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17th February 2016

You simply have to watch the PLAYBOY sponsored film of DAVE GROHL and PAT SMEAR tour DAVID BOWIE's Los Angeles haunts in the Seventies.

They visit David's rented house on Doheny Drive, Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco and the Rainbow Room, and reveal why Nirvana played 'The Man Who Sold The World' on 'MTV Unplugged' and talk about email correspondence...

17th February 2016

EMILY EAVIS has told BBC 6 MUSIC that a tribute to DAVID BOWIE would be taking place at the Glastonbury Festival this year...

Check out an exclusive interview with close friend and fellow musician LAURIE ANDERSON talking about DAVID BOWIE - [View here]...

More artists have been added to the TWO DAVID BOWIE tribute shows in New York City, at Carnegie Hall on 31st March and Radio City Music Hall on 1st April. The artists added include: The Pixies, Blondie, Mumford & Sons, Bette Midler, the trio of Amanda Palmer, Anna Calvi and Jherek Bischoff, and the Donny McCaslin Group, which features Blackstar contributors Mark Guiliana, Jason Lindner and Tony Visconti. These artists join the already announced line-up of Laurie Anderson, Michael Stipe, Cat Power, Perry Farrell, The Polyphonic Spree, The Roots, Jakob Dylan, The Mountain Goats, Bettye LaVette, Robyn Hitchcock and Woody Woodmansey/Tony Visconti band Holy Holy. Blondie will play a full-band show at Radio City, but the Carnegie Hall features only Debbie Harry. Mumford & Sons, Amanda Palmer's trio, The Polyphonic Spree, the Donny McCaslin Group only play the Radio City show. Both shows are SOLD OUT...

The Network Rail hosted photographic exhibition ROCK THROUGH THE AGES by DENIS O'REGAN which features plenty of DAVID BOWIE shots, is currently located at GLASGOW Central Station until 26th February...

A cover version of the DAVID BOWIE classic 'Changes' is currrently being utilised in the new TV commercial for the TOYOTA RAV4 model. The advert was created last December and started airing on 10th January in France. Toyota Motor Europe (TME) released a statement about the advert, which reads: ":We are very sad to hear about David Bowie's passing. He was a great artist, a creative genius who was able to anticipate musical trends and reinvent himself constantly. The use of a cover of one of his many famous songs, Changes, in a TV advert for one of our vehicles is entirely coincidental to the timing of his passing. We have decided to continue running the ad unchanged, because the reason why we chose this song is the same now than it was when we produced the ad one month ago and when David Bowie's record label approved it. We found it inspirational." TME added: "The ad's story line is centred on the fact that life is constantly changing and that labels and conventions are being constantly redefined - so there was no better song than Changes to express that message." - [View advert here]...

In memory of DAVID BOWIE remastered copies of the cult science fiction film, 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' and the revolutionary vampire movie 'The Hunger' will be screened for the first time in Turkey within the 15th !F ISTANBUL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL 'David Bowie is...' section. TMWFTE shows on 21st February and The Hunger on 26th February - [More details]...

Currently in the pipeline is a new book entitled: HERO: DAVID BOWIE by author Lesley-Ann Jones. Scheduled for publication on 8th September via Hodder & Stoughton, this hardcover book contains 384-pages. Lesley-Ann Jones is a journalist, newspaper columnist and broadcaster. The author of eight published books, she has enjoyed more than twenty-five years in music and the media - [More details]...

Check out 'A Look Back At DAVID BOWIE In 'The Elephant Man' via CBS Chicago, features archived interview from 1980 and The Elephant Man play clips - [View here]...

Take a listen to the 1970 UK hit song by MR. BLOE which peaked at #2 entitled: 'Groovin' With Mr. Bloe' - then read this article and interview with DAVID HASKINS (aka David J) from Bauhaus/Love And Rockets. David talks about the time when he was on set with DAVID BOWIE during the filming of 'The Hunger'. Between takes, the group retired to its dressing room which contained a '50s-style jukebox. One day, Haskins was alone perusing songs on the jukebox when he noticed a thin white presence looming over his shoulder. It was Bowie. "Do you mind if I play one?" he asked.

Bowie punched the buttons, calling up an obscure early '70s instrumental number titled 'Groovin' with Mr. Bloe'. The song's R&B/soul beat, breezy piano, and harmonica lines filled the air, and Bowie started dancing. "It was just him looking at me and me looking at him - I was sort of nodding to the music."

Bowie asked: "What do you think?"
"This reminds me of something," Haskins said.
"Yeah, what's that?" Bowie asked.
"It's one of yours."
"Which one?"
"It's off of Low."
"Well come on then, which one is it?"
"It's 'A New Career in a New Town'..."

With that, Bowie placed a finger to his lips, gave Haskins a wink, and continued dancing till the music ended.

You can read the whole article here via Creative Loafing website...

17th February 2016

Dissent & Disruption: The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC 1969-1989 Scheduled for release on Monday 23rd May is DISSENT & DISRUPTION: The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC 1969-1989 Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set.

This long-overdue 13-disc box set collection, released by the BFI (British Film Institute), finally brings together all twenty-three of the surviving stand-alone BBC TV dramas that Alan Clarke directed between 1969 and 1989.

Includes such neglected classics as Baal (starring DAVID BOWIE), To Encourage the Others, Horace, Penda's Fen, Diane, Contact, Christine and Elephant, and also includes the first ever presentation of Clarkes original Director's Cut of The Firm, assembled from his personal answer print, discovered in 2015.

You can pre-order Dissent & Disruption: The Complete Alan Clarke at the BBC (Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set) NOW.

Two NON Blu-ray box sets are also available in 6-disc DVD sets... Volume 1: Dissent (1969-1977) and Volume 2: Disruption (1978-1989)

(NOTE: David Bowie's 'Baal' features on VOLUME 2 'Disruption' with the green coloured box).

Alan Clarke at the BBC, Volume 2: Disruption (6-DVD Box Set) Alan Clarke at the BBC, Volume 1: Dissent (6-DVD Box Set) Alan Clarke at the BBC, Volume 2: Disruption (6-DVD box set) - Director: Alan Clarke.

