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28th April 2006

For those of you trying to get hold of a copy of PASSENGER - A DAVID BOWIE PHOTOBOOK by PHILIPPE AULIAC you're in luck.

To mark the occasion of the 30th anniversary of David's return to England on May 2nd 1976, a limited number of copies have been made available.

Passenger On collector Mauro Luppi and publisher Daniele Pensavalle's initiative, here is a collection of photographs of David Bowie and Iggy Pop taken by Philippe Auliac in London and Paris in 1976 and 1977, published in book form for the first time.

After the American episode and the crossing of Siberia with Iggy Pop on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, David Bowie is back in Europe under the name and guise of The Thin White Duke for the Station To Station tour.

After shooting Nicolas Roeg's The Man Who Fell To Earth, he arrived in the wake of his ambiguous statements to the press. Play-acting, cocaine or delusions of "folie des grandeur". Fans are destabilized when he compares the rise of a rock star to that of a far right political leader. Philippe Auliac becomes an appointed photographer for the European part of the tour, from the first Wembley concert to the May 18th 1976 show at the Pavillon de Paris.

This book is the first edition of Philippe Auliac's work on this controversial time. The full-page pictures come in the form of a photographic account of a flexible chronology that leaves much to the reader's imagination while nonetheless leading him firmly to the show marking the disappearance of the Thin White Duke, who vanishes of his own accord. The three texts by Véronique Pintelon, Christophe Geudin and Laurence Geslin ponctuate the syncopated sequence of the pictures by each addressing the character's different aspects, whether it be his style, his appearance, his musical world or his place in the late 70s, now synonymous with the end of communal utopia.This book - whose purpose is not to add an umpteenth biographic page to all those already published on David Bowie - is an opportunity to discover a series of mostly rare and previously unpublished photographs gathered together in an album to be read, looked through and decoded.

For more details and information on how to get hold of your copy can be found @ moonagedaydream.it website.

From Philippe Auliac

27th April 2006

© Rex David and Iman arrived at Tribeca Film Festival Last night at The State Supreme Courthouse DAVID BOWIE and his wife IMAN were guests at the Vanity Fair Party For The 5th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Besides founder Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower, other notable guests included Ed Burns and his wife Christy Turlington, John McEnroe and wife Patty Smyth, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Amy Sacci, Jerry Seinfeld and Walter Cronkite.

Having made its debut just five short years ago, the Tribeca Film Festival is a relative newcomer when compared to other similar events around the world. There was nothing green about the opening night of this year's celebration, however, with some of the most experienced names from the worlds of film, sport, fashion and music turning out to show their support.

You can check out some thumbnail photos from the event from the following websites:

RexFeatures / WireImage / Getty Images

26th April 2006

DAVID BOWIE, Patti Smith and Faith No More's Mike Patton are among possible collaborators that influential British dub outfit MASSIVE ATTACK has recruited for its next studio album 'Weather Underground', due early next year.

Band member Marshall says the crew has already recorded 15 tracks, with TV on the Radio and Albarn contributing, and the possibility that David Bowie and Hope Sandoval will step in later.

Massive Attack has taken a round-robin approach to vocals for years, having collaborated with Bowie, Madonna and Mos Def, among others, since debuting with the groundbreaking 'Blue Lines' disc in 1991.

TV on the Radio's multi-instrumentalist and producer David Andrew Sitek has contributed to the effort.

You can read the whole article @ thenewstribune.com

24th April 2006

David and Iman Wishing a very Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary to DAVID and IMAN, who married during a civil ceremony in Switzerland, at the Lausanne Registry Office this very day fourteen years ago on 24th April 1992.

Then later they held their wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy on the 6th June 1992.

The traditional wedding gift for the 14th anniversary is ivory.

Nowadays, the contemporary or modern 14th anniversary gift is Gold or Opal.

24th April 2006

DAVID BOWIE tribute band THE THIN WHITE DUKE are looking to recruit a new keyboard player. Must be happy and confident in playing regular piano led songs, as well as synthesizer backing for the band. Backing vocals an advantage also!

We are currently playing pub gigs in and around South London, Surrey and West Sussex. Looking for a team player and someone to contribute to getting gigs and moving up to bigger and better things.

