

ZeroGirl: ask him if he's waering my speedos...heh

Derek_Again: LOL zero

Rednik: ColdFire: Your mum's a cannibal?

TotalBlamBlam: hi pFuRs - how are ya?

Derek_Again: Kinda gross.

PrincessRamsey: I don't think my mother has heard of David Bowie

Bonster: TBB yes she did Blam

ZeroGirl: :o~

Xacto: I think David should have a sleepover and invite us all

TotalBlamBlam: aaawwwwwww

pFuRs: hello Daisy Bowie

ColdFire: Red~ haha....no she's Italian and the best cook in the world

Bonster: David thinks you are totally funny Blam ;)

ColdFire: She wants to cook for him

FruJu: db is playing with the camera

ColdFire: hehe

LdyofDarkness: hey, Reevz is out there, tell him to get his arse in here

Rednik: lolol Cold - invite ME

Rednik: I'm starving

ColdFire: my mother wants everyone over for dinner

TotalBlamBlam: did he laugh out loud?

ColdFire: come on over

ColdFire: all of you

The_Laughing_Gnome_2: oh yeah

Bonster: He LOL a lot

TotalBlamBlam: cool

A_Girl: Bon, what did he say about me???

* Xacto plots some way to demonstrat some uniqueness

A_Girl: anything??

Aki: is someone taking screen shots?


FruJu: At least this Lucent gives high quality pics... unlike that crappy RealVideo

pFuRs: Bon why wouldn't he answer my question?

Bonster: He didn't say anything other than he thinks you are all awesome ;)

TotalBlamBlam: wb Zimmo

PrincessRamsey: Grrrrrrrrr

Rednik: Aki: I am... but I keep missing

A_Girl: and what's the addy for the lucent feed?

LdyofDarkness: hey zim

Xacto: I like the finely manicured hands

FruJu: Even people who fake BowieNet IPOs, Bons?

Bonster: pFuRs what question

ZeroGirl: is going to get AG a brown paper bag to breathe in....

Zimmo: Thanks :-)

A_Girl: thanx Bon :)

ZeroGirl: hehe

Bonster: LOL Fru

Derek_Again: OK, so pF, Aki, Spaceboy and Colfyr are ALL the shit.

pFuRs: I kept asking him about a Gary Numan collaboration Bon

Xacto: hehe looks like he's gonna squeeze titties

Eileen: he's actually being kinda still in front of lucy fer a while..

Spaceboy: ahhh, thanks Derek

Bonster: ah...well, what can you say about that ;)

Derek_Again: As in THE SHIT. The coolest. Ever.

ColdFire: I'm the shit. Just nobody knows it yet :(

Bonster: He really liked the idea of using the footage for a video

Coldfyr: uhmm yea Derek thanks

ColdFire: *sits contentedly in the corner with that knowledge*

Manipogo: I know it CF

A_Girl: what's the addy for the lucent feed for this?

ZeroGirl: um.

pFuRs: :-) well just curious Bon

Zimmo: LOL lucy the first Human erectus

The_Laughing_Gnome_2: I was walking

FruJu: Reeves is done finally

Aki: really?

Coldfyr: LOL

The_Laughing_Gnome_2: down the highstreet

Bonster: fullvideo.com

ColdFire: thanks Mani

The_Laughing_Gnome_2: when I heaeeerd footsteps behind me

Aki: I told him it was overdone

The_Laughing_Gnome_2: and there was a little

Bonster: Aki, yeah

The_Laughing_Gnome_2: hmm

FruJu: hey, that was my idea Bons... remind him of that :)

Zimmo: or was she the oldest woman found?

ZeroGirl: I don't even qualify as anything, dammit.

Bonster: OK Fru...

The_Laughing_Gnome_2: wb bluhey

FruJu: Of course, I was being sarcastic

Bonster: not that he was paying me any attention ;)

FruJu: But what the hell

Coldfyr: wb EB

A_Girl: David taking pictures?

Aki: lol

Electric_Blue: sheesh

Zimmo: laughing HelloQ

LamBugi: And Bonz, just remind him of what a all'round nice gal I am :)

Xacto: David looks good, I like his hair

LamBugi: heh

Bonster: LOL

Zimmo: :))))))))))))))

Spaceboy: WB Leeza

Leeza: # Appears as TIKI.

Bonster: David looks great. love the hair

ColdFire: Hey Leeza!!!!

Derek_Again: we Leeza.

FruJu: They're moving the cam finally

Leeza: tanx honey!

Zimmo: WB Leeza!:0

RaMOANa: he's gotta put something in his journal!

Derek_Again: Yeah, the hair does look good, Bons.

Xacto: David WE LIKE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RaMOANa: lol

Pozie: wb Leeza !

Bonster: Mark Plati is coming now to chat!!!!!!!

LamBugi: wb leez

Spaceboy: Leeza likes my arse

Spaceboy: hehehe

Eileen: I wansta play in his hair

ColdFire: Leeza~ what's up hun??

Lori: wb Leeza

LdyofDarkness: so whattaya think Bon, plastic surgery??


Bonster: uh oh, David is looking for him now..

Leeza: the tilt, Spaceboy!

Spaceboy: heheheeh

Bonster: maybe chat will be delayed...

Spaceboy: all in the hips

ColdFire: we all do, Spacey hehe

Leeza: the tilt I taught ya!!

Spaceboy: hehe

FruJu: Did you look for the scars, Bons?

Xacto: ooooo! I love his voice

Electric_Blue: hooray!!!! I got my sound back - finally

Spaceboy: thank you Fire

Rednik: wb Leeza

Bonster: Mark is the awesome engineer/coproducer from Earthling

ColdFire: you're fabulous, daaahling

Spaceboy: I know

FruJu: hey Mark... will you be producing the next album as well? (whatever that may be)

Spaceboy: heheh

Rednik: Bonster: Was Mark on a mountain bike?

Bonster: I feel priviledged that David was Bonster just for one day ;)

Bonster: ha ha

ColdFire: hehe


Xacto: David, I THINK YOU SHOULD DO A SERIES OF FHEADS, based upon yer nutty net fans

Spaceboy: You're absolutely loverly too, dear

Derek_Again: Heh Bons!

ColdFire: Mwa. heh

Bonster: Mark is not here yet ;)

Derek_Again: Bons, yer just as good, though!

Bonster: David called from the studio

Electric_Blue: what was David up to letting the Pet Shop Boys crucify Hallo Spaceboy?

FruJu: Get that man in there!

Britboy: lol Blue

Bonster: EB ha ha

Leeza: I lost me connection to the real player, can someone put up that little thingy that I click on to get there?

Aki: yes my goodness that song was an atrocity

Xacto: hehe we could be Bonster...just for one day

Electric_Blue: ask him Bon!

Aki: the remix I mean

Electric_Blue: I wanna know

ColdFire: Spacey~ how was your trip home, hun?

Britboy: hehe

RaMOANa: no one is in there?

Rednik: http://play.rbn.com/?jamtv/jamtv/live/Bowie28.rm

Electric_Blue: It was SOOO awful

RaMOANa: I only see 1 dude off to the side

PrincessRamsey: Bons you're better, at least you hang out with us!

Britboy: ask him if he's heard them do it themselves, rofl.. I have.. not good

Spaceboy: It was long, and boring, and I told off a driver

Britboy: eh Blue

Bonster: LOL Ramsey

Aki: ok, I am gonna call to get a rude cause its getting really late

Xacto: they are plotting something

ColdFire: spacey~why?

SpaceCow: I am the mother of the MILKY WAY

ColdFire: I got hit on by various old men

SpaceCow: I rule you all LOL

Bonster: HI Leeza!!! awesome party

ColdFire: fun

Leeza: hi Bons!!!

RaMOANa: Aki! wait! I think DB is telling that Kevin about u

ColdFire: *fires up the grill and makes spaceburgers*

Leeza: glad ya made and had fun!!

Rednik: When's David gonna do the tap dance bit?

FruJu: Harmonies in the 3rd verse

Spaceboy: They guy was yelling about a luggage tag that they ran out of when I boarded in NY, so, I said "look, it's 5 am, I've been on a bus since 8:30 last night and I don't need an attitude from a bus driver."

LdyofDarkness: but Kevin's mine!!!!

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: what has Reeves done

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: lol

FruJu: When's he pulling out the recorder, Red?

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: arghhh

SpaceCow: AWWWW Coldfyre but the fire is too cold

Derek_Again: Leeza, I got hit up by a hooker Sunday!

Bonster: Reeves is coming to chat later

Rednik: lol Fru

A_Girl: BON, wave to us!!

RaMOANa: Reeves is awful quite

Derek_Again: Cool!

Bonster: so hang around

RaMOANa: quiet

Coldfyr: whats this about me being ruled?...... HA!

ColdFire: Space hehe..good

Aki: that's a mistake

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: RaMOANa: yeah ;)

ColdFire: coldFIRE with an I

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: lol

PrincessRamsey: Were you still in silver SB?

ColdFire: and I am not hehe

Aki: LDy of Darkness has Kevin, I have Ryoji

Bonster: Reevesis here be nice

Xacto: quite awful moan?

Leeza: great Derek!!!

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: errm

Spaceboy: No, Ramsey

Derek_Again: Heh

*** Bonster is now known as Reeves

Derek_Again: Reeves, that blues guitar is FANTASTIC!!!

ColdFire: bleh. my stomach hurts

Rednik: Allo Reeves xx

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: I think Reeves is a bit loud, don't you?

LamBugi: Haley wants to know if that's his head we see

ZeroGirl: Yo Reeves.

ColdFire: Hi Reeves

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: Jesus

Reeves: Reeves says hi

Xacto: hey Reeves!! YOU ARE DA BOMB!

FruJu: Hello Reeves!

Coldfyr: Hi Reeves!!!

