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30th August 2010

Several music magazines have reviews of the forthcoming DAVID BOWIE 'Station To Station' re-issue in Special and Deluxe Editions. Mojo in particular has a well-written piece by David Buckley entitled 'The Duke spirit', along with a superb full-page photograph of db taken by Steve Schapiro (p110)...

Live From Studio Five presenter JAYNE MIDDLEMISS is interviewed in Hot TV magazine... one question raised was: 'Who would be your dream guest? Her reply... 'Due to my background in music, I've interviewed most of my heroes. My favourite was DAVID BOWIE. I went to his 50th birthday party in Madison Square Garden. A lot of popstars these days have been schooled in what to say, but interviewing Bowie was mind-blowing.'...

A fisherman in Cornwall caught a six-armed Starfish. So Ned Bailey gave the unusual sea creature to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay. Experts say the extra-armed starfish, now named 'Starman' after the DAVID BOWIE song, is the first of its kind found in the United Kingdom...

21st August 2010

The BBC are currently running a promo trailer film to advertise a new series of school-based programmes on their network.

DAVID BOWIE's 'Space Oddity' plays as a boy is being prepared for school by his mum. Instead of the usual school jacket he's placed inside a space suit as he leaves the house.

The reworked music starts off with something reminiscent of the song and then after the blast off sequence we hear the familiar tones of David kick in.

You can click here to view on the BBC website.

17th August 2010

Update: More tickets now available! Due to overwhelming demand, this screening will now take place in NFT1 (from NFT2).

On August 28th and 29th, you've got the opportunity to view the BAFTA-winning debut movie MOON on the big screen as part of the BFI Film Science: Future Human season.

This is a mighty fine thing of course... BUT! On Tuesday 31st August you can see Moon and then take part in a Q&A with Director DUNCAN JONES, Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery, VFX Editor Barrett Heathcote and Art Director Hideki Arichi. The Q&A will be hosted by Damon Wise.

Tickets are available now from the BFI - [
click here]

     28th August @ 20:30 - NFT3
     29th August @ 20:45 - NFT3
     31st August @ 18:20 - NFT1

From blog.manmademovies.co.uk

16th August 2010

Just in case anyone failed to miss this... film editor DAVID WILLIAMS has uploaded previously unseen DAVID BOWIE / NINE INCH NAILS pro-shot footage taken on the USA leg of the Outside World Tour during September and October 1995.

Directed by Jim Gable, so far there is footage of the following songs: 'Hurt' (db/nin), 'Hallo Spaceboy' (db only), 'The Hearts Filthy Lesson' (db only) and 'Wish' (nin only).

Check out vimeo.com for more details.

16th August 2010

Be sure to catch the upcoming radio documentary 'ZIGGY STARDUST CAME FROM ISLEWORTH' which is to be broadcast on BBC RADIO 4 on Thursday 19th August at 11:30am.

VINCE TAYLOR was the real life, leather clad inspiration behind Ziggy Stardust. he started out in rock and roll in the days of Tommy Steele, but Vince was all black leather, chains and eye make up. He fried his brains with drugs and alcohol, but found final happiness working as an aircraft mechanic. Martin Day tells his story.

More details and programme information can be found over at bbc.co.uk

From Tony Diorio.

15th August 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Lexi!
Have a wonderful day!

Best wishes and lots of love from everyone at Wonderworld

13th August 2010

Bobbie Peru Former Manchester band BOBBIE PERU who relocated back to the States have finally recorded the DAVID BOWIE song I first mentioned back on here in June 2007!

After nearly three years of mithering from me, Bert and his band have recorded their version of 'Andy Warhol' and I think it's been well worth the wait.

Their live version is going down great with fans during their current gigs and I asked Bert if they were intending to officially release the track. He said hopefully a newly mastered version will be appearing on their next album after they've added the Andy Warhol samples similar to the original at the beginning and end.

Bobbie Peru's next New York live gigs are on Thursday 25th August at Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston St, New York, NY 10002-1130. Doors open at 10pm.

Followed by a gig on Friday 29th October at Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10009-3347.

For more details and information about the band check out bobbieperu.com

Oh I nearly forgot... you can listen and download their excellent mix 2 version of the track here - be quick it might disappear!

12th August 2010

Catch a Falling Star Those of you with really long memories may recall back on here in December 2006 the self-published novel 'Catch a Falling Star' by PETER HAYWOOD which was available for download.

Well the novel has now been published by Sid Harta Publishers in Australia. (ISBN: 1-921642-38-6).

When asked what it is about fame and celebrity that draws people so desperately to it, the record producer and songwriter Kim Fowley replied, 'Inadequacy... it's over-compensation for a crummy life, and you decide to have a fantasy life'.

So it is for Nicky Nova, a DAVID BOWIE-obsessed young man growing up in Melbourne in the early 1980s. Nicky moves into a big, ramshackle share house in Lygon Street, Carlton, with a bunch of musician friends. He forms a band and dreams of becoming a world famous rock'n'roll star. But is the band as hell-bent on fame and fortune as their singer?

