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5th April 1975

   The weather over here has been absolutely miserable lately! Really, the hailstorms, rainstorms and such in New York at the moment have been making English weather look rather appealing!

   In spite of these bad conditions, however, I've been doing my best to keep up with the social scene - and I'm not doing too badly at that!

   Corinne and Geoffrey and I have just been to see the movie, 'Tommy', and I'm pleased to report that it was quite fabulous! Ken Russell has always been one of my favourite directors - I love all the special effects he uses in his films. I met him while Dana was working in one of his films and we talked about his film technique and such. He really taught me a lot which I hope I'll be able to use putting together my films. Anyway, I expected 'Tommy' to be great, but I must admit that I didn't expect the acting to be as wonderful as it was! Roger Daltry is the perfect Tommy! He's also an incredibly professional actor and he should go far in his new career. The rest of the cast were all just terrific too so don't miss it!

   I'm really starting to sound like an advert, aren't I?

   Speaking of films - I just want to tell you about the latest brainstorm I've had. I've told you about the record I found, Manhattan Tower Suite. It's an old '50s LP and the theme of the music is falling in love in New York in the '50s. Well, I've deciding that it would make a wonderful movie starring Bette Midler!

   First things first of course - I must finish the film I'm working on at the present time - but there's no harm looking into the future!

   Corinne has taken up a new hobby which she is trying desperately to get me interested in! She's jogging every morning, well actually early afternoon and every day, before she goes out to hit the road or hit the track or whatever it is that joggers call the area they jog in, she attempts to get me up and awake enough to take a quick run with her.

   Well, folks, it's time for me to say farewell to you all for a while. I'm just so busy that my column keeps arriving later and later in the Mirabelle offices, so I'm going to take a breather.

   It's been nice talking to you...

12th April 1975

   I have another, totally new project that I must tell you about. Remember my saying how much I liked Cherry Vanilla's poetry and her wonderful stage act? Well I've decided to do a record with Miss Vanilla - she'll read her poems and I'll provide an electronic background. I'm really excited about it and we plan to go into the studio as soon as possible to start working on it - so keep your eyes open for Cherry's recording debut!

   Meanwhile, I've decided on the casting for my film. It's going to star Wayne County, Iggy Pop, Terence Stamp and Cyrinda Foxe. Quite a strange mixture of people, isn't it? Well, it's got to be interesting!

   The movie is going to show what it's like for a normal kid growing up in a rock and roll world. Wayne and Cyrinda are going to have very straight dramatic parts - quite a change for them because they're used to doing comedy - but, they're really looking forward to a change of pace!

   Anyway, back on the home front - my assistant Corinne has been lending a hand in the redecorating of my new house. Her one great contribution so far has been to hang up enormous rows of salami and cheeses all over the kitchen. When you walk into the kitchen these days the look and smell of it makes you think you're in an Italian restaurant!

   I've been doing a lot of work upstairs in my studio late at night. It's really pleasant up there because the ceiling is full of skylights, and when I get bored all I have to do is look up at the stars for a bit of inspiration. I can actually go for hours without a break, so Corinne brings me sustenance in the way of food at appropriate intervals. My favourite dish right now is cold salami with radishes on the side - very simple and terribly continental!

   In fact, at the moment I'm really enjoying the simple things in life. I'm finding it easier to sleep these days... I don't know if you know but at one time I found I could go without sleep for a couple of days - and nights!

   I've been listening to records a lot lately, too! Right now, my favourites are La-Belle's new album, Nightbirds, P.J. Proby and a really fabulous album that I found in a junk shop. It's called 'Manhatten Tower Suite' and it dates back to the '50s. The theme of the whole album is what it was like to fall in love in New York twenty years ago. You didn't know I was a romantic, did you?

   Well, I must be going now. Corinne's been busy buying furniture and such for Zowie's nursery and I must go check on her purchases!

19th April 1975

   You've probably recently seen photographs of me posed with the lovely Elizabeth Taylor. I must admit, that meeting her was quite a thrill. You see, ever since I was a tot I've wanted to meet Miss Taylor and I'm still quite a fan of hers, so when I found out that she'd come to see my show and was inviting me to tea the next day, I was really flabbergasted!

   It turned out that she's not as notorious as everyone thinks. In fact, she's very nice and sweet, and she seemed quite nervous at meeting me. She must have thought that I was pretty notorious, too! She's also giggly at times and very little-girlish. By the end of the tea I was giggling right along with her. It really was amazing to discover that she's not the vamp she nearly always portrays on the screen, but that's the nice thing about being a performer. One gets to meet some of the people one has admired and find out what they're really like.

   We're finally starting to use the new set in the show. It's really impressive - an all-white backdrop made of a plush fuzzy material. Ava and Geoffrey and I stand on sparkling stainless steel platforms while we're performing and the whole effect is very dramatic. I've instructed everyone not to go near the white material with shoes on or it won't be white for too long!

   The new shows have been going really well - I've added some new songs and changed the format and so far everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. There has been one minor set-back, though. Yours truly came down with a very bad sore throat and I thought I might have to cancel a show. Luckily, Angie came to the rescue. She started travelling with me by train - fearless Angie usually flies to my concerts - and treated me with Vitamin 'C' tablets, aspirins and throat sprays - and I felt quite healthy in no time.

   I'm so glad it was Angie who nursed me back to health, though. When I'm sick I'm rather unbearable to be around. I get really grumpy and want everything to be done for me and the only person who can stand being around me is Angie. Now that I'm sufficiently recovered she's taking planes again, because trains are just not fast enough for the lady of perpetual motion!

   Well, I must bid you all adieu for now as I seem to be running out of room, so stay tuned until next week.

26th April 1975

   I must tell you something really fascinating I've just heard about! I've told you about Angie's current trip across Africa and Asia - but I haven't told you about the latest plan regarding her trip. First of all, it seems scientists have discovered the real Noah's Ark. Now, no one believes me when I talk about this - but I promise, it's all true!

   Scientists have discovered Noah's Ark perfectly preserved in ice sitting on a mountaintop on the border of Russia and Turkey - and that's where the problem comes in! The Russians and Turks are disputing over whose property the mountain is. The Russians say it's theirs and the Turks say it belongs to them - so the result is that no one can get their hands on the ark. Oh, sure there have been scientists and archaeologists up there taking samples of the wood and measuring the boat itself - that's how they've proven that it actually is Noah's Ark. The wood samples have been tested and they are thousands of years old and the length of the ship is exactly the right number of cubits the ark is supposed to have been. (Cubits are the units of measure that were used in ancient times).

   But, the most amazing thing that comes to mind is that inside the ark may be frozen extinct animals that no one can get to because of this dispute! Just think - animals that Noah took on board that don't even exist anymore! It's really an important scientific discovery - or at least it could be, if someone was allowed to actually go into the ark.

   Now, you may be wondering where Angie comes into it. No, she's not going to drill her way into the ship or anything drastic like that - but she does plan to get permission from the Russian and Turkish governments for her and Lee to take loads of pictures of it and send them to magazines and newspapers. This way at least people will begin to learn of the ark's existence and if enough interest is stirred up - this whole matter will eventually have to be investigated.

   Well, enough of science for a while! Back here in New York Corinne has finished decorating the nursery just in time for Zowie's extended stay with his daddy while Angie's abroad!

   That's all for now! Until next time...

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