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28th February 2014

Rebel Rebel 40th Anniversary 7 Inch Picture Disc B-side Rebel Rebel 40th Anniversary 7 Inch Picture Disc A-side Scheduled for release next month on Monday 10th March is the next DAVID BOWIE 40th Anniversary 7 inch picture disc release.

'Rebel Rebel' is the seventh in this series and is to be released by Parlophone on Monday 10th March.

       A-side: Rebel Rebel (Original single mix).
       AA-side: Rebel Rebel (US Version).
       Catalogue Number: DBREBEL 40A.

You can pre-order NOW or alternatively, see if you can pick up a bargain by checking the eBay listings.

27th February 2014

David Bowie Is in Berlin The DAVID BOWIE IS exhibition is heading for Berlin in Germany from May through to August.

The exhibition curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum will be held at Martin-Gropius-Bau on 20th May until 10th August 2014.

Venue: Martin-Gropius-Bau, Niederkirchnerstraße 7, 10963 Berlin.
Opening Hours: 10.00 - 20.00 daily. No closing day. Cash desk closes at 19.15.

More details, information and ticket purchasing available at davidbowie-berlin.de/en

After Berlin, the exhibition carries on to Chicago, Paris and Netherlands.

25th February 2014

Uncut magazine Diamond Dogs 40th 'This ain't rock 'n' roll... this is genocide!... Featured on and in the next issue of UNCUT magazine is DAVID BOWIE's with a 40th Diamond Dogs special.

As you can see David graces the front cover with a spectacular shot from photographer Terry O'Neill, with the blurb: David Bowie Diamond Dogs at 40 "we misbehaved very badly..."

Uncut editor Allan Jones writes in his diary: "On 'Sweet Thing', he asked me to imagine myself as a young, French drummer who was witnessing his first execution," recalls veteran drummer Tony Newman, recalling the sessions for David Bowie's 1974 album Diamond Dogs in John Robinson's cover story for this month's Uncut, which goes on sale this Friday, 28th February.

More details and the full diary can be found over at uncut.co.uk website.

25th February 2014

DAVID BOWIE's 2003 Reality album is to issued on vinyl for the first time via Music On Vinyl on 17th March.

Released in a time when vinyl popularity was at an all-time low, Reality never saw its proper official vinyl release. Until now. To celebrate this unique occasion, MOV are pressing TWO different coloured issues of 2,500 copies each, all individually numbered. One run will be issued on transparent green vinyl, the other on orange vinyl. Of course, the album will also be readily available in regular black vinyl. Each unit contains a 12-page booklet with lyrics and artwork.

Reality release on vinyl - 180 gram audiophile vinyl.
- Includes a 12-page booklet.
- Available on vinyl for the first time!
- First pressing available in 2 colours:
- 2,500 numbered copies on transparent green vinyl.
- 2,500 numbered copies on orange vinyl.
- Also available on black vinyl.


Side A:
       1. New Killer Star
       2. Pablo Picasso
       3. Never Get Old
       4. The Loneliest Guy
       5. Looking For Water
       6. She'll Drive The Big Car

Side B:
       1. Days
       2. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
       3. Try Some, Buy Some
       4. Reality
       5. Bring Me The Disco King

For more details and information on all Bowie releases from MOV pop on over to the limitedvinyl.nl website.

You can also pre-order Reality (Black Vinyl 180gm Booklet) NOW.

If you're having problems locating the coloured vinyl editions, check out the eBay listings and see if you can pick up a bargain.

25th February 2014

Be sure to check out a brand new album release from DYLAN HOWE entitled Subterranean - New Designs on Bowie's Berlin - A radical new take on the instrumental cuts from David Bowie's 1977 albums Low and "Heroes". Subterranean is Dylan Howe's first studio album in ten years. It's made up of his arrangements of Bowie's influential music from his "Berlin Trilogy" and has been six years in the making. The nine-tracks are: Subterraneans / Weeping Wall / All Saints / Some Are / Neukolon - Night / Art Decdade / Warszawa / Neukoln - Day / Moss Garden - you can get to [Listen here]...

