The Informer

(David Bowie)

I took the job
I packed the bag
I ride the train
To the pick-up point
I'll be telling myself
There was no other way
That you brought it on yourself
Now my heart's aflame
At the end of your life
Was the end of your life

I've got a pool of blood
On this bathroom floor
The mirror's broke
There's a crack in the door
There's a broken window
That I'll be crawling through
Then I've changed my life
And we won't have you
We won't have you
No we won't have you

Good or evil
Saint or whore
Domestic or public
I don't recall
You were on the ledger
Your name was double crossed
You were the prime assignment
So help me Christ

I've got major questions
About the Lord above
About Satan below
About the way we love
About the room at the top
And the people coming up
And I still don't know
What we were looking for
But it wasn't you
No it wasn't you
No it wasn't you
It wasn't you
No it wasn't you

(Appears on The Next Day Extra (Collector's Edition) Box Set released 4th November 2013. Recorded at The Magic Shop Recording Studio in New York City).