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31st January 2001

DARKNESS AND DISGRACE Des de Moor and Russell Churney's musical cabaret take on the songs of DAVID BOWIE, enjoyed unanimously approving reactions from both actors and critics on its recent fortnight's run at The Rosemary Branch, as the following quotes indicate:

"Intelligent and moving... providing new insights at every turn" - What's On In London.
"A touching show...(that) proves the concept of cabaret based on English songs has a healthy future" - Highbury & Islington Express.
"Inspired... a very clever and entertaining piece" - BowieNet.
"A fascinating and moving show... See it!" - Bowie Wonderworld.

This unusual piece seemed to expand the appreciation of everyone in the audience, unmasking the hidden history of the musical cabaret style in British pop for chanson fans and making confirmed Bowie freaks look again at aspects of the man's work that they might have neglected. We even had official envoys, who taped the show for the benefit of the man himself. If you missed it, fear not: it will be back in the London area at some point this year.

To read the full reviews, visit Des de Moor's website at commex.org/dirkje/

30th January 2001

Rolling Stone New Releases: Various Artists Blockbuster: A Glitter Glam Rock Experience (Conspiracy Music) What is it about the Glam movement of the early Seventies that inspires such enduring fascination, yet seems so impossible to reproduce? Unfazed by the horrifying spectacle of the 1998 film Velvet Goldmine, Blockbuster wants to give us another reason to strap on our platform boots, but misses the mark entirely. Executive-produced by legendary L.A. DJ Rodney Bingenheimer - whose English Disco was a popular Hollywood haunt for original glamsters - this tribute album features fifteen bands (most of whom you've never heard of) paying homage to the glittery likes of DAVID BOWIE, T. Rex, the Sweet, etc. Unfortunately, only Cyclefly (whose "Five Years" outdoes Bowie's for sheer apocalyptic dread) and Dramarama (a rip-roaring version of T. Rex's "Raw Ramp") rise above the pale imitations and ill-conceived rearrangements of their colleagues. A simple compilation of the original hits, complete with nostalgic Bingenheimer liner notes, would've made for a far fizzier affair.

From Rolling Stone new releases.

24th January 2001

Review of Hedwig and the Angry Itch at Sundance 2001.

After two solid documentaries in a row, I was in the mood for something different, something less grounded in reality. Looking at the program notes for HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH, it seemed like some sort of wacky drag musical, a campfest like ROCKY HORROR. Seemed like it could be diverting enough.

I wasn't ready. I really wasn't ready. HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH may well be the most important debut feature we'll see here at the festival, or in any theater this year. It's a major announcement by John Cameron Mitchell, a true triple threat as a writer/director/star. The music and lyrics by Stephen Trask are magnificent, like the best early DAVID BOWIE/Velvet Underground album never recorded. The film has a look and feel that manages to incorporate decay and sleaze, ultimately creating something really beautiful. The use of animated segements by Emily Hubley (daughter of famed animators John and Faith Hubley) is striking, and it makes me wonder how this thing could have existed onstage as a musical?

People keep telling me that it was minimalist, with slides and an essentially bare stage. I can't imagine it. This is a film that is alive with technique. Mitchell seems to have an effortless visual style, strong and specific, and he manages to transport us to a world entirely of his creation. It may run just under 90 minutes, but HEDWIG is an epic journey for its lead character, who starts life as Hansel, born in East Berlin. His mother was abandoned, and raises Hansel herself in a minuscule apartment, forcing him to retreat into his imagination as he plays in the oven, his one salvation the sound of American Armed Forces Radio. This is where he falls in love with rock 'n' roll, where he starts to hear Iggy Pop and David Bowie and Lou Reed. When the colored girls sing "Do do do do do," Hansel's sure it's him they're singing to. Hansel's life really doesn't start until he meets Sgt. Luther Robinson, an American GI who thinks Hansel's a girl at first, but who ultimately doesn't care what he is. They begin seeing each other, finally deciding to marry so that Hansel can leave and head for America with Luther. For that to happen, though, Hansel will have to pass a physical examination and be proven a woman. His mother finds a doctor to do the operation, and it gets botched horribly, leaving the newly rechristened Hedwig with one dimpled inch of flesh between his legs, somewhere between man and woman. It's enough to get him to America, though, where Luther eventually abandons him.

More than anything else, HEDWIG is a film about survival, about putting on a face and transforming yourself no matter what happens to you, and it's transcendent. Hedwig meets young Tommy (Michael Pitt, who looks like a younger, dewier Leo Di Caprio), and the two of them feed off each other.

To Tommy, Hedwig is the symbol of a world outside his experience, a world he wants a piece of. To Hedwig, Tommy is a creative partner and a lover who he can shape in any way he chooses. They write a ton of songs together, and Hedwig gives Tommy a new name, Tommy Gnosis, creating an identity for him that's as iconic as the one he created for himself. When their eventual split comes, it almost destroys Hedwig. That's actually the way we first meet him, post break-up, bitter as he watches Tommy Gnosis rise to superstardom using the songs they wrote together. Hedwig and his new band The Angry Inch shadow Tommy's tour, appearing in Bilgewater's restaurants in every town that Tommy's tour stops in, Hedwig telling his story each night to the shocked diners.

The story unfolds for us in two narratives running side by side, and the music isn't there to stop the show... the music is the show. The ultimate transformation of Hedwig's life isn't from male to female. It's from powerless child to powerful artist, from someone without a voice to someone whose voice can't be denied. The music is still running through my head now, days later, and I'll buy the soundtrack the moment it's available. I hope to see this one again before it's released so I can further clarify my thoughts on it. Right now, though, I can tell you this... it's one of the titles you have to pay attention to as the year unfolds.

