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3rd May 1975

   The weather over here has been absolutely miserable lately! Really, the hailstorms, rainstorms and such in New York at the moment have been making English weather look rather appealing!

   In spite of these bad conditions, however, I've been doing my best to keep up with the social scene - and I'm not doing too badly at that!

   Corinne and Geoffrey and I have just been to see the movie, 'Tommy', and I'm pleased to report that it was quite fabulous! Ken Russell has always been one of my favourite directors - I love all the special effects he uses in his films. I met him while Dana was working in one of his films and we talked about his film technique and such. He really taught me a lot which I hope I'll be able to use putting together my films. Anyway, I expected 'Tommy' to be great, but I must admit that I didn't expect the acting to be as wonderful as it was! Roger Daltry is the perfect Tommy! He's also an incredibly professional actor and he should go far in his new career. The rest of the cast were all just terrific too so don't miss it!

   I'm really starting to sound like an advert, aren't I?

   Speaking of films - I just want to tell you about the latest brainstorm I've had. I've told you about the record I found, Manhattan Tower Suite. It's an old '50s LP and the theme of the music is falling in love in New York in the '50s. Well, I've deciding that it would make a wonderful movie starring Bette Midler!

   First things first of course - I must finish the film I'm working on at the present time - but there's no harm looking into the future!

   Corinne has taken up a new hobby which she is trying desperately to get me interested in! She's jogging every morning, well actually early afternoon and every day, before she goes out to hit the road or hit the track or whatever it is that joggers call the area they jog in, she attempts to get me up and awake enough to take a quick run with her.

   Well, folks, it's time for me to say farewell to you all for a while. I'm just so busy that my column keeps arriving later and later in the Mirabelle offices, so I'm going to take a breather.

   It's been nice talking to you...

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