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31st December 1999

DAVID BOWIE made an unexpected appearance on BBC1's TOMORROW'S WORLD yesterday. The programme '2000 And Beyond: Tomorrow's World Special' was centred around scientific innovation. This edition looked at possible changes to the world in the next century. David talked briefly about his thoughts concerning computers and how we will use them in our everyday lives. The interview clips were taken from an interview recorded in October at the Maida Vale Studios.

They had a phone in poll based on "innovators" suggestions and thoughts, the results will be collated and then shown in another special programme due for broadcasting next century.

The programme was first shown the day previous on Wednesday 29th at 7.30 p.m. and then repeated late last night at 12.30 a.m.

30th December 1999

David on The Big Breakfast This morning on Channel Four's THE BIG BREAKFAST UK TV show, featured DAVID BOWIE throughout the show. Recorded a few weeks back, the show started off with 'Boom Boom', yes that is the boom mic operator, wanting to "become" David Bowie in a 'Stars In Their Eyes' spoof.

Boom Boom went through the curtains and reappeared as David wearing a red V-neck jumper. It was an uncanny resemblance considering the fact that it was actually David himself. He duly took over the boom mic and pretended to be fishing!

There were three huge photographs of David displayed in the room, behind Windows 73, Windows 83 and Windows 99 and all the more complete with 'Harry And The Playboys', a trio on piano, drums and saxophone playing various DB tracks in a way that only they could. Enough said.

After the introductions, David first appeared at the sink, turning the taps on and off. He then went through a 'true or false' round of questions, then he washed the dishes! Then he appeared inside the 'Videognome' room for a special video feature on some of David's promo videos. They broadcast snippets of The Jean Genie, Ashes To Ashes and the latest video for Survive, whilst David gave some insights into each particular promo.

Then the third interview... yes third! Saw host Liza Tarbuck interview David on the bed. Topic of conversation was mainly 'arty' and also a snippet of 'The Nomad Soul' was shown.

After a short clip 'In The Shed' with Johnny, the fourth interview... yes fourth! with Johnny Vaughan doing the questions, along with a DB character retrospective which included: Heroes, Space Oddity, Ashes To Ashes, 92 studio clip, 72 Ziggy clip and Buddha Of Suburbia.

Then outside with the baseball bat wielding ex Dulwich Bluejay, who managed to hit first time, both the singing toy Santa Claus and the snowman with precision and finesse.

DB on Big Breakfast David and Johnny DB on Big Breakfast Billie, David, Johnny, Lisa and Sarah Billie, David, Johnny, Lisa and Sarah Yo! Bluejays Wallop!

Thanks to Marcel for the digital photos.

29th December 1999

The German issue of the ROLLING STONE magazine have DAVID BOWIE positioned firmly in at Number One in their 'Solo Artist Of The Year' section.

In fourth position came 'hours...' in the 'Album Of The Year' section, along with 'Thursday's Child' in second place in the 'Single Of The Year' section.

Even better still is the fact that the poll is voted for by the readers. Congratulations David!

Info via Bianca.

29th December 1999

The Big Breakfast Don't forget tomorrow (Thursday 30th December) that DAVID BOWIE is the special guest on UK Channel 4's BIG BREAKFAST show. Starts at 8.00 a.m. till 10.00 a.m. Make sure you tape the whole programme because David is here, there and everywhere all over the house. (40382).

Check out the Big Breakfast web site.

29th December 1999

Go and vote online for DAVID BOWIE in the ROLLINGSTONE.COM... 'The Last Poll Of The Century' - David appears in three different categories.

Artist Of The Century: David Bowie
Album Of The Century: Hunky Dory
Song Of The Century: Space Oddity and also co-written Lust For Life with Iggy Pop.

Once every hundred years, RollingStone.com get together to mull over the best rock n roll artists, albums, songs and events of the previous century. This year they've crafted four such lists, composed of popular favorites, critical favorites, and a few that might not be anybody's favorites. What will ultimately be the best of the century? Well, that's where you come in. Please vote for one entry in each category. They promise that they won't ask you again until 2099!

(Ed. Go vote now and let's get David where he obviously belongs).

29th December 1999

In the February 2000 issue of Q magazine their section 'How was it for you?' (What did you think of tonight's show?) has these four mini reviews of the London show.

DAVID BOWIE - London Astoria, Thursday December 2, 1999.

Rachel Walker
25, PA to pop star, Queens Park.
Really good, especially Rebel Rebel. I stood on my table and danced, and didn't get thrown out. There was a real hardcore fan base, lots of hands in the air, and lots of industry people.

Oli Bale
25, unemployed, Birmingham.
Cracking, superb. I came with an open mind and it was really good. Quite raw. The spotlight was on him and his pink V-neck. Changes and Rebel Rebel were best.

Lorena Randi
24, dancer, Kennington.
Spectacular. I never expected to hear the era that I'm interested in - Tin Machine and beyond. He did about four or five songs from the new album.