Eileen: hi Reeeevesy

Clara: hey Reeves, you're wonderful!

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: lol

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: Reeves

TotalBlamBlam: Reeves - problems with the mirkin you old fruit?

PrincessRamsey: Hola Reeves

Bianca: hi Reeves

Manipogo: Hi Reeves

ColdFire: Reeves do you have any maalox? hehee

Erikast: Hi

Electric_Blue: 'Allo Reeves

Aki: Hi Reeves

LdyofDarkness: hey Reevz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pFuRs: hi Reeves

LamBugi: Here's something unique.......hi Reeves

Elvisspacebear: we are dong harmonies in the 10 th channel

ZeroGirl: reeeeeeeeeeeves

Reeves: Ok any questions???

Lori: hi Reeves

RaMOANa: HI Reeves

Raven: or Tylenol?

ColdFire: ugh. I need mylanta or somethign. my stomach hurts.


A_Girl: Reeves!

Coldfyr: Reeves.. gonna set these boys right?

pFuRs: Reeves I love the work you did for The Mission UK back in 1990

Reeves: TBB get a life

Elvisspacebear: triple

ZeroGirl: can I have your speedo's too?

Clara: Reeves, do you like the song??

Xacto: Reeves, make a squeal or a chirp for me please!


Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: Reeves: how you feel doing The Laughing Gnome 2??? - just tihnk of all those advantages, you could play the gnome... I have it ALL planned out!!

LamBugi: lol Aki

FruJu: Reeves, are you going to settle your debts with Berklee??

LdyofDarkness: Reevz: boxers or briefs or free?????

Coldfyr: LOL bb

Aki: oh man

Eileen: lol Fru

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: what?

ColdFire: yikes

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: I do

TotalBlamBlam: LOL - thanx Reeves - that is good advice

pFuRs: Reeves were you a Mission UK Fan?

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: its all sorted

ColdFire: I have to run guys

ColdFire: *smooches everyone* I love you all

RaMOANa: Reeves, welcome to the chaos

Derek_Again: Bye CF

Reeves: Berkley: if they catch me, but is they do its David's fault

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: Reeves plays the gnome, Bowie does the err guy.. and it can be a film.. and play.. and song

Manipogo: Leaving us CF?

Rednik: Reeves: Your solo album? Last two tracks sorted?

TotalBlamBlam: where can you get 'em?

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: and

Coldfyr: later cfire

Reeves: and he has to pay it

LamBugi: bye cold

FruJu: David is a ratter!

ColdFire: bye Derek, Mani, fyre, Lam

Spaceboy: Reeves, why weren't you at the Ball, eh big guy?

ColdFire: yeah, I have dormcheck

Manipogo: Bye Cold Fire

Eileen: Reeves - U play classical piano too, right?

Elvisspacebear: lemmee do it I am...

pFuRs: Reeves still talk to the guys from The Mission UK?

ZeroGirl: latah Cold. :)

ColdFire: bye Spacey you fabulous thing you

Leeza: good question Space!!!

Reeves: Reeves solo: gone from finished to too much!!!!

Spaceboy: Bye FIRE!

ColdFire: bye Zero, Peef, Reeves,

Aki: my god Mission UK blows huge whale chunks pFuRs

Reeves: It may start out life as an Mpg only

ColdFire: mwa mwa mwa

Leeza: by cold fire

Rednik: LOL Reeves

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: Reeves: swear at me, I will be honoured

ColdFire: bye Leeza

Xacto: we love your solos, Reeves!

RaMOANa: I like your new look, Reeves, better than the Uncle Fester thang you were going for before ;)

Reeves: or three different records

Rednik: Reeves: When released??

ColdFire: *sheesh....me and my exits*

PrincessRamsey: LOL Moans

Reeves: gee thanks Ramoana

ColdFire: ok runnign

Xacto: "what's really fattening?"

pFuRs: Aki I know you only like one type of music ok this is my moment

Leeza: bye cold fire

ColdFire: running that is

Aki: ok sorry

RaMOANa: lol

Reeves: (Bonster) you people are rude ;)

Aki: :(

Elvisspacebear: is the real riffves here?

ZeroGirl: heh

ZeroGirl: all of us?

Derek_Again: Reeves, what kind of guitar are you playing tonight?

Spaceboy: Reeves, Why weren't you at Leeza's on Saturday!

pFuRs: Just kidding Aki I love you

RaMOANa: rofl

ZeroGirl: nope it's the fake Reeves.

Aki: aww

TotalBlamBlam: Reeves I could see down your bra with the 360 degree thing - Bulldog clips really?

Reeves: Guitar: loaned PRS with P90 pickups

pFuRs: * hugs Aki back *

ZeroGirl: hehe

Coldfyr: nice guit.....

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: Reeeeeeeves: the Laughing Gnome 2, the Laughing Gnome 2, the Laughing Gnome 2!!!!! - we need the Laughing Gnome 2.. and YOUR the man to play the gnome

Aki: Reeves did you get rid of your AOL account?

Reeves: TBB only for special occasions

TotalBlamBlam: ;-)

Leeza: I forgot to send him a pass Spaceboy

RaMOANa: love ya anyway u give it to us, Reeves ;)

Elvisspacebear: I am on top of the everst now lol

Elvisspacebear: P

Coldfyr: Reeves prolly has all access BNet

Britboy_TLG2_YEAH: hehe

Leeza: I think the bouncer kicked him out

Coldfyr: for $20 a month lol

Britboy: lol

Spaceboy: That's no excuse, Leeza, this is Reeves, the man above passes

Derek_Again: Prolly so, Leeza.

Reeves: any legit questions ;)??

Britboy: Reeves: they are slapping me, tell them The Laughing Gnome is cool

Britboy: You think I'm joking?

Manipogo: Reeves for the gnome!

Derek_Again: What kinda guitar you playing, Reeves?

TotalBlamBlam: erm......

Britboy: how dare you.. I'm being serious!

Eileen: Reeves - U play classical piano too, right?

A_Girl: Reeves......

Reeves: we already said that Derek ;)

Coldfyr: Reeves do want to comment that you are amazing...

Chaoz-Blue: Reeves? Ever met Edge?

Britboy: Reeves: you rule btw.

A_Girl: how do is feel to work with David?

Xacto: Reeves, what was it like playing with the cure?

PrincessRamsey: Legit questions, on BN chat! You must be joking. Don't you know we're all drunk?

Derek_Again: Oh, damned javachat... sorry Reeves.

Reeves: Eileen: only on his guitar synth

pFuRs: hello Reeves

Eileen: 'kay

Aki: Hey Reeves what's the name of your character in Omikron?

Electric_Blue: any thoughts on doing an accoustic album - like the stuff for Radio 1 birthday

Coldfyr: Drunk AND disorderly

firegirl: Reeves, do you think we are a pathetic bunch of fanatics?

Elvisspacebear: This is hard work..

Reeves: Aki: I'm me!!

TotalBlamBlam: What of the early songs have you and David worked on - I understand you rehearsed London Boys a while back?

Spaceboy: I'm never drunk

Aki: and what about Gail Ann???

ZeroGirl: yep.....I'm saying goodbye.

Aki: is she herself too?

Reeves: TBB: not

RaMOANa: I ran out of Tequila :(

Aki: or does she have a number after her name?

Bianca: How far are you involved in the song-writing for the new album, Reeves and what about a new solo-album by you?

ZeroGirl: Have a good nite everone.

pFuRs: Reeves how did you hook up with The Mission?

TotalBlamBlam: arse quack fumes

Electric_Blue: nite zero

Rednik: see ya Zerog

FruJu: Reeves: does db ever let you write the lyrics??

ZeroGirl: Latah Reeves.

PrincessRamsey: They're doing a real close up on DB right now :-)

Coldfyr: * cries for a mo and then remembers the Bacardi 151 *

Reeves: Bianca: All of it, co writing and co producing

Xacto: ooo I like this interlude

Elvisspacebear: bye ZeroGirl

ZeroGirl: *c'mon Reeves tell me goodnite*

Manipogo: Now he's doing OOO OOOOO's

Aki: is David drinking Zima?

Reeves: Zero: g'night have sweet drinks

Xacto: wow he looks good

Coldfyr: nite Z

Reeves: oops dreams

Aki: lol

* A_Girl gives Reeves a HUG for being Reeves :)

Electric_Blue: lol

Reeves: that was Bonster typing

Coldfyr: lol

Elvisspacebear: Hmmmm is don't see a Reeves here but I am drink

ZeroGirl: yessss...alright. :) nice dreams tonite.

Lori: nite Zero

Xacto: Reeves, did u grow up in Boston?

TotalBlamBlam: how was the stuff with Bob Smith?

Eileen: awwww

Elvisspacebear: drunk and I hate typing I hate it

pFuRs: Reeves is not answering me either

Coldfyr: Thanks for stopping by Reeves :)

Reeves: A-Girl: always better when it's a girl than a Boy!!!

Britboy: Reeves: the Laughing Gnome 2, or no?? (David said he's still perfecting the first..) so.. you think he'll got it sorted AND release The Laughing Gnome II??

Bianca: Gilly, Bianca, Stefanie and Sandra say "Hi" to you from Germany, Reeves :-)!

Spaceboy: WHat's wrong with a boy?

Britboy: he WILL answer

Aki: ARG

Britboy: hehe

A_Girl: Well, I like boys....but that's cuz, I am the one, the only A_Girl! :)

Reeves: TBB: Bob Smith, always fun

TotalBlamBlam: Reeves don't feel special - Ramoana does that to everyone

PrincessRamsey: BritBoy, you are perseverating

Britboy: hey

Reeves: and together we work really fast

RaMOANa: lol

Britboy: I need an answer

Britboy: hehe

Eileen: Reevesy - Ure cute...

