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28th February 2001

At the TIBET BENEFIT CONCERT in New York City DAVID BOWIE performed "Heroes" - with a backing band of Philip Glass, Moby, Tony Visconti, Sterling Campbell, and a four piece string section. He then sang 'Silly Boy Blue', which ended with the Tibetan Monks coming out on stage to build to an amazing finish. Then after a couple songs by Patti Smith, David helped close the show, as the entire cast of performers ended the evening with a simply spectacular 'People Got The Power', which found Bowie holding Patti's microphone as the crowds (myself included) rushed down front.

Check out DEmerson's Tibet House Benefit pages... just added several pics from last night's incredible Tibet House Benefit. A couple from the show, pics of Bowie going into Carnegie Hall, plus Moby, Patti Smith, Dave Matthews, and more still to come. Check it out at: http://www.geocities.com/coyote_sunrise.

From David Emerson.

27th February 2001

Last night at the 11th ANNUAL TIBET HOUSE BENEFIT CONCERT at Carnegie Hall in New York City, DAVID BOWIE performed two numbers "Heroes" and Silly Boy Blue.

His band line-up was Philip Glass on keyboards, Moby on guitar, Tony Visconti on bass and Sterling Campbell on drums.

David arriving at soundcheck Moby David Bowie

(Ed. Thanks to David Emerson for the soundcheck photo).

26th February 2001

Unless you live on the Planet Zog, you'll know that DAVID BOWIE plays Carnegie Hall tonight in New York City as part of the TIBET BENEFIT GIG. His backing band features Philip Glass on keyboards, Tony Visconti on bass and Moby on guitar.

David has let slip that he will definitely be performing 'Silly Boy Blue'. Anyone managing to sneak in a camera and would like to submit photographs and/or reviews to Wonderworld, please feel free to do so.

(Ed. Break a leg David).

26th February 2001

This coming Saturday 3rd March on BBC2 at 7:20 pm, DAVID BOWIE narrates a unique insight into the life of the British artist STANLEY SPENCER. Entitled 'Resurrecting Stanley' it is part of the brilliant Omnibus series of arts documentaries. (683680).

This celebration of the life and work of the artist draws upon the reminiscences of his daughters and others who knew him. Featuring unique material from the BBC archive of the artist at work, and some previously unseen home movie footage, the film examines how Spencer used painting to come to terms with his turbulent personal life.

Born at Cookham, Berkshire, in 1891, Stanley Spencer studied at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1909 to 1912. In 1915 he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps as a medical orderly, but transferred voluntarily to the Royal Berkshire Regiment in 1917, serving mainly in the Balkans. His records show that he appears to have contracted bronchitis and malaria during his service, the latter particularly common among men who served in the Eastern Mediterranean.

From 1926 to 1927 Spencer painted murals for the Sandham Memorial Chapel at Burghclere, Hampshire, which now belongs to the National Trust. This mural, which depicts various aspects of the war, is thought by many to be Spencer's finest work. It was inspired by his period of active service, and particularly records the unsung aspects of war.


26th February 2001

Ziggy in Newcastle On 7th January 1973, with the connivance of a friendly venue manager, IAN DICKSON sneaked his camera into Newcastle City Hall in an attempt to overcome the ban on photographers set by Mainman, DAVID BOWIE'S then management company. The results have passed into legend and the full story is recounted in the "Jean Genie" box set feature - see Trading Post section.

On 2nd December 2000, almost 28 years later, NME ran a headline story on "the most influential bands in the world", with Bowie coming out on top. Much to Ian Dickson's pleasant surprise, one of his images from that long-ago night was used on the front cover.

"I had completely forgotten about that particular image, in fact I haven't printed it up in over a quarter of a century or it would have been used in the Jean Genie", says the photographer.

Now, in an exclusive arrangement with BowieWonderworld, this image is being offered as a Limited Edition print with a run of only 250. Printed on fibre-base paper with an image area of 10" x 13.25", the photograph is signed and embossed with the photographer's distinctive stamp. Full mounting and framing instructions are included with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Each print is offered at £175.00 ($275.00) which includes packaging and recorded delivery.

Ian Dickson can be contacted at ian@late20thcenturyboy.com. Better still, have a look at his other Bowie images (and the rest of his extensive catalogue) at www.late20thcenturyboy.com and enjoy!

24th February 2001

March edition Record Collector The March edition of RECORD COLLECTOR has rather cheekily beaten Uncut to the punch with a twelve-page-special on the 'Berlin years'. The piece looks at each album from the period in some detail including the trilogy of Low, "Heroes" and Lodger, Iggy Pop's The Idiot and Lust For Life and the live Bowie album from the 1978 tour, Stage. Gary Numan, Martin Fry and John Foxx talk about how the period influenced their own work, and that influence is further discussed in a piece that traces the continued importance of the works up to and including Radiohead's Kid A.

While the article attempts to explode many of the myths that have survived across the years, it also continues to propagate some of the more tedious ones. Having said that, the sensationalism is countered to some degree by the attempt to study the content of this most magnificent body of work. The magazine also has an exhaustive discography that includes the uncommonly rare 7" Low sampler at £500 ($700) and a red vinyl pressing of Low (of questionable validity) listed at the same price.

Of course I nailed my colours to the mast when I wrote a full page piece on the 'Berlin years' for the International Express three years ago. But it's still wonderful to see so much interest in this most prolific and fascinating period of Bowie's career.

From Total Blam Blam - (European Correspondent) @ BowieNet.