Reminder: DAVID BOWIE has been nomiated for two NME awards tomorrow... 'Best Solo Artist' and 'Hero of the Year' - [More details]...

Published in several newspapers was David Cameron's reaction to DAVID BOWIE's comment about Scotland at The Brit Awards - [Daily Telegraph] [Daily Record] [The Independent]...

23rd February 2014

Definitely well worth listening to a new online interview with GERRY LEONARD who talks to Belgium Radio 1 journalist RONALD VERHAEGEN whilst he was in Ostend on tour with Suzanne Vega.

For a good twenty minutes, Gerry talks about working with DAVID BOWIE in the studio on The Next Day, on the road with the A Relaity Tour, first first gig, Spooky Ghost and more... listen in at soundcloud.com website.

Ronald currenty has a blog project underway, where he wants to discover DAVID BOWIE during a period of one year.

Via gerryleonardspookyghost.com

23rd February 2014

Published in THE OBSERVER today: 'Scottish independence: let's have a passionate debate, but with less bile'... DAVID BOWIE's comment sparked some welcome flash and fire, but Twitter outpourings were puerile - [Read here]...

Published in today's DAILY RECORD / SUNDAY MAIL newspaper in Scotland is 'One of David Bowie's old pal's reveals he used to argue with pop star over Scottish independence in the 1960s'. Reporter Lynn McPherson talks with DAVIE LENNOX who fronted Scotland's No. 1 Beat Group THE BEATSTALKERS and worked with David in 1967 when they shared the same manager KEN PITT. The Beatstalkers recorded three of Bowie's early compositions: 'Silver Tree Top School For Boys', 'Everything Is You' and 'When I'm Five.' - [Read here]...

There are DAVID BOWIE articles in two Sunday newspapers today, namely The Mail On Sunday and The Sun...

IGGY POP will be presenting his own BBC RADIO 6 MUSIC two-hour show for the rest of this year. 4pm until 6pm on Sundays, starting next month from 16th March...

20th February 2014

Just in case you didn't see it.... watch the presentation of last night's BRIT 2014 Awards where DAVID BOWIE won the 'British Male Solo Artist' award.

Noel Gallagher: "And the winner, somewhat predictably is... Mr. David Bowie. You maniacs didn't think David Bowie was actually gonna be here? David Bowie's too cool for that! He doesn't do this shit! David Bowie has sent his representative on Earth which is the one and only Kate Moss who's gonna accept this award on his behalf."

Announcer: "Kate was asked to pick this award up personally by David Bowie."

Kate Moss: "Good evening ladies and gentleman. David has asked me to say this... 'In Japanese myth, the rabbits from my old costume that Kate's wearing live on the moon. Kate comes from Venus and I from Mars, so that's nice. I'm completely delighted to have a Brit for being the best male, but I am, aren't I Kate?'"

Noel Gallagher: "Yes."

Kate Moss: "'I think it's a great way to end the day. Thank you very, very much... and Scotland - stay with us.'"

Also on Saturday, you will be able to watch the complete show again via the ITV Player on the itv.com website.

20th February 2014

The Sun front page 20th February 2014 Check out the various online stories below relating to the news that DAVID BOWIE won the 'British Male Solo Artist' award at the BRITS 2014 last night.

Daily Mail: Kate Moss accepts David Bowie's BRIT award for Best Male Solo artist wearing singer's iconic Ziggy Stardust playsuit - [Read here].
The Guardian: David Bowie weighs into Scottish independence debate at Brits - [Read here].
The Telegraph: Brit Awards 2014: David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys and One Direction win awards - [Read here].
The Mirror: 'Stay with us Scotland!' David Bowie wades into Independence debate after Kate Moss accepts Brit Award for singer - [Read here].
The Mirror: David Bowie wins Brit Awards 2014 - and Kate Moss picks it up wearing HIS Ziggy Stardust costume - [Read here].
Metro: David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys and One Direction win big at Brits 2014 - [Read here].
The Independent: Brit Awards 2014: David Bowie wins Best Male and Kate 'Ziggy' Moss collects it for him - [Read here].
NME: David Bowie urges Scotland to 'stay with us' and vote against independence during Brit Awards speech - [Read here].
Herald Scotland: David Bowie on indyref: Scotland, stay with us - [Read here].
Daily Record: Brit Awards 2014: David Bowie revealed as surprise supporter of Better Together campaign - [Read here].
The Scotsman: Scottish independence: David Bowie backs UK - [Read here].

