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27th June 2002

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and David Bowie will be broadcast on BBC1 Friday 5th July at 10:35pm to 11:20pm. In a rare television interview, music legend David Bowie talks to chat show host Jonathan Ross about his acclaimed new album, 'Heathen', as well as his life and career so far. He will also perform a selection of songs, including some classics.

27th June 2002

The signed DAVID BOWIE Yamaha F-310 acoustic guitar currently up for grabs at eBay via BowieNet_Auctions is currently standing at $4,150.

There are still 4 more days until the auction finishes and the reserve price has not yet been met. All proceeds from this auction are to benefit a cause that is special as well: Mychal's Learning Place.

Mychal's Learning Place believes that children with developmental disabilities should be provided with opportunities that encourage them to reach their full potential. Their mission: to challenge and assist these children to build self esteem and encourage independence through goal oriented activities.

This signed guitar will be their main source of funding the year, so bid knowing that you will be helping a truly honorable cause. See news item below for more information.

Find Bowie items on eBay

27th June 2002

After a very long wait, we are happy to unveil the latest enhancements to the website. While we are still working to add additional items - namely a newsletter system - we are excited to present what is available, including:

An Expanded Sound Studio
A Totally New Video Studio
An Expanded Extras Section
A Streamlined and Expanded Shop
A Revised Bio with More Photos

We have more enhancements planned for the very near future, so please check the site frequently for updates. We will also be sure to alert you as we are doing now. Of course, once we create our new newsletter system, you will automatically receive news of updates and information as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you for your support of Mike's site in the past, we hope you continue to enjoy the information and entertainment we've made available. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or material you feel would make a great addition to the site.

Best regards, Matthew Gilbert @ MikeGarson.com Webmaster.

26th June 2002

David Bowie QE2 DAVID BOWIE is back home in good ol' Blighty!

He arrived back on British soil this morning at 10.15 GMT in Southampton, after sailing from New York City on the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2).

Dressed to the nines in a cream suit, white shirt and shades, several fans turned up to welcome him home. David kindly stopped and signed autographs for a couple of minutes.

Photograph copyright JASON FRASER.

26th June 2002

Roseland 2002 Poster Roseland 2002 poster signed by Rex Ray, Mask and hopefully David Bowie... it could be yours!

The deliciously diminutive photographer MASK (aka Myriam Santos-Kayda) is offering you the chance to "Do" Bowie, and at the same time win a rather spiffing prize just for having a bit of fun! OK so now you are all hot under the collar here's the explanation of what's happening. Are you sitting comfortably? Then read on...

Graphically yours and the theatrically inclined REX RAY, is running a "Bowie related/inspired exhibition" at Gallery 16 in San Francisco, from mid August to mid September. More details on this event are forthcoming, but suffice to say Mask has been invited to take part.

The Plan
For her contribution, Mask plans to shoot at least fifty willing participants under the banner: "Doing Bowie". This entails a group of people, exactly like you, choosing their favourite Bowie persona and attempting to recreate it for the camera. This is your chance for a kind of strange world-domination, and you won't even have to shave your legs, as Mask will be shooting from the waist up.

Anyway, the shoot will take place in a studio located pretty close to the home of Meltdown, the Royal Festival Hall, where most of you are going to be on the day of the shoot anyway. This truly exciting art event takes place between 1:00pm and 4:30pm this coming Saturday the 29th.

If you aren't the type that particularly wants to travel in your Bowie clobber, be it an Aladdin Sane lightning bolt, a Ziggy gold blob, a Labyrinth wig, TMWFTE alien eyes, or a combination of the lot... you can get changed and made up at the studio, (you must bring everything you'll need for your transformation with you though) with plenty of time to get ready for the Bowie show later that day. The shoot will be "painless and fast"... especially if you are ready to have your picture done as soon as you arrive.

If you do take part, you will be agreeing to full permission of the usage of the picture taken of you, not only for the aforementioned exhibition, but also for a possible book recording the event, also called "Doing Bowie". Please understand that you can remain anonymous for the project if you so desire, but who on earth wouldn't want to be associated with such a great idea?!

David Bowie by Myriam A print of David Bowie made by Mask. This beautiful thing could be yours too.

What Do I Get?
Your incentive? Apart from your image becoming an actual piece of art, your own page in the book, and helping out Mask you mean? Well, OK... there's something else too.

Depending on the amount of people that show up, we will give away a very special Roseland 2002 poster, (see poster at the top of this piece) that is already signed by its designer, Rex Ray, and is about to be signed by Mask who took the picture on it, and will hopefully be signed by the subject, David Bowie himself. We will give away up to twenty of these posters, and the recipients will be chosen randomly after the event.

There will also be one very beautiful print of David taken by Mask, printed on high quality doo-dah and all that malarkey (see above). This will also be awarded to one lucky random attendee after the event.

How Do I Get Involved?
If you are interested in taking part in this little bit of rock history in the making, please e-mail immediately to TotalBlamBlam@DavidBowie.com as we need to get an idea of numbers ASAP. You can continue to e-mail up until Friday, but please do make contact as soon as you think you'll take part. We will reply with the final details of where and when as soon as we have them, and we'll post them on the MBs too, just to be safe. Oh I can't wait... now, where did I put my 'The Man Who Sold The World' man's dress?

From TotalBlamBlam and Mask via BowieNet.

26th June 2002

String Tribute to David Bowie There's a new DAVID BOWIE related CD release in August by Vitamin Records which contains Bowie tracks by various 'String Quartets' entitled 'String Tribute To David Bowie' (Cat No. CD 8668).

Whether strutting the stage as the glam-rock icon Ziggy Stardust, pushing the boundaries of popular music with Heroes and Sound and Vision or rocking the world with tracks like Let's Dance, David Bowie consistently reinvents himself and the role of the artist in music. Bowie is one of the most charismatic and controversial figures rock 'n' roll has produced. Ever. His career has spanned decades, produced innumerable hit records, included globe spanning tours, stellar collaborations and entertained millions of fans worldwide. In the spirit of a man who lacks loyalty to any one musical style, "The String Quartet Tribute To David Bowie" presents a compilation of his greatest hits as told by some of today's hottest string players and arrangers. The result is a magnificent fusion of utter emotional depth!

The tracklisting is as follows:

    01. Ashes To Ashes
    02. Changes
    03. Space Oddity
    04. The Man Who Sold The World
    05. Ziggy Stardust
    06. Golden Years
    07. Let's Dance
    08. "Heroes"
    09. Fame
    10. Falling Through Space

From Brett.

25th June 2002

At last DAVID BOWIE and MICK ROCK'S 'Moonage Daydream'... We know just how many of you have been waiting for this one. Now, 30 years (and a couple of weeks) after the original release of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust album, David tells the story of his alter ego Ziggy, with 659 photographs by Mick Rock, in probably our most lavish limited edition ever. Already acclaimed by The Washington Post as a 'masterpiece'.

All copies are signed by David Bowie and Mick Rock. Place your order now. Full information at: www.genesis-publications.com/books/bowie/index.html

Read the MOONAGE DAYDREAM news stories here.

From Genesis Publications.

24th June 2002

To Major Tom Just published and available now is a new DAVID BOWIE related book entitled 'To Major Tom: The Bowie Letters' by Dave Thompson. This 356 page fiction piece is published by Sanctuary Publishing (ISBN 1860743749).

Available now via Amazon in the UK - To Major Tom has a list price of £7.99, our price £6.39, you save £1.60 (20% discount).

Also the USA version by Sanctuary Pub Ltd; (ISBN: 1860743749) - To Major Tom is available at $10.36, you save $2.59 (20% discount).

Synopsis: Since his angst ridden adolescent years in 'Colditz', through to life as a greying father of two, Gary has been writing to his idol, David Bowie.

Through 30 years of one way correspondence we now look back over a time in which both men have overcome life's obstacles. From Ziggy Stardust to Glass Spiders; and a nervous, naive teenager to unfulfilled adult. Through it all, gary has shared his mot intimate thoughts with his hero. Bowie's songs serve as succour, offering inspiration in his moments of bitterness, confusion, anxiety, and finally, liberation.

Compulsive and captivating To Major Tom proves that we may all have to grow up, but we don't have to lose our heroes.

"Anybody who has ever plastered their bedroom with images of their idols, or screamed heartfelt abuse from the front row of a gig, will recognise themselves here. Highly recommended." - Record Collector Magazine.

Available in the UK and the USA both versions available now for purchase.

(Ed. I've just finished reading To Major Tom yesterday... well worth the read. From Gary's first letter wrote on 10th July 1972 through to the present day, the book gives a revealing insight to what it was like to be a Bowie fan in the UK starting in the early 70s).

24th June 2002

Signed Bowie Yamaha Guitar Currently available via the eBay online auctions through BowieNet, a DAVID BOWIE SIGNED Yamaha F-310 acoustic guitar. The item in question is a very special one, indeed... a Yamaha F-310 acoustic guitar signed by David. All proceeds from this auction are to benefit a cause that is special as well: Mychal's Learning Place.

Mychal's Learning Place believes that children with developmental disabilities should be provided with opportunities that encourage them to reach their full potential. Their mission: to challenge and assist these children to build self esteem and encourage independence through goal oriented activities.

This signed guitar will be their main source of funding the year, so bid knowing that you will be helping a truly honorable cause.

Auction Includes: One Yamaha F-310 acoustic guitar, signed by David Bowie Includes a print-out of David's letter testifying to his use of the guitar.

DB: "I used this guitar for a long time. It travelled all round the world with me. It has been my companion guitar for strumming on the porch or writing sitting on the beach and I hope it gives you as much as it's given me." (David Bowie - March 2002).

Click here to see eBay Bowie Items.

24th June 2002

JONATHAN ROSS is joined in the Radio 2 studio by his hero DAVID BOWIE for a special programme on Saturday, June 29th.

There was much excitement a few weeks back when Ross talked to Bowie live from the States, but now his dream is fulfilled by having the legendary singer as a guest on his BBC Radio 2 show. Each week, bar one, since the show started in July 1999, Ross has played a Bowie track.

Bowie talks to Ross about his new album, Heathen, and single, Slow Burn, and picks some of his favourite singles.

You can tune in anywhere in the world via the official Radio 2 website.

22nd June 2002

The latest ROCK LEGENDS auction contains a Mick Rock signed Blood & Glitter book and poster signed by David Bowie. Please see the full lot description below. Commission bids can be placed online now at http://www.cooperowen.com and the auction will culminate with a live event at the Cobden Club, London on the 25th June 2002 at 7.00pm BST.

