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BowieNet Live Chat Transcription
with Gail Ann Dorsey - 10/12/98

Session Starts: Thursday December 10th 1998 at 7.00pm EST

Let's begin. Any questions

VernardAPHexTriplet: GAIL, you're such a lovely and sweet gal, multi-talented musician yet ya seem so introverted, but are ya really like that???

Gail Ann Dorsey: My answer is, of course not!

Aki: Hello Gail Ann! You are the goddess of bass! I can't find any biographical information on you, so I'd love to fill in the blanks with some really basic boring questions: 1) birthday? 2) what got you into playing music? 3) favorite family members? 4) pets? 5) significant others?

Gail Ann Dorsey: November 20, 1962. What got me into playing music was something greater than myself.

Gail Ann Dorsey: Favorite family members - yes.

Gail Ann Dorsey: Pets - No.

Gail Ann Dorsey: Significant others - always.

VernardAPHexTriplet: and whats your favorite pastime besides music,Gail?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Film

LaughingGnome: I know that I am not just speaking for myself when I say that the "Under Pressure" duet was one of the highlights of the Earthling Tour! How did that come about?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Early on, on the Outside tour, David asked would I consider singing Under Pressure like the Annie Lennox duet he performed at Freddie Mercury's Memorial Concert.

Gail Ann Dorsey: Queen is my favorite band of all time and I remember being so overwhelmed at David's suggestion that I cried.

Gail Ann Dorsey: To sing a part originally sung by Freddie Mercury so far has been the greatest honor of my life.

Helen2: how is the new album coming along?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Unfortunately the writing has been going slowly this year but by summer of '99 I have set a deadline for completion of my next CD.

Gail Ann Dorsey: The title of the CD will be 'Chez Virtue"

Sailor: Gail, my dogs got no nose. Do you know how he smells?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Yeah badly.

VernardAPHexTriplet: Whats David like as an employer in your opinion???

Gail Ann Dorsey: A silly bugger!

Gail Ann Dorsey: But fun!

Valeria: Hi Gail, did you use to listen to Bowie music in the past, before touring with him?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Yes, I was always a big Bowie fan. My favorite Bowie album is 'Young Americans' and it was at this time that I really got into David the heaviest.

Aki: What did you use to make the devil horns stay on????

Gail Ann Dorsey: A hope and a prayer.

Mariozzio: Gail, what music are you really into right now?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Burt Bacharach and the new Chaka Khan that is produced by Chaka and 'The Artist' is excellent.

VernardAPHexTriplet: Laughing Gnome really has a crush on you,would you consider going out for coffee with him ????

Gail Ann Dorsey: I don't drink coffee.

midge: Gail have you entered the bowienet song contest?

Gail Ann Dorsey: No I don't think I'm good enough.

eden7: What was the most impressive concert you've ever seen?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Queen - Night at the Opera Tour - Philadelphia Spectrum

LaughingGnome: We were told by a reliable source that Indie films are one of your passions. Where are you at currently with that and is it hard to balance both the passion for film and the music?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I studied film in college at CalArts with hopes of becoming a screenwriter. When I realized the nature of the movie industry, I thought I could never possibly make a living. So I decided to return to music my first passion with hopes of having a big hit record so I could make my own movies.

Gail Ann Dorsey: I'm just waiting for that hit record.

VernardAPHexTriplet: Gail,what about the prospect of modelling shots of you and TYSON for a Versace ad??

Gail Ann Dorsey: I have a lot to live up to to match Toni Braxton.

Valeria: what do you think of the Dead Man walking videoclip?

Gail Ann Dorsey: It was one of the most interesting videos I was ever part of making. I wish I had a copy.

Cita: how david and reeves behave during the concerts, are they perfect gentlemen?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Of course they are.

Aki: Who are your favorite women in music?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Sara Maclachlan, Bjork, Chaka Khan, Ani DiFranco, ...

Gail Ann Dorsey: and Karen Carpenter, God rest her soul.

LaughingGnome: How was the tour with The Indigo Girls? Was it as satisfying or less or the same as being a part of DB's band?

Gail Ann Dorsey: This was the most fun I've had this year because I had a chance to perform some of my own songs, new material from my forthcoming CD.

Gail Ann Dorsey: I had some good reviews in the press which was a positive confirmation that I'm going in the right direction.

Gail Ann Dorsey: I also did a cover of 'Ziggy Stardust' every night which went down a storm.

Ramsey: Tell Gail that Ziggy kicked butt!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Thanks alot. I used to play 'Ziggy Stardust' in a cover band in Philadelphia when I was 16.

sQueakie: Gail, *I* have a crush on you, will you go out with ME? I don't drink coffee either.

Gail Ann Dorsey: My dating days are over.

Grazia: gail and david, have you some future plain to make together a song as the sweeter one planet of dream?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I'm sure that David and I will do something very nice together for my new CD.