Vikki Spilsted
28, works for the BBC, London,
Fantastic, best night of my entire life. He's always been my hero. We sold ourselves to get here and it was worth every penny. He looked sexy, and band were tight and the bass player, Gail, was great.

From Q magazine.

28th December 1999

INTERVIEW: Robert Goodale: Making the web sing.

Ultrastar co-founder on his collaboration with David Bowie to change the sound of the web.

Picture this... Two men are having an animated discussion on the future of the Internet on 52th Street in New York. In a fit of beer-induced epiphany, one of them suggests forming a company that helps create online passionate affinity groups with a blend of exclusive content. The other suggests the name... Ultranet.

One of the men is rock's most famous innovator - David Bowie. The other is Robert Goodale, the man who's run Bowie's management company since the '80s.

You can visit Infoculture's web site, watch the speech on film and read the full interview here.

Info via Infoculture web site.

Merry Christmas 99 HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS 99!!!
25th December 1999


I hope you all receive everything you ever wish for.

Very Best Wishes from Paul aka Rednik

24th December 1999

An incredibly full room in BowieNet last night brought out a couple of pointers from DAVID BOWIE as to what he has planned for early 2000.

NathanAdler: When you will go to work with Visconti again?

David: Visconti and I begin work on the next album in February of next year, which should mean heads-down into tracks by May. Another exciting immediate project, Mark Plati and I will remake (with the band) a whole bunch of those 60s chestnuts.

Bianca: How about your collaboration with Glenn Branca?

David: Glen and I have emailed a little on the road, and do remember that it is also in conjunction with Tony Ousley, who is leading the project, again, initial ideas go down in February, and the whole musical installation piece is due in Berlin by June somewhere in the art front, I would really like to put my OWN show together... for the Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery in the fall of next year.

The prize for the "Best Comment" of the night went undoubtedly to dj with this corker...

QueerByChoice: David, my parents insist you're a bad influence on me. Are you willing to accept the blame? Do you feel guilty about this?
David: I haven't been a bad influence since the 70s... please thank your parents very much.
dj: I met you in '76 and you were charming, and I went on to be quite a heterosexual.

You can read the full chat transcription log from last night here.

24th December 1999

Lean back on your radio today, tune into Radio Two for STEVE WRIGHT IN THE AFTERNOON and you'll catch DAVID BOWIE making an appearance as Steve's special guest.

The show starts at 2.00 p.m. until 5.05 p.m.

23rd December 1999

Don't forget BowieNet have THE special chat guest DAVID BOWIE making an appearance tonight (Thursday) 23rd December at around 8.00 p.m. (EST) that's 1.00 a.m. (Friday) GMT. BowieNet members only.

You can read the chat transcription log from last night here.

Info from BowieNet.

23rd December 1999

It's January 1973, you are eleven years of age. You have your radio cassette microphone squarely aimed at the television speaker recording Ziggy Stardust on an episode Top Of The Pops.

DAVID BOWIE is riding high in the UK charts with 'The Jean Genie' (released 24th November) and he makes an appearance on BBC1's top pop programme. For some strange reason this performance seems to have been completely overlooked by Bowie fans everywhere.

Ziggy and Mick on TOTP Jan 1973 If you look at the photograph, which is taken from page 60 in the 'Moonage Daydream' book by Dave Thompson, you will notice the caption says "David and Mick Ronson perform The Starman on BBC1's Top Of The Pops" - wrong! Look closely and you'll see David has no eyebrows (trivia: removed 10th December in The Warwick Hotel!), he's wearing the same neck chain as The Jean Genie promo video, the BBC logo on the camera and most obvious of all, he's wearing a completely different outfit!

I noticed the photograph and wrong caption when the book was published back in 1987, but for some reason it went to the back of mind, mainly because I decided that I wouldn't have missed that performance at the time, or at worse other DB fans would have commented about it. Unbelievably I cannot find one single reference to this performance anywhere, written or otherwise.

Now a recording from the show has now suddenly surfaced. OK so it's not state of the art recording, but it has been cleaned up and is a vast improvement on the original. Nonetheless it does seem to prove that an appearance was made at the time. Note the extra use of harmonica - it's obviously a completely different recording to anything heard previously.

Listen Listen to a RealAudio clip of The Jean Genie from Top Of The Pops

By using logic we can roughly work out the date too. David arrived back in the UK from the States in mid December, the song was at number two on 9th December, he performed at The Rainbow Theatre on 23rd and 24th December. He did a week's worth of rehearsals for the Rainbow performance, Top Of The Pops was recorded live on a Wednesday therefore I am 99% certain that the performance was recorded on the 16th and broadcast the following day on 17th December 1972.

Update: After going through the Beeb archives here is the 100% accurate information:

1972: 14th December: 'The Jean Genie' promotional video was shown. Ed Stewart presenting the show.
1972: 21st December: 'The Jean Genie' disc was played with audience dancing. Tony Blackburn presenting.
1973: 4th January: 'The Jean Genie' LIVE PERFORMANCE by David. Jimmy Savile presented the show.