Although 'Uncut' posed a number of email questions to both David and Tony Visconti, which the boys very kindly answered in full, the bulk of the article is disappointingly yet another "cut and paste" job, sourcing much of its material from the same half dozen books that are always brought into the fray when Berlin is periodically trotted out. The same old myths and rumours. And sadly, much of the DB and TV interviews were not used, so, just for us, here are the ENTIRE 'UNCUT' Q&A sheets that were given and completed by our Berlin "Heroes", David Bowie Q&A and Tony Visconti. Enjoy!!

Read the complete and unedited David Bowie Q&A and the Tony Visconti Q&A.

From BowieNet.

24th February 2001

According to an interview in yesterday's NEWSDAY (Thursday 22 Feb 2001) the band performing with DAVID BOWIE at the Tibet Benefit performance at Carnegie Hall on Monday will be: Philip Glass on keyboards, Moby on guitar and Tony Visconti on bass.

The article was lengthy and very complimentary about David. Some of his quotes - regarding the Tibet Show: 'It has a low profile. Given the nature of the artists, it sells out, but it's not a trumpet-blowing thing. It's a very comfortable situation.' The article says this will be his ONLY show in 2001 - 'I missed so much of my son's early years because I was on the road. It's so wonderful to be home. I'm reacting like every other father. I have no unique perspective on the situation. It's wonderful.'

Regarding Bowie At The Beeb and looking backwards: 'It's a confluence of events that make it seem that way. The cause has been the Millennium. Part of it is the label's enthusiasm for the older work and part is mine to look back.'

Regarding the new album: 'But I am working on quite new material that is forward-sounding. The new album will be more experimental. It's time I crept out there again.' When asked for specifics: 'It's much too hard to say. It will be spontaneous - planned accidents. Hopefully, it will be a vibrant, exciting tapestry and inhabit its own world when it is done. That's what I hope for all my albums, that they create some sort of alternative reality.'

Regarding Tibetan culture: 'It's always held a special meaning for me, though I don't talk about it much. It is important to protect all cultures and keep recapturing pieces of peoples' history.'

You can read the full article here.

From Mike.

23rd February 2001

Starting tonight In the UK, Granada Plus (on Sky Digital) are broadcasting the MARC BOLAN TV show every evening at 11:30pm on the 23rd, 26th, 27th and 28th. The show on the 28th features DAVID BOWIE performing "Heroes" and the closing snippet of the duet with Marc performing 'Standing Next To You'

Marc On Plus: Marc Bolan glams it up in this seventies pop music show. His guests include David Bowie and he performs a wide range of T-Rex classics.

Heart Throb etc - Fri 23rd Feb 23:30
Seventies pop icon Marc Bolan and his band T-Rex host this music series featuring interviews and live performances. Heart Throb are the special guests in this episode.

Robin Asquith etc - Mon 26th Feb 23:30
Seventies pop icon Marc Bolan and his band T-Rex host this music series featuring interviews and live performances. Robin Asquith is the special guest in this episode.

Rosetta Stone - Tue 27th Feb 23:30
Pop series presented by Marc Bolan and band T-Rex.

The Rods, DAVID BOWIE, Wed 28th Feb 23:30
Pop series presented by Marc Bolan and band T-Rex.

Info via Neil.

22nd February 2001

Reminder: Don't forget today's the today for the... VH-1 DAVID BOWIE DAY. The programme schedule is listed below:

18:00 - Top 20 David Bowie
20:00 - David Bowie Live at the Beat Club
21:00 - VH1 to 1 - David Bowie
21:30 - VH1 - Greatest Hits
23:00 - Storytellers
00:30 - Greatest Hits

Check out the updated DBTV February Monthly Planner to see what else is happening this month.

22nd February 2001

For the upcoming TIBET BENEFIT performance on Monday (26th Feb) at Carnegie Hall in New York City, DAVID BOWIE says he will definitely will be performing 'Silly Boy Blue' as part of his set. Playing on bass will be Tony Visconti, who will also be playing with several of the other acts on the bill.

(Ed. Expect one, two or possibly three songs at tops).

22nd February 2001

JOE JACKSON has covered some DAVID BOWIE songs during the last two years, which are "Heroes", Life On Mars? and Drive In Saturday. Nice version of the songs played by Joe on the piano as a kind of tribute to a man who inspired him a lot.

"Heroes" can be found online at http://nav.to/jenyman and also the other songs are available on mp3.

From Marcel/TheGuru.

21st February 2001

In the current issue of the BBC HISTORY magazine (March vol. 2, no. 3), the winners for their 'new Domesday Book for the new Millennium' are featured.

The Rat and Parrot Pub (aka The Three Tuns), Beckenham, Kent. Nominated by Mr. Matthew Fisher.

David performs at The Three Tuns This was the venue for Sunday evening meetings of David Bowie's 'Beckenham Arts Lab' in 1969 - an informal gathering of musicians and artists. In the face of local opposition, The Three Tuns was renamed The Rat and Parrot in 1995 and is now part of a chain of similarly branded pubs. The judges were enthused by this nomination and its importance for the history of popular culture, unrecorded at present. It also highlighted the familiar issue of changes to historic pub names, although the brewery tell us it is not inconceivable that the pub could one day be renamed The Three Tuns. 'What's in a name? A lot when you look into it,' Andrew Morley pointed out.

Winner: Reading British School, Berkshire.
Second: The Rat and Parrot pub.
Second: Nineteenth-Century Grandstand, Wolverton, Buckinghamshire.
Third: Hawcombe Manor, Bere Ferrers, Devon.

The best 50 entries can be found at www.bbcworldwide.com/historymag.

