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Beckenham's Salute to David Bowie
at The Rat & Parrot on 6th December 2001

Read Mary Finnigan's complete speech at the unveiling ceremony


The Rat & Parrot Event Poster Daytime ticket Daytime VIP ticket Evening ticket The David Bowie Plaque
David Crowe, Cliff Watkins and Mayor John Holbrook Mayor John Holbrook reads his address Christina Ostram and Mary Finnigan The big moment Mary and Christina were a great act Mary and Christina
Steve Harley Steve Harley performing Steve Harley performing Steve Harley performing Steve Harley performing Steve Harley performing
Steve Harley performing Robbie Gladwell and Steve Harley performing Christina Ostrom, Jamie Plummer and Mary Finnigan Paul Henderson performing Paul Henderson Mark Carr Pritchett and wife Linda
Rob Storm performs Tammy and Alan with the cake The Barstaff SusanS takes a nap Dave and Dave TonyDay, Sindymmm, Becky and Lindzay
Lindzay, Charly, Pippa, Dave and Corinne Little Wonder band Some sax from Little Wonder band Simon Kinsler doing his thang Rednik and SusanS real sober Simon from Little Wonder
Simon performing Paul Henderson getting Ziggy wid it Gimme back the mic stand Tony lead singer from Little Wonder Encore time Encore time
Get a 22ft ladder we'll never reach it from here Rednik and SusanS hold each other up

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