Lot 16 Mick Rock signed Blood & Glitter book and poster signed by David Bowie. A limited edition (21/100) 'Collectors Edition' of the book 'Blood & Glitter' by Mick Rock, featuring an archive of his photographs of Bowie and other Glam-Rock icons, signed by the author. Together with a limited edition lithograph of David Bowie, signed by Mick Rock and Bowie. £400-500

Please visit www.cooperowen.com.

From Kaz Simmons Catalogue Assistant.

22nd June 2002

TELEVISION paid tribute to the Meltdown Festival's curator DAVID BOWIE at their London Queen Elizabeth Hall show the other night (June 19th).

The reformed New York rockers' frontman Tom Verlaine fitted in the lyrics to a few Bowie lyrics as a coda to a version of Count Five's 'Psychotic Reaction' during the encore. Verlaine included snippets from the likes of 'Sound And Vision', 'Changes' and 'Panic In Detroit'. Television delighted the sold-out crowd with a string of old favourites, including debut single 'Little Johnny Jewel', 'Glory', 'Venus' and a 20-minute version of the title track from the band's classic 1977 debut LP 'Marquee Moon'.

From NME.com

20th June 2002

Updated: Congratulations to DAVID BOWIE with his magnificent brand new album Heathen released last week. These opening week chart positions from various countries include... number one in Denmark, number two in Denmark, number 5 in UK and top ten in 8 countries so far.

    Denmark 1
    Norway 2
    France 3
    Iceland 3
    Germany 3
    Austria 4
    UK 5
    Ireland 6
    Italy 6
    Sweden 6
    Argentina 9
    Canada 9
    Japan 10
    Finland 11
    USA 14
    Holland 19
    Belgium 15
    Spain 27

In the USA, David made a strong first-week showing with Heathen in at number 14 on 55,025 units sold, making it his highest-charting debut for Bowie since 1984's 'Tonight'.

Thanks to Stanley, John S.

20th June 2002

German Rolling Stone Magazine DAVID BOWIE graces the covers of two current German magazines this month, along with inside interview articles. First up is the July issue of the German Rolling Stone magazine and secondly Musik Express. Both magazines feature articles with lots of new photographs of David.

Click on the thumbnail picture to view the full Rolling Stone cover.

From Bianca.

20th June 2002

The Man Who Fell To Earth DVD Write the 29th July 2002 down in your diary... As mentioned three months ago (February) about the forthcoming special collectors edition DVD/video release of the THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH.

The DVD will be release on 29th July 2002, priced at £15.99 (Catalogue Number: D038140). Below are the details of track listing and special features contained.

Track Listing / Special Features
    1. Documentary
    2. Theatrical Trailer
    3. DVD-ROM: Downloadable Pages from the original Theatrical Campaign Brochure
    4. Widescreen 2.35:1
    5. Dolby Digital 5.1
    6. Languages - English
    7. Subtitles - English
    8. Region 2/PAL/Colour
    9. Running Time 133 Minutes

Synopsis: From the director of Don't Look Now, a science fiction cult classic starring David Bowie. Crash-landing on Earth from his dying planet, an alien humanoid travelling by the name of Thomas Jerome Newton uses his superior intelligence to build a vast business empire. As he takes on - and beats - every U.S. corporation, people can only guess at his true purpose: to save his dying world from agonising death by drought. Newton's ageless fall from grace, as he becomes prey to lust, alcohol, business rivals and finally, the US Government, makes The Man Who Fell To Earth not only a bitingly caustic indictment of the modern world, but also a poignant commentary on the loneliness of the outsider.

19th June 2002

DAVID BOWIE appeared on TOP OF THE POPS 2 last night performing 'Fame' from the recently filmed special performance in NYC. David also appears on today's programme performing one of the new tracks from Heathen, which I believe will be 'I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship'.

TOTP2, BBC2, Wednesday at 6:10pm. Other channels also broadcasting at the same time are BBC 2 Scotland (Digital), BBC 2W (Digital) and Northern Ireland (Digital).

19th June 2002

Last night DAVID BOWIE performed on The Late Night With Conan O'Brien Show on NBC TV in New York City. Wearing a grey suit jacket, black trousers, white shirt with undone tie, David and the band performed two numbers Slow Burn and Cactus.

The show is broadcast just after midnight on NBC at 12:35am.

19th June 2002

DAVID BOWIE has been nominated for TWO GQ Magazine Annual Men of the Year Awards. Click here and you can vote for David as 'Best Solo Music Artist' or 'Most Stylish.' Everyone who votes will be entered into a sweepstakes and be eligible for fantastic prizes.

The winners will be announced at the GQ Men of the Year awards ceremony in New York City on 16th October.

Vote for DB here.

19th June 2002

DAVID BOWIE will perform in Paris, France on Monday 1st July at the Olympia .Tickets are priced at 45 Euros. Doors open at 6:30pm. 18 Rue Caumartin - 75009 Paris.

According to Le Monde newspaper, tickets can only be bought directly at the Olympia on the 28th June, one ticket per person only. (See below). There are also a number of free tickets available via BowieNet from today.

18th June 2002

During the live DAVID BOWIE chat on MSN Live tonight from NYC, David dropped the following hints, tips, jokes and sneakies. Here are some of the highlights...

When asked what was the hardest part of recording Heathen:
David_Bowie_Live says: My answer to that is a bit contrary, it was easy to record 'Heathen' it was as if it was lying in wait to be made. The songs themselves and the arrangements were very easy to organize. Strangely enough, the hard part was knowing which songs not to include. I'm tempted to release them later. I can't wait to get back into the studio.

When asked about the follow up to Outside:
David_Bowie_Live says: Brian Eno and I have made marks in our appointment books to talk about this every week. There are so many tapes to go through and put together in this so called trilogy. I know we'll both get something done sooner or later.

David_Bowie_Live says: I think the Meltdown show will definitely have the same material as the Roseland show. I've been playing around with "shuffling the deck" so to speak and integrating the songs together and I might try that out.

When asked who's your favorite comedian and what makes your wife laugh?:
David_Bowie_Live says: I'm willing to sit in front of any comedian, I just love comedians. Harry Hill is quite surreal. My wife laughs at me except when I'm trying to be funny, then she just gets a puzzled look on her face. I am happy to report she understands British humour and we can watch the same comedy shows.

Q: Are there any more European shows gonna be added, or is Montreux gonna be the very last one?
David_Bowie_Live says: There's already some talk of me coming back to Europe in September and at that point we may be doing more European shows.

For now you can read the full transcript here at the official MSN website, or on the BW Message Board.

17th June 2002

Congratulations to DAVID BOWIE with his magnificent brand new album Heathen released last week. These opening week chart positions from various countries include... number one in Denmark, number two in Denmark, number 5 in UK and top ten in 5 countries.

    Denmark 1
    Norway 2
    France 3
    Iceland 3
    Austria 4
    UK 5
    Ireland 6
    Italy 6
    Finland 11
    Belgium 12
    Holland 19

From John S.

17th June 2002

Thirty years after Ziggy Stardust landed to earth, DAVID BOWIE has revealed the surprising identity of one of his biggest influences. The former Space Oddity claims his formative years were shaped by French chanteuse Edith Piaf. As a boy, he heard her songs on the BBC radio programme Two Way Family Favourites.

"They'd play Edith Piaf songs all the time," says Bowie. "I didn't understand a word but musically I got it, I could see what was going on and it's something that's just stayed with me." Les Trois Cloches is his favourite. Surely "Non, Je ne regrette rien," would be more appropriate?

From Daily Express (14th June).

16th June 2002

I've just finished watching DAVID BOWIE on the A&E Live By Request. Absolutely wonderful 2 hours with such a close and intimate feeling. David was in a fantastic mood, full of humor and charm. Great repartee with the callers and the audience. He did 'Slow Burn', 'Slip Away' and '5:15' off Heathen. Other requests were for 'Starman', which was a real treat, "Heroes", 'Changes', 'China Girl', 'Ziggy Stardust' and 'Let's Dance' (predictable). Moby called and requested 'Sound + Vision'.

A sweet moment was when someone called with a 5 year-old son who is a fan and the boy requested 'Ashes To Ashes'. David seemed touched by it. David ended with his own choice 'I'm Afraid of Americans'.

This is such an exciting time. The new album, the tour, articles, reviews, and most of all so many opportunities to see David! I know I'm gushing, but WOW!

Set List:
Fame (no request) / Changes (phone) / China Girl (phone) / Slow Burn (no request) / Starman (phone) / Let's Dance (phone) / Slip Away (e-mail) / Ziggy Stardust (phone) / Heroes (phone from audience) / 5:15 The Angels Have Gone (phone) / Sound + Vision (phone by Moby) / Ashes To Ashes (phone) / I'm Afraid of Americans.

'Speed Of Life' was played after 'Fame' (I assumed this was broadcast, taking the show into its first commercial break). After the broadcast had finished at 11.00, Bowie continued to play - 'I've Been Waiting For You' and 'Cactus'. These were filmed so they may yet see the light of day! Bowie was on great form - joking with the crowd during the commercials. At one point he asked where people were from and was quite surprised when the responses included London and Manchester! Meanwhile, Mike Garson teased everybody with piano snippets from 'Time', 'Lady Grinning Soul', 'John, I'm Only Dancing' plus others.

From Em, Chris and DE.

15th June 2002

Meltdown Festival poster Update: NOW ALL SOLD OUT!

If you're really, really quick you might be able to grab hold of one of these strictly limited supplies of DAVID BOWIE posters for the 2002 Meltdown Festival.

David Bowie's Meltdown 2002 Festival Poster - Strictly limited stocks of this poster - Size 77 x 50cm. Priced at only £5.99 / $8.99.

Click here [DAVID BOWIE] to purchase.

Do you want music posters? Click here for over 5,000 hard to find promo and concert posters around.

15th June 2002

Mojo front cover As mentioned yesterday DAVID BOWIE appears in this months MOJO magazine. Well to be more exact David more or less takes over Mojo magazine. Hedonist. Visionary. Magazine Editor! David Bowie edits Mojo.

For this special issue July 2002 (Issue 104) David is acting editor. He's featured on the front cover complete with PhotoShopped lightning bolt across his boat race. Nice shot from Sukita circa 1972. Are you sitting comfortably? Here's a complete list of DB features in this issue.