(Ed. Matthew Fisher? That name rings a bell).

Be on the lookout for a special feature on BowieWonderworld coming soon. 'The Arts Lab at The Three Tuns' includes first hand accounts and photographs from people and friends who were regular visitors to the Sunday night performances back in the 60s.

21st February 2001

Seven by Ian Dickson In response to several requests for a selection box, now you can have just that! Called 'SEVEN', you can now choose seven of your favourite images from The Collector's Series and The Exhibition Portfolio (www.late20thcenturyboy.com) and have them all in one box. Identical in specification to the box sets available in The Collector's Series, 'Seven' is available only in the DeLuxe version - fibre-base prints in hinged, archive-quality mounts.

A special Certificate of Authenticity will be attached to the inside of the hinged box lid bearing the client's name and selection, thus ensuring total exclusivity - a one-off, indeed!

There are two options for your 'Seven' selection - (a) you can either choose one colour and six monochrome prints or (b) seven monochrome prints for your set.

Each individual selection is priced at £325 / $500, package and postage paid.

See The Collector's Series for full details. So, get browsing and make your choice!

For more details, please call me on +44-(0)1273 673006 or email ian@late20thcenturyboy.com

From Ian Dickson.

20th February 2001

Update: Re-nomination... Thanks for your enquiry and your interest in the Domesday Project, specifically the Rat & Parrot nomination. The Rat & Parrot (formerly known as the Three Tuns) was indeed one of our winners - it came second - and is featured on page 46-47 of our March edition, now in the shops.

The winners and all the entries will also be posted up on our website at www.bbcworldwide.com/historymag by the end of this week.

From Lucy Bugiel Editorial Assistant @ BBC History Magazine.

20th February 2001

Thanks to a series of coincidences I've just discovered that DAVID BOWIE is due to contribute to a new column in UK newspaper THE TIMES called 'Personal Passions', in which well-known personalities talk about their favourite work of art. I'm not sure what day it appears, but I do know that one of the other future contributors is Tony Blair.

From Rob.

(Ed. Each Wednesday in the 'Times 2' art section there features the column 'Private Passions' - today's column is by Alex James. Watch this space).

20th February 2001

Pub is shortlisted for top historic landmark award.

Rat & Parrot aka Three Tuns The Beckenham pub, where DAVID BOWIE used to perform, has been shortlisted in a search for hostelry features that people would most like to see preserved.

The Rat and Parrot, formerly the Three Tuns, in Beckenham High Street is one of ten finalists in BBC History Magazine doomsday project. The project is a nationwide search for historic landmarks local people think should be saved for future generations, recorded in some way or simply given the recognition they deserve. The pub, which hosted David Bowie's Beckenham Arts Lab back in 1969, will appear in the March issue of the magazine and those nominating the pub will receive a selection of history books published by BBC Worldwide.

If the Rat and Parrot wins the competition, it will be the subject of a special feature and the magazine, together with the nominator, will work out the best way of making sure the pubs fame is preserved.

Also nominated are No Place Field burial grounds, Plymouth, Roggs Delicatessen, Whitechapel, London, and a recording of recollections of a Devon boyhood. The shortlist of 10 was chosen by a panel of five judges including archaeologist and broadcaster Julian Richards and BBC History Magazine editor Greg Neale. Everyone taking part in the project will receive a years free subscription to the magazine.

From The Bromley News Shopper.

19th February 2001

Soul SnatcherSmoke Mirrors and Paranoia Bump In The Night The three episodes of the HUNGER series that DAVID BOWIE starred in as the amazing 'Julian Priest' are now available to purchase on DVD and VHS video from York Entertainment on York Home Video.

Click on the thumbnails to see full DVD cover pictures of 'Soul Snatcher', 'Smoke, Mirrors and Paranoia' and 'Bump In The Night'.

17th February 2001

Now you can be among the first fans to join the Bowie interactive online community. Our goal is to ensure that your Internet experience is EASY and FUN.

Bowie IDFrame click to see new browser

Browse the internet while staying in close touch with your favorite artist. By using your Bowie browser you will be able to take advantage of special offers, promotions, contests and get an enhanced internet experience that is both engaging and entertaining.

To get started, please read the system requirements below. If your system meets or exceeds these requirements, click the Registration button to proceed.

Minimum System Requirements: IBM PC or compatible, Pentium Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, 256-color or higher display adapter Resolution: 800x600 or better. You must be at least 13 years old to use/download this browser.

DOWNLOAD HERE http://www.idframe.com/bowie/

Additions to version 1.5.5:
Your Internet Explorer Favorites are imported automatically!
All of your IE bookmarks are now available in your Bowie browser.
Internet Explorer 4.0 Compatibility.
Now users of IE4 can login and edit channels.

Additions to version 1.5.4
Search Box on browser.
Type directly into the search box to find what you're looking for.
New Channel Editor.
Add custom channels to your browser, and retrieve them from anywhere in the world by just logging in.
Content pages.
Get an overview of daily news by clicking on our channels.
Smoother upgrade process.
Automated upgrade process to make it easier and faster.

Support: In case of technical difficulties, please contact .

Cheers from the team at Bowie!!

17th February 2001

For fans everywhere this is for you - a demo of my upcoming PORTFOLIO PICTURES BOOK coming soon!!! Rare pictures never published of DAVID BOWIE, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. This is a very limited edition of 60 pictures with original prints and CD-Rom.

David Bowie David Bowie with Asshole the monkey David Bowie in Paris David Bowie in Paris Get ahead get a hat David goes all swishy

Best wishes
Your French Friend Philippe Auliac.

