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28th February 2024

On this day, 47 years ago, IGGY POP began his The Idiot tour, featuring DAVID BOWIE, performing at Vale Hall (Friars), Aylesbury in 1977...

On this day, 48 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1976...

On this day, 51 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at the Masonic Temple Auditorium, Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1973...

On this day, 52 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at The Anson Rooms at Bristol University in 1972, along with Dutch band Focus...

28th February 2024

David Bowie by Kevin Davies 1992 Reminder: Opening this Friday... DAVID BOWIE - A LONDON DAY is a new FREE exhibition of photographs by KEVIN DAVIES to be held at The Fitzrovia Chapel in London.

The Fitzrovia Chapel is proud to announce a new exhibition of photographs titled DAVID BOWIE - A LONDON DAY by Kevin Davies, capturing David Bowie over the course of a single day in 1992, which will open on 1st March and run until 20th March as part of The Fitzrovia Chapel's Cultural Programme.

DAVID BOWIE - A LONDON DAY is curated by journalist, author, cultural historian and Bowie fan, Dylan Jones.

In late 1992, David Bowie was preparing for the release of his 18th studio album Black Tie White Noise. Photographer Kevin Davies was commissioned to photograph Bowie for a series of images which would be used to promote the album. The session took place at a studio space in Clerkenwell on Sunday 13th December 1992, with a selection of images subsequently approved by Bowie for press use, after which Davies placed the original rolls of film, contact sheets and prints in storage where they stayed for almost 30 years.

In 2020, Davies uncovered the boxes to reveal perfectly preserved film negatives of 400+ images from that single day with Bowie, the details of which had been eclipsed by the indistinguishable memory of a luminous presence. The original collection of 450 images captured a then 45-year-old David Bowie styled for Black Tie White Noise, plus a series shot late in the day when Davies asked to capture Bowie "just as you are."

The exhibition features 20 photographs from across the day with selected images presented as diptychs and triptychs to explore a meditation on the photographic archive. This exhibition takes Bowie as its subject, but it is equally a representation of the afterlife of analogue photography. It explores the intersection of the archive and creative remembrance. The collection is built around a number of Bowie's own selects taken from his mark-ups on Davies' original contact sheets and reveals a timeless, almost age-less David Bowie in the prime of his life.

Kevin Davies said - "In the anxiety of COVID 19 lockdown I found comfort in retracing my career through stored away negative boxes. I finally had the opportunity to do something I had wanted to do for such a long time; rediscovering past jobs in their totality. For me, this exhibition is a chance to show the photographic process beyond a commission."

Curator Dylan Jones said - "This is a fascinating body of work as it's a visual narrative that takes place over the course of a single session on a single day. Not only does it show David Bowie's extraordinary attention to detail, but it also shows Kevin Davies' ability to shape and catalogue that narrative. I love these pictures."

A tranquil world of art, fashion and history, The Fitzrovia Chapel has long existed as a place of calm and contemplation in Central London. The Chapel is a space where people can step out of the everyday hustle to explore and examine not only the visiting works of art, but also the beauty and detail of the Chapel itself.

Madeleine Boomgaarden, Director of The Fitzrovia Chapel said - "These quietly observed and very beautiful images of Bowie sit perfectly in the calm elegance of the chapel. We're delighted to host images of this London icon in the heart of the city he grew up in."

A private press viewing will take place on 29th February.

Venue: The Fitzrovia Chapel
Address: Fitzroy Place, 2 Pearson Square, London W1T 3BF, England.

The exhibition opens on 1st March and runs until 20th March.

Exhibition opening times are: Tuesday to Saturday: 11am - 6pm / Sundays: 12 noon - 5pm / Mondays: Closed.

For more details and information, please visit fitzroviachapel.org

26th February 2024

On this day, 20 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia in 2004 during his A Reality Tour in 2004. Supporting artists were Something For Kate...