Front cover shot : Two colour photographs inside cover : Foreword from the editor (page 7) :Meltdown feature (page 12) : Watch That Band - David picks out some new sounds for you (page 23) : What Goes On! The Legendary Stardust Cowboy by David Bowie (page 28) : Win Bowie's back catalogue and CD player Crossword competition (pages 32-33) : Contact - Bowie talks to Paul Du Noyer about the 70s (pages 74 to 83) : Flash! David chooses some of his fav photos and gives the lowdown (pages 84 to 87) : Return To Sender: David Bowie and Moby and Mojo 3 way conversation (pages 88-89) : The Joy Of Sects - Mark Paytress reviews Heathen (page 110) : Whipping Yarns - David Bowie reviews The Velvet Underground and Nico (page 117) : Subscribers Ziggy Stardust Offer (page 135) : Advertisement for Move Festival in Manchester (page 141).

Free David Bowie CD! When you subscribe to Mojo magazine now. Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary 2CD edition plus 6 issues of Mojo for only £18. Phew! Enough already - go and buy it.

Check out the Mojo website at www.mojo4music.com.

14th June 2002

Click here to see DAVID BOWIE performing this morning on NBC's Summer Concert Series in New York City - view movies here...

VH1.com have a DAVID BOWIE interview online at their website: Bowie Makes Peace, Salutes America's Best '80s Band On Heathen - Suave chameleon gives respect to Pixies, leg up to Ledge. Click here to read...

According to French newspaper Le Monde DAVID BOWIE will perform in Paris on Monday 1st July, in the small 'Olympia' concert hall. Price is 50 Euros. Tickets can only be bought directly at the Olympia on the 28th June, one ticket per person only and a bracelet will be put on lucky people's arms to avoid black market. Read article source here - (from Cécile)...

Check out some live shots of DAVID from the Roseland Ballroom last week via the TechTV website in connection with Bowie Rock Photography competition. Click on the two slide shows at the base of the article to view the photographs...

In the Mercury News (oh how very apt) - For 13 years one of rock music's biggest secrets has been tucked away, working as a night watchman in Santa Clara. But this week, the Legendary Stardust Cowboy is getting his shot at fame. Giddy-up, Stardust - The Mercury News reporting and interviewing The Legendary Stardust Cowboy. You've gotta read this, it's fabulous! - (from Suzanne)...

14th June 2002

DAVID BOWIE'S Meltdown Festival is now underway. Here's the first review from the opening performance...

Low and "Heroes" Symphony, London 13th June - Last Night I attended Philip Glass's Low and "Heroes" Symphonies at the Royal Festival Hall on London's Southbank and though I'd write a short review of the show.

Billed as the first time both symphonies had been played together, it was performed by the London Sinffonetta and was the opening show to 'David Bowie's Meltdown' festival which runs to 29th June when David himself will be taking the stage supported by The Dandy Warhols.

Anyway, back to the show. 'Low' was played first and to perfection. The 3 movements in order are 'Subterraneans', 'Some Are' and 'Warszawa' and were each about 15 minutes long. 'Some Are' is a bit of a surprise because strictly speaking it was a 'Low' outtake and only really appeared on the 1990 re-release as a bonus track. However, the Glass interpretation is much more upbeat than the original. Glass captures the haunting themes of the originals but intersperses with his own work.

"Heroes" contains 6 pieces. "Heroes", 'Abdulmajid' (another re-release outtake), 'Sense of Doubt', 'Sons Of The Silent Age', 'Neukoln' and 'V2-Schneider'. "Heroes" Symphony is beautiful and bold. Sons Of The Silent Age is quite lovely and sends a shiver down my spine. I recommend you buy the CD of this one. If you have heard either of these on CD, the live versions are pretty much note for note the same.

I am going to see 'The Divine Comedy' on Monday, another Bowie choice for 'Meltdown'. If anyone has a spare ticket for his show on 29th, please let me know. The show sold out in 2 hours.

Finally, it was nice to see Bowie's face all over the Festival Hall. If anyone is in London over the next 2 weeks, it is definitely worth going along. There are tickets available for most events.

From Brett on the BW message board.

14th June 2002

The European release of DAVID BOWIE'S new single 'Slow Burn' which is available throughout Europe is also available at HMV Records on import release at £2.99. If you're based in the UK and are desperate to get hold of the single before the official release date of 1st July in England, HMV Records are stocking the Austrian import. Below are the release details of each of the tracks:

David Bowie (vocal, keyboards), Sterling Campbell (drums), Pete Townshend (guitar), Tony Visconti (bass, backing vocals), Kristeen Young (piano), The Borneo Horns: Lenny Pickett/Stan Harrison/Steve Elson.
Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.
Engineered by Tony Visconti.
Pete Townshend appears courtesy of Eel Pie Recording Productions Ltd.
(David Bowie) Nipple Music/RZO Music Ltd.

David Bowie (vocal, keyboards), Matt Chamberlain (drums, percussion), David Torn (guitar), Tony Visconti (bass, recorders, backing vocals), Jordan Ruddess (Hammond organ).
Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.
Engineered by Tony Visconti.
(David Bowie) Nipple Music/RZO Music Ltd.

David Bowie (vocals), Mike Garson (piano), Gail Ann Dorsey (bass), Earl Slick (ambient guitar), Mark Plati (acoustic guitar), Lisa Germano (violin), Emm Gryner and Holly Palmer (backing vocals).
Produced by David Bowie and Mark Plati.
Engineered by Pete Keppler.
Emm Gryner appears courtesy of Dead Daisy Records.
Holly Palmer appears courtesy of Reprise Records.

Photography: Markus Klinko.
Art Direction and Design: Barnbrook Design.

(David Bowie) - Jones Music America/RZO Music Ltd, EMI Music Publishing Ltd.

2002 ISO Records (under licence to Sony Sony Music Entertainment Inc. / "Columbia" is the exclusive trademark of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Made in Austria. COL 672744 1 / 6727441000 (CB 602).

(Ed. Those of you who have heard the original demo version of Shadow Man are in for a real treat with David's 2002 version of this song. Beautifully performed with Mike Garson's piano complimenting David's singing perfectly. The bonus track Wood Jackson, an outtake from the album, has a definite 60s feel to it, great stuff).

14th June 2002

Reminder: Don't forget that today's the day of DAVID BOWIE'S performance on THE TODAY SHOW Summer Concert Series over in NYC. David will perform 'Slow Burn and 'Cactus from his critically acclaimed just-released album Heathen. David will also enthrall the crowd with his classics 'Fame' and 'Let's Dance.' Do not miss this special performance! The Today Show is on NBC - Bowie's performance will begin at 8:30am...

HMV currently have in stock the next DAVID BOWIE single release Slow Burn available on import release at a mere £2.99 - (from DavidS)...

The current issue of MOJO magazine is a whole DAVID BOWIE special issue. DB is featured on the cover and it's actually edited by db too. (More info later today Q magazine not yet out up North) - (from Kay)...

Check out some backstage photographs at the Roseland Ballroom, guests with DAVID BOWIE included Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, David Pirner of Soul Asylum, Serj Tankian of System of a Down, artist Jeff Koons, Steven Van Zandt...

14th June 2002

Associated Press - NEW YORK: In a dingy Manhattan warehouse, DAVID BOWIE and his band rehearse for A&E's "Live By Request" this weekend. He has a pretty good idea about what to expect, and an equally strong opinion about what he hopes to avoid.

"'Space Oddity,"' he said. "I think I might be lucky because that's more to a European taste. Over here, I would have said 'Let's Dance' a couple of years ago, but we rearranged that in a new way, and we actually enjoying playing it now." The live cablecast will be shown Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.

The affable, 55-year-old musician has always had an uneasy relationship with his past. He once embarked on a "greatest hits" tour vowing it would be his last time singing the old favorites. He later relented.

"I capitulate every now and again and give them what they want but I get mad at myself because that's not really what I do, or what I like," he said. "I'm very selfish about what I want to do, and as I get older I get more selfish."

Over more than three decades, Bowie has tried on, and shaken off, more personas than Madonna - Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, Philadelphia soul man, avant-garde rocker. "Changes" isn't just one of his best-known songs; it's a career philosophy.

The challenge is to keep making new music that fans will want to hear as much as the old. Since the early 1980s, that's been a spotty proposition for Bowie.

On his new album, "Heathen," Bowie works for the first time since 1980 with producer Tony Visconti, who helped make some of his best-known albums. The result is a warmer, more inviting sound. And it's received strong reviews.

The two men had a falling out two decades ago but made up in the mid-'90s.

Bowie feels there's "a signature style when Tony and I work together."

"There is a certain kind of chemistry that we have," Bowie said. "We both have individual strengths which seem to really galvanize the sound of an album. It produces something that I don't find with another producer and he doesn't find with another artist."

Visconti lets Bowie play whatever instruments he wants - a guitar, a trumpet or a violin - even if he's only one step above an inspired amateur.

"With most producers, I get the feeling I'm being judged when I play something," Bowie said. "If I have an option of playing something myself or turning it over to a qualified, card-carrying musician, I'll usually opt for the latter. Then I'll kick myself, because it never quite sounds the way I would have done it."

Most of the music on the album - his first for ISO Records - was recorded by the trio of Bowie, bass player Visconti and drummer Matt Chamberlain. While the album was conceived with no particular narrative theme, it should strike longtime listeners as familiar.

"My entire career, I've only really worked with the same subject matter," he said. "The trousers may change, but the actual words and subjects I've always chosen to write with are things to do with isolation, abandonment, fear and anxiety - all of the high points of one's life."

Asked about his career's high points, Bowie said: "What I'm most proud of is that I can't help but notice that I've affected the vocabulary of pop music. For me, frankly, as an artist, that's the most satisfying thing for the ego."

Bowie realizes he has to work harder these days to get his music heard. There's a far better chance radio stations will play old Bowie - and he expects little interest from MTV.

As his career has evolved, Bowie has kept on the cutting edge of the business side, particularly in how he uses the Internet to keep up with his fans. He advertised MTV two decades ago; now he's a spokesman for satellite radio. He pioneered a new Wall Street financing scheme in 1997 when he raised $55 million through the sale of bonds tied to the earnings of his first 25 albums.

He'll perform this summer on Moby's "Area: 2" tour and is both organizing and playing at a major European music festival - even if he'd prefer not to.

"I'm not a natural performer," he said. "I don't enjoy performing terribly much. Never have. I can do it and, if my mind's on the situation, do it quite well. But five or six shows in, I'm dying to get off the road and go back into the studio."

By DAVID BAUDER @ www.canoe.ca.