Gail Ann Dorsey: It will have to be a surprise for me too.

Cita: will you soon make a tour on your own? We wld like to see you in Italy!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Obviously I won't be doing any of my own shows until my CD is finished. However, I will be on tour in Italy, Germany, England, France and Scandanavia with the Italian artist Zucchero.

Gail Ann Dorsey: starting this February.

Stefano: Gail what about your experience with Tears For Fears

Gail Ann Dorsey: It was a wonderful experience working with Roland Orzabel. He is a very talented singer, musician and songwriter.

Gail Ann Dorsey: Most likely there will be two songs on my new CD that I have written with Roland Orzabel.

FruJu: Gail, how did you actually link up with Bowie and get asked to play bass?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I was working in the South of England with Roland Orzabel writing material for my CD when I received a phone call from Mr. Bowie out of the blue asking me to do a six week tour with Nine Inch Nails. Six weeks turned into three years. This is why my CD is not ready.

Sailor: Gail do you do it all night or just a bit in the morning or both? The bass thing, I mean

Gail Ann Dorsey: The bass thing is a continuous motion.

VernardAPHexTriplet: Gail, what book are u reading now??

Gail Ann Dorsey: It's a book called 'Therapy' by a British writer and I've just started the book, someone lent it to me and I cannot remember the name of the author, but so far it's very funny.

Grazia: for how many years have you played the bass?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I started as a guitar player at the age of nine. When I was 14, I got my first bass, but I did not consider myself a bass player until I was 20, so you do the math.

Cita: Which are your hobbies?

Gail Ann Dorsey: My hobbies are collecting movies, poetry and taking my car into the mechanic.

Arafel: do you love the travelling or would you rather settle in one spot for awhile now?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I love to travel. I get depressed if I stay in one spot for too long. But then I also get depressed if I travel too long. Life is funny that way.

Joe: Does David appreciate your look? You're very sexy!

Gail Ann Dorsey: He better.

sQueakie: If you go to a bar, what kind of drink would you order?

Gail Ann Dorsey: A White Russian.

Gail Ann Dorsey: Just call me Ms. Lebowski.

robhall: Are you going to do more singing on David's next album? What little we heard on Earthling and on tour, was great.

Gail Ann Dorsey: You'll have to make a petition to get me more vocal time.

Gail Ann Dorsey: I think that would help.

Grazia: in your next tour will you have a new look?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Yes I hope so. Something a little more...I don't know.

Arafel: Will we ever get a legal copy of your version of 'Oh Superman'? I saw it live a few times and you knocked me out!

Gail Ann Dorsey: You mean you have an illegal copy? Could you make one for me?

Canney: Hi Gail hope you are well. Do you miss The Gang Of Four?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I miss everyone I've worked with before. My experience with the Gang of Four was a blast. I hope to do some work in the future with Andy Gill, possibly for my next CD.

Lydia: How much did you study to have such a voice, I like a lot!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Luckily I was blessed with the voice I have.

Gail Ann Dorsey: I did take some vocal training in London some years ago just to keep my voice from disappearing when I'm working on a long tour or singing on record.

Gail Ann Dorsey: I took lessons with the same vocal coach as Annie Lennox.

Arafel: Do you have any plans to do film roles? I think you'd be great!!

Gail Ann Dorsey: I would love to be a movie star. I saw Spike Lee once in the lobby of a movie theatre in Los Angeles and I was hoping to be discovered. He looked right in my eyes, I swear.

Stefano: What David show will you remember forever

Gail Ann Dorsey: I will always remember performing at the birthday concert looking over to see David and Lou Reed together was the greatest thrill for a little girl from Philadelphia.

sQueakie: Gail, are you a Bowienet member?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I will be.

Aki: How come Zachary Alford never shaved his head like the rest of you?

Gail Ann Dorsey: The first time I met Zachary a friend took me to a rehearsal for the B-52's. When I walked into the studio, Zachary had a shaved head exactly like mine. When I saw him again almost two years later, he was the mop-top you are familiar with.

Gail Ann Dorsey: Maybe he just doesn't want to shave again.

Tybalt: Do you and Iman swap fashion stories?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Unfortunately I don't have many to swap. I don't consider myself very fashionable but I'm working on it.

Anonymous: Gail, if you could only listen to three musical artist's works for the rest of your life who would it be?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Queen, Joni Mitchell, Beethoven.

RaMOANa: Hallo Gail! Sorry I am late and you may have answered this already, but we were wondering if, during the Earthling tour, were you the one collecting all the flying pigs that were thrown at you?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I have three of your pigs in my home studio just on top of my speakers. Thank you!

Joe: What kind of bass do you have?I'm a bass player too

Gail Ann Dorsey: Music Man basses are my favorite. I always start there. This year I added two new basses to my collection. A lovely five string made for me by G & L Guitars as well as my newest bass a Grendal made by Michael Tobias.