16th February 2001

Out now is the (March 2001) issue of MOJO magazine which features a two page write up in the 'Time Machine' section on DAVID BOWIE during his 'Gouster' aka 'Young Americans' soul period, a couple of nice photographs, with May Pang reminiscing and supplying the quotes.

(Ed. 'The Gouster' was the provisional title for the Young Americans album, which is slang for a 'Cool Dude').

16th February 2001

Here we go again... Blank Nude female Jesus photo stirs chaos: - A photography exhibit that includes a work depicting Jesus as a naked woman is stirring debate at the same museum where a dung-decorated painting of the Virgin Mary sparked a heated six-month legal battle.

The work "Yo Mama's Last Supper" features the photographer, Renee Cox, nude and surrounded by 12 black apostles. It is part of an exhibit of 94 contemporary black photographers opening Friday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. ox, a Jamaican-born artist who was raised Catholic, said the Last Supper image highlights legitimate criticisms of the church, including its refusal to ordain women as priests. "Get over it!" she said. "Why can't a woman be Christ? We are the givers of life!" Another artist's photo collage depicts a topless woman, crucified. "I think what they did is disgusting, it's outrageous," Mayor Rudy Giuliani said, adding that anti-Catholicism "is accepted in our city and in our society." Giuliani said on Thursday he is appointing a task force "that can set decency standards for those institutions that are using your money, the taxpayers' money," including the city-subsidised museum.

In 1999, the museum's "Sensation" show featured an elephant dung-embellished Virgin Mary. The mayor froze the museum's annual $7.2 million city subsidy - about a third of its annual budget - then sued in state court to evict the museum. The museum filed a countersuit in federal court, where a judge ruled that the city had violated the First Amendment and restored the funding. This time, Giuliani said he would go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, whose decisions he said are based on "showing decency and respect for religion.''

From Raven.

15th February 2001

db's mate, ex schoolfriend and music legend PETER FRAMPTON will be holding a live chat session at YAHOO! starting at 7:00 pm EST (Time Zones) on Friday, February 16th.

He will also appear on CNN next Tuesday 22nd February.

Fans can chat with Frampton by logging on to http://chat.yahoo.com. He will talk with his fans about his music and career. Topics that are sure to come up include his recent re-release of 'Frampton Comes Alive: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition, his Grammy nomination for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for "Off The Hook" (on his Live In Detroit album); being named this year's recipient of the Orville H. Gibson Lifetime Achievement Awards (being given out at the Gibson Guitar Awards in Los Angeles on February 20th); his involvement in the "Almost Famous" movie as authenticity advisor, songwriter, and actor; and more.

In other Frampton news: On Tuesday, February 20th, Frampton will be interviewed live by Greta Van Susteren on CNN about his Grammy nomination and career. The interview will be a part of her show which airs live on CNN from 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM ET.

To join in on the Pete Frampton chat, head on over to chat.yahoo.com.

14th February 2001

Tickets for the TIBET HOUSE U.S. Benefit Concert gig at Carnegie Hall in New York City on 26th February is now SOLD OUT completely. David will perform with both Philip Glass and Moby, and says he will be 'performing two possibly three songs at tops'.

David speaking yesterday on the Tibet concert said: "Thanks everyone for responding so generously to this excellent event. It should be a really great evening." More information on the Benefit show here.

David has now completed his filming in Los Angeles for the upcoming 'All You Need Is Lunch' the RUTLES second documentary film Beatles spoof by Eric Idle. Along with David's short interview contribution towards a filmed biography on ex Bromley Tech school chum Peter Frampton.

14th February 2001

"Wish I'd sent a Valentine..." Today's the day to buy a house on Love Me Avenue.

For all lovers and would be lovers - have a wonderful day today - and remember... 'Don't fake it baby.'

Valentine message for Blam - 'Be a good boy and just put those darts down!'

13th February 2001

Set your video recorders for the upcoming VH1 BOWIE FEST on Thursday 22nd February.

18:00 - Top 20 David Bowie
20:00 - David Bowie Live at the Beat Club
21:00 - VH1 to 1 - David Bowie
21:30 - VH1 - Greatest Hits
23:00 - Storytellers
00:30 - Greatest Hits

Check out the updated DBTV February Monthly Planner to see what's happening this month.

13th February 2001

The news piece on 1st February from www.rollingstone.com concerning the Sotheby's Auction in London... David WON'T unfortunately be attending the event.

Update via BowieNet.

Sotheby's has begun auctioning off a series of paintings this month, in an effort to raise money for 'Art Against Addiction', a pet charity of David Bowie. The Art Against Addiction committee headed by David and Martin Maloney have contracted professionals in the art world to create and donate new works based on the theme of addiction. The pieces will be sold to benefit the organisation, which funds research, education and treatment of addictions, whether it be to drugs, nicotine, alcohol or tranquilisers. Included among the seventy-three artists who responded to the request was former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, who contributed a mixed-media item with artists James Moores and Marc Quinn.

The pieces can be viewed at Sotheby's Web site, and will also be on display at Sotheby's Bond Street Galleries in London on February 14th and 15th.

12th February 2001

1.Outside Display Poster Following on from the promotional 1.Outside Cubes... look what else has been dug up... 1.Outside Display Poster, uncut poster for the 1.Outside LP. These posters are approximately 2ft 6in x 1ft 6in and were originally meant for the 3D Stand Up Display for the album. They are a UNIQUE poster and were NOT featured on any display in this form. The price is £1.99 plus postage and packing of £2.00 if in the UK (will send in tube). They are a great item for the DAVID BOWIE collector. Again, please reserve first via shelbournes@arsenalfc.net.