13th June 2002

Join DAVID BOWIE as he meets you for an exclusive online chat this Monday 17th June at 7:00pm EST (0:00 Midnight GMT). Only at http://chat.msn.com/.

Bookmark MSN Chat now.

12th June 2002

David Bowie at Roseland Last night DAVID BOWIE opened up his mini Heathen tour with a BowieNet members only sold out concert at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City (11th June) and performed a twenty-seven song set.

The stage set had the words BOWIE picked up in glowing white spotlights at the back of the stage, along with big candles placed at the front.

David dressed a la The Thin White Duke circa 1976 with a black waistcoat and trousers, matching tie and crisp white shirt for the 'Low' period of the show and performed in order each song from his Low album.

Later he changed into a Burberry Tweed 3 piece suit to perform the brand new songs from the Heathen album, again in running order.

When David returned for the encore, he wore a bright red frock coat, black silk shirt and huge platform shoes and performed a selection of 'classics' including Fashion, Ashes To Ashes and I'm Afraid Of Americans'. David played various instruments including saxophone, keyboards and harmonica.

  Set list:

  (Low section)
    01. Speed Of Life.
    02. Breaking Glass.
    03. What In The World.
    04. Sound And Vision.
    05. Always Crashing In The Same Car.
    06. Be My Wife.
    07. A New Career In A New Town.
    08. Warszawa.
    09. Art Decade.
    10. Weeping Wall.
    11. Subterraneans.

  (Heathen section)
    12. Sunday.
    13. Cactus.
    14. Slip Away.
    15. Slow Burn.
    16. Afraid.
    17. I've Been Waiting For You.
    18. I Would Be Your Slave.
    19. I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship.
    20. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone.
    21. Everyone Says Hi.
    22. A Better Future.
    23. Heathen (The Rays).

    24. Hallo Spaceboy.
    25. Ashes To Ashes.
    26. Fashion.
    27. I'm Afraid Of Americans.

Click here to see David Bowie photographs from last night's show at Roseland.

12th June 2002

Press Release: Rock Photographer Kevin Mazur and Fan Club Contest Winner Photograph Sold-Out David Bowie Concert.

Lexar Media Sponsors 'So You Want to Be a Rock Photographer' Contest

FREMONT, Calif., June 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Lexar Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: LEXR - News), a proud sponsor of the TechTV, BowieNet, Nikon® and WireImage Rock-N-Roll Photo Shoot, announces that prominent rock and celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur and BowieNet Rock-N-Roll Photo Shoot contest winner Rachel Klink will cover tonight's David Bowie concert in New York City, using Lexar Media CompactFlash digital film.

Kevin Mazur, who recently shot VH-1 Divas 2002, the Sheryl Crow Concert and Pink in Concert at the Beacon Theatre, relies solely on Lexar Media digital film to shoot all of his assignments. Known for his up-close emotional shots of the stars, Mazur comments, "It's imperative I be able to catch each action-filled second, every expression and every move. For me, only Lexar Media's high-performance digital film reliably saves every frame."

To cover this sold-out private concert for members of the David Bowie online community, BowieNet, Mazur will use Nikon D1X(TM) and D1H(TM) digital SLR cameras. "I know of no better event than a rock concert, where a digital photographer can put his equipment through the paces and measure the true value of working with responsive, super-fast digital film. I rely on Lexar Media and Nikon digital SLR cameras because I know they work together flawlessly."

The Rock-N-Roll Photo Shoot contest, which ran May 16 through June 2 on techtv.com and BowieNet, offered TechTV fans and BowieNet members the chance to register online to win passes to the exclusive concert and once-in-a lifetime opportunity to photograph with Mazur. Contest winner Klink will receive Lexar Media High-Speed CompactFlash digital film and card reader, Nikon CoolPix® digital camera, plus travel package to New York City.

Mazur, president of WireImage, has photographed some of the world's most recognized musicians including Bob Dylan, Elton John, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sting, The Rolling Stones and more. Mazur's work has been published in Rolling Stone, People, Entertainment Weekly, Musician, Spin, US and Newsweek.

"Mazur's work is amazing. He looks for that split-second expression or reaction that tells the whole story," said Eric Stang, president and CEO, Lexar Media. "Without top performing digital film from Lexar Media, Mazur's shot may be lost. We are proud that the best digital photographers like Kevin Mazur continue to validate our technology."

Mazur and Klink's concert images will be posted to the WireImage.com photo syndication site, David Bowie fan club Web site and techtv.com. WireImage is a leading digital photographic press agency and wire service covering major entertainment, music, fashion, sports and news events. TechTV is the only 24-hour cable television network dedicated to showcasing the impact technology has on our everyday lives and the world at large.

Click here to see David Bowie photographs from last night's show at Roseland.

12th June 2002

David Bowie on Letterman Show DAVID BOWIE and his band performed 'Slow Burn' on the David Letterman Show in New York City last night along with David giving a short interview.

As you can see David was togged up in his Alexander McQueen tyre track jacket.

Click on the photograph to listen to the interview using RealAudio.

12th June 2002

Updated information: The Museum of Television & Radio Presents David Bowie: Sound + Vision from June 7 to September 29, 2002 - running in the gallery space in New York for the duration of this retrospective is a gallery exhibition entitled Like the Video Films We Saw.

'Like the Video Films We Saw' brings together storyboards, conceptual designs, stills, and photographs by Mick Rock and Gary Koepke to provide behind-the-scenes insight into the making of David Bowie's earliest and most recent promotional videos.

Mick Rock is widely recognised as one of the most significant and prolific photographers in the world of music and fashion. In addition to David Bowie, for whom he was the only photographer authorized to record the whole of Ziggy Stardust's career, his subjects have included Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Syd Barrett, Queen, The Sex Pistols, and Blondie. He also produced the print campaigns for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Many of the images in this exhibition are featured in Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust, a limited edition book by David Bowie and Mick Rock. For additional information about the prints on display in this gallery, please visit www.mickrock.com.

Gary Koepke is an internationally respected creative director and graphic designer. Prior to co-founding the Boston-based boutique agency Modernista!, whose hip, minimalist spots for MTV and Gap Inc. were among the most talked-about campaigns of last year, he worked on the Nike, ESPN, and Coca Cola campaigns at Wieden & Kennedy. He was also the founding creative director of Vibe Magazine and designed David Byrne's book of photography, Strange Ritual. In conceiving the high-contrast urban film noir look of the television spots for Bowie's latest release, Heathen, Koepke referenced such cinematic touchstones as Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Robert Aldrich's Kiss Me Deadly, and Andy Warhol's Empire.

From Allen Glover Curator, David Bowie: Sound + Vision.

12th June 2002

DAVID BOWIE has a confession to make - two confessions, actually. The first is that he's a hopeless bookworm, and the second is that he's not nearly as talented as you think he is.

"I'll tell you who I absolutely adore: Ian McEwan," Bowie says. "Have you read much of his stuff? He is so good. He is scary good. Oh, God, I just want to roll up and die when I read somebody like that."

Indeed, the rock icon looks slightly pained as he perches on a hotel-room sofa and sings the praises of one of his favorite novelists. "Some straight prose writers just put me on the floor," Bowie sighs. "They make me think we are so useless in rock 'n' roll. We just seem dwarfed, you know?"

It seems odd that the British singer/songwriter is making these observations as he prepares to unleash Heathen, a CD that marks the debut of his own ISO label, which has a multi-album deal with Columbia Records. (Released today, Heathen is also available in a limited-edition digi-pak that includes bonus remixes and previously unreleased material, and a limited-edition 12-by-12-inch CD package).

Of course, Bowie has long had a flair for the dramatic and the seductively perverse. He identifies the themes on Heathen as "fear, isolation, revenge, pleading and abandonment. There's a low-level anxiety that runs through the whole thing, which is probably what I'm good at doing."

In casual conversation, the 55-year-old Bowie laughs often and bubbles over with spry energy, whether gushing about authors or discussing his relationship with Columbia, a company he hooked up with after severing ties with Virgin Records last year. "It's not a long-term contract, so it's something I feel comfortable with. We're in our honeymoon period now - we love each other. We'll see what happens when I start bringing other artists to them. But there's a sense of trust on both sides."

Currently a resident of downtown Manhattan - where he lives with his wife of 10 years, model Iman, and their 22-month-old daughter, Alexandria - Bowie says he completed the songs on Heathen before Sept. 11. But, he adds, "I see an extraordinary synchronicity between some of the lyrics and what happened, which I think was the culmination of things that have been happening for a long time. I wrote a song called 'Loving The Alien' about the whole Middle Eastern and near-Middle Eastern situation, even using the words 'heathen' and 'infidels' - and this was back in 1985."

In general, Bowie says, "Anxiety and spiritual searching have been consistent themes with me, and that figures into my worldview. But I tend to make my songs sound like relationship songs."

He describes the sonically adventurous tunes on Heathen - which marks Bowie's first collaboration in two decades with producer Tony Visconti, who worked on such classic Bowie efforts as "Heroes" and Young Americans - as deceptively intimate. "(Heathen) possibly sounds like a conversation between two people, which it kind of is - except that the other person is life or God, if there is such a higher intelligence."

Despite his reputation as one of pop music's most ambitious and progressive artists, Bowie insists that he has no instinctive affinity for crafting songs. "If I had a talent, it was for looking askew at everything, possibly more than my contemporaries. But I had to really push myself to be a writer."

Bowie's similarly celebrated skills as a performer, which he'll tap for an episode of the A&E concert series Live by Request premiering Saturday, were also hard won. "I was never a natural entertainer, and I've never really enjoyed it very much. I don't crave applause. I'm not one of those guys who comes alive on stage. I'm much more alive at home, I think."

His touring itinerary for the summer is more intensive than extensive. In addition to headlining Moby's 12-date Area2 tour, running July 28 to Aug. 16, Bowie will perform at Meltdown 2002 in London June 29. A celebration of music, film and visual arts, Meltdown will showcase some of the art students who have been featured on bowieart, a Web site that Bowie conceived as a forum for aspiring artists who wish to sell their work without paying commission.

The singer's own visual savvy is currently on display in David Bowie: Sound + Vision, a compendium of rare performances, outtakes, documentaries, interviews and more than 50 videos running through Sept. 29 at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York and Los Angeles.

Bowie's personal take on his creative legacy is, at first blush, relatively modest. "I feel so knocked out that something I've done has permeated these little seeds I've unwittingly planted," he says.

"But in the back of my mind," Bowie adds, with an impish grin, "I think there was always a sense of, 'There - follow that.'"