Band website: @ http://www.thinwhiteduke.biz

Please contact: Scott on 0792 1824329 or email:

20th April 2006

JEAN GENIE perform an incredible tribute to DAVID BOWIE at the Rosehill Theatre, Whitehaven, tomorrow night.

The Jean Genie show includes songs such as Starman, Rebel Rebel, Life On Mars?, The Jean Genie, Modern Love, Young Americans and Let's Dance.

It's an energetic and sexy Seventies and Eighties show, complete with dazzling costumes and stunning effects, that has played to capacity audiences all over the country and headlined the David Bowie Fan Club Convention.

The show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets priced at £11 and £10. Call 01946 692422.

Incidentially David himself performed at the same venue three times way back in January 1968 as part of the touring cast of Lindsay Kemp's 'Pierrot In Turquoise' where he acted, mimed and performed five songs as part of the play.

20th April 2006

Official David Bowie 2007 Calendar Available very shortly is the 2007 official DAVID BOWIE calendar with photographs shot by the legendary photographer MICK ROCK.

UK company Slow Dazzle are once again the publishers of this official product, but at present there are no details on their website.

So in the meantime, here's a taster preview of the calendar cover which is taken from the Pin-Ups album cover studio session shot at the height of Ziggy mania in 1973.

Update: Apparently this isn't the actual cover of the calendar it's just a mock-up that was created for trade fairs. Mind you looking at it again - who's DID BOWIE? ;)

Thanks to DearieMe for the pointer.

20th April 2006

Muso's required to perform essentially 70's BOWIE, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop etc. Manchester area preferred.

Been trying to get this thing giging for 12 months but can't get people of the same mind as myself. Would like to do unpluggedish, but if can get full line up we'll crank it up a tad...

Plz email me for more info at

From Nick.

20th April 2006

The TUSCON WEEKLY recently interviewed TV ON THE RADIO member KYP MALONE about their upcoming gigs and forthcoming album 'Return To Cookie Mountain' which features the vocal talents of a certain DAVID BOWIE.

Highlights include: Return to Cookie Mountain finds the band embracing the spaced-out weirdness of their previous racket-making while showing meticulous attention to the album's vocals. In fact, one of the group's biggest fans, David Bowie, was so impressed, he agreed to collaborate.

"When we were working on the new songs, we dropped them all off for him to listen to and invited him to be a part of whatever he wanted to be a part of," Malone said. "He wanted to be a part of that song, so he came in and sang on it."

'Province,' the song in question, is a swirling, doo-wop anthem that achieves the kind of soaring heights that are instantly enjoyable - the type that TV On The Radio generally shy away from, usually opting instead for songs so packed and layered that only truly attentive listeners will recognise their complete glory. Nonetheless, as Bowie and the band's vocals collide, yelp and rise, the song shines through not as an obligatory guest spot, but as a hauntingly memorable, post-apocalyptic masterpiece.

"It was more surreal, not intimidating," he said. "I never expected to be in a situation where I'm at a mixing board asking David Bowie to enunciate a consonant."

You can read the full article @ the Tuscon Weekly website.

20th April 2006

Reminder: Tonight in Philadelphia is DAVID BOWIE tribute night featuring performances by Wes Mattheu and the New Way Down, Olivia Neutron Bomb, Mikronesia vs. Bilwa, Gemini Wolf, Kilroy, Devin Greenwood, Zelda Pinwheel and more.

The do kicks off at 7:00pm, FREE admission at The Rocket Cat Cafe, 2001 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Tel: 215-739-4526.

19th April 2006

Reminder: Don't forget that this coming Sunday is THE VOYEUR Fan Club Meeting in Amsterdam where you can win a Bowie 2006 autographed poster.

DAVID BOWIE has very kindly contributed a personally signed Serious Moonlight DVD promotional print for this years meeting. All you have to do to win this beautiful item is be present at The Voyeur fan(club) meeting on April 23th and take part in the lottery. If you draw the winning lottery ticket the poster is yours.

The meeting will be held in the Amsterdam Akhnaton Club, which can be found at the Nieuwezijds Kolk 25, only a 5 minute walk from the Amsterdam Central train station.

Next to EchoBowie, TVQueenBitch and TonyDay will fly in to be the day's DJ's. It goes without saying both of them will be fully dressed up for the occasion. There will also be an exclusive Reality photo-exhibition with photographs by Antoine Loogman and of course there will be lots of national and international merchants.