And last but not least - first come first served ONE OFF item. First person to make a reasonable offer gets it... Cardboard 3D Display for the 1.Outside LP. These are as featured on the poster but are printed on 3D cardboard display, approximately 2ft 6in x 1ft 6in. Again, please email shelbournes@arsenalfc.net.

(Ed. Hint: The reasonable offer is very reasonable - be quick).

11th February 2001

UPDATE: ALL CUBES NOW SOLD Now... not tomorrow... yesterday... be quick if you want one of these DAVID BOWIE collectors items. I've managed to locate a limited supply of these rather nifty 1.OUTSIDE promotional cubes. The fold up cardboard cube measures approximately 8" x 8" and feature the six promotional pieces of Outside artwork on each side.

They are supplied brand new and unfolded. I'll shall add a photograph of the finished article as soon as my mental and divas hands have got around to putting it together. Where's your 8 year old son when you need him?

Now for the even nicer part... believe it or not the price for a cube is ONLY £1.99 plus postage and packing, which is £1 within the UK. Shipping overseas is no problem whatsoever.

(Ed. All now sold out).

9th February 2001

The February issue of GUITAR WORLD features an interview with REEVES GABRELS, entitled 'Tales Of Ulysses' written by Gary Graff.

When asked why on earth he would end his rather cushy 12-year association with rock legend DAVID BOWIE, guitarist Reeves Gabrels admits ruefully that it was all his fault.

"Over time, I started thinking of David as the singer in MY band - how twisted is that?" Gabrels says with a laugh. "That was why I was getting frustrated with him near the end; I wanted the music to go one way and he wanted it to go another way. And when push came to shove, I had to remember whose name was on those albums, and I didn't. I lost perspective."

It was hardly a falling out, though. Bowie guests on Gabrels' new solo album, Ulysses (della notte), joining Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and ex-Pixies leader Frank Black on the track "Jewel". Other superstar guests include The Cure's Robert Smith, who lends his vocals to "Yesterday's Gone".

Recorded in 1999 while Gabrels was working on Bowies' 'hours...' album, Ulysses first appeared in a shorter form on Gabrels' web site. But after Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine nominated the solo excursion for Internet Album of the Year, the guitarist began to examine other options. Much to his relief, fledgling label E-Magjne Entertainment quickly scooped up the project and put it out in its entirety on CD.

"Ulysses really needs to be listened to as a whole," says Gabrels. "On the internet people tend to download individual songs instead of entire albums, which is why I wanted it to come out in a more traditional format."

The album, however, is anything but traditional, careening as it does from hard-hitting blues rock to 21st century electronica. "I wanted to do something that captured my fondness for classic rock like Neil Young, Joe Walsh, and Steely Dan," explains Gabrels. "But underneath that sound you'll hear Curtis Mayfield, Todd Rundgren, Hendrix and guitar-playerish things, along with techno inspired textures 'a la' Tricky and Underworld, But I hope when someone listens, they don't hear any of those specific things unless they really think about it."

By Gary Graff.

Reeves round-up... Reeves Gabrels will be playing The South by South West Festival (SXSW) on March 14-18, 2001 in Austin, Texas. Exact date and venue TBA February 2001.

Dangerous Curves: The Art Of The Guitar, a display of guitars from legends, both past and present opened on 5th November 2000 and runs through 25th February 2001 at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. One of Reeves Gabrels guitars is on display as part of their show. This show also features instruments from different musicians like the legendary Les Paul, Steve Howe, Chet Atkins, and Rick Neilsen, etc. Reeves is also featured in the show catalogue playing the guitar, with a close-up of his hands. So be sure to check it out if you are in the Boston area!

You can purchase Reeves' latest album Ulysses (della notte) featuring David Bowie here.

8th February 2001

Reminder: Special guest in the BOWIENET chatroom tonight is legendary photographer MICK ROCK, starting at 9:00 pm EST, that's 2:00 am (GMT). If you can't work out the time difference from where you are check out the time zones here. Hopefully this will be some help.

There's a new book and an exhibition... Glam: An Eyewitness Account Proud Galleries in London salutes one of the most celebrated music photographers of the last 30 years with an new exhibition 'Blood & Glitter' which coincides with the publication of a book of the same name. It features many of his best known photographs and the foreword is by DAVID BOWIE himself.

Blood & Glitter by Mick Rock - The Exhibition commences on 5th April until 6th May 6th 2001 at Proud Galleries, 5 Buckingham Street, London, WC2N 6BP. Opening at 10:00 am till 7:00pm every day, prices on entry £2, concessions £1.

Blood & Glitter by Mick Rock - The Book published by Vision On, 11th April, RRP £19.99: IBSN - 0953747999 available though the Vision On website.

Information via BowieNet and TBB.

8th February 2001

Update: As mentioned last month's news... Falcon Entertainment Corporation has announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with American Music Corporation to distribute the upcoming Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. feature film soundtrack for the film ATTRACTION.

Falcon Entertainment's wholly owned subsidiary, InVision(TM) Records, and American Music Corp. will distribute the 'Attraction' soundtrack worldwide. Attraction, a Lions Gate feature film and its accompanying soundtrack are scheduled for release on 24th April 2001.

Volume Up promotional The soundtrack will feature over 15 titles sung by award-winning and popular artists including Rustic Overtones with DAVID BOWIE, Tori Amos, Moby, Rob Zombie and Morphine. The soundtrack will also feature a title by Saint Eve, an InVision recording artist and winner of the 2000 LA Music Award for 'Outstanding Performance by a New Artist' for her song "Bridge Of Sighs" from her soon to be released album.

