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29th September 2014

Bowie & Hutch book Thank you to everyone who participated in the latest BOWIEWONDERWORLD exclusive competition to win a signed and dedicated copy of BOWIE & HUTCH - the autobiography of JOHN 'HUTCH' HUTCHINSON courtesy of Hutch and Lodge Books of Bridlington.

The answers to the three questions were as follows:

Q1. Name any TWO David Bowie acts that 'Hutch' was a member of?
A: Choice of... David Bowie and The Buzz / Turquoise/Feathers / Bowie and Hutch / The Spiders From Mars/Aladdin Sane.
(Note: I have included Turquoise, as well as Feathers, as one or two gigs were billed as Turquoise).

Q2. Which London venue did 'Hutch' first meet David Bowie?
A: The Marquee Club.

Q3. When David and 'Hutch' set up as a duo, how much were they paid to perform at London's Ealing College of Communication in 1969?
A: £12. (although the contract letter stated £17).

The TWO lucky winners selected at random will be announced on Wednesday 1st October.

This competition ended at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 28th SEPTEMBER 2014, if competitions aren't your thing, you can directly purchase Bowie & Hutch NOW.

28th September 2014

Portland Design Week Taking place next month on 10th October is PORTLAND DESIGN WEEK Design Rocks @ Refuge PDX - A Rock 'n' Roll Art & Design Gala from Mars - Concert / Party / Art Show celebrating the return of Ziggy Stardust.

In 1972, Ziggy Stardust landed on Earth and rocked the world. By 1973, he had packed up his spaceship and left us. On October 10, he'll come back for a night.

Where has he been? Why has he returned? How will we receive him? Equal parts art show, concert, and multimedia experiment, it's going to be a kickass party.

7 PM - Poster art show: At the Altar of a Starman: A Poster Art Tribute to Ziggy Stardust.
9 PM - Concert: Dr. Spaceman hits the stage and brings Ziggy back!

- Two sets of Ziggy-era Bowie from Dr. Spaceman, Portland's Bowie tribute.
- Lights and visuals from the amazing combo of Lights Up Loud and Make Animals.
- Costumes by Dream Tailor.
- Poster Art Show featuring 30+ artists from around the world.
- Interactive surprises!

Venue: 116 SE Yamhill, Portland, OR, USA.

'At the Altar of a Starman: A Poster Art Tribute to Ziggy Stardust' is a gallery of original works by 31 artists from around the world inspired by David Bowie's iconic starman, Ziggy Stardust. Open to the public at Refuge PDX , Oct. 10-Nov 16. Online now through Dec. 5.

For more details and information, visit the ziggy.is website.

26th September 2014

Bowie Ball 2014 BOWIEBALL - THE ULTIMATE GLAM ROCK REVOLUTION takes place on Sunday, 12th October at Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, NYC, USA at 9 pm - 4 am.

Back by popular demand, nightlife impresario Deryck Todd presents the Fall 2014 instalment of BowieBall: celebrating the apex of electric excess - BowieBall pays homage to the definitive rock icon: DAVID BOWIE, in an anything-goes charity extravaganza bringing together the best in music, art, fashion, and entertainment.

Notorious door persona Michael Huarachi will tap in the in crowd at hot spot Le Poisson Rouge in the heart of the West Village. Following to rock who rolls in, New York's hottest DJs Frankie Sharp (Westgay/Girls), Justine D (Motherf*cker) and Amber Valentine will spin exclusive Bowie smash-ups in the main room. Hosts include Huffington Post's James Nichols Sway's rock royalty Pebbles Russell and funny girl Sam Jones will shimmer in the glitteratti for Sirius XM Radio resident photographer Maro Hagopian.

Backed by a live band headed by Blondie's lead guitarist Matt Katz-Bohen, we'll churn out star-studded Bowie classics with performers like Tony Award Winner Lena Hall (Hedwig and The Angry Inch), also from Hedwig's Shannon Conley, iron clad Militia (Judas Priestess), Mystery of a Claywoman's Michael Cavadias, sequined clairvoyant Eric Schmalenberger (House Of Yes) and more. Burlesque beauty Dirty Martini will strut her stuff along side dance performances by Machine Dazzle and Butoh goddesses The Vangeline Theater. We'll also be celebrating Slinky Vagabond's Keanan Duffty album release of Total Dragon Pop.

No need to worry about your vermilion mullet as we'll have hair make-overs, star bolt make up make-overs and costume contest give-aways sponsored by SoulCycle, Project Runway favorite Mood Fabrics, MAC Cosmetics, Bumble and Bumble and Patricia Field. An attention-grabbing outfit will win prizes and some special giveaways in our star-studded costume contest, judged by a very special surprise guest.

Notorious for turning out those that are wild enough to be in the downtown underground, BowieBall is heralded as the "it affair" by NY Times with attendees like Mick Rock, Debbie Harry and Chloe Sevigny. Let your inner lightening bolt strike at BowieBall, the only exclusive New York nightlife event covering yourself in glitter's golden years.

DRESS CODE: Alien Princes, Union Jack Realness, Vampire Dandies and Kabuki Kimonos.