Rednik: Reeves: O'Donnell was taking the piss outta you on BNet chat last week - he said he took take you anytime. Smack him next time you bump into him

TotalBlamBlam: lol - unlike tonight

Reeves: working with The Cure takes longer

Derek_Again: BRB

Electric_Blue: Would you like to do an acoustic album at all Reeves??

Eileen: bald spot and all

Reeves: We did a song together for my album and Orgasmo film

Xacto: Orgasmo?

Aki: Yes everyone wants to hear an acoustic album, the Breakfast with Bowie promos were so good!

Reeves: We're supposed to do an album in late 2000

Leeza: Mr. Gabrels, what is your take on irreverence?

Britboy: Reeves: the Laughing Gnome 2, or no?? (David said he's still perfecting the first..) so.. you think he'll got it sorted AND release The Laughing Gnome II??

RaMOANa: a porn film?

Coldfyr: Orgazmo...

pFuRs: HELLO Reeves

TotalBlamBlam: cool - any plans to work with Frank Black again?

Elvisspacebear: damn now I see him he is on top of the room

Coldfyr: sort of... it was done by Trey Parker

TotalBlamBlam: that was a great single

Aki: how is the last Frank Black album I heard it was good

Britboy: yep, the Laughing Gnome rocked

LdyofDarkness: Reevz: will you say hi to my sister Adriane????

Reeves: Leeza: thinking...part of what I do, but have to be willing to be onthe recieving end

Leeza: he dresses sartorially for the occasion

PrincessRamsey: Ohmigawd, what is David doing now!! It sounds like my cat

Britboy: and we want a RETURN

Eileen: wow , those vocals....

Eileen: eeekkkk

Britboy: maybe the gnome could get all nasty.. and start biting people's faces

Raven: hehe

pFuRs: huh Aki actually likes something I like

Britboy: hmm

Coldfyr: Britboy.. I swear I'm on the next BritAirways and kicking yer ass

Aki: heheh pFuRs

Raven: tell Dave...... ummm no kill the yaaaaaaaaa

Britboy: LOL!

Leeza: we love a man with humor , sir!!

Mask: this chaos is killing me

Britboy: come and get me

Mask: see you latere

PrincessRamsey: LOL CF

Britboy: bvye bye

Aki: I love Frank Black's first album listen to it all the time

Britboy: im not afraid

Rednik: Me liked that bit

FruJu: OK... I'm off to get dinner - I can't stand this db caterwauling

pFuRs: I saw the Pixies

Reeves: there are three things you don't want to see done: sausage, laws and albums

Coldfyr: * gets out the Visa card and pulls up Expedia*

Britboy: I just want an answer, from master Reeves :)

FruJu: ciao

Elvisspacebear: I think I am going mad

PrincessRamsey: Bye Fruj

Aki: my ride is coming in 5 minutes

Reeves: Brit what was it?

TotalBlamBlam: lol


Elvisspacebear: timewarp deja vu

Britboy: Reeves: pwwwwwease answer meee

RaMOANa: ta fruj

Britboy: Reeves: the Laughing Gnome 2, or no?? (David said he's still perfecting the first..) so.. you think he'll got it sorted AND release The Laughing Gnome II??

Xacto: later fru, later Aki

Coldfyr: hehehe

Rednik: Aki: You lucky git ;) LOLOL

PrincessRamsey: Oh no, he's going to double it

Raven: good lord

RaMOANa: Britboy....enuff!

Britboy: and I will be sooo happy

pFuRs: Reeves how did you hook up with the Mission UK?

Reeves: Brit: I've never heard all of Gnome 1

Eileen: Derek!


Britboy: YAY

Britboy: ok

Britboy: thanks

Lori: wb Derek

Spaceboy: WB Stud Derek

Elvisspacebear: piontededoing doing

Bianca: any special plans for Gisborne yet, Reeves?

Derek: Whew, it let me back with my real name even!

RaMOANa: wb Derek

Derek: Tanx.

Coldfyr: yea.. Reeves wanna help me kick Britboys ass?

Britboy: ooh

Britboy: sounds good :)

Reeves: pFuRs: Tim Palmer co produced the first two TM cdS...WORKED with him

RaMOANa: lol

Coldfyr: *looking furioulsy through Expedia*

Xacto: kiss or kick?

Elvisspacebear: I want to learn mixing too

Reeves: Aki: sont shout and I'll be onstage and have really big hair as well....

Bianca: what about a third Tin Machine album?

Derek: Reeves, any new producers you want to work with?

pFuRs: GREAT thanks Reeves...... I loved your solo on the Mission album

Elvisspacebear: I will myself

* Aki ties Britboy down and superglues a CD Walkman to his ears playing Mariah Carey greatest Hits on endless repeat

Xacto: where are those hunt boys now?

TotalBlamBlam: Reeves - at the Brixton Tin Machine shows you threw out plecs into the audience - One stuck to my rather sweaty forehead - honest - want it back?

RaMOANa: getting a wig then, Reeves?

Britboy: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Coldfyr: AH!!!! here we go ... wonder how big of a stick I bring for carry on?

TotalBlamBlam: to

Britboy: Aki!!!



Britboy: ok ok, no more TLG 2

PrincessRamsey: I hope they gonna mix this vocal waaaayyy back

Spaceboy: LOL

* Aki can't help shouting! Too excited.

Derek: Poor Leeza.

Britboy: Leeza: err eww

Eileen: lol Leeeza

Eileen: blech

Aki: sorry

Reeves: pFuRs: I'm on grains of sand as well, thrird track uncredited

LdyofDarkness: I wanna see Ty and Gay James making out!

Leeza: only kidding

Britboy: I don't

Britboy: hehe

PrincessRamsey: LOL Leeza. Wish I had filmed that one

Spaceboy: Anything you don't want to see with me involved? Was I in the top 3?

Aki: will you be wearing a wig too????

Leeza: true love is a wonderful thing!

pFuRs: I did not know, I do however have that cd as well

Reeves: I also played slide on Rollingstones Out of Control single

Elvisspacebear: is it grown now into your brains blam?

Britboy: Reeves: coool

Eileen: Reeeves is cool

Britboy: yep

* Britboy bows

Reeves: and Natalie IMburlio (sp) solo CD track 8

pFuRs: Reeves... what about the Golden Palominoes?

Britboy: err

Leeza: G

Britboy: not so good, but hey

Reeves: (Bonster says check itout)

Britboy: you still rule

Derek: Reeves, what was your musical training?

Rednik: hi Mike

TotalBlamBlam: yes Elvis

Britboy: hehe

RaMOANa: hi malford

Aki: hello

Britboy: malford: hello

Electric_Blue: I adored the accoustic 'Shopping For Girls' any plans for more like that??

Xacto: hi mike!

Reeves: pFuRs: never worked with them would have loved to

* A_Girl likes what David is doing with this song

Reeves: Derek:

malford: Hi missed everything

Reeves: I went to music school

pFuRs: I thought You Did ......my error

Elvisspacebear: we lie to remove that

Spaceboy: Reeves, where were you on Sat., May 22nd?

Elvisspacebear: like

Derek: Studying classical guitar or something else?

Reeves: for strings and horns

Britboy: ewwwww, this coffee is terrible, Derek!!!

Xacto: hehehe does David make you call him "Dr Jones" now Reeves?

TotalBlamBlam: did you used to play "knock down ginger"?

pFuRs: Reeves do you like the Psychedelic Furs.....pFuRs?

Reeves: used to have an eleven piece horn band

Eileen: ewww they're making Alex sing..

Derek: Sorry, Brit.

Aki: OK I really have to go cause my ride is here, I had a great time tonight, goodnight everyone!

Britboy: LO!L

RaMOANa: they're doing some YEAH bits now...

Britboy: yay

Elvisspacebear: Reeves when do these payable speaking computers come I hate typing?

Derek: Wow, Reeves.

Electric_Blue: nite Aki

Reeves: Spaceboy: I was working!!!

TotalBlamBlam: did you know that Parakeets are afraid of piss smells?


Elvisspacebear: NO

Britboy: TotalBlamBlam: really?

Raven: D just gave Alex something

Elvisspacebear: I didn't know

Bianca: What music-influences do you have? Have you been a Bowie fan before actually meeting him, Reeves?

Spaceboy: Oh, I'm sure you had a 15 minute break or something

TotalBlamBlam: ROTFLMAO

* A_Girl has 2 parakeets

PrincessRamsey: Kewl, Alex is singing!

FireGirl: Reeves, how old were you when you first picked up a guitar?

Reeves: Reevs is going back in when they set the studio

Elvisspacebear: the yellow one?


Derek: LOL, this is great!

pFuRs: Reeves did you know that TBB calls David, DAVIS?

Eileen: Reeves - You're playing is AWESOME, just takes me away..

PrincessRamsey: OK, I take it back!

Leeza: say hi to chris

Britboy: LOL!

Raven: LOL oh no, not the yeah parts

Britboy: funny stuff

Raven: ROFL

RaMOANa: scary

Reeves: Eileen: thanks!!!!!

TotalBlamBlam: lol furs

Spaceboy: Reeves, say HI to Dave for me

Eileen: :-)

pFuRs: lol tbb

Reeves: Reeves has to go now!

QueerByChoice: Reevz, can you sing better than Alex?

Reeves: he'll be back later

PrincessRamsey: Bye Reeves

Elvisspacebear: Bye Reeves

pFuRs: bye Reeves thanks

TotalBlamBlam: aawwwww - come back

Eileen: lol

Xacto: Reeves see you!

Spaceboy: Luv ya Reeves!!!

Derek: B ye Reevz

Lori: bye Reeves

Leeza: we love 3rd person

LdyofDarkness: bye Reevz!!!

*** Reeves is now known as Bonster

PrincessRamsey: Are the Yeahs really necessary?

