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30th March 2001


The Cannes Film Festival has selected Baz Luhrmann's MOULIN ROUGE as the festival's opening night film on May 9, 2001. The film will be screened in competition. The Cannes response to Moulin Rouge, as well as reactions to early test screenings and showings of a special promotional reel, have led Fox to move the film's release date to place it squarely into the prime summer release period. Twentieth Century Fox will release the film nationally on June 1st.

Fox will also platform Moulin Rouge in a single run each in New York and Los Angeles on May 18th.

Commented Gilles Jacob, President of the Cannes International Film Festival: "I am particularly happy to welcome Moulin Rouge, a major studio film that renews the best tradition of spectacle, as the Opening Night Film of this year's festival, and also, of course, to reconnect with director Baz Luhrmann, whom we know very well from having discovered his first film in 1992."

Commented Baz Luhrmann: "I still have wonderful memories from when Cannes launched my first film, 'Strictly Ballroom,' so this is indeed an exciting announcement for me. I am particularly gratified that an American-financed film almost completely created in Australia, and specific to French culture and history, has been embraced this way by Cannes."

Added Robert Harper, Vice Chairman, Twentieth Century Fox: "We always knew Baz was creating something very special with Moulin Rouge. But after seeing the film this month, we were completely blown away by what he's done - and we're thrilled that the Cannes Film Festival agrees. Moulin Rouge is a film for everyone, and we wanted to give audiences their best opportunity to experience it for themselves by releasing the picture on these prime summer dates."

Moulin Rouge is a celebration of love and creative inspiration set in the infamous, gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclub, at the cusp of the twentieth century. Luhrmann ("William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet") brings together gorgeous period design and modern-era pop tunes to create a unique motion picture experience. Nicole Kidman plays the club's most notorious star, forced to choose between a young writer's inspiration and another man's obsession. Ewan McGregor is the writer who finds himself plunged into this decadent world where anything goes - except falling in love.

The film also stars John Leguizamo as Toulouse-Lautrec, Jim Broadbent and Richard Roxburgh. It was written by Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce, and the producers are Martin Brown, Baz Luhrmann, and Fred Baron.

DAVID BOWIE and Massive Attack have recorded their version of "Nature Boy" for the movie soundtrack. This track is a key structural quote from the film - "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return".

Click here (7th May) for more soundtrack information.

30th March 20001

Life On Mars

The LIFE ON MARS theatre play opens TODAY at Wentworth Falls School of Arts, in New South Wales, Australia - Good luck to all the cast and production...

Life On Mars is a new work conceived by David Hollywood, Liam Judson and Aidan Roberts. Featuring the early music of DAVID BOWIE, Life on Mars will premier at Wentworth Falls School of Arts in March 2001 in Australia.

Life of Mars is an urban conceptual theatre piece based on the music and lyrics of, undoubtedly, the most important and influential popular music artist of our time, David Bowie. Tackling themes of suburban life,alien-ation, fame and self-destruction, the show presents the story of two brothers (aka Bewlay), born to Kooks who live in apparent suburban bliss. We follow their lives from childhood through a rocky adolescence to young adulthood in a Warholian city wreaking with the stench of fame and self abuse.

Inspired by the theatrical potential of the music, the creative team is working on a common thread to link songs from Hunky Dory, Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs.

According to the Team - "It's all there in the music!"

Creative Team: Conceived by David Hollywood, Liam Judson and Aidan Roberts.

Directed by David Hollywood, Music Direction by Aidan Roberts, Choreography by Shari Veitch, with Damien Schmitt, Kelly Outzen, Tim Crew, Helen Watkins, Joanna Powell, Robert Hall, Abby Veitch, Milton and others as they come on board.

Performance Details: The first draft premiers March 2001 at Wentworth Falls School of Arts. Details will be posted soon.

Visit their website @ Out Of The Blue for full details.

28th March 2001

The SOUND & VISION magazine website have an in-depth (roughly 4,000-word) DAVID BOWIE exclusive interview online that was originally published in significantly shorter form as "David Bowie's Future" in: Sound & Vision, Jan. 2000. This is a new, much lengthier, Web-exclusive version of the interview that ran earlier in the print magazine. David speaks - very articulately about communicating on the Web with fans, his life and music, being British, his groundbreaking 'Omikron' computer game, George Lucas, and much more.

