Like A Rocket Man

(David Bowie)

Little Wendy Cocaine stumbles up the hill to pain
Nothing stops the go-to girl, nothing takes the place of taking aim

Little Wendy's out there shaking hips and cuckoo eyes
Crazy drives the dizzy crowd, moonlight strokes the highlights in her hair

She sells and moves and finds my hand and pulls me down and close so I can hardly stand
As I lay like dead for her, I'm fed into my head I'm led, oh, I am Sam

I'm crawling from the window, crawling down the wall, I'm happy screaming yes I am
I'm jumping on her daisy chain, I'm speeding through the dancehall like a rocket man

Now I wish today that yesterday was just tomorrow and
I could squeeze her grubby hand knowing that I never paid her for a gram

She's a drunken doxy off her trolly sent before her time into this poxy world
She's not fit for anything but dealing it while heaven sings, I have this girl

She's got me eating rice and beans, I have no shape nor colour, I'm God's lonely man
I don't want to die but I don't want to live, I'm speeding like a rocket man

Like a rocket man
Like a rocket man
Like a rocket man

(Appears on The Next Day Extra (Collector's Edition) Box Set released 4th November 2013. Recorded at The Magic Shop Recording Studio in New York City).