It's a can't miss in the truest sense of the word, a revelation.

From AICN: Cool News via EB.

21st January 2001

The intimate Rosemary Branch Theatre is the setting for a cabaret show "Darkness and Disgrace", by Des de Moor, a fantastic voyage through a clever selection of DAVID BOWIE, or as Des puts it "old songs we'd loved".

While Bowie is perhaps best known for his play-acting and camp performance style, Moor gives each song a definite storyline and acts each out almost as a theatrical scene, often giving rather melancholy and poignant interpretations of some of Bowie's more obscure songs, such as "I Have Not Been To Oxford Town" and "We Are The Dead".

The result is a fascinating and moving show, with Moor exploring the songs and taking them in very different directions, often giving them his own autobiographical spin. This is no Jean Genie style tribute, but one singer's take on another's material.

He makes it clear that he is not perhaps as much of an anorak as some Bowie fans (I shuffled nervously when he said this), but Moor's use of the of the material and intelligent explanations of the background to the songs would convince any fan and certainly serve as a good introduction to Bowie's music (and life) to an outsider.

The show is only running for another week, but it is definitely worth the trip... See it!

Review from Marcus Reeves.

20th January 2001

Can anyone out there help ALAN ROSS find any of the following DAVID BOWIE items for his collection? He pays top prices plus ++++

Any dealers or traders please feel free to contact him at Rossafc1903@aol.com


VERY BEST DB 1896-2 (1997 Russia CD, there are two versions of this release, I need the version with David in his Union Jack coat on the front insert picture, this version also says 'Best Ballads' down the spine instead of 'Very Best').
GOLD 2000 HIT SOUND AS03-00. (2000 TURKEY CD).
BIG ARTIST ALBUM. AILE GR-42. (1990/91? Japan pirate Best Of CD).
DANCING IN THE STREET. EXIBITION DB-1985M. (There are also two versions of this release. I need the version with DB and Jagger on front insert picture and the not DB and Tina Turner cover).
ONE SHOT (Japan 5" Promo).
PRETTY PINK ROSE (Japan 5" Promo).
EARTHLING / OUTSIDE. BMG74321685022. (France 2cd set issue in card slipcase).
LITTLE WONDER (France 2 track promo in "Earthling" pic card sleeve?).
THE BOWIE COLLECTION PE97004. (Spain 2 track promo in card sleeve - 'Ashes To Ashes' and 'Dancing In The Street').
GOLDEN YEARS - (Rykodisc - 8 gold CDs in box set).
OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS. (France 1 track promo for "Bowie At The Beeb" in card sleeve.

From Alan Ross @ Rossafc1903@aol.com

19th January 2001

Islington's historic Rosemary Branch Theatre welcomes back a musical cabaret with a difference for an extended run in the new year. There's not a sultry French diva or husky German in sight: instead the material is drawn from the repertoire of a bona-fide British pop star, the extraordinary DAVID BOWIE.

DES DE MOOR, "one of the country's leading interpreters of the cabaret-chanson tradition" (Guardian), has teamed up with piano whiz and Julian Clary collaborator RUSSELL CHURNEY to revisit a shared childhood inspiration, and together they take a fresh look at selections from three decades of one of the most breathtakingly eclectic, imaginative and multi-layered bodies of work in the history of popular song.

"An endless stream of compelling vignettes... This cabaret could so easily have been a pretentious joyride. Fortunately it is nothing of the kind, and so much more." - The Stage.

Bowie turns out to be a peculiarly appropriate target for an intimate and emotionally dynamic musical cabaret excursion, having drawn himself on the inspiration of figures like Tony Newley, Brecht and Weill and Jacques Brel, to say nothing of the unashamed theatricality he brought to the rock stages of the early 1970s. Darkness and Disgrace (the title is drawn from 'Lady Stardust', Bowie's paean to Marc Bolan) traces Bowie's oeuvre from its roots in the soul-soaked, creatively explosive London of the 1960s and onwards through a landscape peopled by mod Newley-wannabes, sexually ambivalent science fiction apocalypse prophets, Brel-fixated trash theatre queens, drug-stupefied cold war romantics, pre-millennial art murderers and wild-eyed aliens from Bromley.

The show is directed by BARB JUNGR, herself a first rate performer who has been described as 'Britain's Queen of Musical Cabaret'.

Tuesday 16th - Sunday 28th January (except Monday 22).
Website: www.rosemarybranch.co.uk

2 Shepperton Road, LONDON N1 3DT.
Box Office +44 (0) 20 7704 6665
or email cecilia@rosemarybranch.co.uk

Times 20:00-22:00 hrs (16:00-18:00 Sundays).
Tickets GBP £7.50/£5.00. Hot food, licensed bar.
Underground Old Street, Angel.
Bus 76, 141 (to Shepperton Road), 271 (to Baring Street/New North Road).

Some of Bowie tracks performed in the show include: The London Boys, Please Mr Gravedigger, Saviour Machine, The Width Of A Circle, The Bewlay Brothers, Lady Stardust, We Are The Dead, Sons Of The Silent Age, The Buddha Of Suburbia and I Have Not Been To Oxford Town.

Visit www.commex.org/dirkje/ for more information, photographs and background information.

From Des de Moor.