By Elysa Gardner Entertainment USA Today.

11th June 2002

Next week on the 19th June TOP OF THE POPS 2 BBC 2 (UK): 6.20 pm GMT - Steve Wright introduces a music show mixing today's hits with classic performances from the Top of the Pops archives. Artists include Heatwave and Cyndi Lauper. Plus new music from DAVID BOWIE and Willie Nelson." Also showing at the same time on BBC2W (Digital), BBC2 Scotland (Digital) and BBC2 Northern Ireland (Digital).

From SimonG.

11th June 2002

The next issue of MOJO magazine features a Sukita Ziggy shot. Nice feature - 6 pages on the Zigster, plus a review elsewhere of Heathen - (from BB)...

DAVID BOWIE appeared in last Sunday's OBSERVER magazine with a cover feature and also an interview inside. Part of the interview mentioned that his Meltdown gig on 29th June will feature 'Low' and 'Heathen' in entirety. Click here to read the 'Starman' interview online. There is also a review for Heathen - (from David S)...

Another DAVID BOWIE interview appears in the New York Daily News entitled 'Bowie Keeps Swinging' - The 55-year-old star asks some 'big questions' on his new LP. Click here to read online...

The current rumour flying around is a DAVID BOWIE show at the Paris Olympia on the 17th July - it's a FALSE rumour...

There's several more online reviews of DAVID BOWIE'S new album Heathen at Undercover click here and at Designer Magazine...

French newspapers are reporting that DAVID BOWIE is set to play at French concert in Paris on 1st July at Olympica. Meanwhile French Radio are reporting the gig will take place at Elysee Montmartre...

Also in The Observer 'Bowie being sued for £1 million by Major Tom producer'. Apparently Gus Dudgeon is suing for royalties on Space Oddity. Click here to read online...

If you missed the radio interview with DAVID BOWIE and Richard Allinson broadcast on Saturday afternoon on BBC Radio Two, it is now archived on their website. Click here to listen...

11th June 2002

The NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS have reviewed DAVID BOWIE'S Heathen album. Sarah Dempster gives the album 8/10 and writes...

Finally binning the zeitgeist-mounting personas that have both defined and haunted his career, Bowie's 25th studio album sees our original friend electric embark upon a largely unaffected anniversary waltz through the velvet-lined vaults of his past. And it's great. All of it. Even the bits where the grand old duchess of dilettantism succumbs to nursery-rhyme whimsy (the 'Space Oddity'-ish 'Slip Away') and (especially) the bits where spooky synths drop by for a chinwag (the 'Low'-flavoured 'Sunday'). Why? Because even at his most self-referential, Bowie is still a zillion times more inventive, brave and rocket-to-Mars brilliant than anyone who's been prodded by the ubiquitous genius stick, like, ever. 55 and not out, Bowie remains rock's most worship-worthy oddity. -Sarah Dempster. Rating: 8.

Visit the NME website here.

10th June 2002

Finally the eagerly anticipated release of DAVID BOWIE'S excellent Heathen album is finally in shops in UK, Japan and Europe on David's own ISO label via Columbia Records. (Released in the USA tomorrow).

David has said of Heathen that his conclusion was to conceive the record as a collection "of serious songs to be sung," rather than as one of his more abstract musical forays, or as a work corralled by a single lyrical through-line.

He also wanted to make sure that his reconnection with Tony Visconti didn't "smack of trying to recapture anything we'd done before. And I wanted us to do something that wasn't overly representative of music in 2002, either. I wanted something a little timeless."

10th June 2002

Iman and David A glamorous crowd turned out last Monday night (3rd June) for the Oscars of the fashion industry including IMAN and DAVID BOWIE.

The 2002 Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards was held in New York. Top honours went to Narciso Rodriguez for womenswear and Marc Jacobs for menswear. Newly skinny icon Karl Lagerfeld got the lifetime achievement award, David Bowie sang a few bars and humorist Fran Lebowitz kept them laughing.

But the beautiful folks have summer ahead, and as Bowie said, ''I'll grab as much relaxing time as possible because, as we know, it's not been a very relaxing time.'' David was asked: What does he wear to relax? He responded with: ''Speedos, or pajamas.''

(Photo Copyright: AP Photo/Suzanne Plunkett).

10th June 2002

As mentioned last week... Bowie Dusts Off 'Ziggy Stardust' Movie. NEW YORK (Variety) - Ziggy will soon play guitar again when Cowboy Pictures begins a national reissue of the David Bowie concert film 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.' The film will open July 10 at New York's Film Forum, followed by a national rollout this summer and fall.

D.A. Pennebaker ('Don't Look Back') captured Bowie's final live performance as Ziggy Stardust at the Hammersmith Odeon in London in 1973, filming Bowie both on stage and backstage. Bowie's album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars" celebrates its 30th anniversary June 6. To mark the occasion, EMI will release an enhanced version of the album containing an additional CD with outtakes and demos.

Bowie will release a new album, "Heathen," on June 11, the first release under a new distribution deal with Columbia Records. Additionally, the Museum of Television and Radio in both New York and Los Angeles will next month begin a three-month Bowie retrospective.

9th June 2002

Reminder: Today BBC Radio 3 MIXING IT on Sunday 9th June at 23:00 - 00:05 on BBC Radio 3 - Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present eclectic sounds from the cutting edge and preview David Bowie's Meltdown Festival.

Click on the link above to tune in via the internet.

9th June 2002

Reynolds & Hearn Ltd announces

Expanded and Updated Edition

Critically acclaimed in its first edition, Nicholas Pegg's ground-breaking reference book The Complete David Bowie has been universally accepted since its publication in 2000 as the foremost source of detailed information and perceptive critical analysis of every aspect of David Bowie's career in music, theatre, art, cinema and beyond.

Reynolds & Hearn Ltd are now delighted to announce the publication of the much-anticipated new edition. Published on 8th August 2002, The Complete David Bowie will be extensively revised, expanded and updated, including all the latest developments in Bowie's career and also expanding on previous chapters to provide even more detail and discussion than before.

"There have been so many exciting developments in David Bowie's career over the last couple of years that it's been quite a challenge to keep up with him," says author Nicholas Pegg, "but that's what makes Bowie such a fascinating artist to write about. All of his new projects are included in the new edition - there's an in-depth discussion of the unreleased Toy album, not to mention other releases like Bowie At The Beeb and liveandwell.com, and David's involvement in films like Moulin Rouge and Zoolander. Most important of all will be the new entries on the Heathen album, the Meltdown Festival and the forthcoming tour, which promise to make the summer of 2002 an unforgettable time for Bowie fans."

As well as including all the latest updates, the new edition will expand the detail of the earlier chapters. "For economic reasons we had to edit quite a lot out of the first edition," Pegg explains, "But Reynolds & Hearn have very kindly chosen to up the page-count and allow me to restore cut material throughout the book. So I've been able to add a lot more about the songs, the albums and in particular Bowie's career as an actor, which was a chapter I was especially pleased to be able to restore to its full length. It's been a long and thorough overhaul, so there are new nuggets of information on practically every page. The first edition was 350,000 words in length, but this one is going to be nearly 400,000!"

As before, The Complete David Bowie will include:

* The Albums - detailed production history and analysis of every album from 1967's David Bowie to 2002's Heathen.

* The Songs - hundreds of individual entries reveal the facts and anecdotes behind not just the famous recordings, but also the most obscure of unreleased rarities - from 'Absolute Beginners' to 'Ziggy Stardust', from 'Abdulmajid' to 'Zion'.

* The Tours - set-lists and histories of every live show.

* The Actor - a complete guide to Bowie's work on stage and screen.

* Dateline - the most exhaustive day-by-day calendar of Bowie's career ever published.

* Plus - the videos, the BBC radio sessions, the paintings, the Internet and much more.

From the 11-year-old's skiffle performance at the 18th Bromley Scouts' Summer Camp in 1958, to the 55-year-old's residency as artistic director of the prestigious Meltdown 2002, The Complete David Bowie discusses and dissects every last move in rock's most fascinating career.

Paperback - 576 pages New Edition (August, 2002)
Reynolds and Hearn; ISBN: 1903111404

You can pre-order The Complete David Bowie revised book here.

9th June 2002

David Bowie on Top of The Pops In case you missed last night's TOP OF THE POPS you can catch the repeat showing on BBC1 after midnight at 2:25am and see DAVID BOWIE performing 'Slow Burn' which was part of the filming the BBC did last weekend in NYC.

You can vote for David's performance of Slow Burn here and also see the video via RealPlayer...

Check out the official Heathen web area from COLUMBIA RECORDS. Lots of downloads, db welcome message, news, information, Buddy icons for AOL Instant Messenger and Internet Explorer and wallpaper. [English]   [German]   [Dutch]   [Japanese]   [French]...

Updates to Mike's Start Up Logos website. Mike has 5 NEW DAVID BOWIE logos on the site. Two based on the cover from the upcoming 'Heathen' album. In case you don't know what a StartUp logo is, it's the screen you see when booting up Windows 95 (or 98) with the little animated blue bar along the bottom. The site address is: http://www.neotek-ink.ca/msl/ go check them out...

9th June 2002

As you know DAVID BOWIE is to appear on A&E Live By Request show next Saturday on June 15th at 9:00pm EST. You can turn your dial and tune into the show on the following radio simulcasts:

David Bowie Live By Request      AUSTIN, TEXAS - KPEZ-FM (102.3)
     BRANDON, VT - WEXP-FM (101.5)
     CLARKSTON, WA - KVAB-FM (102.9)
     CLINTON, MO - KLRQ-FM (96.1)
     ENCINITAS, CA - KXST-FM (102.1)
     FORT BRAGG, CA - KOZT-FM (95.3)
     FORT LEE, VA - WKLR-FM (96.5)
     HAVERHILL, MA - WXRV-FM (92.5)
     HINTON, WV - WMTD-FM (102.3)
     IGNACIO, CO - KSUT-FM (91.3)
     PORTLAND, ME - WBLM-FM (102.9)
     SALIDA, CO - KSBV-FM (93.7)
     SANTA ROSA, CA - KRCB-FM (91.1)
     SCRANTON, PA - WEZX-FM (106.9)
     TRINIDAD, CO - KCRT-FM (92.5)
     WOODSTOCK, NY - WDST-FM (100.1).

From glam rock to electronica and beyond, David Bowie continues to challenge the boundaries of popular music to create new sounds all his own. A&E invites you to join rock's reigning visionary as you phone or email the songs you'd most like to hear him perform during this live, interactive concert event.