On this day, 23 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at the Tibet House US Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall, New York City, USA in 2001. Backing David were Philip Glass (keyboards), Tony Visconti (bass), Moby (guitar), Sterling Campbell (drums) and a four piece string section. Two songs were performed "Heroes" and 'Silly Boy Blue'. Then later David and the band also joined in with Patti Smith on the final encore of 'People Got The Power'...

On this day, 48 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada during his 1976 World Tour...

On this day, 51 years ago, DAVID BOWIE, MICK RONSON and WOODY WOODMANSEY visited the Memphis Academy of Art in 1973. David was presented with a painting entitled: 'Paper Airplane Having Just Spotted A Fallen Comrade' by tutor/artist Dolph Smith...

On this day, 52 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at the Mayfair Suite inside the Belfry Hotel in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England in 1972...

On this day, 58 years ago, DAVID BOWIE and The Buzz performed at the Corn Exchange in Chelmsford, Essex, England in 1966. The Buzz were David Bowie (vocals, guitar, saxophone), John 'Hutch' Hutchinson (guitar), Derek 'Dek' Fearnley (bass guitar), John 'Ego' Eager (drums) and Derrick 'Chow' Boyes (keyboards)...

Happy Birthday wishes to GERRY LEONARD...

On this day, 11 years ago, DAVID BOWIE released 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' in 2013...

22nd February 2024

This weekend on the BILLY SLOAN SHOW - special guest on this week's radio show is SUZI RONSON who'll be talking about her great new book, ME AND MR. JONES: My Life with David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars.

Suzi was hired as the singer's hairdresser as he took the music scene by storm during the Glam Rock explosion of 1972.

Suzi - wife of legendary guitarist MICK RONSON - reveals how she created Bowie's flame red hairdo that became the trademark look of his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust.

She recalls his pivotal appearance performing 'Starman' on Top Of The Pops and the controversy caused when he publicly announced he was gay... and lifts the lid on why she was sworn to secrecy, when Bowie shocked the pop world by killing off Ziggy at that now historic concert at Hammersmith Odeon in 1973.

So join me - in conversation with Suzi Ronson - on BBC Radio Scotland this Saturday, 24th February at 22.00 GMT.

From Billy Sloan Show.

Update: Available on catch up now via BBC Sounds - fast forward to 1:00:15.

21st February 2024

I Was There by Alan Edwards PR guru ALAN EDWARDS has written his memoir I WAS THERE: Dispatches from a Life in Rock and Roll which is scheduled for publication on 6th June.

This 320-page hardcover and Kindle editions are published by Simon & Schuster UK.

Synopsis: I Was There is a memoir by Alan Edwards, the godfather of modern music PR, whose stellar list of clients has ranged over the years from DAVID BOWIE to The Rolling Stones to the Spice Girls via the Stranglers, Blondie, Prince, Britney Spears, Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse and, outside of music, David Beckham and Naomi Campbell.

Edwards describes getting his break in the mid 1970s as a scruffy, stoned 20 year-old just back from the hippy trail; his encounter with London's thriving punk scene, which inspired him to set up his own PR company; finding success and broadening his horizons as his work with the likes of Blondie and Bowie takes him to the US and beyond. He brings the reader up to the present day through a series of vivid, funny, always insightful behind the scenes vignettes, whether it's playing a spontaneous game of football with Bob Marley, listening to Prince discuss the future of civilisation in a nightclub VIP area, or being used as a pawn in the power struggle between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Along the way, we're treated to all the entertaining tales of debauchery and rock-star antics you might expect, but more uniquely we're privy to Edwards' fascinating observations about the brilliant artists he has worked with, and what makes them tick. We also get a front-row seat to the rise of PR as a major force in British society, from the seven-figure media deal Edwards brokered for the Beckhams' wedding, to the role of spin in the New Labour government.

Even as Edwards grows into the consummate PR, playing a crucial background role in the lives and careers of some of the world's biggest stars, he retains a powerful sense of being an outsider - never forgetting how lucky he is to look back on decades of music and culture and say, 'I was there'.