18th January 2001

Photographer extraordinare MICK ROCK is to be the next special chat guest on BOWIENET on Thursday 8th February at 9:00 pm EST (that's 2:00 am GMT).

Other special guests lined up for their chatroom in the not too distant future are:

Debbie Harry - COMING SOON - date and time to be announced.
Holly Palmer - COMING SOON - date and time to be announced.

You can read past BowieNet and other chat transcriptions here.

Information from BowieNet.

17th January 2001

Slow Down Arthur, Stick To Thirty I've just finished reading an excellent book by HARLAND MILLER - 'SLOW DOWN ARTHUR, STICK TO THIRTY'... I laughed my socks off. It is strewn throughout with DAVID BOWIE quotes and references, some obvious, some not so. A definite must for any db fan. Buy it, borrow it or steal it.

Synopsis: Whatever happened to Ziggy Hero? 1980: Billy 'Kid' Glover is seeing things in triplicate and the doc prescribes a rest cure. When he returns to Yorkshire, 'Vienna' is on the radio and, although subtle, there have been some changes. The seventies have given way to a new decade and the young folk of the old town are waiting in the cold for the opportunities that might come with it. The change is slow and not always welcome. The pits are being closed and the police can't catch the Ripper. Ziggy Hero, David Bowie impersonator and ghost rider, is planning a gig. He proves that some things really are worth waiting for. Sex drugs and ropey pubs; Harland Miller's unconventional rites of passage novel.


It's 1980, "Captain Beaky" is at number one and Billy "the Kid" Glover can't decide what to do with his life. In his Yorkshire hometown, the options stretch to the chocolate factory and impersonating a Victorian for the delight of tourists. After an unsuccessful stint as a cat-burglar, the Kid is forced to leave the parental home and survive on his wits. He falls under the spell of Ziggy Hero, David Bowie impersonator and local landmark, and joins him in his plan to arrange the mother of all gigs. Things never proceed as planned but their mission becomes an Odyssean journey through the underbelly of local life, a world populated by transvestite drug-dealers, murderous gypsies and those who yearn to escape. To describe Miller's comic tour de force as a "rites of passage" would be a gross injustice. The traditional elements are there - grim pubs, bad trips and doped flatmates - but this author juggles them with a skill and insight rare in first novels. The indignities and glories of North-country life in the 1980s are evoked with unsettling intensity, and steeped in a humour that is 100 per cent original. In future decades, this book will be cherished like an old album. - Matthew Baylis.

'Right up my strasse: thoroughly inappropriate behaviour in an urban setting. The shittier the circumstances, the bigger the dream. Smashing.' - Jarvis Cocker (Pulp).

'Slow Down Arthur, Stick to Thirty is an electric debut. Harland Miller's writing has a quality that is rare these days. He so obviously loves his characters that it is impossible for us not to love them too. The sheer energy, with and verve of the language is nothing less than exhilarating. Authentic, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, this is a rollercoaster ride through a Yorkshire suffused with cigarettes, drugs, sex and 70s Bowie songs. Harland Miller doesn't fake it. He lays the real thing on you.' - Rupert Thompson.

'I found myself head down, absorbed in Harland Miller's eclectic anecdotal style. I laughed out loud.' The Guardian.

Slow Down Arthur, Stick To Thirty
Paperback - 256 pages (1 June, 2000), published by Fourth Estate; ISBN: 184115282X.

(Ed. Apparently the book is to be made into a movie - can't wait).

15th January 2001

The ghost will continue with some gigs in the living room in January. More new songs to prepare for a new album. Come see at THE LIVING ROOM, Saturday January 20th @ 7:30 pm. Early show.

Special guests Jay Bellerose banging those drums, a rumour of Mark Plati on the bass and Pamela-Sue Mann on B Vox.

Stay tuned for other shows in January/February.

The Living Room, 84 Stanton St, (Stanton / Allen), 1 block below Houston, NYC. Tel: 212 533 7237.

Peace out, Mr. Ghostly.

14th January 2001

EMI RECORDS are no longer pressing the third CD of the BOWIE AT THE BEEB set... the live performance from the BBC Radio Theatre in London from 27th June 2000. Though you may still find copies in your local stores, any re-orders will now be supplied as the '68 - '72 double CD set only.

From TBB via BowieNet.

14th January 2001

One more, weekend, of lights and evening faces... fast food, living nostalgia... BOWIE at BUTLINS.

Huh? You what? I hear you say... No it's not some long lost dreamt up 8mm movie footage of a young David Jones on holiday filmed by comedian Arthur Hanes... that was Pontins holiday camp, and a totally different story. What do you mean you don't know the story of David and Uncle Arthur? Hang on a minute, let me get this plug for Butlins out of the way first...

Fast forward to next month... the Butlins holiday camp at Bognor Regis are holding a 'Glam Rock Weekender' on Friday 2nd February until Monday 5th February 2000 starring the David Bowie tribute JEAN GENIE aka John Mainwaring.

Also on the bill are: BC Sweet, Racey, T-Rextasy, Jean Genie (David Bowie tribute), Radar Love, Les McKeown's 70s Bay City Rollers, Bootleg Slade and more!

Self catering is £30 per person and £57 Half Board per adult, check out the full details on their website at www.butlins.co.uk.

Back to the story of David and Uncle Arthur... when David interviewed British clothes designer Alexander McQueen, back in November 1996 for Dazed And Confused magazine, this came out of their conversation...