If anyone remembers this particular episode please get in touch via email, so we can get more confirmation of this performance.

Thanks to Mervyn Cross, Steve Lowe, Mark Adams and Stephen King for helping with the detective work. Hercule Poirot eat your heart out!

Whilst we are on the subject of "The Jean Genie"... Total Blam Blam and myself have probably the biggest bet on ever known in the history of the Bowie fan kingdom.

It all started when we snuck off to the Copenhagen gig, and to kill time during the journey we played the "Bowie lyric competition"... you know the one where someone says a line from a song and the other tries to guess it. Well, with us both being stubborn and simple minded, we ended up arguing over one particular line in the song. Just think about it for a second... one of us has been singing the wrong line for twenty seven years! Which is a complete no go.

Take a listen to the Listen RealAudio clip - can you decide what David is saying?

Outrageous Mark reckons David is saying "Get back honey"... his reasoning being that David was living up to his "camp" image at the time. I say it's "Get that part" because Trevor Bolder drops a bass note just before the chorus. Both our Bowie collections are at stake here, or alternatively a cash payment of £3 million. As you can see, the bet got rather out of hand to say the least, with lots of screaming and bawling on both sides. Talk about strung out! Besides both our Bowie 28 year old collections there is much more at stake here - honour. Poor little Blamo... let yourself go and just admit defeat.

(Ed. Secretly I'm hoping we are both wrong - it could ruin a really good friendship. A manly one of course. Mark I just had a thought... did we shake hands on this bet?).

23rd December 1999

Check out some more photographs of DAVID BOWIE live on stage at The Kit Kat Klub, New York City on 19th November 1999.

(Ed. Still lots more photographs to scan yet - I'll see if I manage it over the holidays).

22nd December 1999

Nope he ain't going twelve rounds with Lennox Lewis... but coming up this Sunday on Boxing Day 26th December, London's alternative radio station 104.9 XFM (Channel 924 Sky Digital) will be devoting the complete day to DAVID BOWIE. They will be re-broadcasting their four part interview with him done earlier this month, plus lots of music and competitions, including a chance to win David's entire back catalogue, plus an amazing exclusive Aladdin Sane print signed by DB himself. The station also announced that David intends to make the UK his home base in the year 2000.

Thanks to SimonG and NickF.

21st December 1999

The Big Breakfast Don't miss Channel 4's BIG BREAKFAST on Thursday 30th December otherwise you'll miss DAVID BOWIE making an appearance.

Make sure you record the whole of the show because David is here, there and everywhere throughout the house, and even tests his baseball bat skills on a snowman!

21st December 1999

BowieNet have THE special chat guest appearing this Thursday 23rd December at around 8.00 p.m. (EST) that's 1.00 a.m. (Friday) GMT... and they don't come any bigger than this. BowieNet members only.

Info from BowieNet.

20th December 1999

OK so hopefully you all saw and read DAVID BOWIE'S choice site of the week on BowieNet recently with the wonderful MAHIR. Now go check this out - it's even funnier than the original. Courtesy of QueerByChoice and Dahir BOWGRI - I kiss you too.

The only and original Mahir's Web Site.

Thanks to QBC and also to EB for the pointer.

19th December 1999

View some live photographs of DAVID BOWIE live on stage at The Vega, in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 7th December. Loads more to follow.

Check out the Danish photographs here.

19th December 1999

The promotional video for DAVID BOWIE'S follow up single 'Survive', directed by Walter Stern and filmed in London, has had its premier screening on BowieNet and UK television this weekend. In the same vein as 'Thursday's Child', the beautifully shot video shows David having breakfast in the kitchen when weird and surreal things start happening. It is available for viewing at BowieNet now.

Survive video Survive video Survive video Survive video

The single is due for release next century on 17th January 2000, it will be available in three separate formats including a very limited edition 7" vinyl picture disc. See here for full details.

17th December 1999

DAVID BOWIE is set to headline GLASTONBURY 2000 - returning to Britain's most famous festival for the first time in almost thirty years.

Michael Eavis, promoter and founder of the three-day-bash, has made 52-year-old Bowie an offer to front the June event, and the singer is expected to agree within the next few weeks.

Bowie was on the bill at the very first festival back in 1970 - alongside T.Rex and Hawkwind.

One close source said last night: "David's thinking it over at the moment but after the success of the gig earlier this month, he looks certain to do it."

His secret concert at London's Astoria theatre two weeks ago got an ecstatic response from the audience which included Jimmy page, Pete Townshend, Mick Jagger, Fatboy Slim, and Skin from Skunk Anansie - and now Bowie's considering a major tour.

Our source revealed: "David was absolutely blown away by the reaction at the Astoria. And it's whetted his appetite to start gigging again."

From Gareth Morgan Access All Areas - Daily Star.

