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Bowie_Amp by Sven Piayda


by Sven Piayda (aka Zany)

Bowieart Print Competition Winner, Acrylic on Paper, two panels 21 x 29 cm (each).

The competition invited people to re-work the brand new print by DAVID BOWIE that was created specially for their re-launch. The concept was that you downloaded the print and played around with the artwork in any way you wished and let us see the results of your creative energies.

The judges famous British artist Gavin Turk, Shez 360, a graduate from the RCA and David himself judged their favourite entries and Bowieart had the print made into a double-signed edition of three, an artist's proof and one for each artist in the collaboration; David and the winner.

David Bowie had this to say about Sven's winning entry:

"A major difficulty with this one is that the three of us have very different needs when it comes to looking at stuff. For my own part I'm sometimes looking for a sense of disorientation attractively presented. Much like my needs in life, actually. In which case, for me (and I'm not alone here thank goodness), Sven wins hands down. It panders ever so slightly to infancy, leans lightly on lampoon and it's a great re-representation... and in jolly nice bright colours too. Have a cigar Sven."

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