About the Author: Alan Edwards is the founder and CEO of public relations giant The Outside Organisation which has represented an eclectic range of clients including the biggest music stars on the planet, corporations and brands, government, royalty, celebrities, charities, events, sports legends and clubs.

You can pre-order I Was There now!

21st February 2024

Check out a KILLERSTAR article titled: 'KillerStar Chat About Inspiration, Bowie's Band and their Debut Album'. KillerStar is a new band led by Rob Fleming (vocals, guitar, synths) and James Sedge (drums) which features an array of DAVID BOWIE's most trusted collaborators: Mike Garson on piano, Earl Slick and Mark Plati on guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey and Tim Lefebvre on bass, Emm Gryner on backing vocals and Donny McCaslin on saxophone. Collectively they have crafted a sound which fuses the scale of classic rock with sophisticated harmonies and elements of art rock. Their debut album is due out on 1st March. Check out the complete article by Graham Finney - [Read here]...

COMICBOOK have an exclusive interview with BRIAN HENSON (son of Jim Henson) who talks about DAVID BOWIE in the Labyrinth movie - 'Brian Henson Confirms David Bowie's Codpiece in Labyrinth Was Intentional (Exclusive)' - [Read/Watch here]...

THE INDEPENDENT newspaper has an Roisin O'Connor interview with PR guru ALAN EDWARDS talking about his upcoming memoir I Was There: Dispatches from a Life in Rock and Roll. His autobiography scheduled for publication on 6th June offers a 'front-row seat' to tales of 'debauchery and rock-star antics', along with Edwards' own observations about the legendary artists he's worked with over the years which includes DAVID BOWIE. The article: 'Rock and Roll dispatches: Publicist Alan Edwards talks Bowie and Beckham in new memoir' can be [Read here]...

Guitars and gear from the collection of the late RICKY GARDINER are going to auction next month at Gardiner Houlgate. Ricky who sadly passed away in May 2022, founded the Scottish prog rock band BEGGARS OPERA and collaborated with DAVID BOWIE and IGGY POP - [Read here]...

The stage production LAZARUS written by DAVID BOWIE and ENDA WALSH had its debut in Sweden at Göta Lejon in Stockholm. The production runs until 28th April. Check out a review - [Read here] via Broadway World...

Well worth reading is an interview by Hugh Morris in THE GUARDIAN with MARIA SCHNEIDER who talks about the music industry and working with DAVID BOWIE - [Read here]...

18th February 2024

On this day, 51 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed two gigs at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, USA in 1973...

On this day, 52 years ago, DAVID BOWIE performed at Sheffield University in 1972...

Recollections of the 1972 Sheffield University gig...

DR. JURIJ PARASZCZAK (BSc Chemistry 1973, PhD Chemistry 1977).

"One [performer I remember] was the as yet relatively unknown David Bowie. He came into the Lower Refectory, long before the concert, to test out the sound system. As the evening folded over the refectory and darkness came through from the tall glass wall, someone from our lights' team targeted a spotlight on him and from the moment that he sat down on one of those laminated chairs in the middle of the stage all the hubbub of people going to take showers, passing through the refectory to the Union building, ceased. David Bowie commanded attention and it was obvious that he was unique and important to listen to. He came to the University on 18 February 1972."

BARRY EVERARD (owner of Record Collector in Broomhill).

"I was on the entertainment committee and very excited that he'd been booked. He was not scheduled to go on until about 1.30am. I was quite shocked to get into the room to find a guy manning the bar, and standing next to it four rather drunken lecturers chatting up four slightly inebriated girl students. I found myself the only member of the audience paying him any attention. It was amazing that somebody who would later be so central, and vital, in music, I had a virtual one-to-one with. When every David Bowie album came out, it was an event."

GLENN GREGORY (Heaven 17 and Woody Woodmansey's Holy Holy).