ITV: David Bowie best British male at Brit Awards 2014 - [Read here].
Sky News: Brits: David Bowie Wins Best British Male - [Read here].
Channel 4: David Bowie wins Brit award, asks Scotland to 'stay with us' - [Read here].
BBC News: Oldest Brit winner David Bowie enters independence debate - [Read here].
STV: BRIT Awards: David Bowie makes controversial statement - [Read here].

19th February 2014

Noel Gallagher and Kate Moss announcing David Bowie Brit award Many congratulations to DAVID BOWIE who won the 'British Male Solo Artist' at tonight's Brit Awards 2014.

NOEL GALLAGHER was called upon to announce the winner and supermodel KATE MOSS wearing Ziggy's woodland creatures outfit collected the award and read out a thank you speech from David.

"In Japanese myth, the rabbits on my old costume that Kate is wearing actually live on the moon, Kate comes from Venus and I'm from Mars. So that's nice. I am completely delighted to win a Brit for being the best male. It's a great way to end the day. Thank you very much. Scotland please stay with us."

David's son DUNCAN JONES tweeted: "Dad done good! A Brit! Not quite a Bafta, but... ;) proud as punch."

Hopefully, the Brits footage will appear online somewhere shortly.

(Ed. Thanks to Ron A. for the screengrab).

19th February 2014

DAVID BOWIE is being strongly tipped to win the 'British Male Solo Artist' in the Brits Awards 2014 which are being held tonight at the O2 Arena in London.

Bookmakers William Hill have him placed at at 1/3 favourite and 2nd favourite to win 'British Album of the Year' with The Next Day.

The show is broadcast on ITV 1 at 8.00pm until 10.15pm GMT. Then from 10.15pm until 11.15pm turn over to ITV 2 to catch the Brits 2014: Backstage.

Check out the news links below relating to this story...

Evening Standard: Bowie tipped for Brits success - [Read here].
Sky News: Brit Awards: David Bowie Tipped To Win - [Read here].
NME: Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, Ellie Goulding favourites to win at tonight's Brit Awards - [Read here].
Express: David Bowie tipped for Brits success ahead of coveted music awards - [Read here].
Mirror: James Corden rooting for David Bowie at Brit Awards in Best Album and British Male Solo Artist categories - [Read here].

15th February 2014

TONY VISCONTI is to guest on the JANICE LONG radio show on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday 19th February at midnight.

Legendary Producer Tony Visconti is in to do The Spoken Word Session and chat about four decades of working with some of the world's greatest artists including producing some of DAVID BOWIE's greatest records. Duration: 1 hour, 57 minutes.

More details and information can be found over on the bbc.co.uk website.

Update: If you missed the interview you can catch up here

13th February 2014

At the MUSIC PRODUCERS GUILD (UK) Awards 2014 ceremony held tonight in London, DAVID BOWIE won the MPG Innovation Award sponsored by Genelec.

This award is in the gift of the Music Producers Guild Awards Committee and is be awarded to a person in production whose work is seen to extend the boundaries of music production through innovative ideas and the creative use of technology.

TONY VISCONTI was shortlisted in the International Producer of the Year category, along with Rick Rubin and Daft Punk (Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo). The award went to Rick Rubin.

More details and information can be found over at the MPG website.

9th February 2014

Mail On Sunday Event magazine Published in today's MAIL ON SUNDAY magazine is a two-page interview with actor GARY OLDMAN by Martyn Palmer.

Gary and David are also featured on the front cover of the Event magazine.

Inside, the article entitled: 'He's Dave from Brixton and I'm Gary from New Cross. We're just mates', Gary talks about his 25-year friendship with DAVID BOWIE as well as his career and his new movie RoboCop.

You can read it online at dailymail.co.uk website.

Thanks to Andy for the heads up.