Produced by Tony Visconti, The Rustic Overtones completed two tracks with David appearing on 'Sector Z' and 'Man Without A Mouth', with the latter pencilled in for the above soundtrack album on 24th April, which coincidentially also Tony's birthday. Their soon-to-be released album on Arista Records is scheduled for release this month 28th February, which includes both db tracks.

From EB via NewMedia.

8th February 2001

The Ziggy Stardust Companion website updates and special feature this month includes a CD soundtrack to Heddon Street/Ziggy Stardust by Philip Sanderson, all about Rosalyn, a rare 1973 promotional single, a new picture of the month and a new article reviewing Aladdin Sane from Creem magazine in 1973.

From Mike Harvey @ www.5years.com.

7th February 2001

Watch that man... DAVID BOWIE appears in three of today's UK daily newspapers, THE MIRROR, complete with a large colour photograph. Under the heading of 'We Can Be Hairoes', James Scott writes...

David Bowie was in the mood to let his hair down at a premiere for Hannibal - the eagerly awaited sequel to Silence Of The Lambs. The playful singer, 54, bared his teeth in a Lecter-like grin as he arrived with wife Iman. Earlier, Sir Anthony Hopkins, proved he was nothing like his character Hanniball the Cannibal, by planting a kiss on the cheek of co-star Julianne Moore at the screening in New York. Moore gets her teeth into the role of FBI agent Clarice Starling, first made famous by Jodie Foster. The film also stars British actor Gary Oldman. (Scroll down for a couple of photographs).

By James Scott.

There are also large black and white photographs and write ups published in the DAILY STAR and the Scottish morning newspaper the DAILY RECORD.

7th February 2001

Several little birds inform me that the next DAVID BOWIE album release tentatively titled TOY is scheduled for release on 8TH MAY.

The 12 track album consisting mainly of remakes and remodels of some of David's earlier Sixties tracks along with totally unreleased demo's that never saw the light of day. Plus he has written some brand new songs in the style of that period. David also says he has some great 'extra's' for this album and it's singles.

Eight of the known tracks so far include: Uncle Floyd, Afraid, The London Boys, I Dig Everything, Can't Help Thinking About Me, Conversation Piece, Let Me Sleep Beside You, Silly Boy Blue, as well as Untitled and Gail's favourite 'Secret 1'. Karma Man had been mentioned along the way but dropped in favour of A.N. Other. David suggests that rather than a 'Pin Ups II', it's more of an 'Up Date I'... and he's even doing his own artwork for the album sleeve, which he describes as 'very odd'.

You can read more information about the album here.

Info. from several sources.

7th February 2001

The current issue of Dutch magazine GREYT features a DAVID BOWIE article. I "think" you can purchase the magazine online, as far as I can make out. The site states: Greyt tijdschrift voor de man en de vrouw, met internationale allure, hoogstaande fotografie en artikelen met diepgang. (Ed. Nope me neither).

Check out the GreyT website for more information.

7th February 2001

The Sisteurs of Utter Destruction, that's SOD to you and me, have re-emerged with a V2. No not a flying bomb, not even a Schneider... that's a version 2.

Choose your poison and check it out now @ www.squeakie.com/sod/ You know it makes sense...

Go and try to win the 'Bitch Of The Month' or 'Sod Of The Season' or be really clever clever and go for 'Season of The Bitch'.


6th February 2001

DAVID BOWIE and IMAN were guests for the premiere of the new movie HANNIBAL at the Ziegfeld Theatre, in New York City last Monday, (5th February). Also in attendance were actors Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Giancarlo Giannini, Julianne Moore, James Wood, Teri Hatcher, Lauren Bacall and Muhammad Ali.

David Bowie arriving Iman and David Bowie Iman and David Bowie

The movie directed by Ridley Scott, stars Anthony 'Lex' Hopkins, Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman and Ray Liotta in this follow up to 'Silence Of The Lambs'.

The premiere news reel showed up on several TV stations, check out the BBC News Reel as the guests arrived.

Info via BBC/Reuters/AP.

6th February 2001

DAVID BOWIE band members EMM GRYNER and GAIL ANN DORSEY team for a double bill in New York City on Saturday 17th February at 7:00 p.m. They gig takes places at The Fez (under Time Cafe, Great Jones and Lafayette Street, NYC).

Info via BowieNet.

6th February 2001

Lyricist TONY ASHER who collaborated on 'Pet Sounds' by THE BEACH BOYS took part in a live chat on ABCNews.com recently, and was asked the question...

G. Turkington: from ozonline.com.au asks: "Which cover versions of Pet Sounds material have you found to be particularly compelling, if any?"

Tony Asher: That's a good question. I guess I'd probably say David Bowie's cover of "God Only Knows."

In 1966 the Beach Boys were one of the biggest acts in pop music, and Tony Asher was flattered when the group's founder and musical genius, Brian Wilson, offered him the chance to collaborate on a project. After a few intense weeks of work, Asher had written the lyrics to most of the tunes on the rock album Pet Sounds, including the first pass of the famous song "Good Vibrations."

Written in the face of pressure on Beach Boys album sales by the Beatles's growing musical influence, the album, when released, was hailed by Wilson's peers as a musical masterpiece.

From ABCNews.com

5th February 2001

Available now on DVD (region 2) is the excellent THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST directed by Martin Scorsese, with Willem Dafoe, Harvey Keitel and starring DAVID BOWIE as Pontius Pilate.