Check out the full print-magazine version online interview here plus much more... The Bowie Bunch, The Rock Stuff, Flying with a Net, Lifegame, Reeves Gabrels, Howard Jackowitz and David Cage, written by Michael Gaughn, Michael Antonoff, Mike Mettler and Steven L. Kent.

(Ed. There's even a photo of a new soon-to-be-father... Congratulations HJ!!!).

27th March 2001

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) on UK's CHANNEL 4's Big Breakfast programme, the legendary photographer MICK ROCK makes an appearance and is to be interviewed by Holly Palmer look-a-like Donna Air.

(Ed. I bet Mick insists it's on the bed).

27th March 2001

Maximum Bowie CD Released now and ready to purchase is the DAVID BOWIE AUDIO BIOGRAPHY 'Maximum Bowie' CD on the Chrome Dreams label.

The sixty minute CD special biography is advertised as "the full story with interviews" which also includes interview clips from David. There's a great CD cover and you even with a free mini poster included.

26th March 2001

FRANK BLACK played a gig in Amsterdam, Holland last night and upon arrival on stage they played DAVID BOWIE'S 'Warszawa'...

The News Of The World Sunday Magazine published two great colour photographs of David, Kevin Spacey and Moby backstage at the Tibet US Benefit gig...

Emm Gryner gig tonight, she plays at The Living Room, New York City at 7:00pm...

24th March 2001

The Official DAVID BOWIE Site Mailing List is now operational. Click on the link below and receive special offers through the BowieNet Mailing List!

BowieNet Mailing List Form

24th March 2001

Spring Sale - Bowie, Kravitz, Olfield albums at Discount: For a limited period only you will be able to buy a selection of Virgin albums at a sale price. Albums from DAVID BOWIE, Lenny Kravitz, John Lee Hooker, Belinda Carlisle, Mike Oldfield and loads more. All you have to do is click here to find out which albums are at sale price and where you can get hold of them.

(Ed. The db album is 'hours...').

23rd March 2001

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down - The Return of Brian Eno: 'Drawn From Life' is a new album by Brian Eno in collaboration with the German percussionist and DJ, J. Peter Schwalm. The album is due for release on the 1st May 2001. It was recorded in Eno's studio in West London and Schwalm's studio in Frankfurt, and features vocal contributions from Laurie Anderson and others. This is Eno's first release since 1997's The Drop and you will be able to find out a lot more soon about this release in the forthcoming Brian Eno site on Eden...

From Eden @ http://eden.vmg.co.uk.

22nd March 2001

The excellent play by Adrian Berry is to make its debut in Germany... if you get the opportunity go see this...

OUT-Premiere und deutsche Erstaufführung: From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads von Adrian Berry - Premiere am 11.5.2001 in der Kulturetage.

Im Mai zeigt das OUT erstmals eine deutsche Erstaufführung: 'From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads', eine schwarze Komödie des jungen Briten Adrian Berry, kommt im Rahmen des Newcomerfestivals "News" der Kulturetage zur Aufführung.

Das Stück spielt in einer Klinik für Jugendliche mit Essstörungen. Weil Zimmer für Jungen dort gar nicht vorgesehen sind, liegt der magersüchtige Martin mit zwei Mädchen in einem Zimmer. Misstrauen und Zynismus prägen die Atmosphäre zwischen den dreien von Anfang an. Martins einziger Fluchtpunkt ist seine fanatische Verehrung für DAVID BOWIE: "Wenigstens habe ich jemanden, der sich um mich kümmert."

Denn auch die Familie bietet Martin keinen Halt: Der Vater hat Selbstmord begangen, die Mutter ist Alkoholikerin, und Martins Schwester Angie spielt ein ambivalentes Spiel zwischen Zuneigung und Ablehnung. Als die Ereignisse am Ende eskalieren, verliert Martin vollends den Kontakt zur Realität. Zur Premiere wird der Autor Adrian Berry anwesend sein.

 11th May: Kulturetage, Bahnhofstr. 11
 29th May: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).
 31st May: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).
  6th June: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).
  8th June: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).
  9th June: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).
12th June: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).
14th June: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).
15th June: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).
16th June: Galerie "Alte Kegelbahn" (hinter dem UNIKUM).

For full details of times and dates click here along with an English version in pdf format.

From Adrian Berry.

16th March 2001

STARDUST * The DAVID BOWIE Tribute Band has relocated from Chicago to New York City and is seeking new band members. From acoustic to techno. We cover ALL of Bowie's musical work, but not in the same fashion.