DB: Did you ever go on holiday to Butlins or Bognor Regis or Great Yarmouth?
AM: No, I went to Pontins in Cambersands.
DB: Cambersands?!! I used to go there too!
AM: Oh my God!
DB: They had a trailer park with caravans...
AM: Exactly.
DB: ...and next door to us we had a, at the time, very well known comedian, Arthur Haynes, who was sort of like a bit of a wide boy; that was his bit on stage, you know, and I used to go over and try and get his autograph. I went three mornings running and he told me to f**k off every day. (laughing) That was my first time I met a celebrity and I was so let down. I felt if that's what it's all about... they're just real people.

You can read the full interview here.

14th January 2001

The second and final part from the BBC WORLD SERVICE From Arts, Music And Entertainment: Bowie @ The Beeb! Over a career spanning more than 30 years, DAVID BOWIE has demonstrated an amazing capacity for change. The Music Mix explores how the performer has made the transition from London to Mars and back.

With four repeats over the next two days, you've no excuse to miss it. The programme times are:

15th January, 09:30 GMT
15th January, 19:30 GMT
16th January, 01:30 GMT
16th January, 14:30 GMT

You can tune into the BBC World Service via the Internet by using RealAudio.

Visit the BBC website and read their retro on Bowie @ The Beeb here.

13th January 2001

ROLLINGSTONE ONLINE are featuring the web's best fans and bands and the artists who are the most internet savvy. DAVID BOWIE has been selected by the Rolling Stone Online editorial staff as one of the artists, and clips from the video for his Grammy nominated single "Thursday's Child" will be included in the feature. There also will be a poll where fans will get to vote.

Check out the Bowie section out here.

12th January 2001

Ruud Altenburg has a new version of the Illustrated db Discography. Version 11.5.3 has lots of small changes in the song section, newly added the soundtracks Dr Giggles and Almost Famous, pictures for Disco De Ouro, Twenty Bowie Classics and London Boy, plus the pirates Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie Live, Gold 2000 and Never Let Me Down/The Singles 2. Notes on Bowie At The Beeb and BBC Sessions 1969-1972 [Sampler] have been updated. Plus information on several new pirate CDs. Ruud requests your help in identifying some of these releases, so if you know more or have a recording in your collection that he doesn't, then please could you email him.

Ruud Illustrated db Discography.

12th January 2001

Tidying up loose ends... Please would Amy Pinto email me, you still haven't sent me your home address so I can send you your prize in the last BowieWonderworld competition.

Also the girl who emailed me and asked for the chords to 'As The World Falls Down' please check the BowieWonderworld Message Board.

And last but not least, Trebor from Germany who wanted help with the Omikron: The Nomad Soul computer game please visit Omikron where they are some hints, tips, cheats and a walkthrough the game. I also managed to find you the Omikron Desktop Theme for Windows 98 (9.5 Mb) which includes icons, animated mouse pointers, screensaver, Sounds and wallpaper from the game. Self installing executable once it is unzipped. It's pretty damn good too.

From Paul.

11th January 2001

A high-profile British charity has hit back at claims of financial mis-management and corruption levelled at it in a British newspaper. WARCHILD UK, which raises money for young victims of war around the world, has been accused of accepting bribes and spending excessive amounts of money on management, following an investigation by the Guardian and Channel 4 News.

Celebrity patrons of the charity, who included DAVID BOWIE, Luciano Pavarotti and Juliet Stevenson, quit after the co-founder and a charity consultant were accused of accepting an alleged bribe. Bill Leeson, co-founder of War Child UK, was allegedly given a £14,700 bribe from contractors building the Pavarotti music centre in Mostar, Bosnia in 1996. But a statement from War Child UK said the investigation amounted to nothing more than "criticism of its distant past".

A spokesman for War Child UK told BBC News Online that Mr Leeson and Mike Terry, employed as a consultant, returned the £14,700 given to them at the end of 1996. War Child has raised millions of pounds of aid since it was set up in 1993, with the original aim of helping children in war-torn Bosnia.

Celebrity patrons and trustees quit the charity in 1999 after the alleged bribe, and over concerns about the use of money raised through donations being used to cover management costs incurred by War Child UK.

Click to read more here at the BBC News website.

10th January 2001

Included in AMAZON's January Special Offers is the movie LABYRINTH on VHS video for an amazing £4.99! Click on the link below and check out some amazing bargains.


Wonderworld Trivia: One of the singers listed on the Labyrinth soundtrack on the track 'Chilly Down' is Danny John-Jules, who stars in the British comedy space spoof Red Dwarf as 'Cat'. One of the other backing singers is Kevin Clash who is the character voice of 'Elmo' in the American childrens' programme Sesame Street.

9th January 2001

THE HEROES are to play a small Theatre Concert on Monday 5th February 2001 @ 7.00 pm. The concert will see the launch of a 'new set of songs' alongside some of the favourites from the group's Access All Areas CD. The event is to be recorded for a new 'live' album to be called "The Heroes 'Live' in the Modern World", it will also be filmed as part of a television documentary about the group.

Tickets for this event are £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for children and OAP's with proceeds being shared between The Heroes Project and The Mayoress of Trafford's Charity Appeal. The concert will take place at Lostock Community High School Theatre, Selby Road, Stretford, Manchester (quarter of a mile from the Trafford Centre Junction of the M60). Reservations can be made by return email.

Tickets will be issued upon receipt of cheques made payable to: The Heroes Project and forwarded c/o
Terry Snowden at The Community Foundation, 121 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BX on a first come, first served basis.

Read more about The Heroes charity based project here and see what David himself had to say.