"I was about 12 when I first started listening to Bowie along with Bolan (Tyrannosaurus Rex) as well as bands like The Sweet and even Slade, I was a budding Glam Rocker, but Bowie's music always seemed to me to be something extra terrestrial. Words and meanings and hidden in poetic strangeness allowing personal interpretation and perfect for an impressionable eager music listener like me.

"I met Martin Ware and Ian Craig Marsh when I was about 14 and we had identical musical tastes. Bowie being one of the artists we were all most interested in. We found out that he was playing live at Sheffield University but that we were unable to get to see the gig, as you had to be a member of the Student Union to get in!

"However this did not deter us. With the aid of, can you believe it, a John Bull children's printing set and a trip to Boots in town to use the photo booth we set about making fake Student Union ID's. Actually, they were quite good and not only did they get us into the Bowie gig, we carried on using them for quite some time and saw some other amazing bands there. But I can honestly say none touched me as much as seeing David Bowie on stage that first time. It was a life changing experience. It made me want to part of the music industry, buy a pair of sky blue dungarees and dye my hair blue, it made me want to be David Bowie. Now all this time later I have the chance to live a boyhood dream."

16th February 2024

The David Bowie Archive The V&A are currently recruiting a Project Archivist, Archive Assistants, a Lead Cataloguer and Cataloguers for THE DAVID BOWIE ARCHIVE based in London.

Deadline: 10th March 2024.

Full details and information on vam.ac.uk/vacancies pages.

The V&A is acquiring the David Bowie Archive. Comprising circa. 80,000 items spanning the entirety of Bowie's career, the archive is an important portrait of one of the most innovative and influential artists of our time. It includes costume, staging models and other performance artefacts, photography, fan art, musical instruments, personal notes, sketches and designs, make-up charts, song lyrics and sheet music, unrealised project documentation, writings and press coverage.

Rich and varied, it demonstrates Bowie's thought processes, the genesis and development of individual albums, the evolution of his own image, his collaborations with musicians, photographers, fashion designers and other practitioners, and much more.

The David Bowie Archive will be housed within a dedicated centre at V&A East Storehouse, one of two landmark sites developed at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park opening in east London in 2025.

15th February 2024

For the 50th Anniversary of DIAMOND DOGS by BOWIE there are two Limited Edition Vinyl releases both available on 24th May.

There is the Limited Edition Half-Speed and the Picture Disc LP, pressed from the same master.

This new pressing of Diamond Dogs was cut on a customised late Neumann VMS80 lathe with fully recapped electronics from 192kHz restored masters of the original master tapes, with no additional processing on transfer.

The half-speed was cut by John Webber at AIR Studios.

Bowie Diamond Dogs 50th Anniversary Half-Speed LP Bowie Diamond Dogs 50th Anniversary Picture Disc LP

The writing of the album was influenced by Bowie not being able to secure the rights for a theatrical production of George Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' novel and the work of William S. Burroughs, whom Bowie had interviewed for Rolling Stone magazine in November 1973.

The songs on the album created an urban apocalyptic scenario with Bowie appearing on the cover as a controversial half-man, half-dog hybrid painted by the Belgian artist Guy Peellaert, utilising photographs by the world-renowned photographer Terry O'Neill.

Since its release, tracks from Diamond Dogs have been covered by artists such as Beck, Tina Turner, Duran Duran, Def Leppard, Joan As Police Woman, Dead Or Alive and The Struts.

The tracklisting runs as follows:

       Future Legend
       Diamond Dogs
       Sweet Thing
       Sweet Thing (Reprise)
       Rebel Rebel

       Rock 'n' Roll With Me
       We Are The Dead
       Big Brother
       Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family

Both the 50th Anniversary Half-Speed Master and the Picture Disc Limited Edition Vinyl LPs are available to pre-order NOW!

15th February 2024

Rebel Rebel UK Demo On this day, 50 years ago, DAVID BOWIE released his anthemic 'Rebel Rebel' single in 1974.

Originally scheduled for release on 1st February, it was delayed by two weeks. The RCA music press advertisement stated: 'A Valentine Day Release', but in reality it was available the following day.