Loaded with pop culture references, 'Catch a Falling Star' is part cautionary tale, part travelogue of a recent bygone era of skinny ties, leg-warmers and big hair. This is a post-punk story about friendship and betrayal, the impossible dreams of youth, and the compromises we must make in order to survive.

If you've ever put together a garage band and dreamed of bigger things; if you've lived through the bohemian grunge and fractious ego mix of the inner-suburban share house experience; if you have fond memories of the heady excesses of the 80s, you will love 'Catch a Falling Star'.

About the Author: Peter Haywood is a British-born cartoonist living in Melbourne, Australia. Having been published regularly since 1983, Haywood has had some twelve hundred comic strips and single panel cartoons published in a wide range of Australian and British magazines, newspapers and greeting cards. Following a successful career which has included teaching up-and-coming cartoonists, Haywood's current post is as writer and illustrator of a weekly humorous football column entitled 'Dyer Tribe' for his local newspaper, The Melbourne Times. Haywood includes literature, cinema, art, rock music and sport among his many interests.

8th August 2010

The September British issue of GQ magazine features an excellent eight-page homage to DAVID BOWIE entitled 'What David Bowie Did Next: The True Story of the Icon's Icon' by Nicholas Coleridge.

Pick up this new issue to find out what happened when he met the enduringly enigmatic, eerily ageless and utterly essential David Bowie.

In the meantime, listen to Coleridge's pick of the Thin White Duke's greatest tracks for free on GQ.com

8th August 2010

Ed Blaney's ULTIMATE BOWIE are playing Cusworth Hall Music Festival in Doncaster on Sunday 29th August.

The event is in aid of the Aurora Centre (cancer charity).

11am-11pm. Ten live bands with The Sweet headlining, 10 a ticket, under 12's FREE. Camping 5 pre-booked. Online tickets are available via themusicweek.co.uk and actual tickets from Cusworth Hall or Tourist Information, High Street, Doncaster.

More details and information can be found over at ultimatebowie.com

2nd August 2010

David Bowie 2010 Deluxe Edition Vinyl Box Set Released today is the DAVID BOWIE 2010 Issue UK Deluxe Edition 28-track 2-LP Vinyl Box Set from the Decca Pop label.

Originally released in 1967, this expanded edition of David Bowie's debut album for Decca, comprises the original stereo and mono mixes of the album stunningly remastered by Peter Mew and Tris Penna at Abbey Road Studios.

The full trackisting runs as follows:

LP1 - (Stereo Version)
     Side A
     01. Uncle Arthur (2:07)
     02. Sell Me A Coat (2:58)
     03. Rubber Band (2:17)
     04. Love You Till Tuesday (3:10)
     05. There Is A Happy Land (3:11)
     06. We Are Hungry Men (2:57)
     07. When I Live My Dream (3:22)

     Side B:
     08. Little Bombardier (3:25)
     09. Silly Boy Blue (3:51)
     10. Come And Buy My Toys (2:07)
     11. Join The Gang (2:18)
     12. She's Got Medals (2:23)
     13. Maid Of Bond Street (1:43)
     14. Please Mr. Gravedigger (2:36)

LP2 - (Original Mono Version)
     Side C:
     15. Uncle Arthur (2:06)
     16. Sell Me A Coat (2:57)
     17. Rubber Band (2:16)
     18. Love You Till Tuesday (3:09)
     19. There Is A Happy Land (3:14)
     20. We Are Hungry Men (2:58)
     21. When I Live My Dream (3:21)

     Side D:
     22. Little Bombardier (3:23)
     23. Silly Boy Blue (3:52)
     24. Come And Buy My Toys (2:07)
     25. Join The Gang (2:17)
     26. She's Got Medals (2:24)
     27. Maid Of Bond Street (1:43)
     28. Please Mr. Gravedigger (2:35)

You can pre-order David Bowie (Deluxe Vinyl Box Set) NOW.

Also released the same day is the 2010 David Bowie 2-CD version.

1st August 2010

Update: Release has been put forward one week to cover pre-orders already taken. UK release now 27th September and US release 28th.

BOWIENET have announced details of the forthcoming special box editions of DAVID BOWIE's 'Station To Station', album scheduled for release by EMI next month on Monday 27th September.

There is a 3-CD Special Edition and a 5-CD, DVD and heavyweight vinyl Deluxe Edition available.