Filmed on location in Morocco and based on Greek philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis' controversial novel, acclaimed director Scorsese brings to life an alternative view of the life of Jesus Christ. You can purchase here.

Due for release next month on 19th March also on DVD (Region 2) is STAR TREK 6: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY which stars IMAN playing her wonderful role as 'Martia' and in my opinion completely steals the movie.

Iman Jones One of the best Star Trek movies ever made, this sixth instalment restored the movie series to its classic blend of space opera, intelligent plotting and engaging interaction of stalwart heroes and menacing villains. Borrowing its subtitle (and several lines of dialogue) from Shakespeare, the movie finds Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) and his fellow Enterprise crew members on a diplomatic mission to negotiate peace with the revered Klingon Chancellor Gorkon (David Warner). When the high-ranking Klingon and several officers are ruthlessly murdered, blame is placed on Kirk and crew. The subsequent investigation, which sees Spock taking on the mantle of Sherlock Holmes, uncovers an assassination plot masterminded by the nefarious Klingon General Chang (Christopher Plummer) in an effort to disrupt a historic peace summit. As this political plot unfolds, Star Trek VI takes on a sharp-edged tone, with Kirk and Spock confronting their opposing views of diplomacy and testing their bonds of loyalty when a Vulcan officer is revealed to be a traitor. With a dramatic depth befitting what was to be the final movie mission of the original Enterprise crew, this film took the veteran cast out in respectably high style, with the torch being passed to the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the following movie. You can pre order here.

Region 2 Encoding DVD is for Europe, Middle East and Japan only.

4th February 2001

Fashion Style The February 2001 issue of French magazine FASHION STYLE features DAVID BOWIE gracing the front cover, along with an excellent seven page report and exclusive photographs... "Le rock s'écoute aussi avec les yeux".

Also be on the lookout for next month's (April) edition of the excellent UK UNCUT magazine. On the back page of their March edition, they are advertising DAVID BOWIE as next month's cover star. Quote: Cocaine, black magic, Iggy, Eno, Low and Heroes... Bowie The Berlin Years.

From EarWig and Tony Day.

3rd February 2001

DAVID BOWIE'S 'Something In The Air' from his 'hours...' album features on the soundtrack to the new film directed by Christopher Nolan entitled MEMENTO.

The movie starring Guy Peace, Carrie-Ann Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Mark Boone Junior and Harriet Sansom Harris tells the story of Leonard (Guy Pearce) is an insurance investigator, who's memory has been damaged following a head injury he sustained after intervening on his wife's murder. His quality of life has been severely hampered after this event, and he can now only live a comprehendable life by tattooing notes on himself, and taking pictures of things with a Polaroid camera. The movie is told in forward flashes of events that are to come that compensate for his unreliable memory, during which he has liaisons with various complex characters. Leonard badly wants revenge for his wife's murder, but, as numerous characters explain, there may be little point if he won't remember it in order to provide a satisfying feel to him. The movie veers between these future occurrences, and a telephone conversation Leonard is having in his motel room, in which he compares his current state to that of a client whose claim he once dealt with.

From Roger Bacardi and Marcel.

2nd February 2001

The Voice of the Century RADIO 2 are running a 'Voice of the Century; poll and DAVID BOWIE is included in the on air trailer. You can vote on the site via the following link www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/events/voices.shtm

In 1999, Paul Gambaccini presented a series of very popular programmes featuring the Songs Of The Century. Over this year's Easter weekend Paul will highlight the Top 100 Voices Of The Century.

As with the previous project, Paul Gambaccini and producer Kevin Howlett will compile the Voices Of The Century chart from various sources - mainly, the votes of Radio 2 listeners and a panel of singers and music experts.

Only popular music singers recorded during the twentieth century should be voted for - classical singers and great speechmakers (such as Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill) are not eligible.

Please vote for your Top Three Singers of the twentieth century... Please only press the 'send' button once, it will take a few moments to register your vote...

Go and voice your vote for David - you know it makes sense...

From BillB.

2nd February 2001

The Illustrated db Discography has been updated to v 11.6: added a number of more or less rare tracks sung by David in a foreign language and updated info on 'The Supermen' from the 1970 Sound Of The Seventies BBC session.

From Ruud Altenburg Illustrated db Discography.

1st February 2001

With Sotheby's auction, Bowie aids Art Against Addiction charity.

SOTHEBY'S has begun auctioning off a series of paintings this month, in an effort to raise money for Art Against Addiction, a pet charity of DAVID BOWIE. The Art Against Addiction committee headed by David and Martin Maloney have contracted professionals in the art world to create and donate new works based on the theme of addiction. The pieces will be sold to benefit the organisation, which funds research, education and treatment of addictions, whether it be to drugs, nicotine, alcohol or tranquilisers.

Included among the seventy-three artists who responded to the request was former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, who contributed a mixed-media item with artists James Moores and Marc Quinn.

The pieces can be viewed at Sotheby's Web site (www.sothebys.com), and will also be on display at Sotheby's Bond Street Galleries in London on February 14th and 15th. Though Bowie has not submitted any of his own art work for the auction, he will be in attendance.

By Jaan Uhelszki @ www.rollingstone.com

BlankBowie heads up art auction.

David Bowie is the driving force behind a charity auction to help combat addiction. Dubbed Art Against Addiction, the Sotheby's auction will raise funds for Action Against Addiction, a U.K. group funding research into the causes of addiction. British artist Martin Maloney, Bowie's co-chair for the auction, said, "Creativity and addiction seem to be closely linked together. I think if you're an artist and you're working in a way that's kind of manic or compulsive, you understand what addiction is," according to the BBC. Seventy-three artists have contributed their work to the auction. Interested parties can log onto Sothebys.com to view the pieces and to place a bid.