Despite no official promotional video or live appearance on Top Of The Pops, the song entered UK charts at #6 on 17th February, (one place behind Lulu's cover of 'The Man Who Sold The World'), and the following week (24th) it climbed one place to peak at #5, where it remained for another week.

The single was "played" twice on Top Of The Pops 28th February and 7th March. In case you were wondering, no we didn't get the now famous AVRO Toppop Dutch TV show performance.

David was scheduled to perform live on Top Of The Pops on 21st February, but was unable to appear. Earlier on 18th February, Robin Nash (TOTP producer) contacted Ronnie Fowler (head of EMI promotion) stating that he urgently needed a live replacement. So we got an unknown band named Queen performing 'Seven Seas Of Rhye' instead.

The single spent a total of 7 weeks on the Top 50 UK Singles Chart.

#6 - 17th Feb / #5 - 24th Feb / #5 - 3rd March / #13 - 10th March / #16 - 17th March / #36 - 24th March / #47 - 31st March.

15th February 2024

The 8th BOWIE CONVENTION FRANCE 2024 takes place on Sunday 28th April at La Java in Paris.

For the 8th year, this will be an opportunity for fans to meet and celebrate the work and the artist that is David Bowie.

Line up: Martine On The Rocks / Bowie Reloaded / Bowie Overdubbed.

Venue: La Java
Address: 105 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75010 Paris, France
Date: Sunday, 28th April
Time: 15:00 to 20:30 CET

For more details, information and tickets visit their Facebook Events page or shotgun.live for tickets.

10th February 2024

Now all ready for your viewing pleasure in glorious definition is the COMPLETE episode #42 of THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL which starred DAVID BOWIE in The 1980 Floor Show.

Hosted by David Bowie from London, England with special guest appearances by Carmen, Dooshenka (aka Amanda Lear), Marianne Faithfull and The Troggs.

Episode #42 was first broadcast on 16th November 1973 in the US on NBC TV as part of The Midnight Special series.

The show was taped at The Marquee Club, 90 Wardour Street, Soho, London, England over three days on 18th/19th/20th October 1973.

The live audience consisted of Bowie Fan Club members and special guests.

The full running order was as follows:

00:00 - Intro
01:09 - David Bowie - medley 1984/Dodo
06:44 - David Bowie - Sorrow
10:14 - Carmen - Bulerias
14:06 - David Bowie - Everything's Alright
16:40 - David Bowie - Space Oddity
24:35 - David Bowie - I Can't Explain
26:58 - Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By
29:35 - David Bowie - Time
34:50 - The Troggs - Wild Thing
37:40 - Carmen - Bullfight
42:14 - David Bowie - The Jean Genie
48:48 - Marianne Faithfull - 20th Century Blues
51:36 - The Troggs - I Can't Control Myself
54:45 - The Troggs - Strange Movies
57:41 - David Bowie and Marianne Faithfull - I Got You, Babe

The band-up line-up consisted of:

David Bowie - vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine, harmonica
Mick Ronson - electric guitar, backing vocals
Trevor Bolder - bass guitar
Aynsley Dunbar - drums
Mike Garson - keyboards
Mark Carr-Pritchard (aka Mark Pritchett) - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Geoffrey MacCormack - congas
The Astronettes (Ava Cherry, Jason Guess, Geoffrey MacCormack) - backup singers

9th February 2024

THE HISTORY OF DAVID BOWIE Talk and Q&A by PETER DOGGETT takes place on 18th March at Market House, 443 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LN at 19.00-21.30 GMT. Livestream is also available - More details...

Online Watch Party of THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL: David Bowie The 1980 Floor Show via YouTube on 9th February at 8pm EST, 5pm PST (Members Only) - More details...

Covering the new LABYRINTH 4K rerelease, check out 'The Labyrinth Interview: BRIAN HENSON discusses the rerelease, DAVID BOWIE and it's legacy'. You can read or watch below the whole interview over at comingsoon.net website...

