1973 - starts July 21st
Jul 21 - Dear Mirabelle, aren't friends wonderful
Jul 28 - You know, learning a language isn't easy, but when you visit a country
Aug 04 - Last week I was telling you all about Japan
Aug 11 - I thought that this week I would begin to tell you about my trip through Russia
Aug 18 - As I promised this week I'm going to tell you more about my incredible trip through Russia
Aug 25 - Oh, these deadlines are the nastiest things
Sep 01 - I've just been recording a new album in beautiful summertime France
Sep 08 - I've just remembered that I never told you about the party I had at the Cafe Royal
Sep 15 - If you remember last week I was telling you about an incredible wild party
Sep 22 - Well friends, I don't feel I've done justice
Sep 29 - Last week I had just finished telling you about the swimming pool
Oct 06 - Would you believe it? My very first holiday
Oct 13 - After Italy I had to go back to France again, to that famous old Chateau d'Hérouville
Oct 20 - Well, I guess while I'm telling you about my friends who sing and dance
Oct 27 - Last week I was just beginning to tell you about the lovely Cherry Vanilla
Nov 03 - Since make-up and fashion play such a large part in my world
Nov 10 - Ah yes, well, to get back to my make-up and fashions... Angie is
Nov 17 - There seems to be so much to say about make-up and fashions
Nov 24 - Back to the subject of hair for a little longer
Dec 01 - Now that I've told you everything that you could possibly want to know about hair
Dec 08 - I've still got a great deal more to tell you about make-up
Dec 15 - As I promised, I'm going to tell you about what make-up I wear off stage
Dec 22 - Today I'm going to tell you about the Midnight Special Show
Dec 29 - Let me start off this week by explaining that I was going to
Jan 05 - This week I am going to carry on and tell you a little more about my interests
Jan 12 - I'm going to start off this week by telling you how much I'm missing Angie
Jan 19 - ?
Jan 26 - Hello again, Well when I sat down to write
Feb 02 - Hello again, Well a couple of weeks ago I promised to tell you some more about my very good friend, Ava Cherry
Feb 09 - There is one thing I really want to tell you about
Feb 16 - I just thought I would like to tell you today about the way I choose to finish of 1973
Feb 23 - The New Year seems to be well under way
Mar 02 - Hello again, I am going to tell you this week a little about my involvement with Lulu
Mar 09 - Hello again at the moment it seems like I spend my whole time at the recording studio
Mar 16 - Hello again. Well, it seems that recently, every week, when I sit down to prepare this column, I have to wrack my
Mar 23 - I was just thinking last night about that incredible trip across Russia
Mar 30 - 'I'm A Rebel!' Now I've written the title down
Apr 06 - I hope that everything is well with you and that 1974
Apr 13 - Well, I promised you last week that I would tell you about my recent trip to Amsterdam
Apr 20 - Hello again while I was telling you only a couple of weeks back
Apr 27 - So much has been going on in my exciting life lately that really I don't know where to start.
May 04 - As I promised last week I am going to tell about the wonderful time I had when I went to see
May 11 - Trust good old Mirabelle to duplicate me
May 18 - Hello again. Everything surrounding around me has been in its usual
May 25 - Hello again. Well, it seems that quite a lot's been happening to me again recently
Jun 01 - Do you ever wish you could be in two places at the same time?
Jun 08 - I've been having such a wonderful time in New York
Jun 15 - The most amazing change has come over me lately. I've become what you might call a telly freak
Jun 22 - Buenos dias, amigos! I'm having a great time getting into Latin dancing
Jun 29 - I'm getting so excited about my American tour, it's named 'The Year of The Diamond Dogs'
Jul 06 - I almost forgot to tell you about the wonderful party I went to just a few weeks ago
Jul 13 - I'm happy to say I'm on the road again - seeing new places
Jul 20 - Most exciting news these days has to do with one lovely lady in my life
Jul 27 - New York was fairly turned upside down the other night and I must say it was for a great cause.
Aug 03 - I must tell you about the wonderful night out on the town Angie and I just had.
Aug 10 - I saw the most amazing sight just a few weeks ago. I was walking around Times Square
Aug 17 - I must tell you right from the start that I've never been one to believe in ghosts or witches
Aug 24 - I was just remembering all the wonderful adventures I had on the tour
Aug 31 - There is a brand new edition to the Bowie household
Sep 07 - The Bowie household is currently in rather a confused state
Sep 14 - I must tell you about the wonderful new project
Sep 21 - I really must tell you about my very favourite city to perform in the whole of the United States of America!
Sep 28 - This week I am going to tell you about my concert in Madison Square Garden
Oct 05 - I thought this week I'd go into more detail about my brief holiday at Cherry Vanilla's summer house on Fire Island, off Long Island, New York.
Oct 12 - GOOD NEWS! I've just finished what I think has to be one of my best albums yet!
Oct 19 - I'm now writing this epistle from gloriously sunny California
Oct 26 - I've just received the most exciting news - and I really must share it with you
Nov 02 - I'm just recovering from the most amazing birthday party
Nov 09 - I must confess that just recently I turned into one
Nov 16 - The Bowie family had its own private power failure the other evening
Nov 23 - I had a fabulous gift delivered to me the other day
Nov 30 - Well, winter's here - and it's really cold. I've been so busy touring
Dec 07 - I must tell you that the rest of the tour is going fabulously well
Dec 14 - You've probably recently seen photographs of me posed with the lovely Elizabeth Taylor
Dec 21 - I heard the most incredible thing the other day that I must tell you about
Dec 28 - ?
Jan 04 - Apparently no diary published in this issue.
Jan 11 - Apparently no diary published in this issue.
Jan 18 - I must tell you all about something funny that happened quite recently. Suzie Crackers, Freddie's
Jan 25 - You may think the holiday season is well and truly over but it isn't quite
Feb 01 - Hello there! Looks like I'm not going to Brazil after all
Feb 08 - Freddie Burett came over for dinner
Feb 15 - Things are just changing so quickly around here! I'm staying in New York for a while longer
Feb 22 - I'm turning into quite a mad-movie maker these days! As I told you, I'm making that 'Diamond Dogs' film
Mar 01 - I've been having a great time grovelling around on the floor with bits of paper, glue
Mar 08 - I must tell you the most wonderful news! I've bought a new house!
Mar 15 - I went to the wildest party the other night - and gained a bit of culture as well
Mar 22 - The other day I had Zows all to myself - something that very rarely happens.
Mar 29 - I have the most exciting news about my lovely Angie! She's taking a trip into deepest, darkest Africa!

Apr 05 - Kon Chi Fa Tsai! That means happy new year in Chinese
Apr 12 - I have another, totally new project that I must tell you about
Apr 19 - One great thing about living in New York
Apr 26 - I must tell you something really fascinating I've just heard about! I've told you about Angie's current

May 03 - The weather over here has been absolutely miserable lately! - (FINAL COLUMN PUBLISHED)


I'm happy to say I'm on the road again - seeing new places - (13th July 1974)
Hello there! Looks like I'm not going to Brazil after all - (1st February 1975)