Special features include:
All filmed productions newly remastered in HD.
All VT productions newly remastered in SD.
Alan Clarke: Out of his Own Light (2016): multi-part documentary, featuring actors, writers and producers.
Open Air discussions on Road and Elephant.
Bukovsky (1977): material from Alan Clarke's unbroadcast documentary.
David Leland introductions to Contact, Road, and The Firm.
Newly recorded audio commentary with Sean Chapman on Contact.
Extensive booklet with new essays by writers including Richard Kelly, Lizzie Francke, Nick James, Nick Wrigley, Ashley Clark and Kaleem Aftab, with an introduction by Danny Leigh; and full credits.
Other extras TBC.

Writers: Alun Owen, Roy Minton, David Leland and David Rudkin.
Cast: David Bowie, Gary Oldman, Phil Davis, Lesley Manville, Sean Chapman, Jane Horrocks, Lesley Sharp and Eleanor Bron.
UK / 1978-1989 / 800 minutes / Certificate: 18 / TBC.

Pre-order links:
[Dissent & Disruption Blu-ray] [Vol 1: Dissent] [Vol 2: Disruption]

15th February 2016

Update: and the winner is... MARIA SCHNEIDER - Congratulations!

Nominated in the 58th GRAMMY Awards in the 'Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals' category are:

       Shelly Burg: 'Be My Muse'.
       Patrick Williams: '52nd & Broadway'.
       Otmaro Ruiz: 'Garota De Ipanema'.
       Maria Schneider: 'Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)'.
       Jimmy Greene: 'When I Come Home'.

The awards ceremony takes place tonight 15th February.

Also performing a tribute tonight is newly Bowie tattoed LADY GAGA with musical director NILE RODGERS. Gaga tweeted that she will be performing a "a 10-song, nearly eight-minute medley", celebrating David Bowie's legacy.

You can watch the live stream here

Update: The songs performed in the medley were: Space Oddity, Changes, Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City, Rebel Rebel, Fashion, Fame, Under Pressure, Let's Dance and "Heroes".

Listening back to her performance, there is also a tribute nod to B.B. King, when singing "Heroes" she cleverly changes the line: 'I, I will BB King'.

If you missed Lady Gaga's performance, you can view here and if you were wondering what the two things on each of her wrists were, this article explains it all.

15th February 2016

ERIC IDLE one of DAVID BOWIE's best friends (and Duncan's godfather) today shares the hilarious letter he sent to David after spending six weeks at his house on Mustique back in 1991.

Eric mentions in his blog: 'January was a rotten month when I lost another friend. I have been thinking a lot about David Bowie. We shared a very unlikely friendship in the eighties and nineties, with many great times on holiday. People don't know that he had the greatest sense of humour. He loved to laugh. And he laughed loudly and often.'

'In 1991 he was kind enough to loan me his beautiful Balinese home on the island of Mustique for six weeks while I wrote a movie. (Splitting Heirs.) I can't begin to describe the beauties of this house, or the amazing views, perched high on a hillside overlooking the Caribbean. But this is the cheeky letter I wrote to thank him for our delicious stay...'

You can read 'Chapter 5: B Day' over on ericidle.com/blog/.

15th February 2016

David Bowie's Jukebox CD Released next month is a CD compilation entitled: DAVID BOWIE'S JUKEBOX The Songs That Inspired The Man out on Friday 18th March.

Featuring cuts from as diverse a collection of tunesmiths as Lou Reed, Jacques Brel, James Brown, Stravinsky, Bertolt Brecht and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, among numerous others, this collection works on any number of levels and provides both a fascinating glimpse into the record collection of David Bowie and a delightful compilation of songs from a wide selection of 20th Century composers who rarely feature on the same album together.

The full tracklisting runs as follows:

       01. Wham Bam Thank You Ma am (Charles Mingus).
       02. Electricity (Drugs) (live) (Talking Heads).
       03. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch (live) (Eno " The Winkies).
       04. Lost Someone (James Brown).
       05. I Pity The Fool (Bobby Bland).
       06. The Augurs Of Spring (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra).
       07. TV Eye (live) (Iggy Pop with David Bowie).
       08. I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship (live) (Legendary Stardust Cowboy).
       09. Tupelo Blues (John Lee Hooker).
       10. House Of The Risin Sun (Bob Dylan).
       11. Brand New Cadillac (Vince Taylor).
       12. The Song Of The Second Moon (The Electrosoniks).
       13. Around And Around (Chuck Berry).
       14. Sweet Jane (live) (Lou Reed).
       15. Pop! Goes The Weasel (Anthony Newley).
       16. Wild Is The Wind (live) (Nina Simone).
       17. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (Edith Piaf).
       18. Alabama Song (Lotte Lenya).
       19. Growin' Up (live) (Bruce Springsteen).
       20. Giant Steps (John Coltrane).
       21. Jocko Homo (live) (Devo).
       22. La Mort (Jacques Brel).
       23. Like A Bird (Florence Foster Jenkins) (bonus track).

He was one of the finest composers of the past 50 years, but David Bowie was proud to wear his musical influences on his sleeve and never afraid to provide his own unique versions of the songs he loved. Indeed, as early in his career as 1973, he released an entire album of such with Pinups, when he performed songs he knew and admired from his teenage years - hit singles by British Beat Groups from the mid 1960s. And many a Bowie fan from that era is still under the illusion that the old Merseys smash 'Sorrow' is a bona-fide Bowie song, such was his treatment of the record s hit single. But across the years David's tastes and inspirations have developed and broadened exponentially and as a tribute to such a diverse range of informants, we hereby present the ultimate tribute to David Bowie's mythical jukebox.

You can pre-order DAVID BOWIE'S JUKEBOX The Songs That Inspired The Man now.

15th February 2016

Rebel Rebel UK Demo On this day, 42 years ago, DAVID BOWIE released his anthemic 'Rebel Rebel' single in 1974.

