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29th March 2015

Rebel Rebel by Chris O'Leary Just published on 27th March is the brand new 574-page book entitled REBEL REBEL by Chris O'Leary via Zero Books.

Synopsis: DAVID BOWIE: every single song. Everything you want to know, everything you didn't know. David Bowie remains mysterious and unknowable, despite 45 years of recording and performing. His legacy is roughly 600 songs, which range from psychedelia to glam rock to Philadelphia soul, from avant-garde instrumentals to global pop anthems. Rebel Rebel catalogues Bowie's songs from 1964 to 1976, examines them in the order of their composition and recording, and digs into what makes them work. Rebel Rebel is an in-depth look at Bowie's early singles and album tracks, unreleased demos, session outtakes and cover songs.

The book traces Bowie's literary, film and musical influences and the evolution of his songwriting. It also shows how Bowie exploited studio innovations, and the roles of his producers and supporting musicians, especially major collaborators like Brian Eno, Iggy Pop and Mick Ronson. This book places Bowie's music in the context of its era. Readers will discover the links between Kubrick's 2001 and 'Space Oddity'; how A Clockwork Orange inspired 'Suffragette City'.

The pages are a trip through Bowie's various lives as a young man in Swinging London, a Tibetan Buddhist, a disillusioned hippie, a rock god, and a Hollywood recluse. With a cast of thousands, including John Lennon, William S. Burroughs, Andy Warhol and Cher.

About the Author: Chris O'Leary is a writer and editor, and author of the music blog 'Pushing Ahead of the Dame'.

You can purchase Rebel Rebel NOW.

26th March 2015

Check out a rather fabulous piece of work by artist and musician GLADYS HULOT.

She has combined DAVID BOWIE and street art with a wonderful stop-motion film and soundtrack.

As well as the artwork, Gladys composed the soundtrack with her cover version of 'Life On Mars?' played on a musical saw.

You can discover more about the artist on her official site over at gladyshulot.com

25th March 2015

RSD 2015 Changes by David Bowie Update on the DAVID BOWIE releases for RECORD STORE DAY 2015 next month.

On 18th April a special collectors limited edition 7" picture disc of CHANGES gets the go ahead via Parlophone.

As you can see, both sides of the disc feature shots of David by Brian Ward from the Hunky Dory photo session, with one being previously unseen.

       A-side: Changes (Cat. No. DBRSD2015A).
       (David Bowie). Produced by Ken Scott and David Bowie.

       AA-side: Eight Line Poem (Gem Promo Version). (Cat. No. DBRSD2015AA).
       (David Bowie).

RSD 2015 Kingdom Come by David Bowie Also, released for RSD 2015 is a Side by Side clear vinyl 7" disc via Parlophone/Elektra.

       A-side: Kingdom Come - Tom Verlaine (1979).
       (Tom Verlaine).
       Produced by Michael Ewasko and Tom Verlaine.

       AA-side: Kingdom Come - David Bowie (1980).
       (Tom Verlaine).
       Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti.

There are several sellers taking online pre-orders for Changes and Side By Side: Kingdom Come - be quick!

The latest added to the RSD2015 list is a re-release of DAVID BOWIE 1966 (2015 remaster) via BMG/Sanctuary. EP limited to only 2,000 copies in coloured white vinyl.

RSD 2015 Kingdom Come by David Bowie Tracklisting runs as follows:

       1. I'm Not Losing Sleep.
       2. I Dig Everything.
       3. Can't Help Thinking About Me.
       4. Do Anything You Say.
       5. Good Morning Girl.
       6. And I Say to Myself.

Note: David Bowie 1966 (2015 remaster) (Cat. No. BMGRM 047) is also being released on 13th April (not connected with RSD).

Check out recordstoreday.com website to find your nearest participating stores.

Update: Another David Bowie related release for RSD 2015 is St. Paul and the Broken Bones - Live from the Alabama Theater 12" (Alabama shaped vinyl 12" Picture Disc featuring live cover of David Bowie's 'Moonage Daydream' - 2,000 copies) SRP: $11.98.

25th March 2015

On this day, 28 years ago, DAVID BOWIE held a press show at the Piper Club in Rome, Italy to announce his upcoming Glass Spider World Tour and new album in 1987.

Two songs Bang Bang and '87 And Cry were performed, along with a 20 minute Q&A from the press.

David Bowie Piper Club Rome 1987  David Bowie Piper Club Rome 1987

The band for these promotional press appearances were: David Bowie, Carlos Alomar, Peter Frampton, Alan Childs, Carmine Rojas and Richard Cottle.

22nd March 2015

Now confirmed for Record Store Day 2015... there are 2,000 white vinyl DAVID BOWIE 1966 LPs being produced for RSD 2015 via BMG/Sanctuary, as well as the normal black vinyl LPs and CD re-releases...

Woody Woodmansey's band HOLY HOLY are to perform in Japan this July...

New DAVID BOWIE biography by journalist Bertrand Dermoncourt has been published in France. 114 pages (ISBN 978-2-330-04798-6) - [More details]...

JAMES MURPHY has covered DAVID BOWIE's 'Golden Years' for the movie 'While We're Young' soundtrack. [Listen to the exclusive premiere HERE]...

17th March 2015

Novelist HANIF KUREISHI talks about DAVID BOWIE's 'Rebel Rebel' and on how the song influenced him to become an artist - [Read here]...