TICKETS: $15, ADVANCED UNTIL OCT 3rd: visit lprnyc.com
21+ WITH ID.
Portion of Proceeds Donated to God's Love We Deliver.

More details can be found over at the bowieballnyc.com website.

26th September 2014

Over the last 50 years, theater producer MICHAEL WHITE has befriended the very top of the A-list. Now, at age 78, his life story is being told in the new documentary 'The Last Impresario'.

To promote the film, which hits theatres in the U.K on Sept. 26th, White has opened up his personal photo album, filled with candid snapshots of the who's who of Hollywood, fashion and the recording industry. It's simply a must see which includes previously unseen photographs of DAVID BOWIE.

Rare Photos Of Hollywood's Biggest Stars Revealed In Producer Michael White's Photo Album - [View here].
The Last Impresario: Michael White's personal photo album of A-list celebrities - [View here].
Vogue: The Last Impresario - [View here].

22nd September 2014

Knock On Wood 40th Anniversary Picture Single A-A The DAVID BOWIE 40th Anniversary single 'Knock On Wood' has been released today, making it the eleventh in this limited edition series.

       Side A: Knock On Wood (David Live - 2005 Mix).
       (Steve Cropper/Eddie Floyd).
       Produced and mixed by Tony Visconti.
       Recorded live at Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, July 1974.

       Side AA: Rock 'n' Roll With Me (David Live - 2005 Mix).
       Produced and mixed by Tony Visconti.
       Recorded live at Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, July 1974.
       Catalogue Number DBKOW40.

The photographs used for this release are both live shots from the 1974 'The Year of the Diamond Dogs' Tour. The A-side was used on the original French release and the AA-side features a rare live image.

Update: The Knock On Wood picture disc is available to purchase NOW.

22nd September 2014

The repackaged DAVID BOWIE SOUND+VISION Four CD Box Set gets released today.

Sound+Vision is a collection spanning four decades, covering the 21 albums from Space Oddity through to The Buddha Of Suburbia.

It's a rich survey of David Bowie's many musical lives offering a generous helping of hits, an intriguing dip into archives, classic album tracks and long lost B-sides, explosive live recordings, soundtrack recordings and remixes.

The Sound+Vision 4-CD Box Set is available to purchase NOW

16th September 2014

Chicago Mayor RAHM EMANUEL has declared Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 as 'DAVID BOWIE DAY' in Chicago, Illinois.

Visit entertainment.suntimes.com to read the proclamation.

11th September 2014

Bowie by Simon Critchley Philosopher SIMON CRITCHLEY is about to have his DAVID BOWIE book published via OR Books on 23rd September.

Below is an BowieWonderworld exclusive interview conducted by KEITH ANSELL-PEARSON Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick, England.

BOWIE: EVERYTHING AND NOTHING - An Interview with Simon Critchley.

Keith Ansell-Pearson: Why did you write this book? Why is Bowie worthy of philosophical treatment?

Simon Critchley: My aim in 'Bowie' is very simple: to try and find concepts that do justice to Bowie's art in ways that are neither music journalism, dime store psychology, biography or crappy social history. I still don't think we have a language that gives the huge importance of pop culture its due, that describes and dignifies it in the right way. For me, and for many many millions of others, the world first opened as a set of possibilities through pop music, especially Bowie's music. Bowie is the most important artist tout court of the past six decades and someone just needs to say that and try and explain how his songs justify that claim. That's what I am trying to do in the book.

KAP: I am interested in how you interpret Bowie: can you explain your idea of 'inauthenticity' and how for you this is true of Bowie as an artist? At one point in the book you say that in spite of all the fakery or acting in Bowie a 'truth' emerges in the art, so that fakery doesn't compromise the art but is its enabling condition. You see Bowie as disclosing 'truths', albeit in a complicated manner. Can you unpack this intricate basket of ideas for me?

SC: It's a pretty simple intuition, with a slightly polemical twist. The idea is to undermine the association we make in music between authenticity and truth, where we say that music moves us because it emerges from a real feeling or a real historical situation, say an injustice. Or again, when some indie band disappears for three years into a cabin in the woods only to emerge with forty minutes of quiet, deeply felt songs and we assign a truth and a value to that. I think it's nonsense and it's a nonsense exposed by Bowie's genius. Everything he did was completely self-consciously inauthentic, constructed, theatrical and fake (It's Brechtian). I try and lay this out in the book, but this inauthenticity is the pretext for 'Diamond Dogs' and much else. The world is a film set, we are actors and the movie that's being shot might be called 'Melancholia'. It is not that truth emerges despite this inauthenticity, but precisely through it and as it. We are not passive and dumb as listeners. We are not dupes. We know that music is not real and that everything about it is contrived, but its inauthentic artifice speaks to us, makes a claim on us, a truth claim. This is not propositional truth or empirical truth, but truth as troth, as something to which we have become betrothed. Truth is an act of faith. That's my riff.

KAP: Why do you conceive of this kind of truth as an 'act of faith'? What are we being faithful to? And why speak of 'truth' in this regard: do you mean 'truth' as some kind of disclosure or revelation?