CANADIAN 'hours and brilliant minutes' PROMO CD
17th December 1999

hours and brilliant minutes The promotional 14 track CD for the Canadian only release of DAVID BOWIE'S 'hours...' is something special and rather different.

Entitled 'hours and brilliant minutes', catalogue number CDPRO1920, the cover is slightly different and features the covers from his previous albums.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Suffragette City. 2. Thursday's Child. 3. Art Decade. 4. Something In The Air. 5. Because You're Young. 6. Survive. 7. Sons Of The Silent Age. 8. Seven. 9. Word On A Wing. 10. If I'm Dreaming My Life. 11. Letter To Hermoine. 12. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell. 13. Rebel Rebel. 14. Time Will Crawl.

Thanks to Bobbi for photograph and catalogue number information.

17th December 1999

LITTLE WONDER the DAVID BOWIE tribute band are to play a gig at the Club Riga on Wednesday, 22nd December.

The venue is at: Club Riga, Milton Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex. Tel: 0468 016116 for info or visit their website here for more details.

If anyone has any contacts for good music venues near you then please forward them to me so we can try and arrange a show near you.

From Simon Kinsler (band guitarist).

16th December 1999

DAVID BOWIE'S upcoming second U.K. single from the Virgin set 'hours...' has been remixed by Marius De Vries, noted for his work with Madonna. The retooled ballad 'Survive' is due in stores in Britain on January 17th, backed by the album version of the track.

The song's accompanying video is being directed by another Madonna alumnus, Walter Stern, who lensed her "Nothing Really Matters" clip, Massive Attack's "Teardrop", and David's "Thursday's Child" promo video.

'Thursday's Child,' the first single from 'hours...,' reached No. 16 on the U.K. singles chart in October; the set itself debuted at No. 2 on the U.K. album chart. In the U.S., "hours..." peaked at No. 47 on The Billboard 200.

From Paul Sexton - Billboard.

16th December 1999

More photographs of DAVID BOWIE on and off stage at The Alcatraz in Milan, Italy on the 4th and at the Quelli che il calcio TV show, Milan, Italy on 5th December. Many thanks to Giovanna, Denise and Luciana.

Check out some more Milan photographs here.

15th December 1999

DAVID BOWIE is to be a special guest of STEVE WRIGHT'S on his Radio Two show on Christmas Eve, 24th December. More information as it becomes available. So you wanna know about NEXT May? Yeah May 2000. Read below...

Info from Nick F.

14th December 1999

For Immediate Release


Organizers Announce Date and Location for the Fourth Annual "Oscars of the Internet"

San Francisco, December 14, 1999 - Reaching new heights in its fourth year - literally and figuratively - The Webby Awards announced today that the fourth annual Webbys will take place on Thursday, May 11th, 2000 atop San Francisco's famed Nob Hill, one of the City's highest points.

Hailed as "the Oscars of the Internet," The Webby Awards are the leading international honors for Web sites. The awards are presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences Academy, a global organization dedicated to the creative, technical, and professional progress of new media.

Although San Francisco has been home to The Webby Awards since their inception four years ago, The Webby Awards 2000 mark the first time that the gala event will be held at the historic Nob Hill Masonic Center. The majestic Grace Cathedral will play host to the pre-show VIP party, while the post-event bash will take place in tents encompassing the adjacent Huntington Park. Each of the venues offers spectacular views of the City and the San Francisco Bay.

Tiffany Shlain, founder and director of The Webbys, said the larger, grander, and higher venues mirror the explosive growth of the awards themselves. She said more than 3,000 celebrities, Internet industry VIPS, and Web developers from 28 countries will attend the ceremony in the Nob Hill Masonic Center - a significant increase from the 700 people who attended the first Webbys in 1997.

"We're thrilled that this year's Webbys will be taking place on the magnificent Nob Hill," said Shlain. "The Internet industry is constantly reaching new heights, so it's fitting that the industry's highest honors will take place at one of the highest points in San Francisco."

Nominees in 27 categories from Arts to Commerce to Music to Sports will be announced on February 14, 2000. Nominees and winners are chosen by the 270 members of the Academy, including DAVID BOWIE, cyber guru Esther Dyson, film director Francis Ford Coppola, Oxygen Media president Geraldine Laybourne, and Talk Media chairwoman Tina Brown.

This year also marks the first time that the Academy has accepted entries from the public. Shlain said that the Academy received thousands of entries from more than 27 different countries.

Winners of both The Webby Awards and The People's Choice Awards, which are chosen by the public online, will be revealed at The Webby Awards 2000 ceremony, which will be Webcast live at http://www.webbyawards.com.

In keeping with Webby tradition, Shlain said that winners must adhere to the awards' trademark five-word acceptance speech.

Webby Awards categories include: Activism, Arts, Broadband, Community, Commerce, Education, Fashion, Film, Finance, Games, Health, Humor, Kids, Living, Music, News, Personal Web Site, Politics & Law, Print & Zines, Radio, Science, Services, Sports, Technical Achievement, TV, Travel, and Weird.