DAVID BOWIE's former gaff on Mustique is on sale at $20 million (guide price) - [Read here]...

16th March 2015

David Bowie RTE Studios Dublin 1969 Another rather wonderful photograph of DAVID BOWIE has come to light and published in Michael O'Reilly's book 'Dancehall Days: When Showbands Ruled the Stage' via Gill & MacMillan.

As a photographer for Spotlight Magazine, Michael was among those to be called into action when major overseas acts visited Ireland, and he saw the very best of the 1960s. He was there to document the hysteria that showbands inspired as they rolled between iconic venues like the Television Club and Bray's Arcadia Ballroom.

The photograph shows David performing 'Space Oddity' on the RTE TV programme 'Like Now!' in December 1969. Broadcast on 13th December 1969 and recorded in Dublin.

4th March 2015

DAVID BOWIE Is in Paris: After becoming the fastest-selling exhibition in the history of London's Victoria & Albert Museum, the 'David Bowie Is' exhibition has landed in Paris. Article includes short interview with co-curator Geoffrey Marsh - [Read here]...

A graphic illustration of DAVID BOWIE appears on the supplement cover of FIGARO SCOPE (4th March) only available in Paris - [View here]...

DAVID BOWIE cover band 'Life On Mars' are performing in Montreal on Saturday 14th March at the Calistoga Grill in the west island suburb of Pointe-Claire (just north of the 20). Cover is $20 - [More details]...

The making of the DAVID BOWIE Is exhibition in Paris - [Read here]...

DAVID BOWIE appeared on the front cover of French newspaper 20 MINUTES for their 2nd March issue along with an article inside...

Check out some of the entries for the #DavidBowieIsMe fan make-up competition from the David Bowie Is Paris exhibition - [View here]...

DAVID BOWIE Is Changing Trains'... Check out more photos from Gare du Nord for the DBI exhibition in Paris - [View here]...

3rd March 2015

David Bowie Is Paris The DAVID BOWIE Is exhibition opens today at the Paris Philharmonie.

Conceived by London's Victoria & Albert Museum, the David Bowie Is exhibition has been a huge success. Currently on its worldwide travels, it returns to Europe, and has now touched down in Paris.

The exhibition runs in France from Tuesday 3rd March until Sunday 31st May 2015. It then travels downunder onto its next stop in Melbourne, Australia in July 2015.

To book your PARIS tickets please visit their TICKET SALES page to see which time slots are available.

To check out the special events and activites planned for the duration of the exhibition please visit their EVENTS pages.

1st March 2015

To coincide with the opening of DAVID BOWIE Is in Paris, GEOFFREY MARSH the co-curator will be giving a talk entitled: 'David Bowie: Mars, London... Hampstead' at the Keats Community Library, Keats Grove, London NW3.

The talk will include film of the exhibition in London and highlight David's activities in North London.

The event takes place on Tuesday 10th March at 19.30. Tickets £8 (all profits to community library).

Please visit keatscommunitylibrary.org.uk for more details and information.

From Geoffrey Marsh.

1st March 2015

Announcing a brand new 2015 film entitled 'Low' by Renaud Cojo with the Symphonie no. 1 of PHILIP GLASS.

The movie premieres on 7th/8th March at la Philharmonie de Paris, on the occasion of the DAVID BOWIE Is exhibition.

1st March 2015

David Bowie 2015 UK Convention Tickets are on sale for the DAVID BOWIE 2015 UK Convention in Derby.

A celebration of the life and music of David Bowie, the most influential artist to walk this planet and many other planets too...

Featuring a selection of brilliant live music, from tribute bands to Steampunk and many other genres doing Bowie their way... and a warm gathering of David Bowie fans and music fans, Ziggy Kids, Dukes and Dudes... so much love in the room, it makes life wonderful.

Friday 8th May - The Fringe Gig - 6pm 'til Midnight.
Simon York (Acoustic Set) / Aladdinsane (Bowie Tribute Band) / Baz Dedhevan (Heroes Indie DJ set).

Saturday 9th May - David Bowie Convention - 12 'til Midnight.
BowieD / Ritchie Blount / The Featherz / Luxury Stranger / Paul Henderson / Birthrite / Rebel Rebel / Baz Dedhevan Heroes Indie DJ set.

Tickets: £8 for the fringe gig (Fri 8th May 6pm-midnight), £25 for the Main Day (Sat 9th May midday til midnight), or £30 for both events.

Check out the Facebook events page for more details and information.

1st March 2015

David Bowie Young Americans 40th Anniversary Pic Disc Single Now released is the DAVID BOWIE Young Americans 40th Anniversary Picture Disc Single Limited Edition on 23rd February 2015 via Parlophone (cat. no. DBYA40A).

       YOUNG AMERICANS (2007 Tony Visconti mix single edit) (David Bowie).
       Produced and mixed by Tony Visconti.
       2007 Mix by Tony Visconti.
       Pro-Tools engineer Mario McNulty.
       Mixed at Looking Glass Studio, Studio B. With thanks to Dave d'Arcy.

       IT'S GONNA BE ME (with strings) (David Bowie).
       Produced and mixed by Tony Visconti.
       Pro-Tools engineer Mario McNulty.
       Mixed at Looking Glass Studio, Studio B.
       String arrangements by Tony Visconti.
       Vocal arrangements by David Bowie and Luther Vandross.
       Recorded at Sigma Sound, Philadelphia, PA.


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