Record Mirror - April 16, 1977

Boastful Bolan

Interview Extracts - By Robin Smith

RS: THE CONFESSIONS of Bolan - Volume One.

Marc: I never wear underwear. It's just too constricting. The world would be a far healthier place if more people left it off. David Bowie doesn't wear any either.

People say he's always smartly dressed but when he stayed with me he didn't change his clothes for four days. As a matter of fact I'm wearing his scarf at the moment. Filthy, isn't it?

I went clubbing with Bowie but nobody really bothered us. We met few fans in the King's Road and Bowie was more than willing to talk to the press but nobody seemed interested then.

RS: Marc's planning a science fiction film with be main - man. Apart from writing the script, they'll be doing the soundtrack and appearing in glorious technicolour themselves.

Marc: I hope it's going to be out in a year. All I can tell you is that it's about a future society and reflects our own feelings. We're also bringing out an album doing a side each. What a combination it's going to be. The two greatest musical influences of the Seventies joined together!