TotalBlamBlam: will you do a signed mirkin contest for us Reeves

pFuRs: lol you liked that TBB?

Derek: Bonssssssssssss.

malford: Hi Bonz

Bonster: I'm back, Reeves is back in the studio

TotalBlamBlam: yes furs I sure did

Britboy: merkin's rule

Bonster: he's so nice ;)

Xacto: Alex looks like he's having soo much fun

malford: is that you?

A_Girl: WB Bons :)

PrincessRamsey: David seems really amused

pFuRs: XXOO Leeza XXOO

Xacto: ouch!

Britboy: lol, db's face

Derek: Lucky durned Alex.

Britboy: lol

Spaceboy: Bonnie, give that big lug a hug for me!

Britboy: moaner!

Leeza: cutie cutie cutei!!!!!!

LdyofDarkness: shoot, I gotta go. somebody wants to sleep and they want me to leave, wanker. Bye everybody, if David comes back, tell him to set me up with Kevin :-)

Elvisspacebear: grrrrrrrrrr just ..

RaMOANa2: oooh I got booted

RaMOANa2: oh I was cloned! cool

Bonster: Oh my god the webcast is degenerating now ;)

pFuRs: :-) Leeza you looked rather Stunning on Sat. Nite

Eileen: lol

Rednik: Fuck! the police have arrived at the studio

PrincessRamsey: LOL

Elvisspacebear: come David sing

TotalBlamBlam: hallo Bianca!!!!

Bianca: LOL

Elvisspacebear: hallo Bianca

Rednik: I wonder if David forgot to take his library books back?

Manipogo: David looks amused

Leeza: why thank you pFuRs, you were quite a vision yourself!!

Bianca: hello TBB:-)

Derek: Isn't it supposed to be done now?

Elvisspacebear: the background chorus

PrincessRamsey: Thye're going to arrest them for illegal use of too many yeahs

Xacto: look that giggle pus!

LdyofDarkness: bi bi everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TotalBlamBlam: I'm seeing JH in about 7 hours

Rednik: who's JH?

Elvisspacebear: JH?

pFuRs: :-) Leeza

Lori: bye lady

Rednik: Joanne Harris?

Bianca: I know, I just talked to him a bit ago

Derek: pF and his wife were the best-dressed folks at the ball, I thought.

pFuRs: David Hasslehoff tbb?

Leeza: :) cutie!

Bianca: have fun, TBB!

Xacto: the yeahs could be a crowd pleaser in concert

Derek: LOL Xacto

TotalBlamBlam: no Davis Hasslehoff furs

pFuRs: hehe thanks Derek

Leeza: I forgot to look at your wife's shoes P!!

pFuRs: lo tbb

Bianca: He will visit me for one week in July

TotalBlamBlam: ta Bianca

Elvisspacebear: is that Alex in the background?

Xacto: someone should say, "mutual respect, even if you disagree"

pFuRs: she had plats

Spaceboy: Furs, you and Emma look great together

pFuRs: platform

PrincessRamsey: Alex and friend are singing, kind of

Leeza: mules?

pFuRs: thanks Spaceboy

Elvisspacebear: the yea's should be no's

Xacto: mebbe they will distort the yeahs and make em sound really weird and interesting

Manipogo: what was that noise?

* PrincessRamsey had platforms!

Derek: LOL Elvis

Leeza: I missed everything!!

TotalBlamBlam: what a f***ing racket!

* Spaceboy had platform-heels

Bianca: Can't think of working in 4 hours time ;.(

Derek: Poor Bianca.

Xacto: or maybe "ahhh" instead of yeah

PrincessRamsey: Yeah, I have the same pair SB

RaMOANa2: oy what's happening with the realaudio??

Coldfyr: I got 3 hours Bianca...

Bianca: it's 4:20 am here

PrincessRamsey: It's coming in great for me right now Moans

Derek: It's OK here RaM

Leeza: I saw your shoes in the pics, Spaceboy...I woulda mugged ya for them had I known!!!

Xacto: yeah sounds sorta upbeat for a song about confusion

Elvisspacebear: Spaceboy you should do a tour

Bianca: oh, thanks Derek :-()

PrincessRamsey: Bowie looks totally amused

Bonster: damn I'm tired...

TotalBlamBlam: I think they may be over-egging the cake

Britboy: RealAudio hasn't buffered for 2 hours, here

Bonster: Ron Roy is here....

Bonster: hang on

RaMOANa2: gimme the stream address, again

Rednik: yeah

pFuRs: oh shit the cops are raiding the studio

Elvisspacebear: we all want to seee you in 3 d gear

TotalBlamBlam: RonnY!

Rednik: Hi Ron x

Spaceboy: I had to go to work 2 hours after a 14 hour bus ride

Coldfyr: well 7 pm here but i've on ly had an hour sleep in 2 days lol

A_Girl: RON!!

Eileen: wow da bug hunk has arrived

Electric_Blue: hi Ron

Pozie: hello Ron :)

A_Girl: **kiss!!**

*** Bonster is now known as ElectricWarrior

Bianca: hello Ron

Britboy: hehe

pFuRs: hey Ron

RaMOANa2: Hi Hunky Ron

Eileen: hey EW

Spaceboy: RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elvisspacebear: LOL Bonnie

Derek: Ron!

ElectricWarrior: hi all

PrincessRamsey: I guess you had a productive day SB

A_Girl: which one is Ron, I wanna see him!

Peaches: Hi EW

Derek: What's up, Ron?

Xacto: yeah David looks like an uncle at a family picnic amusing all the little kids

Lori: hi peaches, Ron


ElectricWarrior: the kick ass crew

malford: Bons, as you can see I arrived much too late. Will rely on someone for info as usual :)

Elvisspacebear: Ronnie I meant

TotalBlamBlam: hallo EW

Britboy: ElectricWarrior: 'ello

Eileen: A_Girl - he's sexxxxy

Spaceboy: RON, do you remember me!?!

Eileen: ...so I hear

PrincessRamsey: Hallo EW

Coldfyr: yo Ronno

A_Girl: tell him to get in the friggin room!

A_Girl: :)

ElectricWarrior: I remember - sure

Elvisspacebear: Do nos David

Britboy: Ron: What do you think of 'The Laughing Gnome'

Xacto: use realaudio AGirl

Pozie: how are ya Ron?

ElectricWarrior: Spaceboy is very cool

Britboy: realaudio is coming through fine here

Coldfyr: sigh

Raven: hi Ron

ElectricWarrior: Brian Molko looking

Spaceboy: Thank You!

PrincessRamsey: Britboy, really, you need a psychiatrist! Xacto, HELP!!

Leeza: Ron had the line of the night.

ElectricWarrior: hi Rav.

Spaceboy: He really does remember me :)

Derek: Which line was that, Leeza?

Coldfyr: no Ramsey Britboy needs an ass kicking.

Derek: No problem, Peaches.

Xacto: hehe someone needs a cig break.

pFuRs: Squeakie looked like Brian Molko.

PrincessRamsey: Quick, Ron, what was Spaceboy wearing?

Elvisspacebear: they stuck

Peaches: good

PrincessRamsey: Ohmigawd, pFuRs, you're right!

Peaches: thanks for the kind remarks

Leeza: Electric Pussy Snack strutted up and intoduced herself...

Leeza: hello

TotalBlamBlam: Britboy - I have the half speed LG from the Decca masters - can hear all the voices properly

pFuRs: right Ramsey

Bianca: anyone photos of the Ball will be brought on BowieNet?

Derek: Sure, Peaches! I was VERY impressed.

Leeza: I'm Electric Pussy Snack

Xacto: yeah, Britboy, I can lock yer ass up IF YOU DON'T QUIT WITH THE GNOME SHIT

Spaceboy: Ron - Someone took my mousepad at the ball :(

Britboy: TotalBlamBlam: I'm jealous

Peaches: glad you liked Derek

Coldfyr: LOL Xacto

Leeza: Ron extended his hand and said

ElectricWarrior: shit Space..........

Peaches: thanks again:)))))

Britboy: lol

Leeza: well I'm Electric Warrior!!

Pozie: I slept with my prize Ron!

TotalBlamBlam: e me your addy - I'll send you a copy

Britboy: ok

Britboy: hehe

Coldfyr: * got her flight booked....got the big hockey stick *

ElectricWarrior: cool Pozie

Leeza: she got out-electiced!

ElectricWarrior: glad ya liked it

pFuRs: Leeza new me right away LOL

Leeza: cutie!

Pozie: thx again :)

Derek: LOL Leeza

PrincessRamsey: Is it inanimate Pozie?

ElectricWarrior: my pleasure!!!!!1

Xacto: I'll argue that either you are a) a danger to others b) a danger to yourself (since everyone will kick yer ass if you don't stop

Britboy: lol

pFuRs: Ron it was great meeting you and Howard

Coldfyr: * grabs the leather cuffs just for extra insurance*

A_Girl: Ron.....

PrincessRamsey: Ron, I never asked you if you are married!

Peaches: Yeah Ron thanks for being nice to my sister Weed

ElectricWarrior: thanks pFuRs

A_Girl: PLEASE give us a shot of you!

ElectricWarrior: sure spae

Britboy: it's Bowie's fault.. he said he hadn't perfected the first.. so he must be working on it

Britboy: rofl

ElectricWarrior: space

Spaceboy: AG, I got a great shot of Ron and Howard

Pozie: lol peaches

Spaceboy: Thanks Ron

Peaches: hehehe

Bianca: yes, some photos please:-)

ElectricWarrior: we need someone to send some in

PrincessRamsey: Will somebody send me some photos?

ElectricWarrior: we will post them for sure

Spaceboy: When I find my camera and can then get it developed

Leeza: my sis got some great shots

Derek: Get to it, Spaceboy.