5th February 2014

Happy Birthday wishes to GEORGE UNDERWOOD (born the same year as his mate DAVID BOWIE). George has an exhibition later this year at Graham Fine Art, located at 56 Crouch End Hill, London N8 8AA - [More details]...

On this day... 44 years ago... it was MICK RONSON's debut performance with DAVID BOWIE on the John Peel's 'Sunday Show' Concert in 1970 - [More details]...

Reminder: This coming Friday (7th) there is a GERRY LEONARD Q&A with Tom Wilcox at The Hospital Club, 24 Endell St, London WC2H 9HQ at 1pm to 2.15pm. Still a few tickets left if you're really quick! - [More details]...

Happy Birthday wishes to MICK 'WOODY' WOODMANSEY who celebrated his cake day yesterday...

Oh man I need that TV... on the 11th January Sounds of the 70s: Arthouse Glam, features DAVID BOWIE on BBC Four in the UK at 1.55 GMT...

Oh man I need that TV... on the 13th and 15th January there are two chances to catch FREDDIE MERCURY: The Tribute Concert which features DAVID BOWIE, MICK RONSON on Sky Arts 1 and HD in the UK at 21.30 GMT...

For a full list of upcoming DAVID BOWIE TV broadcasts and more check out the BowieWonderworld Monthly Planner...

4th February 2014

Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming...

If you're not watching the the brand new TV series THE TOMORROW PEOPLE then you don't know what you're missing!

In the last episode British actress MADELEINE MANTOCK who plays 'Astrid Finch' got to sing some DAVID BOWIE in the programme to 'Stephen Jameson' (aka Robbie Amell).

In an interview over on tvovermind.com when asked about the singing Madeleine says: "They actually sent me an email with a list of twelve song options, and we all agreed on "Heroes" by David Bowie.

"It was awesome. But also, scary, cuz you're thinking: I DON'T wanna mess this up! Even when I was shooting it I was thinking "at least they can cut it if it's awful."

You can read the whole interview HERE.

If you're an oldie like me you may remember the original British TV show. Did you know there was a David Bowie connection to the original series? Watch this YouTube interview with creator ROGER PRICE.

2nd February 2014

The V&A DAVID BOWIE Is exhibition currently on a world tour is currently in São Paulo, Brazil at the Museum of Image and Sound.

The exhibitions runs from 31st January until 20th April 2014.

Venue: Avenida Europa, 158 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 01449-000, Brazil.

Opening times: Closed Mondays. 12 to 21 hr Tuesday to Friday. 11 to 21 hr Saturdays. 11 to 20 hr Sundays and Public Holidays.

Check out TV news coverage via globotv.globo.com website. The report includes interviews with director André Sturm and coordinator Daniel Slater, along with footage from inside the exhibition.

For full details pop on over to the MIS website.

Tickets are available online via the ingressorapido.com.br website.

2nd February 2014

WARNER MUSIC in Japan have now reissued SEVENTEEN DAVID BOWIE CDs for a time-limited promotion entitled 'Forever Young'.

Originally remastered in 1999, these are now released in Japan on his new record label.

The full list runs as follows:

Space Oddity
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80085

The Man Who Sold The World
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80086

Hunky Dory
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80087

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80088

Aladdin Sane
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80089

Pin Ups
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80090

Diamond Dogs
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80091

Young Americans
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80092

Station To Station
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80093

       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80094

       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80095

       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80096

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80097

Let's Dance
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80098

       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80099

Never Let Me Down
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80100

Tin Machine
       Warner Music Japan. Cat: No. WPCR-80101

You can order NOW via cdjapan - all priced at a mere 1400 yen (approx US $13.56 / GBP 8.32).

If you prefer not to pay importy duty, they are also listed for order on the David Bowie Amazon Store with a release date of 4th February.

1st February 2014

GERRY LEONARD (who is currently on tour with Suzanne Vega) is holding a Q&A with TOM WILCOX in London...

Join curator and musician Tom Wilcox for a moment of harmonic rock n' roll anecdotes as he interviews DAVID BOWIE's renowned guitarist, Gerry Leonard.