More details and information can be found at The Voyeurs website at http://go.to/bowiefanclub

From Peter Smit.

19th April 2006

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release YELLOWBEARD on 27th June which features a cameo appearance of DAVID BOWIE as 'The Shark'.

Originally released back in 1983, the pirate comedy stars Monty Python's Eric Idle and Graham Chapman, Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle, along with other cameo roles from Peter Cook, Cheech and Chong, John Cleese, Spike Milligan, James Mason and in his final role - Marty Feldman.

The DVD release will include an anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital Surround track. Expect to pay around $14.

From SteveP.

18th April 2006

Texan rockers the SECRET MACHINES have thanked DAVID BOWIE for helping to propel them to fame.

The trio insist his celebrity endorsement has been a huge boost to their career and were thrilled when he first announced himself a fan on his website @ BowieNet.

The posting read: "The great news this week is that the Secret Machines have finished their new album and I hope to get a copy shortly. This may be my band for 2006. You read it here sunshine."

Bowie has since recorded a downloadable podcast featuring an interview with band members Brandon Curtis, Benjamin Curtis and drummer Josh Garza.

Brandon says: "You're in a band, and this artist who's had such an impact is taking the time to say he likes us enough to interview us; it's such an honour.

"It also adds to our level of notoriety, like, 'These guys know David Bowie!'"

From Irish Examiner website.

18th April 2006

Rumours are abound that DAVID BOWIE is to star in 'Diamond Dead' alongside JOHNNY DEPP. The movie scheduled for a 2007 release is to be directed by George Romero and produced by Andrew Gaty along with Ridley and Tony Scott.

Other names touted to be appearing in the film also include Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne and Gwen Stefani.

The plot synopsis states: The film is about an 80's-style rock band that are killed in a freak accident, all but the singer who makes a deal with death to bring them back... so they all come back as zombies and become the biggest band in the world.

Original news source from: themovieinsider.com website.

16th April 2006

Bromley Spheres by David Bowie 1993 Update: Currently up for auction over on eBay is an original DAVID BOWIE oil on canvas artwork produced in 1993 entitled 'Bromley Spheres'.

As you can see by the painting, it's a portrait of a blue haired Brit punk, complete with Mohican and several piercings giving someone "the bird".

Lot 1221 is being auctioned by Showplace Antique Center Inc 40 West 25th Street, New York, USA 10010.

Starting bid kicks off at $100 - with an estimate of $12,000 to $14,000. These lots accompany a live auction, and they begin closing starting with the first lot in the sale at 1pm eastern standard time on April 23rd.

If you have any questions, or would like to leave an absentee or phone bid please call 212.633.6063.


15th April 2006

Scheduled for release on May 29th is a brand new compilation CD entitled Oh You Pretty Things (The Songs Of David Bowie).

Released on the Castle/Sanctuary label (Cat. No. CMQCD1311) the twenty-two track album contains a unique collection of early covers of the works of music's greatest living artist.

With contributions from Dana Gillespie, Ronnie Hilton, Billy Fury, The Beatstalkers, Lulu, John Cougar Melencamp, Peter Noone, Donovan and the marvellous Ava Cherry And The Astronettes and the inevitable Mick Ronson, Lou Reed and Mott The Hoople, this is a must for all hardcore Bowiephiles and glittermonsters.

The tracklisting runs as follows:

Oh You Pretty Things      01. I Am Divine - The Astronettes
     02. Things To Do - The Astronettes
     03. Silver Tree Top School For Boys - The Beatstalkers
     04. Everything Is You - The Beatstalkers
     05. When I'm Five - The Beatstalkers
     06. I Am A Laser - Ava Cherry
     07. People From Bad Homes - Ava Cherry
     08. Rock 'n' Roll With Me - Donovan
     09. Silly Boy Blue - Billy Fury
     10. Andy Warhol - Dana Gillespie
     11. Backed A Loser - Dana Gillespie
     12. The Laughing Gnome - Ronnie Hilton
     13. The Man Who Sold The World - Lulu
     14. Watch That Man - Lulu
     15. The Man Who Sold The World - John Cougar Mellencamp
     16. All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople
     17. Oh! You Pretty Things - Peter Noone
     18. Over The Wall We Go - Oscar
     19. Wagon Wheel - Lou Reed
     20. Growing Up And I'm Fine - Mick Ronson
     21. Music Is Lethal - Mick Ronson
     22. Hey Ma Get Papa - Mick Ronson

You can pre-order Oh You Pretty Things: The Songs of David Bowie NOW.

