Run Piper Run

(David Bowie)

(Partial lyrics)

Beverley Gay was the light of the day in the village of Sunrise
Daffodil hair, powder blue eyes that could snare any stranger

She sang to the tunes of a sad-faced piper called Moon Eyes
And happily sad, he would skip as he played close behind her

Take the valley road, piper take the road through the valley of hopeful
Trail her 'til the morning comes
Run piper run

Take the valley road...

(This previously unknown and unheard 1967/early 1968 song appears on a double-sided Emidisc acetate containing: 'Run Piper Run' by David Bowie and 'Lay Your Head Upon My Shoulder' by Ace Kefford. This acetate came up for auction at Wessex Auction Rooms on 15th January 2021 and sold for £10,000 GBP). [Listen here]).