Must be over 21 years of age and be able to read charts/tabs. Play more than one instrument and can sing back-up, a plus. Look good on stage and must be a Bowie fan!

For more information, contact twilightstudios@yahoo.com

15th March 2001

Check out the latest new TIBET US BENEFIT concert photographs from MzRed and DE.

(Ed. Big thanks to Marcella for supplying her photographs and DavidE for getting me a programme. I owe you both).

14th March 2001

Guitarist wanted to complete line up of new exciting DAVID BOWIE tribute band based in Cambridgshire, England.
Covering a vast amount of Bowie's material from 'Space Oddity' to 'Thursday's Child'.

Ronson or Slick style would be preferable. Will be playing throughout venues in the UK.

If interested please contact me on doggynose@aol.com

12th March 2001

For the DAVID BOWIE vinyl collectors out there, released today are the first 3 vinyl releases from Simply Vinyl...

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B000050579. Catalogue Number: SVLP263.
Our Price £22.99.
This item will be released on 12th March 2001. Order here.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B00005057A. Catalogue Number: SVLP264.
Our Price: £21.99.
This item will be released on 12th March, 2001. You may order it now.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B00005057B. Catalogue Number: SVLP265.
Our Price: £21.99.
This item will be released on 12th March, 2001. You may order it now.

Click here for more information on other DB albums to be released soon.

10th March 2001

Strange but true!... Doctor Hector Corona, an American scientist believes he can prove that Dolphins sing pop songs. After recording Dolphin noises and then slowing them down, he claims they are actually singing the hits of artists like DAVID BOWIE, Brian Adams and Whitney Houston!

Dr. Corona reckons that they learn the songs by picking up sound waves from radios on boats and beaches!

From EW.

10th March 2001

For everyone who emailed BowieWonderworld enquiring about DAVID BOWIE appearing at this year's HAYS FESTIVAL in Wales, as reported on dotmusic.com (3rd March). David is NOT appearing at the festival. He hasn't "put himself" forward, backward or even sideways for the festival - he's ever even heard of it before.

David has officially said: "Phoney. I've never heard of this Festival. As much as I love Wales, the thought of going to some festival to 'talk' about my 'art' makes me all giddy with horror. I think that the Festival's PR person is trying to drum up interest. Anyway, isn't Hays in Middlesex??"

For the benefit of the promoter... here's their version of events... 'The annual event takes place on 25th May and features selected experts in different fields of art and culture, who are invited to perform, read and talk about their art.

Bowie, who is widely recognised as one of the most influential people in popular music, took the unusual step of putting himself forward for the festival after he heard Sir Paul McCartney and Beth Orton would be talking about their lyrical skills at the event. Bowie contacted organisers and asked if they'd like to invite him too.

"He just wants to talk to people about his art," says a source from the festival.

Info via BowieNet.

9th March 2001

Male or Female Mike Garson required for DAVID BOWIE covers band based in Southend, Essex.

Must have own keyboard/piano and be prepared to rehearse.

Hair optional. Lotsa gigs pending.

Please contact Tony for more details @ PTBarnOwl@aol.com

8th March 2001

BIG COUNTRY are to release two new albums, a year after playing their farewell gig at Glasgow's Barrowlands. The first is 'Rarities One', a collection of studio out-takes. The other is 'Undercover', a CD of covers of songs such as DAVID BOWIE'S 'Cracked Actor' and Alice Cooper's I'm Eighteen.

In May Big Country's ex-singer Stuart Adamson unveils his new band, Blue Healer.

7th March 2001

DAVID BOWIE and MASSIVE ATTACK have joined forces and recorded the song 'Nature Boy' for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann movie MOULIN ROUGE, which stars Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, with Kylie Minogue making a cameo appearance as the Green Fairy.

David laid down his vocals last week (Friday) in New York City with Tony Visconti, and it's now in the very capable hands of Robert '3D' Del Naja in London who is producing. The song is a key signature piece that recurs throughout the movie and it will appear in both the movie and the soundtrack album.

When released back in 1948, 'Nature Boy' written by Eden Ahbez, and sung by the incredible Nat King Cole, went a little something like this...