Originally scheduled for release on 1st February, it was delayed by two weeks. The RCA music press advertisement stated: 'A Valentine Day Release', but in reality it was the following day.

Despite no official promotional video or live appearance on Top Of The Pops, the song entered UK charts at #6 on 17th February, (one place behind Lulu's cover of 'The Man Who Sold The World'), and the following week (24th) it climbed one place to peak at #5, where it remained for another week.

The single was "played" twice on Top Of The Pops 28th February and 7th March. In case you were wondering, no we didn't get the now famous AVRO Toppop Dutch TV show performance.

David was scheduled to perform live on Top Of The Pops on 21st February, but was unable to appear. Earlier on 18th February, Robin Nash (TOTP producer) contacted Ronnie Fowler (head of EMI promotion) stating that he urgently needed a live replacement. So we got an unknown band named Queen performing 'Seven Seas Of Rhye' instead.

The single spent a total of 7 weeks on the Top 50 UK Singles Chart.

#6 - 17th Feb / #5 - 24th Feb / #5 - 3rd March / #13 - 10th March / #16 - 17th March / #36 - 24th March / #47 - 31st March.

15th February 2016

Set for another release next month is the MANTRA STUDIOS BROADCAST from IGGY POP with DAVID BOWIE from March 1977.

The audio CD out on Friday 4th March was recorded in Chicago during the US leg of Iggy's 'The Idiot' Tour, which as you know, saw David Bowie playing keyboards and singing backing vocals.

Iggy Pop with David Bowie - Mantra Studios Broadcast 1977 Synopsis: By 1976, proto-punk pioneer Iggy Pop had hit a major rut. Drug problems had led to the collapse of The Stooges, the band with whom he made his name, and he had checked himself into UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute in an effort to get clean. David Bowie, seeing his friend and collaborator in desperate need of support and guidance, was one of Iggy's few visitors. Bowie would later invite Pop to accompany him as his companion on his 1976 On Stage! World Tour, the first time Iggy had witnessed an outing of such scale and magnitude.

Impressed by the success of the tour and with Bowie's work ethic, the pair headed for the Château d'Hérouville Studios in France to collaborate together, then Musicland Studios in Munich, before finally moving onto West Berlin in order to wean themselves off their respective addictions and take full advantage of the burgeoning music scene there.

Iggy signed to Bowie's long term label, RCA, in 1977, and with a new record deal in place, alongside the production skills, musicianship and songwriting assistance of David, Iggy was able to record and release what would become his two most acclaimed albums.

In March '77 came art-pop masterpiece The Idiot which produced the singles 'Nightclubbing' and 'China Girl'. Although certain purists would criticise the record for being a David Bowie album in disguise, The Idiot was a resounding success both critically and musically, becoming highly influential on the early industrial and post-punk scenes.

On 29th August the same year Lust For Life appeared, a more typical affair for Pop, but ultimately his most successful album to date which spawned one of his signature tunes, 'The Passenger'.

The two albums, in addition to the world tour Iggy undertook with Bowie as sideman the same year, would ultimately revitalise the waning performer's career, unleashing a reenergised Iggy Pop onto the music scene by the end of the decade.

This CD, taken from a live radio broadcast of an in-house set recorded at Mantra Studios in Chicago, captures Iggy and Bowie alongside their touring band; (Ricky Gardiner - guitar, Tony Sales - bass and Hunt Sales - drums), during what was essentially a radio session, but one which captures superbly the essence of the tour they were undertaking at the time. Recorded just 10 days after the release of The Idiot on 28th March 1977, this recording reveals a truly legendary occasion for fans, unlikely as they are to have previously heard this rare set.

The full tracklisting runs as follows:

       01. Raw Power (3.52).
       02. TV Eye (3.23).
       03. Dirt (5.39).
       04. Turn Blue (7.12).
       05. Funtime (3.03).
       06. Gimme Danger (4.16).
       07. No Fun (2.55).
       08. Sister Midnight (2.15).
       09. I Need Somebody (4.42).
       10. Search And Destroy (3.37).
       11. I Wanna Be Your Dog (4.21).
       12. China Girl (6.28).
       13. Funtime (2.49).
       14. Sister Midnight (3.42).

You can pre-order Iggy Pop with David Bowie Mantra Studios Broadcast 1977 NOW!

13th February 2016

Nothing Has Changed 3CD In the latest Official NEW ZEALAND Top 40 Album Chart, DAVID BOWIE's 'Nothing Has Changed' compilation album moves up two places into the #1 top slot, and has been certified Gold.

Other Bowie albums placed in their Top 40 are as follows:

#3 - ★ climbs up one place from last week - (certified Gold).

#9 - 'Best Of Bowie' climbs four places - (certified Triple Platinum).

#23 - 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars' climbs nine places.

#31 - 'Sound And Vision: Box Set' re-enters the chart.

13th February 2016

David Bowie Blackstar DAVID BOWIE's ★ album has reached the following certifications: PLATINUM in Belgium and United Kingdom and GOLD in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain.

From the published charts so far, Croatia leads the way with 5 weeks at the #1 position, and in Czech Republic, Portgual and USA Tastemaker ★ remains in the #1 spot after 4 weeks.

As and when countries announce their latest weekly album charts, this Blackstar album chart page is being continually updated.

In this week's UK official charts, ★ is still at #1 in the Record Store Chart and UK Vinyl Album Chart.

In the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart, David Bowie is #1 with Golden Years, and has 8 other singles in the chart.

Below are all the latest United Kingdom David Bowie various release placements (12th Feb 2016):

Official UK Top 100 Albums: #3 Best Of Bowie, #5 ★, #13 Nothing Has Changed, #25 Hunky Dory, #31 Ziggy Stardust, #47 Aladdin Sane, #57 "Heroes", #60 The Next Day, #67 Low, #87 Diamond Dogs, #93 Station To Station.

Official UK Album Downloads: #24 Best Of Bowie, #28 ★, #95 Hunky Dory.