The A&E channel in the USA is repeating the performance on the following dates:

     16th June at 01:00am ET (A&E Channel)
     23rd June at 12:00pm ET (A&E Channel)
     27th June at 09:00pm ET (A&E Channel)
     28th June at 01:00am ET (A&E Channel)

Visit www.livebyrequest.com to request which songs you would like David to perform.

9th June 2002

Now you can catch DAVID BOWIE in his new IMV and listen to 'Slow Burn' and 'Everyone Says Hi' - two cuts from Heathen, his latest album release.

What's an IMV I hear you ask? Well IMVironments are instant messaging environments that are interactive, themed backgrounds for Yahoo! Messenger conversations that appear directly in the instant messaging window. To use IMVironments, just click on the button in any IM window. NOTE: IMVironments are currently available only for Windows users at this time.

David Bowie - Heathen IMV

Thanks to Sindymmm for the pointer.

8th June 2002

HMV are currently running a rather spiffing DAVID BOWIE offer... 3 CD's for £20 (or £9.99 each). The Bowie albums included in this '3 for £20' offer include the following classic albums.

     Aladdin Sane (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     All Saints
     Bowie: At The Beeb
     "Heroes" (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Christiane F.
     Lodger (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Diamond Dogs (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Hunky Dory (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Labyrinth (OSF)
     Let's Dance (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Low (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     The Man Who Sold The World (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Pin Ups (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Scary Monsters (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Space Oddity (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Station To Station (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Tin Machine (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Tonight (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)
     Young Americans (remastered 24 bit digital remaster)

Don't forget, not that you'll need reminding but David's brand new album Heathen is released this Monday 10th June. Be prepared to get your socks blown off.

8th June 2002

David Bowie on Top of The Pops In case you missed last night's TOP OF THE POPS you can catch the repeat showing on BBC1 after midnight at 2:25am.

And you can see DAVID BOWIE performing 'Slow Burn' which was part of the filming the BBC did last weekend in New York City.

You can vote for David's performance of Slow Burn here and also see the video via RealPlayer.

8th June 2002

Coming up this afternoon is a DAVID BOWIE radio interview with Richard Allinson on BBC Radio 2 (88 - 90.2 FM) - the show starts this afternoon at 3:30 GMT.

Also MIXING IT on Sunday 9th June at 23:00 - 00:05 on BBC Radio 3 - Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present eclectic sounds from the cutting edge, and preview David Bowie's Meltdown Festival.

7th June 2002

DAVID BOWIE appears on tonight's TOP OF THE POPS programme performing 'Slow Burn', after the BBC filmed David over the weekend at Kaufman Studios in NYC for the weekly UK show.

Broadcast on Friday 7th June at 7:30pm on BBC1 and will be repeated at 2:25am on Sunday 9th June.

If you live in Australia, you can see the TOTP show the following week on Friday, 14th June - (info via Margot).

Check the official TOTP website.

6th June 2002

Reminder: DAVID BOWIE half hour interview tomorrow on FRONT ROW Friday 7th June at 19:15 - 19:45 on BBC Radio 4 FM. The David Bowie Interview: On the eve of the release of his latest disc, David Bowie reflects on his career as a singer, songwriter, actor, artist, art collector and curator. If you missed it you can click here to listen to the interview.

Also MIXING IT on Sunday 9th June at 23:00 - 00:05 on BBC Radio 3 - Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present eclectic sounds from the cutting edge, and preview David Bowie's Meltdown Festival.

Don't forget you can tune into BBC Radio from anywhere in the world via the official BBC website. Click on either links above.

6th June 2002

The current issue of TIME OUT (June 5th-12th) features DAVID BOWIE on the front cover, along with a three-page interview...

Next month, Cowboy Pictures will reissue the DAVID BOWIE concert film 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars', filmed by DA Pennebaker. It opens on July 10th at New York's Film Forum...

The Canoe.ca website features an exclusive DAVID BOWIE interview. Check it out at here Bowie motivated by fatherly fear - (from JABowie)...

In the UK yesterday's GUARDIAN newspaper features an interview with TONY VISCONTI entitled 'Ground Control'. For the first time in two decades, a new David Bowie album is generating a buzz of excitement. The Guardian described his new album Heathen as being "packed with fantastic songs". Music Week cited "a stunning return to form", while in the US, Rolling Stone declared that Bowie is "back to playing Bowie, with class". You can read the full article here at the Guardian website...

The release date for Heathen in Australia has been rescheduled for Monday June 24th and there will no be single release - (from David N via Sony)...

6th June 2002

The Museum of Television & Radio Presents David Bowie: Sound + Vision

June 7 to September 29, 2002

Screening Series to Feature:

* Over 110 elements, including rarely seen performances, outtakes, and interviews
* More than fifty music videos, including "Life on Mars?," "Ashes to Ashes," "Let's Dance," "Jazzin' for Blue Jean," "Thursday's Child," and many more
* Alan Yentob's classic BBC documentary Cracked Actor
* Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

The screening schedule follows:

PART ONE, 1964-73
     June 7 to July 7 in New York and Los Angeles

     Bowie pulled together so many disparate elements in the conception and presentation of his pansexual "plastic rock 'n' roll singer" Ziggy Stardust that his arrival on the pop culture landscape was nothing short of seismic. Highlights include Bowie's television debut at age seventeen on the BBC's Tonight, introducing himself as the president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-haired Men; an excerpt from Love You Till Tuesday, a film made for German television in 1969 that never aired, featuring the debut of "Space Oddity;" Ziggy's seminal debut on The Old Grey Whistle Test; Bowie's breakout performance on Top Of The Pops; an early documentary look at Ziggymania; a series of promos filmed by Mick Rock and characterized by critic Lester Bangs as "the very moment the modern idea of a rock video was born"; and "The 1980 Floor Show," an extravagantly choreographed spectacle of rock theater staged for The Midnight Special, including outtakes and rehearsal footage. (approximately 100 minutes).

PART TWO, 1974-76
     July 9 to 28 in New York
     July 10 to 28 in Los Angeles

     Embracing the R&B inflections of black music, Bowie positioned himself as a stripped-down soul man and finally cracked the American mainstream. Highlights include the astonishing documentary Cracked Actor; a duet with Cher, on her self-titled show, of "Can You Hear Me?" followed by a medley of American popular music, including "Song Sung Blue," "Da Doo Ron Ron," "Maybe Baby," and "Blue Moon;" and an appearance on Dinah! previewing Bowie's new song, "Stay." (approximately 100 minutes).

PART THREE, 1977-82
     July 30 to August 18 in New York
     July 31 to August 18 in Los Angeles

     Bowie's experiments with collagist songwriting extended to video as well; his stunning disengagement of lyric from image in "Ashes to Ashes" established a vocabulary of surrealism enacted by countless followers. Highlights include videos from Low, "Heroes", Lodger, and Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps); a performance on Musik Laden Extra (ZDF Network, Germany) of "Alabama Song" from the Kurt Weill-Bertolt Brecht operetta Mahogonny Songspiel; Bowie's avant-garde performance on Saturday Night Live; a backstage interview with Bowie only seen on local Los Angeles station KABC-TV; an appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, performing "Ashes to Ashes" and "Life on Mars?" dressed as James Dean from Rebel Without a Cause; and rarely seen concert footage from German and Japanese television. (approximately 100 minutes).

PART FOUR, 1983-89
     August 20 to September 8 in New York
     August 21 to September 8 in Los Angeles

     With the 1983 release of Let's Dance and its new wave anthem title track, the subsequent world-encompassing Serious Moonlight tour, and a string of sleek and danceable video singles, Bowie set the pace for the MTV eighties. Highlights include videos from Let's Dance, Tonight, and Never Let Me Down; Richochet, a seldom-seen chronicle of Bowie on tour in southeast Asia; the long-form narrative video Jazzin' for Blue Jean; the unreleased video for "As the World Falls Down" from the Labyrinth soundtrack; and rare performance footage of Bowie's alt-rock band Tin Machine. (approximately 100 minutes).

PART FIVE, 1990-2002
     September 10 to 29 in New York
     September 11 to 29 in Los Angeles

     Bowie charged through the 1990s as a great influence on the rock scene while breaking artistic and technological ground with BowieNet, the world's first artist-created web portal. Highlights include the controversial videos "Heart's Filthy Lesson" (never aired) and "I'm Afraid of Americans"; the premiere of "Little Wonder" on VH1's Fashion Music Awards; studio footage from the Black Tie White Noise and hours... sessions; Bowie's latest video "Slow Burn" from his new album; and exclusive BowieNet content, including The Making of Never Let Me Down, The Making of Tin Machine, and The Making of hours... (approximately 100 minutes).

     Hazy Cosmic Jive
     June 7 to September 29

     In this 1977 interview David Bowie, a notoriously evasive personality, is "ready to finally talk candidly," according to interviewer Dave Herman. The "real David Bowie" discusses his artistic principles and aspirations, his relationship to his unworldly characters, and his approach to rock 'n' roll as an expressive and transient medium. Interspersed with the dialogue are some of Bowie's best-loved songs from the 1970s: "Starman," "Changes," "Young Americans," "Rebel Rebel," "Fame," and others (102 minutes). Also featured in the listening series will be Bowie's private 1999 concert at the Kit Kat Klub, as well as a segment of BowieRadio from BowieNet. In this, David Bowie is the DJ, introducing and playing some of his favorite songs from his private collection.

Screenings and listening series are included with suggested Museum admission: Members free; $6.00 for adults; $4.00 for senior citizens and students; and $3.00 for children under thirteen. Admission is free in Los Angeles.

The Museum of Television & Radio, with locations in New York and Los Angeles, is a nonprofit organization founded by William S. Paley to collect and preserve television and radio programs and advertisements, and to make them available to the public. From its inception in 1975, the Museum has organized exhibitions, screening and listening series, seminars, and education classes to showcase its collection of over 100,000 television and radio programs and advertisements. Programs in the Museum's permanent collection are selected for their artistic, cultural, and historic significance. The Museum has initiated a process to acquire Internet programming for the collection.