There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

And then one day
One magic day he passed my way
And while we spoke of many things
Fools and kings
This he said to me:
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return"

According to other past reports, the movie will also feature two David Bowie songs in a medley sung by Ewan McGregor. Both "Heroes" and Diamond Dogs will be a part of the medley which also features songs by U2 and Whitney Houston, amongst others.

A cover of 'Diamond Dogs' by Beck will also be included on the soundtrack. Beck was in the studio for 3 days last September with producer Timbaland, where they did their version. The song is a reference to the troupe of Can-Can dancers in the film, called "Zidler's Diamond Dogs" after their lust for diamonds and general habit of attempting to separate the club's patrons from their money.

Other artists appearing on the soundtrack include: Fatboy Slim and Ozzy Osborne. Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink join Missy Elliott and Rockwilder on a version of LaBelle's classic song 'Lady Marmalade'.

The soundtrack album is scheduled to be released on Interscope Records on 24th April 2001.

Movie overview: In 1899, a young poet named Christian (Ewan McGregor) leaves his family's home and heads off to the Montmartre district of Paris, where he falls into the debauched bohemian world of Toulouse-Lautrec (John Leguizamo). When he's enlisted to write a nightclub routine, he soon falls for the club's star, a courtesan named Satin (Nicole Kidman).

Also starring: John Leguizamo, Jim Broadbent, Garry McDonald, Richard Roxburgh. Directed by Baz Luhrmann. Written by Baz Luhrmann, Craig Pearce. Studio Twentieth Century Fox.

Check out the official Moulin Rouge website.

Information via BowieNet.

6th March 2001

Fame! What's your name?... Oi! You BowieWonderworld Message Boarders listen up, it's fame time!... Okay peeps, here's the scam: I'm doing a little something for this site because I love you guys (and coz Paul is letting me, hehehehe). That's where you come in...

I'm writing a piece entitled (as of now, anyway) THE BW MB HALL OF FAME! It's a spoof of our online personalities... a silly little definition of all the people who come here frequently and make it a lovely place to be... so strangers and casual visitors know that there is a family here.

What I need from you is... A PICTURE! That's right, I want a pic to accompany your definition! So find your silliest, wackiest or just plain strange picture. Whatever pic you think best represents the online you. It doesn't have to be OF you either, if you think a big bowl of Weetabix best represents you, then send it in, baby! And if you WANT to fill in the profile questionnaire feel free to do so.

If you don't have a pic, I can check with Paul coz he knows most of you. And if you don't want your pic in, just let me know, that is cool too. Of course anyone can send one in, but if you post infrequently I'd appreciate a little background on you. Maybe tell me what you contribute to the board, that sort of thing. I'm very dense you see, and I often miss things. I hope you all like the idea enough to send me a pic... I'll be using my kelmarsupervixen@hotmail.com addy so please forward a smallish file there. :)))

Thanks you guys. I hope you enjoy the final product as much as I enjoy making up ridiculous stuff about you!

From KelMarSuperVixen xoxoxo.

The first sorry bunch of BW message boarders are now online and ready to laugh at... cry at... or just plain pity them ;)

Check them out here on The BW MB HALL OF FAME.

6th March 2001

DAVID BOWIE helped put Beckenham on the map. He lived in the borough for twenty years and is part of the town's folklore. Now his old pub and former home, the Rat & Parrot - formerly the Three Tuns - in Beckenham High Street, has finally got the recognition it deserves.

It has just come joint second in the BBC History Magazine's nationwide search for local historic features. Reacting to the good news, landlady Tammy Shirley joked: "That's not fair, we should have come first!" The pub scooped the award because Bowie lived upstairs and held his 'Beckenham Arts Lab' there on Sunday evenings; an informal gathering of musicians and artists, which he set up in 1969. He also played lived acoustic gigs in the pub and summer concerts in Croydon Road recreation ground.

More recently Beckenham author Hanif Kureishi filmed part of his TV drama 'The Buddha of Suburbia' there. Rolling Stone Bill Wyman used it as his 'boozer' years ago.

The pub was nominated by life-long Bowie fan and Bromley resident Matthew Fisher, who also has famous connections. Bowie wrote the song 'All The Young Dudes' for Matthew's elder brother, Stephen Fisher of Mott The Hoople fame. Matthews, 34, a porter at Bromley Hospital, said: "I heard about these awards on the radio and the pub immediately sprang to mind."

Despite local protest, the Three Tuns was renamed the Rat & Parrot in 1995 and is now part of a chain of similarly branded pubs. And, surprisingly, there are no pictures of Bowie on the wall.