Gerry Leonard is a Dublin born guitar player, songwriter and producer now based in New York City. As part of the New York scene, Gerry's distinctive and innovative ambient style has led to his working with many great artists over the years, including David Bowie, Roger Waters, Roger Glover and Suzanne Vega - with whom he is playing at the Barbican on the evening of Friday 7th February.

A highlight was becoming music director/guitar player for David Bowie on his last year long 'A Reality' world tour and DVD (2003/2004). Apart from Bowie's previous two records, 'Heathen' and 'Reality' and the subsequent tours, Gerry also features on David's surprise comeback album 'The Next Day' of last year, and has two co-writes with David on the record: 'Boss Of Me' and 'I'll Take You There'.

Gerry will be discussing his career with Tom, including the artistic processes behind the secret making of 'The Next Day' and life on the road and in the studio with David Bowie and other great artists.

Venue: The Hospital Club, 24 Endell Street, London WC2H 9HQ on Friday 7th February at 1pm to 2:15pm.

Tickets are available at wegotickets.com website.

1st February 2014

David Bowie UK Convention 2014 Updated: #4 All acts are now confirmed... The DAVID BOWIE UK Convention 2014 is to be held this year on 10th May in Derby, England.

The venue is: The Victoria Inn, 12 Midland Place, Derby DE1 2RR.

The convention will be taking over the whole pub, which has a capacity of 180 to 200. The venue is located right next to the train station and hotels are nearby (4 mins from Derby city centre).

A day to celebrate the music and genius of David Bowie starts at 2.00pm through till midnight.

The full line-up of performers are:

- AladdinSane - the top Bowie tribute band around.
- BowieD - A newly formed 4-piece Bowie tribute band who are opening the convention and will blow you away!
- Funmi Abiola and Chris Chesney - A talented duo with a very exciting setlist.
- Luxury Stranger - a great local band, unique... Bowie/Eno influences.
- Ritchie Blount - local talent, acoustic, plays with passion and fire.
- The Bowie Room (unplugged) - Acoustic duo Nick Fielding and Chris Smith - they will rock your world!
- The Featherz - Charisma, style, attitude and full on rock and roll.
- Baz Dedhevan and 'The Heroes' DJs - Compare extraordinaire and tune spinners.

For more information check out the Facebook events page and Twitter #bowieukconv14

Tickets are priced at £20 GBP and go on sale Saturday 22nd February... be quick - There are only 180 tickets available Bowie fans. I guarantee this will sell out for sure.

For those of you travelling up earlier, there is an event now happening on the Friday evening in conjunction with the Convention. Check out the FB event page for full details.

1st February 2014

Chicago, IL - STARDUST The DAVID BOWIE Tribute Band will perform on Friday, 14th February at 8pm, Underground Lounge, 954 W. Newport, Boys Town - Chicago, Illinois to benefit The Crib, a homeless youth shelter. The event is sponsored by Queer Fest America with the cover charge at only $5.00 and is open to fans 21 and over with proper ID.

Now in its 16th year of production, Stardust features vocalist, Lair Scott, as Ziggy 2000 and includes Tooth_Eye, Alex James and Ross Markers. Stardust's refers to their music as an 'Astrosymphonix' of David Bowie's catalog using eclectic classical instruments and computer generated sounds. Tooth_Eye states, "We do perform a few songs acoustically with Ross on Cello and Alex on 12 string and invite some of our friends from symphony orchestras to perform with us." He continues with, "An example of one of our medleys such as in our Asian segment, we combine the aria from Madame Butterfly, Yoko Ono's 'Walking On Thin Ice' and Bowie's 'China Girl' using live instruments such as the Shamisen then adding our 'Astrosymphonix' which make our shows an extremely surreal Bowie experience." Stardust is working to release an album accolade to David Bowie in 2014.

Appearing along with Stardust will be Queer Fest America Comix Darren Marshall and Kate Cullen as well as Matt Duhaime from the band Moxie Motive, Psycho Sister, Spizzarri, Tutu and the Pirates and a solo performance by Tooth_Eye.

The Crib, a Night Ministry program, is the only overnight shelter for homeless youth ages 18 to 24 and the only program of its kind in the Midwest which provides over 150 youth with safe shelter, warm meals, and supportive programming.

For more details and information visit Facebook page.


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