Check out the official LABYRINTH Digital Trailer in 4K...

LULU is interviewed in THE GUARDIAN as told to Dave Simpson and answers questions, three which touch on DAVID BOWIE.

I first heard The Man Who Sold The World in your glorious version. What inspired you to cover David Bowie's song? Flashbleu
I first met him in a studio in the US with Iggy Pop. Later, he walked over to me in the foyer of a hotel in Sheffield, invited me to his show that night and said: "I wanna make a hit record with you." Which is exactly what happened. The record company wanted me to be a little pop diva but he said: "They don't get your voice." I loved Hunky Dory and he looked as if he hadn't wiped his makeup off from the day before. His hair was orange, his skin was alabaster. Once we'd had something to drink we were head-to-head, nose-to-nose for the rest of the evening.

Were there any more Bowie songs you covered that have never been released? Nicky Young
I'm aware of two - 'Dodo' [an outtake from the Diamond Dogs sessions] and 'Can You Hear Me?' [from Young Americans]. There may have been another that I can't remember, because it was quite a difficult time. He was doing Young Americans and involved in a lot of dark things. I was a little bit frightened and kinda ran. I don't have many regrets but there is a part of me that thinks: 'What if the relationship would have continued?' I'm a very private person, and most people only know a piece of me, but Bowie got me.

After Bowie's last gig as Ziggy Stardust, he decamped to the Hotel Café Royal along with yourself, Mick Jagger and Lou Reed. Any memories of that evening or that mix of people? Rob Vincent
They say if you can remember it you weren't having fun. And I don't remember much of it! I remember Mick being happy I was working with Bowie. I'd first met him when I was 15 and we were both on Decca. The Stones would pat me on the head, like I was a little sister, which always annoyed me because I wanted to be their equal.

You can read the whole interview at theguardian.com website...

5th February 2024

Congratulations to BRETT MORGEN on winning the 'Best Music Film' GRAMMY for his movie MOONAGE DAYDREAM documentary about DAVID BOWIE.

Check out his acceptance speech below at the 2024 GRAMMYs held at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

The full list of nominees in this category were:

'Moonage Daydream' - (David Bowie).
'How I'm Feeling Now' - (Lewis Capaldi).
'Live From Paris, The Big Steppers Tour - (Kendrick Lamar).
'I Am Everything' - (Little Richard).
'Dear Mama' - (Tupac Shakur).

For more details and information, visit grammy.com website.

4th February 2024

Congratulations! 'Best Music Film' GRAMMY winner is: MOONAGE DAYDREAM #davidbowiereal #brettmorgen #GRAMMYs...

Happy Birthday wishes to ★ bass guitarist TIM LEFEBVRE - have a great day...

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to Spiders From Mars drummer WOODY WOODMANSEY - all the very best...

3rd February 2024

To be broadcast in the early hours today on BBC RADIO 2 is a live 1990 concert of DAVID BOWIE at Milton Keynes National Bowl during his Sound+Vision Tour, tune in at 5.00am or better still wait a few hours to listen in on catch-up! - [More details]...

Sending good luck to 'Moonage Daydream' created by BRETT MORGEN which is nominated in the GRAMMY awards in the 'Best Music Film' category. The 2024 awards show takes place tomorrow at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, USA - [More details]...

On this day, 27 years ago, DAVID BOWIE released his Earthling album in 1997...

1st February 2024

The DUBLIN BOWIE FESTIVAL 2024 takes place next week on 7th-11th February - celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Year of The Diamond Dogs.

Click on the image below to check out the full list of events and happenings.

Dublin Bowie Festival 2024

For more details and information, please visit dublinbowiefestival.ie website.

1st February 2024

Bowie Odyssey 74 by Simon Goddard The limited edition hardcover version of BOWIE ODYSSEY 74 by SIMON GODDARD, is scheduled for publication on 11th June, with the paperback version available on 9th May.

