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2nd November 1974

   I must tell you that the rest of the tour is going fabulously well. We've got a few new people travelling with the show and among them is a very talented and favourite friend of mine, Ava Cherry. The last time I told you about Ava, I mentioned that she was going to be in a Broadway show. Well, at the last minute, she decided against the show and instead is now one of my back-up singer-dancers. She and Geoffrey (her partner in my show), and I are friends from way back.

   Geoffrey and I have been friends for ages, since we were both children, and I must take full credit for discovering Ava. I met Ava when she was a famous model in Paris and something about her looks told me she had star quality. Since then, she really has proven herself as being star material, and I'd better be careful before she steals my spotlight. Only kidding - there's nothing better than being able to work with friends - keeping it in the family, so to speak.

   I haven't had much time for hitting the night spots lately. After I do a show, I usually just manage to have a bite to eat before I go back to my hotel room and drift immediately off to sleep. By the time I wake up again, it's almost time to do another show.

   The other night I did a funny thing that I can't for the life of me remember doing! The musicians, singers and I just finished a show and everyone decided to go to a restaurant and have a late dinner. I was so tired that I told them I wasn't coming along, but would just order something from the hotel's room service before going to sleep. Well, apparently, that's just what I did, because the next morning I had a luscious, five-course dinner lying uneaten in front of me. I don't remember ordering it; I can't remember letting the waiter in my room and I can't remember getting undressed for bed. It seems like a definite case of sleep-walking to me!

   One activity that I have managed to take time out for is reading - and I've come upon a great author. His name is Kurt Vonnegut - and even though he's new to me, all my friends seem to have been reading his books for years. He writes what you might call humorous science fiction. It's fabulous and I've turned Angie on to his books, and she in turn reads them to Zowie as bedtime stories. So now I'm telling you about them, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

   Well, it's time for me to go now, so until next time -

9th November 1974


18th November 1974


23rd November 1974

   I had a fabulous gift delivered to me the other day. It came in a huge box which quite surprised me because I don't usually get anything of that size in my mail. Eagerly I ripped the package open to find a rather large stuffed toy dog, complete with a diamond-like necklace around its neck... Get it? Diamond Dogs!

   It was a great looking toy - but the best part of it all is that it was sent to me by Anthony Newley, the famous actor-singer who I've been a fan of for years.

   Well, it turns out that he'd come to one of my concerts and really enjoyed himself, so this was a token of his appreciation. He said he even made the dog himself.

   I can tell you I was absolutely astonished! How flattering it is to find that one's idol turns out to be one's fan. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back! I'm feeling quite big-headed at the moment.

   I've been enjoying the old New York night-life once again. Angie and I went to a super party the other night in honour of Stevie Wonder and it certainly was an all-star evening.

   My old friend, Mick Jagger was there - and we discovered that we're practically neighbours. He's living over here now and likes it quite a lot, although he misses Britain, as do I.

   Anyway, it was great seeing him and having a bit of the old country over here.

   After the party Angie and I took Mick to that Latin dancing place we like to go to and introduced Mick to the art of Latin-American dancing, a talent I'm not perfect at yet myself, but I do enjoy it. Mick picked it up right away, though, and pretty quickly he looked like one of the regulars.

   I really must go now, one of my favourite old movies is on the telly and I want to tape it so I can show it to my friends in the future. As you know, my video-tape machine is my greatest craze these days and I can't resist using it constantly.

   So until next time...

30th November 1974


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