Spaceboy: I left it in NY

Pozie: bet Suff has some great ones on her camera

ElectricWarrior: all pictures.except ones of me and Howard

* PrincessRamsey reminds Ron he made her turn off her video camera!

* RaMOANa2 flashes TBB (*)(*)

ElectricWarrior: of course

Spaceboy: I think I left my cam. in Suff's room

Spaceboy: Why not Ron?

ElectricWarrior: I need to stay mysterious

Pozie: Some of us are feeling like that too Ron! lol

Spaceboy: feh

Eileen: lol

TotalBlamBlam: oooooh Ram - are they all your own?

PrincessRamsey: I got you anyway ;-)

RaMOANa2: wow, everyone lost all kinds of stuff at this party

Leeza: Ron, I'll get my sisters photos to ya

ElectricWarrior: nedd to be mister behind the scenes

Eileen: I love that guitar...

Britboy: yes

Leeza: they came out great

RaMOANa2: of course TBB, and always perky!

yeahyeah: nick deadflattenedgnome

Derek: Bye Ron.

ElectricWarrior: cool Leeza

Coldfyr: bleh... running slow again

ElectricWarrior: bye Derek

*** Britboy is now known as THE_GNOME_LIVES

TotalBlamBlam: oh you are always mysterious EW

ElectricWarrior: great meeting


Leeza: I'll edit the ones of you and I Ron

ElectricWarrior: yes TBB

Coldfyr: not for long bb

pFuRs: Leeza remember the pic of You , Rave , and myself? LOL

Coldfyr: not for long

A_Girl: EW, will you come to Utah for mine?

THE_GNOME_LIVES: I last I heard of the gnome.. it had bit someones face and given them rabies

A_Girl: in July?

PrincessRamsey: Leeza, you going to post them?

TotalBlamBlam: I'm impressed Ram

Leeza: it came out beautiful

ElectricWarrior: your what??????

Spaceboy: Ron - Where you there for the pic of Joe and I?

Leeza: l pFuRs


ElectricWarrior: I don

RaMOANa2: and FLoriDA for mine???

deadgnome: you gotta keep gnomes on your lawn

Leeza: yes pics will be posted

ElectricWarrior: I don't know Space

A_Girl: company write-offs Ron :)

TotalBlamBlam: nice ending


PrincessRamsey: Since Joestuff isn't here, I can safely say that he was hot!

ElectricWarrior: I think I wrote off everything Saturday night

Leeza: I'll talk to Ron about it

A_Girl: LOL!

Spaceboy: It was like a remake of a certain infamous Bowie/Ronson

Spaceboy: picture

Coldfyr: yep FLorida would be THE place for a BNet Pool party


PrincessRamsey: Next BN Ball at Da Moaners!!

Coldfyr: * would do a BNet Beach party in Cali*


quitesweetthough: If I die here now?

A_Girl: no NO IN UTAH!

Spaceboy: I wonder why Ron

Spaceboy: hehehe


ElectricWarrior: the room was spinning

Pozie: I was too wired to be hung over!

ElectricWarrior: beer space beer

Coldfyr: And Ram's furniture would be spared

Derek: Were you really, Ron? You didn't seem bad off.


ElectricWarrior: lots of it

quitesweetthough: it would be sad no?


Spaceboy: I know Ron, I was there big guy

Spaceboy: hehehe

ElectricWarrior: I was - promise

Xacto: my 360 view died

RaMOANa2: Ron - so who won the pass contest?

Peaches: Hi Ampm

TotalBlamBlam: Gnome - did yaknow that there are longer versions of LG - I promise you - they put forward 3 diff mixes before it was finally accepted (with 30 secs cut off!)

Derek: Heh, you hid it well Ron.

ElectricWarrior: the 360 server is packed

Leeza: They all drank your private stash of sierra nevada Ron!!

AmPm: Hi peaches

Britboy: TotalBlamBlam: WHAT!?"!"

ElectricWarrior: I know Leeza

Britboy: 30 SECS?!

RaMOANa2: Ron - so who won the pass contest?K

Britboy: WHY!?

ElectricWarrior: bastards

Spaceboy: I was SOBBER all night Saturday!!!

Leeza: damn bastids!!

Spaceboy: Unlike the rest of you, lushes the lot!

TotalBlamBlam: it is true

Spaceboy: hehehe

Britboy: ok

Leeza: hehe

PrincessRamsey: What SB, you slobbered?

AmPm: Why so many ppl tonight?

QueerByChoice: space, who'd you sleep with while sober?

Derek: Heh, gotta hide it better, Ron.

ElectricWarrior: we actually picked 3 or 4 designs and inter-mingled them into one big pass

Spaceboy: Only on a few people, Ramsey

TotalBlamBlam: I have the evidence from the Decca master tape boxes

ElectricWarrior: ask Howard

AmPm: did I miss something?

Xacto: awr, David is saying sweet encouraging things to young Alex

Britboy: awww

RaMOANa2: okey cool

ElectricWarrior: he is the king webmaster who handled that

Spaceboy: Can't tell, QBC

TotalBlamBlam: they made acetates for each version too

Derek: AmPm, hey!

PrincessRamsey: Sheesh, I know, I saw

Coldfyr: sweeet :)

AmPm: Hi Derek

Coldfyr: brb

ElectricWarrior: Alex is singing background vocals as we chat

QueerByChoice: aww Space I guess you didn't sleep with enought to brag about then

Britboy: TotalBlamBlam: coool

Spaceboy: Saw what Ramsey?

PrincessRamsey: You slobbering on a few people

Spaceboy: Nope, enough to where I don't have to talk about it ;)

ElectricWarrior: and his friend Larry

Derek: The cyber song session is just finishing up, AmPm.

Leeza: does he have a good voice?

ElectricWarrior: the side kick


Britboy: aww

AmPm: Oh

Spaceboy: Who did I slobber on?

AmPm: hehehehhehehehehe

AmPm: Hi bee

ElectricWarrior: not me dude

* Xacto hopes David will do this again sometime

TotalBlamBlam: brb

A_Girl: Yes, thank EVERYONE for the great show :)

Coldfyr: back... from the interzone

ElectricWarrior: the mix is done

Bee: AMPM...hey!

Spaceboy: I didn't slobber on you Ron? Oh well, there's always next time

* PrincessRamsey doesn't think Ron had a very good time at the party. He left sooooo early!!!

Xacto: Reeves you look HOT with that goatee!!

Derek: All done now?


Eileen: Reeves is cute

ElectricWarrior: ok ok. I'm off

Eileen: we knew that EW

Spaceboy: Bye Bye RON!!!!!!!!

pFuRs: bye Ron

AmPm: I hope David does this again too, so I can catch it

ElectricWarrior: let's get some stars on the chat

Derek: Seeya Ron.

Pozie: bye Ron!!

Electric_Blue: bye Ron

Lori: bye Ron

Eileen: bye Ron

RaMOANa2: ta Ron! thanks

ElectricWarrior: thanks Leeza

AmPm: Iggy!!!!!!!!

ElectricWarrior: my my pleasure

Electric_Blue: STEVE STRANGE

PrincessRamsey: Bye Ron

Leeza: x

Xacto: who is playing bass?


Bee: Bee is gone also!

ElectricWarrior: bye all

AmPm: Bye

ElectricWarrior: Bonnie's coming back in..

TotalBlamBlam: bye Bee

Spaceboy: ta-ta RON

Bee: Leeza?

Derek: Yes, that fretless bass sounds great!

Bianca: bye Ron

AmPm: Hi Kim

Xacto: later electric guy!!

Raven: bye Ron

ElectricWarrior: so. without further adieu

Leeza: yes Bee?

ElectricWarrior: ............................Bonster

TotalBlamBlam: bye EW

Kimberlee: hi

Leeza: bon soir

RaMOANa2: wb Bons

Bee: Hey...hello...please tell me about Sat night/

TotalBlamBlam: wb Bons

Xacto: wb bon!

RaMOANa2: what's happening now, Bonnie?

Derek: It was super, bee.

ElectricWarrior: Hi ther, they're done and David is in the hall

Derek: Leeza was the greatest hostess.

PrincessRamsey: WB Bonster

ElectricWarrior: don't know if he is coming back

Derek: Bons, was it incredible?

Spaceboy: bee, easiest way to tell is to look at the photos when they're up

Bee: DB show?

AmPm: Come back Dave


Spaceboy: DB was a no show

Derek: Nope, bee. But Ron and HJ were charming.

Leeza: thanks Derek!

TotalBlamBlam: oUo for you ram

Xacto: wo who is on bass?

ElectricWarrior: mayeb you should chant...

TotalBlamBlam: or db

AmPm: Tell him I said hi

Derek: Leeza, I mean it. It was well worth the trip.

Spaceboy: Bowie

Spaceboy: Bowie

Spaceboy: Bowie

Coldfyr: Great show!!!!! I almost missed it too

Spaceboy: Bowie

ElectricWarrior: LOL

Spaceboy: is that chanting?

ElectricWarrior: camera's down now eh?

pFuRs: Mark Plati is playing bass Xacto

Leeza: glad Derek!!

AmPm: Hi mal

Eileen: yep

* Xacto whips out her cigarette lighter

Derek: pF, yer still here?

Xacto: thanks pFuRs

A_Girl: awww, no fair!

Pozie: be right back all

pFuRs: yeah

Coldfyr: lol Xacto

Derek: Yes, thanks pF.

ElectricWarrior: Rollsingtone is till on..

A_Girl: so is David gone?

Britboy: ElectricWarrior: will this song be available in mp3?? - or be on the new album?? or what??

PrincessRamsey: I'm still getting video

A_Girl: did the holy one leave the building?

ElectricWarrior: David is around, can't see him now...

TotalBlamBlam: PF do you like the snooker player steve David?