Official UK Albums Sales: #3 Best Of Bowie, #4 ★, #10 Nothing Has Changed, #21 Hunky Dory, #29 Ziggy Stardust, #42 Aladdin Sane, #48 "Heroes", #52 The Next Day, #54 Low, #61 Diamond Dogs, #65 Station To Station, #75 Scary Monsters, #76 Young Americans, #95 Let's Dance.

Official UK Physical Albums Top 100: #1 Best Of Bowie, #2 ★, #8 Nothing Has Changed, #18 Hunky Dory, #24 Ziggy Stardust, #34 Aladdin Sane, #37 "Heroes", #40 The Next Day, #45 Low, #52 Diamond Dogs, #56 Station To Station, #65 Scary Monsters, #69 Young Americans, #81 Let's Dance.

Official UK Record Store Chart: #1 ★, #11 Nothing Has Changed, #23 Best Of Bowie, #29 The Next Day.

Official UK Vinyl Albums Chart: #1 ★, #4 The Next Day, #9 Nothing Has Changed.

Official UK Soundtrack Albums Chart: #18 The Buddha Of Suburbia, #31 Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders.

Official Scottish Albums Chart: #2 Best Of Bowie, #4 ★, #9 Nothing Has Changed, #26 Hunky Dory, #29 Ziggy Stardust, #43 "Heroes", #49 Aladdin Sane, #57 The Next Day, #69 Low, #79 Diamond Dogs, #96 Station To Station, #99 Scary Monsters.

Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart: #1 Golden Years, #4 Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime), #5 Space Oddity, #9 Fame, #14 Valentine's Day, #16 Lost Is Lost, #28 Knock On Wood, #29 Young Americans, #35 Life On Mars?

12th February 2016

Just published is a DAVID BOWIE tribute comic book by STORM ENTERTAINMENT available in both print and digital formats. Written by Mike Lynch and Michael L. Frizell with art by George Amaru and Vincenzo Sansone, the book pays homage to one of the most influential artists any generation, constantly reinventing himself while defying convention. The one-shot features three collectable covers by Sansone, David Frizell and Graham Hill - [More details]...

A month on... DAVID BOWIE biographer DAVID BUCKLEY reflects on a life immersed in his colourful world - [Read here]...

Yay! DAVID BOWIE's ★ album has spent 5 weeks at #1 in Croatia. Take a look at the other countries official abum charts placings - [View all]...

Well worth watching... RED RONNIE shares some wonderful filmed outtakes from Italian DAVID BOWIE interviews - [View here]...

A must read... interview with CARLOS ALOMAR talking about his 'Golden Years' with DAVID BOWIE in Rock Cellar magazine - [Read here]...

10th February 2016

Huge congratulations to DUNCAN JONES and his wife RODENE JONES who have announced today that they are expecting their first child.

Duncan Jones announcement

10th February 2016

Basquiat Blu-ray Labyrinth Blu-ray Slipcover Memorial Edition All set for release in Japan next month is a limited release of LABYRINTH (Blu-ray Slipcover) Memorial Edition on 23rd March.

This memorial Blu-ray and DVD set comes complete with replicas of the booklet and postcards (resized, A6: 10.5 x 14.8cm), which were included in Labyrinth that was originally released in 2005. Also includes two new postcards. Features newly designed outer case packaging.

Special Feature / Bonus Track: picture-in-picture (bonus view), audio commentary, making-of, photo gallery, storyboards, filmography, and more.

Product Type: Blu-ray. / TV Standard: NTSC. / Number of Discs: 2. / Running Time: 101 minutes. / Region: A. / Subtitles: English Japanese. / Audio Track: English 5.1ch Surround and Japanese 5.1ch Surround.

The following month on 20th April sees the Blu-ray version of BASQUIAT which stars DAVID BOWIE as 'Andy Warhol'.

Special Feature / Bonus Track: theatrical trailer.

10th February 2016

ARIZONA PBS will air the DAVID BOWIE: FIVE YEARS BBC documentary on Friday, 12th February at 9pm MST. The programme will also be available for online viewing free to the public at azpbs.org fom Feb. 12 - 14...

BIG shout out to Croatia, Czech Republic and USA Tastemaker Official Album Charts... DAVID BOWIE's ★ album remains at the #1 position for 4 consecutive weeks! See the fulll low-down - [Chart Placements]...

On this day, 44 years ago, DAVID BOWIE begins his first major UK tour at the Toby Jug, Tolworth, Surrey in 1972...

Fans are planning a mass DAVID BOWIE sing-along tribute at GLASTONBURY 2016 FESTIVAL on Wednesday evening 22nd June at the Pyramid Stage. If you are going to Glastonbury this year, pop on over to twitter.com/BowieGlasto2016 and give your support...

10th February 2016

A DAVID BOWIE Charity Exhibition is taking place at TODMORDEN inside the Town Hall on Saturday 20th February from 10am until 3pm.

Admission is only £2 and all money raised will be split between Calderdale Flood Relief and Cancer Research UK.

This exhibition on David Bowie features rare memorabilia, live photos, clothing, posters, and assorted ephemera. All of the items on display are loaned from private collections, are original, fragile and are not for sale.

There will be an exclusive and extremely limited number of prints and cards to buy on the day, with all proceeds once again going to the two charities mentioned above.

The exhibition is curated by BOB FOLLEN of Bob Art Models, who will be there on the day to welcome you, and to answer any questions you may have about the pieces on show.

Venue: Todmorden Town Hall, Bridge Street, Todmorden OL14 5AQ, West Yorkshire.
Wheelchair friendly / Free parking.
FB events page

9th February 2016

Unboxing the DAVID BOWIE Tribute Newspaper Book exclusively created by Historic-Newspapers.co.uk

Reminder: The BW competition ends at midnight (GMT) on Thursday 11th FEBRUARY 2016 - [NOW CLOSED]

If you have entered the BW prize draw competition already - this preview copy will give you a good idea of what's on offer...

Update: Prize draw winner is ANDY JAY - congratulations! A big thank you to everyone who entered the prize draw.