SC: Not disclosure, as that is too Heideggerean, and presupposes that there is something true to be disclosed. And not revelation as that's too Christian, where the truth is revealed to us in form of Christ's death and resurrection. For me, it is a question of truth as true to that which makes a demand on us and which we pledge ourselves to, bind ourselves to, are loyal to, and so on. Philosophically, this is closer to Alain Badiou, but without his daft Platonism. It is truth as an act of faith.

KAP: What do you mean by Bowie's music permitting a 'de-worlding of the world'? It's a provocative phrase but what exactly is meant?

SC: One way of thinking about music is that it reconnects us with the world, namely that sound is a way of making our being-in-the-world resound. We become attuned to the world. This is a thesis from Heidegger, but it goes all the way back to Pythagorean theories of music, namely that music returns us to the original harmony of the cosmos. I say no. Or rather, that what takes place in great music is a kind of pulling away from the world, slipping into a kind of nothing, a nothing that allows us to breath. Music is an escape from the world. From the social hell of ordinary life, family life. This is what takes place, took place in all those bedrooms for all those years. We can pull away from the something of the world into nothing. This is the link between anxiety, eros and music, which is a larger topic I guess. But my thought is that music is a step into a freedom, an act of freedom that is had apart from the world. When we step into that nothing, we see the world as nothing. This, for me, is the utopian dimension of music, especially music like Bowie's.

KAP: That's a strong claim to make about ordinary life and family life!

SC: Very.

KAP: Bowie himself missed out on both in the 70s, when he was arguably at his most creative and produced his greatest body of work (much of it on drugs), but he seems to have cherished ordinary life and family life, as well as seeking it for a long time, since this period of time, no?

SC: The real problem here is that his work was undeniably at its best when he was most lost and miserable. When he gets it all together again in the 1980s, the music gets worse. I don't want to romanticise misery and depression and key elements in the production of great music, but there is an awkward truth here that we need to face up to.

KAP: One claim you make in the book that especially intrigues is that there is significance to be accorded to the 'nothing' in his songs ('At the core of Bowie's music is the exhilaration of nothing', p. 63). Can you explain this for me? And you also insist he's not a nihilist, right?

SC: Yeah, I've already begun to answer this question, but one of the things that I tried to track in Bowie's music was the frequency of the occurrence of the word 'nothing'. It's all over the place. I try and document it a bit in the book, but just think of the line from "Heroes", 'we're nothing and nothing can help us'. Is this a cry of despair? No. It's a yearning for another nothing, namely the nothing of love, which also all over Bowie's music. My views on nihilism have changed a lot over the years. I now think that we have to pass through it and stay with it and not simply resist it or overcome it. So, let me put it a little mysteriously: Bowie's nihilism is not nihilistic. Namely, that the bad nihilist doesn't know that they're a nihilist, but goes on believing all sorts of dumb shit. But the insight into nihilism, of the kind that we find in Bowie, allows us to imagine another set of possibilities. This is the difference between the bad nihilism of the old values and good nihilism of the revaluation of values. You see, Keith, it's completely Nietzschean!

KAP: I see this. I recall Nietzsche saying that nihilism might be a divine way of thinking once you let go of the idea that there is some pre-given 'true' world to which our ideas must correspond, and indeed he urges us to abandon the whole idea of there being or having to be a 'truthful world'. Interestingly, he thus speaks of an 'ecstatic nihilism'!

SC: I completely agree. That's brilliant.

KAP: I now have a complex question for you: is there not a strong dose of religious motifs running throughout Bowie's corpus? (I am thinking of the motif of redemption, for example, and songs such as 'Word On A Wing' and 'Loving The Alien'; note also the excellent 'The Informer' from 'The Next Day Extra'). If you agree, what do you make of this?

SC: Yes, religion is all over Bowie's lyrics and I try and track religious themes in the final sections of the book. The yearning in Bowie, which is a yearning for love, is a truly religious yearning; it is what we yearn for in our obsession with religion. Think of Julian of Norwich, whom I love, and who says at the end of her 'Shewings', 'What was our Lord's meaning? She answers, Love was his meaning'. So, in Bowie, there is strong anti-clerical line, which comes up in song after song, 'Loving The Alien' for instance, and most recently on the title track of 'The Next Day'. Bowie hates crusaders and he really hates priests. That's because he hates tyrants and hypocrites. But what he really hates is the fact that these fools have co-opted the true core of religious experience. If you want a Bowie track that encapsulates this experience, then please listen to 'Sunday', from 'Heathen', which is all about Sabbath and which begins with the words 'nothing remains'. We have to hold on to that nothing.

KAP: On 'love', this seems to be the 'message' of the song he penned with Queen, 'Under Pressure'. It's a really powerful song in his corpus and became an important part of his repertoire in the last few world tours he did. But, as the song itself says or rather asks, can love be given one more chance given that it is such an old-fashioned word! How do you separate the redemptive or utopian love you favour and a decadent or sterile love, say the middle class peace and love you are keen to criticise and challenge?

SC: I have to admit that I have a hard time with 'Under Pressure' because I hated what Queen became: a kind of grotesque parody of the band that recorded some good stuff until 'Sheer Heart Attack, in 1974. I actually hate many of Bowie's vocal collaborations, like with Mick Jagger. It lessens him in my eyes. Anyhow, on love, it is question of distinguishing between a familiar and, as we used to say, petty-bourgeois idea of love based in contractual relations, mutual favors and trust, from a much more radical idea of love as decreation and evisceration of the self.