# # #

The Museum of Television & Radio in California, located at 465 North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, is open Wednesdays through Sundays from noon to 5:00 p.m. and until 9:00 p.m. on Thursdays. The Museum of Television & Radio in New York, located at 25 West 52 Street in Manhattan, is open Tuesdays through Sundays from noon to 6:00 p.m., until 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays, and Friday evenings until 9:00 p.m. (theaters only). Both Museums are closed on New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Suggested contribution: Members free; $6.00 for adults; $4.00 for senior citizens and students; and $3.00 for children under thirteen. Admission is free in Los Angeles. The public areas in both Museums are accessible to wheelchairs and assisted listening devices are available. Programs are subject to change. You may call the Museum in Los Angeles at (310) 786-1000 or in New York at (212) 621-6800.

The Museum's World Wide Web site may be accessed at www.mtr.org.

5th June 2002

Slow Burn The first single 'Slow Burn' by DAVID BOWIE from his album Heathen has been released early in Europe and is available now.

Bonus tracks included in this first single release include 'Wood Jackson' and 'When The Boys Come Marching Home', which are both outtakes from the Heathen sessions.

CD Maxi
     Slow Burn (Edit)
     Wood Jackson (Outtake from 'Heathen' sessions)
     Shadow Man (from unreleased 'Toy' album)
     When The Boys Come Marching Home (Outtake from 'Heathen' sessions)
     You've Got A Habit (from unreleased 'Toy' album).

5th June 2002

Set for release on DVD/video this month is INSPIRATIONS by British film maker Michael Apted, who explores the creative process in this 100-minute documentary examining seven very different talents in action: DAVID BOWIE recording with his band; pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-97) painting in his studio; Montreal choreographer Edouard Lock discussing modern dance; dancer Louise Lecavalier, a member of Lock's company; Japanese architect Tadao Ando; Seattle glass artist Dale Chihuly; and New Mexico clay sculptor Nora Naranjo-Morse. Ando's voice is dubbed into English.

     Home Vision Entertain, 1997, 1 hour 40 minutes
     Starring: Tadao Ando, David Bowie, Dale Chihuly, Roy Lichtenstein, Louise Lecavalier.
     Director: Michael Apted. Expected Release Date: June 18, 2002.
     Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only)
     Audio Stereo 2.0 Soundtrack in English.
     Keep Case, Anamorphic Widescreen 1.66, Single Side Dual Layer.

Two years in the making, Inspirations is a revealing look at the thought process and creative spark that drives seven individual artists in their work and in their lives. From musician David Bowie and the late pop painter Roy Lichtenstein to La La La Human Steps choreographer Edouard Lock and his lead dancer Louise Lecavalier, to glass artist Dale Chihuly, Pueblo sculptor Nora Naranjo-Morse and Japanese architect Tadao Ando, Apted chose his varied subjects deliberately.

Apted: "I started out by trying to get two famous people who would give the film commercial viability, so I eventually managed to persuade Roy Lichtenstein and David Bowie to be in it. After that it was a matter of putting the jigsaw together. I knew I wanted an architect because I wanted someone who creates art that people live in, a very practical form of art, and I also wanted something very physical-ideally dancing-something that was sexy and sweaty. I was also interested in an artist who took his inspiration from the natural world and an artist who had a craft as well as an art-hence the glass blower."

Apted was adamant about Inspirations not being a typical talking heads biographical film.

"I had two sets of questions - one were particular to the artist and the other very important series of questions were common to them all. I didn't want the film to be biographical, I wanted to get over the biographical thing as quickly as I could [by showing] enough so you knew who the people were and what they did and stood for. I felt the film would only really get going once you started to deal with issues and could counterpoint the various answers that people had."

In putting the puzzle together Apted did extensive research but not extensive pre-interviews, as he wanted to save that for the film. For him, it was more a matter of spending time and hanging out with the subjects, getting to know them and winning their trust, but not necessarily in the context of the film - a process he goes through whether he is working with documentary subjects or actors in a drama.

Click here to preorder the DVD/video. Up to 30% off - DVD $20.97 and VHS $15.96.

4th June 2002

Two more DAVID BOWIE performances in Europe have now been officially announced...

Friday 12th July: Germany, Cologne, E-Werk.
E-Werk Website. Price 47 Euros, special ticket allocation telephone Germany 0221 280286. Open Friday 7th June 10:00am-2:00pm and Saturday 8th June 10:00am-4:00pm.

Monday 15th July: Italy, Lucca, Tuscany, Summer Festival.
Information can be found at www.summer-festival.com - tickets on sale NOW via telephone.
Support: Travis.

BowieNet Members can claim for FREE tickets via a prize draw for both shows via www.davidbowie.com.

Check out the Bowie 2002 performances here.

4th June 2002

The confirmed full line-up for DAVID BOWIE'S performance at Seat Beach Rock Festival, at The Wellington Race Track in Ostend, Belgium on 7th July is:

     24:00-01:30 David Bowie
     21:30-23:00 Jamiroquai
     19:30-20:45 No Doubt
     18:00-19:00 Primal Scream
     16:30-17:30 Flip Kowlier
     15:00-16:00 Gomez
     13:15-14:00 Doves
     11:45-12:30 Liquido
     10:30-11:15 Belgian People's Choice

Tickets are still available for this show. Type in 'Bowie' in the concert listing box above. Check out the Bowie 2002 performances here.

4th June 2002

DAVID BOWIE is set to appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on NBC in New York City on Tuesday 18th June as musical guest. Ticket reservations are accepted in advance only by calling the NBC ticket office at (212) 664-3056. Advance reservations are limited to four tickets per group.

For stand-by tickets: Arrive no later than 9:00AM on the morning of the taping, under the "NBC Studios" marquee at the 49th street entrance of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Tickets are limited to one per person. No one under the age of 16 will be admitted. Stand-by tickets do not guarantee admission.

For more information visit www.nbc.com.

4th June 2002

Get your video recorders ready... DAVID BOWIE will appear on TOP OF THE POPS this coming Friday 7th June. Expect to see at least the performance of 'Slow Burn'. I expect the BBC have a special Bowie programme lined up for TOTP2 and the kids programme is "possibly" The Saturday Show (Saturday 8th June 9:00am BBC2).

The full set list recorded from the secret performance in NYC was:

Slow Burn / Cactus / Gemini Spacecraft / Everyone Says Hi.

For Top of the Pops 2 show:
Sound + Vision / Ashes To Ashes / Fame / Absolute Beginners.

Slowburn (take 2 for a Saturday morning kids show).

The band performing with David was: Earl Slick: guitar, Mike Garson: keyboards, Gerry Leonard: guitar, Catherine Russell: keyboards, vocals, Gail Ann Dorsey: bass, vocals and Sterling Campbell: drums.

     Friday 7th June 7:30pm - BBC1 - Top of the Pops.
     Saturday 8th June 12:20am - BBC1 - (repeat showing).

Check out the TOTP official website for updated details.

4th June 2002

Several people are still on the lookout for DAVID BOWIE tickets. If you have spares please contact the people below...

WANTED: One ticket for David Bowie at Meltdown Festival. Desperately looking for a single ticket for the 29th June - HELP!! Please email Susan...

FOR SALE: at COST PRICE: Two David Bowie Tickets for Friday August 2nd, Sec. 7L, Row A, Seats 5 & 6, Area2, Jones Beach. Total amount for both tickets $176 from Ticketmaster. Please email if interested...

3rd June 2002

Just got to Boston after an AMAZING day. Here's the scoop. 50 lucky BowieNetters had the great privilege of seeing the man, and band, at a TV studio in Queens, New York today, taping for the Top of the Pops.

First set (with DB in a smart tweed suit - same as the Heathen promo pics) was Slow Burn, Cactus, Gemini Spacecraft and then Everyone Says Hi. He then changed into a green suit, white shirt, and madras tie.

Then: Sound and Vision, Ashes To Ashes, then Fame. Due to technical things they had some more time - so after some discussion, they decided to do Absolute Beginners - DB duetting (and even dancing with) Gail Ann Dorsey. Then one more version of Slow Burn for I guess a kid's version of TOTP?

So... well, what can I say? There we were, a crowd of 50, myself not much more than 5 feet away from David f'in Bowie!! It was AWESOME. I honestly don't think I've ever seen David look better! Just incredible. WHAT a treat!!!

Then after the show, he signed autographs galore, and when he came out to the street, he was just SO gracious, taking pics with everyone (of which I will try to send some tomorrow). Just one of the BEST Bowie things ever (and this is almost 30 for me). Visit Coyote_Sunrise to to see some of DEs photographs from the performance.

From DavidE.

Yesterday afternoon DAVID BOWIE played 'Slow Burn', 'Cactus', 'Gemini' and 'Everyone Says Hi' for Top Of The Pops. (Some of which will be broadcast this Friday on TOTP in the UK).

Then for Top of the Pops II: 'Sound and Vision', 'Ashes To Ashes', 'Absolute Beginners' and 'Fame'. (I don't know when this will be broadcast, though we were told TOTP II will be shown in the US this year on the UPN network). Then for a children's show, they did again, 'Slow Burn'.

Everyone from the regular touring band was there, as was Coco. Bowie wore a brown two-piece for the first set, then a green suit with a "outgoing" tie for the remainder of the set. Oh yeah, the secret gig was at Kaufman Studios in Astoria, New York!

From William B.

3rd June 2002

Get your Stardust Memories on Monday June 10th [10pm / no cover]: Stardust Memories - Ziggy Stardust 30th Anniversary Retrospective including documentary footage, television appearances, outtakes, and much more!!

Tuesday June 11th [10pm / no cover]: David Bowie post-concert reception / 'Heathen' release party - come listen to David Bowie's forthcoming album 'Heathen' following his performance at the 'Roseland Ballroom'... all the young dudes will be there!!

Cinema Classics, 332 E 11th St, New York City (212) 677-1027.

From Antonio F.

3rd June 2002

David Bowie promo shot If you are one of the lucky ones able to attend one of the listening parties for DAVID BOWIE'S next album Heathen over in the USA here's the promo photograph you might receive.

Other listening parties scheduled in Europe include:

Italy - June 1st A local fan club is holding a 'Heathen' listening event at the FNAC store in Milan, via Torino June 1st from 16.30 pm until 20.00 pm.

Holland - June 3rd International David Bowie fan club 'The Voyeur', in co-operation with Sony Music Holland and Plato Leiden, are holding a 'Heathen' listening session on Monday June 3rd, from 15:00 until 17:00 hours at Plato Leiden, Vrouwensteeg 4-6, Leiden, The Netherlands. See last months news for full details.

France - June 6th OUI FM Paris rock radio are organising their own party for their VIP listeners on June 6th at Bus Palladium Paris club. There will be lots of give-aways ie posters/vinyl/CDs etc.

Sweden - June 17th There will be a 'Heathen' Party in Stockholm, June 17th at The Tivolli.