9th February 2016

Last night at the DAVID BOWIE tribute concert at The Roxy Theatre, Hollywood, CA, USA, MIKE GARSON and SEAL and a whole host of musicians performed including: Tim Lefebvre, Holly Palmer, Gaby Moreno, Nikka Costa, Angelo Bundini, Jeff Babko, Blair Sinta, Eric Dover, Angelo Moore, Paul Bushnell and more.

Check out some of the concert footage below...

Other performers included: Ewan McGregor who sang "Heroes" and Gary Oldman 'The Man Who Sold The World'.

9th February 2016

Incredibly sad news to report the passing away of TEDDY ANTOLIN.

As you may know, Teddy was the man responsible for setting up DAVID BOWIE and IMAN on their blind date on 14th October 1990 in Los Angeles.

Teddy was David's and Iman's mutual hairdresser, he did hair and make-up on five of David's world tours, as well as Iman's hair on their wedding day.

Rest in peace Teddy :(

8th February 2016

In case you missed it, check out BBC programme 'Inside Out' which features interviews with music journalist Mark Beaumont, Woolf Byrne (The Manish Boys), Mary Finnigan, fan Rachel Leggett, singer Tessa Niles and guitarist Kevin Armstrong (starts at 17.15). Watch via the BBC iPlayer - [View here]...

REEVES GABRELS talks about creating with DAVID BOWIE. "It would be wonderful if music fans took this opportunity to listen. Now is the time to go deep. There is a life's work waiting there to be heard." - [Read here]...

Making his first UK appearance in 15 years, Ace Hotel London Artist in Residence LINDSAY KEMP will be in conversation with acclaimed singer-songwriter MARC ALMOND on life and work with DAVID BOWIE. Hosted by Nicholas Pegg, author of The Complete David Bowie the evening will also include a screening of 'The Looking Glass Murders' and an exclusive trailer for upcoming feature documentary 'Lindsay Kemp's Last Dance'. 'My Life and Work with David Bowie' takes place on 17th May at 7pm. Free with RSVP at Miranda, Shoreditch, London E1 - [More details]...

DAVID BOWIE features on the front cover of GUITARIST magazine. Inside, David Bowie's guitar players offer insight into the creative process of the late musical legend. The articles feature interviews and the stories behind the riffs, plus the recording his final album ★ - this March issue (#404) Collector's edition is on sale now - [More details]...

Photographer INDRANI talks about working with DAVID BOWIE and IMAN on the Scott Kelby blog - [Read here]...

6th February 2016

DAVID BOWIE: The Final Changes 2 DVD Collection Scheduled for a release next month is a 2 DVD Tribute Collection entitled: DAVID BOWIE: The Final Changes.

Due on 11th March this PAL, Region 2, runs for 150 minutes and is released via The Collector's Forum.

Synopsis: It's virtually all been said, and it will be said 100 times more, but perhaps what has been most shocking about the passing of David Bowie in the opening weeks of 2016 is the most brutal realisation the sad event bought home; that someone who long ago transcended into immortality actually dies like the rest of us. But the sadness will pass and the mourning will fade, and what we will be left with is arguably the finest musical catalogue produced in the rock era, a cause for celebration if ever there was one.

This two DVD set plays a crucial part in the genesis of this celebration as it documents and develops the musical history of David Bowie from his earliest ventures in the industry through to his most daring and creative era when nothing appeared to be anything less than possible.

Featuring rare and classic footage, interviews with the man himself and those closest to him throughout his career, plus live and studio performance archive, location shoots, news reports and comment from the finest journalists and writers, this collection will go some way to satisfying the huge demand for information and revelations - many previously unknown - about this most mysterious and enigmatic of musical and cultural icons.

You can pre-order David Bowie: The Final Changes [DVD] NOW.

5th February 2016

David Bowie Blackstar DAVID BOWIE's ★ album remains at the NUMBER ONE position in several countries.

Big shout out to: Belgium (Flanders), The Netherlands, Czech Republic and US Tastemakers Chart, still at the #1 after 4 weeks.

Still waiting on positions in Finland, Norway and Portugal where it has remained at #1 ever since release.

In the United Kingdom, although ★ has dropped one position to #2, it has been replaced at #1 by the Best Of Bowie compilation album!

The Top 100 Official UK Album Chart has FOURTEEN David Bowie placings: #1 Best Of Bowie, #2 ★, #8 Nothing Has Changed, #19 Hunky Dory, #22 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, #37 Aladdin Sane, #39 "Heroes", #45 Low, #51 The Next Day, #52 Station To Station, #57 Diamond Dogs, #62 Young Americans, #64 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), #79 Let's Dance.

In the Scottish Official chart ★ has dropped to #3, but again, Best Of Bowie hits the #1 spot.

As and when countries announce their latest album charts, this Blackstar album chart page is being continually updated.

5th February 2016

David Bowie Blackstar For the collectors' and completists out there, below are the worldwide releases variations of DAVID BOWIE's ★ that I can find:

Black Vinyl - USA - test pressing from RTI Record Technology Inc. (Camarillo, CA, US) - white label/blue letting - November 07, 2015 - Matrix: 88875173871 A/B.

Clear vinyl - GERMANY/EU - JPC - 1st pressing - ISO, Columbia and Sony logos - (BC: 88875173871).
Clear vinyl - FRANCE - FNAC - ISO, Columbia and Sony logos - (same as JPC) (BC: 88875173871).
Clear vinyl - USA - Barnes & Noble Exclusive - sticker on front - 1st pressing - ISO and Columbia logos. (BC: 888751888517).

Black vinyl - AUSTRALIA - JB Hi-Fi Exclusive. (no more will be pressed) (US issue).
Black vinyl - UK - 1st pressing - 2015.
Black vinyl - UK - 2nd pressing - 2016 added.