     CD ICPN 50999-647583-2-9 / UK Catalogue no. BOWSTSX 2010
     DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ICPN 50999-647597-5-3

CD 1: 2010 transfer of Station To Station from the original stereo analogue master in mini replica sleeve.
     1. Station To Station (10.11)
     2. Golden Years (4.02)
     3. Word On A Wing (6.01)
     4. TVC15 (5.31)
     5. Stay (6.12)
     6. Wild Is The Wind (6.02)

CD 2: Live Nassau Coliseum '76 (Recorded live at the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA. March 23rd, 1976) in gatefold CD wallet.
     1. Station To Station (11.53)
     2. Suffragette City (3.31)
     3. Fame (4.02)
     4. Word On A Wing (6.06)
     5. Stay (7.25)
     6. Waiting For The Man (6.20)
     7. Queen Bitch (3.12)

CD 3: Live Nassau Coliseum '76 (continued)
     1. Life On Mars? (2.13)
     2. Five Years (5.03)
     3. Panic In Detroit (6.03)
     4. Changes (4.11)
     5. TVC15 (4.58)
     6. Diamond Dogs (6.38)
     7. Rebel Rebel (4.07)
     8. The Jean Genie (7.28)

     - 16-page booklet with sleevenotes by Cameron Crowe and chronology by Kevin Cann.
     - Three period photocards of Bowie in various settings.

The digital download features the same audio content as above but with the added bonus of an unedited alternative mix of 'Panic In Detroit' (13:09).

Station To Station Special Edition 5CD Box Set STATION TO STATION DELUXE EDITION
     ICPN 50999-647601-2-4 / UK Catalogue no. BOWSTSD 2010

The Deluxe Edition is an album sized box with lift off lid housed in a foam-packed box, 325 x 325 x 50mm.

CD 1: 2010 transfer of Station To Station from the original stereo analogue master.

CD 2: Station To Station 1985 RCA CD master.

CD 3: Singles Versions E.P.
     1. Golden Years
     2. TVC15
     3. Stay
     4. Word On A Wing (first time on CD)
     5. Station To Station (previously unreleased version)

CD 4: Live Nassau Coliseum '76.

CD 5: Live Nassau Coliseum '76 (continued).

DVD: Station To Station (original analogue master, 96kHz/24bit LPCM stereo).
         Station To Station (new Harry Maslin 5.1 surround sound mix in DTS 96/24 and Dolby Digital).
         Station To Station (original analogue master, LPCM stereo).
         Station To Station (new Harry Maslin stereo mix, 48kHz/24bit LPCM stereo).

     - 12" heavyweight vinyl of Station To Station from the original stereo analogue master in replica sleeve.
     - 2 x 12" heavyweight vinyl of Live Nassau Coliseum '76 in gatefold sleeve.
     - 24-page booklet with sleevenotes by Cameron Crowe and chronology by Kevin Cann.
     - Previously unpublished Steve Schapiro photo.
     - Geoff MacCormack photos.
     - Andrew Kent live Nassau photos.

     - Replica David Bowie On Stage 1976 press kit folder.
         Replica Nassau ticket from night of the show.
         Replica backstage pass.
         Replica A4 biog.
         Replica band line-up.
         3 x 10x8" press shots.

     - Replica 1976 Fan Club Folder.
         Replica fan club membership card.
         Fan club certificate.
         2 small collector cards.
         2 A4 photo cards.
         Replica 4-page biography.
         2 badges.
         6 panel folded Steve Schapiro photo poster of Bowie kneeling.

Both box sets are now available to pre-order Station To Station (3-CD Box Set) and Station To Station (5CD+1DVD+3LP) Deluxe here and NOW.

1st August 2010

David Bowie - Rare And Unseen DVD As first mentioned on here back in February, I've now got a little more information about the forthcoming DAVID BOWIE - Rare And Unseen DVD from Wienerworld Ltd scheduled for release tomorrow.

This month sees the release of a brand new DVD entitled 'Rare and Unseen: David Bowie'. The fifth title of this exclusive and all new DVD collection for fans, we take an inside look at the British actor, producer and musician for five decades: David Bowie.

Most famous for his alter-ego, the ostentatious, androgynous 'Ziggy Stardust' during the glam-rock era of the early 1970s, Bowie has continually reinvented his music and image and is regarded as an influential innovator, particularly in rock music and is regarded as one of the most multi-talented musicians in the world.

Told through missing-believed-wiped archive interviews and rare and unseen footage, this insightful DVD is a worthy addition to any Bowie collection. Items genuinely unseen and never before appeared on DVD including film from the ITN archive. Includes lost and now restored TV interviews from the past and rare film of the singer talking about his career. A must for the die-hard fan!

     Title: David Bowie - Rare And Unseen [DVD]
     Format: PAL / Region 2
     Number of discs: 1
     Studio: Wienerworld Ltd
     DVD Release Date: 2nd August 2010
     Run Time: 75 minutes

You can order David Bowie - Rare And Unseen [DVD] NOW and receive an enormous 63% discount!

Update: A review copy has been sent out but I've not had chance to watch it all yet. The parts I have watched include The Russell Harty interview from 1975 which has been restored for 16:9 viewing, some rehearsal footage from the Glass Spider tour, the Janet Street Porter interview backstage at Earls Court during the 1978 world tour, an interview from 1997 and press conference live performance parts from 1987.


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