11th April 2006

Tomorrow on the Biography Channel in the UK is another DAVID BOWIE documentary revealing the life of the legendary pop icon, featuring rare photos, interviews with friends and family and footage from performances throughout his 40-year career. Broadcast Wednesday 12th April, 20:00, Biography Channel, UK with three repeat showings the next day Thursday 13th April at 11:00 and 14:00 GMT...

'DAVID BOWIE and cat' by German artist SEBASTIAN KRUGER was one of his remarkable paintings on show at Gallery 319 in Santa Monica, California last month. You can see some photographs from the event via WireImage.com website...

According to Canada.com MADONNA who sold out two concerts in Montreal in less than an hour, took guitar lessons so she could sing songs from The Sound of Music to her children. London-based guitar teacher Bobby Tider says he tutored the Material Mom three times a week for four months in 2001 so she could entertain Lourdes and Rocco. In addition to learning songs from the famous Julie Andrews musical, Madonna asked Tider to teach her DAVID BOWIE songs...

KRISTEEN YOUNG the New York based duo made up of singer, writer, keyboardist, Kristeen Young and drummer 'Baby' Jeff White, will replace The Boyfriends and open MORRISSEY's shows at Ireland's National Event Centre (INEC) in Killarney on April 13th and the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on April 15th-16th. Kristeen Young is the only unsigned act to be confirmed as support for Morrissey's tour thus far. Her latest album 'The Orphans' is the third album to be produced by legendary record producer TONY VISCONTI. The first album, Breasticles, received widespread praise from the press, featured a duet between DAVID BOWIE and Kristeen on the song 'Saviour'. The second album, X ('ten'), was rated one of the top 50 albums in Germany, by Eclipsed Magazine, and featured a duet between Brian Molko and Kristeen...

10th April 2006

There's another BOWIE BAR on Wednesday 12th of April in Stockholm, Sweden at KGB Bar & Restaurant, Malmskillnadsgatan 45. 20.00-02.00 (Swedish time!)

DJs Jonas and Fredrik will play Bowie, Bowie and all things Bowie-related...

Six hours of non stop Bowie - from music hall to drum 'n' bass!

You have to be at least 20 years old to get in. The entrance is FREE!

From Jonas and Fredrik

9th April 2006

You might recall a while back in August 2003 that DAVID BOWIE had his 'Funny, fast, witty and brutual' quote printed on the cover of author JAKE ARNOTT's then latest publication 'truecrime'. Well get ready to drop everything.

Jake's newest book Johnny Come Home published by Hodder & Stoughton, again features a db quote on the cover: 'Whenever he's got a new book out I drop everything'.

Johnny Come Home by Jake Arnott Synopsis: This is a gripping tale of emotional and political ferment in 70s London from the author of the bestselling 'Long Firm' trilogy. London, 1972, and a charismatic anarchist called O'Connell dies of an overdose, leaving his artist boyfriend, Pearson, and fellow activist Nina in shock. It also leaves a spare room in their squat, so Pearson moves in Sweet Thing, a streetwise yet vulnerable young rent boy he initially picks up but then tries to help. Pearson isn't the only one who's interested though - glam rock star Johnny Chrome is on the brink of a breakdown and is convinced that Sweet Thing is the only one who can bring him back. As Sweet Thing gets drawn further into Johnny Chrome's dangerous orbit, Pearson and Nina discover that O'Connell was not all he seemed.

In this tautly paced, highly evocative novel Jake Arnott once again combines brilliant storytelling with a flawless portrait of a changing era, when the optimism of the 60s was giving way to the anger and bombs of the early 70s.

Today over on Guardian Unlimited website there's an online interview entitled 'Wham Bam, Thank You Glam' with Peter Guttridge asking the questions. Highlights include:

Jake Arnott is tucking into a plate of guinea fowl at St John, his local restaurant in London's Clerkenwell, and worrying about David Bowie. The sophisticated fusion of gangsterism, showbusiness, politics and gay culture in Arnott's 'gangland trilogy' - The Long Firm, He Kills Coppers and truecrime - has earned him much acclaim and at least one superstar fan. On the covers of his novels, there is an approving quote from Bowie: 'Whenever he's got a new book out, I drop everything, knowing that the next couple of hours are going to be pure gangland bliss.'