CD - EU - standard digipak (BC 888751 738621) (Cat. 888751 73862).
CD - GERMANY/AUSTRIA - MSD Exclusive (Saturn and Media Markt shops) limited edition - 6-panel digipak inside a laminated box includes Blackstar pin. (BC 88751 88762) (Cat: 88875173862).
CD - ITALY - Sony Italy/Swarovski limited edition box set (69 only) includes Swarovski crystal encrusted iPhone 6/6s case and CD.
CD - JAPAN - Blu-spec CD2 (first press) digipak - obi strip - (Cat. No. SICP-30918). (BC 4547366257106) (New Music Fridays blue sticker).
CD - JAPAN - Blu-spec CD2 jewel case - obi strip - (Cat. No. SICP-30918). (BC 4547366257106).
CD - JAPAN - Tower Records Exclusive - with promotional plastic folder.
CD - AUSTRALIA - digipak - (BC 888751 738621) (Cat. 888751 73862).
CD - HONG KONG - digipak - (BC 888751 738621) (Cat. 888751 73862).
CD - HONG KONG - HMV - (plus Tote bag edition) (same as above).
CD - TAIWAN - digipak - obi - (BC 888751 738621) (Cat. 888751 73862) (disc is EU) (typo on Dollar Days).
CD - KOREA - digipak - (BC 8803581123135) (Cat. S20313C) (with promo sheet).
CD - ARGENTINA - digipak - (BC 888751 738621) (Cat. 888751 7386-2).
CD BRAZIL - digipak - limited edition of 6,00 copies - (BC 888751 738621) (Cat. 888751 73862) - front cover sticker in Portuguese - CD made in Brazil.
CD - MEXICO - digipak - (BC 888751 73862).
CD - USA - digipak - (BC 888751 738621) (Cat. 888751 73862) (Cat. #2 88875173862 S1).
CD - CANADA - digipak - (BC 888751 738621) (Cat. 888751 73862) (same as US apart from Sony Canada).

A couple of things to be aware of: there is also a German MSD Exclusive box with pin, that allegedly has 3 smaller litho prints inside the box - these are home-made prints and NOT official.

Also be careful when purchasing vinyl first pressings - the second vinyl pressing of ★ has the date 2015/2016 on the back cover and all labels, first pressing is just 2015. Second vinyl pressings seem to be available everywhere now.

Happy hunting on the ★ eBay listings and if anyone has any amendments or additions to the above list, do please let me know.

3rd February 2016

AUDI the German luxury carmaker has a moon-themed advert running in the first quarter of the Super Bowl this weekend to the soundtrack of DAVID BOWIE's 'Starman'.

Surrounded by memories of the Space Age's golden years, a retired astronaut has lost his zeal for life. But when his son shows up and hands over the keys to the new 205-mph Audi R8 V10 plus, a rocket ride under the stars stirs newfound life within the Commander. It's a universal reminder that amazing things happen when we choose exploration, technology and the moon.

3rd February 2016

Update: Prize draw winner is ANDY JAY - congratulations! Big thank you to everyone who entered the prize draw.

Here's your chance to own a personalised copy of an exclusive DAVID BOWIE Tribute Newspaper Book created by Historic-Newspapers.co.uk

Personalised David Bowie Life Book
- Incredible David Bowie Book.
- Exclusive to Historic Newspapers.
- Personalised with any name and message.
- Individually bound in a black leather cover with gold embossing.
- Created from newspaper articles with stunning pictorial sections.

An exclusive piece of David Bowie memorabilia, this Personalised David Bowie Life Book is crammed full (130 pages!) with insightful newspaper articles about his musical career, acting roles, marriages, battles with drug addiction and eclectic fashion sense. What's more, there are extensive pictorial sections showing Bowie during his early years, right through to later life.

This original David Bowie biography, which is exclusive to Historic Newspapers, offers a rare and unique insight into the life of Britain's most iconic music star. The best David Bowie book on the market, it'll make a truly special gift for any fan. Beautifully bound in a personalised leather cover, the book will make a magnificent keepsake and a thrilling read.

Your Personalised David Bowie Newspaper Book: This David Bowie book can be personalised with the recipient's Name and a Message which will appear on the opening page. The front cover is also gold embossed with the recipient's name.

David Bowie Life Book Information: Tabloid-sized book measuring 31 x 38cm. Individually bound in a hardback black leather cover with gold embossing. Features David Bowie newspaper articles and pictorial sections from The Daily Mirror from throughout David Bowie's history. Articles from 2007 onwards will be printed in colour. This personalised David Bowie newspaper book is an exclusive product to Historic Newspapers, part of the Signature Group.

This BW prize draw competition ends at midnight (GMT) on Thursday 11th FEBRUARY 2016.

Exclusive David Bowie Tribute Newspaper Book  Exclusive David Bowie Tribute Newspaper Book  Exclusive David Bowie Tribute Newspaper Book

Exclusive David Bowie Tribute Newspaper Book  Exclusive David Bowie Tribute Newspaper Book  Exclusive David Bowie Tribute Newspaper Book


If competitions aren't your thing, you can purchase your copy via historic-newspapers.co.uk

2nd February 2016

Check out a DAVID BOWIE online auction with all proceeds being donated to Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support - [View items]...

The BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL are to pay tribute to DAVID BOWIE by showing Nicolas Roeg's 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' at Friedrichstadt-Palast on 12th February. "David Bowie was a tremendous musician, an avant-garde artist who expressed his creativity in many disciplines," festival director Dieter Kosslick said - [More details]...

LADY GAGA is to perform a special tribute to DAVID BOWIE at this year's GRAMMYS. The 58th GRAMMY awards show will be broadcast live on Monday 15th February on CBS. For this special experiential tribute NILE RODGERS is musical director and Lady Gaga will perform at least 3 or 4 songs - [More details]...

On sale in the UK from today is CLASSIC MAGAZINE Presents: BOWIE - A Celebration - a special 132-page tribute magazine. Covering his phenomenal career and features a series on Bowie's closest collaborators and mini-features on key albums, videos and film performances, plus a massive feature on Bowie's fashion. It incorporates new interviews with Tony Visconti, Ken Scott, Carmine Rojas, Paul Trynka and a beautifully written afterword from Bowie's longest serving musical collaborator, the amazing Carlos Alomar - [More details]...