From Infobeat Music Newsletter www.infobeat.com.

1st February 2001

Photographer extraordinaire MICK ROCK is to be the next special chat guest on BOWIENET on Thursday 8th February at 9:00 pm EST (that's 2:00 am GMT).

Other special guests lined up for their chatroom in the not too distant future are:

Debbie Harry - COMING SOON - date and time to be announced.
Holly Palmer - COMING SOON - date and time to be announced.

You can read past BowieNet and other chat transcriptions here.

Information from BowieNet.

1st February 2001

One more, weekend, of lights and evening faces... fast food, living nostalgia... BOWIE at BUTLINS.

Huh? You what? I hear you say... No it's not some long lost dreamt up 8mm movie footage of a young David Jones on holiday filmed by comedian Arthur Hanes... that was Pontins holiday camp, and a totally different story. What do you mean you don't know the story of David and Uncle Arthur? Hang on a minute, let me get this plug for Butlins out of the way first...

Fast forward to next month... the Butlins holiday camp at Bognor Regis are holding a 'Glam Rock Weekender' on Friday 2nd February until Monday 5th February 2000 starring the David Bowie tribute JEAN GENIE aka John Mainwaring.

Also on the bill are: BC Sweet, Racey, T-Rextasy, Jean Genie (David Bowie tribute), Radar Love, Les McKeown's 70s Bay City Rollers, Bootleg Slade and more!

Self catering is £30 per person and £57 Half Board per adult, check out the full details on their website at www.butlins.co.uk.

Back to the story of David and Uncle Arthur... when David interviewed British clothes designer Alexander McQueen, back in November 1996 for Dazed And Confused magazine, this came out of their conversation...

DB: Did you ever go on holiday to Butlins or Bognor Regis or Great Yarmouth?
AM: No, I went to Pontins in Cambersands.
DB: Cambersands?!! I used to go there too!
AM: Oh my God!
DB: They had a trailer park with caravans...
AM: Exactly.
DB: ...and next door to us we had a, at the time, very well known comedian, Arthur Hanes, who was sort of like a bit of a wide boy; that was his bit on stage, you know, and I used to go over and try and get his autograph. I went three mornings running and he told me to f**k off every day. (laughing) That was my first time I met a celebrity and I was so let down. I felt if that's what it's all about... they're just real people.

You can read the full interview here.

1st February 2001

THE HEROES are to play a small Theatre Concert on Monday 5th February 2001 @ 7.00 pm. The concert will see the launch of a 'new set of songs' alongside some of the favourites from the group's Access All Areas CD. The event is to be recorded for a new 'live' album to be called "The Heroes 'Live' in the Modern World", it will also be filmed as part of a television documentary about the group.

Tickets for this event are £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for children and OAP's with proceeds being shared between The Heroes Project and The Mayoress of Trafford's Charity Appeal. The concert will take place at Lostock Community High School Theatre, Selby Road, Stretford, Manchester (quarter of a mile from the Trafford Centre Junction of the M60). Reservations can be made by return email.

Tickets will be issued upon receipt of cheques made payable to: The Heroes Project and forwarded c/o
Terry Snowden at The Community Foundation, 121 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BX on a first come, first served basis.

Read more about The Heroes charity based project here and see what David himself had to say.


1st February 2001

The first stage appearance by DAVID BOWIE in 2001 will take place this month. He will perform with both MOBY and PHILIP GLASS at the Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert on 26th FEBRUARY. Tickets available NOW!

Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert - February 26th, 2001 at Carnegie Hall, 7:30pm

Tickets on sale now through CarnegieCharge (212) 247-7800 (8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week) and Carnegie Hall Box Office at 57th Street and 7th Avenue, Monday through Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday 12 PM to 6 PM.

Ticket prices are: $30, $35, $45, $80. Benefit tickets are available through Tibet House, including preferred seating at the concert and admission to the post-concert supper party. Please call (212) 807-0563.

The benefit includes performances by: David Bowie / Dana Bryant / Philip Glass / Emmylou Harris / Rahat Nusrat Ali Khan / Nawang Khechog / Natalie Merchant / Moby / Patti Smith / The Drepung Gomang Monks.

For more information on Tibet House go to: www.tibethouse.org.

For more information Carnegie Hall website.

News via BowieNet.

1st February 2001

DAVID BOWIE has been nominated for a Grammy in the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards in the category 'Best Male Rock Vocal Performance' for his song 'Thursday's Child. The announcement was made on 3rd January at a press conference held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The full list of nominees in Category 15: Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only are:

1. Thursday's Child
Track from: 'hours...'
[Virgin Records America]

2. Things Have Changed
Bob Dylan
Track from: Wonder Boys - Music From The Motion Picture (Various Artists)
[Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax]

3. Workin' It
Don Henley
Track from: Inside Job
[Warner Bros. Records]

4. Again
Lenny Kravitz
Track from: Greatest Hits
[Virgin Records America]

5. Into The Void
Nine Inch Nails
Track from: The Fragile
[Nothing/Interscope Records]

Winners in the 500 plus nominations from the 100 categories will be revealed for the first time during the 43rd Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast on 21st February. The three-hour show will originate from Staples Center in Los Angeles and be broadcast on CBS-TV at 8:00 p.m. (EST/PST). The show will reach a worldwide audience of nearly 2 billion people in 180 countries.

Visit the official web site.

(Ed. Well done David! Many congratulations).



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