Record Mirror - 7th July 1973


Exclusive David Bowie Quits

U.S. tour cancelled

DAVID BOWIE has quit live performances for good. He told a completely stunned capacity audience at Hammersmith Odeon on Tuesday night: "This show in particular will remain in our minds the longest because not only is it the best show of the tour but it's the last show we'll ever do".

David finished the show with Rock 'n' Roll Suicide.

Immediately after the show a spokesman for RCA Records confirmed that it was David's last appearance. He said: "It's true. A statement is in the post to all newspapers making the announcement.

"The American tour has been cancelled but David will still go to the Chateau to complete his album. Then he's going to Italy, possibly to make a film."

Guitarist Jeff Beck joined Bowie on stage to play on two of the three encores in a set that marked the ultimate experience in David Bowie concerts.

When it was all over, many of the audience remained in their seats, crying.