2nd February 2016

Life On Mars? by Rick Wakeman On the 12th January, RICK WAKEMAN joined Simon Mayo on Drive time BBC RADIO 2, to pay tribute to his friend DAVID BOWIE and perform a very special version of Life On Mars? as a tribute.

The public response was considerable, with over 3,000,000 views on the BBC web site and rising, the demand for this track is increasing daily. This all was totally unexpectedly. Then the public started to email both the BBC and Ricks own web site suggesting that Ricks version of 'Life On Mars?' be released to help raise awareness and funds for a cancer charity. Rick thought this was a wonderful idea and has agreed to donate all his artist royalties to the Macmillan Cancer Support.

Within hours of Rick announcing the release of the single on the BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Drive Time radio show on the 18th January, the news was re-tweeted to over 50,000 Twitter accounts and continues to rise by the hour. The BBC continue to support this release by replaying the track on Radio 2 and it is expected they will continue to do so, especially when the single is available to purchase. Rick will also be promoting this release via his own social media. His Facebook has over 84,000 likes and there are over 20,000 active users, with over 50,000 page views per month on his web site and he currently has over 37,000 Twitter followers. As Rick says, I am extremely fortunate in being able to release my piano version of David Bowie's 'Life On Mars?' and 'Space Oddity', both of which I performed on the original releases, to help even more awareness and help raise some money to help Macmillan cancer support with the wonderful work they do.

The CD single is released on Friday 12th February and contains the tracks: 01. Life On Mars? / 02. Space Oddity / 03. Always Together.

You can pre-order the Life On Mars? CD single NOW.

2nd February 2016

DAVID BOWIE's inspiration will live on forever... watch these German children perform their beautiful rendition of the Bowie/Eno iconic song "Helden" at FLOYD'S 9th birthday party.

This video/song (what you see is what you hear - no lip-syncing) is absolutely beautiful.

Well done to each and every one of you. You are all amazing.

The musicians taking part are: Cansu: Vocals, Piano / Floyd: Keyboards / Henri: Trumpet, HiHat (closed) / Luna: Vocals, Guitars / Mehmet-Can: Keyboards / Melissa: Vocals, Snare, Cymbals, Guitars / Mia: Vocals, Violin / Neo: Keyboards, Pipedream-Chimes / Tunay: Filter, Bass Drum, Toms, HiHat (open), Cymbals.

2nd February 2016

In Memory Of David Bowie CD All set for release later this month on 19th February is IN MEMORY OF DAVID BOWIE limited collectors' edition CD.

The recording contains rare FM broadcast songs from the 70s and 80s plus interviews and the tracklisting runs as follows:

       01. Station To Station.
       02. Suffragette City.
       03. Fame.
       04. Word On A Wing.
       05. Stay.
       06. Waiting For The Man.
       07. FM Interview.
       08. Life On Mars? / Five Years.
       09. Panic In Detroit.
       10. Rare Bowie Interview.
       11. Changes.
       12. Queen Bitch.
       13. Diamond Dogs.
       14. Rebel Rebel.
       15. In memory / David Bowie Interview.

You can pre-order In Memory Of David Bowie CD NOW.

1st February 2016

EARL SLICK and BERNARD FOWLER are to perform DAVID BOWIE's Station To Station album in the UK in April.

Line-up: Earl Slick, guitar / Bernard Fowler, vocals / Terry Edwards (Musical Director), sax, keyboards, percussion / Chris Constantinou, bass / Luis Correia, guitar / Florence Sabeva, piano / Lisa Ronson, BVs and percussion / Lee John, drums.

Plus LISA RONSON and LOVER supporting at the following venues:

24th: Norwich Arts Centre, 51 St Benedicts St, Norwich.
26th: The ABC Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland.
28th: O2 Academy Liverpool
29th: O2 Academy Islington, London.
30th: Colchester Arts Centre, Church St, Colchester, Essex.

5th: SPOOKY GHOST (Gerry Leonard) gig at The Water Rats, King's Cross, London.

Check out the new 2016 BW MONTHLY PLANNERS to see what's happening and which announced releases are in the pipeline.

1st February 2016

Currently in the pipeline for release later this year is a "unique and personal biographical critique" entitled: THE AGE OF BOWIE written by PAUL MORLEY via publishers Simon and Schuster.

'The Age of Bowie' is promised to "capture the greatest moments of Bowie's career; from the recording studio with the likes of Brian Eno and Tony Visconti; to iconic live performances from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, as well as the various encounters and artistic relationships he developed with rock luminaries John Lennon, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop", plus discuss in detail his "much-heralded and critically-acclaimed" ★ album.

Morley said: "On the day it was announced that David Bowie had died, before there was any time to think, I was asked a hundred times what I thought. What I really thought was that it would take a book to help fully process what Bowie meant to me, to music and popular culture, and to the world out there that changed because of him. Then I thought, I need to write that book."

Iain MacGregor, publishing director Simon and Schuster, acquired the world rights (all languages) from David Godwin Associates. S&S will publish the book globally later this year with Gallery Books releasing it in the US simultaneously.

1st February 2016

David Bowie Blackstar DAVID BOWIE's ★ album remains in the NUMBER ONE position in the Official UK Album Chart for the THIRD week running.

It has been announced by UK Official Charts that David Bowie has matched ELIVS PRESLEY's Official Albums Chart record.

★ spends a third week at Number 1, and heads up five Bowie releases make the Top 10 simultaneously: Best of Bowie (#3), Nothing Has Changed (#5), Hunky Dory (#9) and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars (#10). This feat means Bowie is the first act to score five albums in the Top 10 since Michael Jackson managed six in 2009 after his passing.

But that's not all. The Bowie influence continues farther down the Official Albums Chart, with the rock legend landing seven more Top 40 entries, bringing his total to 12. This brings Bowie level with Elvis Presley's chart record for simultaneous Top 40 entries.

