Ireland Online - 27th August 2003

Gray joins Thin White Duke

By Marilyn Beck

David Bowie is delighted that Macy Gray has agreed to be his opening act for the North American leg of the seven-month concert tour he will embark on in October.

"It's absolutely fabulous," the British rocker told syndicated columnist Marilyn Beck.

"Ever since her first album I've thought she was the bee's knees - weird, lovely and extraordinary."

Bowie, who is currently rehearsing with his band, says he has lost his reticence about performing.

"I guess that's changed over the years," he said. "I'm very happy interpreting songs these days. Maybe I'm getting more confidence in myself. I'm having such a great camaraderie with my band."

His wife Iman and their three-year-old daughter Alexandria will be accompanying him for much of the tour.

"I'd better do it now because I can't pull her out of school in a few years," he said.