Germany, Scheeßel
Hurricane Festival 2004

(Friday 25th June 2004)

Report: Hurricane
From: Spaceboy

I was there too. My first time, and it was absolutely great! The big highlights were Under Pressure, New Killer Star, Station to Station, Heroes and the encore.

During Heroes, the crowd was wild. I was sure David would sing some lines in German, but he didn't.

Awesome concert though, too bad I missed the Pixies.


Report: Hurricane Festival
From: AK

To me he was fine, no signs of any injury or so.

He was moving around on stage and played guitar as usual, so I was really surprised when I heard of the him being checked into hospital after the show.

After about an hour he took off his jacket and put on a sweatshirt because it was quite cold and windy. But since the weather was really horrible, I guess he would have done so anyway.

As for the show I must say he was even better than last October, when I saw him in Hamburg. The sound was great, his voice was fantastic.

Unfortunately he had only 1 hour 30 to play, so it was a rather short set compared to the other Reality tour shows. I wish he would have played more recent stuff from Outside or Heathen/Reality (instead of some of the old ones), but that's just my personal view.

(A Reality World Tour: European Summer Leg)