KAP: At one point in the book you refer to the sheer utopianism of Bowie and of his fans; you also say much later in it that the act of freedom which is poetry is u-topian. Yet you also note that his work is often deeply dystopian, as with the album 'Diamond Dogs'. Can you explain this tension for me? Is it the result of Bowie coming of age in the 60s? The song 'Cygnet Committee' from the end of the sixties and the 'Space Oddity' album (originally Man of Words, Man of Music) seems especially pertinent and poignant here with its depiction of a violent end to all idealism.

SC: Good question. Maybe the weirdest thing I do in the book is try and link together Bowie's constant sense of dystopia, which is at its most extreme in 'Diamond Dogs', but which is everywhere, to the question of utopia. I do this through some weird inter-textual material concerning Georg Buchner and Paul Celan. But the thought is simple: it is only by holding fast to a dystopian vision, by seeing the disintegration and catastrophe of the world that one can hold fast to that which surpasses it, namely the utopian step into freedom. This act of freedom is the poetic word for Celan, the words of Bowie, his sound and his vision. This is why Bowie's music for me is intensely political. I also think there is a profound shift in pop culture in the early 70s, away from the hippy dippy middle-class peace and love and revolution stuff towards a much more working-class disillusion with the world that arises as hate and war, but whose core is a utopian aspiration for freedom and transfiguration. Think of 'All The Young Dudes' in this connection. I also think that we are still living the hangover of that 70s dystopia, which is why Bowie's music still speaks to us and Woodstock seems like a grotesque act of bourgeois indulgence.

KAP: Your comment reminds me of Nietzsche on states of happiness: 'As a great educator, one would have to scourge such a race of "blessed people" mercilessly into unhappiness. The danger of dwarfing, of relaxation is present at once...'

SC: As always, Freddy is absolutely right. I'm against a race of blessed people and dwarfing and relaxation. Though I should be clear that I have nothing against dwarves or laughing gnomes!

KAP: There are powerful themes of alienation, despair, and loss in Bowie's music. But you also see in it a longing for love. Can you explain this and is not such longing also part of a quest for some authenticity on his part?

SC: I think I've already answered this, but let me make another polemical point. People think that Bowie is about alienation, despair, solitude, Ian Curtis with the rope in his hands or Kurt with the gun in his mouth. No, Bowie endures, he survives, he goes on. He keeps creating. This is his discipline, his askesis in the strongest sense of that word. And what sustains his art, what makes his music so powerful, so gloriously honest and life-affirming, is the yearning for love. The answer to the seeming despair of a track like 'Always Crashing In The Same Car' is the next track on 'Low', namely 'Be My Wife'. Bowie's question, from 'Low' to the title track on "Heroes" to 'Survive' through to '5.15: The Angels Have Gone' is very simple and you can find it on the title track of 'Station To Station': 'who will connect me with love? I should mention in passing, although it's not that important, that this book is an act of love. Nothing more. My love for Bowie, for what he's given disaffected kids who have become grown-ups, like you and I, for decades, how he has made life possible in ways which I guess he can barely imagine. It's an honour to do this with you, Keith, as we go back a long way and have a deep connection.

Simon Critchley is the Hans Jonas Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York.

Keith Ansell-Pearson holds a Personal Chair in Philosophy at the University of Warwick.

Synopsis: Simon Critchley melds together personal narratives of how David Bowie lit up a dull teenage life in England's suburbs with philosophical forays into the way authenticity and identity are turned inside out in the artist's work.

Simon Critchley first encountered David Bowie in the early seventies, when the singer appeared on Britain's most-watched music show, Top of the Pops. His performance of 'Starman' mesmerized Critchley: it was "so sexual, so knowing, so strange." Two days later Critchley's mum bought a copy of the single; she liked both the song and the performer's bright orange hair (she had previously been a hairdresser). The seed of a lifelong love affair was thus planted in the mind of her son, aged 12.

In this concise and engaging excursion through the songs of one of the world's greatest pop stars, Critchley, whose writings on philosophy have garnered widespread praise, melds together personal narratives of how Bowie lit up his dull life in southern England's suburbs with philosophical forays into the way concepts of authenticity and identity are turned inside out in Bowie's work. The result is nearly as provocative and mind-expanding as the artist it portrays.

Published by orbooks.com - 100 pages. Paperback: $13/£8 GBP. Paperback ISBN 978-1-939293-54-1. E-book ISBN 978-1-939293-55-8.

9th September 2014

DavidBowie.com have announced details of a career-spanning new DAVID BOWIE collection entitled Nothing Has Changed which features a brand new song recorded this year.

The collection of Bowie's music covers fifty years of recorded works from his 1964 debut, 'Liza Jane', through to a brand new recording made this year, Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) which was specially recorded for the compilation with long-term collaborator Tony Visconti.

'Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)' will be released as a limited edition 10" single and digital download the same day as the album via Parlophone in the UK on Monday, 17th November and the following day in the US.

