David Bowie - Buddha of Suburbia

David Bowie

The Buddha of Suburbia

This, Bowie's 19th studio album from 1993, is one of his personal favourites. The music differs significantly to the motif driven small pieces that he wrote for the TV mini series of the same name. Instead Bowie took lots of narrative provocation from Hanif Kureishi's novel and alongside his own personal reminiscences from the 1970's created a textural backdrop to create an amazing brand new album that is well worth discovering.

The Buddha of Suburbia DVD

The Buddha of Suburbia DVD with audio commentary (Hanif Kureishi and Director) is out on DVD (2 Entertain) for the first time on 17th September. BBC 1993.

The classic novel from Hanif Kureishi is available from Faber and Faber:


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Buddha of Suburbia
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