About The Webby Awards: Hailed as the "Oscars of the Internet" by syndicated columnist Liz Smith, The Webby Awards are the leading creative honors for digital media. Nominees and winners are chosen by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. The Webby Awards are an IDG event. Sponsors for the 2000 Webby Awards include: Intel, Hewlett-Packard, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Adobe Systems, vivid studios,Visa, Warburg Dillon Read, Xpedior, BeSeen, AboveNet, Entertainment Weekly, Access Magazine, Metropolis Editorial, Tipworld, Artbyte, MSN LinkExchange, MacWorld, commission junction and adauction.com. Balloting is audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. For more information, visit http://www.webbyawards.com.

About The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences Academy The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the creative, technical, and professional progress of new media. The goal of the Academy is to assemble a unique and brilliant panel of leading new media experts, Web visionaries, journalists, and luminaries to propel the new medium into and through the new millennium. There are currently over 200 members, including diverse experts such as film director Francis Ford Coppola, musician David Bowie, Chairman of Miramax Talk Media Tina Brown, cyberguru Esther Dyson, "Dilbert" creator Scott Adams, Infoseek Chairman Steve Kirsch, and computer scientist Jaron Lanier, as well as writers and editors from publications such as Wired, Details, Fast Company, Elle, ARTBYTE, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Forbes, Premier, PC World, and Jane. For more information, visit http://www.iadas.net.

About IDG: IDG publishes more than 290 computer magazines and newspapers and 700 book titles and offers on-line users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world through IDG.net (www.idg.net), which comprises more than 240 targeted Web sites in 55 countries. IDG is also a leading producer of 168 computer-related expositions worldwide, and provides IT market analysis through 49 offices in 41 countries worldwide. Company information is available at http://www.idg.com.

14th December 1999

DAVID BOWIE is MADONNA'S dream man. The first gig Maddy ever saw was Ziggy Stardust in all his pomp back in the 70s. And the 52 year old Thin White Duke is still the Material Girl's ideal fella.

"I was terribly inspired by David and I still think he's an amazing human being," Madonna said.

From 'Access All Areas' - Gareth Morgan.

13th December 1999

The new 1999 'Rah' remixed version of 'Under Pressure' by QUEEN/DAVID BOWIE has entered the UK charts at number fourteen. The album 'Greatest Hits III' by Queen is currently at number nine.

13th December 1999

Got any musical talent? Want to showcase the world your unbelievable talent? Yes? Well then here's your opportunity. The DeeBee Cover Project's aim is to collect DAVID BOWIE cover version songs performed by Bowie fans worldwide and then make the pieces available for streaming from the BowieNet web site. The contest closes on 29th February 2000. Go check out the rules and sign up at DeeBee Cover Project.

Assigned songs so far:

1. I Can't Read - (Spaceboy)
2. Dead Man Walking - (Jareth)
3. Drive In Saturday - (Kale)
4. Absolute Beginners - (Archanon Spaceboy)
Email Ramsey at ramsey@dca.net for full details and chose your song.

13th December 1999

Turkish Father and Son The Blaise Thorens Art Gallery, Basel, Switzerland are selling this fantastic early Berlin painting by DAVID BOWIE. The asking price is reasonable CHF 18,000 (approximately GBP 7,200). The painting is entitled 'Turkish Father and Son' from 1978. Acrylic on canvas, sized 31" x 31", the piece was first shown at David's first solo art exhibition 'New Afro/New Pagan And Work' at Cork Street, London in 1995.

For further information contact Daniel Blaise Thorens.

The Blaise Thorens Art Gallery
Aeschenvorstadt 15
Basel CH-4051
Tel: 00 41 61 271 7211. Fax: 00 41 61 271 7206

PICTURE BOX OF 'hours...'
12th December 1999

Virgin France released today a DAVID BOWIE special edition box called 'Picture Box' of 'hours...' Including the 'hours...' CD plus one bonus track 'We All Go Through'. One bonus picture CD includes the 'Thursday's Child' video clip and the making of the album plus live images and a web link.

View some screenshots from the enhanced bonus CD: [1] [2] [3] [4]

You can directly order the 'hours...' release plus bonus disc online (priced 129 francs) from the FNAC web site.

1. We All Go Through
2. Video: Making of 'hours...'
3. Photographs by Frank W. Ockenfels III

While you are there also check out the following links: Tribute To David Bowie and a Bowie Interview.

Thanks to Philippe A. for the info and screenshots.

11th December 1999

Survive cover News has just filtered through about an independent UK film that are using DAVID BOWIE'S 'Survive' on the soundtrack to the film which is due for release on 23rd January 2000.

The film is entitled 'Rancid Aluminium' directed by Ed Thomas with production company 'Fiction Factory' based in Cardiff, Wales. The cast includes Tara Fitzgerald and Keith Allen who are set to appear in the new movie.