The physical single will be released on 10", backed with another exclusive 2014 recording entitled: 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore'.





NOTHING HAS CHANGED released on November 17th collects together for the first time the definitive collection of Bowie's music from 1964 to 2014.

Fifty years on from his first recordings, David Bowie continues to be at the vanguard of contemporary culture as a musician, artist, icon and a nonpareil to generations of writers, artists and fashionistas. He remains to be a unique presence in contemporary culture.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED (named after a lyric from the 'Heathen' album opener 'Sunday') compiles tracks from every period of Bowie's career from his earliest incarnations with 'Liza Jane' and 'Can't Help Thinking About Me' right up to James Murphy's 'Hello Steve Reich Mix' of 'Love Is Lost' from last year.

The album features Bowie's first new music since he stunned the world with the critically lauded 'THE NEXT DAY'. The new single SUE (OR IN A SEASON OF CRIME) was especially recorded for NOTHING HAS CHANGED with long time collaborator Tony Visconti and will be released as a limited edition 10" single and digital download the same day as the album.

Alongside the brand new track NOTHING HAS CHANGED features the previously unreleased 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' from the 'TOY' sessions, the download only 'Your Turn To Drive' making it's debut on CD and the stunning 2001 re-recording of the 1971 outtake 'Shadow Man'.

David Bowie is, a film of the blockbuster exhibition created by the Victoria and Albert Museum, will be released in cinemas worldwide. Distributed by Omniverse Vision, the documentary was filmed on the closing night of the V&A exhibition in London and directed by Hamish Hamilton from Done & Dusted, the BAFTA-winning Director of the Academy Awards and the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. For the trailer, participating cinemas and tickets please visit davidbowie.com/davidbowieisfilm



CD 1:
       Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) (7.40).
       Where Are We Now? (4.09).
       Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA Edit) (4.07).
       The Stars (Are Out Tonight) (3.57).
       New Killer Star (radio edit) (3.42).
       Everyone Says 'Hi' (edit) (3.29).
       Slow Burn (radio edit) (3.55).
       Let Me Sleep Beside You (3.14).
       Your Turn To Drive (4.44).
       Shadow Man (4.48).
       Seven (Marius De Vries mix) (4.12).
       Survive (Marius De Vries mix) (4.18).
       Thursday's Child (radio edit) (4.25).
       I'm Afraid Of Americans (V1) (clean edit) (4.30).
       Little Wonder (edit) (3.40).
       Hallo Spaceboy (PSB Remix) (with The Pet Shop Boys) (4.23).
       The Hearts Filthy Lesson (radio edit) (3.32).
       Strangers When We Meet (single version) (4.21).

CD 2:
       Buddha Of Suburbia (4.24).
       Jump They Say (radio edit) (3.53).
       Time Will Crawl (MM remix) (4.18).
       Absolute Beginners (single version) (5.35).
       Dancing In The Street (with Mick Jagger) (3.20).
       Loving The Alien (single remix) (4.45).
       This Is Not America (with The Pat Metheny Group) (3.51).
       Blue Jean (3.11).
       Modern Love (single version) (3.56).
       China Girl (single version) (4.15).
       Let's Dance (single version) (4.08).
       Fashion (single version) (3.25).
       Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (single version) (3.32).
       Ashes To Ashes (single version) (3.35).
       Under Pressure (with Queen) (3.56).
       Boys Keep Swinging (3.17).
       "Heroes" (single version) (3.35).
       Sound And Vision (3.03).
       Golden Years (single version) (3.27).
       Wild Is The Wind (2010 Harry Maslin Mix) (5.58).

CD 3:
       Fame (4.14).
       Young Americans (2007 Tony Visconti mix single edit) (3.13).
       Diamond Dogs (5.56).
       Rebel Rebel (4.28).
       Sorrow (2.53).
       Drive-In Saturday (4.29).
       All The Young Dudes (3.08).
       The Jean Genie (original single mix) (4.05).
       Moonage Daydream (4.40).
       Ziggy Stardust (3.12).
       Starman (original single mix) (4.10).
       Life On Mars? (2003 Ken Scott Mix) (3.49).
       Oh! You Pretty Things (3.11).
       Changes (3.33).
       The Man Who Sold The World (3.56).
       Space Oddity (5.12).
       In The Heat Of The Morning (3.00).
       Silly Boy Blue (3.54).
       Can't Help Thinking About Me (2.46).
       You've Got A Habit Of Leaving (2.32).
       Liza Jane (2.18).


CD 1:
       Space Oddity (5.12).
       The Man Who Sold The World (3.56).
       Changes (3.33).
       Oh! You Pretty Things (3.11).
       Life On Mars? (3.49).
       Starman (original single mix) (4.10).
       Ziggy Stardust (3.12).
       Moonage Daydream (4.40).
       The Jean Genie (original single mix) (4.05).
       All The Young Dudes (3.08).
       Drive-In Saturday (4.29).
       Sorrow (2.53).
       Rebel Rebel (4.28).
       Young Americans (original single edit) (3.13).
       Fame (4.14).
       Golden Years (single version) (3.27).
       Sound And Vision (3.03).
       "Heroes" (single version) (3.35).
       Boys Keep Swinging (3.17).
       Fashion (single version) (3.25).
       Ashes To Ashes (single version) (3.35).