AmPm: DB get your ass back here

RaMOANa2: are they going to play the completed version for us, Bons???

pFuRs: David David, Let me tell you about Derek! LOL

ElectricWarrior: hol on, I'll see if he is coming back

Eileen: tell him to come and say goodnight at least

Coldfyr: please???

Britboy: I can't be arsed with the gnome questions.. the coffee has worn off

Derek: pF, YOU ARE TOO COOL!! Can you believe what he said?!?

ElectricWarrior: Ryoji is here though

RaMOANa2: thanks gawd bb! lol

ElectricWarrior: want to mug him??? ;)

Eileen: yea yea

Britboy: hehe

Derek: wb Pozie.

PrincessRamsey: Too bad, Aki left

AmPm: Yep


pFuRs: Derek, that was EXCELLENT

Derek: I wonder what he meant by it!

Electric_Blue: You be there next Derek

pFuRs: hey it was worth a shot mate

Derek: My mind is, of course, reeling.

Spaceboy: So, is db coming back?

ElectricWarrior: hi everyonem this is Ryoji

RaMOANa2: hi Ryoji!

PrincessRamsey: Hallo Ryoji

Derek: Hey Ryoji!

AmPm: Hi Ryoji

pFuRs: hi Ryoji

Coldfyr: hi !!!

Eileen: hi ryoji

Britboy: hi Ryoji ;)

ElectricWarrior: hope you'all enjoy it

Mask: hello

VickiLee: hi Ryoji

RaMOANa2: Aki will be pissed she missed u, R!

Erikast: hI

TotalBlamBlam: hallo Ryoji

Lori: hi

PrincessRamsey: Somebody here had a crush on you, but she had to leave

Derek: You recorded that digital?

Xacto: Derek? clue me in...what are u an pFuRs going on about?

Electric_Blue: hi ryoji

pFuRs: Hey why do you keep messing with your Hair?

AmPm: I enjoyed nothing damn it

Simone: Hi Ryoji!

TotalBlamBlam: Ram - can I have another look?

AmPm: Hi vicki

ElectricWarrior: I'm sweeting so much

ElectricWarrior: I have to go back to work

pFuRs: Xacto I put in a plug for Derek to David

VickiLee: Hi everybody

Leeza: Stop!

Xacto: working hard?

AmPm: Put David on

ElectricWarrior: but thanks for watching

TotalBlamBlam: nice talkin' with ya man

Derek: Xacto, Bowie said he was going to try to work something out with me and my remix.

AmPm: You're welcome

ElectricWarrior: bye all

Derek: Bye Ryoji.

AmPm: Bye

Coldfyr: LOveamongpuppets.......... Remember that name

Peaches: Bye Ron

Xacto: oh is that the Derek who did the mix? oh ok

pFuRs: byr Ryoji

Xacto: wow cool!

Derek: Heh

Leeza: wooooo hoooo Derek!!

quitesweetthough: Great Derek

Mask: Derek, very happy for you, that's totally cool

Coldfyr: Derek rulz!!!!

Coldfyr: :)

VickiLee: great mix nice being here with everybody

quitesweetthough: Yours was best

Xacto: it's fun, David messing about with his fans!

pFuRs: Derek RULES

Derek: You guys are all too nice.

* RaMOANa2 flashes TBB and shakes em in his face (*)(*)

quitesweetthough: in liked it a lot

* Xacto feels all warm and fuzzy bout David today

Spaceboy: Derek, I love you

Leeza: cutie rules!!

TotalBlamBlam: mmmmm

Coldfyr: no Derek.. you are talented....

Derek: Heh heh heh

pFuRs: Derek if we did not like it, we would not PUSH

quitesweetthough: it was very intense

Derek: Well, I really mean it when I say I appreciate it.

Leeza: Space, remember the tilt!

ElectricWarrior: who has saved this whole chat

Mask: Derek, wasn't at the ball, but heard your stuff is great

pFuRs: me Leea?

A_Girl: not me sorry!

Spaceboy: How could I ever forget it, Leeza?

*** ElectricWarrior is now known as Bonster

Derek: Thanks, Mask!

Leeza: yes cutie!!!!

TotalBlamBlam: that was an English group from the early 80s - Derek I Love You

Rednik: I have EB

Bonster: sorry forgot to change the name ;)

TotalBlamBlam: I have EW

Derek: Was it, TBB?

Xacto: wonder if Alex will write about this experience and put it up on the web

Bonster: Mark Plati is doing a rough mix

pFuRs: hehe thanks Leeza you RULE babe

TotalBlamBlam: or Bonster

Eileen: EW I got it

Derek: Hope so, Xacto.

Mask: hey Tura

Derek: Hey Tura.

Bonster: Mark Plati is going to the bathroom then he wil be here ;)

pFuRs: hi Tura you missed it

Tura: egads

Spaceboy: hi TUra

Bonster: be nice cause he is awesome

Leeza: the pic is cute too, Space, ya dun good!

Xacto: it sounds good Mike!

TotalBlamBlam: well It was actually dalek I Love You - close though

Tura: pFuRs, not the last half hour ;)

PrincessRamsey: Hallo Tura

Spaceboy: Which pic exactly, Leeza?

Derek: I resent that, TBB. ; )

Bonster: TBB...you rule ;)

Tura: Bonzzz, how's life in the big apple ;)

pFuRs: oh sorry :-)

Tura: hey Ramsey

Leeza: tilt

Spaceboy: OH!

Mask: anywhere to see the pixs of the ball?

Bonster: Tura, awesome sort of ;)

TotalBlamBlam: thx Bons

pFuRs: brb

Tura: any dirt to tell us?

Leeza: actually the other ones are better!

Spaceboy: Leeza, don't forget to email the pics to me please

Bonster: Bowie is still down the hall...don't know if he will chat again

Xacto: bon, how did you get invited to this gig?

TotalBlamBlam: sorry dez

Leeza: you will get them

Tura: she gave a few blow jobs

Spaceboy: WHoo-Hoo!!

Mask: lol

Xacto: hehehe tura

Spaceboy: no shame in that Tura

malford: we'll have to have a long talk later, Bons

Leeza: I have to get my sis to do itt

Tura: and she showed the "BONS" Butt

Xacto: I'd do it

Derek: brb

Leeza: and she's in the middle of moving

Mask: years of experience here

Eileen: they're doin pics of Alex and friend in the studio

Bonster: Xacto, I'm blessed ;)

Leeza: so it might take awhile space

Tura: Bonz, interview Alex yet?

Spaceboy: oooo moving sucks

Bonster: Tura, my butt is awesome ;)

Xacto: well, all the work you put into the newsletter...you deserve a close encounter :)

Coldfyr: lol Bons

PrincessRamsey: Leeza, if you'll send me pics I'll scan and post them!

Leeza: be patient space

Tura: I know about your butt, Bonz, but awesome in sizE

Bonster: Tura, sort of, but haven't had time much as you can tell

Bonster: Xacto, thanks ;)

Leeza: and if ya throw the shoes in....

Bonster: I agree of course

Tura: I guess it's over

Britboy: aww

Spaceboy: lol

Britboy: its off

Mask: hi cazzie

Britboy: hiya caz

Peaches: Hi CAZ

Lori: hi caz

Spaceboy: the shoes are MINE !! lol

CazMaTaz: hihihihi

Leeza: hi caz

CazMaTaz: lol

Derek: CAZ!!!

Spaceboy: CAZZOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Leeza: no luck

CazMaTaz: hola bambolas

PrincessRamsey: Hallo Caz

Britboy: ooh all these people


CazMaTaz: no no camera

Mask: still

pFuRs: hello Caz

Leeza: sorry

Pozie: im back :)

Mask: heyfru

Bonster: Mark Plati is the engineer/coproducer of Earthling... he's coming to chat soon.

Derek: wb Fru

malford: I guess with the 3 stuck on my screen it's now over

FruJu: hey Bonster... change the channel to something useful

PrincessRamsey: Fruj, they've stopped all caterwalling

FruJu: channel topic that is

bear: hi fru

Coldfyr: wb fru

Bonster: if I can get him to stop talking in the hallway

Bonster: lol

Raven: yeah all done

Mask: Bons, why aren't you in the hallway than

Bonster: Mark is here!!!!

Clara: is Bowie coming back to chat?

Xacto: someone should broadcast some interesting tunes to cheer us while we chat

Eileen: hello Mark

Clara: hi mark

Britboy: oooh

Tura: true Xactor

Britboy: hehe

FruJu: ello ello

Bonster: Mark will be himself hang on

Leeza: hi mark

QueerByChoice: Bons, go get David

pFuRs: hi Mark

* Tura smacks Fruju to get rid of his echo

* FruJu prefers not to be himself

Xacto: get David in here to put up a few tunes on realaudio for us to listen to

Derek: Caz, how are you doing?

*** Bonster is now known as MarkPlati

MarkPlati: go folks!!!!

Electric_Blue: hi mark

Raven: Hi Mark

Mask: hello mark

FruJu: Mark: how did you first hook up with Bowie?

Eileen: Hi Mark

PrincessRamsey: Hi Mark

simonex: Hi Mark!

pFuRs: Mark, I did see your credits as an engineer on a cd I have But I cannot remember which one?

MarkPlati: hi there everybody!

Spaceboy: Hi Mark

Derek: Hi Mark!

Xacto: hi mark!

A_Girl: So, Mark.....

PrincessRamsey: Did Mark and David hook up/

A_Girl: how was it working with David for the 2nd time?!

MarkPlati: it could be any number of CDs!

Mask: Mark: is Davide De Angelis a sweetheart?

Xacto: great job on earthling there mark!

Electric_Blue: do you know why David let the pet shop boys destroy Hallo Spaceboy??

Derek: Mark, that bass you recorded at the end was great.