The fifth in this series, contains 192-pages and both are available to pre-order now.

Book by book, year by year, the ultimate literary trip through Bowie's greatest decade. This limited edition, published in hardback, features an alternative cover design.

Simon Goddard's electric ride through Bowie's greatest decade reaches the halfway mark with this fifth instalment. Wickedly funny and shockingly tragic, Bowie Odyssey 74 is the story of one man trying to find his soul in a world that's gone to the devil.

Darkness looms in 1974. It could be the winter energy crisis. It could be The Exorcist. Or it could be the shock that Britain's biggest pop star, David Bowie, is about to leave its shores for good.

Bidding the corpse of glam, Ziggy's haircut, and loyal 'Bowietania' farewell, the plan is to storm North America with his highly theatrical Diamond Dogs tour. But by opening night he's already wishing he was Barry White instead. Then there's that nasty sniff he can't get rid of. And that fly in his milk. And the suspicion that, much like every other teen idol named David, fame is driving him completely out of his mind...

1st February 2024

For those of you who use FACEBOOK - check out the DAVID BOWIE WONDERWORLD Group.

Feel free to join in with the other 95,300 plus members, add yourself and invite your Bowie fan friends. You never know what might get posted, or who you might meet...

David Bowie Wonderworld Group


DAVID BOWIE: ROCK 'N' ROLL CHAMELEON by MARTIN POPOFF, hardcover and Kindle, 208-pages - to be published on 19th September - more details

THE DAVID BOWIE WORLD FAN CONVENTION 2024 in Liverpool on 26th-28th July - tickets on sale now via bowieconvention.com

BOWIE ODYSSEY 74 by SIMON GODDARD, limited edition hardcover, 192-pages - to be published on 11th June - more details

Memoir I WAS THERE: Dispatches from a Life in Rock and Roll by ALAN EDWARDS, hardcover and Kindle, 320-pages - to be published on 6th June - more details

BOWIE - DIAMOND DOGS 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl Half-Speed Master LP and Picture Disc LP to be released on 24th May - more details

BOWIE ODYSSEY 74 by SIMON GODDARD, paperback, 192-pages - to be published on 9th May - more details

BOWIE FRANCE CONVENTION 2024 at La Java, 105 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75010 Paris, France on 28th April at 15:00 to 20:30 CET - more details

RECORD STORE DAY 2024 exclusive limited release DAVID BOWIE 11-track vinyl LP WAITING IN THE SKY (BEFORE THE STARMAN CAME TO EARTH) on 20th April

Memoir ME AND MR. JONES: MY LIFE WITH DAVID BOWIE AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS by SUZI RONSON hardcover, 320-pages - to be published on 4th April - more details

THE HISTORY OF DAVID BOWIE talk and Q&A by Peter Doggett at Market House, 443 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LN on 18th March at 19.00-21.30 GMT - more details

DAVID BOWIE - A LONDON DAY photographic exhibition by KEVIN DAVIES at The Fitzrovia Chapel, Fitzroy Place, 2 Pearson Square, London W1T 3BF, England, opens 1st March until 20th March - more details

BOWIE, BECKETT AND BEING: THE ART OF ALIENATION by RODNEY SHARKEY, hardcover, 224-pages - published on 8th February - more details

Exclusive DAVID BOWIE lino-cut print available to PURCHASE - don't hang around, these are ALL the remaining original left-over stock from 40 years ago, once they've gone, they've gone!

Divine Symmetry 4CD Set   Toy:Box 3-CD Set   Brilliant Adventure 18-LP Box Set   The Width Of A Circle   David Bowie: Icon   David Bowie Conversation Piece 5CD Box Set   Space Oddity 2019 Mix Vinyl

David Bowie Blackstar CD version   David Bowie Blackstar Vinyl version   Loving The Alien Box Set   David Bowie Who Can I Be Now? (1974-1976) Box Set   TMWFTE Collectors' Edition 2016   The Complete David Bowie v7  A Reality Tour DVD

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