Official press release: Synopsis of Rancid Aluminum by James Hawes

You're stuck on the M25, stressed out about your tax returns, your marriage to Sarah, your sperm-count and Charmaine. And then your bent accountant tells you the Big Ref has just shown you the red card: bankrupt; stuffed; finished.

Unless this mysterious Russian, Mr Kant, can deliver. But what is he after? And what is his gorgeous secretary after when she drags you into bed? Come to think of it, what is your accountant's angle - and how about Gerry, your Yank neighbour, with his guns and his secret life? What is the world coming to when an ordinary Brit ends up sailing down the mile-wide Volga with a bunch of gangsters and a mad fleemarket guru? And what the hell is Sarah going to say when she finds out?

But there's no time to think, because the petrol flares are drifting towards suburbia like the cloud from Chernobyl, the black stretch Lada hearse is gaining in your rear view mirror, and that strange taste in your mouth is: Rancid Aluminium.

Peter discovers what we have long known: that Gerry is a USN intelligence expert and Deeny is a part-time M15 man. The government are trying to channel secret funds to Mr Kant so he can buy modern weapons. Peter was just a small cog in the wheel. But now no-one can help him: he has to find a way to get Deeny before Deeny gets him.

Peter constructs a plot to kill Deeny. This plan draws together all the pre-seeded elements of apparent "normality". Peter ends up in his office, waiting to kill Deeny.

But at the end (which takes us back to the start) Peter has no way of knowing just who is about to come through his office door.

In place of the old, insured, false securities, all he has is belief.


The second UK single to be released from DAVID BOWIE'S 'hours...' album is 'Survive'. It is to be released in a three part set on 17th January 2000. Full information on the third part of release is still to be announced.

Tracklisting and release information:

'Survive' CD1 - UK.
..1. Survive (Marius de Vries Mix)
..2. Survive (Album Version)
..3. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmata Version)
..4. Survive (Video)
Release Date: 17th January 2000

'Survive' CD2 - UK (Live In Paris Collectors Edition).
..1. Survive (Live)
..2. Thursday's Child (Live)
..3. Seven (Live)
..4. Survive (Live Video)
Release Date: 17th January 2000

'Survive' 7" Limited Edition Picture Disc - UK.
..1. Survive (Marius de Vries mix).
..2. Seven (Live)
Release Date: 17th January 2000
Film info from Steph.

11th December 1999

Bowie plays show intimate Copenhagen: - DAVID BOWIE sauntered onto the stage of Copenhagen's Vega club Tuesday with a big smile on his face and several tricks up his sleeve. For the next two hours, the 52-year-old rocker entertained the 1,500-strong crowd with songs old and new, taking his tongue out of his cheek for each number, then putting it firmly back for introductions and between-song patter. Tickets for the show, which was the third and final European date of Bowie's short club tour, sold out in under two minutes. Some fans who had camped out at ticket outlets walked away empty-handed, while scalpers were reportedly selling the U.S. $40 tickets for as much as $1,000 apiece. From Scandinavia, Bowie will return to England, where he will begin work on a musical theater project.

Info from Raven via Billboard.

11th December 1999

Tomorrow night (Saturday) on BBC2 UK TV at 12:10 a.m. 'Behind The Camera - Alex Thomson: A profile of Alex Thomson, who has worked as a camera operator on 'Labyrinth', 'Hamlet', 'Legend', 'Alien 3' and 'Excalibur'.

Thanks to SimonG.

11th December 1999

There's lots more new photographs now online from The Alcatraz gig Milan, Italy and Quelli che il calcio TV show, The Virgin Megastore Signing, The Astoria gig and Later With Jools Holland TV show.

Philippe Auliac says his photographs are: "The Christmas gift from him to all David Bowie fans in the world."

Many thanks to Philippe, Jiò, Steph, Mac, and SpaceFace.

10th December 1999

As the 20th Century dies, it's a freezing Tuesday night at Suzanne's club in Copenhagen... it was that cold I swear I saw three brass monkeys run past holding their groin area. We are here to witness DAVID BOWIE'S final gig of this century, an event not to be missed under any circumstances.

After keeping each other warm, visiting bars and eating hot-dogs, we eventually get through the door into the warmth of the Vega Club... ahh coats off... the smallish venue is rather like a sports type hall. I find my way into the main hall and immediately run into Erik. There are eight British fans outside... all freezing and ticketless. I was lucky enough to be on the guestlist. I ask Erik if it would be possible to "sort them out" - he does... what a lovely guy. Thanks Erik/David it's much appreciated.

I decide to make a mad dash manoeuvre upstairs onto the balcony overlooking the stage... a great view. After I've seen a few shows I love to see the performance from various angles, and this is close. Real close. Close enough to still talk and gesture to friends below at the front.

The lights finally dim and Mike G takes the spotlight as he plays the intro to 'Life On Mars?', from this advantage point I can see David from behind the stage ready for his entrance. He double checks his Garwood In Ear plugs and strolls confidentially towards centre stage. The 1,500 crowd roar as they all spot him making his way. There's a great buzz from the crowd.