Although that summary sells Arnott short - his work is a critique, not celebration, of gangland - that's not why he's worried. Bowie has been 'inspirational' to Arnott, who is a 'fantastically huge fan', and he isn't sure how the singer will react to his new novel, Johnny Come Home, which is set in the early Seventies world of glam rock, the pop phenomenon Bowie pretty much created.

He combines wariness with frankness, but is easy to talk to and can be very funny. He says: 'It's best not to worry about what Bowie might think. There's a character in the new novel called Sweet Thing, whose name comes from one of the songs on Diamond Dogs. It's one of my many direct steals from Mr Bowie, which is why I think he might not like this book.'

However, Arnott hasn't provided a fictional account of Bowie's life at the time. 'Given my strange proclivities,' he adds with a laugh, 'I preferred to focus on the seedy end of glam.'

You can read the full article here.

Johnny Come Home is published by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd (ISBN: 0340840358) - Buy now and Save 40%

7th April 2006

Former TIN MACHINE member TONY SALES is now playing with new band WHY LIE.

The Valley-based trio until a few days ago were known as The Burke Wallace Group, named for the trio's guitarist, singer and founder, a dependable player and recognisable face on the local music scene for years. But the group - which also includes ex-DAVID BOWIE bassist Tony Sales and stop-on-a-dime drummer Jeff Urdank - decided to embrace democracy and dispense with the appearance of ego.

The band appear regulary at the Barrel on Saturday, and normally every other Saturday.

"It's perfect for us," said Sales, who, with his drummer brother Hunt, recorded with Iggy Pop, and cut three albums and toured the world as a member of Bowie's art-metal outfit Tin Machine in the '90s.

"We've all paid our dues. We don't want to get in a van and go up and down the state playing one-nighters. We've all done that. But we love playing music, and this is a situation that's working out for us."

Where: The Barrel, 4545 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, California.
When: 9:30 p.m. Saturday.
Cover: None. (818) 501-9202.

5th April 2006

The interview that DAVID BOWIE held with SECRET MACHINES is now available for non BowieNet members to listen to. Visit the official site at davidbowie.com to hear the podcast. Secret Machines play their biggest UK show to date at London Shepherds Bush Empire tomorrow (April 6)...

To tie in with the local release in Australia of the Serious Moonlight DVD, a new Serious Moonlight section of the BowieDownunder website is available. The new pages contain many rare photos and articles and include never before seen photos and info of DAVID BOWIE's meeting with RICHARD BUTLER of The Psychedelic Furs here in Australia. Check it out the bowiedownunder.com website now - [from Adam]...

This coming Friday (April 7th) at 9:30 at Tangier, in Los Feliz, HOLLY PALMER and her boys are doing their thing, playing the 'Songs For Tuesday' and some songs favorites of'I Confes' as well. Some gorgeous, pre-release copies of 'Songs For Tuesday' will be on sale, at this show only! Tangier is located at: 2138 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027...

2nd April 2006

All this week on BBC FOUR tv is 1973 Week. Next Friday 7th April there are two DAVID BOWIE programmes that are featured as part of the celebration.

First up is D.A. Pennebaker's documentary 'Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars', which is followed by the best-ever rock documentary ever made 'Cracked Actor' from the BBC Omnibus series.

DA Pennebaker, USA, 1983
Friday 7th April at 9pm-10.30pm

DA Pennebaker's film of David Bowie's final performance at the Hammersmith Odeon as his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust on July 3rd 1973 is a glam-rock classic.

David Bowie seemed destined to end up on the big screen. Pennebaker recalls, "I have never seen anyone turn on an audience, men as well as women, the way he did that night. The minute he strode on stage I could see that he was a character looking for a film."

The film includes many of Bowie's greatest hits, including 'Changes', 'Suffragette City' and 'All The Young Dudes' as well as backstage footage.

Omnibus, UK, 1975
Friday 7th April at 10:30pm-11:20pm

Produced by Alan Yentob for an Omnibus documentary first broadcast on January 26th 1975 which sets out to discover what has become of David Bowie in America after the death of Ziggy Stardust.

