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5th April 1975

   Kon Chi Fa Tsai! That means Happy New Year in Chinese! You may think my greeting is a bit belated, but it isn't, if you're Chinese that is. In China the year 4673 has only just started. The Chinese measure time from way back over 2000 years B.C. and have special animal names for each year like the year of the ox, tiger, snake, etc. This New Year is the year of the rabbit.

   Now, you may be wondering why I'm telling you all this! Well, it's because I've just been to a huge Chinese New Year's celebration. You see the Chinese-Americans keep up the tradition and have really big festivals over here in Chinatown every new year. And I was lucky enough to be in Chinatown for one night of the celebration. Chinatown in New York is really interesting all year round. It's got thousands of restaurants and little shops where they sell all sorts of exotic things. Instead of chemist shops they have herbalists who cure all their customers ills with things that seem to me to be magic potions.

   Anyway, on Chinese New Year the area becomes really incredible. They have huge noisy parades with people dressed up in colourful and frightening costumes, acrobats and dancers who perform in the middle of the streets - and people come from far and wide to see the celebrations.

   My favourite part of the parade was the dragon. They use this enormous paper dragon which is painted very brightly and has fierce look on his face. He's about thirty feet long and about ten men stand under him to make it look like he's walking and charging at people. All this is accompanied by fireworks and the whole thing is quite exciting. The little children whose parents had taken them out for a night of fun weren't having a very good time, though. They were frightened to death and I'm sure they had nightmares about a monster coming after them, so I'm awfully glad that Zows wasn't along to see it! I enjoyed my little taste of Chinese culture, though - and I didn't have any nightmares!

   Cherry Vanilla is doing another show and I went to see her again. She's fabulous as usual and she's expanded her act to include more songs, and poems, including one about Yours Truly! I'm very flattered to say the least.

   I must go now, I'm late for a show I'm going to tonight. So goodbye until next week...

12th April 1975

   I have another, totally new project that I must tell you about. Remember my saying how much I liked Cherry Vanilla's poetry and her wonderful stage act? Well I've decided to do a record with Miss Vanilla - she'll read her poems and I'll provide an electronic background. I'm really excited about it and we plan to go into the studio as soon as possible to start working on it - so keep your eyes open for Cherry's recording debut!

   Meanwhile, I've decided on the casting for my film. It's going to star Wayne County, Iggy Pop, Terence Stamp and Cyrinda Foxe. Quite a strange mixture of people, isn't it? Well, it's got to be interesting!

   The movie is going to show what it's like for a normal kid growing up in a rock and roll world. Wayne and Cyrinda are going to have very straight dramatic parts - quite a change for them because they're used to doing comedy - but, they're really looking forward to a change of pace!

   Anyway, back on the home front - my assistant Corinne has been lending a hand in the redecorating of my new house. Her one great contribution so far has been to hang up enormous rows of salami and cheeses all over the kitchen. When you walk into the kitchen these days the look and smell of it makes you think you're in an Italian restaurant!

   I've been doing a lot of work upstairs in my studio late at night. It's really pleasant up there because the ceiling is full of skylights, and when I get bored all I have to do is look up at the stars for a bit of inspiration. I can actually go for hours without a break, so Corinne brings me sustenance in the way of food at appropriate intervals. My favourite dish right now is cold salami with radishes on the side - very simple and terribly continental!

   In fact, at the moment I'm really enjoying the simple things in life. I'm finding it easier to sleep these days... I don't know if you know but at one time I found I could go without sleep for a couple of days - and nights!

   I've been listening to records a lot lately, too! Right now, my favourites are La-Belle's new album, Nightbirds, P.J. Proby and a really fabulous album that I found in a junk shop. It's called 'Manhatten Tower Suite' and it dates back to the '50s. The theme of the whole album is what it was like to fall in love in New York twenty years ago. You didn't know I was a romantic, did you?

   Well, I must be going now. Corinne's been busy buying furniture and such for Zowie's nursery and I must go check on her purchases!

19th April 1975

   One great thing about living in New York (and something that New Yorkers always seem to take for granted) is that there is always something exciting to do or see. And these past few days I've been out doing and seeing even more than usual!

   Firstly, let me tell you about Richard Bernstein's gallery showing and party. Richard Bernstein is a very popular artist in these parts so just everyone was at the Lajeski Gallery to see his first exhibition - and to partake of the fine food and drink served afterwards. The gallery itself is very modern, and it was the perfect place to show Richard's very bizarre, pro-arty paintings and graphics. And stealing the show from Richard's work were the costumes worn by the party guests.

   Cherry Vanilla arrived wearing a really bright blue velvet coat with a matching feather boa and her hair is the brightest red you've ever seen - brighter than mine ever was - and taking the rest of Vanilla's ensemble into consideration, she wound-up looking very colourful!

   I had a fabulous time - especially at the party afterwards! It took a while for everyone to get warmed up, but when they do, the dance floor was jumping, the noise level was really high, and it certainly turned out to be a party to be remembered!

   The next glittering event I attended was the Roxy Music concert where everyone turned up to see the marvellous Bryan Ferry. Bryan isn't as hugely popular here as he is in England, but he will be - with the help of some of his fans who include Andy Warhol, Richard Bernstein, Amanda Lear and me!

   There was a small get-together after the show at a new restaurant called Lady Astor's. Since Max's Kansas City closed everyone who used to go there for a meal or a drink or just to hang out to meet old friends, has been looking for a new hang-out to take its place. Well, it seems Lady Astor's has turned into the new place! All the artists and musicians and glitter crowd who could be seen at Max's each and every night have turned up there! It's quite a strange place. It rather looks like the lobby of an elegant old hotel in the '20's.

   Wish you were here...
   Love On Ya!

26th April 1975

   I must tell you something really fascinating I've just heard about! I've told you about Angie's current trip across Africa and Asia - but I haven't told you about the latest plan regarding her trip. First of all, it seems scientists have discovered the real Noah's Ark. Now, no one believes me when I talk about this - but I promise, it's all true!

   Scientists have discovered Noah's Ark perfectly preserved in ice sitting on a mountaintop on the border of Russia and Turkey - and that's where the problem comes in! The Russians and Turks are disputing over whose property the mountain is. The Russians say it's theirs and the Turks say it belongs to them - so the result is that no one can get their hands on the ark. Oh, sure there have been scientists and archaeologists up there taking samples of the wood and measuring the boat itself - that's how they've proven that it actually is Noah's Ark. The wood samples have been tested and they are thousands of years old and the length of the ship is exactly the right number of cubits the ark is supposed to have been. (Cubits are the units of measure that were used in ancient times).

   But, the most amazing thing that comes to mind is that inside the ark may be frozen extinct animals that no one can get to because of this dispute! Just think - animals that Noah took on board that don't even exist anymore! It's really an important scientific discovery - or at least it could be, if someone was allowed to actually go into the ark.

   Now, you may be wondering where Angie comes into it. No, she's not going to drill her way into the ship or anything drastic like that - but she does plan to get permission from the Russian and Turkish governments for her and Lee to take loads of pictures of it and send them to magazines and newspapers. This way at least people will begin to learn of the ark's existence and if enough interest is stirred up - this whole matter will eventually have to be investigated.

   Well, enough of science for a while! Back here in New York Corinne has finished decorating the nursery just in time for Zowie's extended stay with his daddy while Angie's abroad!

   That's all for now! Until next time...

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