MarkPlati: thanks

FruJu: hehehe EB

Britboy: lol

Leeza: do you pinch yourself to make sure it's real?

pFuRs: Name a few Mark!!!!

CazMaTaz: lol eb!

pFuRs: I know I have an old one

QueerByChoice: pFuRs: Earthling is 1

Bianca: How did you and Bowie meet, Mark?

CazMaTaz: Has anyone seen my CAMERA?????

Spaceboy: Caz, I miss you already

pFuRs: duh I know that

Mask: lol caz

CazMaTaz: I miss you too, spacey!

Spaceboy: no caz, sorry

pFuRs: But I'm talking about Engineering

PrincessRamsey: Everybody lost their cameras!

FruJu: Caz: have you looked "everywhere"?

pFuRs: not producing

Xacto: yeah Mark, do tell: how did you and Bowie meet?

CazMaTaz: Melissa was looking for you earlier, Spacey

CazMaTaz: did she e you?

MarkPlati: I met David at the Looking Glass Studios, a few years ago. It was great working with him a second time

A_Girl: :)

Spaceboy: Yeah Caz, I found her

MarkPlati: Yes, there was a mistake on the bass track, we had to fix it

MarkPlati: Sorry, I can't type so fast!

DeSurd: hello room

A_Girl: Hehehehe

Mask: we fake it

Xacto: I hear David is a perfectionist in the studio...is he picky, more picky than others?

MarkPlati: As you could tell, and my spelling is a bit rough too

PrincessRamsey: He didn't seem too picky tonight!

FruJu: Just so long as you can work that soundboard, we don't care, Mark :)

MarkPlati: When David knows what he wants he sticks to it

Leeza: mark, do you look like schroeder when you type?

Xacto: no worries bout the spelng, we are glad u are here

Mask: lol

PrincessRamsey: Hi ilsa!

Lori: lol

FruJu: hey Maman

Tura: hi joanie!

CazMaTaz: lol Fru, I looked everywhere for the damned thing

Mum: Hey everyone!! :-))

Derek: Mark, do you screw with things in Pro Tools, or do you stay linear?

Mum: oops

Mask: hi mum

MarkPlati: Yes, I'm better with a desk than a keyboard

Mum: better change my name. :-)

Ilsa: there! :-)

FruJu: Yes, Mark... what tools do you like to use?

Mask: liked mum

MarkPlati: I've worked with The Cvure, Natalie Imbruglia, Prince

Rednik: Mark: You're pretty good on a mountain bike too ;)

MarkPlati: Cure

Ilsa: sorry Mask

Xacto: Just get someone to type for you, then you can concentrate on reading the screen and talking

Tura: Cvure sounds better

FruJu: wb Peanut

CazMaTaz: Peanut!

MarkPlati: How do you know about the mountain bike?

FruJu: Good name for a new band, Cvure

Peanut: thanks Fru

Mask: hey Peanut

Peanut: hey there CAZ!!!!!!!!!

FruJu: Rednik knows everything

Rednik: ROTFL Mark ;)

Derek: wb Peanut.

pFuRs: goodnight everybody

Peanut: thanks Derek

Mask: it's our job Mark

FruJu: night night pFuRs

pFuRs: bye Mark

RaMOANa: Yo what did I miss

MarkPlati: what tools do you think I use?

Peanut: night pFuRs

Spaceboy: Night Night FURS!!!

Rednik: Mark: In Ireland remember?

LadyStardust: Hi Paul

Electric_Blue: nite furry

Tura: Mark, don't answer that question

Peanut: lol Caz :)

pFuRs: night

Lori: night pFuRs

FruJu: Alright, enough of that PDA, Caz and Peanut :)

Spaceboy: Don't I get snogged?

Tura: it's a double edged one

CazMaTaz: lol

Peanut: lol Fru

Xacto: Ram: David was here and he said you were his favorite fan

pFuRs: I wished I got snogged at the Ball

MarkPlati: yes, Ireland...who is that?

Leeza: cutie!!

Leeza: bye

Spaceboy: Whhooo-Hooo!!!

pFuRs: bye

FruJu: pFuRs: didn't your wife snog you?

RaMOANa: awww the usual, then

RaMOANa: lol

Mask: run Mark run

pFuRs: lol

Peanut: Hey Leeza

Rednik: Mark: At the factory....

Spaceboy: Caz, that's it, I'm your BowieBoy for life now

CazMaTaz: whoo hoo!!!!!

MarkPlati: yes, the Factory.....

MarkPlati: I used to bike to the Factory every day

Leeza: hey ya wild thang!!! Peanut!!

CazMaTaz: score one for the CazMa!!!

CazMaTaz: Leeza!!!!

Rednik: Yeah I remembered...

RaMOANa: cazzzzz

CazMaTaz: MOAN

LadyStardust: how was the ball?

MarkPlati: who are you Rednik?

Xacto: Mark, is it too personal to ask how old you are?

A_Girl: gotta run!!

Peanut: um Leeza, sorry if I got outta hand at your party


Mask: later AG

RaMOANa: ta AG

Derek: Fantastic, lsd!

CazMaTaz: Please someone say they have my camera, safe and sound??????

Peanut: who is Mark

MarkPlati: no, not too personal, but I ain't telling!

Derek: I don't Caz. Sorry.

A_Girl: LUV YA MARK!! *Kiss!!!*

Leeza: good fodder

A_Girl: bye everyone :)

Derek: Mark is the producer tonight, Peanut.

PrincessRamsey: More fun than ....chat!

Peanut: Caz's camera BETTER show up! :(

Xacto: lol Mark

MarkPlati: did everybody like the show?

Rednik: Mark: Remeber the two guys at the studios for a few days? Me one of them - just a fan of D's

RaMOANa: so u have to clean up all the fag ash DB left around?

Pozie: Caz.......I hope it shows up soon

Peanut: Mark the producer?

Tura: Mark, how long have you been producing musik?

Britboy: Mark Plati: hell yeah

Pozie: did u check the hotel?

TotalBlamBlam: I can say it Caz - but I'd be lying

Mask: bbl

MarkPlati: I save the ashes and sell them

CazMaTaz: no, Pozie it was lost at the Ball

Derek: Heya Kali

RaMOANa: cool, cute AND rich

Coldfyr: yo kali

FruJu: Mark: how did you get into your current job? i.e. what advice would you give to someone who wanted to become a producer?

Kaliman: hiya Derek!

Kaliman: hi CF

MarkPlati: Been working in music industry 12 years

Xacto: Mark, did start out in a band of your own?

PrincessRamsey: Kaliman, you are dead meat son. Why weren't you at the BowieBall???

Rexeroo: whoops!

FruJu: hey Rex

TotalBlamBlam: Rexy

CazMaTaz: Total, what are you gonna say??? You have the camera, gonna blackmail me?

RaMOANa: Rexxxxxxxxxy

TotalBlamBlam: piss off

FruJu: Rex: are you turning Aussie on us?

Lori: hi Rex, kali

Kaliman: Because I couldn't get away, Ramsey!

Peanut: lol Caz

MarkPlati: I started in a recording studios doing errands

Kaliman: I never said I was gonna be there!

Coldfyr: cya guys later....... gotta go to work soon

FruJu: A gopher?

PrincessRamsey: Lammmoooo

Derek: Bye Cold!

Rexeroo: awww thanks TBB piss off yerself!

RaMOANa: bye CF

Pozie: bye cold

MarkPlati: yes, a gopher

Coldfyr: nite all

Schoki: Hi Mark. Remember me. Music journalist from Austria. We did an interview for Earthling. for Earthling

Eileen: so you started cleaning up the fag ashes and stuff like that...

Leeza: my liege!!!

Rexeroo: Leeza!!! You lived!!

MarkPlati: oh yes! Hi Schoki

Xacto: then some bloke let you on the hardware.....and that was that?

Derek: Mark, will you mix this song linear or non-linear?

Leeza: RexAlexa bingbongbang

TotalBlamBlam: where ya been Rexy?

Schoki: Hi. Did you get the mags?

MarkPlati: no, didn't clean fag ashes, but went to the bank, got light bulbs, painted walls, etc.

Rexeroo: in yer bra and you did a great job of ingoring me TBB

MarkPlati: I think I babysat one time too

Leeza: git over here! Rex! I'm gonna spank you!!!

Xacto: Britboy: it is ok to play whole songs

Eileen: wow...

Britboy: Xacto: I got bored of it

Rexeroo: spanky!?

Manipogo: lol

TotalBlamBlam: well the novelty has gone Rexy

MarkPlati: linear or non-linear? Do tell....

Leeza: bad boy!!

Britboy: I won't get bored of V2.. anyway.. I need some coffee http://Britboy.cjb.nte

Rexeroo: the novelty and the thrill....

Britboy: net

Britboy: NETNET

Eileen: hi Rexxyroo

Rexeroo: bad me!!!

QueerByChoice: hi eris

Eris: hi

Leeza: ssooooooooooooo bad

RaMOANa: he means do you wear striped or solid color boxers or briefs

Lori: hi eris

Leeza: you made me cry

Xacto: mark, who are your music idols?

simonex: bye everyone

Rexeroo: Hi Eileeen, yer looking awful nice tonight!

FruJu: Mark: has Bowie signed you up for his next album??

Eileen: tx Rexxxxy...

Eileen: :-)

Eileen: awful, or nice?

TotalBlamBlam: brb

Rexeroo: I made you cry!!?? Leeza! how? why?

Leeza: erhum!!

MarkPlati: I doing the next Bowie album as we speak

CazMaTaz: blammo where you going???

Leeza: all nite saturday Rex

RaMOANa: wb czzzz, hi tenil

Peaches: TENIL!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!

CazMaTaz: whoo hoo mark!


Rexeroo: awful NICE!!! Eileen!

Spaceboy: WB Cazzz baby

Leeza: I sobbed

Tenil: God damn there are a ton of people here!!