8th January 2001

FROM ARTS, MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT Bowie @ The Beeb! Over a career spanning more than 30 years, DAVID BOWIE has demonstrated an amazing capacity for change. The Music Mix explores how the performer has made the transition from London to Mars and back.

With four repeats over the next two days, you've no excuse to miss it. The programme times are:

8th January, 09:30 GMT
8th January, 19:30 GMT
9th January, 01:30 GMT
9th January, 14:30 GMT

You can tune into the BBC World Service via the Internet by using RealAudio.

Visit the BBC website and read their retro on Bowie @ The Beeb here.

8th January 2001

Today, January 8th, is DAVID BOWIE'S 54th birthday. To celebrate this occasion, DavidBowieStore.com has a few tremendous offers.

1) The Official BowieNet Mousepad - was: $7.75 NOW: $6.59
2) Hunky Dory T-Shirt - was: $17.79 NOW: $15.09
3) Anthology (Album) Sheet Music - was: $24.95 NOW: $21.21
4) Labyrinth Video - was: $12.75 NOW: $10.84
5) Singles Collection (2 CD Set) Holland - was: $54.75 NOW: $46.54

Be sure to take this opportunity and benefit from this Bowie Birthday Sale! DavidBowieStore.com is also taking 15% off all additional David Bowie merchandise. Visit www.DavidBowieStore.com today and celebrate along with David Bowie!

8th January 2001

Happy Birthday Sailor! To David
Have a wonderful, wonderful day

Best wishes and lots of love from
Paul, Dawn, the kids and everyone here at Wonderworld xxxx

6th January 2001

In tonight's 4-hour epic 'The 100 Greatest No. 1 Singles' programme on Channel Four, DAVID BOWIE's 'Space Oddity' came in at number 27. The Observer sponsored programme, hosted by Graham Norton, featured Space Oddity producer Gus Dudgeon and Holly Johnson talking about the song and the recording.

Gus Dudgeon interview extract:

"A very odd choice of musicians. Herbie Flowers was the bass player, who I literally booked because I loved his name."

"Somebody said 'Have you ever heard of this bloke Herbie Flowers?' I said 'Christ no, what does he play?' And they said 'Bass.' 'Book him, what a name. He's got to be a star with a name like that.'

"His very first session, he got paid £7.10 lucky blighter.

"And of course the famous Rick Wakeman. He turned up late, covered in spots."

Anoraks Trivia... In total the single release of 'Space Oddity' took 6 years and 63 days to eventually reach the No. 1 spot in the UK.

4th January 2001


The first stage appearance by David in 2001 has just been announced today. He will perform with both MOBY and PHILIP GLASS at the Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert on 26th FEBRUARY. Tickets available NOW!

Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert - February 26th, 2001 at Carnegie Hall, 7:30pm

Tickets on sale now through CarnegieCharge (212) 247-7800 (8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week) and Carnegie Hall Box Office at 57th Street and 7th Avenue, Monday through Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday 12 PM to 6 PM.

Get tickets early - the concert sells out FAST! Ticket prices are: $30, $35, $45, $80.

Benefit tickets are available through Tibet House, including preferred seating at the concert and admission to the post-concert supper party. Please call (212) 807-0563.

The benefit includes performances by: David Bowie / Dana Bryant / Philip Glass / Emmylou Harris / Rahat Nusrat Ali Khan / Nawang Khechog / Natalie Merchant / Moby / Patti Smith / The Drepung Gomang Monks.

For more information on Tibet House go to: www.tibethouse.org.

For more information Carnegie Hall website.

News via BowieNet.

4th January 2001

DAVID BOWIE has been nominated for a Grammy in the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards in the category 'Best Male Rock Vocal Performance' for his song 'Thursday's Child. The announcement was made on 3rd January at a press conference held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The full list of nominees in Category 15: Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only are:

1. Thursday's Child
Track from: 'hours...'
[Virgin Records America]

2. Things Have Changed
Bob Dylan
Track from: Wonder Boys - Music From The Motion Picture (Various Artists)
[Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax]

3. Workin' It
Don Henley
Track from: Inside Job
[Warner Bros. Records]

4. Again
Lenny Kravitz
Track from: Greatest Hits
[Virgin Records America]

5. Into The Void
Nine Inch Nails
Track from: The Fragile
[Nothing/Interscope Records]

Winners in the 500 plus nominations from the 100 categories will be revealed for the first time during the 43rd Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast on 21st February. The three-hour show will originate from Staples Center in Los Angeles and be broadcast on CBS-TV at 8:00 p.m. (EST/PST). The show will reach a worldwide audience of nearly 2 billion people in 180 countries.

Visit the official web site.

(Ed. Well done David! Many congratulations).

4th January 2001

Several rare and highly collectible DAVID BOWIE items are listed here in a set sale. Feel free to contact the seller if you are interested in any of the items below.

SET SALE: (All prices in US$).

7" You've Got A Habit, UK demo Parlophone R5315, signed 'Bowie 75' M 900.00
7" Laughing Gnome, UK Decca one-sided acetate unreleased version #3 EX 1200.00
7" Love You Till Tuesday / Over the Wall... UK Emidisc acetate, unreleased EX 1500.00
7" Space Oddity, French Philips 304201B EX/EX 125.00
7" Space Oddity, Scandinavian Philips BF304201 EX/EX 140.00
7" Space Oddity, Spain Philips 530421 VG/EX 225.00
7" Jean Genie, Japan RCA 2235 Test Pressing, red stamped white sleeve M 270.00
7" Jean Genie, Japan RCA 2235 M/M 80.00
7" Time, Japan RCA 2299 EX/M 180.00
7" Let's Spend The Night Together, Japan RCA 2279 EX/M 135.00
7" Rebel Rebel, Japan RCA 2355 EX /M 235.00
7" 1984, Japan RCA 2404 EX/M 235.00
7" Knock On Wood, Japan RCA 2416 EX/M 235.00
LP Ziggy Stardust, Japan RCA 6065 with 'Glam Rock' OBI and insert EX/M 125.00

Please contact seller Dennis Dicrescenza @ ddicrescenza@ewingcole.com.