CD 2:
       Under Pressure (with Queen) (3.56).
       Let's Dance (single version) (4.08).
       China Girl (single version) (4.15).
       Modern Love (single version) (3.56).
       Blue Jean (3.11).
       This Is Not America (with The Pat Metheny Group) (3.51).
       Dancing In The Street (with Mick Jagger) (3.20).
       Absolute Beginners (edit) (4.46).
       Jump They Say (radio edit) (3.53).
       Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys remix) (with Pet Shop Boys) (4.23).
       Little Wonder (edit) (3.40).
       I'm Afraid Of Americans V1 (clean edit) (4.30).
       Thursday's Child (radio edit) (4.25).
       Everyone Says 'Hi' (3.29).
       New Killer Star (radio edit) (3.42).
       Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA Edit) (4.07).
       Where Are We Now? (4.09).
       Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) (7.40).


       Let's Dance (single version) (4.08).
       Ashes To Ashes (single version) (3.35).
       "Heroes" (single version) (3.35).
       Changes (3.33).
       Life On Mars? (3.49).

       Space Oddity (5.12).
       Starman (original single mix) (4.10).
       Ziggy Stardust (3.12).
       The Jean Genie (original single mix) (4.05).
       Rebel Rebel (4.28).

       Golden Years (single version) (3.27).
       Fame (4.14).
       Sound And Vision (3.03).
       Under Pressure (3.56) - Queen & David Bowie.
       Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) (7.40).

       Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys remix) - with Pet Shop Boys (4.23).
       China Girl (single version) (4.15).
       Modern Love (single version) (3.56).
       Absolute Beginners (single version) (5.35).
       Where Are We Now? (4.09).

Update: The brand new single and compliation album - scheduled for release on 17th November - is available NOW for pre-ordering in the following formats:

Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) [10" Vinyl UK] and 'Nothing Has Changed' Deluxe Edition Box Set [3 discs] / Double CD [2 discs] and Vinyl [Double LP]

5th September 2014

Bowie & Hutch book The latest exclusive BOWIEWONDERWORLD competition is now finally underway...

It's your chance to win one of two copies of the brand new autobiography BOWIE & HUTCH by John 'Hutch' Hutchinson, courtesy of Lodge Books of Bridlington.

The competition winners will have the choice of a dedicated signature or signed solely by the author, whichever you prefer.


If you are entering the competition via BowieWonderworld Facebook then you MUST click on the LIKE PAGE button.

This competition ends at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 28th SEPTEMBER 2014.

If competitions aren't your thing, you can purchase Bowie & Hutch NOW.

5th September 2014

Reeves Gabrels 2014 UK Tour: Photo by Stacie Huckeba REEVES GABRELS & His Imaginary Fr13nds are set to tour the UK this autumn and preview songs from a forthcoming new studio album.

Reeves Gabrels, long-time artistic partner of DAVID BOWIE and The Cure's current lead guitarist, brings his power trio, Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Fr13nds, from Nashville to England to play in small venues starting on 30th September.

Lovers of superb songs, stellar musicianship and fearless improvisation will all want to see and hear Reeves and friends in action.

The band's live sets will preview songs from their forthcoming album, also titled Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Fr13nds, which is to be released digitally just as they head home, on October 13th.

Highlights include the biting 'Drown You Out' and the spooky 'House of Usher' (titled after an Edgar Allan Poe story from an 1840 collection Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque). Uncommon interpretations of Bo Diddley's early rocker 'Who Do You Love?' and Jimmy Reed's blues 'Bright Lights, Big City' also feature. Album details and pre-order links will be available on the date of the first performance, September 30th.

Fans of earlier Reeves Gabrels albums will also be well pleased at the performances, as the trio will play songs from Sacred Squall of Now (1995), Ulysses (1999) and Rockonica (2005) and of course selected co-writes - TIN MACHINE's 'Bus Stop' (David Bowie/Reeves Gabrels) and 'Yesterday's Gone' (Reeves Gabrels/Robert Smith) will be a treat for English audiences.

Nine dates in England are confirmed for Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Fr13nds are as follows:

       Tue 30th - The Horn, St Albans - [Tickets].
       Wed 1st - The Live Rooms, Chester - [Tickets].
       Thurs 2nd - Fibbers, York - [Tickets].
       Fri 3rd - Think Tank, Newcastle - [Tickets].
       Sun 5th - O2 Academy 2 Islington, London - [Tickets].
       Mon 6th - Boileroom, Guildford - [Tickets].
       Tue 7th - The Bowery District, Reading - [Tickets].
       Thur 9th - The Oobleck, Birmingham - [Tickets].
       Sat 11th - The Forum, Tunbridge Wells - [Tickets].

Tickets are priced £10 to £14 (subject to booking fee) / London £16 (subject to booking fee). Tickets are available from local box offices and above links.

More details and information can be found on his official website at reevz.net

5th September 2014

Serious Moonlight Gold Bullion Bar back Serious Moonlight Gold Bullion Bar For the DAVID BOWIE collector who has everything!