Thanks to DavidE for sending in the promo photo.

3rd June 2002

In today's Manchester Evening News in Carmel Thomason's 'The Diary' page - Bowie's on the move!... but it's just 250 yards in 30 years...

DAVID BOWIE will make a triumphant return to Manchester as a highlight of the Move festival this summer - although veteran DJ Andy Peebles points out that the show doesn't actually amount to much of a move at all. For he recalls the night exactly 30 years ago* when Bowie played Manchester's now defunct Hardrock club, a mere 250 yards from where he will perform at the Old Trafford cricket ground.

Sadly now the site of a B&Q warehouse, The Hardrock earned something of a reputation for big-name rock stars after playing host to the likes of Elton John, Ike and Tina Turner, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Paul McCartney's Wings. But Peebles tells me that Bowie's appearance was the real coup, taking place after the Hardrock's impresario owners offered him the princely sum of £1,000 to switch his schedule stop at manchester's rival Free Trade Hall. Unfortunately, another big-name act was to be the club's ultimate downfall. "Rod Stewart and The Faces also played. Sadly, they were probably the reason it didn't last much longer than two years," Peebles recalls.

"It must have been one of the hottest summer nights of 1973. The club didn't have very good air conditioning and their drummer, Kenny Jones, passed out through a song and ended up in the Manchester Royal Infirmary. "The music press had a field day and the Hardrock because known as the north's best new sauna bar."

* (Ed. It wasn't 30 years ago to the day, db played the Hardrock three times in 1972, 2nd and 3rd September and 28th December. The gig on the 3rd June 1972 was at Liverpool Stadium).

From Manchester Evening News.

3rd June 2002

Aloha magazine Dutch music magazine ALOHA features a major DAVID BOWIE interview in its latest issue. The eight-page article features lots of photographs including three new ones and some interesting facts about Heathen.

Here are a couple of the quotes contained, translated into English:

- 'My character still shows desolate features. One day happy, another day dark clouds are hanging above my head'.
- 'Happiness between the four walls of a recording studio isn't a good counsellor.'
- 'I no longer measure success of how a record sells. I only think in terms of creative success'.

There is also another large Bowie article in the monthly Dutch magazine called OOR. Visit their website at www.oor.nl. And over in Norway, David is interviewed in VG magazine.

From Kooi.

3rd June 2002

When it was time for DAVID BOWIE to choose a new home for his music - not to mention his fledgling ISO label - he went with the label that didn't strive to render him a hit machine. He chose Columbia Records, because they offered to simply let him be. "Absolutely no attempt was made on their part to guide me into making a chart-oriented record," Bowie says. "What I brought them is what they took-and with great enthusiasm."

What he brought the label was 'Heathen' (due June 11), a 12-song epic for which the legendary artist reunited with famed producer Tony Visconti for the first time in 20 years. There are guest appearances by Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Pete Townshend, who adds his signature guitar work to the first radio single, 'Slow Burn'. Also contributing to the set are Moby and Air, who provide appropriately atmospheric mixes of the cuts 'Sunday' and 'A Better Future,' respectively.

Other 'Heathen' highlights include the haunting 'I Would Be Your Slave,' which Bowie recently performed in New York at the Tibet House benefit show at Carnegie Hall, and '5:15 The Angels Have Gone', a richly textured track that is drawing pre-release praise. "A man who could once see his angels - hopes and aspirations, maybe? - can't see them anymore," Bowie says, "and he blames the crushing dumbness of life for it."

The song is indicative of a collection that Bowie accurately describes as "supportive structure over experiment. Tony and I wanted to give each song its own identity and character without getting lost in a hailstorm of musical 'ideas.'"

'Heathen' is showing signs of being one of Bowie's best-received albums in recent times. "The music that's been made available prior to release has been quite good," says Bradley Andrews, manager of the Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles. "It's relevant to current trends, and yet it's classic Bowie. It's going to do well."

As radio programmers hear 'Slow Burn', which has shipped to rock and adult formats, they're equally enthusiastic. "It has a great feel that I believe our listeners will connect with," says Alex Cortright, music director/PD of WRNR Baltimore/ Annapolis, Md.

Columbia is rolling out an extensive marketing plan for 'Heathen'. "It's terrific that David is so excited about 'Heathen' and that he's sharing that excitement with the public through all of the promotional work he's doing," label president Will Botwin notes. "'Heathen' is not just a great David Bowie album: It's a great album, period. The public will discover this for themselves very shortly, and I think they'll be responding in a big way."

Bowie will be visible on TV in the days surrounding the album's release, with appearances confirmed on "The Late Show With David Letterman" (June 10), "Today" (June 14), A&E's "Live By Request" (June 15), and "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" (June 19). Bowie will also be on the road throughout much of the summer, joining up with such artists as Moby and Busta Rhymes for the Area2 tour, which kicks off July 28 in Bristow, Va. Beforehand, he will curate and perform at the Meltdown festival in London, which will also feature performances by Coldplay, Suede, Supergrass, and Mercury Rev.

"It's increasingly evident to me that my needs to make music change periodically," says Bowie. "There's the narrative, crafted song type; then the experimental, ideas, and situational type; and thirdly, a theatrical-motivated, scenario type. I guess 'Heathen' owes a lot to the first type with a little of the second as seasoning."

From Billboard.com.

2nd June 2002

You can afford the ticket... Over in Australia next Saturday, June 8th @ The Jubilee Hotel, 470 St. Paul's Terrace, Bowen Hills in Brisbane, Australia, there's a DAVID BOWIE shindig called 'Suffragette City' and is a strictly Bowie night with Heathen giveaways, Bowie videos on a big screen, a covers band, a Bowie 'Top 10' countdown from midnight, along with the best in 70's/80's retro DJ's, naturally including a feast of Bowie tunes on the night. Doors open from 9:00 pm and close at 5:00 am

There will also be a couple of video cams going on the night, so in the month a Bowie video from the night.

From David N.

2nd June 2002

German TV station WDR are rebroadcasting DAVID BOWIE'S performance from the Rockpalast: Loreley Festival from 1996. The show starts at 1:20am on June 2nd. WDR is also broadcast for free on the old Astra satellite at 11.44GHz - (from Hermann)...

Also on the same day here in the UK, CHANNEL 4 are showing The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at 12:05 am. Screened to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the landmark 1992 concert, with previously unseen rehearsal footage. The programme will be the same as the recently released DVD, which includes the full DAVID BOWIE set, along with rehearsal footage from Bray Studios of Under Pressure with Annie Lennox, as well as snippets with Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter. Note: Be sure to catch the George Michael rehearsal footage also, there are plenty of shots of David, Corinne and Seal watching him perform...

1st June 2002

Check out the SONY Dutch website to hear 30 second snippets of DAVID BOWIE'S bonus tracks 'Wood Jackson', 'Shadowman', 'When The Boys Come Marching Home' and 'You've Got A Habit Of Leaving' - Click here to listen - (from Grant)...

For those asking what is now happening with DAVID BOWIE'S Toy album? David has stated that he will 'continue to release tracks as 'specials' for CD singles so that not too much time goes by before they are available. Then, along with all the unreleased tracks, gather them all up and release them as an album'. He goes on further to state that 'Trouble is, as is usual with me, I'm already thinking about new songs and projects'. - (from BowieNet)...

1st June 2002

Some upcoming DAVID BOWIE appearances and reviews on BBC Radio 2 and 3 next month include the following:

8th June - Saturday

     Starting: 15:30 GMT. Duration: 3 hours
     BBC Radio Two - website
With an interview with David Bowie and the Radio 2 Wall of Sound, a chance to pick a hit to be played instantly, the best music from the past five decades and the newest releases.

9th June - Sunday

     Starting: 23:00 GMT. Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes
     BBC Radio Three - website - Mixing It
Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present eclectic sounds from music's cutting edge and preview David Bowie's Meltdown Festival.

In addition to the main venues Radio 3 will be presenting the BBC Radio 3 Free Meltdown Programme in the Royal Festival Hall Ballroom. The details of these events are to be announced soon so listen out for highlights on Radio 3.

Don't forget, no matter where you are in the world you can tune into BBC Radio programmes via their website.

1st June 2002

DAVID BOWIE is to appear on the A&E channel in the USA. 'Live By Request' is to be broadcast on 15th June at 9:00pm EST.

The performance will also be repeated on the following dates:

     16th June at 01:00am ET (A&E Channel)
     23rd June at 12:00pm ET (A&E Channel)
     27th June at 09:00pm ET (A&E Channel)
     28th June at 01:00am ET (A&E Channel)

A bona fide breakthrough in music television programming, Live By Request provides a unique showcase for some of the most popular recording artists of all time. The only truly interactive music show on television, radio, and the Internet, this pioneering program places superstar artists in an intimate setting and offers fans the opportunity to request favorite songs - via telephone or the Internet - throughout the live broadcast.

Since its inception on A&E, Live By Request has been garnering spectacular popularity and critical acclaim. Live By Request has earned an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Performance for a Variety or Music Program" and a Cable ACE Award for Music Performance.

Previously Columbia Music Video have made available on DVD and VHS, individual programs from Live By Request. These DVD editions feature Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, interactive menus, instant access to songs, artist discographies and websites, as well as value-added material not seen in the original broadcasts.

David is also scheduled to make an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman on Monday 10th June at 11:35pm on the CBS channel.

As well as a live TV appearance on 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' on 19th June at 12:35am ET on NBC TV in the USA.

1st June 2002

The line-up for DAVID BOWIE'S performance at 'Move' in Manchester at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground on Wednesday 10th July has now been finalised. Joining David will be Suede, Divine Comedy, Electric Soft Parade, The Real People and compered by Mark and Lard.

Tickets are still available from the following outlets:
Way Ahead Box Office 0161 237 5554 / NME Ticket Line 0870 1663663 / www.gigsandtours.com / Ticketmaster 0870 4000 700 (24 hours) / ticketmaster

And in person at: Manchester Town Hall Info Centre / Warrington Parr Hall / Virgin Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle / Virgin Megastore (Manchester and Liverpool) / Royal Court Box Office (Liverpool).

No booking fee for cash purchases by personal callers to Lancashire County Cricket Club.

Unreserved seating/pitch standing tickets available. Gates open at 3:30pm. Subject to licence.

Move... an Urban Music Event is presented by Virgin Trains and sponsored by NME 5.0, Century, Uncut, Manchester Evening News and Virgin Trains.

See the Bowie 2002 performance page for updates.

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