David Bowie was unavailable for comment.

By Jim Bennett - (Kentish Times, Feb 23rd 2001).

4th March 2001

Check out the new TIBET US BENEFIT concert photograph gallery - loads more to scan. Thanks to Alison, SusanS and Teri. Note the screen grabs from the CNN news report... you can still catch it - see times below.

Wonderful OMNIBUS Stanley Spencer documentary on BBC2 last night narrated by our David. Make a date to view the Stanley Spencer exhibition at Tate Britain, London on March 22nd through to June 24 2001.

THE WHO are releasing an album of their greatest hits - recorded by an all-star cast. David Bowie leads a string of famous names including Paul Weller, Stereophonics, Pearl Jam and Sheryl Crow on the tribute to the My Generation supergroup.

(Ed. David has recorded 'Pictures Of Lily' for this tribute).

3rd March 2001

Reminders: A bevy of DAVID BOWIE television programmes today... set your VCRs.

BBC2 at 7:20 pm - RESURRECTING STANLEY David Bowie narrates a unique insight into the life of the British artist STANLEY SPENCER. Part of the brilliant OMNIBUS series of arts documentaries. (683680).

BBC2 at 9:05 pm - I LOVE 1986 Patsy Kensit looks back over the year she won the role of singer Crepe Suzette in the film Absolute Beginners.

CNN at 7:30 pm - WORLD BEAT have a report on the Tibet Show from NYC. The last few days in Europe they have been broadcasting a jingle with a very short clip of David. In Europe the show goes out at 8:30 pm (CET). This report is repeated several times and tomorrow (Sunday 4th) in the USA. Please check various times for your area. Also on World Beat on CNN today (USA) Saturday March 3 at midnight New York time. They are advertising it with a clip of David performing. USA Sunday (4th) at 12:00 am with replays at 4:30 am and 3:30 pm EST. The half-hour program airs on all feeds of CNN International, CNN Domestic, and on CNN Airport Network.

Update: The programme has lots of Bowie in it with him talking by a piano and snippets of the hereos performance and the finale song as well as interviews with Philip Glass, Moby and the other performers and highlights of the show. The Tibet section comes second but there is a trailer piece at the beginning with DB in. It is listed as being on again on Sunday morning at 09:30 - I'm not 100% sure that it will be the same edition but it looks pretty likely.

From Em and EB.

VH-1 Video Hits at 11:30 am (ET) USA Before They Were Rock Stars features David.

3rd March 2001

You'll remember him as the dancer from The Prodigy and as the former squeeze of Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox. Now LEEROY THORNHILL'S striking out on his own as FLIGHTCRANK with the launch of his debut solo album.

During a recent interview via icshowbiz.ic24.com he was asked the following questions:

Who's your big music inspiration?

There's so many. The Beatles definitely. David Bowie. God, there's so many.

What music artist would you most like to collaborate with?

I'd love to do a track with David Bowie. He's influenced so many millions of people. I've always said that I'd like to work with him. I grew up listening to so much of his music and then meeting him and touring with him and stuff - yeah, he's a really cool guy.

From icshowbiz.ic24.com.

2nd March 2001

Update via Simply Vinyl: For the DAVID BOWIE vinyl collectors out there, as promised here's the list of upcoming vinyl releases, the first 3 are ready for release Monday 12th March...

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B000050579. Catalogue Number: SVLP263.
Our Price £22.99.
This item will be released on 12th March 2001. Order here.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B00005057A. Catalogue Number: SVLP264.
Our Price: £21.99.
This item will be released on 12th March, 2001. You may order it now.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B00005057B. Catalogue Number: SVLP265.
Our Price: £21.99.
This item will be released on 12th March, 2001. You may order it now.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B0000540FZ. Catalogue Number: SVLP275.
Our Price: £21.99.
Release date tbc. You may pre order it now.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B0000540G0. Catalogue Number: SVLP276.
Our Price: £21.99.
Release date tbc. You may pre order it now.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B0000540G1. Catalogue Number: SVLP277.
Our Price: £21.99.
Release date tbc. You may pre order it now.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B0000542LL. Catalogue Number: SVLP286.
Our Price: £21.99.
Release date tbc. You may pre order it now.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B0000542LM. Catalogue Number: SVLP287.
Our Price: £21.99.
Release date tbc. You may pre order it now.