From Dennis.

4th January 2001

MIKE GARSON is currently touring Japan with Tomoyasu Hotei in support of his new album, "Fetish". A singer, songwriter and actor, Hotei is well known in Japan. Hotei recruited Mike largely because of his legendary work with DAVID BOWIE, of whom Hotei is a fan. Former Bowie drummer Zachary Alford is also on tour with Hotei. Prior to touring with Hotei, Mike also recorded a few tracks for "Fetish" at Abbey Road Studios in London. For more information visit www.hotei.com

2001: A "SPACE ODDITY" Whether you consider 2000 or 2001 the "real" millennium, it is now "officially" here. To celebrate this new year, century, and millennium, why not listen to Mike's inspiring "Requiem for the 20th Century" again? Using his Yamaha Midi Grand Piano, Mike composed and produced the entire track himself and released it on New Year's Day 2000. To hear the track, please go to www.mikegarson.com/requiem and click the link!

MG3: MIKE'S ONLINE NOW! MUSIC ALBUM It's been a little more than a year since Mike released Volume I of "MG3," his Now! Music album exclusively prepared for internet release. We are working to make "MG3: Volume II" available in time for the second anniversary of Mike's website (March 1st).

Be sure to check the Now! Music Network News Section at: www.mikegarson.com/news for additional info and and updates.

3rd January 2001

Update: The Space related TOTP2 was postponed until next Tuesday (10th).

A couple of UK TV programmes to look out for today are on BBC2 at 6:00 pm TOP OF THE POPS 2, featuring a space-related songs from David Bowie, Simply Red, Babylon Zoo, UFO, Space, The Carpenters, Dollar and The Police. Then later on the same channel at 11:20pm a 40 minute episode of STELLA STREET SPECIAL.

To see what's on DBTV during this month check out the Monthly Planner here.

1st January 2001


I hope you all receive everything you ever wish for

Very Best Wishes from Paul aka Rednik

1st January 2001

Today is the day for the online competition to win a DAVID BOWIE print via the artgalleryglenwright.co.uk website. The original artwork produced by artist TONY GLENWRIGHT is entitled GENUS 1, a 700 x 440mm pencil and ink drawing and is part of a private collection.

Genus 1 by Tony Glenwright The piece has a connection to David Bowie and the question will relate to this! Competition entries are restricted to one go per e-mail address. If there is a mega response, the number of prints will be increased. There are no catches to this competition and no costs to any entry.

About the print: Signed and dated by the artist. Size 500 x 315mm (slightly smaller than the original) and printed from a scan onto quality paper. An explanation and description of the picture's composition and contents and the Bowie connection will be given after the competition.

From Tony G @ artgalleryglenwright.co.uk.

1st January 2001

So what can we expect on the db scene in 2001? - Well there's the next album, recorded at Sear Sound in NYC, already in the can awaiting release and scheduled for March.

The tentatively titled 'Toy' is a 12 track album consisting mainly of remakes and remodels of some of David's earlier Sixties tracks along with totally unreleased demo's that never saw the light of day. Plus he has written some brand new songs in the style of that period. David also says he has some great 'extra's' for this album and it's singles.

Eight of the known tracks so far include: Uncle Floyd, Afraid, The London Boys, I Dig Everything, Can't Help Thinking About Me, Conversation Piece, Let Me Sleep Beside You, Silly Boy Blue, as well as Untitled and Gail's favourite 'Secret 1'. Karma Man had been mentioned along the way but dropped in favour of A.N. Other. David suggests that rather than a 'Pin Ups II', it's more of an 'Up Date I'... and he's even doing his own artwork for the album sleeve, which he describes as 'very odd'.

Commenting on the finished album David says "...it really has surpassed my expectations already. The songs are so alive and full of colour, they jump out of the speakers. It's really hard to believe that they were written so long ago." He describes the music as "dreamy, a little weird at times, it rocks, it's said, it's got passion, it... it... it's really good."

The musicians that appear on 'Toy' include Earl Slick, Mark Plati, Sterling Campbell, Gail Ann Dorsey, Mike Garson, Emm Gryner, Holly Palmer, Lisa Germano, Gerry Leonard and on trumpet Cuong Vu. Mark Plati suggested that they work with multi-instrumentalist Lisa. Recording at Mark's home studio, she played recorder, electric and acoustic violin, mandolin and accordion.

If the live versions of 'Dig', 'Can't Help Thinking' and 'London Boys' performed at Roseland and the BBC Theatre are anything to go by... this album is going to be something rather special.

In keeping with David's statement of only performing within a 20 mile radius of Iman and Alex, expect a few gigs in New York City, again probably at the Roseland, sometime in early Spring. He's also hinted at the possibility of a couple of shows in Philadelphia and Boston.

When asked about a European BowieNet Members only concert for 2001 David announced: "I can seriously say we're considering it." Fingers crossed then.