The BBC crew follow David around the USA during August and September 1974. Highlights include footage from the Sigma Sound recording sessions for 'Young Americans' and live performance footage from the Universal Ampitheater in Los Angeles on September 5th.

2nd April 2006

Tonight in Germany at 11:55 one of the best DAVID BOWIE documentaries made 'Dr. Bowie & Mr. Jones' is broadcast on ARTE channel. Here's the lowdown in German...

In der Musikgeschichte der Gegenwart ist David Bowie an Einmaligkeit nicht zu übertreffen. Mit seiner Musik, die sowohl das breite Publikum als auch elitäre Avantgardisten anspricht, hat er die 60er, 70er, 80er und 90er Jahre entscheidend mitgeprägt. Die Dokumentation beschreibt den kometenhaften Aufstieg des Sängers und beschäftigt sich mit dem Mythos und Menschen David Bowie.

Die Dokumentation beschreibt den Aufstieg des in einer Londoner Vorstadt lebenden Arbeitersohns David Robert Jones zum Superstar David Bowie. Stationen seiner Karriere waren 'Ziggy Stardust', die amerikanische Schaffensperiode, die Berliner Jahre mit Iggy Pop und Brian Eno. Der kommerzielle Durchbruch gelang ihm 1969 mit 'Space Oddity', in den 80er Jahren gründete er seine eigene Firma. Im Mittelpunkt der Dokumentation stehen auch seine Verwandlungskunst, die zahllosen Bühnenpersönlichkeiten, die er gekonnt zu inszenieren wusste. Im Gespräch mit Bowie und anhand von Archivaufnahmen aus fünf Jahrzehnten kristallisiert sich eine ständig im Wandel begriffene Persönlichkeit heraus.

'Dr. Bowie & Mr. Jones' zeichnet ein sehr persönliches Porträt Bowies: Zur Sprache kommen die Selbstmorde seiner Tanten und seines Halbbruders Terry, eine Prägung, die sich in der Morbidität vieler seiner Werke äußert: 'In meiner Familie war Selbstmord durchaus üblich. Meine Todessprünge sind eher metaphysischer Art: Ich springe einfach ins Leere, ohne mich vorher zu vergewissern.', sagte er einmal. Weitere Themen sind seine Bisexualität, zu der er sich bekennt, die Drogen, die ihn seine so genannte 'Schizophrenie' vergessen ließen und ihn fast zerstörten und schließlich die Malerei, durch die sich seine Fantasie vielgestaltig äußert. Heute sieht sich Bowie als innerlich zur Ruhe gekommener, gereifter Künstler, der zu vielem einen gewissen Abstand hat.

1st April 2006

Currently on special offer at 101 are the following SIX DAVID BOWIE classic albums. All titles were £8.95 - now reduced to just £4.99. Limited Stocks Are Available - First Come First Served!

     Hunky Dory (Remastered version)
     Pin Ups (Remastered version)
     Diamond Dogs (Remastered version)
     "Heroes" (Remastered version)
     Let's Dance (Remastered version)
     The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars (Remastered version)

1st April 2006

LoveNico and Twozpots are planning an Art show in New York City to showcase all the talents of the DAVID BOWIE fan. Artisans of all medias are invited to join us:

NEW YORK CITY on Saturday September 23rd at 7:00 pm. Venue: TBA

Artisans interested please contact:
Non Artisan attendees please contact:

Visit bnetartshow.htm for more details and information.

Hope to see lots of you talented people there.

From Twozpots

1st April 2006

Word on the street about the recent DAVID BOWIE and TV ON THE RADIO collaboration... The song that David performs vocals on is entitled 'Province' which will appear on their next album 'Return To Cookie Mountain' scheduled for release on 12th June.

Here are the possible songs to be included on the album:

     Playhouses (5:17)
     I Was A Lover (4:23)
     Province (featuring David Bowie) (4:38)
     Snakes + Martyrs
     Hours (4:25)
     Wolf Like Me (5:08)
     Tonight (6:57)
     Dirty Whirlwind (4:19)
     A Method (4:33)
     Let The Devil In (4:29)
     Blues From Down Here (5:21)
     Wash The Day Away (6:01)


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