Gail Ann Dorsey: This is an excellent bass.

Straffer: With whom would you like to work in the future?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I am planning to do a song on my CD with MeShell Ndegeocello and SKin from Skun Anansie. I have spoken to both of them about doing a cover tune but we have not decided what song we should do. Maybe you have some suggestions?

Sailor: Does your boyfreind mind you being in an all bot band?

that boy..by the way

Gail Ann Dorsey: There are only all boy bands. What choice do I have?

Grazia: Gail, why the sound of your bass is so particular in earthling?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I think it is the magic of Mark Plati the engineer of 'Earthling'. He made me sound the best I ever have on record.

BustingoutforRosey: You mean like "The Indigo Girls?"

Gail Ann Dorsey: Exactly!

Gail Ann Dorsey: LoL

LaughingGnome: What do you wish for the Holiday Season and the coming New Year?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Peace, always Peace.

RaMOANa: Do you mind when Bowie grabs you on stage or bites your neck (sigh)...

Gail Ann Dorsey: Did you see 'The Hunger'? Be afraid, be very afraid...

Straffer: Gail you have lived in Amsterdam right? What did you like about it?? if anything?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world and not for the obvious reason, but that helps.

sQueakie: Gail do you smoke pot?

Gail Ann Dorsey: What do you think?

FruJu: Is it true as Bowie said on stage a few times that to succeed in rock'n'roll you need the perfect pair of breasts? And is that why Marilyn Manson is succeeding??

Gail Ann Dorsey: Oh is that what I've been doing wrong?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I knew it was something...

Joe: How old are you?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Thirty Six

Canney: Belated Happy Birthday Gail - 20th November - Did you get any good presents then?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Yes, I got flowers from the President of Virgin Records. Time to make a call about putting out my CD.

Joe: you're very fine, I thought 26!!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Oh did I say 36? Yes, I meant 26. LOL

Arafel: Do you work out are are you just naturally in shape?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I am a yoga fanatic. Working out has never been my idea of fun.

Valeria: have you a different feeling about the Outside Tour and The Earthling one?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Both tours were great fun to do but I would have to say the 'Earthling' tour felt more personal to me. The band was smaller and we had made contributions to the actual album.

Straffer: What kind of poetry do you like, and do you write poetry yourself?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I like Baudelaire, Maya Angelou.

Lydia: is there something how really hate doing?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I hate cooking, that's why I'm so skinny...

LaughingGnome: What is the most personal thing that you can share with about yourself to a group of crazies like us?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I am actually very insecure at times about my ability as a musician and songwriter. I would like to have studied music when I was younger but I taught myself to play and I would like to find the time to fill in the gaps. Sometimes compliments are hard for me to take. I'm very hard on myself.

Valeria: Gail did David oblige you to be here tonight?;-)

Gail Ann Dorsey: Not exactly. David informed me that everyone wanted me to be here tonight. Thank you all!

Lydia: do you have any brothers or sisters?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I have three brothers and one sister. I am the baby.

Aki: Who is your fav independent filmmaker? And what do you think of Roeg? Jodorowsky?

Gail Ann Dorsey: The Coen Brothers, John Singleton and John Cassavettes.

sQueakie: Were you popular in high school?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I went to a suburban Pennsylvania high school in the late '70's. There were only 40 black students in the entire school. It was not "popular" to be black at this school.

Gail Ann Dorsey: We've been at this for about an hour. How about we do 5 more questions?

Valeria: Gail, is there anyone You would like to chat with?

Gail Ann Dorsey: Jodie Foster and Charles Mingus, but he's not here anymore.

Helen2: Gail i saw you in London at the ICA in '89 memorable show, I hope your new album will have a song about flying pigs so I can throw some more at you ;-)

Gail Ann Dorsey: I'm not much on pigs, but I love pussys. There might be some cat songs. LOL

Aki: FASTER PUSSYCAT KILL KILL KILL should be the song that you Meshelle and Skunk cover together!!!!

Gail Ann Dorsey: Very good, very clever.

Grazia: Gail what do you feel when you play with David?

Gail Ann Dorsey: The Thin White Duke. LOL

Stefano: What David song do you prefer?

Gail Ann Dorsey: My favorite Bowie song is "Win'. We never perform this song. Maybe the next tour, I hope.

Gail Ann Dorsey: One more question..

Sailor: Tell Helen to throw some pussy at you, next concert. dare you!!! DARE DARE

Valeria: would you come back for one more chat with us?

Gail Ann Dorsey: I will come back as often as you would like within reason. I was very shocked and happy to know that you guys out there wanted to have a chat with me. I hope to have some more news on my CD the next time we speak.

Gail Ann Dorsey: Thanks everyone for joining us tonight!

Thanks so much everyone. Gail has left the building...

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