After an excellent vocal presentation of one of the best openers to a show he's ever done. It mesmerize everyone. It's takes bollocks to stand there alone and belt out a classic. He is the bollocks. The dogs bollocks. He grins and then says "Good evening. Not only is this the last show of our tour, but it's my last show this century!" Oooo flashback time.

Enter the band, Gail Ann, Page, Sterling and Mark Plati in his pirate head garb gets a wry comment from David, and a laugh from the crowd, Holly in a sexy French maid apron over her skirt and Emm in a low cut top. Oh my... Aren't I glad I moved upstairs :)

David is in fine fettle. He gives it his all. His voice is strong and confident. He knows he sounds wonderful I can tell by the satisfied look on his boat after each song ends. The band are tight and they know it. Considering the short number of actual live performances they have performed together you can now visually see and hear them all gelling together, they definitely are enjoying themselves and it shows.

The acoustics in the hall have a wonderful rich texture, helped by the fact that there is wooden cladding right around the room. The sound is bouncing off the walls and it makes for an warm and electric atmosphere.

"Any English here tonight?" David asks knowingly... yeah maybe! A knotty band of 20 plus hardcore Brits wouldn't have missed this one for the earth. It's gonna be one to remember, you watch. The one in the future then you can say with a wry grin on yer face when asked... "Yes. I was there."

One of my personal favourites 'Survive', with its new ending sequence to presumably compliment the January release is better than ever. I'm fascinated with David's body contortions during Repetition, portraying a wife beater punching in slow motion, it gives me the shivers... boy can he move.

I clock Erik taking photographs from all over the place and then running across the backstage wearing a Christmas Santa hat. I was hoping David would come out wearing it for the encore. Instead he brought out Jimmy the wardrobe guy. David had previously explained to the audience that Jimmy had shrunk David's blue jumper in the wash. Devastated David gets a new one sorted out asap.

Oh I nearly forgot... the surprise of the evening. David informs us that Holly and Emm have written a new song entitled "Jimmy, Shrink That Shirt Again". Holly takes lead vocals. David with arms folded takes a back seat and watches the song unfold. It sounds incredible. A real soulful Rn'B treat with a honky tonk piano... then when David joins in towards the end, well what can I say... it was awesome.

For me The Vega Club gig ranks as one of David's best performances ever. All's well... 20th century dies. How can the 21st century possibly lose with a performer of this magnitude?

The set list was as follow:

..1. Life On Mars?
..2. Thursday's Child
..3. Ashes To Ashes
..4. Survive
..5. Can't Help Thinking About Me
..6. China Girl
..7. Always Crashing In The Same Car
..8. Something In The Air
..9. Drive-In Saturday
10. Stay
11. Jimmy, Shrink That Shirt Again
12. Seven
13. Changes
14. Rebel Rebel
15. Word On A Wing
16. Repetition
17. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
18. Cracked Actor
19. I'm Afraid Of Americans

(Ed. Lots of live photographs are on the way).

9th December 1999

VH1's 'Artist Of The Year' poll vote is currently underway and DAVID BOWIE has been nominated.

VH1 say: "Bowie's 23rd album, hours, marked his return to simple songwriting. Before we start talking about Ziggy the low-tech folk singer, though, let's note that the tunes were recorded to accompany an upcoming video game called Omikron: The Nomad Soul, and that hours was initially only available online. This is one man who will never fall to earth."

Go and Vote for David Bowie here.

9th December 1999

The French-Canadian web site Voir en ligne has a online RealAudio interview with DAVID BOWIE from his appearance in Canada, Montreal for the Musique Plus Artist of the Month show recently.

5th December 1999

Lots more new photographs now online from Virgin Megastore Signing, The Astoria gig, The Libro Music Hall gig in Austria and Later With Jools Holland. Still more to follow... I need to rest now LOL

Thanks to Steph.

5th December 1999

Snazzily dressed in a yellow shirt, DAVID BOWIE and the band played Alcatraz, Milan, Italy last night. The same set as the Astoria gig minus 'Word On A Wing'.

Photos and reviews to follow...

5th December 1999

Tonight's broadcast of BBC2's LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND music show aired four of the five and a bit songs performed by DAVID BOWIE, 'Ashes To Ashes', the interview with Jools, 'Something In The Air', a beautifully sung 'Survive' and a rocking version of 'Cracked Actor'.

You can listen to the interview here. Hopefully the remaining song 'I'm Afraid Of Americans' will get an airing soon.

3rd December 1999

Now I've finally recovered from the London outing... ha! yeah right! Christ I'm still knackered... must be my age... I've spent all day scanning in photographs from the Virgin Megastore Signing, Absolute Secret 1999 Art Exhibition, The Astoria gig and Later With Jools Holland. Lots more to follow.

