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Welcome to the BowieWonderworld Chatroom where you can chat with other
David Bowie fans from all over the world.

You can use an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client such as mIRC, Pirch, MSChat and Ircle
or you can also access the chatroom via the Java Chat interface using your browser.

Java Chat Room

If you decide to use the Java based chat room, the first time you start up the java applet a permission box will appear - and you will be asked to 'accept' a certificate.


You MUST accept the request to get into the room. If you don't accept then you won't be able to chat using the Java applet.
IRC Clients

If you are already using a standard irc client such mIRC (for Windows), Pirch, MSChat etc or Ircle (for Apple Macs) you can find the chatroom on:

SERVER:     DALnet
CHANNEL:   #BowieWorld

If you want to set up DALnet in your IRC client go directly to the DALnet server pages and find the closest one to you.

Created: January 2001 - © Paul Kinder Last Updated: 19/1/02