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4th January 1975

Apparently no diary published in this issue.

11th January 1975

Apparently no diary published in this issue.

18th January 1975

   I must tell you all about something funny that happened quite recently.

   Suzie Crackers, Freddie's assistant designer is in the States for a visit. Angie and she are good friends, so Suzie is a guest in our house whenever she comes over here. One night Suzie just happened to mention to Angie that she hadn't yet seen my new show and that she'd love to, especially since she'd never seen me wearing the new clothes she'd helped Freddie make for me. So, Angie got the bright idea that the two of them would surprise me and show up at my next concert unexpectedly. Well, they found out it was was easier said than done!

   They knew what hotel I was booked into, so since they were early getting into Madison - the city in Wisconsin I was playing in - they went straight there to surprise me before the show. And that's when the trouble began!

   None of the hotel staff believed that Angie was who she said she was, and they wouldn't let her up to see me. In fact, when she told the manager that she was my wife and was just trying to surprise me, he said: "Sure, and I'm Queen Elizabeth!" This went on for about an hour and a half, so finally she and Suzie decided that they'd just meet me at the concert hall.

   They came prepared with tickets for the show, but getting backstage was a different matter entirely. When Angie told the guard that she was Mrs. Bowie, the guard said that he'd seen pictures of Angela and she definitely wasn't her. Mind you, Angie has quite a new look these days. She's wearing her hair with a fringe and in a softer style, so she doesn't look like the Angie of her pictures.

   It took quite a while to convince this fellow that she wasn't an impostor. He went backstage to double-check with me but, meanwhile, Angie and Suzie sneaked right past the other guards and made their way to my dressing room. They arrived backstage grinning from ear to ear and told me that they really hadn't had that much fun in ages!

   When the show was over and we went back to the hotel the manager spotted us and practically went down on his knees trying to apologise, but by that time we'd all forgotten about the trouble. We did decide though, that in the future Angie should plan her surprises a bit more carefully!

25th January 1975

   You may think the holiday season is well and truly over but it isn't quite. My birthday's coming up, you see! Some people think birthdays are enough cause for a celebration and you know me - I'll use any excuse for a party! I'll soon be twenty-eight years old and I'm afraid I'm turning into an old man right before your very eyes! Only kidding - I've still got a few good years in me! Anyway, my room currently looks like a florist's shop with all the flowers sent by well-wishers, and I think that I could possibly pass out from the over-powering scent! Seriously, it's is quite fabulous that everyone over here has remembered my birthday.

   Well, what next! Oh yes, I just saw the most fabulous film! It's probably old news to you 'cos I know that it's been out for months in England - but it's just out in America. It's the new David Essex movie, 'Stardust', and it shows what some pop stars' lives are really like. I found it very funny in parts and oh-so-sad in other parts. Angie saw it, too, and said that it should be shown to everyone who wants to be a star so that they know what they're in for. She doesn't mean that it's always as strange as it was in the film, but yes, it does happen!

   Angie and Susie Crackers have joined a gym. They go almost every day to do their exercises, take saunas and steam baths and use the machines. It seems that they've both decided they were getting terribly out of shape and decided to do something about it. Of course, neither of them are the least bit out of shape, but it's no use telling them that! When they get an idea in their heads, there's no changing their minds. At any rate Angie comes back after she's been at the gym absolutely exhausted from all these workouts. It seems the only thing that Angie is getting herself in shape for is a night of deep sleep!

   I've lost so much weight on this tour that I'm going to have to start getting back in shape myself. I'm starting by getting more sleep and eating regular meals. Angie is trying to fatten me up again with her home cooking! I'm not going to join any gym, though. That sounds more like torture than treatment to me!

   Until next week,

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