Peanut: hey Tenil!

Peanut: hey peaches

Rexeroo: everyone's sooo literal!

Leeza: hi tenil

Eileen: awww, Rexxxy...

Tura: So, Mark.. got a direction of sound for the new album?

FruJu: Mark: you c

Schoki: Will Whats really happening be on?an type and mix/record at the same time?? :)

Derek: Hi Tenil.

Peaches: Hi Peanut

Pozie: hi Tenil

Tura: lol


FruJu: Yes Mark, does it really sound like Hunky Dory?

Ilsa: lol Fru

Leeza: not me Rexy

MarkPlati: this song isn't on it though, as far as I know

CazMaTaz: Leeza, ask the caterers if they picked the camera up from the hors table????

Leeza: I did Caz

MarkPlati: It's sort of like that, but a bit more modern

FruJu: 28 years more modern :)

Tenil: Ok... way too many people... I'm taking off, just ICQ me. :)

CazMaTaz: lol Peanut, someone already told Blammo all about us

RaMOANa: what about the 20th Century Boy single with Placebo?

Leeza: I have been on camera search all day!!

Eris: I need some new CDs. Any recommendations?

MarkPlati: Hey, my pal Reeves is here

Derek: But singer-songwritery, Mark?

Eileen: hi Reeves

FruJu: hey pal Reeves

MarkPlati: he's actually sharing my chair

CazMaTaz: I appreciate it, Leeza

LadyStardust: hi Reeves

Rexeroo: So Leeza...how was it...or can you even tell me in front of everyone?

Xacto: I imagine that the "Hunky Dory" comparison means that there is a bit more acoustical stuff on it? that sounds great to me!

Derek: The new one by We, Eris. Get that!

Tura: Tell Reeves RobotMonster misses him badly

QueerByChoice: David doesn't have the high squeaky voice anymore to make it sound like hunky dory

MarkPlati: trying to push me on the floor

CazMaTaz: guess it's time to face the fact, it's gone

MarkPlati: He mad at me because I wore pants

FruJu: Stop that Reeves!

Eileen: Reeves!! Be nice...

Peanut: :( aww caz!

RaMOANa: wb Reeves

TotalBlamBlam: Mark - can you confirm that Reeves is bald in the pubic area?

Tura: and she's awaiting the new stash of "Reeves is God" tshirts

Eris: I need to satisfy my craving for techno. must have techno

RaMOANa: lol TBB

Leeza: I have a few secrets Rexy

Bianca: so "What's Really Happening" was exclusively just made for the internet?

MarkPlati: I know nothing of below the belt matters on Mr. Gabrels

Tura: TBB, you're alive?

CazMaTaz: lol Leeza!

Tura: he's got a kilt on, doesn't he?

Derek: Eris, We is electronic. Wonderful stuff.

Rexeroo: I've shaved Reeves a couple times and boy are my arms tired!!

Eileen: his head glows nicely tho..

TotalBlamBlam: hallo Tura

Peanut: lol Caz!

Eris: I've never heard of We.

MarkPlati: Reeves says Hi to robotmonster

Eris: What are they like?

Peanut: Oh Caz, the coworker wants to meet you, ha ha!

Aki: what's going on now?

Derek: Aki.

Aki: are they still recording?

FruJu: Mark and Reeves are enduring our banter, Aki

MarkPlati: nope. we're done.

Tura: Mark, any new plans other than Bowie?

FruJu: Is this how long it usually takes to do a song, Mark?

Aki: :HI MARK!!! HI Reeves!!!

MarkPlati: we're going to go, we're tired

Rednik: see ya Mark

Eileen: night guys....

MarkPlati: I'm doing Dave Navarro's album

CazMaTaz: BYE MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spaceboy: Is David coming back to say g'night?

FruJu: Ciao Mark... good work

Tura: aah

Peanut: that's right Caz, in fact I think he might be somewhat jealous, he keeps asking me about you!

Aki: that's very cool

MarkPlati: thanks

Eileen: Yous is awesome...

CazMaTaz: heh

RaMOANa: nite Mark! thanks

QueerByChoice: make David talk to us

Bianca: ciao Mark

CazMaTaz: feh on him, Peanut

MarkPlati: Reeves is going to buy me dinner

FruJu: Night Reeves!

Britboy: lol x

CazMaTaz: whoo hoo!

MarkPlati: if I shave him

RaMOANa: nite Reeves

Eileen: LOL

Tura: Tell him to take you somewhere expensive :)

Schoki: Get Dave Navrro to do a BowieNet chat

Lori: bye Mark, Reeves

Eris: I ate a whole bunch of expresso beans

Eileen: night Mark and Reevz


FruJu: I think there are probably some clubs in NYC where you can shave him AND get dinner at the same time

Tura: Rexy, when are we going to go to dinner

Bianca: bye Reeves

Tura: LOL Fru

Tura: That would be Lucky Cheng's

Eris: the kind that have candy around them

MarkPlati: ok bye!

Tura: or that new S and M restaurant

CazMaTaz: oooh

Derek: Bye Mark.

Eris: S and M is cool

FruJu: I wouldn't know about that sort of thing, Tura *innocent look*

TotalBlamBlam: bye Mark

Tura: Fru, don't bat those lashes

*** MarkPlati is now known as Larry

Manipogo: Wow, you played a whole 30 seconds of that one

FruJu: Hello Larry

RaMOANa: Hi Larry

* RaMOANa sprinkles moandust on `.:"'~`*+,.`*`'"~:,,~'"-;., Larry '``*-:^:,.+*^*-,,.:" Larry '~`*+,.`*`'"~:,,~'"-;.,'` Larry `*-_+^:,.+*^*-,

Larry: Larry, Alex's friend is here and wants to chat!!!

RaMOANa: So Larry, what's it like, eh?

Derek: Hi Larry. Have a good time?

Larry: hello

Manipogo: Get the whole song and get it on next time :)

Bianca: hello Larry

Tura: we need to get together anyway

FruJu: Larry, did you secretly give Alex most of his ideas for the lyrics, and now you're mad at him that he's got the $15K?

Tura: Larry, you shouldn't hold it against Alex

FruJu: Let it all out Larry

Larry: Ramona it is unbelievable

Xacto: did Alex get a free mouse pad?

RaMOANa: did you take some pics, Larry?

Larry: let what out

Eileen: what did you think of David putting you two to work?

Derek: Is Bowie gone now, Larry?

FruJu: Bowie has LEFT the building

Larry: I was scared to death

Eileen: you did great!

RaMOANa: awww Larry

CazMaTaz: who the hell is Larry? LOLOL

FruJu: Naaaa, he's just a big pussycat, Larry

FruJu: Larry is Alex's friend who really wrote all the lyrics

QueerByChoice: caz, he's Alex's friend

Electric_Blue: did any of Alex's other friends get jealous of you coming here?

RaMOANa: he's a schweetie baby

CazMaTaz: YAY

Larry: aww thanks I have never chated before

FruJu: A chat-virgin!! Quick, sacrifice him!

Eileen: wow - a whole day of firsts for you...

CazMaTaz: where is Alex? I haven't said hi to him yet!

RaMOANa: well we can soon have you addicted, Larry! ;)

Eileen: LOL Fru - be gentle..

QueerByChoice: LOL Fru

Spaceboy: Larry, you were at the Ball on Sat., right?

Tura: So, was everyone in school jealous, Larry?

Peanut: Chat Virgin, where, where???

Eris: This is disorienting- so many people

Xacto: You and Alex should make a web site with pics of today and a description of what it was like

PrincessRamsey: Larry, we are all very strange people, so beware!

Rexeroo: TotalBlamBlam: piss off, okay?

Spaceboy: I'm not strange

Derek: Ugh, I must leave now.

Peanut: hi Schoki

*** Larry is now known as HJ

HJ: hi guys

Spaceboy: Howard!

Electric_Blue: hi Howie

Peanut: see ya Derek!

Pozie: hi Howard!

Lori: hi HJ

Spaceboy: YOU big Lug you!

RaMOANa: hey HJ! how's it going?

Derek: HJ, is Bowie coming back?

HJ: How did we do?

Bianca: hi Howard

Eileen: hi HJ

Rexeroo: Larry is revealed!

Peanut: hey Howard

Electric_Blue: great!

Eileen: HJ - it was fun

RaMOANa: that was VERY COOL HJ, thanks for all the work

Derek: Howard, it was a really, really cool cybercast.

HJ: Howardj@ultrastar.com cleanest transcripts get a Bowie PRIZE

RaMOANa: HJ - who were the winners on the backstage pass???

PrincessRamsey: Howard, you won't be able to post most of it :-)

Eileen: 'kay

Leeza: Thanks!! Howard!

Aki: what winners?

Aki: damn what did I miss

RaMOANa: the backstage pass design thingy

Eris: I missed something too

Aki: Reeves telling me to pipe down!

Eileen: damn brat...

HJ: Back Stage Prize will be posted this week!

HJ: good night guys

Eileen: what's a back stage prize?

RaMOANa: 'nite HJ

Britboy: goodnight

HJ: we are ALL leaving

Pozie: bye Howard

Eileen: byeeeee

Lori: nite nite

Peanut: bye Howard

Tura: tell Bonnie to come back

Electric_Blue: bye Howie

Aki: goodnight!

Peaches: bye Howard

HJ: good night and thanks to everyone

Eileen: night

Spaceboy: Bye Howard!!!

CazMaTaz: night, Howard

HJ: ta ta

Tura: lol Fru

RaMOANa: thank YOU

Picadilly: is it over

Derek: night Howard!

EtzelvonSprieAngel: Bye Howard

Bianca: bye Howard

*** HJ (HJ1@DPA) has left #BowieNetChat

*** Disconnected

Session Close: Tue May 25 04:35:20 1999

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