The Official Top 100 UK Albums today (29th) are:

#1 ★
#3 Best Of Bowie
#5 Nothing Has Changed
#9 Hunky Dory
#10 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars
#20 Aladdin Sane
#27 Low
#28 "Heroes"
#30 Diamond Dogs
#31 The Next Day
#32 Station To Station
#36 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
#42 Let's Dance
#43 Young Americans
#52 The Man Who Sold The World
#63 Pinups
#66 Lodger
#79 Space Oddity

In the UK Official Soundtracks Albums Chart Top 50, #4 The Buddha Of Suburbia - OST / #18 Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars - OST.

In the UK Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40, #1 Blackstar / #5 Nothing Has Changed / #16 The Next Day.

As and when other countries announce their latest album charts, this Blackstar album chart page is being continually updated.

1st February 2016

The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 by Mick Rock Well I've certainly been waiting for this!...

To be published on 10th April is THE RISE OF DAVID BOWIE, 1972-1973 by MICK ROCK as a 'Standard Taschen Edition'.

You've all seen the deluxe and collectors' editions of this amazing book, and probably like me salivated over it, whilst counting up your pennies.

The good news is this standard edition is CURRENTLY priced at only £32.49 GBP

Hardcover: 310 pages / Published by Taschen GmbH / Standard Edition / Language: English.

The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 by Mick Rock    The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 by Mick Rock    The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 by Mick Rock

The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 by Mick Rock    The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 by Mick Rock    The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 by Mick Rock

Synopsis: Rebel. Rebel - The eye of the Bowie storm

In 1972, David Bowie released his groundbreaking album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars. With it landed Bowie's Stardust alter-ego: A glitter-clad, mascara-eyed, sexually-ambiguous persona who kicked down the boundaries between male and female, straight and gay, fact and fiction into one shifting and sparkling phenomenon of 70s self-expression. Together, Ziggy the album and Ziggy the stage spectacular propelled the softly spoken Londoner into one of the world s biggest stars.

A key passenger on this glam trip into the stratosphere was fellow Londoner and photographer Mick Rock. Rock bonded with Bowie artistically and personally, immersed himself in the singer s inner circle, and, between 1972 1973, worked as Bowie's official photographer. This book brings together the best of Rock's Bowie portfolio with spectacular stage shots as well as intimate backstage portraits.

With a lenticular cover of different head-shots, the book stands to celebrate Bowie's fearless experimentation and reinvention. Inside, pictures for press, album jackets, and stills from promo movies sit alongside around 50 percent previously unpublished images, offering privileged access to the many facets of the Bowie's personality and fame. Through the aloof and approachable, the playful and serious, the candid and the contrived, this is a passionate tribute to an oustanding artist, unique creative vision, and eternal inspiration.

Photographs by Mick Rock, authors Barney Hoskyns and Michael Bracewell, editor Reuel Golden.

This STANDARD edition of The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 by Mick Rock is available to order NOW!

Pre-order now and SAVE 35%! - £32.99 (RRP: £49.99) - you save a massive £17.50 (35%).

1st February 2016

The David Bowie 2016 UK Convention

The annual David Bowie UK Convention this a celebration of the music and the genius that is David Bowie. Nine amazing acts, raffle, merchandise and lots of fun, come along and join the Bowie love...

The two-day convention takes place at The Queens Hall, 125 London Road, DERBY, England, DE1 2QQ on Friday 13th May (6pm-2pm) and Saturday 14th May (12pm-2am).

Programme of events:

Friday 13th May - 18.00 till 2.00 am
Rebel Rebel
Heroes - indie:Alt anthems

Saturday 14th May - 12 noon till 2.00am
Bowie Contingent
Phil Backhouse
Faerground Accidents
Luxury Stranger
Spizz Energi
Heroes - indie:Alt anthems

Tickets are on sale NOW. Friday only £12... Saturday only £28... BOTH days Weekender £35.

Contact Jimster Draper for purchasing tickets via Facebook or email him at or 07856969873.

Visit the DB 2016 UK Convention FB page for continued updates.

1st February 2016

Bowie - Photographs by Steve Schapiro The eagerly anticipated new hardbook book BOWIE - Photographs by Steve Schapiro now has publication date of Thursday 19th May.

At the apex of David Bowie's spectacular rise to fame and glory, photographer Steve Schapiro seized a rare invitation from Bowie's manager for a private photo session with the pop star in LA in 1974...

Synopsis: David Bowie, by 1974, was a man of many faces and as many albums, had already lived the life of Ziggy Stardust and launched Aladdin Sane, with albums Pinups and Diamond Dogs soon to come. A musical force to be reckoned with, Bowie was also widely regarded as a fashion icon, pushing the envelope of sexuality and style and having created an internationally renowned persona.

The mostly never-before-published images in Schapiro's rare collection represent Bowie at his most creative and inspired self and present a glimpse into the intimacy that Schapiro and Bowie shared during their time together. As Schapiro tells it: 'From the moment Bowie arrived, we seemed to hit it off. Incredibly intelligent, calm, and filled with ideas, he talked a lot about Alistair Crowley whose esoteric writings he was heavily into at the time. When David heard that I had photographed Buster Keaton, one of his greatest heroes, we instantly became friends.'

The first photo session started at four in the afternoon and went through the night till dawn. Bowie went through countless costume changes, each more incredible than the last and each seemed to turn him into a totally different person. Bowie relentlessly created these unique characters, each seemingly alive in their own charismatic space for Schapiro to create visual images to complement their very existence and turn them into iconic images for all time.

Bowie and Schapiro kidded and laughed about shooting a series of close-up portraits on a putrid green background because they felt it was the worst possible background colour for a magazine, and so they did on this lark - with the image eventually becoming a People magazine cover.

The last image they made was at four in the morning to wrap up the marathon session when they went outside to shoot Bowie on his motorcycle - the sun hadn't yet risen and the shot was lit dramatically by only the headlights of a car. This image remains one of Schapiro's favourites and is certain to live on in posterity.

This hardcover book contains 76-pages and is published by Powerhouse Books.

You can order BOWIE - Photographs by Steve Schapiro NOW and receive a pre-order price guarantee.



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