2001 will see the start of his next studio album to be recorded with Tony Visconti. They've already completed a couple of tracks with The Rustic Overtones. 'Sector Z' and 'Man Without A Mouth', with the latter pencilled in for the soundtrack of 'Attraction' the forthcoming movie directed by Russell DeGrazier scheduled for release in February. There's still no word about the release of David's version of 'Mother' the track originally done for John Lennon's birthday celebrations. Another cover version done by David is The Who's 'Pictures Of Lily' to be part of a Pete Townshend tribute album project.

Movie-wise David has already completed his cameo role for the next Ben Stiller fashion movie 'Zoolander'. David said: "It was just too funny a script to walk past. An absolute hoot!!". He went on to say: "There is a 'fight-club' style 'walk-off' between the two star models and I act as the ref."

Another comedy type role lined up that David has agreed to is 'All You Need Is Lunch'. Rattles = Rutles = Beatles you get the picture. Eric Idle had asked him to participate and be interviewed. David: "I obviously have said 'yes!' This should be an absolute laugh."

Also sometime this year, hopefully sooner rather than later, will see the release on DVD of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, with the previously unseen cut footage of David aka Phillip Jeffries.

So for 2001 there's lot to look forward to and David probably has other projects planned stuck up his sleeve... get ready for '2001: A Paced Commodity'.

1st January 2001

Well what a start to the decade that was. My God it absolutely flew by! Who said time flies when you're having fun? Oh yeah DJ said it...

DAVID BOWIE will obviously without doubt, look back on the year 2000 with a great deal of immense pride and fondness in both his personal and career life. First and foremost, with the birth of his daughter Alexandria in August. The photographic spread in Hello! magazine of Alex, Iman and David was an absolute treasure to behold. Simply beautiful photographs showing their emotion and joy outright for all to see.

There were lots of db happenings and gatherings during the year 2000, where do I start?... Well right at the beginning of JANUARY David phoned Los Angeles radio station KROQ and gave host Rodney Biggenheimer a lengthy interview, revealing some of his upcoming plans. He received another trophy to add to his mantlepiece - he was named 'Artist of the Millennium' by Radio Tel Aviv in Israel. His then current album '...hours' had also been his most successful ever in the Middle East, firmly entrenched at number one. The second UK single to be released from the album 'Survive' was released as a three part set, CD1, CD2 collectors edition and a limited edition 7" picture disc. It entered the UK charts at number 28 and at number 20 in the independent charts.

FEBRUARY brought the exciting announcement that Iman was expecting their first child. The couple announced that they were "absolutely thrilled" at the news. David said: "It's been a long and patient wait for our baby, but both Iman and I wanted the circumstances to be absolutely right, and didn't want to find ourselves working flat out during the first couple of years of the baby's life. "This is a wonderful time in both our lives."

During MARCH BBC Radio 2 host Mark Goodier presented the excellent 'Golden Years: The David Bowie Story', an original three part radio documentary. David got not only his boat race on the cover of the Sunday New York Times magazine but featured inside was a self penned piece by himself commissioned by The Times.

APRIL saw David donating one of his saxophones to the BBC Music Heritage Music Amnesty Instrument Appeal. The idea was to collect 10,000 unwanted instruments which will then be distributed to children and young people all over the country.

MAY saw BowieNet v2 launched and confirmation of 3 live upcoming gigs in New York City, at the Roseland Ballroom, with one being a BowieNet Members Only show.

There was an unexpected huge mega press frenzy in JUNE after David's triumphant return to England for the Glastonbury 2000 Festival. Never mind just stealing the festival.. he WAS the festival. He totally blew everyone out of the water. How many of you noticed the nice touch of the frock coat worn by David being styled around the same shirt pattern he wore at his first Glastonbury Festival back in 1971? Glastonbury photographs.

The warm up shows for the festival were held in New York City at the Roseland Ballroom on the 16th, 17th and 19th. The first gig he performed an astonishing two and a half hour, 25-song set with lots of surprises. The next day he woke with no voice whatsoever and the second gig had to be cancelled. There were lots of bitten fingernails until the final gig on the 19th got the go-ahead. Roseland photographs and reviews.

The television gig for the BBC at Portland Place for the invited audience was unbelievable. The band was tight and the audience were really up for it. Despite the obvious problems with David's throat, he was able to deliver a moving performance. BBC pictures and reviews.

More new books were published this month: Bowie Style by Mark Paytress and the revised version of Strange Fascination by David Buckley. David made his second appearance on TFI Friday on UK's Channel 4, he opened the show with an excellent rendition of 'Wild Is The Wind' and closed the show with a singalong 'Starman'. He then treated the audience with two more songs... a great version of 'Absolute Beginners' and a wonderful rocking 'Cracked Actor'.

JULY saw the presentation of the Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards, live from Studio 54 in NYC. David was named as the 'Online Pioneer of the Year, and BowieNet deservedly won the award for Best Artist Music website. After being presented with his award by Sandra Bernhard, David went on to sing two songs 'Wild Is The Wind' and 'Life On Mars?' accompanied by Mike Garson on the piano. Photographs and RealAudio.

Q magazine featured David in their 'Cash For Questions' section, which was a great read for the fans. David again contributed artwork towards the 'Take Home A Nude' auction for the New York Academy Of Art. He completed three simple pieces of work based around 'pregnancy'. BowieNet hosted 'The David Bowie FanMix', a one hour event which was streamed live from the studio with David and Mark Plati, where members were given the opportunity of choosing which mixes were to be used for the Beeb album. His third single 'Seven' taken from his 'hours...' album was released as a limited edition 3CD part set and entered the UK charts at number 32. In another unprecedented move in the online world, David made twenty of his classic titles available for commercial download when EMI Recorded Music launched its digital download campaign.