Check out this rather unique object from the 1983 Serious Moonlight World Tour.

Up for grabs is this 1 oz. gold bullion bar that was a David Bowie gift to the concert promoter of the Montreal shows in Canada at the Forum on 12th/13th July.

This is guaranteed 999.9 real solid gold. Serial number 159442.

The Buy-It-Now price is $8,500 US (Approx. £5,183) or you can make an offer.

You can view the eBay listing with only 4 days remaining.

4th September 2014

Diamond Dogs Revisited by Enrique Seknadje Check out the latest project from ENRIQUE SEKNADJE entitled: 'Diamond Dogs Revisited'.

Enrique has revisited DAVID BOWIE's classic 1974 album Diamond Dogs and created his own cover versions of all eleven songs.

You can listen to all the tracks streamed on his Soundcloud page. While you are there, take a listen to his work with Mike Garson.

Visit his Facebook page and see what's happening.

3rd September 2014

That long-lost radio DAVID BOWIE interview that he did with DAVE COUSINS of The Strawbs in March 1971 for Danmarks Radio can be heard here - [Listen here]...

The October issue of UNCUT Magazine features DAVID BOWIE collaborator JOHN 'HUTCH' HUTCHINSON shedding light on his long friendship with DB - [Read here]...

The 'DAVID BOWIE Is Happening Now' movie documentary is to be shown in the Netherlands at 13 Pathe cinemas - [Read here]...

Another Q&A with TONY VISCONTI and WOODY WOODMANSEY about The Man Who Sold The World album is taking place in Glasgow at the CCA on 19th September - [More details]...

1st September 2014

Knock On Wood 40th Anniversary Picture Single A-A The next DAVID BOWIE 40th Anniversary single 'Knock On Wood' is scheduled for release on Monday 22nd September, the eleventh in this limited edition series.

       Side A: Knock On Wood (David Live - 2005 Mix).
       (Steve Cropper/Eddie Floyd).
       Produced and mixed by Tony Visconti.
       Recorded live at Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, July 1974.

       Side AA: Rock 'n' Roll With Me (David Live - 2005 Mix).
       Produced and mixed by Tony Visconti.
       Recorded live at Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, July 1974.
       Catalogue Number DBKOW40.

The photographs used for this release are both live shots from the 1974 'The Year of the Diamond Dogs' Tour. The A-side was used on the original French release and the AA-side features a rare live image.

Update: The Knock On Wood picture disc is available to pre-order NOW.

1st September 2014

This month, the Victoria and Albert Museum documentary film DAVID BOWIE IS HAPPENING NOW is to be screened across the US on 23rd September.

In conjunction with the opening of the exhibition at MCA Chicago, other US States get a chance to see the documentary of this ground-breaking exhibition directed by Hamish Hamilton.

The movie documentary was filmed on the final evening of the V&A exhibition in London with invited audience guests.

For listings of participating movie theatres, and to book your tickets please visit omniversevision.com website.

1st September 2014

David Bowie Sound+Vision 4-CD Box Set 2014 The DAVID BOWIE SOUND+VISION Four CD Box Set is to be re-packaged and re-released later this month on 22nd September.

Sound+Vision is a collection spanning four decades, covering the 21 albums from Space Oddity through to The Buddha Of Suburbia.

It's a rich survey of David Bowie's many musical lives offering a generous helping of hits, an intriguing dip into archives, classic album tracks and long lost B-sides, explosive live recordings, soundtrack recordings and remixes.

The full 4-CD tracklisting is as follows:

   01. Space Oddity (Demo) [2003 Remastered Version].
   02. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (Rare B-Side Version) [2003 Remastered Version].
   03. The Prettiest Star (Single Version) [2003 Remastered Version].
   04. London, Bye, Ta-Ta.
   05. Black Country Rock (1999 Remastered Version).
   06. The Man Who Sold The World (1999 Remastered Version).
   07. The Bewlay Brothers (1999 Remastered Version).
   08. Changes (1999 Remastered Version).
   09. Round And Round (Alternate Vocal Take).
   10. Moonage Daydream (2002 Remastered Version).
   11. John, I'm Only Dancing (Sax Version) [2003 Remastered Version].
   12. Drive-In Saturday (2003 Remastered Version).
   13. Panic In Detroit (2003 Remastered Version).
   14. Ziggy Stardust (Live '73) [Stereo].
   15. White Light/White Heat (Live '73) [Stereo].
   16. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide (Live '73).
   17. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere? (1999 Remastered Version).
   18. Sorrow (1999 Remastered Version).
   19. Don't Bring Me Down (1999 Remastered Version).

   01. 1984/Dodo (2003 Remastered Version).
   02. Big Brother (1999 Remastered Version).
   03. Rebel Rebel (US Single Version) [2002 Remastered Version].
   04. Suffragette City (Live '74) [2003 Remastered Version].
   05. Watch That Man (Live '74) [2003 Remastered Version].
   06. Cracked Actor (Live '74) [2003 Remastered Version].
   07. Young Americans (1999 Remastered Version).
   08. Fascination (1999 Remastered Version).
   09. After Today (2003 Remastered Version).
   10. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City.
   11. TVC15 (1999 Remastered Version).
   12. Wild Is The Wind (1999 Remastered Version).
   13. Sound And Vision (1999 Remastered Version).
   14. Be My Wife (1999 Remastered Version).
   15. Speed Of Life (1999 Remastered Version).
   16. "Helden" (German Version 1989 Remix) [2002 Remastered Version].
   17. Joe The Lion (1999 Remastered Version).
   18. Sons Of The Silent Age (1999 Remastered Version).