3rd December 1999

What a day! What a gig! What an aftershow! DAVID BOWIE and his band rocked London's Astoria on Thursday 2nd December. Dressed casually in jeans and a cerise V-necked jumper David stormed through a superb eighteen song set list.

An unexpected surprise for me personally was David explaining the story of 'Neil', The Thin White Duke chat conversation I had with Sharan, oops I mean MissX on this web site a few weeks back after he finished performing 'Word On A Wing'. Thanks D :)

Listen Listen to David's comments during The Astoria gig

Some of the show highlights from my point of view included a wonderfully sung Drive In Saturday, David picked up a feather boa thrown up on stage and we all got a flashback of Ziggy. Suits you sir... Cracked Actor with the slight lyric change of "give me some head" definitely goes down better, especially with Holly and Emm on backing vocals. I sincerely hope this gets an official release somewhere along the line as a bonus track.

The entire Astoria show was officially filmed, I spotted at least seven cameras plus a cherry picker, fingers crossed it will be officially released. I did hear someone say it was intended for Japanese television.


..1. Life On Mars?
..2. Word On A Wing
..3. Thursday's Child
..4. Ashes To Ashes
..5. Survive
..6. Can't Help Thinking About Me
..7. China Girl
..8. Always Crashing In The Same Car
..9. Something In The Air
10. Drive In Saturday
11. Stay
12. Seven
13. Changes
14. Rebel Rebel
15. Repetition
16. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
17. Cracked Actor
18. I'm Afraid Of Americans

The aftershow 'razzle dazzle' took place at the POP club on Soho Street. Some of the celebs partying the night away included Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Boy George and Culture Club's Roy Hay, Pete Townshend, all three Placebo's Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal and Steve Hewitt, Richard E. Grant, Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennent, Marc 'Lard' Riley, Jo Whiley, Norman 'Fat Boy' Cook, Billy Bragg, Gary Numan, Gae Adams, Skin from Skunk Anansie and Elastica keyboardist Mew.

(Ed. First set of photographs from the Virgin signing and The Astoria on-line later today).

3rd December 1999

Get the video ready for an appearance by DAVID BOWIE on Newsnight TONIGHT Friday at 10.30 p.m. on BBC2 television.

Thanks to SteveK for info.

1st December 1999

The first batch of photographs of DAVID BOWIE live from the BBC Television Centre on the Later With Jools Holland TV show are now online. Click on the link via title page.

Thanks to SteveK.

1st December 1999

If you are still searching for a ticket for DAVID BOWIE'S sold out gig in London at The Astoria tomorrow you could try ringing 0171 486 1666 (10 lines). Apparently this ticket outlet specialises in sold-out shows, credit cards accepted.

Thanks to Mike K for the info.

1st December 1999

Xfm, London's alternative station (also available throughout the UK on DAB) are to broadcast an interview with DAVID BOWIE between 7.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. tonight. They have have also been giving away Astoria tickets since Monday.

Listed as: 1900-2200 Paul Anderson & Claire Sturgess plus Live Session and Xfm Unsigned. Also check out the XFM Radio web site here.

Thanks to SimonG.

1st December 1999

Last night at the BBC Television Centre in Shepherd's Bush, DAVID BOWIE and his band performed a superb four song set list comprising of 'Ashes To Ashes', 'Something In The Air', 'Survive' and 'Cracked Actor' for the BBC2 TV show LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND.

David interviewed at the piano After 'Cracked Actor' the show's closing number, there followed huge applause along with cries of "More!" and unexpectedly the audience members were treated to 'Changes', which was interrupted during the first verse by the floor manager who apologised and jokingly said "Sorry this will now go down on my CV!" they then switched to perform a rousing version of 'I'm Afraid Of Americans'. Hopefully this extra inclusion to the set will get broadcasting over the Christmas period.

David "tinkled the ivories" briefly whilst being interviewed by Jools at the piano. The show will be aired this coming Saturday 4th December at 11.30 p.m. also features Gomez, Elastica, The Brand New Heavies and Diana Krall.

Check out the Later With Jools Holland web site archive pages for the David interview and RealAudio interview.

(Ed. Photographs from inside and outside the BBC studios).

1st December 1999

The Ziggy Stardust Companion web site for its latest monthly update (1 December) is featuring an exclusive interview with BRIAN SANDS (then Kinchy) who was the President of The International DAVID BOWIE Society (founded 1969). Brian was phoned by Bowie, attended three Ziggy concerts and met him twice on the first Ziggy US Tour in 1972. The interview features interesting memories of that time plus rare photos of him with David and others.

From Mike H.

1st December 1999

The web broadcast of the DAVID BOWIE gig on 7th December is taken from the gig at The Kit Kat Klub in New York from 19th November 1999.

Liveonline.net - American Express Blue Concert Series Brings You David Bowie LIVE! December 7th, 10pm (Eastern and Pacific). Visit the blueconcerts web site at http://www.blueconcerts.com.

Check out The Kit Kat Club web site.

Info via BowieNet.

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