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7th December 1974

   Well, winter's here - and it's really cold. I've been so busy touring - am I going to need a holiday when this tour is finished! - but that hasn't kept me from keeping up with what's happening on the home front.

   Zowie's been having a great time in nursery school, and celebrated Hallowe'en with all his school mates. All the children were instructed to get dressed in costumes for their school party so Angie got one of my old stage costumes and cut it down really small for Zows. Zowie is now the glitter king of his nursery school! All the other children were dressed as witches and warlocks, nurses and doctors and so on, but Zows was the one and only spaceman!

   Anyway, Zowie had the time of his life and when it came to the time for him to go to bed Angie had a bit of a job getting him to take off his costume!

   You may begin to think that all this work is getting the best of me once I tell you the whole truth about my latest eccentricity. I always have heard that performers are a bit superstitious, but I never thought that I'd fall into that category. Well, believe it or not, I have and I am now the proud possessor of a lucky plant. Yes, you heard me correctly. It was given to me by a fan one day in California and that night I did one of my best concerts, so I've taken it with me to every date since. Actually, someone else has the job of carrying it from city to city and watering it, but I say hello to it every once in a while and pat its leaves for good luck before a concert.

   Yes, it's been proven that plants grow better when they're spoken to! Angie will be astonished when she sees me finally arrive home with plant in tow. I've never been a plant lover, until now that is!

   That's about all for now, I have to go to a rehearsal because we're changing the format of the show a bit. Angie and Geoffrey are so good that they're going to be my warm-up act at the start of the show as well as performing during it.

   So, until next time -

14th December 1974

   I heard the most incredible thing the other day that I must tell you about, and I promise every single word of it is true! I was in Detroit, where I was due to do a concert, and before the show I was sitting in my hotel room listening to the radio.

   Suddenly, the newsman interrupted the regular programme with the news that a spaceship had been found in the desert - an alien spaceship about six feet wide and thirty feet long - and inside were three alien beings. The three creatures were killed on impact when the spaceship plummeted to earth, but they were taken to a hospital to be examined, anyway. These people looked like human beings but were much smaller and when they were examined it was discovered that their vital organs were like human beings too! The catch is that their brains were found to be much farther advanced! Wow!

   As soon as the newscast was over I got all the band and my back-up singers together, and had them ring up radio and TV stations all over the country to see if they had all got the report. About half the stations said they had and half denied it - so, it really is quite a mystery. No one knows what's happened to the spaceship or the spacemen at this point, and it seems that someone is trying to cover up the whole matter completely!

   I asked the audience at the concert that night if they had heard about the spaceship landing, and just about all of them had, so I definitely wasn't hearing things! I'd really like to know more about it, though!

   There isn't too much else happening at the moment. Angie took a short holiday in Jamaica. She said that it's really beautiful there, and had a wonderful time even though she's not a sunworshipper. Neither am I, but I could fancy a bit of a holiday. No time for that, though!

   Amanda Lear came over here to visit. Amanda is the MainMan artiste who is making an album of 'Oktobriana' songs and she came over here to finish her single, and to give me my 'Melody Maker' award. She said that she was so nervous when she received it for me that she dropped it on her foot and was positively mortified. Of course, I checked the award immediately for dents!

   Anyway, Amanda's single is fabulous! It's called 'Star' and Amanda will be just that in a little while. It's about time we had another lady star!

   I must go now, 'cos one of favourite performers in the world is on telly, James Brown, and I must give him my undivided attention. So, stay happy and watch out for spaceships!

21st December 1974

Hello there!

   Looks like I'm not going to Brazil after all - at least, not for the reason that was originally planned.

   At first I was going to do some of my shows for the Brazilians, and now it looks like I'm just going to take a holiday in the tropics. I had a really crazy idea: I was going to take an early ship that would drop me off at one end of Brazil and then I was going to drive a car all along the Amazon River until I came to Rio.

   Well, I dumped that idea when I discovered that that would mean quite a number of miles - thousands maybe - so I'll have to discover the South American landscape some other time! Now, what I'm doing is taking a ship straight to Rio. It's such an exciting city and I can't wait to just relax for a while. I wish I were going during Carnival time. It's supposed to be really incredible - the festivities are wild. Everyone wears costumes and they dance - and people from all over the world come to celebrate! But, I'm sure Rio is pretty wild all year round so I'm not too upset that I'm missing out on the Carnival.

   Speaking of wild costumes and people dancing and acting crazy - I've just gone to see the most amazing show! You may have heard something about it - it's called 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' - and I must say it's one of the most bizarre shows I've ever seen, besides mine, of course! All the characters from all the old Beatles' songs come to life right before your very eyes! Strawberry Fields is a really pretty girl with a fabulous voice; Mr. Kite is a glitter rock star; Rita, the meter maid, turns out to be a man. The costumes and sets are just spectacular - and everyone in the show is super talented. It's one of the biggest hits in New York these days and soon the whole show will go on the road. It's even set to go to Japan, so it looks like it may come your way, too!

   Some of the dates for my European tour have been set. As it stands now, I'll be starting in the Scandinavian countries in March. I'm not looking forward to the cold at all! I'd like to invent something that you can just maybe spray all over you that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer - wouldn't that be fabulous! It would be a weather repellent! I'd better get started working on that one!

   Zows has been playing truant from school, lately. Well, it's not really truant - he's been a bit sick. So, Angie and I have been teaching him at home. What a scene! I'm constantly surrounded by paints, colouring books and alphabet books - they start them early on their A to Z over here!

   I've been trying to trick Zows by telling him a letter is a D when it's really a B and so on, but he isn't ever fooled and by now he thinks his dad should go back to nursery school and start all over again! I wouldn't mind colouring, painting and playing with blocks all day!

   I see by the clock on the wall that it's time for my next lesson, so I'd better be going.

   TV talk shows are really popular over here and I have to tell you that I've just succumbed and been on one of them! I really was a bit nervous before I went on 'cos it's a lot different than just going out there and singing songs - you never know what kind of questions you're going to be asked. But the M.C. Dick Cavett and I got along very well - and it was almost like sitting in my living-room and talking to a friend. I don't think I'll do it again too soon though, 'cos it was a bit scary knowing that millions of people are sitting in front of their TVs watching me!

   A few weeks ago, when I went to see Dana do her show at Reno Sweeney's - that's a club in New York I told you about - I had the pleasure of sitting with Bob Dylan and Bette Midler, two of my favourite performers. Dana really moves in her show, you know. She dances, bumps and wriggles - she really is a sight to behold. So, inspired by Dana, Bette and I decided to start a new dance craze! At first when we talked about it, we weren't really serious, but then we got into it more and more until Bette convinced me to go into the studio and record a dance song for her! Can you believe it? Me getting into the field of disco music!

   Well, anyway, I've done the demo and I've named it 'Do The Ruby'! I'm counting on 'The Ruby' to sweep all over the world as soon as Bette and I figure out what all the steps that go with it will be! Bette wants to record 'Do The Ruby' and put it on one of her albums, too! So make sure you listen for more news of 'The Ruby' - be the first in your city or town to learn it!

28th December 1974


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