Label: Simply Vinyl. ASIN: B0000542LN. Catalogue Number: SVLP288.
Our Price: £21.99.
Release date tbc. You may pre order it now.

View the other items in the David Bowie Store at Amazon.

2nd March 2001

Due for release this month on March 27th is the DAVID BOWIE AUDIO BIOGRAPHY CD on the Chrome Dreams label. You can pre-order the CD here so it gets delivered to your door on the day of release. With a special price of only $10.99 in the 30% off sale... be quick. What's the 'Audio Biography' I hear you say? I haven't got the foggiest, it's the first I've heard about it. Sounds intriguing though.

The only thing I can link it to is the MAXIMUM BOWIE AUDIO BOOK which according to Amazon was due for release on 22nd January 2001.

Maximum Bowie Audio Book £7.99 Audio CD (22 January, 2001). Number of Discs: 1. Label: Chrome; ASIN: B000056F5Y. Catalogue Number: ABCD073.

Due for release on DVD this month on March 13th is the excellent ALMOST FAMOUS, again pre-order here with a saving of 30% a only $18.89.

April 24th sees the release of the reissued MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. LAWRENCE on VHS video, pre-order now with a saving of 20% at only $7.98.

Now out on DVD and Video are THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW purchase here and VELVET GOLDMINE purchase here both at $23.98 and $11.98.

In the Music Collectibles promotional section, (scroll down the the clearance section) there's a collection of postcards featuring the famous faces of many of the music world's best-loved rock artists, including David Bowie, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Madonna. 25 black-and-white postcards. 4 1/4 in. x 6 in., packaged in a 4 1/2 in. x 6 1/4 in. x 1/2 in. black gift box. Originally $14.95 now $12.95!

See complete David Bowie listings here - 30% off sale ENDS Monday, March 12th, 2001 at 9:00 am EST.

2nd March 2001

Uncut April 2001 The current issue of UNCUT magazine (April, No. 47) features DAVID BOWIE on the front cover, along with a mighty twenty-one page world exclusive interview.

The piece written by Stephen Dalton and Rob Hughes covers David's 'Berlin Period', which contains some magnificent photographs by Andrew Kent and Philippe Auliac. It's just a shame the written piece doesn't match the photographs.

There is also a one page feature 'Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before' from Allen Jones, who reminiscences on a past interview with David back in 1977 in London at a Park Lane hotel.

Going back to the main interview... David and Tony Visconti both agreed to contribute to this exclusive article and were sent a number of emailed questions, to which they both kindly answered in full. Disappointingly, the writers have stuck with the same old myths and rumours from past books and magazines, and even more disappointing is the fact they've hardly used any of the first hand information supplied to them from David and Tony.

Please read the full and unedited 'question and answer' sheets here, before or after reading the Uncut piece.

David Bowie Uncut Q&A and the Tony Visconti Uncut Q&A.

(Ed. Wonderworld would like to thank db and tv for supplying the full "unedited" sheets).

1st March 2001

At the TIBET HOUSE U.S. BENEFIT CONCERT in New York City DAVID BOWIE was introduced to the stage by Moby announcing: "Here is the greatest musician of the twentieth century". David dressed sharp in a purple long-coat, the traditional amber Tibetan scarf and black stove-pipe pants, performed "Heroes" - with a backing band of Philip Glass on keyboards, Moby on guitar, Tony Visconti on bass, Sterling Campbell on drums, along with a four piece string section. He then sang 'Silly Boy Blue', which ended with the Drepung Gomang Buddhist Monastic University Monks coming out on stage to build to an amazing finish.

Then after a couple songs by Patti Smith, David helped close the show, as the entire cast of performers ended the evening with a simply spectacular rendition of Ms. Smith's anthem 'People Got The Power', which found Bowie holding Patti's microphone as the crowds rushed down to the front.

David arriving at soundcheck Moby David Bowie David Bowie by Jack Vartoogian David and Patti Smith


New York Times 'Tibet House Benefit: Chanting and Rockin' to Appease the Elements' - Click to read
NME 'Bowie has a whale of a time' - Click to read.
New York Post 'Glimpse a lost horizon at Carnegie Hall' - Click to read.
RollingStone.com 'Bowie Heroic at Tibet Show' - Click to read.
Billboard.com 'Bowie, Moby, Matthews Spark Tibet House Benefit' - Click to read.

David Emerson Tibet House Benefit pages.