   01. Station To Station (Live '78) [2003 Remastered Version].
   02. Warszawa (Live '78) [2003 Remastered Version].
   03. Breaking Glass (Live '78) [2003 Remastered Version].
   04. Red Sails (1999 Remastered Version).
   05. Look Back In Anger (1999 Remastered Version).
   06. Boys Keep Swinging (1999 Remastered Version).
   07. Up The Hill Backwards (1999 Remastered Version).
   08. Kingdom Come (1999 Remastered Version).
   09. Ashes To Ashes.
   10. Baal's Hymn.
   11. The Drowned Girl.
   12. Cat People (Putting Out Fire).
   13. China Girl (1999 Remastered Version).
   14. Ricochet (1999 Remastered Version).
   15. Modern Love (Live; 2003 Remastered Version).
   16. Loving The Alien (1999 Remastered Version).
   17. Dancing With The Big Boys (1999 Remastered Version).

   01. Blue Jean (1999 Remastered Version).
   02. Time Will Crawl (1999 Remastered Version).
   03. Baby Can Dance (1999 Remastered Version) - Tin Machine.
   04. Amazing (1999 Remastered Version) - Tin Machine.
   05. I Can't Read (1999 Remastered Version) - Tin Machine.
   06. Shopping For Girls - Tin Machine.
   07. Goodbye Mr. Ed - Tin Machine.
   08. Amlapura - Tin Machine.
   09. You've Been Around (2003 Remastered Version).
   10. Nite Flights (Moodswings Back To Basics Remix) [Radio Edit].
   11. Pallas Athena (Gone Midnight Mix) [2003 Remastered Version].
   12. Jump They Say (2003 Remastered Version).
   13. Buddha Of Suburbia (2003 Remastered Version).
   14. Dead Against It (2003 Remastered Version).
   15. South Horizon (2003 Remastered Version).
   16. Pallas Athena (Live As 'Tao Jones Index').

The Sound+Vision 4-CD Box Set is available for pre-order NOW

1st September 2014

Bowie: The Biography We're gonna need a bigger bookcase!

Yes there's yet another DAVID BOWIE publication on the way later this month on 23rd September - BOWIE: THE BIOGRAPHY by 'New York Times' bestselling author WENDY LEIGH.

This new publication is released to coincide with the upcoming David Bowie Is exhibition at MCA Chicago which begins it run on the very same day.

Published by Gallery Books in hardcover and Kindle formats, containing 320 pages.

You can pre-order Bowie: The Biography NOW.

1st September 2014

BECOMING DAVID BOWIE is a new Special Edition 2-DVD Set released today (1st September) via Pride Studios.

Becoming David Bowie Special Edition 2 DVD Set Synopsis: When, in 1969, David Bowie had his first UK hit with Space Oddity, at the time it was largely viewed as a moon-landing novelty record and so it didn't take long for the populace at large to forget all about this one-hit-wonder when the event it was allegedly released to cash-in on had been and gone.

But when, a few years hence, this same performer appeared on prime time television looking like something that might have hijacked the very spaceship he had sung about almost three years before, the hipper viewers sat up and took notice.

And those with an enquiring mind would have discovered that David Bowie had been making records since 1964, had already been in more groups and had more images than just about any other performer since the dawn of rock, and following his debut hit, had released three quite remarkable albums.

This 2 DVD Set tells the complete, incredible story of the making of David Bowie. From his very first recordings made under his real name of David Jones (with his group of the time, The King Bees) up to the release of his enormously influential breakthrough record Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, the entire build-up to Bowie's enormous success is here dissected.

Disc One features a 90-minute documentary film which investigates the period in question and features archive footage, contributions from those who worked alongside Bowie through this era plus exclusive interviews, news clips and much more.

Disc Two features filmed interviews with David recorded at different stages of his career, during which the man himself relays this exciting time from his own perspective.

Finished in deluxe 6-panel digi-packaging, this double disc set is destined to become the standard work on this defining period in David Bowie's long and illustrious career.

       Title: Becoming David Bowie.
       Special Edition 2 DVD Set.
       Format: Colour, DVD-Video, NTSC.
       Language: English.
       Region: All Regions.
       Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1.
       Number of discs: 2.
       Studio: Pride.
       DVD Release Date: 1 Sep 2014.
       Run Time: 154 minutes.

Released next month, David Bowie - Becoming Bowie [DVD] [NTSC] is available to purchase NOW.

1st September 2014

PUBLIC tickets are on sale NOW for the MCA CHICAGO - DAVID BOWIE IS Exhibition.

Individual tickets are priced at $25 for adults and teens, $10 youth aged 7-12, and FREE for children 6 and under. Price includes museum admission.

Full details are available on the mcachicago.org website.


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