Iman, Alexandria and David The highlight of the year without any shadow of doubt was the news that Alexandria Zahra Jones was born on 15th AUGUST at precisely 5:06 a.m. in New York. David assisted with the delivery and cut the umbilical cord. She weighed in at 7lbs 4.6oz (3.28 kilogrammes) and her length was 20.5. Her christian names were chosen for their real meanings - Alexandria means "defender of mankind" and Zahra is Arabic for "inner light."

Besides being the most stylish dad, David was voted "The Most Stylish Man Of The Year" at the GQ Awards 2000 in SEPTEMBER at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London by the readership of the magazine. Members of BowieNet started receiving their free copy of 'liveandwell' a 14 track 2CD set. Well worth joining just for the CD alone.

Bowie At The Beeb cover This month also saw the long awaited BBC recordings finally being released. Was it worth the wait? You bet your arse it was. The 2CD album included a limited edition bonus CD of the amazing June 2000 show from BBC Portland Place. The performance was shown the previous night as part of the promotion for the album release, followed by a long awaited repeating showing of the brilliant Alan Yentob documentary 'Cracked Actor'. David also turned up on Radio One's Mark 'n' Lard show for a telephone interview and prize giving competition. After receiving excellent reviews everywhere, the album entered the UK charts at number 7, making it his 25th top ten hit. Unfortunately or not, depending on your outlook, there was a slight 'boob on the beeb' with the initial pressings on one of the Ziggy Stardust tracks. So who cares? I didn't! You got a highly collectible single tracked CD out of EMI for free... now valued already at an incredible £20 by Record Collector magazine. The repeated track was put right incredibly fast and all copies of the album now in stores are as intended. Q magazine placed the album in its 'Five Best Re-Issues Of 2000' list.

Bowieart.com received a new splendid revamp, reframe and relaunch. Besides featuring new unseen pieces of David's artwork, it now also houses a special area for several graduating student artists who attend London's Royal College of Art and Assembly 4 graduates. Each student now has their own individual free web pages where you can view their work along with their contact number.

David made a surprise appearance in OCTOBER at the VH-1 / Vogue Fashion Awards at Madison Square Garden in NYC to announce the winner of the 'Fashion Designer Of The Year' award, which deservedly went to UK designer Stella McCartney for her work with Chloe. Another surprise in store was her father Paul sneaking up behind her at the ceremony. GQ fashion director Jo Levin's published GQ Cool which featured a foreword written by our David, he also adorned the front cover along with a "cool" portrait inside. Another Bowie bible reference book released was The Complete David Bowie written by Nicholas Pegg and published by Reynolds and Hearn. Once again, David generously contributed towards the ArtAid 2000 art exhibition in support of Crusaid, Britain's national fundraiser for HIV and AIDS with one of his series of Dheads. The 'Rock Style' exhibition hit London... music and fashion and attitude at the Barbican Gallery which featured seven of David's costumes. Two wonderful limited edition prints of Iman were donated by David to the Berklee College of Music for auction towards the benefit of the outreach programme for urban teens.

NOVEMBER saw Bowieart.com take over the official sponsorship the Secret 2000 Royal College of Art exhibition. The RCA Secret postcard annual event gives the public the possibility of owning the work of an internationally renowned artist for just £35, as well as contributing to the cost of the students. David has contributed artwork pieces for the last several years. David contributed a rather excellent photograph entitled 'East Side Other' towards a charity photographic book entitled 'Life's Ups And Downs'. The 5,000 limited edition book is published by Big Issue In The North Trust. A host of celebrity entertainers, writers and artists were asked to take photographs with the theme 'looking up and looking down', what would they see, and how would they see it? And might it change our own perspective of the world we live in? The proceeds from this book go to help place homeless people into good homes, good jobs, good health and good life.

In DECEMBER the results of a year long survey conducted by the New Musical Express of contemporary musicians found that David Bowie is 'The Most Influential Artist Of All Time'. To compliment the findings, the December issue of the paper went on sale in a lovely shiny silver foil bag, featuring a wonderful black and white Ziggy Stardust front cover, a free CD with an amazing track listing, chosen by the artists that chose their most influential bands, and last but not least there was a colour three page exclusive interview with David, along with twenty pages of the main feature... 'bout time NME.

David's response to receiving this accolade?... "It means more to me than any number of hit albums, this. Thanks very much."

(Ed. David, from myself and on behalf of visitors to Wonderworld thank you for a truly wonderful past year).

1st January 2001

MARTIN NEWELL writes those brilliantly funny and topical poems in THE INDEPENDENT newspaper. He has also published several volumes of poetry, including the epic poems Wildman Of Wivenhoe and Black Shuck. The latest poem on his website and soon to be published is entitled: 101 Reasons Why You're Not David Bowie and He Is'.

He is also a musician of renown and has several well received albums under his bed. Including a wonderful album produced by Andy Partridge of XTC, 'The Greatest Living Englishman'.

As well as writing all those poems for The Independent he also regularly performs live at poetry gigs around the UK, teaches about music and poetry in schools, colleges and prisons and appears occasionally on TV and radio.

Update: More news, it looks like his autobiography, published next Autumn will be entitled 'This Little Ziggy'.

Go take a look at Martin's official website. You won't regret it.


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