(Ed. Thanks to DE for the soundcheck photo).

1st March 2001

This coming Saturday 3rd March at 7:20 pm BBC2, DAVID BOWIE narrates a unique insight into the life of the British artist STANLEY SPENCER. Entitled 'Resurrecting Stanley', it is part of the brilliant Omnibus series of arts documentaries. (683680).

This celebration of the life and work of the artist draws upon the reminiscences of his daughters and others who knew him. Featuring unique material from the BBC archive of the artist at work, and some previously unseen home movie footage, the film examines how Spencer used painting to come to terms with his turbulent personal life.

Born at Cookham, Berkshire, in 1891, Stanley Spencer studied at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1909 to 1912. In 1915 he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps as a medical orderly, but transferred voluntarily to the Royal Berkshire Regiment in 1917, serving mainly in the Balkans. His records show that he appears to have contracted bronchitis and malaria during his service, the latter particularly common among men who served in the Eastern Mediterranean.

From 1926 to 1927 Spencer painted murals for the Sandham Memorial Chapel at Burghclere, Hampshire, which now belongs to the National Trust. This mural, which depicts various aspects of the war, is thought by many to be Spencer's finest work. It was inspired by his period of active service, and particularly records the unsung aspects of war.


1st March 2001

Ziggy in Newcastle On 7th January 1973, with the connivance of a friendly venue manager, IAN DICKSON sneaked his camera into Newcastle City Hall in an attempt to overcome the ban on photographers set by Mainman, DAVID BOWIE'S then management company. The results have passed into legend and the full story is recounted in the "Jean Genie" box set feature - see Trading Post section.

On 2nd December 2000, almost 28 years later, NME ran a headline story on "the most influential bands in the world", with Bowie coming out on top. Much to Ian Dickson's pleasant surprise, one of his images from that long-ago night was used on the front cover.

"I had completely forgotten about that particular image, in fact I haven't printed it up in over a quarter of a century or it would have been used in the Jean Genie", says the photographer.

Now, in an exclusive arrangement with BowieWonderworld, this image is being offered as a Limited Edition print with a run of only 250. Printed on fibre-base paper with an image area of 10" x 13.25", the photograph is signed and embossed with the photographer's distinctive stamp. Full mounting and framing instructions are included with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Each print is offered at £175.00 ($275.00) which includes packaging and recorded delivery.

Ian Dickson can be contacted at ian@late20thcenturyboy.com. Better still, have a look at his other Bowie images (and the rest of his extensive catalogue) at www.late20thcenturyboy.com and enjoy!

1st March 2001

March edition Record Collector The March edition of RECORD COLLECTOR has rather cheekily beaten Uncut to the punch with a twelve-page-special on the 'Berlin years'. The piece looks at each album from the period in some detail including the trilogy of Low, "Heroes" and Lodger, Iggy Pop's The Idiot and Lust For Life and the live Bowie album from the 1978 tour, Stage. Gary Numan, Martin Fry and John Foxx talk about how the period influenced their own work, and that influence is further discussed in a piece that traces the continued importance of the works up to and including Radiohead's Kid A.

While the article attempts to explode many of the myths that have survived across the years, it also continues to propagate some of the more tedious ones. Having said that, the sensationalism is countered to some degree by the attempt to study the content of this most magnificent body of work. The magazine also has an exhaustive discography that includes the uncommonly rare 7" Low sampler at £500 ($700) and a red vinyl pressing of Low (of questionable validity) listed at the same price.

Of course I nailed my colours to the mast when I wrote a full page piece on the 'Berlin years' for the International Express three years ago. But it's still wonderful to see so much interest in this most prolific and fascinating period of Bowie's career.

From Total Blam Blam - (European Correspondent) @ BowieNet.


Although 'Uncut' posed a number of email questions to both David and Tony Visconti, which the boys very kindly answered in full, the bulk of the article is disappointingly yet another "cut and paste" job, sourcing much of its material from the same half dozen books that are always brought into the fray when Berlin is periodically trotted out. The same old myths and rumours. And sadly, much of the DB and TV interviews were not used, so, just for us, here are the ENTIRE 'UNCUT' Q&A sheets that were given and completed by our Berlin "Heroes", David Bowie Q&A and Tony Visconti. Enjoy!!

Read the complete and unedited David Bowie Q&A and the Tony Visconti Q&A.

From BowieNet.


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